The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 31, 1930 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 31, 1930
Page 5
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[WEDNESDAY J)ECEMBER_31, 1930 CLASSIFIED ADS Ta'O cents a word tor llrst Insertion and one cent a word for each subsequent Insertion. No advertisement taken for less than SJOc. Count the words and send the cash. PhOHC 300 /'& veil IE Pf ANNE AUSTIN J .IIU BLACK PtGCON •— x "MIC AVENuING MWOr FOJl SALE Used IVz Horse Motor 'For Sale Will make a good motor ~ for 2*r> lo 5 liorsepowor load. Needs one new bearing- Will sell cheap-' COURIER-NEWS FOR UiiNT IN DELL—FOR KENT—3 room i noiise, Sd.uU; 4 ruun house, 511. i L. 1-uwn.r, I'hone 8b8 or 450-J. I . 1SC-TF | -I m:i;i!\ ur.iiK TODAY \ nmiilirr i-l (ji-ulilc i-oulil li i « e I.IUi-d JL'AMTA SHI.I3I at l=.-r lirlJKi- |iiirl) i JL'IXii: JIAUSI1A l.l.i ii,i ii'ut. inn] <m»er ul Ihe Kun Mid jJIi-iii'i'r ntlli ulilch akc- n un *hor, »a> "in-. JlltlM llll.Mil'. ivns an- ui:-.rr. ri.llllA nil.KS, In Mill'. I'to't-l HI llir lime of (h« itiuriirr, ri-::iltu:; :i i:nlr Kin- Ihliitin l» from IJIT lii:t!i:i->»J. liut \\lilcli la from i):-:\-i'i-:ii spiiAuri-:, \» nnofin-r. ri.iv:: IIAHMOXD nnj I'<>M.* IIt:.M.I>. uhu ivcre In Ilif nolnrlmu tiiut-lhrr, nml -MNKT HAV.MOMl, In li.iv "HIi SimiKiit, til«u nroBUH- i>t:xiii-:i: iiriltvei thai XIio. r.'i-i.-Knlrlnir oiu- of tbCHU fclx lu n >:r(iM|i iiliiiliisjrqii'.i, r.-imi- dmvu fn:ia Xi-w Yurli fur M.ii-kmnlt, rc- (riili:£ rtUl.i'UO mill n lillllcl. iliiJ lln- fcrlirmr. Ntln'a Mill iiud 1 ' rni-l tli.-il fcbp li:nl S|ir.ii;uc «•<' tiivf :i Ijrll ncnr licr \iril lo A:II ti.nii I.YUIA »li(iw *lie Tear ill mil. I'ullt-r Ihlnk Xlln « I.I11ri] li)- n XIMV Yurlt Kumnnii M!n hail Inmiril IIIIIUTK, luli-uil- li". Hi iviurry IIAJIJIOMI master of tho lionso wlio oiiened tlie ureat. Iron-sludded diflrs nnd lied lilm into Iho broad main at tho c-nd ot whicli. down rec stciis, lay Iho Iminc-nso llviii;; Tho deli-dive's flril ulance ok In stalely arm chair.1 of the onnvpll iwrlod, thick, mellow ', racquets, ekla and eloils. Tlioro led rugs, unil, In the HvhiK room I were t«o windows III Iho north yond, splendid oxRinplen of J:icn-jivall of Iho room, looking out upun an furniture. In nil (his dlKiilllrd !tl:e yew hcclseil driveway, and uc t Eliuiile grandeur only Tiacey lies—sliort, stout, blond, Iho lynl- 1 business llabblll—smii'k a false ote. "A liorrlMe. lliln^ i-' limiron In man's home. I>IIIU'..H-." Miies was ylns, liis plump, rosy face igliled wllh horror. "I can't real- e yet lha! we actually sliMU us j FOR REnT—Biesying room in j steam heated lio:ne en Main st. Two young men prett-rruj. AOureii | 11 Courier News. . 19c-klf FOB RENT—Housekeeping rooms, lurnisheil or unfurnished. Call G78. i;^-kl i!:nl llun Mill r-ni l-Tl- A FOR RENT—Bedroom, sleamheat-. ed, and garage. Phone 114, 1100 . West Main si. 30C-K3; FOR RENT— Modern stucco residence, 6 rooms and balh, garage ; and out houses. S25.00 per month. : Also 5-room house, $10.00 per ' month. Dr. Saliba, Phone 410. 30C-KG j I'K.V.XV CIIAI.V l> nu iKiinininln lirlilRc liarr \Vi-ilni-^«!n? ul Ihe .Mill's' limne, I aliFrfi SIIRIKIIL- I-IIIIH: iiiilnvllnl ulivn lilt- iHt'lililiIH- ylrpa. tilt Ills li,:ily Is riutnil In (lie (ropli rjujtii in rill- Miles' hoilhr. I'cnr l;i>Mt-rlin»«r7' rrimi (lie ii.irlr, tti: .Miti-rt i]u:irrrli-il ullli l'lur:i ov lilui. :iuil Iliiniti-f Irnrn. Him r ,1, ,.[ llir iirT|:ili:il nunprrfn h: i)!:i:-irliriill> to kill lilni. MiVi- iiii ax WITH TIM: STOIIV door nnd let his eyes wander al'nul the room which 1'enuy liad already described. It was not a large room —12 by H feet, possibly—hut it looked smaller, crowded as It was with lliu Kins iilng-pong table. IHIRS of colt clubs, Mshlng laeklo, lennli OUU BOARDING HOUSE i'o)diy room. ___ FOR RENT— Nice sleeping room, close in. —Nice sleeping ruuin, rii; 310 Walnut St. Mrs.- 1 3CC-K5 ' 1 R. B. Nolen. FOB RENT— Six room bungalow, CHAl'TKU XXXVII IK Miles home, still known in Ihmilton as the Hacketl place. •[• it had ht-en hi'.ilt more than snal wllli a corpse. lyliiB Utisvi' ere. nil nir.lit! And 1 have only ysolf to hlarne—" "\Yhat do yon mean?'' llundce skcd. 'Why, llial the— liody s.-asn't dls overcd Kouner," Miles vxtjhtlned. ^ t ., ^ 1( , If it hail occurred 10 me thai Wliii. ,. 0 J t s | |irti , |1>w on liadn't closed tlie Irnrhy room I should tiavu ^one In to lose and lock llieni when i nndc ho ronnils of living room, dliiinB room and library, after our gnesta vero gone lust niglit." A PALE-FACliD. hald-licaded Iml- lei 1 had inatcrializcd whilo bis maslcr was spcakliiit. "Ill's pardon 5ir, but I did not close the troplij •com windows because 1 llionslil you might be ushiK tin; room apln. . . Von see. sir." n'lil Wlillsnn turned lo Dundee, "Mr. .Miles and Mr. Dunlnii jilaj-cd jilus-poni; in the trophy room after dinner until the other guests began to arrive, and I did not w.iut them lo find tlie room stnfiy--it was a warm uieht— if any ol the suesls-' "I see," Dundee Interrupted. 'Who. to your knowledge, was llie stood n cnhlnet of numcvuu:, lii;; and little drawers, • • • jYiOT nnill Ue hnd taken In Iho ' I;C-IU-L:I| a^i'.cct of Ihu room dill ihiinke look at Iho lliint; ovei which Ciiplalii Slrawn and llu. coronet 1 wr-ry IrtnOin^—the body o Dexter Spr:it;iLe. Tho allcii fioin N'i'W York hai fallen uliont fniii 1 feet from tin vlni'ow ni-arcr Hie cael wall of til He Iny on Ills side ils led check against Iho lloor, Hi of his left hand still cliilcli p'lwiler-lnn-ned bosom of hi silft wiili dj-Ie led lo tdn Mllu'i iniii t llRinlllon's lines', buiu-li uf I'"' le, but you'll Inivc 10 inlr.ilt HM.V ;at every detail o[ tliln cc'.'.ip l':-::is IP out." "Yes!" "Sure. This Is tlie way ' H'iiirc- it lit: S|iratiiio Inn b'einl reason in he (raid he's next on Ihc- |:rni;rii!:i k''s ucrvo'.H. He hoj.s n la\i n; il.i bold nnd comes lii'vo- ran i itlck lo bis room any'.-r. Wunis i little Inunnn coui|iiuilon»iil«. 1'h's ciow-.l hero—and 1 have Miles woril for It—nln't any me ylnd ''• lilin. nnd nlinwj It. He (ilium* fur a laxl lo KO had; i-) his -about 3:l!i, Hint was, Mlks mys ] — but deciden to walk down ibe hill t» meet It. Doesn't want lo KV out on tlio porch anil He- almui had :i uood thin;, when hasn't. . . . Well, lio opain Ihc trout door, or what svoulil ho the (rout door It this was any ordlnaiy | ^ FWE G£f -fo GIVE. 1H* Bocrf M 1 IF -THERE 1 .? I'M GLAD S£E GO OUT" Ofi AUL I PO 15 CUMB A POUH DROP A I'M CAM . f APP -THA-T S W \-f SPELLS By Ahernj IA30 WAS^A. ^^; SUMca' AM T A CRu-fcH ! —, ALL i'r PIP FOR <0&foF US WA5 MAKE US'OWE SEAR OLDER r :!u y,."ars lii r 1'lora's fattier. ™! l3 Ll C S! rttl ?Si ^L na " d ^± : old Si,.-,s l.-'.oketi. dead Iheso seven water, garage. 105 Dongnn. Apply Ihe Miller, Phone 889. 30C-K5 | __ __ _____ _ WANTED I biooil. a I'l'ol of which hnd forme and then halt cDnr.culcil upon tho nig. The i Wit hand, Iho lingorB cinlcil hnl not louchins each otiier, lay tialm-njiward on Ihe lloor at the eml of the rifild, ouls'.relchcd arm. The one- visible cyo waa half operi, li-jt on Ihc.sallow, thin face, wliidi li.-ii liec-ii ftrikinsly band- some in un obvious sort ot way, wns n iH-jcc ami illgnlty which Dunice had never teen upon r ace when Itio man was alive. The Icfl leg was drawn upward so that Iho knee almost touched tbo biiltcl- pierced slomach. "How Ions has ho been dead cloelnr'.'" Dandco asked quietly. "Hello, hoy!" Dr. I'rlcn Brceler 111 in placidly. "Always the same Hucslion! I've been he-re only a l.uusc, bill before, ho fleps oul hi' I fees or hears Fomelliluii--proh.ilil> .% I'lislliiiK In Ihe liedBO in-riv.-j tin' Ji'ivewuy, or mnyhe bo cvt-n s^ 1 - 1 face, In llio llsht fie-in tin; Ian criis on each side of llu' li-vir. "Ho fuels siiro MI.Vn nniidi-n-i ins trailed him. In a panic he ih uto Ihls room, iind don'l lurn nn bo liKht for fear he'll be e-ai roni tho windows. I'm hf last person to enter ibe trov/hy well to !!.r,l;^ out htnv ia<- :trecn-i work. I'll bet yon anything yon like Spra^io stayed In ilil:- ouni for <:n lioui 1 or Iwo. till i:e IhoiiKhl HID coast WHS cii-ar. Mien eased up Ihls screen, Enleuilfng :y cllmh out ot tho wlnd.iw and i[ni|i I [o the Rronud. . • . Not mneli i-f a drop al lhal. Yon ca:i se? Iliat Ihe lull bcd^'c on tills side, of ibu driveway comes tiretly near n^ to these windows. . . . Well, I li;;uii- be laid his hat. on Ibis cabinet, 1'vo already told lending io reach In for It when lie WANTED — Fainily Washings. Washed ant! ironed by OKI:patent white, woman. Nb's. 704 S. Lake St. POULTRY WANTED—Market pri-1 ces, any quantity. Marilyn Hat- j chcry, 310 S. rourth St. UC-TF j s. Brown, !• 17CK-TK yi-ins. dinnlnaled one of the ne.ailiful »I Ihc wucilecl hills w'i iTcir.-lcrt Mirror l.altc in Ihe Brent- w.-.:nl section. Ot modified Tuilor a:,-liiic:-une. Us deep red. mellowed !. b:-it-Us had atblcved In three dec- room last night. Mr. Miles?" "1 was. cxcent Siir.igne. of course. and I bad no idea he'd gone there. Drake wanted lo nlay anagrams. Strawn that I shall probably ho iin- ablo lo jix Iho hour of death wltl, any decree of acunracy." "Took your time, didn't yon, Hounie';" Captain Stnuvn creeled his former subordinate on thehomi- "Doc ami hefore the hrirtgn game slarted. citle. sipiail. "Doc Enya he's boon " I went lo Ihe trophy lu.ini to gel! ik-ad between 10 nml 12 hours, the IMS." Miles explained. "I j Since it's nearly 10 now, that means tinned off the light when I'd col, Spruauo was lulled soinellme he the hox. antl there war. m» burning in there this morning when Celia, the parlor maid, went lu t, tvcen nine and 11 o'clock las! nip-h;." w,is onlsidc, but lhal lie made some little r.olso which the i;iiniii:in waj I listening for, nnd thai when he RU( llie rcrcen up llils blgli. Ibo K:MI man. cronchina unihr the wlndiv.v. i let go wilb the «^uie IMUI , anil | silencer thin he used lo hump nil I N'ila. . . . I've cut Mile.;' v,.ird [or it that neither he nor nnhiitiy el--c | heard u sliol. ... Of csiursu. no- \ body knew Spraijuc was In and since his hat nnd stick ivat BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES THINKIN 1 HACK! C ,» y& ft JWW WX -5V- WW ".'J.".." A ^M r W o'D Xtf\\i w\vv w. ivisv K By Martin fl "lletlcr say lj;lwcen nino o'clock i»olh inlssliiR from the ball closer. LOST AND FOUND WANTED—To buy chickens, any j amount. Fisher's Place, 213 South : First 'St. 23C-T]?j LOST-Lluwlyn Setter, black ondj white head with dim blaclt spots. I Knmc, "nan". Return to Scott ; Hai-ris, Newberoer Cotton Co. 29C-K1 tiun. The bis hmsse fnceil Ibe lake, a has series ol landscaped terraces setting ready io leave. Theie was i wound. Out uf course 1 shall have, anlorsy hears you mil us In ihe nothir.s else to bring in, in case ol lo perfoi in an autopsy first—" course ot Ihc b-.illel. a^ul tlml (Jam- inj; down In the water's < !i;p driveway v.-iinnd from llio i scor e pads, and |;cncils--" e mail up 11 side Llll. lo the -iy CSi | | :1:0 v,-." Unnilee i: ciitrnr.ce at Ihc rear of llie , rnplnl. r;:in. The bridsc lahk-s ar- ol Iron 1 L) m nt c . 0 crowed Ihe room, step covered wilh oilcloth, anil lined . ^j,^, OV01 . ,i, e c i c;1( 5 mi u? a slick—n wilb oilclolh bags fur the cauU, { swnu |, affair of dark, polished wood. jwilh a hc-r.vy knob of carved oiiyi. inter- i ivhich Iny about n foul beyond the "Miss (.'rain has already reach of the curled fingers ot Ihe old me all ahoul lhal. and u K'-uu.sliii liti'ul liciml. way llnds Siiiasuc-'s 1lnxorp|-|nl3 i-a that contrivance fur raising il; 1 - scrcc-:i. liven ihcn—" ll:it Dundee was not allowed lo flnlsli hh Kcntcnic. for ijlraivn wn-j sunuiioncrl to ilic- telet'liom-. iiy Wit 600Q 6000 WttX T 'fit \ViHl • VB: r\B<JOT WN^. eo 6000 T'rAt ,>» V\tt> OWri Ut W>,0 L>5f« LOST— Black and Tan Airedale I Dog.- Notify . Buchanan on I Yarbro Hoad. Reward. 30P-K21 Movies Put Tattoo Artists on the Rocks Oi:ce H3fnrc-n:i Sunday, the day j ma " y . i • details of the pnrly itself. Ily Ihe way, where 15 Mrs r.Eler N'ila Svlim's -npirder. ivm-n ; j,j| l>a he liail totut; in Intel view l.yilia j ..j,, 1|C( | TJIC doctor is with her. Can ni:<! hail sciiircd Ihe alibi jsi !a | 4 pmrtralcd frnm ;hc shoi-;;. "Where is this rcinn yon call tiie v.lnch had eliminated Ocxler I Spiuiiue as a «uspci-t —Diindeo had driven bis car up this hill Sinnvcon :'a lial?" he nekcil. point-j wr.s a slisblly bewildered luok en brightly bandul L'traw hia heavy old fac; ing lo which lay upon the lop of the cab ini-t. "Yes." Sirawn answered. "A "That's funny. . . . Collins— llu> ail 1 sent to check up on Ihe laxl companies— says he's localcd ihe ' BUFFALO), N. Y. (UP)--TllCJ tattoo business has gone on tho | rocks since the movies swept the j country. says John Sclinski, | v.liosc business ; is ".sideshow freak": and who sought feed and lodging . in a local police station. j Selinski recompensed ihe police who put him uu 'oy displaying a . well-tattooed body. Even a bald- • spot on the top of his head was hidden beneath blue and red pictures. »iieiu is uiis 1U.IU1 ..-ju -.... '- did .yon notice the window scrocn';" | ,i r i vcv ;>, M nnswercd Siiraiiiiua call fopH i-cnm'"' IJiiinleu a"kc:l. "No. He painted lo llie window In | ilsl tl | a i,i. The driver says he v.-ns don't''bolhcr'to t-oaie wi'.i: n;c. Just front of whldi tho body lay. The •-•* •' -- = • '- -- '- lioint il It's on thi3 lloor. I ; E a5h of leadcrt panes r.-as raised as utiilersiaiid." M 1 '^ 1 as il w" 1 ' 1 ' 1 KO. and beneath II Mile'! pointfd past [he great clr-iwas a screen of the roller-curtain „- . ,, :nlar slalrcr>-e ll:at wound nir.vaul I i.vpc. raised ribollt six lui'hes troll: .from llie main hall. "Von can't see j tho window sill. A pair o! curved. iihe door from bore, but it's belli:::! thu tall yew licilses. Hut then bv hsd iai:rn I'm' fork wbii-t tiie iiiiutkil itoori'.ay l.itciiPll: hat! lk-::cciifk-l! siairs wiin l.yilia. 10 ihe servant.- l ( | :c s iai,-cuse. Cclin found Ibe door siJlius itni" in l!; c l::iietncnl. Nov.- closid thi., morning, and no iiglil he cr,i;;i:inc:l aioag tile main drive- on. as I said—" «nv to U;e i:i(uc linnrosiivo c-u j Dundee cut hh:i ^In.rt by march- irance. whose taskliiB. slim.Innclf ! '^J 0 ^ 1 , ll .'°. '^.^•'^', ™" frowned tlov.-n ilium :: Do not delay lo pay I'AVING AND SEWER TAXES Dec. 3lst is the Ins 1 , Day. Pay today and avoid the rush. C. G. CAUDII.L, 'Collector. lice cars antl motorcycles. His approach must h::ve been ex- E?clcd and oli;cjvcd. for II wan tlie , -a^uin closed lie cnlcred so noise lme °' |: °':!i«ly Hint Caplain Straivn. Dr. nickel-plated c.ilche.s in ll.e ceutei of Iho inch-wide nii-tal , on the told lo wail for fipraeue at il'-e toot ot the hill, on the main road: says be waited there unlil half-past 10, then went on hack to town, sore'n a bailed owl." "II dorsn'l Inok esaclly as If Spiacne were afraid of anyone naf- •• CROftB X NtOtW COOVO ftK>' I'D Mc.ytR v\W WE X , TOO • fORGOT bottom of Iho s-bowcd ho\v ^!-. s coprernet curtain . screen sjr|( , p (/[ . ( l:ir , sc |asl „,,.,„_ . ( ,,, „„„.,,,„ abl;cili .., !y lt m wny, rai?e.I lhiserr.:'ii'.t expert. Can-away, did not hear bin. Fora or lowcicd. Dnnilcc nodded, frowning, an'i Strawn began cajcrlv: • * * ii^TOU'l.L ha»c lo admit I v.-as ri?bt now, hoy. moment be stond ]u:«i Inside the | sneered at my einmwn t! You've icory antl t supp.isa you've sent for everyone who bcr.'j?" "Sure!" Hut n^nin Captain Strawu looked uncomfortable. "Unl I •.ve bavcn'l been ablo to locate Ihu I Uealo girl nnd Ullte Hammond." | (Tn l\f fi«ltaacil) TEO 0» ,-• WV\X , \ •TV'it'KE 60 \\V. OU3 "asvv--- '"IIM* -i5i I.EA sCR'/icr. New Orleans Cotton HIS IUKNDS I!IS STORY! By [Dlossuii (UP) HAY One- bnle or a train load. EAR CORN, shuck on, £3c bii. Shuck off, EGc. pur bu., in ca- lifs. C'otluii SUIes Sales Co., Inc. Blythcville, A.:-:. Phone 174 or LD 1805. NEW OKLSAN'S, Dec. 31 - Cotlon cicscd steady. o[-tn high low c'.Oie Jan. 031 084 070 01- M2;-. !OB3 IOOS 003 M9 May 1033 1033 1013 1025 l July 10 jG \<T:?> 1011 in-H | Spots closed ttcady and unchanged at 351. . New York Cotton PAVING TAX 7imc (o pay r.ii-hiif Taxes is ;c(tins short. The penalty is :on high lor anyone lo n^lcct ^ayiiif; before tlte books Close— lieltcr 1'ay Now— «;. J. EVItAK!). i Vx) UCHT I/.EAU TO \)lC'-L...AFr=R 1!£ Fo^sio oor... BUPJ * a c I VJ.'A:T-'J_ i ytu. voo , E , L J\ THE I36JAJ *-~J — PAPPEK12D ! ('^ Local and long distance hauling. Special rales on carload lots. Team for loral hauling. V. B. WASHAM TKANSFEK 1400 Chickasawta PhonD S51 Call WALPOLK For Electric Work Phone 314 ' Why Pay More Than Half Price Kor Auto Parts? JACKSON AUTO PARTS 31 rupi — I Mar. ICO'I 1C07 H3'J HOii ' i May !H?5 10'i-i 1020 10^1 !j-o;y 1C57 1057 }Q!3 1013 ]Oct". 1074 1074 10:0 1061 [ t'i.c'p r!rr.::f J.l^atly ri'.d i::i- jchanged at 1CCO. i 47 Blacksmiths P!y Tr-^s in Cily of A-iUamobilss; I DETROIT. MICH. IUP)— Forty- | ircvrn blacksmiths are listed in the', 1031 directory of the cily that put . | the hcrse out of business. ; I Among the msnnfnctuvcrs listed : I are two noodlfmakcva, . live pvo-1 | rulers of iiiiecl |:o'.vder, two m.VrC- crs cf^e casing, and three EiliifT n'.anufacturcrp. j The directory fcts 3IR Jo'.vn : j Eir.Ulif. EO Mnry Smiths. IGt John : '• Oohr-scn;, S7 Mary .Johnsons, i8i j William Jor.^scs. and 41 Mary; —^ O TliE HEBIKT C? T ViT-1 A U^MG KOFE.. i MIA'i U'SH UP OS) A CLIP? GOhJ.-.AWrj \jaOLD V-'J SSL1GME IT... I CUT Tri'T T.--C D WiV^-£._-.~-~--. •3rOT.~?f\ . -'^ <r>W* V 1 *^ ? "i '•;• • •aMiyi W1ATS ! U'.T TK.f POPS fZOfl IWE OTVI£R s-.jjs up "iU£ CAhlVOM? O? -lAj**£ IT VJAS JObi' ^W AOIIDEWT... BOV.. BUT..,.A-W, I'!A 601W6 TO BSD '.'• I WASH TtUWS /.,-,' \ GE£'I T,--i.' .MAKING WAU IMPOSSIBLE By''Crane 2020 Main Phone Cfi KcrSjcri Hoover, an en- • glncer. apiiears, one Richard Roe. • and :iO riiink Murplvys, Including ; the Mayur. ! j Nearly CSO.Ci'O t-;n.; <>• l^oda fire pvoni:t:^ri n: t/.; Stales an.r.iallv. / I A^iO IOSE \ 1.100,000,000? I HE MUST \vcef- ^'. V'Nt TO V.i'-P.T (\ tKi K\P. :COM ftS SUEOctS ^T. tlW. "\"-HNK O' T. E BLOnDSyl-IDi THE. SORUOV.- -\NO i.ijfttr, 1 * V/'AY, I WOULDN'T VIMjt Ti\Kf c;-l MV CCMSC1£^££ FOR ML 1V\E .MCk'CY IK "^ f ; 0, HOW Of TE.K1 HMiE. > T01.D VOU .riOM (4 AM WSTRUMcNTOF MERCY, | lVW6'OOa WVENTibM, STARTS I , V.1E.U11VI. 6'.v TO Tv'.t OTHER 'SVOE. TUtS WilUTHeH ! OtSTROV EAtH OTHERS AMMUNITION, D-VRE9T0 1 . TriE WAR. IS OVlEE. NOT A, LIFE IS LOST. WE M>E JOO,000,OOO TO Tv\£ tOOD, ^0 P\P£ HEROES '. -H . '--.,-.' -"•V-. 1 A-i>i-T'-'i.-.V^-'.*^..r:.v;l-

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