The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 31, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 31, 1934
Page 1
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Served by tKc United ?r< BLYmEVTLLE COURIER NEWS lllh DOMINAN1 M-.Wtil'API 1 .]? Ol 1 ' NOIlllll'A K'P AVJI^AWRAQ AWI\ i?/-iri'ri >»»*,.*», «*,n.,.»,,-,. HOME EDITION BT AHK ANSA3 Aim SOOTHF.'AHT MISSOURI Dlytheville Dally News Hlytlievlllc Courier Mississippi Valley leader lilylheville IlcrnM HLVTHKVIU.K. AltKAXSAS. SATIMUIAV. MARCH' 8|, !'.):• m SINGLE COPIES FIVR CENTS DiaiNGER SHOOTS WAY OUT OF TRAP i m FLIGHT I o \v a Fiilalily Twelfth Since Armv Started Carrying Mail DEWflT. town. M«r. 31 <UPt— I.t. Thurrimti A. Wood, army tlyer. crashed to ilenlh last nixlit with a lieavv loud ot mull '•" u farm lour miles north of DC Wilt. Wood's deuth was Hie first since the uriny resumed nirnuiil service following a period of suspension ordered by President Roosevelt be- rfiuse of eleven previous finalities. A henvy niinstorin, of which the liyer hncl noi been w.iiiu'd. wu.s blamed for (he cra.'h. l.irvly May Head Company WASHINGTON, Afar. 31. II —'Ilii: Washington Daily Nc-ws .said loilrty ihnt reports in nviutiou circles were ilnit Col. Charle.s A I.mdL'ergli ma}' lierarne president r>f ;i reorganized company to lake ov:r Transcontinental and West- c-rn Air. Tlie line is or.e of the Inrg of ranpame.': which lost mull con- Jianls in the general cancellation Specifications for new temporary ronlrncLs forbid bids by com- panics v.' 1 .ollicer.s pnitk-ipiucil in the alleged "sixiils conferences' in 1!)30. This provision is i-on- slriu-d lo bar T. W. A. from nev. eoruracts unless it is reorganized The news said it was under- nlcccl T. W. A. would be i?cd v/ilh dilferent oificers niu another namn but would reman in control of the same finnnciti Harriman Given Giant NR A Task loosevclt Will Swim in Warm Bahamas Waters MIAMI, Flu., Mnr. :tl lUl'f-- 'ri-sident Ronsi-vell cruiscil today n tin- vicinity of Aiidrn.s|. nc of the llalmnia.s uruiip, tryni'i lis hi<:l: at li.sliiliK lor IKII f:icil[lii. The chief vM'Clilivi.'. enjoying a -.-i-goin^ vaenlion nlionrd vinconi stor's ynchl. Noiiriiinlml. :iL--ai A lo'icn-nilmis task in liie ro- co\ - <:i-v ]jrn^[-ani has brv.n a=- sij;]H'(l \V. /iVfrPll ii.ii runnn, iilujvc. son of the Inle K, K. U.irriuKin. I:\rned I'ail ina^jinlo. In ilianyinK XHA Lioiti :i cntln- inakinfi to B. codo-curoiciny :iRency. flarriman will BII;IT- . , and corjc aiuhorily Di'Occ-doru. Joyvide in "Borrowed* Car,Ends in Collision or Highway 61 ' -WASHINGTON. Mar. 31. <UPI — Chnrgr-.s that the posloliice tie parimcHt was favoring particula hues in its arraniiemenUs lo re lurn the airmail to private coin pnrjifs wort! dismissed today b; AssiJitniiL Postmaster Cifnr-ral Har li-f.- Brum-h us ••ridiculous." Rrnnch saitl "it would nppea thf:ie charges are made for po htical purposes." "The cliaige thai the depart- 1 mem .specified liigh maximum v.ues of jv.iy for the mutes heretofore flown by the American Airways, in order to favor that i-or - poration is without any fouuda- limi oi fact." he conlinuprl. Branch snid that "in no c;\se" is the maximum rale of pay in (tic jidvei [j.sf-ittr-iit.s for the temporary contracts in excess of the actual amount that was paid for the same services at the time previous conlrncls were annulled. Refeums to American Airways. Tiriinch snkl "(his company Ls in (hi- same identical position as all of fhp former cozitr.ictor.s." Me Is Risen Saw Buvs at Balesvitlc ami A'ltikc Their jlscape Dur- Jiig Nigh i 11ATESVILI.R. Ark./ Mar. :il ilIPi — Five prisoners, three ol them uivnlilng nclion of the Brand jury winch meets here Monday. L-senfH'ci Irorn the county jni] here lust nigh: after .sawing bar.s from R window. The bieak wns discovered this morning. B. A.-'Scoiigins, held for HIP <]js- ujipenranee nnd death of un illegitimate child, wns unions; "those who escaped. Others were W. A. Thompson. »i:o iiirraicd m "Bool)'' Caldwsll was -jailed, her last night after an accident on Highway 61.- near the Arknnsis- Missouri stale line, in which Isix persons were slightly injured ind tv.-n cars considerably damasei Caldiveil had exceeded his authority by "foyvlding" in a lied car ol the Rliouse-LHtlc Ctev- rolet company, which he wa.s tily to drive a few blocks to the «ii- Jany's sntcsroom for a salestrin, it wns .staled. No specific chr-ije hnri been fi.'ed. j The most seriously injured of :)ie x was s;x!d to be. Eunice Kttd. Holland, Mo., schoolgirl, who sls- n niirnljer of lacerati>iis about the lace. Hurlene McCir- mick. also ol Holland, was .in and bruteed. as were Wcs Car-oil Wcharclsoii and Charlie Knit, Yarbro youths, their companiois. They were riding in a car beloij- ing to Lige Knit?., father of (lie Sllreveport, La.. t .,vo -weeks iijio and broiii-ht here, chursecl with .swindling :i wi-.iltiiy local widow in :i biiildliif and loan deal: Cecil Webster, held for laird county officers on an assault charge: Denver Meade. lu-l<l on a • liintor charge, mid John Clatk. lield for fcik-nil officers u:i u clioryu of rubbing t!io Swilton Ark., jxist- offlce. Officers were certain that outside aid was involved in the break. A long broken pole was fount) Inside the jail. It had Uen used to pry Iho bars. Thirteen prisoners were in the lall at the time. NlpjIOllC.Sl.' I lilVC I.OHg I.ISl of Grievances Agiiinst This Crninlry J'lii- k (III- tliinl »r livr ilrliil.-s \,lilH. will In- v.rilti-ii iiy \Villl.l.n I'liMIji Siiiuus. f-.iiui-il «ar HHII-- S[:ciiil.-nl :ui;l IHII-IMI a!V;llrs r\- I'.i'il, uliiti t.u a winkl liiur L'nr \r:i Sri \iri- mid Criurii-r Nrll'. I!V 1VII,I.1A)1 I'llll.ll' SIMMS Cii|i.viishl, IMl.Nl.A Si-win, !m-.l TOK1O -Hi-i-:- Is Milved Illi- );il- dti 1 <i[ \vhy .!up:m exjj.'cl.s rvrrii i:d war wlih iln< Unilcd BtaU-s. To Aim-nca)iJ>. Oils lias uln-.ijs teen a |i]-utoiintl iny.'-lf'i'.v. Tiicy hav;: mil bi-^n aljlc to .s''t- where. il\e ju^t ai!]i> til the two comirirs ilnsliril i'l any iwliil. Tlieir ti.iile and olhi-r Ii-Killsnutc Inlevcst.-; are compioiTicinnry. ncl coniiiclliivv. Yet two lu-niisjilH-ves continue .is full (,f Nvnr talk iii llw> Riino-;p)i.-r'' nbrjve Vl-Mivln.; is o! sparks. Ks))"- riiilly lines nni: lic-nr Mich Itift in -'Hie rtnsww . is : Cliinii. .la[.ai> Ijc-licves Hit- Unilcil Htalo.s Is unt to Federal Deficit Is Big But Far Below Estimate WASHINGTON. Mar. 31 (UP)— The federal dencit exceeds S2.500,- fir.nooo a! the end of nine montlis of the fiscal year, treasury figures .showed today. Win Case Called Silly by Speaker Henry Rainey WASHINGTON, Mar. 31 iUP)-- The "red score." \vliich has umter- gonc several dellatioas since it im- launched by Dr. William A. Win, remained dormant today pending congress 1 5500 investigation to determine just ivli.-it lies back ol fhe charges. Speaker Henry •]'. llainey of the house, wlio believes the Win case is becoming ".•.-iiiier and more ridiculous every tiny." will appoint an investigating committee Monday. Wire's charge thai members of harping c:i war between I!»ssia nr.ri Japan and picked Bob Wilks, cnr salesman. « latter was on p v, ti „"',,. ° , m> ° 10ltlmll " stratlo "' s latter was on a business trip oiti ?""i "' "" ""'""" s or town. Driving into n,e ciy tlU imm "? l"'Qfirain. Wilks. according to reports, askid Caluwell to diivt- the car to lid motor company building nt Wa- iivil imd Railroad streeis. Caldm-1 readily agreed and Wilks got oil of the machine nt his res-deuce Will Hold Services for Auto Victim Sunday Funeral .seivicc-s will be held at. Several hours Inter the accidei:; Cobb Chapel. 115 North Second Ciovpi-niiiem exix-ndiliire.'; for the W!ls reported here. The cars co'j-I street, Suinlay alterauon at 1:30 • ciirrcnl. yenr from July 1 last to litle(1 :ll)ollL a llalr ltlile s o"Hi o'; o'clock for R. P. Moore. 70. who March as exceeded receipts by $2- lllc slatc lillfc OIA Tliglway 61. Th;p v »s killed • when stnict by a car S11.C58.239. In the corresponding Da "M Bin wa.s driving the en- on Highway period of the previous fiscal yc!U . I Caldwcll occupied. CnWwcll wr,> March 20 lhc deficit Kns S2.245.428.W4 ' | jailed on complaint of Tom Litlli The deficit continues lo fall far ot Ule Shoufc-Ultle Clievroii-S otnpnny. short of the SV.3CS.OOO.OOO deficit estimated by President Roosevelt In his budget message In January. May .lulv Chicago Corn open high low close 48 1-8 « 1-8 47 1-2 « 50 3-8 51 1-4 43 3-4 SI Closing Stock Prices NEW YORK. Mar. 31. (UP)— Prices rose frnclioiis to more tluin 'wo pointf, in a majority of issues °n Ihe stock exchange in today's flion session. Utilities alone we're depressed, reacting lo a prospect of a broad investigation by ths New York stnte legislature.' A. T. and T na 1-8 Anaconda Copper '.'.'.','. 15 i-a Belhlchem steol ... 43 Cities Service ....'.'."' 3 7.3 Coca Cola '105 General Amerlrf.n Tank 37 1-4 tieneral Electric 22 3-8 Genera] Motors 3H \-s Montgomery Ward .... 31 1-8 New York Central 35 1-2 Packard ... 57.3 Phillips Petroleum ... 18 7-8 Radio 73-4 Simmons Beds 18 3-4 St. louts-San Francisco 3 3-4 Standard of If. J 45 i-j Texas Co . 20 3--I u - R- Sloe] 52 3-8 near Hoseland The Rev. W. J. LeRoy. |)as(or of Ihe bake Street Methodist church. 'forth Carolina Couple Murder, Suicide Victims GREENSBORO. N. C.. Mar. UP)—The theory of murder anti iiilcicle wns held today in tin leath of Mr. and Mrs. Victor Nelion. about 30. whose bullet-riddled bodies were found in their npart- ncnt last night. Nelson had bill- e! wounds in his head and neat his heart. The woman, clad In o night gown, hod been shot through lie head. Bank Heads Sentenced in Cleveland Failurt CLEVELAND, o.. Mar. 31 <ijf>) -Alvanlcy Johnston and c. Stirling Smith, chairman nnd president respectively of the failed Stand- nrd Trust bank, today were sentenced to .serve from one to 30 years in Ohio penitentiary for' misuse of bank funds. Common Picas Judge Terrell pronounced sentence after overruling motions for a new trial, will officiate. Interment will be wade at Maple Grove cemetcrv. The Cobb undertaking company i* in charge of funeral arrangements. The deceased Is survived l>y. a brother. R. .1. Nfoore of Gates, ""etui., and a sister. Mrs. Mice 'ooper ol Siilpliur Springs. Texas. Self-Styled Detectives Arrest Illinois Miner FREEBURG, 111.. Mar. 31 (OP) — Two n:ci). representing them- •sclve.-; us "Chicago detectives." and assorting they had a warrant for Ihe arrest of John Plttman Jr., a coal miner, on a charge of man- slaughler. arrested Pittman at his home here early today and took htm away. Neighbors; who said (hey kn:w nothing of the alleged mtin- slaughter, indicated Plttman wns lold he had killed a man with his automobile. ; Germany Ready to Pay Small Sum on U. S. Debt into tefomin•; :i jurat, modern ilnis; to .-.laud br-hiiul China \v ihnt country (liwiulf the creation c( 'r. Japniifs;- i-mpln 1 mi Ihn Asl.n'.r m.'anlantl. Way dov.u in 1hejr hr-nrl.s ihe bnlirve e.\pai-5ion (in- lliem is » mptti-r ul nutloiMl Ille or denth. Lik; otlier peoples', tlir-y sir.cevely do not want \VUT. lint they iin- prepared to fiijlu -.iny pnwer. or any combtiiatloi. oV powers. lh:H -i!a!icls in Die ivsv. • ^ * Twn Nalinns liar Way They have iought four wars in recent llrn^ — two ui^iuist] Cliinii. o:ie anainsi liu.--.slii. ami one against Ciei many—In inusult ol tins p.oliey. Ami they will lull' fliioilier mid nnollicr if nrcessury to carry it lo fiufi!)m"nt. The odcis the:n un 1 a srr<m- diiry consulorntlnn. .laj.nti sri 1 '. (wo coimirie-; in lir-r •vny. One is Uur.sla. Tin' oilier is Hi? United Stuli's. Bnlain and France—the nthrr [v.o nutjor Pacinc i>owets ~ she lioes mil fpai. She mi'.'ht hamlily feme Hi leiiiis with them on p.irll- lion ft Chln.i \vi-n- n nol lur the Sovi.-l Union ^ntl Atueticn. Thai is why workl rhancelU'ries •in 1 ;) nn Jnpnn n: I'll' United Stales. Japnr. iins very drflnitrly emu\:i\: ii|:on a policy r.ilcnliiled 1 \mt:e her suprniic in easlrrn Asia :ind the wi-siern Pacific. Thh mny sonntl like n pre-wnv dream, but realists ail in It the v.'orld ims revrrlril In pi [ criulilioD.s. The ])r-1-war ii-iellinrry h:is bloV:''! 1 . rirar- In Slrilir Is N'nr Unless .slip breaks rail of lier o'.vn litilc islands, ,l;ip:in renrons, while lhc world in g»jir:r.'i| iincl ihitia In pnrtirulnr tire chaotic •-he must Ix- contiiiil lo rniuiln .h-re forever—eventually. Becoming a vas-snl of her coJassa across Ihe China sea. While the justice of this nui\ not be self-evident, the to^ic il Is nil on her sic!.'. Also the Inw of scll-preservalioii. Pnriition of China among the great iiowcrs would save Japan. Also the creation of a number of "independent" Chin^sr Mutes, rach under its own ruler. Or. finally, n rcmbiisalinn of iliesr- evcnliini- ities. Accordingly, some such process is under way. Japan has niblilcct cff Korea, Manrhiiriji. Jind Jrliol. She lias "<l!!iuililari:ed" nil N'"Mli China, from the Great Wnll to Peipin^ and Tientsin. Shr cnn foreclose on this territory whenever she feels like run- nitis up her lla;. She is pushm? westward into limr-r Mongolia and nolxxly can tell when and where she will stop. Tijhlcns !lrr llolil Meanwhile. Nanking and Toklo are said to hnvc COT.C lo an un- derslnr.tiltij. A lot is going on under Ihe surf.icr. In n ivnrd J.ipun srcems slovvly bill suielj tighlcniiiK In-r hold on the torinj; mainlaiul. 13nl. ,'coJflng- al'.rnd. Japan src? Russi!) nnd the United Suit blocking her rond. Ru.ssln is HUM "l-iisti-r Morn." the orlglmil painting from which this picture wn leproiiiicctl. is hi n Ilille Norwriilnti riiurch, In the town o! Motile Inriiicd on the ilnlito fjord. MO miles nurtheasl ot Israeli. Norwny' lanu-cl nrlkl, A.xel EIH|I>I- H83ri-]i)JO), pnniteil It. -, p -•- -.,—.-_ Municipal Election Offers Contests for All Hxccpl Two Offices CAROTfr.ERSVrt.LK, Mo. -Contests for nil but two offices will confront Canithersvllle vntcrs In the iiiniutil city election Tuesday. Or. n. D. Pinion is tin? only candidate- for m:i\or. Ma>-or W. D. Dyrd having dcoiited no', to seek re-election. T. J. Mcillln. Ward 'i alderman. Is unopposed. SlHiion .1. Pnte. city attorney, Is opposed for re-election by Slevi. Mrdling, Police Chief John Hosier is opposed by Oobli-r Elliatl, former nldcrnian from Ward 3. who re- po.n 10 enter the PnRTplLI Story Told Local Polic Involves Woman dime at Detroit Because his woman coinpnnlo deserted him Clinton Times, 2i year-old in'gro ex-convict. gd\ himself up lo police nt llie fll luili here lust- night, decliirlnir he had n part in the alleged killing of another iif-i;ro by the woman. Times told officers that the kill- Ing occurred at Wi Watson street. Detroit. Mich., in the late summer of 19.1L>. He Mild thnt lit- ynve the ivumnti Ills razor nnd "she made out- n.s if to kl.«.s him and silt, his Iliront." The victim, Times claimed, wns Lee Ellis, negro, companion of the wimiim. Sylvia "Woocl- ruff, nl the time. Times said nf- Tairbanks and PickforJ Communicate Regularly liAHCl-.'I.ONd. S|i:iln. Mnr. :li )P) -•• lXiii|tlii.s rnlrbiinks inul iry I'li'kliird, esiniiiiit'ii iiKitlun lurr stiu.s. nj-i: in iv^nhir t j 'lv- ;i|jli mill teli'pliom' riiniiiniiili-a- m. Kiirl K. KHchrii, AinerlOLin UMIHIUMIIIIIII. --aid today UK lie illi'il line tin- l-'»lrb:ink.s lo nr- KUi'lu-n drilled ic-]wit.s thin In- rrli-il n li'tu-r from Miss Pick- lit lor I'jiirbnnk.s, u letter dc- I'lU-d us likely In cffrct n i<- InclHiillun. "NVvi'rthi'li'.vs." Kitchen .siild tn W UniU-d Pm-s. -we nil lioju- ii'iv will be 1 n in-uiielllrilloii." TO LEI 'urkish Police Return to Shore, Uncertain of Course lo Follow ISTANnui,, Turkey, Mar UP)—Police iiKkftl Samuel o go nshore for i]iie.stlonltic lo- ly. Samuel refused bluntly umt ollce lea his dmrtcrerl steam- POLICE Mill ilp. Malotls. to new Inaivvic- lons fjuni the ijoveinmenl nl. Anora. in dcctlnlnn the police invlia- lon lusull sa.kl lit: wns iKiimtl fm- i port beyond Islunlml niitl hvncu aw no reason tor iKiltcc interest. Police frit, theinsolve.s helpless mder the circuuistauceR. fnsiill rcmniiiei! under guard In ha.s lit'Oii here since Thursday when his little ship cost, nnchoi off the Lcunctcr Tuwcr at the en- 'nincc lo tlie Bosplrams, which pins the Sen of Marmora and the Block sea. to which Instill Is go• Mr.tite ivitio inters Asylum MONTE CARLO. Mar, 3J. (UP) —Prince Louis of Monaco 1ms offered Snmii;! Insnll, fugitive Oht- cn[',o utilities czar, an nsyliim In this K'unblliiK principality, it. wns leaincd twlny, Insnll Is repminl as veil 1 hesitant about acccptln? the olfer be- Ciiire the |irincl|iallly hns 1111 e.x- liiidllliui Iresity svllh Hie Uiiltrd Slates. • Iclentiiiculioii Made by Bcloii(iiii(rs Led Behind In Hasty 1 Fliglit bT. I'AUl,. Mnr. 31. (Ul 1 )—John I DlllliiKt'r, roiiiiiltljr desiierado, was believed lo have been wounded whi'ii in; blasted his wuy out oi n 1 li-ilr-inl Imp In HI. 1'nul's excluslyii rc.slrti'iulnl district today. l)illlii«or was IdciUIDcil before the smoke of the HUH baltle had j cleared tivvtiy by means of his pho- luiiuiijh, fimnil In bclonijliiss left iK'hliid In an apnrtineiit by tlie desperado and his woman com?, pnnlnn. Tlie niinman nud n mnn nnd -woman companion fought their way liul of tht Imp in such haste that some of Ihelv belongings were loll, telilml. Among them was a photcfruph of John Dllllngcr, token seven or eljjhl years ago. A .second siib-innchlne gun was touml in \\w. upurlmcnl by \»lic« squads who rnnsaeked the apart- mL'til later. Bloodstnlm In an al- y lirlilnil the npartmcnl, when: Uic nwchlnc gunner battled ccolly nud desperately with "two tcilcrnl olllccvs nnd a SI. Paul detective, were (nkcn as evidence ilml he hud been lilt In the fray. Tin- KULUiuin. surprised In his npnrln'.ent. by Detective Henry Ciiminlnss, opened lire with, n sub-machine gun Immediately after his woman coinrmnlon opened ths dooi 1 .. Cuimnlngti crouched In a niche in the wull as the bullets atreiuiied by. smashed Into the vail, ami rlmictl through windows. Dllllneer, another man, and the voman-fled by Oumnil.iigs, chased | Fi'dcrol Agent Rufus Coulter tliru hnllwiiy, ninl succeeded In galn- ng tliii altcywuy before officers Predict 800 Ballots in Municipal Election A total ol about KM voles In the. ity election Tuesday wns the tvv- raye forecast by most observers oday. Such n vole would Iw some 300 •olrs short of the largest regls- crctl in municipal elections of the »sl Iml little probntllity that a •o!f nppro.irhin/j so large a figure vcultl dge ll ' r Ellls ' , of lhc : igned thai cliicf'.s j-iic: Chrirlr-s F.. n^v.g. po! seeking rr-rUx-:ir>n, is (ip;it>srd by linllis M. lislul. Justin- nf ilv. 1 IKace. Rouss Johnson. .-.eetliiK re-r-loc- lioi) n.s ;i.^c-.-^<or. Is ojjj.'osod by D. Diirlinm. The office o! cily collector Is lie- ing so-.iplu by nob Tlnsiey. Incutn- notified of (he iicsro's .slory and . ,. -, ' Police placed Times in the county jail ami Ihe nesi'eKs was taken into cuslody nt Osceoia early thL? morning and placed in the same jail. Eddie U. David, deputy sheriff. said Detroit police had ixvi bent, ami Clcoryc Doyle. |snid they would check u but that In the aldrrmnnlc races. Dr. M. jno verlflratlon hud been received H. Undoings. IsicumlKiit. Is oppos-^nl noon today. ed In Ward 1 by Cleo Goodln: I A rcccni quarrel between Times John Hay. Ward '2 .-.Merman, is op-;and the Woodruff led (o ;o£cd by Capl. J. M. Cniiiion; In jibe former's story to officers. He Ward 4, Dick Lewis and Phillip raid hud they continued to "get Hainni sr.. arc .seeking lo fill UiPjnloii!;" he would have snid nothing .•ncancy left by the resignation ot,|ji,i , v hen they "busted up" he de- Elllotl to run for chief. In Ward elded to lell the whole story. 1. U. C. Johnson nnd J. W. U.ivls Patrolman John Foster took O;;JXK." e.irli oilier for [lie "Ificfiguii nway from Times Smulaj varati-d by Dr. Pinion when lie; when Hie negro was reported lo rc6l5_nv<I lo enter the m.iyor's race-.; be thrctilcnliiir his erstwhile com- Voiiti!! place* for Hi.- elrcllon! panion. Last "night Times nppcar- nf r : ed nt (he city hall ami "confess- Ward 1—Itishfill-Neilinil build-jed" to C. B. Holt, patrolman. Ttic liig. Ward 2-Cily Hall. nccro served a year In the Arkansas slatc penitentiary for rob- Wnrrt 3—Davis' Store IjiHldln;-?. |b cr y O r nil Asli street store, oper- Wtiirt 4—Pigmon biilltiitiR. n ied by N. Johns, here in 192S. Mrs, Cora Ellen Pierce of Promised Land Dies 1 ; Pet Gander Buried in Style by Arkansan MOUNTAIN HOME, Ark. (UP I—Duke, a 20-year-o:d gander, was Mrs Cora El!cii Pierce. 33-year- 1 j,,],',,,! | U sly i c benttlng a states old wife of P. L. Pierce, of Proiii-l mnn here recently, flute Davis Iscd Land, died ypMjrday nfter a fnrmor, owned Duke, and whei brief illness from dropsy. Riner- die fowl died i! by in state thrci al s»rvlrcs were conducted tn's jays before burial. Inclemcn incriiiir' :il the residing.' •>. ith th-', weather prevented proper fimera Hcv. J. T. Rhodes ulficlallns and services. Davis said. Tlie gar.dor w,vs a family |>e ano" was included in Djvls' will a m:ule :it cotnolerv. th e A! the t:me of her de:ith S!P ' „ bi-nollclary .Ills will provided WASHINGTON, Mar. 31 tUP) — j rapidly because Japanese aggression is j was making her homo «-ith her i;-e ndmir.istralcr feed Ihe old gnu casl \\as hekl. Tlic small turn-out of voters vns anticipated r>( the .'nee of n contest for the mayor's olflre. which usually brings out the heaviest vote ami became only electors who f by p.iy- nf; poll (ox before June IS. 1933 re eligible to participate. Som' say thai the tolal number of po! ax receipts Issued to residents o he city last year did not frtnounl to more than 900 to l.OCO. An :\e curate cstlinnli; of the mimbrr !: yer are segregated according to scicxs district divisions. Services Teld Today for Aged Methodisl Pasto MAGNOLIA. Ark.. Mar. 31. (UP —Futicral services for the Rev. :ould return their fire. singing Convention Will Meet at Blackwater School The first spring meeting of the disslsslpnl County Singing Con- '(•mlon will be held at Blnekwater School, li miles south of Manila, Sunday, April 8, It wns announced cioay by H. C. McCnnn, of Manila, iresident ol the organization. Mr. McCann said the conven- Tntlon had not been held during he winter but- is being resmnsd, for the spring and summer months. He saitl more lhan a hoiisiind (Arsons were expected to attend the first meeUrrg and that :hc attendance would probably be iMRcr nl meclhitjs later this sea- ton. Ttic conventions are held at. intervals of several weeks In various parts of the county. The meeting at Blaekxvater Sdiool will lie an all day affair with dinner on the grounds. Senate Would Recapture Power Over Appointments WASHINGTON. Mar. 31 CUP) — An effort by to recapture .some of the [lowers thnt have es- cni>cd it in the rush of emergency legislation developed today in a move to bring additional treasury department appointments, particularly in Ihe ojicratlon of the $2,- OaO.COO.COO stabilization fund, under senate scrutiny. The senate finance committee, presenting the $330,000.000 lax bill for debate beginning Monday, rewrote house provisions so that 8li. suiKTiinniiater Iwclvc Important treasury posts Method!:! minister, were held here j would uc filled only wltli Ihe this afternoon. senate's approval, native' nf Hertmido, Miss, moved to Magnolia when 20 years o!d. Hr practiced law here and later enterrd the ministry. Vaiighan founded the Waco. Tex.. orphanage. He died here al the home of n niece. Ponder Baby Dies Robert Siegenc Ponflcr. six day old son of Mr. and Mrs. T. M. Ponder, died at the family home on West Clierry street .11 8:30 o'clock last night. Funeral .services betoday interment to be made M Sawyers cemetery. T.'ie Cobb UP.- dc-rlaklng company is i« charge of funeral arratifcments. The deceased is survlvc\l by eight brothers, besides his pnrents. . hor back from (parents. Mr. and M;s Frnnic Ilin- 'der slicllexl corn from his hand ?v- Chirr/fin Whcnt Tl '° G<?rman government today.the Pacfic. Ijoitilng up Siberia. -sen. r.nd olhrr relatives who sur- :m . ' riay ' T i,is was necessarv since \siu\.uyv r r item. agreed to make a token payment I Why Japan .inspects Ihe United vivc her are linw sons, one I a neighbor cut off the end of 'Duke's May .lulv open high 80 87 85 3-3 8C 3-8 of approximately $1.250,000 on its I States, however, is quite anothe low close i debt of approximately $50.000,000 story. 8S 3-4 8fi7-R|due Hip Uniied States treasury| The notion Is all over Japan K, 8C l-i today. iC'ontiniiefl un Page Sis) :a neighbor cut off the end of Duke's daughter and six brothers and j bin about 12 yecrs ago, when the "'t ers - I fowl strayed Into a corn field. Tlie Mnss Unrirrinklng company was j master, hon-ever, hns outlived hl< in chnr^e of aTr.MisPuu'lit.-.. I pot. Hay Falls from Truck About 20 bales of hav ton:i!ed off a tig truck when the driver apparently negotiated a Main and Division street corner at tco High a speed this morning. Five Candidates -for Mayor of Hornersville HORNERSVILLE. Mo.—Five candidates arc seeking the mayor's office at the city election' to be held Tuesday, April 3. Captain S, A. Shields, hte present mayor, Is seeking reelection and Is opposed by John Been, Peck Wicker. Ed f^wls and W. M. Cooper. Walt Loma.x. Claude Goodfffn. Ted Nobles and Rcscoe Qoff are candidates for city marshal. WEATHER Arkansas—Partly cloudy, Vfarm- er in northwest portion, cooler In extreme cast portion, probably frost in northeast portion tonight. Sunday partly cloudy and .warmer. Memphis and vicinity—Scattered clouds today and Sunday. Somewhat cooler Sunday. The maximum temperature here No one was hurt when the hay yesterday was 72, minimum 42, tumbled down and It was picked [clear, according to Samuel P. Nor- np later by another truck rij, offlcftl weather observer,

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