The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 17, 1966 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 17, 1966
Page 7
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OUR BOARDING HOUSE — With Mojcr ttoplt OUT OUR WAY byKoteOsonn By J. & Wlllianu OfOO*0** B »ot HE KEEPS eue&iu' ,WE KJR INS THAT MOCHAROUWP / HANDOUTS AW'WEVEHaiVES THE yARP FOE THE LAST < M6 AW 1 /PEACE WHEW J'M HALF HOUR,' WHATj/f EAT1U' 3OMBTHIKI 1 , SO I PS_2"7 cWESf j . ii -CLLciPEPTDalVEHIMAPOSE — l HEH-HBH.'I Si N6SLECT6B TO ) TILL YOUTHS ( 3TOVE WASN'T L WORKW4WQPER- IV.' 60T NOW WASPISH WHEN . $H6 RETURNS / EEDUSLIKE H&MtRUtf { NOV* AITT6K4 IP WE'D DO AIL |l ON, HE- HOUSEWORK/ BUT foV n'6 AR we'Vs HAD les.STO AT THAN ACHICKEM Mini MAM BROKEN BEAK? HifA- TO AN UNTIDY J MOU66.'VO i BETTER HUMOR) THESE- 3ACKAL6/ e IMI M'NU. in. m««. m. hi off. '' OKAY, WISE euv SOTOUVESOTA DRAINPIPE, WITH A OCX3SIUCK Cosh, Mrs. Medwick, with your color TV, hi-fi, air con- "He isn't mean ... except when people won't let him ditioning and open refrigerator policy, you shouldn't slt m tneir la P s have any trouble getting another baby sitter!" WHO'S MUNSUP ON ME/ ? AUCKIDWAWT5 PIPE-. YOU BETTER. . TALK "Ib HW. BOSS/ „ SIUW;iKNOV/}OURSK!RET.I _ !!' KMOW THAT VQU KNOW. HOW ABOUT «\VSTAKnMS FRQ/A THERE? HAVE A > 7 rr WONT HELP WHAT BLAST? SOOP FOR / -V AILS VOU, STUART. WHAT AILS VOL!. STUPID VUEATHER! WEATHER THAT WAS __._ PRISCIUU LL DANCE IN ALLTH CAPITAL'S lEfTMVUMBREUA HOME) LOIMDOM, PBNHAa VIENMA... PARIS? I'M APRA1D NOT: Television—T&flight, Tomorrow—WREC Channel 3. WMCT Channel 5 and WHBQ Channel 13 WREC ChanneT 3 , Tues. May IT 6:00 Amos TT ' 6:30 Dak tart 7:30 Rod Skelton 8::30 Petticoat Junct. 9:00 CBS Report* 10:00 Ten o'clock Newt 10:10 Weather 10:15 Late Mortd lt:&5 News & Weather 12:00 Sign Off Wed. May 18 fl;49 ADOTI <rioua& 7:00 Good morn. M&m. 7:50 CBS News 8:15 Cant. Kankeroo 8:00 I Love Lucy 9:30 Real McCoys 10:00 Andy oi Mwbwrf 10:30 Dick Van Dyke 11:00 Love of LJIe 31:25 OBS News 11:30 Searcb 'or Tom 11:45 OutdlDB ugn< 12:OD D«c*mber Brtd* 12:30 A5 tne World T. 1:1)0 Pswwnrt 1:30 Eou»putr 2:00 TO Tell to* T. 2:25 Hewi 3:30 Edge of Night 3:00 Secret Stonn 3:30 Es 5:00 WBEC-TV 5:25 weather 5:30 Walter oroiun* fl:00 Amm IT AndT B:30 Lost In Spice 7:30 Beverly HillbllliM 8:00 Green Acrea 8:30 Dick van uyM fi:00 Danny Kaye iO:00 Ten OTIOCK Newi 10:JO weatner 10:15 Lbte D20TU 11:55 News & w«»a)et li-.oa Blsru on ffMCT—Channel i Tues. May 11 1:00 mm weoon i 8:10 Tn state Rgport 0:15 Wenroer Report 0:20 Sports Beport 6:25 Camera s Kept. 6:30 Mr Moth., the Car 7:00 PI. Don't Eat. D. 7:30 Klldare 8:00 Tue. .-nw MOT!» 10:00 The Reporter 10:15 Norm Brewer 10:20 Today In Sports 10:25 Weather 10:30 'ronlgnt snow 13:05 TV Ohaoel 12:00 New* Wed. May 18 7:00 Tooay 7'25 Today In llld-S. 7:30 TOd»T 8:25 Toaa? WltB ttt 8:30 Toda.' fl:00 Eye Queet 9:15 NBO Hews Kpt, 9:30 Concentration 10:00 Moraine Star 10:30 Paradise Say 11:00 Jeopardy 11:30 Let's Hay P.O. 11:35 Mlddn- t-"t 12:00 Loones aoo 12:30 Let's Make A Deal 12:55 NBO News 1:00 Days or our Lire* 1:30 Doctors 2:00 Another World 2:30 YOU Don't Say 3:00 .Route 86 4:00 Mike Douglas 5:30 Huntlev-Brl^lelw «:UO MUWE Report «:10 Trt-state Report 6:15 Weather Report 6:20 Sport* Report 6:25 Camera Rftpon 6:30 The Virginian 8:00 Bob Hope T. i:00 I Spy 10:00 Ten o'clock News 10:15 Norm Brewer 10:20 Today In Sporti 10:25 Weatnel 10:30 Tomsnt scow 12:00 News 12:05 TV Chapel WHBQ—Channel 13 Tues. May 17 8:30 Cormjat 7:30 McHale's N&Tf 8:00 P Troop 8:30 Peyton Place 9:00 The Fugitive 10:00 Mldsoutn Nevt> 10:15 MovtDE Weatnej 10:20 Late Sfcow Wed. May 18 7:00 Cartoon Time 8:30 Jack LaLanne 9:00 Town & country 9:30 Where Action la 10:00 Superraac. Sweep 10:30 Dating Game 11:00 Donna Reed 11:30 Father Knows B. 12:00 Ben Casey . 1:00 conf. lor Women 1:30 A Tlmt For u» 1:55 News 2:00 General Hospital 2:30 The Nurses 3:00 Punhouse 4:30 Adventure Time 5:00 JM«TS 5:10 Weatner 5:15 News 5:30 ftiavenci- 6:30 satman T.OO Patty DuKe 7:30 Blue Llgnt. 8:ilQ The Biz Valley 9:00 Long Hot Sum. 10:00 Mld-dwutn newt 10:15 Moving weather 10:20 Late Show GOOSEY'S TIRE SHOP & GARAGE General Auto Repairs Welding • Tractor Titet Flats • Vulcanizing Tube Repair • Valve Stem LAWNMOWER REPAIR FREE PICKUP Si DELIVER* 1000 N. 6th PO 3-9734 Rear Strickland's Grocery MISSCO House Movers PHONE PO 3-6726 PO 3-7882 PO 3-4186 For Free Estimate Blytheville, Ark. DON'T BE LEFT OUT BE READY FOR JOB OPPORTUNITY THIS FALL! ENROLL NOW!!!! New Night Classes Begin June 7th Summer Day Sessions Begin July 1st All Class Rooms Air Conditioned BLYTHEVILLE BUSINESS COLLEGE "Approved By State Department of Education" Call PO 3-7496 or Write P.O. Box 503 FASHION BEAUTY COLLEGE 214 East Hale Ave. Osceola, Ark. Phone LO 3-2971 "Beauty Culture Is a Rewarding Career, Interesting & Dignified, Too" Budret Term* Available Social Security Benefit? To Those Who Qualify Discharged Veterans Are Permitted And Encouraged To Enroll. Call or Come In for More Detailed Information. JAN1ECE FBAZIER, Owner — ALICE LOTT, Initructor lawn Mowers & Small Engine Repairs AUTO TRUCK and TRACTOR PARTS CO. SERVICE SHOP PO 3-4511 316 North Broadway Your Authorized Briggs and Stratton Distributor tor Mississippi County. ENGINES • PARTS • SERVICES THtt IS ' 'Sim W0*e Gaft ho* CONOCO SERVICE ft DIVISION G. o. porrz OIL co. HoHirt (rond '...CONOCOl MO*. GENERAL MACHINE WORK & WELDING • TOOL AND DIE WORK • HEAT TREATING • ENGINEERING And DESIGNING Manufacturing and Machine Works PO 2-2911 BARKSDALE 325 South Broadway ^IIJF vi\sTraSwl2 (STM&'L VINYL LATEX PAINT ^ [,'• WNYLl t f <x n ** t itK »«»ul»r M.JO MM V<lM •^••^^•^^^ UK V F0r wflll> and Woodwork "^S V Serubbobl* 3t:, 1 V On* Coal Covort \'&zA V Drftf In 1 Hour 0|^ V Nowott FRESH CoTon •^ Our MASTER PAINTER Vinyl L«t« h IDEAL TOR BASEMENT WALLS •• no w.H •• «ery room In ft» hooM. JF« " s iup«riort»er(!liiM7l»t«rIorOT"t^<>' Gal* paintil Vo primer ntfldflA. A: Fondren&Sons Hdw. And Gifts 311 W. Main "Free Parking In Rear" Ph. PO 3-4520 AND CCAWUN6 WffH FLB^rf |V£ CAN FINf OUT NOWl I OKA I KNOW THE OLP CHAP/ARflSHOFCUSIOUS 5LISHTLV -air REPORTS fFKf. THB CTJWBWIK9ANP VIVID IMASIMATIOKS ARE WHETTEP!. rVB AWAV5 HMTEP \ TOMORROW WE'U-SOOVBR AT FI-VlMS SAUCERSi I WURSTORV IN SRBATBB CAPTAIMl BUTNOWIrv' PETAIL, MR-lOMOmAUSO WHEN VOU SET 5ETTLEP I WILL BE HAPPY TO SHOW X3U AROUNP. WOW 1 . TALK ABOUT BASHFUL FEMALES!! r /fos*:^ trZW

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