The Pittsburgh Press from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on January 21, 1912 · Page 18
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The Pittsburgh Press from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · Page 18

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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Sunday, January 21, 1912
Page 18
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I V THE PITTSBURG PRESS SUNDAY MORNING, JANUARY 21, 1912 The World's Best Hatters Make More New Tweedshires at $2 Just unpacked several crates of these much-wanted Tweed-shire Hats, bright patterns in both checks and stripes, silk stitched through and through, and so mellow and pliable that they may be creased or telescoped in an extreme or a sedate manner, excellent value at $2. New Wide Brim Paragons $2 New lots of Paragon $2 Hats come to us every week, just now the low crown and wide brim styles are coming in fastest, and going cut the same way. If you want plain styles you'll find them here, too. narrow brims, higher crowns, in fact, any dimension that you may fancy in these excellent Paragons, at $2. : Youman Hats $5.00 v Knapp-Felts ... . . $4.00 f? Stetsons . . . '.. . . ,$3.50 Youngs ........ .$3.00 Court Brand $3.00 ADDITIONAL SECRET SOCIETY NEWS - i If. I. O. O. F. Mount Moriah lodfre No. .".00. recently, held one of the larsest attended meetings of the winter, and from the interest it is evident that the lodge is due for an awakening. The meeting was attended by a number of out of town members and all appeared to be much pleased with the debates and other business. One of the interesting features was the announcement of Past Grand John W. Todd as a candidate for district deputy grand master of the first district, and the appointing of 25 lively members as a boosting committee to visit the lodges in the district in the interest of Brother Todd. There is no doubt that this committee will make some lively times for the lodges when they pay them a visit, s-o our brethern tan be on the lookout for this party. Air. Todd has been a member of Mount Moriah for a number of j-ears and since his initiation he has cither held an elective or an appointive office. He has represented his lodge on most all important committees in matters pretaining to the advancement of the order, and several times at the grand iodise sessions, where he served with honor on grand lodge committees. For some years he also has been the lodge's representative at the Widows and Orphans Home at Ben Avon. Thus it will be seen that he always lias had fthe welfare of the order at heart ana if elected he will no doubt make a successful deputy. Belmar lodge Xo. 1191 conferred the second degree with, the assistance of the members of Angora Xo. t!S9 in the presence of a large number of members, after which the entertainment committee served refreshments. The relief committee reported Messrs. Pifer and Holts about the same. Mr. Deminekeen. of Kagle lodge, Cincinnati, O.," is in the care of this committee. Tuesday evening the third degree will be conferred by the members of Schenley Park degree- team in Belmar hall when candidates for the degree from Fort Pitt, Xo. Arsenal Xo. -H.0 and Brush- ion Xo. Hi 17 will be present. A good time I is expected and Beimar's entertainment committee will leave nothing undone to secure your comfort. You will surely miss something good if you are not on hand to take part in this great occasion. Remember Belmar meets every Tuesday evening in Taylor's hall, Hcmewood ave. and Kelly st.. at 7:3(1. Fort Pitt lodge SX'i conferred degrees on its class Tuesday, and will have the third conferred at Belmar lodge Tuesday next. On Tuesday, Jan. :, a select euchre will be given in the hall. Butler and Maine sts. Invitations may be secured from 1 any member of the lodge on the special committee consisting of Thos. M. Cox, chairman: K. 1). Atcheson. C. B. Faas. A. S. Cooper and T. E. Bastow. Angerona lodge. Xo. UtsO, Monday evening- conferred the first degree upon one candidate, the work of the degree team being well done. Owing to the absence of Capt. Thomas O. Brown, the team was in charge of orville Crisman. P. G.. who once again proved himself to be the right man. Several new members were given speaking parts in this degree and did extremely well. The lodge was in charge of Vice Grand Thomas Lauley as Xoble Grand. W. S. Gilmore was kept at home on account of sickness. A visitor was George Moore. - P. G., of Lambert Lodge, who gave an interesting talk. Last Tuesday (evening about 4 members ot Angerona went to Belmar lodge for the purpose of conferring the second degree for them upon several candidates, but owing to the non appearance of several of tle regular members of the team, was compelled to call upon several Belmar lodge men to assist. It is expected to pay a I return visit to Belmar when the entire ! will 1 ik on litmrl s;o tliat dprop can be conferred without assistance. On Monday evening, Feb. 12, the crack team of Belmar will visit Angerona and confer the first degree for them upon several candidates. The lodge room of Angerona, is sure to be crowded to witness this degree, and it will be worth while making the trip to Oakland to see the work as exemplified by this team. Tomorrow evening the second degree will be conferred at Angerona lodge, 3701 Fifth ave. Steel Runners for Your Go-C artSpecial AQg Doctor savs: "Give Hip. hahv fresh air all the vear round" JiC Vj Doctor says : "Give the baby fresh air all the year round Turn Your Go-Cart Into a Sled. PAIR The newest thing out for baby's outing-. Attach these to the wheels of the Go-Cart, and you can take baby-out when the snow's on the srounil. Can be put on in a. jiffy. OREN SATURDAY NIGHT TILL JO ZB3 cr1 ..rrrJ--v.:7 1U .MM-. mm We Give Z&C Trading Stamps FRIEND'S MOTOR TRUCKS DELIVER OUT OF TOWN Friend' 9s Gift to 'Young Couples FRIEND by giving young married couples such wonderful THREE ROOM OUTFITS for $100 is Pittsburgh's "Promoter of Homes." Only FRIEND the ORIGINATOR of the THREE ROOM OUTFIT can assemble an OUTFIT like pictured and described for $100. Other firms who are NOT OUTFIT SPECIALISTS and don't know the ACT UAL NEEDS of young people just starting housekeeping sell outfits NOT AS GOOD FOR $150. n i n i Join FRIEND'S 1912 OUTFIT CIRCLE TOMORROW and get one of these COMPLETE HOMES for $100. FREE! 18 Linen Pieces WithThis Outfit It Nile?" i )q N ! iii : ,. tfi ii mr : : '. ' - ' .. ' -" ''' Severn imithiield K. & 1,. ot II. Installation of officers is "the order of the day at present. Pittsburg lodge Xo. r-"4 installed officers at its last meeting. The ceremonies were in charge of George V. Miller, supreme representa- tive, assisted by a number of grand I and subordinate officers, and prominent members of the order. The following were installed; Protector, Lillian Richards; vice protector, William J. Sterling; past protector, Kate Tillman, recording secretary, V. B. Bennett; treasurer, Charles H. Mason; chaplain, Annie Sterling; guide. Charles Serinnie; guard-ion, A. Barbour; sentinel, Mary E. Phillips. The attendance was large almost every lodge in the county being represented. Refreshments were served and all present had a good time. Germanid lodge Xo. 1471 of McKeesport held one of its old time meetings last S. of V. The county association of the Sons of Veterans is to meet this month as guests of Davis Star camp, when the newly-elected officers will take their seat's, plans for the Lincoln day dinner will be finally arranged, and a general good time enjoyed. For this last purpose Davis camp is understood to be making preparations to entertain its visitors in various ways that will be just a little different from previous association meetings. J. K. P. Harmon, of Post Xo. 3, will be the installing officer. Next Thursday evening, Jan. 'J."i. is the date, and Davis camp's room in the Soldiers' Memorial hall. Oakland, is the place. And, in view of the great interest in association affairs shown at the December meeting, it is expected there will be a big attendance and plenty doing every minute. It would be a good lime for the two new camps. Which so far have not been represented at association meetings to make a beginning. Chairman John E. Sautter has called members of the Lincoln day dinner committee of the association to meet today at 3ft4 Frick annex, when the dinner plans will be shaped up ready for a report at the association meeting. Members of the O. A. R. and affiliated societies are invited to the meeting Thursday. s. of V. meeting of The next meeting of-, the Allengheny County Association, of sons of Veterans will be held at Memorial hall Thursday evening, Jan. tlo. when we will be the guests of Davis Star camp. Xo. 1. It is to be hoped that every camn in the county will have a large delegation there and the camps outside the county are likewise extendnd a cordial and fraternal invitation to meet with the association. Business of Vital importance to the order in Pittsburg and vicinity will come up for final action and it is the desire of the officers that the aggregated membership of this vicinity be present. Appoint yourself a committee of one to attend and when it is adjourned you will be conscious of the fact that vou hav spent an evening where fraternity, charity and loyaliy were manifest. I ft. E. Pride of Greater Pittsburg tcu.ple. Xb. 17o. L G. E.. will hold its next regular meeting on Friday, Jan. 2. in Arnfeld's hall, at which time the officers for the ensuing- year will be installed. Mary E. Schenley temple. No. 18. G. E., held its usual meeting at Sitz's hall. Oakland. G. T. Pen tin installed our officers with the help of a few past templars of No. 117. The next meeting will be Jan. LT.. Doors will b thrown open to the public -at ii p. m. Admission is free. You Don't Heed a Ikvj Stomach You Can Now Look Any Meal Square in the Face, and Then Just "Go for It," If You Take Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets Trial Packaec Sent Free to l'rove It. The stomach will go on patiently for years enduring abuse, overwork and general ill-treatment. So we're apt to think it can stand anything. But when the stomach does rebel, look out! Friend's Bachelor Wardrobe Clearance Price W Is n wmm m $24.5d We have about lO Bachelor W a r d-robes left from our Holiday trade. They sold as high as $40. We will ciear th.-m out at almost Half Price. Mahogany, Early English and Oak. Complete Chiffonier and Wardrobe fully fitted, with hangers, . etc. Haa Mirror. 9x12 Fine Axminster Rugs The $30 Kind Friend's Price 19.75 jggSEUSS Napoleon Eedroom Suit $39.50 This fine Golden Oak Bedroom Suit represents the latest style In vogue for thla season. Beautiful Golden Oak finish. Large Bed. with heavy roll at foot, and beautiful Dresser and Chiffonier. ESS 9x12 Extra Brussels Rugs The $20 Kind Frhnd's Price $12.50 Friend's Iron Bed $ Q 50 Outfit Price . O u 1 1 size Bed, first-class Spring, good Mattress and pair of Pillows. 4 Bedroom Contains Brass or Wood Bed, fine Dresser and Chiffonier, Hartford Spring, good Mattress, pair of first-class Pillows, Rocker and Rug. Diningroom Cuntains Sideboard or Buffet, fine solid oak pedestal Extension Table, set of real Leather Seat Chairs and Rug. Kitchen Contains Iona Gas Range, Kitchen cabinet, two strong ij Kitchen Chai r?S nnrl nil ffl uuu Vfll cloth. .1 :1 . ni " " I A. I. I.. A. Daughters of Liberty No. 45, American Protestant Ladies' association, has moved to Ketzer hall, corner of Main nd Butler sts. It will meet tomorrow evening, and every second and fourth Monday of each month. Now sisters do rome out and help to make these meetings Interesting. Let everyone how many --undulates can be added. This lodge vili start a series of euchres, ihe date to he announced later. Saturday evening. A large delegation from sis'tc- lodges was on hand. Twenty candidates responded to their names and were initiated. The ceremonies were in charge of Edward Weber, grand protector of Pennsylvania, who was assisted bv prominent members of the order, among those assisting being: Margaret N Hughes and Mary Glaser of J. J. Young lodge No. 1S27: Anna Hall and Miss Graham of Schiller 489; Mathilda L UeLoui-hlin and Miss Hildon of Miz-pah No Sisters Miller and Rosm- sted'of' Glenwood, til!7, and George W -Miller, supreme representative. The following members were installed as officers for the coming year: Protector Emma Hohoe vice protector, Anna McDonougli, past protector, Maria Lstie; recoram-s , secretary. Marie Schnetze: financial sec-j retary, Emma Mumpotuig Knmuel Teratzen; cnapiam guide. Herman Moritz; Brandt: sentinel Mr. and Mrs. Forry XV. Miller, Deputy Superintendent Protector lias charge of this class. Watch and see the number. Refreshments were served after the close of business.. I. O. K. Court Mt. Troy, Xo. 433o. Independent Order of Foresters will hold its annual, installation of officers tomorrow evening, and a good attendance is desired. The ceremony will be conducted by High Chief Ranger , William E. Best. All officers elected at the November meeting are requested to be present. H. J; Schreib-er, the financial secretary, will be on hand early and will be glad to meet all the brothers. "Every Meal Smile at Me Xow Sine I've Been inklriic Mnart'n I) n-peiisla Tablets." The minute the stomach ceases to perform its functions properly the whole body begins to suffer. The food is onlv half-digested, the body only half-nourished. And the undigested portion of the food ferments and decays, generating nauseating gases which derange the whole system. J. be eventual result is chronic dyspepsia, heartburn, bad breath dizziness, tiatulency and sick headache' Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets instantlv" relieve all ailments of the stomach and digestive tract. They act quickly, safely and naturally just like Nature herself They contain in themselves the elements which go to make up the natural gastric juices. They actually digest the food, relieving the stomach of all the hard work. Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets are the stand-by of many a doctor in the worst cases of stomach trouble, and they never fail him. All druggists carry and recommend Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets. Thev are sold at 60 cents a box. If you want to try them first, we will send you a trial package free oa receipt of, your, name and address. F. A. Stuart Co., l&t) "Stuart UlUs., ilargjiaii, Micb. treasurer. L. Netzle; uardian. V u- George Beisler. of York, deputy grand protector bas Deen asaisueu w McKeesport to recruit the membership in both of the lodges namely, Germaima 471 an, Tube City No. KMO. and are meeting with great success. Another class is to be recruited and ready for initiation about March 1. Germania will celebrate its twenty-second anniversary Saturday, Jan. , and great preparations are to be made to entertain all who may attend. Sister lodges are invited to be on hand. Banner lodge No. 4S4, which meets at Perry hall, corner James and First sts., Northside, will celebrate its thirtieth anniversarv Saturday evening Fell. 3. Members of sister lodges are invited. If you want a good time come to Banner Fort Liberty lodge. No. 60G held its regular semi-monthly meeting Wednes-dav evening. Officers were installed by Victor Graff assisted by Margaret M. Hughes and others. The following were installed: Protector. Samuel Meminger; vice protector, James Thompson; past ,.nt.tnr. M-arv Graff; recording secre- tarv Theodore Greb; financial secretary, H C Lvtle; treasurer. F. S. Trager; chaplain." Annie O'Brien; guide Margaret Burns; guardian, Hannah Trager; sentinel John Schulz. Arrangements were completed for a euchre to take Place Wednesday evening, Jan. 24. Sister lodges and friends are invited. Germainia lodge No. 1C7S of Tarenturn, celebrated its twentieth anniversary at the last meeting. The following officers were installed; Protector. Annie Aspin-nal- vice protector. Amelia Tenney; past protector, Laura Smith: recording secretary Sarah Davis; financial secretary, Fried v Eslip: treasurer, Rosina Zimmerman; "chaplain, TilHe Uudeck: guide. Ce-rMiia iatif guardian, Mathew Glems; sentinel, Ruth Kvans; trustees, John Rassan Fred Lippei t and Amelia Tenney. Refreshments were served and a good time was had by a1- , ,, ' Allemania lodge. No. L40, of Mckecs Rocks installed its officers at the last meeting. The ceremonies were in charge of Edward Weber, grand protector. The following were installed: protector, Lizzie Beasock; vice protector, Margaret Mihm: past protector. Janette Thorpe; recording and financial secretary, Carrie K. Steedle: treasurer, L. F. Kellermann: chaplain, Carrie Zehnder; guides, ,Nick Starr and Geo. Hickernell; guardian. Katherine lirown; sentinel, Margaret Hickernell; trustees, F. P. Steedle, William Jahn and John Esplen. No. 1540 is arranging to recruit a class of candidates to be initiated in February. Geo. Lodge Euchres. Good Will council No. 202 will begin a series of euchres Wednesday evening and continue the same the fourth Wednesday of each monh until May L'2, the date of the last euchre. The lodge meets in Bank hall. Hazel-wood and Second aves. All euchre players and friends are invited to meet with us during the series, or any second and fourth Wednesday. A euchre for the benefit of Pride of the West lodge No. 2G, A. P. L. A., will he held at the residence of Mrs. A. Stewart, 1127 Lang ave., Homewood, Vigorous People Here's a Prescription That Not Only Banishes All Stomach Misery But Makes Run Down People Strong and Energetic Miserable, a 1 L run down, nervous, de-s p o n d ent people can. wake . up can really feel good, rich blood fl o w 1 n g through their veins, after finishing only one 50-cent box of MI-O-NA S t o m a ch Tablets. T h es e really rein a r k able tablets not only thor- clean m- drive a s, sourness and fermentation and make the stomach strong and Vigorous, but they put vigor, vitality and confidence into hopeless people. Start a treatment today get a 50-cent box take them as directed and before you have finished, the human machinery will be able to perform Its functions willingly -and cheerfully. Money back if they fail to benefit sold by druggists everywhere. . Wednesdav, Jan. 24 at 8 p. m. All are Invited. Ladies of the Golden Eagle, White Rose temple. No. 132, will hold the second of a series of euchres in Fetzer's fi all. Main and Butler sts.,-Friday even ing. Margaret Finch Rebekah lodge will hold la euchre in Mendel's hall tomorrow evening. Play begins at 9 o'clock. Star of Liberty castle, No. 102, A. O. K. of M. C, will hold a euchre -Wednesday evening, Jan. 24, -in Its - hall In the Geyer building, Station st. and Frankstown ave. Allegheny- circle, No. 1038, Companions of the. Forest, of America, will hold a euchre at Keel's hall, 215 West Ohio St., Tuesday evening. All officers and members are earnestly requested to come early for business. Euchre begins at 9 o'clock sharp. All Foresters and their friends are cordially invited to ' attend. Mohawk council No. 1X0, Degree of Pocahontas of the Improved Order of Red Men, will give the third euchre of Its series Wednesday evening, Jan. 24, at the council hall, 9i7 West Diamond St., Northside. Game called at 9 p. m. Officers of Northside lodge No. 92, Ladies Auxiliary, Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen, have announced the following dates for euchres: Jan. 23, Feb 2" March 26, April 23 and May 28. I. O. H. Etfcrel conclave 314, I. O. H., has completed all arrangements for the euchre and reception, which "wii! be held at Waldorf hall, corner of Park wy. and Sandusky St., Northside, Thursday evening, Feb. 1. Invitations can be secured upon application to the secretary and must be presented at the door, bearing the signature of a member. The following have been appointed on committees: General, A. C. McCullough. J. C. Infield. F O. Milligan: floor, F. O. Milligan, E. G. Slay-baugh, E. Lippert, Roy J. Sullivan. E. C. Mueller, John L. Schrack, Oscar Victor, C. A. Clinch, Jr.. J. L. Sullivan, John Callaghan, Jr.. Charles Peiffer; euchre, J. C. Infield, John Ferguson, W. II. Gods-hall. John O. Morgan, O. R. - Koehler, Harry Martins and George R. Matthews. V oniy lii oughly cle the s t o i arh; drl o ut ga D. of A. Allegheny council, No. 10, Daughters of America, on Friday evening, Jan. 12, had a large attendance, which resulted in an interesting meeting in Perry hall. First and James sts. The following officers were installed by Deputy Marin Austin, of McKeesport, assisted by Past State Councilor Mary Irvin: Councilor, Lillian Anton; assistant councilor, Mrs. Hattie Niehol; vice councilor. Mrs. H. E. Robbins; assistant vice councilor, Manne Krapp: assistant recording secretary, Mrs. M. E. Keller; conductor, Mrs. George H. Beckert; warden, Mrs. Flora Pafen-bach; inside sentinel. Anna Martin, and outside sentinel, William F. Rothfuss. Post Deputy Cora Moffitt, of McKeesport; Mr. and Mrs. Davis, of No. SO, and Deputy Bertram, of No. and others made timely remarks. Remember Feb. 7 at Waldorf hall. After council closed lunch was served. Warden Pafenback played the piano solos and those who wished to dance did so. 1ST WAR DOS ENTERING PEARL HARBOR 5 im History was made when the cruiser California, flagship of Read Admiral Chauncey Thomas, in command of Capt, Hariow, steamed from Honolulu up through the channel to Pearl harbor a few days ago and anchored in front of the dry dock. The California was the first ship of the navy to ented the new naval base in Honolulu. - A red, white and blue ribbon stretched across the entrance to the harbor was the only barrier the warship had to plow her way through. , Beside the local army and navy officials, who were guests of Rear Admiral Thomas C. It. A nA. On Tuesday last the installation of of- j fieers for No. 172, Catholic Relief and' Beneficial association, took place fit the former Y. M. I. hall, Eighteenth and Sid- ; ney sis., and the following officers were installed for the coming year: Thomas P. Horan. president; John Furlong, chancellor; John McKeown, first vice president; Joseph S. Beach, second vice president; Garge M. Dany, recording seore-tarv; Nellie Nestor, assistant reeormng secretary; Luke J. Brennan, financial sec retary; Nellie Horan, treasurer: Airs. Katherine McHugh, marshal: Constantine Hahn, guard; MVs. T. P. Horan, Josepii Brunner, John J. Furlong, trustees. During the winter this council will hold several open - meetings and entertainment", the dates of which will be announced later, to which all are invited. I. O. K. M. Over on the Southside Monday evening, Jan. 29, the warriors of Pontiai tribe No. 15 are going to don their war paint and engage all their pale-face friends in a "pow-wow." A euchre and social interspersed with some tine vecal and instrumental music will end up with a feast, during which 10 prizes for the visiting braves and pale-faces and a like number for their squaws, will be distributed. A fine time is anticipated as Pontiac tii:'e has a personnel that does things in great style. The tribe will pitch camp on the fifth floor. All Nations Bank building, at the corner of Twelfth and Carson sts. J '""'i. "r..? ",p'."'n thi" contract for f u.iucui. v vinous iu cnanuei and bar I m tV,?iS StmXQU Ijillou'alani and colt, much of it being in the hard Pearl harbor was ceded to- the L'nited States m 1884 by King Kalagaua. the treaty being negotiated bv President Cleveland. In 1S4H Lieut, Curtis of the Constitution (Old Ironsides) remarked on what an excellent nat-al base Pearl har bor would make. of coral. Once the excavation for the ijryci ""s completed, the false rib-wr r in and the water partial!- pump' but as it got nearly to the bott-pressure from outside for'-e 1 t , not com upward, pumping was t i 4 r 'i t t i i 1 1 . .i i , --j i. i iuim west ant are being ued to t States in 1W and 1 years later an ap- j torn down. Then the water vi propriation of $,0)0 was made for the j pumped out and the concrete i.- t straightening of the channel to the harbor ! the bottom and sides of tl e d.Jk completed this dock will take the. !. ships of the American navy. urc.i.iig v j Ofct j If kind l k. v I- it . t. t ,c -ft ;...). and establishing a naval base. In 1909 the work on the drydock commenced. he said to do i-s them's the Vig): to c!f boys for his solution of the liquor problem, ( don't prohibit " carefully tabulaing the answers for fu-l"Wlat you want -sin uu i one i me pns- ; tne distillvrie oners, who seemed anxious to get in the 1 after" good graces of the churchman, cheer-; "A sensible idea certainly id -fully announced themselves advocates of r Thoma making a n'de ,.'f it -v.. prombit.on as the only solution of the j pla ,s to mop ,he trafic Jl' it , '. One man. a lean, rugged, leather-necked j velntellVnt' man MavT mV-" convict not jet bleached by prison life, j you are-what are her for'" itFl,- When thC bl9hP S,JS- tlfe "prisoner?' "i .ivwiic yuruiuiuun i it ew York VorI Second Week Great Sale of $500,000 B. White Co. Stock at Rosenbaum Co. Read Their Adv. on Pages 4 and 5, Editorial Section. ft RELIABLE HOME TREATMENT FOR WHISKEY AND BEER HABIT The ORRINE treatment Tvill completely and absolutely destroy the - sire or craving for whisky, beer and other intoxicants if taken aecordir directions. It is a simple and efficient home treatment. No detention f r . work or business; no publicity; no sanitarium expense. "We have been selling Orrine for a number of years and believe - - a preparation of special merit. The large sale which we hfeve on it i- l best evidence that it gives satisfaction. We receive many reports fror; A Prpmdirpri Witnpi5 ' jPurcnasers 01 urnne temng o. tne good work this remedy !i3s done." Bishop Nathaniel S. Thomas of Wvom- j ORRINE is prepared in two forms: Xo. 1. a powder, tasteless ad -ing visited the state penitentiary and en- orless, can be given secretly in food 05 drink; ORRIXE Xo. 2 in uill f-" deavored to ascert ain what causes had is for those "who wish to cure themselves. ORRIN'F r-osts only 1 un Y ..." led to the downfall tf the various pti- if after a trial you fail to set any benefit from ORRINK your irorrV wmi t a oners. Almost to a mm tliey to'.d the rfnA wniw.irj, c4or.ey win L6 , Episcopal bishop that love f drink had put them behind, the bstrs. This interested him, and he asked each prisoner Pittsburg Agents: The May Drug Co.'s Seven Stores. I, (.-

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