The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 29, 1939 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 29, 1939
Page 7
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(AUK.) COUIUIOU NEWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally relc per line for consecu- 'iw; Insertions: One lime | )cr line lOc Two limes per line per rtny...,08o Vlircc times per lino per iliiy...(Xtc Six limes per line |>er day 05c Mon(l: rol« per line—..... 60c Cards gf Thanks.. SOc & 75o Minimum charge 50fl Ads ordered for three or six itmcs and slopjred before cxplrtr- tion win be charged for the number of times the add "appeared and adjustment of 1)111 made. All Classified • .Advertising cojiy uibniiUed Uy persons residing oul- \idc of the city, must be accompanied by'cns'h.' Rates may be easily computed from above (able. Advertising ordered for Irregular insertions lakes Die one (laic rate. No responsibility will bo taken for more than one Incorrect Insertion of any classified ad. For Rent Office rooms for rent, in Fiist National Bank- Building. Call Mrs. Miller at 60.- • 2fl-i-k-5 2 room furnished apartment 100 W. Walnut.. 29-ck-tf 3 room furnished apartment 300 Hcarn. Mrs. C. H. Wheeler. .. - 20-ck-5 For Sale Cobble and Veneering stone. Delivered $7.50 per ion. \v. R. Glenn Si., Black Rock, fit. 1, noxl. 20-pk-5 First Round Ends,. Bridges Laugh Milk fed fryers, [lattery raided. Mrs. Russell, N. W. Corner Holly hurt Division. 21-pk-8-21 Extra good established business. Best season starling. 1/arpe profits. No competition. Lady or mm can operate. $350 Walk out. Wiilc Box K, Coiirier 'Kent. - 28-pk-l Notice .iccnse FOR VOIJR 'OONVKNIKNC'I-;, \VK A K K PltKI'ARf.'I) TO ISS'UK VOOR FISHING MCKNSE AT 0111! STORK SHOUSE-HENRY HAUDWAUli CO. Ph'one 35 Ice ICE-ICE Phone 10? JOHN BUCHANAh 3 room furnished apartment, elec tric refrigerator, private batii. Garage. Plione 204. 1117 W. Ash. 27-ck-3l Four, 4-room apartments, each with bath. Garage. New building.-'Call Mr. Abraham at 816. 28-p'k-l 2 or 3 room apt. 605 Chickasawba. Phone 1'IG during day. 21-pk--l 3 room furnished Vijjfirtiiieiil. 710 Chickasavvba. Mrs. Ramsey Duncan. . 2G»ck-2 ^'^' ICE COU> 3 room furnished house, .Close in. Utilities furnished. 120 Dugan St., Mrs. Belle Wood. 22-ck-tf Cool, south bedroom. Garage. Reasonable. Mrs. Simmons, 818 Walnut. 24-ck-tf Nice furnished apartment. 708 W. Main. . 22-ck-tf Nice large bedroom opening on .sleeping porch. Mrs. Emma No- ICH, 310 W. Walnut, 23-ck-if 4 room unfuinisheo apartment. Miss E!is? Moore. Call 221-.]. 1013'W.'Walnut. ' . 11-ck-lf Welding EXPERT Rl.RCTUiC AND ACETYLENE WELDING Hc a ii rl heavy welding a spcclal'ly. Barksdale Mfg, Co. I'hoiie 23 'or Itcs. 1019 Miniiovvs For Sate GOLDFISH MINNOWS <5arl Dnrhon.. Oor. Railroad <fc Ky Dairy 3 room "in_ojl(>rn,. furnisliKl, apart- inej)Si..yrs.' Hei^cy,. 1315 ^y, Miiln. ""' Paltsfralory quality aim service In Dairy products. Cattle fice^ of Bang's Disease. In besl of physical condition. Call Mrs. Crann Lnvwv. TOa-J. for Haiscll's Grade A Raw Milk. Cream. Country Butter, Buttermilk, extra or holiday orders. liwijTclloij encoiirapcd nnytlmc. .': '.'.',;,„ .,-.T.T'»Iscll's Dairy u.i; .^Prorijilscd Land. Rome 'I Comfortable bedroom. 1017 Walnut. Phono 102. 15-ck-tf 2 or 3 room furnished apartment. Newly decorstpd, OH Hcarn. 3-pk-7-3 Modern ,1 roc;:; unfurnished apart- menl. Main anrt Second. F. Simon, phone 7M. 3-ck-lf Found One black horse mule, about 1100 pounds and one bay marc mule about lino pounds. Both are i smooth mouth. About Ifi hands ll'AHVEV MORRIS, Clerk. Ift-ld nnd Ei-rai<t, Atlorn'e.vjs lor rtninllffs. Cheese Output For Wisconsin At Record Hig MADISON, WIs. (UP) — Tvvo- Ihlrds cf ihe Wisconsin iluiry in- diistiy's rc'corrt How of neiulv in - OOO.OtO.OOO pcunds of milk lust yenr WHS used In the ni-.iniifiiclure of clierse and butler, mrordini; (o (lie crop reporting service cf the Wisconsin and Kcdcnil departments ot Hsji'lcnlluic. The stale produces virtually half .»>. M-l mort- nitlk wus used for butter than the™. wiKcons'lu pro- (inecd more of these two products in IMS thaii | n ,,,, y ollier y,,^ Umiliij. nil dlicr states In lotnl output. Wisconsin e:mlemurie.4 hut (year liii! more limn i;t per i-cnl ul milk in the niHiuilacliire 01 comleiisery products, Most ol tills milk went Im<> (| u . nuinufac- 11110 ,-| evaporated milk. t-'UIIMIJIU'lli 111 cltie.V HIKl VlllllgOS used <;<H!.lMO,fWU pounds nl milk iind ncmn- only (j per cent of Iho state's lotiil. Prosecution moves into second round at San Francisco deportation hearing ognfiist'him—tail Hurry Bridges, west co;ist labor lender, smiles conlidenlly.' Ai- lack. which first attctnplcd lo prove Bridges a Communist, now tries (o show that Communist parly seeks to overthrow government. Personal Arniiae Sluggish l.lvcr, work of) Hie bile, lo rlrt yourself of constipation, gns pnins ami Hint : sour :mnfc feelini;. Take one box o. KIHHV-S ACTIVE LIVKK I'lU.S Me. nl nil Klrby Stores WAKNING OtlDEK Alex A. Clare: Mabel Clare; l!cl- tie Keadlc; Neliic G. Clare Simpkins; Alvln Simpklns; '] G'lnrc; Billy Prank Olarc; McBrldo; S. L. Mcliticfe; Lena Lowciy; Bessie Green; B. T. Roci- gers; Marguerite Rodgcis; Paul D KodRcrs; Kdna Rodsers; Parker Rortgers; Pern Rodgcrs; Franklin Rcdgcrs; Rum .Rodgcrs; Helen Rorigers and M. E. might, are Complete I.inu of WESTINGHOUSE ELECTRIC Ranges and Water-Healers WALPOLE'S ELECTRIC SHOP 111) S. Sct-mul I'i'oiiB : PRESCRIPTIONS I'Vesiicst Slock _ Giunihteoi) Itonl I'cicen Kirby Drug Stores J. L. GUARD Optometrist Only '(Irailnalc O|iliimo- trlst in nij llicvlllc. Glasses Klttnl 'Can-cell; About 3,835,000,000 pounds cf milk were required lo establish tin- stale's .nlWIino lil«)) prrdiiflloii of 305- 'JIS.OOO ]iounils ot Wisconsin cheese fyiproximrdely a,OGl,i;oo,ooo p-inuh of milk went Into the miinufacliiro of American cho'es'e nlonc. The lesl .went Into swifts, brick, in'nnslor, llmlnii'Gri', i-r'caiii «n,| Ualliiii dieefic, :'M:ro limn -l.O'JU.ClDo.ooil pounds of milk went to Wisconsin crenm- erics .to be turned Inti) butter. IViim.-DI, Kl, f.-yvlliij 8ACHAMKNTO, rjal. Wcrt Optometrist "UK MAKES 'KM SICK"- Ol-i-r JDO !s.1iir.s' Sliiic IMioiie 5JO city's oldest bicycle i Icier,' both ,ii to aije ni'iil as to uxperlcncc, I' Miss Minim - Cros.s. anc 33 yean Slie \icRim 'rilling . when nnd has never slio i" ui> She > imrchiised the No l license- pl.ilc Ihls ycnr .nnd the city attorney claimed the privilege of payliu the 1'S cent fco. Head Courier 'News waijt nils. Sl'OKA^E, Wash (UP1 _ Mt» Mmy J^oulse Calkins has a pet Mallajd duck iwpio/l Jeep thai follows her about, like a c)o;j 'Ihe dutk v,ns.tjlven lo her last Easier. Wlillc attending Whitman Coll'ose ill Walla. Walla this spiinn, the din* trailed behind • iiei: as sho walked on Iho campus after classes. MOLD EVUKYTllINC -' By Clyde Safe - - Acr'unUo Your Preseiljilldn Fowler Drug Co. Main \t First I'huiiD 141 Internal Hemorrhoids & Symptoms Internal hemorrhoids llml do not protrude ale oltiMitlmea MI illusive ailment siiicc they arc usually not painful. They me fremiejilly the tattle ciui.w of much reflex stidci Ini;. Some ot tlic jiiu.l cominot) cnnillllons llml are oaiisi'd ni'bre or ic.-i; directly l\y Interim) Ilemori'holils as well as other nrlal palliolony nrei.h'lah bloixl .pressure, digestive dlsturb- !i HITS, extreme nervousness, 'dull, low-buckadie, buck , ol llilglts iiche. Insomnia ( nnd coiisllpiubn. It Is folly urn! ilini|;croii.s to dofor or uejilecl e.vaiiilnn- ll«n mid Irealmi'iH llml will relieve mill euro llils allmenl. Drs. Nics & Nics Ulylhevllle, Ark. Clinic 5M Mutn Tel. UB Now l.iicatcil ul 101 Nnrlh Srcnnil ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU I)I)N i:i>WAIU)S, 1'rnprlelor All Hilda's "f ItrliulU Typcwrllcrs, Adillu B Muchliirs Ciilciiliilor's—Itcpiilrlnc—1'arls—Illtilxins "No, no, Uuns-,,! you don'l sink out yniii loiignc every , lime Jmu MO Ihe docioi!" «Y TOW!) I1AUMAN ....JMV nj munia ,„„ . . — -.... b .. v , ,nt; ilugh. Noel McDanfel, 5 miles No ' " amc!l to appcnr in the Chancciy ! of Slcfin tr \u EI .m .... o Court for the Chicfcasawba District of Slccle, H. W. 61.' OfTice rooms, ffiidbury BiilWIng. SPP Grnlmni SlJiittiry. 27lf Washing, Ironing Exuerl washing and ironing. Cheap, nongli dry and finish. 6 ([iiilts Sl.OO. One day service. Willie Bell Green, behind City Ice Plant. 7-pk-S-7 CAN YOU STOP? You would nol :;lart an ocean voyage without life preservers. Good .brakes arc your <'lire preservers" when yon drive, Safety Service No. 1 FREE Brake Inspection It costs nothing to KNOW the true condition of your brakes. Drive in for a FREE Inspection. Safety Service No. 2 BRAKE ADJUSTMENT A complete and thorough Fnr'rt ABC Brake Adjustment. Including 1 adjustment of Brake Rods ii 35 or Cables & Hand Brake. I (Replacement parts not, included) Safety Service No. 3 Complete Brake OVERHAUL and RELINING JOB 10KD PASSENGER CARS Disassemble entire brafce system- Kce. up all brake cams—INSTAIL 8 NEW BtlAKE BHOES-Adjt ,t clearance-Adjust band brakc-Ati- jHsl brake locis-Lnbricalc cross shaf -Adjust pedal clearance- Road lesl^-Onr. additional adjustment alljr delivery COMPLFTF INCLUDING LABOR AND ^ 95 D NEW BR.AKE SHOES 9' PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Notice Upholstering and Retlnishiin;. M. Tonilin, 2H 3. First 5-cX-8-« »f Mississippi Comity, Arkansas within thirty days after the date hereof, (o answer a complaint iilcd against (hem by Airs. Rosa might _ nnd S. S. Noivliii as trustee in stio- • cession. Dated this 21st day of'July, 1030. RUMINANT ANIMAL HORIZONTAL 1 Woolly, coated animal pictured here. 611 is a ruminant of the family. 10 It is. allied to Iho animal MBraidca thong, 15 To climb. 1G Hodgepodge. 17 To shut up. 18 Gong. 10 To sum up. 20 Sun god. 21 While. 23 Ever. 25 Term in electricity. 37 Unpolished.. 32Ociter garment. 35 Its _^_ j s called mulfon. 36 To inlcrjoin. 3<)To gaze fixedlv. •10 Bulb flower. 41 Wedge- shaped. 43 Girdle. 4'lLong grass. 45 Class of birds. 47 Like. 48 Striped clolh. 49 Pair (hbbr.). 5011s yoting is called —. 52 Action. 54 Amidic. 57 Superficiiil ex lent. 58 Years of life. 59 It is raised lor ifs wool and hide.' 60 Writes. 61 Its antler. . VERTICAL 1 Senior. 2 Fealty. .. 3 Mooley apple. •1 Organ ,of. hearing. 5 Knlrcalies. 6 Organ of sigh't 7-To contend. 8 Small island. 0 Exclusive. 10 Gazelle. 5th i- Walnut,, Phone- SID You ARE oursHooT .SEES root- U.PetJROj 80T LISTEN— . \«JE . MUST l\ELP «£>& G005 STAGE TOMORROW HERE—THEM ~fE.u_ . GRIMC5O PEGGf 1 V. T. HAMLU NO! i ear MIXFD ui WITH VOUR CRAZV GADGET ONCE, AN' , _, . ONCE IS ENdU<7r»!l]J_£ 0 VlAlN'tNOHb&! VM °?:' , DOCTOR, THERE GOE NO DEMONSTRATION ALL -RlG|-Vr; GEMUEMEM VOU SIIAI-L WWE VOUfl PROOF!! /MYSELF, Will ONOE(?so -liie EXPERIMENT/ VOtJ'RE MISTAKCN, DOCTOR- I'M Tl \B ONt; TO MAKE THM I RIP.' &O JOIN) THE O7HER SCIENTISTS, BRO NSO N - -I' L L SHOW /Oil SKEPTICS SOMEHOW! WHKTHE PbSERVESl HOOTS AM) 11 K .Sfo'rm's Artcrnmth ItV KDfJAt? MARTIN TAKE THOSE CUTItS.F IU6TAVJCE. THEY'RE MOTHEC AH , AK1D I'LL BET VOU CW'T TELL WHICH 15 WHICH PIAtES.WHM A PEMVW SECCET!-IF WE CAN GET THE EXCLUDE. RIGHTS FOR McKEE INDUSTRIES,WHV, H'U. BE WOBTH WUWHS "'<sil TKBUS Thill's I'rotly Ilifjh, \V;i,s!i MY KOY CHAIN K COME ,L« U^> 60 " : "' ~£F\—--^'— -s^"^ HIS FRIENDS BY MKRUILL BLOSSKK WHAT ARS MUSSING CAN BOWL S Git -.S OVER BY 1 OUST BeiMQ A / HICK, X.CAfJ J ^ Tuts BACK- TO- THB- FARM MOVEME.MF CAU . (IIM , IT CAM DO FDR ME / 11 Ancienl. JZ Officer's assistant. 13 Forward. 20 A male sheen 22 Marble images. M I'iaiil parl. 2GOne who tends sheep. 28 Egyiilian deity. 29 Connecting word. 30 Silly. 31 Fell concern. 33 To cnfcnain. 31 Weights.- 3'niijgc body of water. J8 Sister. 39To claw.' 42 Pncas. •!G Go on (music) •13 Ko shall it be. •19 Nobleman. SO'l'o wrap, 51 Common verb. 52-Hcavy knifo S3 Self. .5! Dye. 55 Myself. 56 Exisls.

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