The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 7, 1947 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 7, 1947
Page 3
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^MONDAY, APRIL 7, 10-17 Measure Draftee! To Curb Strikers Bill Would Permit Use of Injunctions * Pending Negotiations HY UAYMONI) LAHIt (United 1'rcss Stuff CurrcspiMiilciit) WASHINGTON, A.iril 7. lUl'l—A n!;m U) uuthome use nf ii'.tiiruilloLis inst strikes hi vital industries being dniflod today for lonstd- 0 ration by the Semite Labor CLIU- mitteL 1 . The formula was reported to lie included in 11 new, leivhitivi' draft of tabor legislation prciurrd icr submission to committee votes next week. One Informant said the injunction provision would be part of an over-all plan to improve nt>>,-lUi!ion ami uurgninlnij procedures while j)i-nviilm<< muchmeiy to handlu ciit- k'al .strikes if peuceable n'.^iii.icls fail. The first step in the plan would call for management and lniior to serve notice or new contract. cie- niiinds CO days before an iiHreL'lin.'1'.t expired. If bulb failed to do so, the contract would be extended automatically for CO days after eitlm 1 party served notice. That provision was devised to meet roinphiints against enforced "coolina off" periods, i)i'ainui:i3 when a government mediation agency intervened and perhaps oxisjid- ing beyond the Hie of the expiring contract. The injunction provision could 1)2 brought into play only in tfital industries essential to public health and safety. If the negotiators in such a dispute failed to reach nn agreement within the CO-tkiy period, the Justice Department would be empowered to seek an injunction against a strike. The injunction would remain in force for a limited ^|ime while government mediator.* • aied to v.-in a voluntary settlement. While the liO-day bargaining period would be required in all induv- ti'ies. the injunction provision would affect only such essential industries as coal. oil. transportation, steel communications nnri power. Sponsors of the injunction formula recoRiiizcd that it providod no assurance of a settlement h: those industries. A strike still would Bl.YTHEVrr.LB (ARK ) COUR1KK NKWR PAGE Holy Week In Jerusalem lo cut (lie slvike slum. So ter> believed the xoveriiuient nuiy I'onieml the wulkoui violates Cie terms »| the Sii])reme court nmi>- (liili- tt-lik'li foived ixwl.. lo iMiia'I l>i'- A'li'il 1 strike cull.' The' .sltiiuil for tlie new walkout was Lewis' demund thtit the KOV- mimritt close all but i w o mines until they |>;iss hulividmil feciernl msy.vilon. 1-vderul Cowl AchHinK- tratoi' N. H. Colllsson rejoded the rcquesi. eoiilendlui! imc quiir-' ministration' stood•'liy lo assist In ol H prolonged work slopimgo alth<nii:li its ruitliorlly lo freest coal and allocnU 1 It to e.s.sefUUtl users e.xpSied ul midnight Al'ir'h 31. Ofli.'lnls (j»kl SPA may outline voluntary conserv.iUon |>ro- urums or po.sslhly usk congress forj temporaly control powers. Sfu eslliniited there were 50.000.-j tons of ctnil In consumers' .stock •s on Mud) 1 and that imxiiie- cpeinllon In eliminating them. to force comj>ll»nc« wKh insiiec- The mines arc cither non-union tor's recommendations there »ince (he mines* are not under government control. ' r ,;' " or worked by the progressive Mine Workers. KruB h'.is no authority \s another Holy Week throughout the Christum worlrt e:ded Sunday to His crucifixion kneel in the chapel of the house of Veronica, to wipe the blood from the face of Christ rcti'.uied tlie .image Stoeckcr, staff photographer.) pilgrims following the path Li-ed !>>' chrlst. ;; is said that the cloth used by Veronica of his features, (NEA Telephoto by Le Crippled B-29 Completes Long Perilous Flight to West Coast Blood Cells Thousands Now Regaining OW Time Pep,Vigor and Drive By Releasing Vibrant EnergyTo Every Muscle, Fibre, Cell Overwork, undue worry, ntul Inck of certain foods often reduces the red -blood i strength — and sttirvct!, weak, pnnj 'fci'loctl just Imsn't the power to knep up ycisr pncrfjy and drive. 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Start on SS3 Tonic now, As vigorous b!oo<! surges throughout your wJ;c!e boilv. grratcr freshness and stvonEJth should make you eat better, s'.ri';) bettiT. I eel better, work better, play Letter, Jiavo a h-n.lthy color glow in your a!:in — firm flrsh nil out hollow places. Million?) ol bottles sold. Get a bottle from your drug store. SSS Tc*-*c helps liuiicl St'.:ifJy Flealth. n-,-. *,. F'-lir Hplrl* S" SP ne^ S'lii DJ ,^ C - ] ' Lar h<l]l i. riie superforl landed 1-etc short- , ly after dusk. Johnson climbed out with ? jaunty gvin. His compan-| ions him. . crawled out wearily behind. FAIRPIELD. C;U., April 5. tUHj— toward McChord Field near Seattle A B-29 pilot \v:io flew liis ciesv; j 0 | mwn clL -cidccl however to *>c ol seven hcre-uon-stop from Alas- on to pairjip^ a mn i or ' ' : lie' ka. after a propcllor fell off in mid-air and .stiuislied i:r,o u \v:n^. explained today \vny he passed up an emergency stop at SenUto. "I knew the airplane \voultl need' repairs and this was tho place lo get them," suitl 1st Lt. Robert C. Johnson, Monroe, La. The crippled plane' landed • at the Fairlield Army Air Base here, — --, last nfght on three engines after T/ 7ree Persons Injured flying for 14 honr s p >vcr the l?acifir ' Ccean and nigged coastal land Tlie propeller was lost in rough the union anil the government consider utt^afe. But then 1 \sus no question that rc-iuspcctioii of the mines would require months. The steel industry already \v«s suffer Lug from the memorial wulk- out. That cut c-perutions 15 per cent. U, S, Steel \vas exiiected to order a 50 >per cent ilash in opeiv ations bcoausu of the safely shutdown. Soon such action will be fell. m other seytncnls of (he nation's industry, The reports from the coal field-j Plane Crashes; weather near Kodiak, Alaskn, five hours after the plane lock off from NEWPORT, Ark.. April 7. tUP)- Thice tjersons arc in a critical con . dition Jiere today the re.iiilt of a DueclevilLe Suu- plune crash near day. A light plane piloted by Charles Smith crashed inui a three when Ehnend'orf Field at Anchora Alaska, at dawn yesterday on routine weather reporting Ilight. At one point during the next lit overshot a landing field.' torturous hours the plane hove red I Smith's twr> passengers were Mrs. only £00 feet above the choppy T. A. Rutherford and her four- ocean waves. The Army's ^.ir-sea year-old son, Bobby Gene. The rescue system and Navy and Coast three were rushed to a Newport Guard ships were aierted for a hospiUl where their conditions are grim rescue effort, ftut the plane regarded us grave. regained altitude mid all resume' icraft except, a B-17 with ti lifcbcm : slung beneath its fuselage .were called back. Johnson said he and the cie.v at firat believed that two engines were knocked out. -The detached prcpellor struck the propeller of the next engine and then caromed into the wing. Staff S»t. Morris C. Jacobs, South Bend, Intl., the plane's radio operator, began flashing an SOS call,' ftvmoimcing Unit '.wo engines \verej out. Slit re stations ordered the, plane to transmit, a constant letter! "V as a beacon -for rescue ships; and aircraft. The pilot set his] course for Seattle. Tho B-17 found. the crippled B-29 and escorted it Continued from I Pacific Coal Company mines in I Wyoming. Those were the- only [wo in the nation called safe by Lewis. | Whether the n»-xt move" in the dispute would come from the government or the union uas uncertain. Government officials were in a ticklish position. They couldn't order the miners into pits which showed there -was little donbt 111? miners were backing up Lewis tn the sudden upsurge of Ins running fight with the government. Most of Ihe Indiana shafts were still idle although four had been approved by federal inspectors. The m!tiers there were advised lo stay out by Hie union until n consolidated report was mack 1 on all 19 of the mines in that .staU> named by Secretary of Interior J, A. Krup as "hazardous," iRichfird Muize. state secretary of mines in Pennsylvania, ordered 15H in in ns listed by Knie as "hazardous" to remain closed muil check-1 ed by state inE-pecrtors. He snid the" state is responsible for mine .safely an/] therefore eouki not accept cer- I tificntion from federal inspectors. I Cojiy one drei> pit in Western Pennsylvania was reported operat- iner. In Alnbama. the number war: hislier, with t'bout half nf thi 1 state's mines operating, But a!) pits in Colorado and New Mexico apparently were remaitiiujj closed. Court Kulim; Studied Some t sLnp mining was rcportoit in several states. The strip miners are loosely orpaniKcd and usual'y work unless picketed. A tcp administration official .said the government was studying its contract with Lowis to determine the legality of tho safety sUikr. But he confessed it had found nothing yet Ihat might permit it aftei' the injunction o.xpircd if the parties had failed to reach an agreement while it was in furee. SERVICE IS REAL PROTECTION SAfTLTV-FlRST AND "Certified" mecni protection agointl fur deterioration because heat damage dettroyi nclufal oili in the pelt. "OrHfied" meont protection ogainvl damage by molS, dampness, duil. "Cerlificd" means proleclioo againit IQJI by (ire or Ihcir. "Certified" meani properly CONTROLUD lE-mperolure and regufafcd humidity. Blythevillc Steam Laundry-Cleaners Phone 418 Be Ready for State Police Checkup! Bring Your Car to Us HERE'S WHAT WE DO: 1 . fnsporf, clp^n :irul rcpuck wliccl IjosiniiRs. 2. 1 »Si»rt ( Iiyiiraulic system. 3. Turn drums if srornl or oul nf round. (I",\lr:i Cluir^o 1, Krlinc; shoes with factory spccifirMion titling. ">. Adjust HrnUc Shoes to scmrr full prdnl. 0 fiivc you n 30-day frr.c limkc arijusfmcitl srrvicp. ['HONK 3179 FOU AIM'OINTSIKNT Complete Brake Relining Job - only. - . $12 This Week Only! Still & Young Motor Co. LINCOLN MERCURY Phone SALES AND SERVICE 1'linnc contrar 1 . cqiiale [mnlslun for d:ini;crmis mine. ' 1 Interior Department oiiidnls snld' he current .sU>|:-,.,„,' could lust twii months if the noveminent nn- (Intooli rc-lns|ieclion ol all mines oelore wuik i s resumed. They said I lie u. S. uuieiiu of Mine's Ims <"'ly 171 insuer'tois and Unit an -ivi'iuKc of tin oo days would lie cqulred for ciuh of the 2.50U mines n government possession. I/'wis tlei-llmjil' all comment nfler .:oliissoii rej-.-eled Ills cleimind. niul '" his followers over tlie country he mrnning was clear. Oovmunciit odiclals conceded Hint Lewis, with the safely wulk- init, had ucjiieved indirectly the same o'jjfctive he hud in ' ninnf with his proposed A|n!l 1 strike wlii:-h the Supreme Court forced hi'" lo call off. The court made Ihat rullnis wlien it uulield the coiUcmui of court conviclloiis iinnlnst Lewis and Ihe UM\V lor slrlklni; hit,, hist year In defiance of n court order It tilled that Ihe S:t 5(10.003 fine imams!, the union would lie re- ruu'c<r (o S700.CCO if other oul- Miimlmg strike notices were culled off. S2.800.<1<10 al stake Sonic S«-.::-:PS saiif ;;•,,. RoveVn- ment |iil B |it ask FVdcni) Ulslrlcl .ludf:e T. Alnn Cioldsborcui'h lo deny tlie UMW petition for relurn of Hie Jt2,803.CCO In fines on unmnds Ihe new walkout violaled (he supreme Courl mundiHc. One source snld' it was Improbable the yovcrntnent would resort to Inn device of issuing a blanket safety certification ol such mines lU-eriiKlng auout tlircc per worklnt! day, he ,,ai<t. sue!; a move would op^n the government to wldesjiread criticism in event (hero wore any nilshni) in any of the mines In", volvcd. Mciir.whilc. the Solid Fuels ,Ad- the present d-i 1 '"" '" ul n'lU'lied 12.150.01)0 tons wci'kly Just before Hie "memorial" shutdown. ^ * u ' amv '""'' Herretmy of Interior •'• A ' Kl11 ^ wltl > "° n-fi'veuco to llis 1):>(l ' 1 ' svlll > Lewis, udviscd BIIV- m!m ' s '"" 1! > slates that federal In'""' found danuerous con dilions in lli pvivulely-owneil mine: in their stales. He III'KIKI tlieir co- The Clinic at Dr. Thomas F. Hudson will he ojicn daily, for a limited lime, prompt settlement of outstanding ac- «'ill be iipprecjated. WHY GETplGHTS DUE TO KIDNEYS? FLUSH THEM OUT THIS DOCTOR'S WAV • Ifyou gel up nislits—Imvc frequent >lr- Birc lo iiaas your wntcr—but hove onlv tcnilty pnssncci—yes, ulu! ILUVC bnrknclle, due tocxccsj acidity in (lie urine, bt aleit you're rending tlm: Tlirce Kenemliuiu «go Dr. Kilmer. • famous doctor, found hundreds of lili patients with tbii trouble. ruiiuiultinKly he mnde a medicine of 16 licrba, roots, vegetables, bnhoms—Nature's own way tc relief. He cnllcd it "SwmujvKoot" nni 1 millions of grateful men oml women hwv« taken it—often witb Qninzini- leBiiUa. Swamp.Root goo ri K tit to work to iJS/i out kidneys . . . inctcuses How ctt urine, helping relieve excess Hcidily ... so the irritati-il l>lad(icr gets a good Hurtling OIK, too. Mnny rr|iort KellinK 0 KIXX" niRht s sleep after tile first lew i/o»o.i. Caution: take es directed. For free trinl supi-ijr, send to Uept. T, Kilmer & Co.. Inc., Box 1255. Stamford, Conn. Or—get full-si7ed bottle of Sv.'Oinp. Root today at your drugstore. Is Yours One? VVhnl Ims your cnr in store for you? Worn pnrts i re uiistTii :nul miiy fiuise (nroublv jil mi} 1 lime, Ihin'l risk miy iiinicoossni'.v c-tuincCH through iU'U'lt'i'l • . . flicok (lii-se three musts :it once! ' Can You • See Clearly? • Steer Safely? • Stop Quickly? H not you're only a foot from trouble! Clour Vision, Aci'iirnd! Control, flood Krukcs— thrsr arc just u tVw <>T tin- ftictors lu'rt'ssury fur s;ife driving. Our uiiulllli'il C nicM-hiinlo.s nrc trulnnl lu split trouble quUkly . . . our tnuilt-rii tools ;itul i iiut'iiiifnl iin- yuur iis'iiir;un b e itf n job \\v\\ Uonc oil liny in:tIn-—iiuy nioilcl! BLYTHEVILLE MOTORla P. T. HANKY, Service Mgr. Dodge, Plymouth, Dodge "Job-Rated" Trucks CUI,F CAS WKKCKKK SKKVICK KISK TIRES TORAGE... Time to put away those heavy suits, coats and dresses for MOTH PROOF and Storage. Call 2612, or bring them For better cleaning, with the Hudson Finish in 8 Hours, for tlie asking. Better Hot Cleaning Better Tailoring. Better Dye Work. HUDSON CLEANER CLOTHIER TAILOR 320 West Main St. Blytheville, Ark. Phon* 2612

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