The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 14, 1949 · Page 19
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 19

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 14, 1949
Page 19
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PAGB NINETEEN BT,rTHEVTLLE (ARK.) COURIER HEW1 THtTBTOAT, 'APRIL11, OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople SOT TMft THROTTLeX? V4ft vJlDC '^ rt « 4A »-*^.:v-)E2.»~AKi / HOP& MY SPARE IS FLAT. TOO, 6UT THERES A PATCHING KIT HERE SOME A BUNCH OF SUCKER^.' THGT'RE HO \ A SPOT. TOO.' 1 IF THEV I TEAC HOW TO FOOL TH' SLICK ONES, THEV'RE TEACHIW' VCU HOW TO eeowe OF EM: THEY TEACH EVERYTHING IN SCHOOL BUT ABOUT PEOPLE--ITS THE MO5T 1MPORTAMT IN LIFE. BUT THEV LET •>OU LEARN IT TH HARD WAV. TROO&L6 vJiWitoo (JOT "'. „, GAUGE It-JG VOUR SORCA.U OP CUECK- \SRASPWE LOST A SCOPS OF A DOG I ) LARGE CALtSeR WE SHOULD OP WHEN SHE ALMOST INSISTED WE RIDE THAT HER TIRE-5. WERE FLIMSY. OK SHE WAS LOW OW GAS: CONTEST— AFRPMO OLTJ IV VOILL BIT CUET, I FEAR.' TKE SCHOOL OF MO VACATIONS . . «c, . •-;.><.., FRECKLES 3t IIIB FRIENDS By MERRILL BLO88EB Got a F«v*rT Senate Okays Early For Defense Position WASHINGTON, April 14. M'|— The Senate yesterday approved President Truman's appointment of Stephen T. Early as undersecretary Jim. All it forgiven. Return home at one*. You will nevet »g«in be late foe an .ppointment »nd lose your job. W« promi«e to buy *n accurate new Bulovft at DREIFUS Jewelers 316 W**t Main St. Blytheville "Meet Dreifus—Wear Diamonds" R« rii-rnkotk D BnKarfc By tllZODetn R. KOOeiTS LODGER COMUGHT l» OOEIHIEtG: PUtUSHEl ouTUKme IT NU «ivi«. INC TIIK STORY i ItoKcr ihf 1.*d|tcr fit * pay I MX vur»t •( Mr. mm* Hrm, Hubert* .• <-rr«l Fall*. Honi,, during thr war|im<- hounfn* • hoi-iage-. Not only doe* h* n»f UoScriM proprrty «" hi* «•* I»MT h* din*. wreck* fhc Hnbrrm or more trade in allowance on your old washer, regardless of make or condition, on a new • • -•- • BENDIX Automatic Washer This Is Your Chance for Real Savings—Come in Todar HUBBARD & HOKE Appliance Co. Bni Mf wJ»* •• vIBccr Iralnlatjc •,•>- puinlmcnl, Mrm. Koberf* find* bcr- *Hf wonderlKC haw It will ••>«•»* wtlham hlM. Tkrn «1tr I* P«- •viided i« mlLf In «Mothcr roower, • • evjrlnerrfiiK firm rraploy*. Hat Ihr "orne man" IOT»* oat l<> b«- fonr nnd lh« h ••«••«• Ml !• faM 1* XI r GATHERED together the great bundle of linen and called the laundry. They were sorry, but what with' their contract with the Army, they were obliged lo refuse any further flat work. I looked at the washer and electric mangle, set aside my idea of going uptown to lunch, and hung out a washing that would have done honor to Wo Lae Wong. While making up Pat's construction cot, I noticed tiny blood specka io a row on the under sheet; a flat, dark bug scuttled out of sight. I thought no more of it than -I did of the flying ants which sometimes in the fall work their way up through the concrete of the basement floor, or the spiders which build their webs most anywhere between dustings. However, I happened to meet Pat oa his way down to his room and saw how bitten his cheek was, that, his ey> lid seemed swollen. -. . . "13e<3 bugs!" I screamed, and clapped my hands over my month for fear the neighbors might have heard m*. "Pat," 1 said, "this is disgraceful. All my life I've known there was such a thing as bee bugs, but I never heard of anyone who actually had them. Until now And it has to be me!" Then, more relevantly, I asked, "How do you kill bed bugs?" Pat didn't know. "Well, you've got to find out," said. "Pat. you talk to your (ore- nan. I'll bet he knows a lot about things like this. Ask him what to da." The foreman suid there wasn't anything ID do. I telephoned my ex-cleaning woman, an erudite soul on all matters of housekeeping. I posed the quesliuii in the interest of an anonymous best friend. Mrs Hicks said. "I'll tell you what. You make a quill and dip it in carbolic acid and go around all the seams of Ihe mattress and into the tufts. Set it outside to sun; nobody'll know but what you're doing your house cleaning early," she explained, being sensitive, too, to public opinion. "Then you wash the whole bedstead with strong soap and water and carbolic acid. You gol a box spring on that bed?" she demanded. "No," I replied, and tossing al subterfuge out the window, 1 tol< ier the facts. "Hmmmm," she grunted, "toe jad 1 ain't got the time to come over and straighten you out. Firs thing you know you'li have 'em in all four beds down there. Ain' nothing more catching thnn be< bugs. If 1 was you," she advisee "I'd get me a sulphur candle an burn it. Just for luck." * • • E burned rt, but the fumes re fused lo be di.spelleci after w opened up the room again and w had to tell Jitnmy, Henry, and Joh what was up. Jim went out after keroyene John carried the mattress to th alley, saturated it well with ol and touched it ofL In a circle i the obscquUs stood Rob, Jimtn; Henry, John, Pat, and myself, was dark as only a snowless win ter night can be. A shaft of fir shot up i n to the R [r. The ni gl became as day. We didn't attra as many spectators as a burnir cross, but we did have an enthu siastic audience of small childr They shouted triumphantly lo the less fortunate buddies, racin of defense, a new job. The Senate acted promptly after receiving a favorable report from its Armed Services Committee. Constant growth" of our business has made it necessary lo increase our telephone facilities. This necessitated changing our number. Our telephone number is Think of An Apple EFFECTIVE APRIL 12, 1910 UNITED INSURANCE AGKNCY "The Friendly Insurance Service" First & Main — Ingram Building / ate one too! Make All Type We Insure Everything "/ don't car* it Uncle Pheneas didn't leave me a cent . . . when I need money, I can always get a personal loan from GENERAL CONTRACT PURCHASE CORPORATION!" COTTON FARMERS Chemically riclinted cotton seed terminal* quicker, plant and plow the same week. Reduce chopping expense and produce more cotton per acre. STATE CERTIFIED VARIETIES AVAILABLE I). * F. L. No. 14, per 50 Lb. Ban »iO.OO II. If t. L. No. 15, Per 50 Lb. Bag 10.00 Stonevilir -1 H, I'er 50 Lb. Bzf 10.00 StoneTllle Z C. Per 50 Lb. Bar 10.00 Kowden 41-B. Per 5» Lb. Big 10.00 Half & Half IHibredl. Per 50 Lb. Blf 10.00 Ceker's 100 Wilt Resistant, Per 50 Lb. Bag 10.00 Paula, Per 50 Lb. Bar 10 - (K) Empire, Per 50 Lb. Bajr 10.M Come in and place your order or set fnnr supply today. Pho BLYTHEVILLE SOYBEAN CORP. ne 856 BlytheTille. Ark. Branches: I,e.iclivllle, Ark., Horncrsvinc, and Senath. M«. TUDEBAKER H C O Our New Telephone Number 888 Call for prompt i«rvlc» Chamblin Sales Co. "Your Friendly Sludebaker Dealer" Railroad & Ash Phone 2195 •S TUDEBAKER HAVE K» eeo*. &ONY LONG OtSTANCa 6EEN CAU.IN& FOR HOURS/ t> \ mso JUMPY b* Bonn? KNOW ABOUT ANY MORE HE'LL 'Be »ur« and tell him I've only gol one cavity—1 don't want him poking around and finding six or sevoni" \\oilli Cimsulerinjj By AL VERMEEU COME QUICK/.' CARLYLE CUT HI5 FINGER ON THE CAN-OPENER' COME UPSTAIRS, SON. I'LL PUT A BANOA6E Or-4 IT.' I'M AFRAID YOU WON'T BE ABLE TO HELP WITM THE DISHES FOR A FEW DAYS. NOW LET'S SEE,. JUST HOW DID '\*Yr\ r'W f. * (Mr- 1 b n'VlA Ity MICHAEL O'MALLEY and RALPH LANE « WHY DIDMTVOO KIT [ Hlf IT? YOIK5 SHORTY? V WOMAN, I COULDN'T EVERYBODY. \ WtUStf IT ! WHERE'S CHANNEL CHANNEL MYSTERIOUSLY AHO UNAVOIDABLY DETAINED. SO WI5S FOL1Y WANTS TO PLAY TABLE TENNIS! VERY WSLL. SHALL I SERVE . OR DO YOU WANT TO HIT IT FROM WAV UP THERE? SWING OH IT, MYDEABWKS.POND, BUT WATCH YOUR SACROILIAC.' By LESLIE TURNER WASH TUIiBS WHEN WE REACHED THE HOSPITAL.GI6 WASSUAKIUG SO VIOLEM1LV ME WOUlPMT GO IN 4WD WAIT IM THE RECEPTION ROOM. J SlMEDOUr./ IT WUST BE QUITE A SIRE WITH HIM [ SHOCK TO AM ALCOHOLIC'S WHILE I GOT /v. \ WERUOUS 6'/STEHTO rOCTOR-TO SEC KIM V (SUIT SO <\BR.Uf>tLV! I WOSJDFE IF I'LL EVER SEE kWOADDY? MiO WHWWIU BECOME OF ME If I DOIJ'l? O CMU9 IS TOLD THW HER. D(VD HAS (IGMM WEH OEtMED. MOWCE. 1HEW PUT HIM TO BED MER. EAS^ MEETS JAW. WJO REPORTS OtJ k WILTV. HUGS HUN NY By KRED HARM AN BUT 1 DON T SEE WHY ) Cl I CAN'T PLAN WY OWN .-^ VJHAT'S TH' CORNET/ ) DIFFERENCE... A HORN'S A THERES VER. PLAVIN' PARTNER- OVER. THERE.' GETTING ME * CHA>NCE TO PLAY IN * DUET A,T THE STWA.ND.V FEd. ^ P/M-..! AN' A SMALL COMMISSION/ STA&E ENTRANCE On I he litiUon By V. T. HAM LIN THIS ALL / OH. ALLEY. HE ABCUT. OOOLt*.* BCOOGHT ME-, / AND M& POIN' THE BKUTE.' SLUGGED HERE WITH THAT v. * Bool's AND HP;R BUDDIES hater hagcr By EDGAR MARTIN >wn Uie alley too late for the ftre- orks. "Ht'y. (ellows! ()nej:£ what? obLM'ts' got betj bugs!" The Robcrtf noi only had LJC<I igs, they also had beer in the tchen refrigerator, a case at a me, and all the lime. P.n asked lli^y ini^ht keep their beer on e since Hie temperature of the iscnient was too warm and that the out-of-doors too cokl. The ir retrificralor was full so Uicru as no aiternativc except to give j one shell in the kitchen icebox, never opened its door after thai, lat 1 didn't crouch like a short- op prepared to handle a grounder. I apprised Rob that tie had been ight; I gladly admitted it. Uiank- ully even. 1 was sick of knocking lyself out. and I assured him it •as going to be Roberts' House [or oberln' from now o<i. And 1 -neant «. • • • JUMPKD out of Lhe tub—this A before 1 learned lo take ihc re- civer oft the hook while I took '« ialh—and caught tlie phone on the ifth ring. "Miz Roberts," a soft voli:c Ah'm Lieutenant Vickery. Ah'in mm Alabama." Yes," 1 said suspiciously, by his time leery of speaking to itrange men. "A very good friend of you is and mine loV me you have more room than—" "A very Rood friend oi yours," ' interrupted. Lieutenant Vickery laughed softly. "Miz Roberts," he went on, "Ah'd like awfully much to come io see you." Now I've heard as much as the next one about Southern hospitality, and I didn't want to be caught short on Northern hospitality, so I said, in my most social and insincere manner, "I'd b* delighted to have you call. Lieutenant Vickery, t and Mr. Roberts would be delighted, loo. Not a bvisincss call, you understand." He asked again about a room. I took another hitch at it. "Lieutenant, Vickery," I bcgnn in my coolest, politest voice, "this is our house and we must l>e the ones to say when it is full. We—** "You said you'd be delighted to have me call," Lieutenant Vickery interrupted. "Ah'll be right ovali." (To Be Continued)

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