The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 31, 1930 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 31, 1930
Page 4
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iy»f««»ir*fc.'Vi'Y,YV > BLYTUKVILLK. (AUK.) COURIER NEWS ULYTHEyiLLE COURIER NEWS THB*' COURIER NEWS Ca, PUBL1SHEK8 C. E. BABCOCK, Editor H. W. HA1NES, Advertising '- Soia National . 'Advertising presentatlvw: The Thomas F. Clark Co. Inc., New. York, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Dallas, Bun Antonio, Ban Chicago, St. Lculs. Published Every Al'.eruoou Except Bunctuy, Entered RS second class matter at the post oflice el Blyttievllle, Arkansas, under act or Congress October 9, J917. C;rvcd by the United Press SUBSCKIl'TION HATES By carrier in the city of Blythcvllle, Itic- per week or tii.50 per year In advance. By mall wllhln n radius of 60 miles, $3.00 p«r yenr, $1.50 for six months, S5c tor three months; oy niBll In postal zones two !o six, inclusive, KS>0 PIT year. In zones seven «cd e!8ht, 110.00 per year, payable lu c-^Tonce. To Avoid a Repetition of 1930 It is a painful commentary upon the way we iak: advantage of our resources that in this period of "hard times" the greater part of the re'• quests for help which come to the Red Cros- and the GoodfeHoivs ars from farm families' The misfortune of the laboring man, deprived of his livelihood by the partial suspension of normal business activity, is understandable, but for hundreds of farmers-, tillers of what we truthfully acclaim as America's richest land, to • face the winter without food for thcin- ' , selves or their livestock, is a bitter paradox, as unnecessary, in most cases, as it is tragic. Last summer's drouth, of course, furnishes a made-to-ordcr explanation of the situation, and it cannot be denied that the drouth had an extremely important influence- But the fact that many farmer;, drouth notwithstanding, succeeded in .providing from the land well stocked larders and feed-bins, is evidence enough that the drouth was not t'ric primary cause of present want, but only a substantial contributing factor- When times, are booming and prices are high there is probably no crop that will product; a financial return equal to .that obtainable from cotton. But cotton is a mighty poor "hard limes" crop- It cannot be eaten, and when : it cannot be sold for thr ; coit of mak- ! ing. it the poor farmer who makes it :•' •his'Gulc re'iiance is in tiuth in a sorry predicament. ; We have heard of no responsible person daring Ui predict a substantial. , ly better .price for next year's cotton : crop than was had for this. Industrial improvement, which we have a right to expect before next fall, will lielp cotton, but '.vilh an apparent carry-over of 8,000,000 bales or more of American cotton the only thing that can bring about a worth while '<td. vaiice in the price is a very drastic, reduction in acreage. Tin cotton outlook fits in well with our local situation.. If we enter upon the new year with the resolution that . whatever the character of the new season and whatever the fate of the cot- tpn market, Mississippi county shall not lack for food and' feed, we will make WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 31, impossible a repetition of this winter's tragedy, and, incidentally, contribute to thd restoration of cotton as a profitable cash crop. SIDE GLANCES By George Clark Working for the Mayor Big liill Thompson, mayor of Chicago, is running for re-election; and short!} after he announced Jus candidacy it developed that some 500 city employes who did not look favorably on his ambUion lo serve another term had been summarily dismissed. Simultaneously city department heads were served with this ultimatum: "No one who is not in favor of Thompson's rciiomiiiution inu-st l)e left in oll'ice anywhere in the government— especially in offices controlled by the .school hoard. Sec to it that every mini and woman who is working in those school departments is for Thompson—first, last and all the time." There is nothing especially out of Hie \viiy in this, of course. It is the sort of thing that happens in most city frov- •>nuii£nl3 when a mayor runs for reelection. Hut it is worth remembering that it is just this sort of thing— this demanding that city employes make Hie re-election of a politician their- major concern over a period of months—that explains, in large measure, the woeful inefficiency of the av.rage city government in the United States. i —-.... The Windmill Cuba M. lligdon. AXXOU.NCKH: "After stepping to that fast number, how would you Jikc to \vallz the new year in?" pfArLAi WASHINGTON^ fev^ ; "i : EM iVtl l \--^« —-r-v-n pFini i&-vJ-i!. r iii'J y* /] LL ! 1 Lr\ • f_llll'' lempsrature of 11 desrcos Fahi'L-n- halt, thsrc Is a 0 ujr ceil', reduction in the rate, in Chicago, a dc-fl- nltc late winter depression 2-1:! a mild summer heat ctl:::".. In Oilier CItU'j In Wichita, Kan., ivjun th; temperature during July and A-i-ii-t rises to 78 degrees Fahrenheit, there j Is a 14 [K" cent rciHieiiun in t;:.; i rnt;. In Chnrlesfjn, B C., a-.i-J iu j Tampa, Fla., where the-re Is an av- . •crage tcmpsrainre of 82 degree.) I I am! 83 degrees Fahrenheit in July land August, there me eor.-c-pc.ti- ling depressions of 27 to 31 per cent 'in the rates of conception. I On the Pacific Coast, where the mean temperature is more stable land does not uiise above 70 dejra-.s Fahrenheit during tho summer, thole- Is no depression of the rat? ] in the summer p3rip:l. | In order lo show Hint variations ] In the late :nr net neee;^3r;ly ars:- i ; elated with tlie rate of ina:Tiajc5, the figures were studied for B:l- gitnn nsicl Switzerland, \vh2rc- lh?r? are peaks In t.:e mamar;? i?.t: lu Jim; and in the fail. It v.'as fo:;iii thai there is a similar peak in conception in Jim?, but that (lie fall j marriage p?ak is nut accompani::! > by such rise. Hiff Dfflhl2 in Ja:i:tn Iti Jaua:i, ih- % ."--pring imntlis of April, May ami cjily June no al- mcst perfect. =:> far as temrieraliiro Is concerned, bit from the mi-Jell? of June ID fiily Fi'silc-in'.):: 1 '.]'.' humidity is c-u-.stantly !ii,-Ii •'.;;.• and nisr.t, \v::i!e the- avsr.i^e • '";- ncraturc rijos lo 93 degrees Pah- rcnheit. There is a 50 per cr-nt fall | in the conception rate during the tropical summer peried. It is the opini?.!! of th? invcsli^a- tsrs that heat aiut ht?h hv.midtt.y definitely aflec-. the likci&rcd of I _ . conception. Therefore, human fer- : tility is lushest in tem;:eratur:s at I about C5 decrees Fahrenheit. It K i greatly reduced in low t3up?ra-' |tures dtirins in? winter, a!K> dur- |ing increases in temperature's ative J70 degrees FaiuMheit during t'.ic summer. MOTHER NATURE'S CURIO The paper hanger completed papering my house tcxlay. Very llslit colorctl papur, devoid of any flowers or designs ot any. kind, was used on the Nralls, because! It makes such a nice place for figuring up different things \viUi a lead pencil. .f .y. .v. I have n bull dog nt home that don't like strange looking people very much, ami last night I 'phoned my wife nntl loltl her to be sure and tie the dog up because I was comma home just as soon as I got a haircut and shave. •{• •']•• -Y- WILL YOU FORGEF? When nil the world hns gone lo sleep, Wild winds blowing o'er my head; Daar, will you Ihink of me niid weep. Will you cave when I am dead? Will you be snd when I am gone, Ah, will you pricvc and sigh, When 1 have crossed tnr beyond Anil bidden the world goodbye? Just plant a rose abovo my head And leave me there to rest; Oh, will you say when I am dead Yon loved me, dear, the best? When behind t':io \ye-stcrii llnib:r, The violden sun shall sel; Dear, will you then remember, Then one who lovrs you yet? Gco. W. Allred, Cooler, Mo. There'll Ik' Plenty t>f I'irev.-nrlis in fce inly Jiart of a fighliiif; legisla-j Ciin^rosf This Winter, What live program involving Issues of WHli Srnsito rrusrc-iwivcs Ui> i» the must controversial character.' In most, of Ihese slruggles, strong, forces will be opposed lo the nd-1 minLMraaon and the more likely it , appears that the administration \ will block the measures In question Arms, Dcmorratr. Champing at Die Hit ami ItcpulilUan Regulars Bclilcr Than Ever ; IJV HODNKY IHiTCHER N'KA Srtvli-i: \Vrilcr | through i!s Hotise control, the mor; WASHINGTON — Those as liV:o5 likelihoo<l ihere is of an extra ses- flr:worl:s in midwinter and sicti in which the anti-administrn- ! have bee i disappointed in their . Uon 72nd Congress would BO into i Congress ciui mg December, are en- ; action. | liticd to anticipate a very happy I Three BIR Issues sc-inKnsc of the Home and Senate. Thr- possibilities hnvo becmiic almost unlimited, what with the Se;i- at2 prourebsives stiircd to nj'.v pin- i aBtitj of inse, the v(JS>'lar Republicans bccoaio bolder and iv.ore hard-boiled in their const .-vntliin 1. Lnmc cluck iegislaticn. The House has had the Norris resolution—amending she constitution to briiiB each newly elected Coagress into session in the January follov:- inj plecticn—pigeon-holed for more and '.he DUIIOCLT.IS full of piots and thaa a yeal . It hris j )(!cn f om uilat- nspl.'ntions to moke miucLi;:cal of - ms .„, jnieiulmenl of its own, but President Hoove;- whilj making hay it fozim to apyiear as if the House for themselves. leaders wore unwilling to lob even Of co:ir.-:c, the Senate will be by that come to a vote. The Senate nil orldr-, the mail- afr:-.c::n!i '••• _ piogvea'.vcs -;,:'i! demand action cans? the ifouse is st-li ;o il:or- ni!L , \ v ay or the oilier, probably Then there was Ihe New Year's celcbralor who thought he would sue his bootlegger for label. A scienllst hns obtained light from onion rcots, says a news Item. In llic future, per- ha]is, they'll be charging us scents per kilowatt hour. controlled oy tho regular Republican:-. . Although, the ad- inli!lsirailo:i can check the senate's major lecislallon thro'.ib'li Us House control. ihe : -Sen.ilc can go its own swell way as rcgonls i-ouflrinntiDn of L-rcjidculial appointees, investi- J!;alimi5, I'ilbustcrs. furcins; an extra iscssion, risiitinj tho lionsn 01111113 - coniercacc nogothtions, passing I resolutions and bills to embarrass :\ (ho aiiir.irjisir.-.'.ion ar.d laising a ! general hullabaloo. "Armistice'' Kndcil j Tnc hell-raisers of the Senate • were Mi-.iimr.s at .the leash i'.li a!o:i^ r . Th^ O:IL> thing llial has re- . strained the-m from ic-apiir-' upon - i.dminislration and .•-.tckiiii; la I -;. , '.. is-.;.- L:-:.-i: t'-'u I.lCi. that Uc' ccmbcr w:>s devoUil to niiorgciicy' relict le^islalion -.viiich no one dared or cared lo obstruct. '. With Hint typo o; ksisiciUon fin-; lished anti the !ca:-h oIT, ;hc ad-; iniiuislrntion liar, sns/cd this pro-: ^ipitio'iis lime to giio its enemrs a . s | couple of esp^ially lusty ];i-Us as it to FAILURE AT QUEBLC On ,Dee. 31, 1775, the American' fcrces under Montgomery and Arnold failed in a desperale at- teiuiit to capture Quebec, "the; strongest city in America." ! i Benedict Arnold hart been sent \ ! with a small force frotn Massa- chusetls to join Montgomery aiul make a, combined attack on Quebec. BeTore Ainolri reach Canada he had lost, more tlian a tl'.ird of his men fnmi sickness, exiiaas-' lion and desertion. . Finally, after eicrhf weeks of hardship and sufferins. Arnold approached Quebec with his badly diminished army. There was snow on the ground and the weather v/as extremely co'.d. Arnold's men arc said to have been half naked, starving, and barefooted, for tlieir clothes "had : ^ been torn oft by the thorn bushes, and In the agonies of hunger they had devoured even their mocca- & I When the American attack was made, Montgomery was killed nt the head of his troops and Arnold was severely wounded. The following summer, the Americans were driven out- o' Canada and forced (o retreat to Crown Point on Lake Champlalli. Postal Men Hanf. Owner Mailed Umbrella of using the threat of forcing on extra session. ?.. Unemployment. The Wagner bill piovicEinr for a federal aul sys- tom f-f state employment agencies lias been shelved in the House and t'.ie Wasner bill providing lor ad- vaiice planning of public coiistruc- iioji bneu passed by the House in an ineffective form. Progressives dcn-.nnd passage of both in i ; i» tovm in v.liich they were passed by the S;nnte. 3. >.tt!jcle Slioabj. Tl-.e House alsoj has Ihe Norris bill providing for I Bcvernmciil operation of that proj-; cct. Its leaders would like a pri-j va!c operalion bill, such as is fa-' vorrd by President Hcnvi'.r, nl'iiiough Chairman Bert Snell of the rules committee says n Ilcu:,e majority appf-i'tntly fi'.vors the NDrvis measure. Abau: (he only way senators can act- the Ho-.isi- leaders to agree to permit votes ^n these measures is e.xtra s£.=*ion threat. Since Scr.ator Borah declared himself in favor of an extra session, the likriihocd that :he weapon will be cmplovrd lias increased. .„, ' . , ,. , . ,, . A refy^eiating plant for The mrtncd would te to b.ocK. , t ; b]es ^ , nnd ; or c the aniinnl supp.y bills W:iich give i „, ,- J; . . ..,,„.„., . vi]1 b ll'.c Boverimient money on which to ,"",'.' ., Fu roM i- to b" t • operate. \V;th the emergency relief i y.i.,'.*, ' " * " ' measures out ot (he way, Demo- __"_„ ciats a:;<i progrctsivcs can do that. '• d q wil'uout L'eing accused of "playing! politics \vUh human ir.isery." Anil! - : the proisiessives, especially, have | iio-.v beer. Beaded lo the poiir. wlure they arc unlikely to hesitate.! NCTT1NGHAM. EXO. 1UI J ) — Festal authorities are searcanis :r.r an atfeiitmintltil woman who pcsted her umhrelln. They suspect she has parked her letur in tl - : hallstand. The mistuke was not discov;-:vd until irate business men bcjau complaining about orders that had c ,on: usti'ay and the miss'.'."!'.; li v i- lers were in the partly opened umbrella. ACOiOW OP 6AT5: IK'IMS IN A CAVE .. HBAR ffiSN AMTOM1Q, TfilfAS, OEVOURS APPROXIMATELY 5IX HUNDRED TONS OF IIV£ INSECTS' A SWINSINC3 . Of 1 GKEA.T P£PTH ••• A TYPICAL Near , WAS HXAAV.NED J^ AND FOOMD TCP *" CONTAIN CV£R ZOO SMALL FfATKERS, IN ADDITION TC> MUCH', MOSS AND MAkNOAl BLOSSOMS... . gu was so large tney wouiu only ecru., ^...^^ varieties — Warglobc, Greater Baltimore, and lionny Best. These varieties are sold only in blue cardboard, liiho- graphed .packcis of y, and 14 ibs., vi-ith the seal of the of Pennsylvania sealiny diem. We are also the iutroducers of The Landreth, Landreih's Ked Rock. Dloonisdile, aad Dclawaru Eeaui LANDRETH • ESTABLISHED 1784 Is thai each tiny will Ijo one or I'cacc, Prosperity and '•'.' pioiity. : "; Our hope for the New Year, from our own standpoint '.'•'•{ \f that we may be ; privileged to continue to serve you. £'• \Vheliier your palranagu h:is been large or small, '• want you to know that it hns been appreciated- ;~! \ve Aw! ;ilso anv not only do \ve appreciate your patronage' but kind words you have spoken in ou s you have .sent us. forget tbu trials of the past year ami bend ifi'orts toward making 1931 a year worth while. OUT OUR WAY intem to incite * biltcr vc- coiirse. lo LucL'.s-Norris Tfvelations with :i.e si-,b;etii:c-.'.', indications tlul ricslciciit llcf.ver v.ipror!c:l Lv.ca3 and the hviisqur- Oi^nt-sai c,-; Charles A. nufscil and William V. King. Ihe two valuable Fettcral I'o.ver oilich^s who i-cpresent- i cri Ihe public In'.ercst o.s acainst- llvo public | Tl'.o row that will be raised over IhC;-: two incidc-n'..! by t!u ?ivc--, and theii" ^vrii>.i:hi-/i-r.T will .-. Svyvetne -, c -,,.-, - iL^'HM S B1CTI6NARY Kind Climate Has eel Effect on Health the EV3DEK€ iwt!.- =! SUBI-C IWf t'.c:i:y. Hicf, Offi l l-r.-r.,--.-! fs:-,--, i<:w:-.-:->-n l \Vt-v I-

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