Asbury Park Press from Asbury Park, New Jersey on July 7, 1946 · Page 12
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Asbury Park Press from Asbury Park, New Jersey · Page 12

Asbury Park, New Jersey
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 7, 1946
Page 12
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ASBURY PARK SUNDAY PRESS (THE SHORE PRESS), JULY 7, 1946 12 Newark Awaits Stamps in the News 'Pants Burglar' have returned to their home oa Beers street Mrs. Neidinger made her home with her sister while her husband was in service, Barbara Wilson, daughter of Mrs. Elsie Wilson, who has been confined to her home for several weeks with illness, is convalescing. Mr. and Mrs. Jay Baker jr., recently married, are making their home in the Fred Dean apartments on Bethany road. Iowa joins Texas on Aug. 3 as the only states to have two postage stamps issued in their honor. HAZLET Razlet Boy Scout Troop No. 92 with its leader, Alfred W. Chlnery, and troop committee chairman, Ernest . Peseux, conducted the last meeting until fall at the troop camp on Beers street. Scout Troop No. 62, Keyport, with its leader, Frank Ellis, were guests of the troop. Mrs. Elmer Dolson left Monday to visit her son and daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. John Dolson, in Long Island. . Mr. and Mrs. James Neidinger NEWARK, m It's summer Bible School Plans Belmar Exercises The First Presbyterian church of Belmar will have the concluding exercises of the Vacation Church school tonight at 7. The program will include music, illustrations of class work, handcraft displays, and a playette, "A Lesson Worth Living." The school has run for two weeks. The teaching staff has included Mrs. D. Lindsay, Mrs. J. Lindsay, Mrs. Natalie McAllister, Mrs. R. C. Nuffort, Mrs. N. DeNike, Miss Barbara DeNike, Mrs. Helen Berg, Mrs. Everett Antonides and the supervisor, the Rev. Paul David Scholin. The Iowa Statehood Centennial stamp goes on sale that day at Iowa City. The Hawkeye state previously was honored in 1938 with a Territory Centennial com time and, In Newark, that means it's "pants burglar" time, again. The "pants burglar" is a guy, slippery pickpocket who sneaks wallets from trousers hung in tlfe bedrooms ot their sleeping owners. In the last six summers, police demonstrated in 1632 earth revolved around memorative. Galileo that the the sun. The Postoffice department dis estimate that he has slipped up carded its previously-announced selection of the mural "Westward" as the design for the stamp, on the grounds that it was not suitable for By EDITH C. HICKMAN While not a native son, Tommy Tucker, popular orchestra leader, has been intimately connected with the Shore for a number of years. He has made his home in West Allenhurst since 1941 when he came here to fill an engagement with his band at the Berkeley-Carteret hotel during the summer of that year. Enjoying the Shore as a place to live, he has bought several properties in West Allenhurst and is building a home directly on the wards of $75,000 from pants pockets. Each winter, It is said, he lolls In Florida. He is credited with robbing more than 500 bedrooms in the two reproduction. Instead, the forth coming stamp will picture an out mail, Roosevelt with Churchill at the Atlantic conference in 1941; 10-c light blue and gray postage and 75-c rose and gray airmail, Roosevelt signing the declaration of war against Japan; 16-c rose and gray postage and one-cordoba green and gray airmail, Roosevelt with Gen. Giraud, Gen. DeGaulle and Churchill at Casablanca in 1943; 32-c brown and gray postage and 3-cordoba purple and gray airmail, Roosevelt with Stalin and Churchill at the Tehran conference in 1943. The 50-c gray postage and five-cordoba blue and gray airmail values feature a bust of Roosevelt. Second of new French ' President George Bidault's hobbies in his interest is stamp collecting. . . Curacao scheduled two eight-stamp sets in its relief fund for release July 1, with one picturing a map of The Netherlands and Holland's coat of arms and the other a map of the Netherlands West Indies and the coat of arms . . . Air France, the French national airlines, soon will offer covers carried on its first flight from New York to Paris. line map of the state with the state neighborhoods of Weequahic and People Who Know Read The Press Clinton Hill, awakening only a half-dozen sleepers. They merely spotted his fleeing shadow. Nobody has reported seeing his face. Sends Cops Postcard He never has left a fingerprint, lake on North Edgemcre drive. And during the past year he has established a business in Asbury Park, opening a musical and elec EXPERTLY MIXED COCKTAILS t the ANCHOR ROOM "Nothing Lik It Anywhere" 7th and Park Avenues, Asbory Park "TH SPOT rOH A SNACK' only a jeering postcard he sent to police headquarters. He is strong enough to lift windows that even husky painters had tried vainly to hoist. He is agile enough to leap six-foot fences and plunge unhurt tit n mm if L.tiiiimiiiiSffBi from a second-floor ledge. Sometimes he hides pilfered 4v Xtt tmA pants in closets, spreads them out neatly on a front lawn or hangs them carefully from a handy IMMEDIATE DELIVERY hedge. Often he takes identifica JUST RECEIVED LIMITED SUPPLY Copper and Galvanized Leaden and Gutters Immediate Installation STEWART Construction Co. Phone A. P. 2-8560 Day Nlfht EXCLUSIVE MTU Wl COAL TOMMY TUCKER and he was soon getting contracts to play at leading hotels thruout the country, as well as appearing on many of the most popular coast-to-coast broadcasts. In Top Ten Now listed among the top ten In tion cards from billfolds, strings them in a little circle on the bedroom floor and puts a penny in the Any Amosnt Any Whin trical appliance store on Main street last fall, in which he is associated with Orville Winterstella, former city councilman. It was while he was playing at the West Knd Casino that he met his wife, the former Virginia Dare Miller, of Salisbury, N. C, a dramatic actress. They are making their home now with his parents at 703 South Kdgemere drive, West Allenhurst. He will begin a six-weeks engagement at the Astor Roof, New York, July 15. Learned Piano as a Boy Born in Souris, N. D., he began to play the piano as a boy and while in high school at Minnt, N.D., played for local dances. He was graduated from the University of North Dakota where he was a member of Phi Hela Kappa, receiving honors in music while majoring in economics. Thoroly grounded in theory, and with an To Anyone center. flag superimposed. Like the Texas Centennial stamp of last December, the stamp will be blue Instead of the traditional purple usually used for three-cent denominations. Iowa City, site of the first day sale, was the state's capital city from the date of its admission as a state Dec. 18, 1846, until 1857, when Des Moines became the capital. The date of the first day's sale Is the 100th anniversary of the date when residents of the Iowa Territory voted for a state constitution. An Initial printing of 125,000,000 stamps has been ordered. Collectors desiring first day cancellations may send a maximum of 10 addressed covers to the postmast Once an intended victim wak A.I.C. COAL, lie. A.P. M0I7 ing to find the burglar crawling thru a window near his bed swing. Tommy has long wanted to combine his music with a business career, believing the two not mumbled "whadaya want?" Shhh," the thief admonished. incompatible. As proof of his con tention, he opened his local store "I just want your pants." He tipped his hat, tumbled from the window and fled. IS and has also backed financially several of his musicians who wan Britain's Warld Fames Rudgo Dieycb 79.93 He usually hits two or three ad joining houses and then quits for the night. His hauls have been as ted to go into business. Another of his more recent business ventures is a lightweight, shock-proof er at Iowa City with remittance to cover the cost of the stamps to be affixed. t Nicaraguc's postal tribute to the late President Roosevelt, by far Men's De Luxe Touriti AfooW the most elaborate yet to appear instrument case for musicians still in the experimental stage. Now that civilians no longer need priorities, he has gone back to making his cross-country trips by plane, claiming that by flying, he can save five to six days each month. A flying veteran of long standing, he admitted this week that he had no urge to learn to fly. was issued June 15. A first day : unusual ability in arranging orchestrations and as a conductor, he organized his own band during the summer following his graduation and made enough money to continue his musical studies. He played thruout the Midwest and South for awile without creating a great deal of attention. Then came a chance to go to the West Coast to appear on a commercial radio program with George Jesscll and other Hollywood stars, and his own star began to climb rapidly. Ills recordings become popular READY FOR IMMEDIATE DELIVERY 12x20 or 20x20 Seasoned Lumber Asphalt Shingles Aluminum Overhead Doors Finger-tip Control cover received by J. and H. Stolow of New York bore stamps present- low as a few cents, as high as $15,000. He takes only cash. Once he passed up $8,000 worth of jewelry to grab a $10 bill. Another time he snubbed $24,000 worth of diamonds. Tall, Short, Fat, Thin The few victims who have seen him describe him variously as thin and seven feet tall, a short, fat man wearing sneakers and a midget in cowboy boots. One of his best known victims was Louis Sklarey, a 200-pound county detective lieutenant. One night while the lieutenant slept, the PR. stalked beside his bed and relieved him of $5.07. A few days after the pants NICARAGUA 1 A favorke of champions since 1869! EspeentHyiti signed lightweight frame for free-wheeling dowss hill, energy-saving climbing! Rudge WhirwortK world famous features include finger control brakes, three-speed variable gear, Dynohsb self-generating electric front and rear lamps, ((ear tase totally enclosed. Saddle with soft leather tea. Leather tool bag or canvas saddle bag. burglar crept in and out of the Sklarey boudoir, the detective met a neighbor, Abraham Harkavy, who "razzed" him. "Never mind." Lieutenant Sklarey retored. "He'll get you sooner As a hobby, he has collected many souvenirs sent bark by servicemen from all parts of the world. This miniature arsenal is on exhibition at his West Allenhurst home and includes an Iron Cross, First Class, which a New Jersey man exchanged for a park of cigarets from a Luftwaffe officer. There is a tiny replica of the Statue of Liberty made of melted tinfoil by a prisoner of war in a German camp and many trophies with the grime of the battle field still on them. A battered crash helmet hangs on the wall and there is lots of invasion money, both American and Japanese. He has a tiny piece of the Iteich chancellory in Berlin, chipped off by one of his dance band fans, and a complete Jap uniform which he loaned for use in bond drives. or later." He did, a month later. NO DOWN PAYMENT 3 YEARS TO PAY Monmouth Construction Co. 22 WEST STREET . RED HANK PHONE RED BANK 109 ing five of the six designs of the ; IKstamp set. There are five airmail and six regular postage values in the set. The designs are based on a bronze bust of Mr. Roosevelt and J photographs of his activities as President. All have a gray border j with the central design in green, orange, bright blue, rose, purple I or brown. Kaeh stamp bears the inscription "Homcnaje a Roose-i veil" (Homage to Roosevelt) and j Mr. Harkavy, who spied the thief's hazy outline in the dark, insists that It wasn't a "he" at all, but a woman "with nice hips and all." And she "was wearing a black shroud. O.P.A. OR NOTOUR PRICES ARE NOT RAISED 11-614 COOKMAN AVENUE SPORT KG ZOOM, Fourth STEINBACH COMPANY ' 11 " a description of the scene por trayed. MAT AW AN Mrs. Garrett Woolley, and family, have returned from a visit with Mr. and Mrs. George Pro-basco in Millhurst. Mrs. Lewis H. Blood and Mrs. Walter Shinn,' Main street, have returned from a visit In Perth Am- Values, designs and colors are: 1 1 - Even aftpr the introduction of practical friction matches in 1927, they were considered so dangerous that railroads in the United States during the middle 19th century refused to transport them. four-rentavo green and gray post age, Roosevelt with his stamp col lection; 8-c purple and grap post age and 25-c orange and gray air- boy. Milton Stevenson, this boro, has enlisted In the U. S. army. Saturday, Oct. 19, has been se Rustic Lodge lected by the Malawan auxiliary of i BRICK Monmouth Memorial hospital, Long Branch, for its annual fall iii&SiliHSii card party. Miss Sylvia H. Van Clcef, daugh (SUITABLE FOR FACE OR BACKUP) i Rente IS Askiiry Park M Mile North Asbury Ay. Clrcl yC Under New Management ft Entertainment Nightly BUDDY REED ft SINGER PIANO K OPEN TILL 3 A'. M. Nightly "7 AL. SCARTOCCI. Mirr. ter of Mr. and Mrs. Hendrick Van jClecf, Cliff wood, has been graduated from the Bellevue Hospital . school of nursing in New York. She ; was among the first to enlist in the U.S. cadet nurse .corps. Mr. and Mrs. John Burlcw, Church street, are visiting friends In Trenton. Miss Lillian Janssen of the Freneau section is a surgical patient in Hazard hospital, Long Branch. Mrs. Jerome Armellina, and son, AVAILABLE FOR IMMEDIATE DELIVERY By New Jersey's Largest Manufacturer Of Sand Lime Brick Robert, Main street, have returned from a visit with relatives in Peek- skill. Mrs. Harold Smith, Jackson Call or Write PARAGON PRODUCTS, Inc. P. O. Box 271 South River, N. J. South River 5-0900 street, has returned from a visit Stop at onre the Itching and burning discomfort of externally caused skin eruptions. For mutant relief, In Point Pleasant. Mr. and Mrs. John Lockwood, Jr., and daughters, Leslie and apply pure MEDREX OINTMENT, a Doctors prescription containing a Linda, are visiting Mr. and Mrs. tested Ingredient scientifically blend Andrew Darby, Sea Bright. ed. Don't delay! Medicate with MED Mrs. Wilson W. Hobrough, Park avenue, who has been visiting rel REX OINTMENT for new soothing comfort. Flesh colored, greasclesi MEDREX OINTMENT works wonders for dry, scaly itching eruptions of ex ternal nature. MEDREX OINTMENT must bring relief or money bark. At all Bun Kay Stores. Two sizes, 49e-S9c. MEDREX SOAP Don't Let the Cold Blasts of Winter Catch You Unprepared 23c Cake. atives in Michigan, has returned home. Thomas Shea, infant son of Mr. and Mrs. John Shea, Washington street, who has been seriously ill is recovering. J. Clarence Lewis II, who has been visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Lewis, Jackson street, has returned to Bayonne. Miss Kathryn Harris, dietirian at St. Luke's hospital, Manhattan, is spending c month with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. George M. Harris. Broad street. Miss Li'llie White, Main street, is spending several weeks at her summer home in Cedar Bonnett. Supervising Principal Joseph E. Clayton, of the Matawan public school system, Mrs. Clayton and daughter, Nancy, are spending the summer at Point Pleasant. Miss Mary Myers, Valley drive, is vacationing at Belmar. Miss Ruth Bastedo, New Brunswick avenue, has been a patient at Kiverview hospital, Red Bank. 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Articles of confederation submitted to Congress, 1776. . i $7950 On Easy Term up ASBURY PARK NATIONAL BANK AND TRUST COMPANY Telephone Asbury Park 6700 Bank and Agent Auto Plan ASSOCIATES Buchanon & Smock Lumber Co. RETAIL STORE Roilrooe) and Second Aves. Tel. 728 Asbury Park ijui'miili..t......,lft 147-149 Main Street. Aibury Perk Open Wed. and Sal Evening

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