The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 8, 1938 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 8, 1938
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VOLUME XXXV—NO. 18. BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS . T11E DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST AMAH,,A* iMn «,„,„.„„.„ ~^*^ PS- ' Blytheville Courier Blythevllle Herald Mississippi Valley Leader BlylbevUle Dally News ARKANSAS, FlilDAY, Al'UlL 8, 19:58 ^^^^^^ -- —— :....;_ _ "__ .__ SINULE COPIES FIVE CENTS STORMS AND FLOODS CAUSE HEAVY DAMAGE Cabinet Of Leon Blum Quits_Today PARIS, April 8. <UI'|~ Premier Leon Blimra Leftist government resigned today, balked by the sen- ale in Its demand for extraordinary powers LO brine about clal recovery. Tin- resignation rnme at n bitter session of Die senate, during which the ncrlnomy of the de... — _„ bllll! Indicated that the compll-' lion of Arkansas today and truck :atcd Political .situation might, get growers reported they had .snf even worse, with fading chances | Temperafures Fall Rapidly Before Onrush' Of Icy Gales UTTLE ROCK. Apr. 8. <UP)- f'now fell in the northwest sec- These Five Are Half of Jury Thai will TrvTVA ,.,—j^^.^, . v , ,_^.^.,_^ rv~«-*«»w!«~—•»—. J ' growers reported they Tored serious damage from th unseasonable cold wave, which tli weather bureau said would con Unite .through tomorrow. Know was .still falling at noo at FnyeUcvllle and Bentonvllle. Trull growers said the pea'cl crop would be damaged but tha apple orchards would not he xe vr-rely hurt, By United Press Tornadlc winds, snow, sleet an: f oorls raced across the western hal. of the LJnlled Stales today as the mid-spring storm moved Into IKe south from the Rocky ifoimtaln; and. whipped by heavy gales, swung northeastward toward the Atlantic stales. Eighteen persons were killed In the mid-west and south. Tornadoes killed II. injured scores and caused uneslimated damage in Louisiana Alabama, and Mississippi. AH aged coiiple and nine negroes were killed and at least 40 Injured when a tornado roared through a section >Hmr Alicevllle, In western Alabama, end damaged homes in eight com rminities. In Indiana five died from falls firi In traffic accidents. A man was killed in Iowa when his car crashed into a truck on a glassy pavement. A Chlcagoan dropped dead while shoveling snow. - Temperatures were below freezing •-•_' , the entire mid-western area, the far .west and southwestern . .s .esyapert .the -wis'itry- weather •Several-thousand acres pf-farm land m" Greene county, Ark were inundated when flood waters of the St. Francis river swept away n 300-foot section of a levee At Mount .Carmel, III., the wabash nver. .'rfed-.- by rain and melting snow, flooded a three-mile stretch "f highway. Police and relief ii>?en=lcs cooperated I n findln? homes • for refugees driven from lowland farm homes. . Rescuers altempled to fight their waV through- snow drifts three feel deep, cast of Elk City. Okla., In an effort to reach 20 carloads of stranded motorists. U. S. Weather Forecaster J R Lloyd said the storm's path extended, from the Rio Grande valley northeastward lo New England. The storm center was expected lo reach coastal states by lonlght Rain and sharply falling temperatures were predicted for all sonth- rni slates. Thursday's Auction Sale Receipts Around $1,900 Everything taken to the farmer's unction yesterday was sold except Ihrce cows and the sellers went home with a total of approximately $1.900 In their pockets • Despite the downpour of rain all day. there was a large crowd on hand to bid for the goods, which brought excellent prices The third weekly sale, sponsored by Uie ; Missco corporation will bo held next Thursday at the site of (he old Chicago Mill. union :or a cabinet of national to save the coimlry, A.s the senate deliberated, 1.500 police snd mobile guards surrounded the building against demon- stnilors who lence in the threatened .stree t.s. New Orleans, New England Cities Also Ban Childbirth Pictures NEW YORK, Apr. 8 (UP)-Life Magazine, with four pages of plc- ures illustrating child birth, went in sale throughout the country to- lay, except In several New England cities, Memphis and New Orleans, where it was censored or banned i "Indecent." Roy E. Larscn. publisher, said .he censorships ''apparently resulted from a misunderstanding" and hat a lest would be made today n New Haven, Conn, where a newsdealer was.arrested last night for -selling a copy-.of the-magazine. In violation of'ihe- • state "Taw igaiust obscnce -literature. Publisher Larsen said the "high purpose" of the pictures is to "reduce Illness and mortality among mothers and their babies." 'Modern medicine has proved hat it can cut the maternity morality rate by at lensl 75 per cent Jut at every turn It Is hindered J.v public Indifference and social aboos,"- he said. Davis Takes Action MEMPHIS. Apr. 8 (UP)—Police Commissioner Cliff Davis today ordered sale of the magazine Life amied In Memphis because of the Metures which It carried lllustriit- ng child birth. Davis sent officers to v lews stands to see thnl thp nrHr.ri f .^ '~.° ••-«..»... was enforced. or dcr|of the executive department, Davis described tlie pictures as'N._ ^ n Indecent" and a violation of the WaiTOWly ESCape 'ennessee criminal code forbidding "" ~ Istributlon of "obscene and llcenti- "" literature." Tennessee power protect a wn, - « HIT BY HIGH KeDort Says J a p a n c s e Troops Retreating In Ultcr Disorder Britain Strives To Quiet Uneasy Europe II)- (Jutted Vttss Hivnl ISrldiln begun mnnouvcrs lo .sliibliini EuropMii pence today In I'aci' ol » riotous Preni'li cabinet crisis mill sioiuly unlns by Insurgent nilcs In Sjmln's civil war. j With lhe cabinet of French' •r.'ininr u>oii Hhiin crumbling, de- • iVSS^Pgi. Georgia Also ' Bear Brunt of Swollen SHANGHAI, Apr. 8 anese forces wcro |u rout 111 miles north of Tulei'chwnng: Uxlay, in one of iho moat smashing Chinese victories of Iho war, Chinese military nillhorlllcs reported. Chinese plnnes bombed mid machine (jtinned tlie rctvenllng Japanese unite, ivhlch In the last thrco days have lost more limn 10,000 1 men, the Chinese said. Oeuerallsslmo Chiang Kai-Shek' l.wued a statement paying tribute D to ^the Chinese forces on the con-, * e 01 '' Rallying f.xi>cct«l to bo llic new government • lender for extension of Stream's Fury I -• *"• >-'»**. i«m«t ui nyiAicci (UP)-Jan- cl '™Hfl Whether such negotiations MONTGOMERY Ala Aor • A i comploto wollkl succeed wan highly doubt- (UPl-Flood disaster threaSmtd trnl front but warned the Chinese iwople thai final victory was ills- tant and any celebration ure- ninlwc. Tho rctwrt.s saltl jinnlc fitrl ot tional Commissioner . „„„,„„, ,^». „. lal ,,,., „. »,, (D.-Tcx.), one of TVA's mast aggrrsslvc backers, o r c e s Administration F Dri-ve Reorganization Bill Toward Passage WASHINGTON, Apr. 8 (UP>- Presldent Roosevelt's leaders, smashing the government reorganization bill toward final action, :oday defeated an amendment to' make the comptroller general Independent of the president and responsible only lo congress. Holding administration lines in- act In the face of a determined rattle from bl-partlsan opponents he house rejected, by voice vote, an amendment by Rep. Francis J Case (Rep. N. D.). The amendment would have made the entire gen- Delinquent Assessment Qualifies For Voting LITTLE ROCK, Ark., Apr. 8.— Prospective voters seeking lo cnst a ballot in the August 9 Democratic primary may make ; delinquent assessments and obtain poll lax receipts up until jildnlght June 15, Ed E. -Ashbaugh. secretary of the Arkansas corporation commission, has advised Polnsett County Judge C. T. Sullivan. .Judge Sullivan .wrote that he had received innny 'inqulrles : concerning the question. • A dollar, penalty is charged for delinquent assessments. accountul S Independent Cotton Queen in a Big Fluff BY ~~ BOB BURNS _ If yx>u talk lo anybody who has made a success In any line thev will tell, you that the thin? that kept them goin' was havtn' something to look forward to. when a fella, can't look forward to satae- thin' he might as well quit altogether. f know one actor out here who struggled for years hi small-time vaudeville and he got to be one of (he biggest stars In pictures. He told me the other day there wouldn't be ony Incentive In goin' on If he hadn't found something else to look forward to. He took me out. to his house and showed me the most beautiful batlxroom I ever saw. and with pride in his eyes he says "Now s -ou can understand why 1 look forward to Saturday night." When Building Collapses MEMPHIS, Apr. 8 (UP)—Several persons escaped injury today when the roof of a two-story brick building near the downtown section caved in and two walls of the structure collapsed throwing bricks onto the sidewalk and street. Several pedestrians narrowly escaped being struck, by the bricks. [Tlie building had been vacant for 'several monlhs. Station Arrives Here A 200-foot galvanized steel tower - which will serve its the alitenitn of Hie now i short wave police radio station lo be Installed here when $1,200 Is raised, has arrived mid will soon bo erected at the rear of Malian park, adjoining the court house. The lower was purchased from WMC, Memphis commercial broadcasting station. """ for the base of the Msrial Results For " 'onci ' Time In Murder' Sy Ctlotl •*'•« A^V«"« Case; Court Adjourns M " '»<xu«t or tho bud cnson , > los t W the American Legion Tucs- For (he second lime n circuit ?* y nl ? ht ' P lans Vws formulated nirt inn. Ka.-a „,,.,. ...,~i.i.. i- .. -. '°r a drive to raise the rcinaluder „ court jury here was unable to aurec , ,? lvc ^ ralse tho on the guilt or innocence of Percy S-i, mc ,"!!f for a " C Shelton, fnnncr, chared i "" of * m llas Iwe Shelton, former, dim murder of j. with the Dell | Iwen donated. mniier, jate yesterday. The jury r nr n i was reliably reported to have been JMHes ". Hanks, Veteran ta, u ,o ,, h, favor of con- Of Major Battles, Dies Vlctlon. Last fall a mistrial rcsult«<i when a. Jury wus divided, 7 to 5, In James W.> Bonks, who foujht in favor of convictio four major . of the World IT-I v» \.w**viL<iitui. ---.. mi>,jut cni,wminji s OJ II1C WOFIO Stnmey was allegedly fatally War ' AM at Ills home on .Sou h wounded when siielton struck him ully strea t at Mve o'clock this With the handle of an automobile morn U'8 nfler haying been In nl emergency brake. Sbelton claimed '' ealt li since he was wounded and that he strc a «ed . that he struck (he blow In self shortly before the Armistice ... u»ut^.j ".lltti^U 111111* Blarney's death resulted from the J Ie blow. Qene E. Bradley represented Shclto n- Chosen queen of the annual Memphis Cotton Carnival Elizabeth Verger Campbell immersed herself in a sea ot the south's greatest crop-in the hope that such goings-on would bring more fame lo her home town s biggest celebration. With her consort, Andrew Jackson Hays, Memphis cotton broker Miss Campbell will be crou-ned ' May 10. Stock Prices NEW YORK, April 8. (UP) — The stock market advanced In all sections today. Trading Increased sharply in early dealings and then •settled down to roMtme transactions. AT&T m ,_ 8 Anaconda .Copper 26 1-8 Associated D G 51-2 Beth steel 453.4 Boeing Air 25 l-a Chrysler .. .....;. « 5-8 Cities Service i j.g Coca Cola 117 General Electric '...', 32 3.4 Genera! Motors 30 1-8 Int. Harvester 573-8 Montgomery Ward 29 5-8 N Y Central 12 5 . 8 Packard 4 Phillips petrol .'.'"" 32 1-4 Radio 57g Schenley nist ......'.'.'.'.'.'. 19 ^ Simmons 55 Sooony Vacuum . jj 7 _ e Standard of N J . Texas Corp .... U S Smelt tf S Steel . .. 44 T-8 37 7-8 62 43 1-8 Homer Bratton, 32, Dies After Year's Illness Homer Bratton. 32, died at his home, 1707 West Vine street, at 3:30 o'clock this morning after having been 111 from tuberculosis for a year. Funeral rites will be held Sunday afternoon, 2:30 o'clock at tlie Holt Funeral home with the Rev A. W. Ramsey officiating and burial will be made at Maple Drove cemetery. Mr. Bratton, who had lived here sll Ills life, is survived by one Bon ' ssu ?d today fc. n,^ luuuwmg wno "- —• ""^"n'i. ** ic^uvur irum m- Homer Lee, his parents, Mr and I en ' CTecl SUllty pleas or wero con- J urlc! > received ,ln tho war. He con- Mrs. A. L. Bratton. nmi '»i,,-~,' ll|ctc<i at the term of court which lract cd pneumonia about a week closed yesterday: ago, which was the direct cause of James Williams, negro, grand "'-I death. larceny, 3 years; Ted Sparks, one A military funeral will be held ' i year, grand larceny; Percy white, Slln day alternoon with services at i three years, grand larceny; Phillip Ule American Legion hut at 2-3D 1 '• Moore, negro, o«e year, assault to ° clock »ml hurlal will be made at' kill; Louie Ledbelter, five years, Elf nwood ccmelery. The Rev F M ' burglary; Arthur Emils, one year! s »'eet, pastor of the Lake Street grand larceny; porter Hester, one Methodist church, w m officiate and year, grand larceny; E. D. Brlggs, members of the Dud Cason Lesion two years, grand larceny; Rich- P 081 wil1 serve as active and hon- ard Romans, two years, grand lar- ornr y pallbearers, ceny; Phillip SmilJi. negro, murder, Mr - Banks enlisted In the armv llffi In \n\n ». T^ ... . J *.."i, HL anu^n nit; oiow m sell e"*o<-u ijuurny ueiorc tnc Armistice defense mid his atlorney also ones- wa3 s '?ned. He would have been 45 tioned the state's charvn Mini. J' e "" old next August. is not permanently dis- from the United Slates army until 1932, having been a naHnvi* -|« {.»_»(,_,. ^. . . ••""""• , "."tj unui nwi, naving oocn a Penitentiary commitments were Patient In hospitals for 14 years issued today for the following who ln a " attempt to recover from In- entered (?Ulltv nlnn.n or «™>. rt nn ~ Juries rprplup,! In fjin ....... TT« pros missal of W. E. Phlpps,'e<iucn-._ commissioner, at a meeting sched nlcd for Snturdny. PhlpjM ndinlttcd todav~ttarii had been informed an effort woul he made nl tho meeting lo re move him. "I have been told by friend that three of the eight member of the toiml publicly have Rtatcc that tlioy would vote for my re tentlon^tia commissioner," lie said "However, the other five member may side with the governor an remove me." , Friends of the commissioner ex plained that there)had been som discord between Uie educatlona commissioner and L'tlio . governor' office -because pressure wai no brought on employes lo subscribe to a weekly administration' ticws- pnper and to mnke stenographers become members or a women's po Htlcal organization in Uie city. Enlargement Of Lake Is Nearing Completion Work of cnlarglrij the Jake-'at Walker park is now almost completed. The area In the southeast corner, which was unusually iow s being scooped out and the dirt thrown tiiwn the southeast bank for a levee. The new lake will be cut into -he old one when tnc bank Is 'set," which win be sometime In the early summer, it is believed. Lovely .Laurent and three' .«.., «iiu U1ICT brothers, G. H., Albert, and Mini all of here. $50 For Assault With Deadly Weapon Elmer Jones was fined $50 In municipal court today on a charge of assault with a deadly webpon Three were fined $10 'each on charges of public drunkenness. Hexagonal Kooms Advocated MfNNEAPOLIS ITJP) - John E Berry of Minneapolis believes he has solved the low-cost housing problem with tlie Invention of «n ''hexagonal" room., He proposes houses consisting of just as many eight-sided rooms as n man wants or Is able to buy. The rooms would be all alike. New York Cotton NEW YOHK, April 8. (UP)-Cotton closed steady. open high low close May Jul Oct Dec Jan Mar. BOO 85G 861 863 865 871 856 863 870 872 873 878 848 852 SSO 861 864 Spots closed quiet at 851 851 Cl'6 86S 870 B9 817 f, up 13. Municipal Stations To Fight Auto Test Repeal . In 1917. at, EvansvlUe, Ind., where . he was born. He was sent overseas | a short time later. He crigajed in tlle battles of Belleau-Wood. LITTLE ROCK Ark - •, In which he was gassed and badly K automobile iiupUon law by a " d FVed " cities and towns operating munlcl- Pal testing stations through a lest' ~ case in court. It was decided at a Mr. ITT J meeting of. officials from several *"'*• J - Vi L311303 cities In the slate here this week. At Manila I art Ni'afif Operators of private stations manna L8SI mgnt probably will Join In the suit More > than 39 city officials attended the XTMANILA ' Ark., Apr. 8.—Mrs. meeting here ora Ma X Canada, wife of J. c "• - - --'- - -••• Canada, died here last night at O'clock. She was 48 years old. Ed I. McKinlcy, Little Bock city °. attorney, was named head of a, iL "" — """ * committee to prepare the test suit „ ™ ncral services will be held Sunday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock with the Rev. Mr. Straupc. Methodist minister, officiating, and the Livestock May July Chicago Wheat open high low close 85 88 1-2 84 3-4 84 7-8 81 1-2 83 81 3-8 81 7-8 Chicago Corn open. high May 60 1-4 61 July 61 3-8 62 low close 60 1-4 60 5-8 61 3-3 61 5,8 Vew Cotton NEW ORLEANS, April 8 (UP) —Cotton futures closed steady today, up 13 and H points. open high low close Mai- July Oct. Dec. Jan. Mar. 660 867 876 874 876 882 870 874 884 883 882 £87 860 866 812 874 876 855 871 813 860 842 837 8pou closed quiet at 87i, up 14, •EAST ST. LOUIS, Til, Apr. 8 (UP)—Hogs: 5.000. Top, 8.85. 110-230 Ibs., 8.60-8.75. HO-1CO Ibs., 8.00-8.35, Bulk sows, 7.50-7.85. Cattle. 1.500. Steers, 8.50 down. Slaughter heifers, 6.00-8.75. Mixed yearlings and heifers, 6.768.00. Slaughte rhelfers, 6.00-8.75. Beef cows, 5.25-S.25. Rev. w. H. Hogan and the Rev. Raymond Butler, Baptist ministers asslstbig. Mrs. Canada had been a resident of this community for 17 years during which time her husband TCSUS Identified with business activities here as a merchant. She Is survived by her hustiaiid, a daughter, Mrs. Oscar Scott of Manila, four sisters. Mrs, Bob Joe David of Manila, and Mrs, Lacy Hea*d, Mrs. Willie Canada and Miss Jewell Mlddleton, all of Dyers- which Alabiuna, Georgia, Mississippi- and Ten lies sco today as rain, swollen slrwnw and torntdlo winds spreaii death and destruction through the four slates, ; •'Twelve porous .'we known dc«d hi Alabama and four In OeotgU; Nino peKon.i were missing »t White Stone, Oa., and were believed- to have drowned when heavy rUni toppled a residence-store Into ro»r> Inif Tuloim creek. K. D. Emlgh, government observer nt Montgomery, tho "worst ilood In the h (lie Alabama river, system", covers a Mo-mlle urea in and Alabama. , 'Hio Cumberland river in Tenne»- scd was rising, causing new dangers to (ho section near clarksvllle The entire business section ot Prattvllle, Ala., a town of is/A population, was coveted by from tour to six teet of water. FamlltH were being removed from their homes at Prattvllle, Montgomery and Wctumpka. streets to Bomt da., were flooded. ' The threat of spreading river water, combined with dropping temperatures forecast s night of siitferliig for thousands of farm people. The American Red Cross and the coast guard rushed aid to 20.000 persons caught in the Alabama, Mississippi and Georgia flood areas., Tlie mpst threatening flood sec-* on was .near Wetumpka,- Afe here a or«t of 8 tttt on thl'Ate- bama river .wi' predated v for tbl morrow: Flood sta« Is 45,fett4rtJ. • Highway -snd fall tramo"t«we«ft" Birmingham and Montgomery wu closed. The Loii|svilI6 and Nash-'' vllle railroad reported service temporarily discontinued between ti* two cities because 6f washbuU. A wafer- weakened trestle ne&r Palrmoiiiit; da,, plimysd 18 c«rs of an L. ahd N. frelghi train Into cm> overflowing creek, Jackson and Rankin counties and llio cHy'of Meridian In Mississippi were endangered as the Pearl river vent over Its 'banks. Hon ^feeting Of Reiser >Bureau Well Attended The Kel$er Farm Bureau, whloB meets on the first Monday in each nonth, had.the largest attendance Ince organization at a meeting ast Friday, . .^' At this meeUng, the'wives of fcs nembera met also In order that hey mljht organize a group corresponding -with that ot the men. W. CVTeague, of Memphis, wa» cheduled to talk to the men, but n his absence, Mrs. HartsUl BiriJts, of Osceols, who*was to spealc only o the women, talked to the entire group on "Cooperation With The Farm Bureau." One of the principal features of his session was the working out f a plan whereby the : members might .obtain registered. livestock, 'or the. hogj, • the small boned Poland China was selected and for he cattle, the white faced Here- ord strain. Mrs. Coleman Crews was chosen resident, Mrs. James-- Woodard, Ice president, and Mrs. Bob Crews, >ccrotary of the woman's organ- atlon. ' ... During the social hour which followed, refreshments were served. Will Attend BanW , Committee Conference D. A. Lynch, president of tlftr Farmers Bank and Trust company, will leave tomorrow morn- Ing to attend the meeting of tee executive committee of toe, American Bankers association at tie Edgewater Gulf hotel between/ Gulfport and Blloxi, Miss. He plans to return Thursday. Mr. Lynch it Arkansas' on^ member of the executive commit- tea and btsWes being chairman oJ the ArkwisM, legislative commit-' tee, he [f chairman of the ttate legislative committee of lhe national group. • In the spring all ambitious young movie aclresses climb Into Ilielr bflthfng suits, and thfs lovel? dnmsel certalnlv hamper her Him career by so doing She's Jacqueline Laurent, and Paris was lusliftably sad when she left those parts tn Hollywood: Miss Laurent ties "Judge Hardy's WEATHER Arkansas—Partly cloydy In south portion, rain or snow in north pot- tlon, colder,-probably below freezing tonight; Saturday partly cloudy continued cold. ,.'. Memphis ana vicinity — cloudy and colder tonight; lowest tenvser- alura tonight, « tfl.SS; S»tunJ»» sir* ; ; • ' .. -_,

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