The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 30, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 30, 1934
Page 6
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MGE'STX RT.YTHFA'TI.I.E, (ARK.) COUKIKK NF.V/J, E IS STILL 'UP 1 FOR Ml Seven (I) Fourth To 1 Place, Still lo Going Up, Says Bill Braves Bank on these Three EDITOR'S XOTK: This Is pn- nllwr of 3. serifs or aitii-les frum Mg frague training ramps, analy/- Inj chances of tlit- various It-ams 'In Hie rorninf pennant r.ires. iiv HIM, HKAI.'('III:K Nl.'A SoryU-e SjHirls r.illliir ST. PETERSBURG. March M.-'- UU'.c Bill McKeclmie, milt- manager of Hie liosl&n Braves. is a man vcslli a iv.emory. "Two years ago," salt! Hill, as I Sal ss'Kh him ou ihe bem-i> m Wal- erfroiil park watching Uie Hraves working out the y.inks, "1 iol;l yun rlglil here on ihU bench lhat Hi:' Braves ue;e going up. Well. \\e did go up nnrt we're .stil! (jolng;. "Back in '31 L'nc u-.nn liad finished seventh and didn't. look s'J hot doing i!. But Ihe next yi'nr we came ii]) to null. Las: year '.ve beat the Cardinals, nvooklvn. Cincinnati and Philadelphia and fin- isittd lourth. Anil we hiul nil kinds of injuries and setbacks al! season. ''This year, with an even brrnk In luck, wll b; nineli better than list year." The direction still was "up." How much higher would the hull rlnb go? "No telling, hut we're btucr. Last year we were in the fight ;il] summer, playing n lot of the lime wltVi a makrah.'ri liJieiip. U'aily Merger iras oiu of the lineup b?eansc M Illness at important times. He look! grenl i^.U spring nnd onghl to have nnother fine year such as he had in '31. "Then Randy Moore, another b!B Last Time Today Mat. 2:30, 10-25c Nite 6:45. 10-35c SYLVIA SIDNEY FMDR1C MARCH FRIDAY, MARCH 30, 1934 Paul .Ba/clie Meets Doolc.y •liitl Scrgeanl Nixon Takes On Welch Two new nnd two old f;i' i'S Will l)f III till' CHSl 10 lx> jii.'- tl In MoiMliiy'-s show in ;:ic armory here. I'aul Jiaxi-He and Sei^ranl Nl^'in 'illl lx- Ihf- iicwcitiiiers. fj-r. id l)i;oli'y anil Hoy Wi-lt-h will lx> ih • olil-llini'rs lu-iv. lii'in Wi-lcli via thf Ion] r,,.'f IlITi- tills «-crk. Mill Illl-cl )i;,7. Ill lii the fratnri' mulrli, iwo h linii' lluili. iwu uu of ilir<;e fails. I!axi-lli', It I.s rl;,in»:d. will l;c ,. :1 i ol llu- ln.->L'-hL rm-;l Ld .^Itow h, ,v li!j(i!i-y ai^.o has a frpulalloii ii.j Wl'li-ll. (li'.sjllll' twn lusys by |. ; i <1iH|!i:ilillcIilloii ronli!, Is HI inr lap of tin- heap of yrinil om: Ktuaii i.'r.-rfoimci.s )ue:illy. We!>! v.-lll l;i- aiiix'nriiiii in n Second Lino of Play If Your First Attack Fails Solution to Previous Contract Problem •ary mau-h for iln> lime a ninnljcr of shows here when iniTls Nlrnii. I.ltllu Is known the Inltfr allliniiBh prnmnltrs cb for him WM. K. MeKENNKV Si-dctary, AiiK-rlran Hlicl|,'e J.i'H)jlie Ocfiisioniitiy, we find u liand lliat may Inivc two or lliree ways nf plnylng it. Wlien you ROI a hand ol this nature, don'l blindly M'lcel -,i iv.citKKl of ulay--!f ]>o.-*i- Ule, uy to plan your play . c .o that you may tliaiiRK, X out- I atliii-k lulls. For I'Xfimfilf, uxla's liniul a:, tliouf;h Jl I.s foiiiK to be a iTCx-is- rnfl |lirflpo:Vnii)ll. ThiTI- llN) is a I'luiliT of rslnbllslilni; tin- loin; hi'iiil Mill. Br-lorc siurlini; llifr fi-ow-iulJ. It is tie.ii lo !ff if ilif lo ihe [-russ-nif]- If Ibis line of :itt:u-k fulls. .S<i(i(h^ bid of Ltwfc .s]i:uii'.s is :< cm 1 bid, .showini; no IOSM.I' in spades, '.uth .strong diamond .siip- IHjri. mill It is :L mild slnni invi- (niidn. or croinse, N'oi'lh I.s forced prelim-ii- •'" 1) " 1 11(> cr| miol rfsiwiul wiin Gowcll turned and mffcd with the J.ic-Jc of diamonds. A club Is led nnd won ill dummy willi Hie king. Another hc«rl is rcuii-neci and inffed wiili ihe kins of diamonds. Now llic dockiRT jilnys the ace of diamonds anU the six of diamonds, uiul iill the carrLs in tho dummy m-i> |;ood. If a <llaniond is n-lmncd, U is won in dummy with Uu- ciiieou. .. A limn then i.s ruffed -viili tin. r.fljatk. Eitst dlAeantliig a eliil). A jeinli Is played and won in dnm- Ino'jts' 111 ^ w ' 1 '' l '"' k ' M X- AnoUii-r Iii'm-tj •j-a-is- \^ I't-t'i'i'-ed. Noi'tli trnnipin^ with i llic kinti of diamonds. Dcelarrr Ilien j>lay.s tin- MR ol diamonds, leads a spade and ruffs I with ihf seven of di;i]ii»iK)s. Jle liieks up ilu; lusi Lruiup, and ull Hit' (.-iiiil.s in tin- dummy an- ^ooci. Tile Home nemonslration club. lc<l by Mrs. J. W. Crawford, met Iti canning work four days last week when spinach, uominy and chicken were canned. The regular club plans ^veie made for ln.-:utlifyinii Ihe si-hool and church gromuls. one (|iiiH has IjL-t'Ji cojnjileutl ami work GdiMi'il on nnailitr. 'Ivventy nu-ni- CaudiSI's Agency General Insurance I'll our 797 Cmirfci- .,,-110 ii-uinp. clubs. as In- ff tlic,<:e three bill! players conic thioiiyli, On: Bo.slon Bruvi'S will fi loi?B)i lenm t« Ivnl, believes 11111 McKechnlu, maimgfr They mi- Dick Ol'se.linan, Inlleldi-r. mninr lefl; Bob Drown, lower left, pitcher, iintl Stei-e S-A-clonle. fornn-t- I'lratc Imrler, part of our jnincli. wns liiui and.ii^ht In. All he has to do Is plfcli missed a 101 of gnines. Noli lVorl.1-| brick lo Ills year of IflUa and I'll ngtcm was washed up. He only j.say he'll B o right filonj; with those played n couple of weeks. 1 IIIIUT fellows. Then we've gol l!ob "Hob Biown hmt Ills sliniililn-l Sinllti from the Rods and Stan .i!jd ccul'lu't p.'l.-h fur ns al all. Jfnirn the C.lanU. Oil. our pitching We got smnc pretty ],ad breaks anil I will be all rlRlu. If thl.s new ball -Adried Shorts: "Noire Dame dec Club" TcxM & Kelly Conii-dy Saturday Only MAT. and Nitc—lOc - 2. r >c VICTOR iWd,/\«l,KN, PRESTON FOSTER, ALLISON SKII'WORTH nnd DOROTHY DELS, in "WHARF ANGEL" CARTOON - - SERIAL s'.lll improved our flow about (lie now mm? were there bndilins Ty Cobbs unions Ihem? "1 like lilts RujXTt 'fv,om|r,on we l!0t from Albany, lleen using him In center fieltl. He's i;ot speed, is swell flnkier and has a j^reat n. If he'll just lilt a liHJe list- er lhan he di:l whim lie- Imike In vlth us lowurd ihe end of Ihe lira- last year, lie's fjot a job. Yes. sir! And I llilnk lie u-lll. Loves C» iilny ball. Keejis iryinx on everv- .liins. Tlint's a bLj help to a club, :hal spirit." •Wns (here n eliance for better pilching? Would Steve Swetonlc 'roin the Pirates !><• nblr- 10 1:0 rislit aloiin willi liell.s. Urancll. •aiilw-elJ. Franklinnsr' and oilier lloslon resulnrs? "He looks like n sure pipe to fit ROXY Friday & Saturday IMal. 2:30, in-2fic Nitc fi :•!'>. in-2, r it- Roys, Girls Junio .Ball I , 'The nmrn intell|i,vnt nniural , res|Kinsi- is 10 >)ld four dlnmunils, al ]c-as.t teilinx pai'ltu-r llutt your diamond liolilinx has M»ni: . slr'-niilh. ANSWERS tatodsyS Tlfiff flocsn'i knof:k .sOniL 1 of our fellows iirnis off. "We stiind to hit better tills yenr, too. ULSI year was Ciyselmiin's firs', yrur nnd he's finding; his waj nroimil okay noir. Our InfleWers nil ouitht lo hit better thnn tlie> did last yi'iir—Jordan and Habbit Maranville and Urbanskl and Pinky H'Wlney." That was a neiil Infield, would the Habbit. now in his -lift year, lie nljle lo play resnlarly? "You jiiiltjc for yoin.sclf, Look at him out tin-re now." We Ixi'ili looked nt Him as the little old mnn with eternal legs leaped spryly here ami tlierc in his pursuit of grounders and flies. A inl|!hl.v good mnn lo ))nve on :i bill club, that Illlle fellow. Don't worry about him pliiMnE. He'll lir: in there. And don'l forget I'm tellinf; yon aj.'aln Mint we're KO- IllH lip." The. 8-A3 boys nnd girls nre set- ' .Ing the pace in Ixilh divisions of | he junior hiijh school's soft tell eayuo race now underway. Through yesterday the 8-A:i hoys had won llirec games and tost, one to set, the pace fur the boys,- d;- vislon with a iwrccnliigi' of .7SO. i The 8-A3 girls were doing even 1 better, having won three gnnvs i nnd lost none. • Teams repre.senting 7-F12 and S- ' AI were tied for second place in ' the p!uy. The Tcrfm 8-A[i i-n-> H-AI 1-A2 7-A1 7-ni , s - A; i ( 7-AI 7 " A2 boys' division and 7-A1 Inr seennd place in the Ks follow: lioys W GUESSES A g J '. A A K J Jfl.f ) ? i K.irly i-btiiui^l i y ie;illy was AI.'-IIKMY arul IIH .-hlef |)iiriui.-i- \v:i-; l(j |i;il]^[iil]l'' ICI-'IT utelal.s Inl.i «»lii .in,I silvef. Tim aver. «^l! ell/pill III' I hi- I'J.'ili. Oi,.;ll! is 15,000 fceL C()I.O|;X]-:, tlor- f.lillt-, {Pt'"t€cP buna! t)t;>re of I tit! ^Tln'tV- \V;;-« Mnu." l» knows is ll.e •<'!() al Hie Tlirsc Kiuts. - We Buy Government Loan COTTON Also will give cash settlement in full at time of sale'Let us see your samples before you sell 0.0. Hardaway & Co. S. Second St. Cirls W Wally Jack Sunday • Monday MATINEE &• NITE—I0r-;i5i' Wales and Perry iit "TRAILSof DANGER" Novelty —"Lost Doggie" "Old Bugler" Chic Sales ! Arkansas Girl Cagers Lose Out In Semi-Finals WICHITA. Kill).—The HI Dorado ijions were eliminated from Ihe A. A. U. Iwskrt ball tournament by the Oklahoma City iinlhinls, 39 to 10. lasi night as the Cardinals ndvntired to the finals ulnng witli Tnlsn li'.Rinew Collet-e. T Pel 0 I.OY.-I) ,fiC7 .BC? .500 .500 .000. .000 Hi-ad Courier News Want Ads. The I>by Kasl'.s owning lead was the king of spades, which must, be ruffed in dummy with the., three of diamonds. Ace nnd deuce of hearts are played. West winning the second heart \vith Ihe queen. East discarding a club. Now, there ore two lines of de- j feti5.e to be offered by West. One. to be offered by West. One Li to return a diamond, and the other is to lead a spade. When West returns a spade, it must lie trumped hi dummy with the five of diamonds, n heart rc- HINT, Farmer's For Anything In 'fed nnd Seeds WRESTLING DAVID D001.RY vs. I'AUI, HA/EM.K ROY WELCH vs. SKRfiEANT NIXON ARMORY MONDAY NITE Garlic AiiN O>n' BOSTON (DPI— ratrohmin Kben Flanders has found n way lo dis- conraee people from asking foolish HiK-sllom. He. chows garlic. GUARANTEED New nnd Complete Line of House Paints. New nml Complete Line ol Fishing Tackle. Genuine Madden Lump Ports 30c BURKE HARDWARE CO. Sunday - Monday MAT. & NITE—lOc - 25c .A Kfefim* of itirring «vents | crowded into the hearts of j a man and a woman who 1 tovtd Mth other "'till death i do ut port!" Glorious rnuticl ' Jo4in >ol«t tingil Wi* MOTJM F«rfey, Ruth Albtrt Centi, . . A «. F. ZcWMn Dirtcttd by Vktof A UNIVERSAL P1CTUM. Paramount News Comedy— "Girl Trouble" With Jimmy Duranle It's not loo late to have your clothes cleaned for EASTER If yon hiivo nutflcctei] lo send us your suit or dress' you may give as a ring early fialunhty and we will pick it up, and velum it Saturday evening alt ready for yon In sU'p into Enster morn. Please c:(ll us as early a.s possible. Plione 171 UNIQUE CLEANING SERVICE BAFFLING MYSTERY! [CROIBY CASE with ONSLOW STEVENS WYNNE GIBSON SV«tl«, Man Dlnthart. William Collier, Sr., J. Farrtll MacOonald, NVjrrtn Hyrn«r, John Wray. Produced by Carl Ljcmmlt. Jt. DittcUd by Edirin L, M«i'm. Prtjtnted by Cjrl Utmmlt. A UNIVERS/M. PICTURE Novelty Keel "Isle of East India" Comedy—"Soup and Fish" With ToM and Kellv To The Tax Payers of Blytheville, Arkansas In Paving District Number 2 and 3 Thr lux hooks will he closed on April Isl., i!i!M, nntl after that tip? «ud costs will \\i\vo to IIP rvildpd. Tlio Hoard of Commissioners are ing with representatives of the Ijond holders for the purpose of rclinancing the outstanding utilisations of paving distrifts N'umhcr Two and Three so that a reduction in iho annual tr\x rate can be maile. \n order to do this it will hp necessary for a large amount of delinquent taxes to lie paid. and we are forced to sue the delinquent taxpayers in order to effect a saving: for all the. taxpayers. U yon as a taxpayer desire to avoid the costs of suit and penalties and if you are interested in (he reduction of taxes here-after, it is necessary to make payment lielweon now and April 1st. Don't neglect lo act upon this, ant! if you will pnt your shoulder lo the wheel, and help us in this situation, it will Ije to everyone's hest interest. Ueinemher that this i.s the last call for these taxes and that lh« (leliiu|iu<nl list will lie turned over to our attorney o\i April 1st. C. J. EVRARD Now Open State Line Super-Shell Station located at the arch on the Arkansas side Offering H)<- ur|| known Super Shell gas and oil a! Missouri prices, \\iih tin; tax iioin^ lo Arkansas. We promise prompt, eourleous scrv'uv and will ap- nM'iale your business. Keep Arkansas tax money in Arkansas -" Yet enjoy Missouri gas prices. Station Operated By Jimmie Terry Clifford Cavett

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