The Advocate-Messenger from Danville, Kentucky on November 30, 1986 · Page 56
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The Advocate-Messenger from Danville, Kentucky · Page 56

Danville, Kentucky
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 30, 1986
Page 56
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12 THE KENTUCKY ADVOCATE TV PARADE, Sunday, November 30, 1986 Daytime TV 5:00 ESPN Wortd Cup Skiing (Wed) ESPN Wrestling (Thu) NICK Route 66 (Mon) WTBS Beverly Hillbillies (Man, Wed, Thu) 5:30 O Ag Day D 700 Club WTBS Andy Griffith (Mon, Wed, Thu) 5:40 WTBS Work) At Large (Fri) 6:00 O Today In WAVE Country CD 63 Morning Stretch D NBC News QJ CBS News 63 Jimmy Swaggart ESPN Aerobics NICK Curious George WTBS CNN News 6:30 CD 63 Today's Business (Q Kentucky Sunrise , Q) CBS News Q3 ABC News g 63 Superfrlends ESPN Nation's Business Today NICK Dennis The Menace WTBS Tom a Jerry And Friends 7:00 0 (D Today (D S)CeS Morning News 69 63 Good Morning America g 63 Chalenge Of The GoBots ED ThunderCttsg 03 Jetsons NICK Lassie 7:15 CO AM. Weather 7:30 fS Defenders Of The Earth r? CD 63 Fantstones CO Captain Kangaroo (R) NICK Mr. Wizard's Wortd K)0 63 Inspector Gadget CD Dennis The Menace D Sesame Street (R)g B3 Defenders Of The Earth g ARTS Woman In White (Mon) ARTS BWt On The Landacapa (Tua) ARTS Otver Twist (Wed) ARTS Shortttortsa (Thu) ARTS Skag (Fri) NICK Beie 4 Sebastian fc05 WTBS I Dream Of Jeanrss 30 63 Fsntstons CD My Uttts Pony 'N1 Friends 03 Adventures Ol The Galaxy Rangers ESPN SportaCentar NICK Today's Special .I-.35 WTBS Bewitched tOO O (D Donahue 0D 03 To Be Announced (Mon) CD ffl Young And The Restless (Tu-Frl) S Oprah WMrey 89 Supertriende ,TQ Hour Magazine U) Jimmy Swaggart TV Crossword ACROSS 1 Actor Baldwin b Hannibal's crew 10 Musical syllables 1 1 "Sanford and Son" character Shown plas9Down on The Coibys ' 15 Greeting 16 I! L ike Old Tinges 1 7 That thing 18 Man or Wight ? 1 Affirmative reply ?? ..- Raton ?4 TVs Dmat- ?6 Marriage site ?7 Concerning ?8 Roman gods ?9 Frequent; 3? He as I ou (jrant 36 Me' tr Dili 37 He s Dick L oudon 40 Role for Vaughn 41 Cid 42 Military topper 44 Famed markswoman init 4b She plays ?? Down DOWN V S'Ste- ,:t :, " Goior man Parsegh:lan ? F ond du - 3 Ron and Ric 4 Vmce Fdwards : b Fragrance 6 Duds 7 Tama 8 Former toer 9 See 1? Across 10 Miss Van Dev'e 1? IS It 13 Frank im note '4 W'th 43 l.r onduring sci t' ser '9 T.,r, R.,inC, ?0 Went astray 23 B.bie bk ?b Fnd'rig wirr- ,piv ?6 Miss F(ehar ?9 On cartel 30 F mma Samms r 3 t Agave plant 33 James Bond s nemesis 34 Make happy 35 Cheer for 3 7 Played Rock, Rrx Hot i 38 Fact finish 3" Suier Hii hd-i s A? Actor ravs C3 Educational Programming 03 Inspector Gadget ARTS Maelstrom ESPN College Basketball (Moo-Wed) ESPN Horse Racing Weekly (Thu) ESPN SpeedWeek (Fri) NICK Plnwheei 9:05 WTBS Down To Earth 9:30 63 Morning Stretch CD Polka Dot Door (Mon) CQ Educational Computing (Fri) 0 Three Stooges ESPN America's Cup: Challenge Down Under (Thu) ESPN Fkrtle: College Football's Little Big Man (R) (Fri) 9:35 WTBS I Love Lucy 9:45 CD Introspect 10:00 O QD Family Ties (R) QD 6B $25,000 Pyramid SWaltons Q3 700 Club 03 Oprah Winfrey Q) Richard Roberts CQ Educational Programming (Mon) D 3-2-1 Contact o (Wed) B Mulligan Stew (Fri) 0) Jim Ami Tammy ARTS Grand Piano (Mon) ARTS Skag (Tua) ARTS By Design: Ben And Jane Thompson (Wed) ARTS Horizons (Thu) ARTS Twentieth Century (Fri) ESPN Auto Racing (Thu) ESPN Tennla (Fri) 10fl5 WTBS Movie 10-JO O 03 Saia Of The Century CDS) Card Sharks CD BED (Tua, Thu) 3 Educational Programming (Wed, Fri) ARTS Twentieth Century (Fri) 1 1:00 O ID Wheal Of Fortune CDS) Price Is Right 69 03 Fame Fortune Romance GQ Jimmy Swaggart CD TOO Club CO Educational Programming (Tua, Thu) 03 Falcon Crest ARTS Aznavour Breaking America (Mon) ARTS Uvhg Dangaroualy (Tua) ARTS Ufa Of An Orchestra (Wed) ARTS Sky At Drury Lane (Thu) ARTS At The Met Voyages: The Journey Ol The Magi (Fri) ESPN Jimmy Basard Golf Connection (Mon) ESPN Skkng (Tua) ESPN NBA Today (Wed) C"Ti 234 5 6 7 8 iZZZZ -HZZZZ - I ? 13 U 75 19 ? FmWn 23 rj 1 m ;s 1 28 T" 79 30 31 I r53 33 34 35 45 46 47 48 49 "11 I Um I I I Id- on The Colbys" bO Movie award b 1 Delia or Pee Wee b? Impoverished S3 Revue bit Acr. 43 See 14 Down 46 Fnyme 4 7 Rink surface 48 Hula Bowl wear 49 Tampa time SOLUTION ... H,ujB . '.'..-.V ' 1 SfK, JVH . D'V! !vfl ) j c'vfj ESPN Action Outdoors With Julius Boros (Thu) 11:15 CD Reading Rainbow (Fri) 11:30 OCD Scrabble 69 83 Celebrity Double Talk QD This Week In Country Music (Mon) G0NewGldget(Tue) 63 You Write The Songs (Wed) 63 Slskei & Ebert & The Movies (Thu) 63 At The Movies (Fri) ARTS King Cotton (Fri) ESPN SportsLook 11:45 C3 Educational Programming (Fri) 12M OCD (8 News CO Noon Today 69 Ryan's Hope 63 Bewitched D True Confessions CD Archie Bunker's Place CQ Mulligan Stew (Mon) CO Educational Programming (Tue, Wed) CD 3-2-1 Contact g (Fri) 60 Odd Couple ARTS Bkjebel (Tue) ARTS Horizons (Wed) ARTS Sarah (Thu) ARTS Living Dangerously (Fri) ESPN Aerobics NICK PtnwhMl 1245 WTBS Perry Mason 12:30 O CQ Search For Tomorrow g CD Love Boat S Qutncy 69 The Judge S3 1 Dream Ol Jearmis 0 Divorce Court CD Movie (Mon-Wed, Fri) CD American Vice: The Doping Of A Nation (Thu) CD Educational Programming (Man, Fri) 0 Lucy Show ESPN LA. Workout (Mon-Thu) ESPN Running And Racing (Fri) 1000 CD Days Ol Our Uvea CDAIMyChldren QD Barnaby Jones (Mon-Thu) CD Movie (Fri) CDPctaMDow(Wed) 63 1 Dream Of Jeamte ARTS Sitka Festival (Mon) ARTS Spyshlp (Tua) ARTS Sky At Drury Lane (Wed) ARTS Bluebel (Fri) ESPN Coiege Footbal (Mon) ESPN Auto Racing (Tua) ESPN World Cup Siding (Wed) ESPN Tennla (Thu) ESPN Drag Racing (Fri) Carter's real - By Ian Harmer HOLLYWOOD - It won t come as any great surprise to Dixie Carter's friends that when Julia Sugarbaker's boyfriend makes his debut in this week's episode of "Designing Women." he'll be played by the actress's devoted real-life husband. Hal Hol-brook. The surprise is that Carter had nothing to do with the casting decision, and was initially concerned that veteran actor Holbrook. known for his performances in everything from major motion pictures to radio, might not enjoy a brief shining moment in a sitcom.. Holbrook is a staunch founding member of the show's cheering section. He sits in the front row every Tuesday night when "Designing Women" is filmed in front of a studio audience For the current episode. Holbrook had to step out of the shadows to play Julia's suitor in a segment in which ABC tries to By Andrew J. Edelstein "Gung Ho" and "Dads." two new ABC sitcoms, will debut on Friday. Dec. 5. in an attempt to add life to the network's dismal lineup "Gung Ho" is based on the 1985 Ron Howard-directed film about the culture clash that result when a Japanese auto manufacturer takes over a U.S. plant Scott Bakula stars as the union representative i played by Michael Keaton in the ilm). Sab Shi-mono portrays a Japanese executive and (iedde Watanabe reprises his role as the Japanese auto plant supervisor Ron Howard's little brother Clint 're 1:05 WTBS Movie 1:30 CD Q As The Work) Turns CQ Reading Rainbow (T ue) CQ Educational Programming (Wed) 63 Bewitched ARTS Don't Walt Up (Mon) 2:00 QQ3 Another World 63 S3 One Lite To Live 63 Entertainment This Week (Mon) 63 Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous (Tue) 63 Star Search (Wed) SD Solid Gold (Thu) 3 Educational Programming (Tue, Wed) CO High Feather (Fri) 63 Transformers ARTS Evening At The Improv (Mon) ARTS By Design: Ban And Jane Thompson (Tue) ARTS Sarah (Wed) ARTS At The Met Voyages: The Journey Of The Magi (Thu) ARTS Woman In White (Fri) ESPN Coiege Baaketbal (Tue) ESPN Horn Show Jumping (Wed) ESPN Coiege Footbal (Fri) NICK Today7! Special 2:30 CD Q9 Capitol CD Bewitched CQ Educational Programming (Fri) 03 Defenders Of The Earth ARTS King Cotton (Thu) NICK Bete a Sebastian 235 WTBS WomanWatch (Fri) 3MO 03 Santa Barbara OS) Guiding Light OS CD General Hospital CD Jayce And The Wheeled Warrton CD ScoobyDoo CQ UrKierstandkig Human Behavior (Tua) 0 Dennis The Manses ARTS Amanda's (Mon) ARTS Ufa Of An Orchestra (Tua) ARTS Twentieth Century (Thu) ARTS Spyshlp (Fri) ESPN Jaunty Bated Go Connection (Wed) NICK Mysterious Craea Of Gold 3:05 WTBS torn 1 Jerry And Friends 3:30 G3 He-Man And Masters Ol The UrVverse CD Smurts AoVerrturti CQ Educational Prconammlng (Mon) EJ Understanding Human (Tua) CQMtddb8diocT(rhu) C3 EthjCaftton Notebook (Fri) 63 mas.k. g ARTS Yes, Prima Minister (Mon) ARTS Twentieth Century (Thu) life hubby joins her Dixie Carter the two lovebirds get spliced and then split inside 23 minutes. It doesn't give too much of the plot away to report that Mr. and Mrs. Holbrook will be put life into Fridays member him from "Gentle Ben' "') also has a role in the sitcom. Basing a TV series on a hit film is a chancy proposition Small-screen versions of "M'A'S'H" and "The Odd Couple" were successes, but the most recent TV shows based on films. "Stir Crazv" and "Hometown" (based loose'ly on "The Big Chill"), bombed The turnaround from movie to TV for Gung Ho must be the quickest in Hollywood history The videocassetle version of "Gung Ho" is currently one of the top five rentals "Dads" stars Barry Bostwick and Carl Weintraub as single fathers trying to raise their children Sounds like NICK Turkey Television 4:00 0 Gimme A Breakl CD Little House On The Prairie (D Love Connection ED Fall Guy Q3 Hour Magazine (Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri) 8 EQ Afterschool Special (Wed) CQ She-Ra: Princess 01 Power E0 He-Man And Masters Ol The Universe (Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri) CD Transformers CQ Sesame Street (R)g 63 Ram bo ARTS Maelstrom ESPN WreatHng (Mon-Wed) ESPN Tennis Continues (Thu) NICK You Can't Do That On Television 4:05 WTBS ScoobyDoo 4:30 Q Dating Game CQ Superior Court SD Ghostbustsrs 63 She-Ra: Princess 01 Power (Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri) CD 63 Ql. Joe NICK Lassie 4:35 WTBS Fantstones 5.-00 f) Newtvwed Game CD Magnum, P.l. CQ People's Court CD Andy Griffith 69 Divorce Court QO Smurts' Adverrturai Facta Of Ufa CD She-Ra: Princess 01 Power CO Mister Rogers (R) 63 Chalenge Of The GoBots ARTS Movie ESPN America's Cup: Chalenge Down Under (Mon) ESPN Fishing: Mark SoaaVs Saltwater Journal (Tua) ESPN SportsLook (Wed-Fri) NICK Dennis The Menace 505 VTBS GMgan'i Island 5:30 0 People s Court CQCBfBNewe 69 Jeopardy 6D Jataona CD Drrent Strokes CO 3-2-1 Contact Q 63 Brady Bunch ESPN World Of Sports (Mon) ESPN Scholastic Sports America (Tua) ESPN Horse Racing Weekly (Wed) ESPN Flarang: Beat Of 81 Dance (Thu) ESPN Auto Racing (Fri) NICK Double Dare 5:35 WTBS Rocky Road working together again whenever his schedule dovetails with the show's plot requirements. "Hal's agent was absolutely against him doing it, but our producer, Linda Bloodworth-Thomason, doesn't let details like that worry her," Carter says. "She went right up to Hal and said, 'Do you want someone else kissing your wife in front of all those people?' He gave her the answer she wanted!" CBS has already confirmed the sitcom's slot in its schedule through the rest of the season. The ratings so far indicate a long and healthy run for "Designing Women." Carter's last major role was spent during two uncomfortable seasons on "Diff'rent Strokes." "I took that job for the money, nothing else, and that was all I got out of it," she says. "I get paid for Designing Women.' too. but I did it because Linda wrote it specifically for me and the other girls, and because I loved the role. I've learned a very important lesson from all this a male version of "Kate & Allie" to us. ABC moved "Sledge Hammer'" and "Sidekicks" to Saturday, replacing the departed "Life with Lucy" and "The Ellen Burstyn Show " The new night may help "Sledge Hammer!" which garnered critical praise, but few viewers in its Death Valley time slot against "Miami Vice" and "Dallas." ABC now has only two backup series ready in case it pulls the plug on its other weak series. "Starman" and "Heart of the City." They are "Harry." which stars Alan Arkin as the head of purchasing for a hospital, and "O'Hara." which stars Pat Morita as a police-academy training officer

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