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Asbury Park Press from Asbury Park, New Jersey · Page 1

Asbury Park, New Jersey
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Wednesday, May 31, 1916
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Evening Pr WEATHEH AND TIDE8. Fair tonight, eoolen Thursday, fair, moderate northeast winds. High water 6.S4 a. m 7.11 p. m. Low water 1.00 a. m., 1.00 p. m, m Largest Circulation in Monmouth and Ocean Counties Guaranteed. ASBURY PARK, N. J., WEDNESDAY, MAY 31, 1916. THIRTIETH YEAR. NO. 128. PRICE TWO CENTS. Pari H HA D R WHERE THE BULGARIANS CROSSED GREEK FRONTIER TO MOVE AGAINST THE ALLIES C ANNE W AW IDE BV GEN. CARRANZA :irst Chief Asserts Failure to Recall Troops Creates Suspicion of Real Purposes of the United States. WASHINGTON', May 31. Elisco Ar-.-edondo, Mexican ambassador designate, today delivered to the state department a note from General Car-ranza in which the latter demands an explanation for the action of the United States In keeping Us troops in Mexico. The note repeats the demand firmly made that the troops be withdrawn at once. Carranza very plainly states in the note that the failure to recall the troops creates a suspicion of the real intentions of the United States government. He says that if the intentions of this government are sincere the troops will be ordered out of Mexico at once. Upon returning to the Mexican embassy Arredondo discussed the demands made by Carranza. "The note demands a definite explanation of the purpose of the United States in keeping Its troops in Mexico," he said. "General Carranza says 'In my Judgment there is no reason for their being there.' General Carranza points out that President Wilson has repeatedly declared in his public ut terances and in the diplomatic corres h. m a a A ft r" r ft I r ava - a" , 13 ..OCCUPY THREE t-ORTS LaalAKD DEMIRHISSAR XM&nik mi IMPORTANT TROOP MOVEMENTS BY BULGARS REPORTER NEAR XANTHI AND LEFT BANK OFTHE River mesta v EN N BEACH TEUTONS GAINING IN SUPREME EFFORT TO BREAK VERDUN LINE infantry FNfiAGEMENT ON LEFT BANK OF ff.VARPAK REPORTED. la ' 1 J JIUII2K StntsM 3? TAkixioCo! iSATap) i j SOUP BLACK-AREA FORTFEO BY ALLGS. to 20 30 40 SQ(MLEsi WHERE BULGERS ENTERED GRFFCF 1 nrnT mnin i nm IHIHM m HOLIDAY THIS i CLAYTON WINS R i K PROMISE OF FIGHT FOR LICENSE GREATEST SEASON ON PICNIC GROUNDS TRENTON, May 31. The supreme court today rendered an opinion in the matter of Henry Rosenberg's application for a writ of certiorari to review the letting of ABbury Tark's bathing and bath houses privileges to the firm of Mitchell and Fry, in which the court saya the return on the writ can not be found. In this situation tha matter is not before the supreme court, the latter points out. The opinion adds that the record may be corrected, and if It is not, then the proceedings are liable to dismissal. The public ground commission of Asbury Park awarded the bathing privileges in 1912 and Rosen berg as a citizen and taxpayer considers the city to have lost by the transaction. I WEDDED N P ANNIVERSARY Early Rush to the Seashore Raises Fears as to Ability of Coast Resorts to House Crowds of Summer. 1 Mr. and Mrs. Henry A. Hicks Thus Observe Silver Wedding In Ocean Grove. which it had often been said would in- pondence with Mexico that he does not' name the Hellenic nation thut the lat-desire war with Mexico but that the iter's entry into the war would become Wilson administration by its delay in (inevitable, has taken place with the refusing to dlthdraw the troops has ! consent of the Greek government, altho really controdicted its protestations oitne Greek people may have the final friendship. snv jn the matter. They are known to 'General Carranza says further that The Bulgarian invasion of Greece, favor the French and hate the Bulgar- j saying, explaining the consent to the ians. In giving consent and explulning j Bulgarian invasion. ine actual cross The silver wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Henry A. Hicks of Has-brouck Heights, whose summer home is at 27 Broadway, Ocean Grove, was observed Monday evening at the latter place, a number of friends from out of town attending and remaining over Memorial day. A feature of the cele- after she had made similar concessions strong, occupied Demir Hissar station brat ion was the renewal of their mar- to the entente powers in the past, and bridge and also Forts Rupeli, lira- Iriage vows. Rev. W. H. Morgan of New "Greece has no option to act other- gotina and Spatovo. It wns stated that York, who has charge of the young wise," a Greek statesman Is quoted as they were marching toward Kavnln it to the diplomats at Athens King Constantino's government stated that no other course was left open to Greece ing of the frontier occurred on May 25 or May 26, near Demir Hissir, via Rupeli pass. The invaders, about 25,000 if the United States government's assurances of friendship for the Mexican people are sincere the American troops will be withdraw nat once. He says that the attitude of the American government and the course it is now pursuing leave room for suspicion as to its real intention." "Then there is a lengthy discussion as to the duties that fall upon both governments to patrol the borders and places blame for the recent raid squarely upon the United States government. He says the matter of patrol ing along the frontier is the duty of both the Mexican and the United States gov ernments but that the troops should resident remain on their respective territory. One of the glaring faults of the present patrolling system is the leaving unprotected such places as Glen Springs. This Incident is pointed out in the note us an illustration otilie failure of the methods now being pursued. The Glen Springs raid was made possible by the failure of the United States troops to be on the frontier within American ter ritory V W IAN WAS "CALIBAfT LEADER Miss Mary Porter Beegle, Well Known Here, Directed New York Pageant. Miss Mary Porter Beegle, a former SEVEN INJURED WHEN AUTOS CRASH HEAD0N people's meetings in Ocean Grove part of the summer, officiating at the duplicate ceremony of 25 years ago. Mrs. John Wood was the matron of honor. jThe bride of 25 summers ago was at I tired in a pretty costume of gray sat- ! toward the close of the afternoon I in, laced with silver ribbon and draped !Was after the watchful had had fnir The North Jersey coast yesterday hummed with the activities of another season opening and in Asbury Park all records for numbers of visitors went to smash under the steady offensive that was launched from the cities over the railroads and by motor transport. Law of averages, or other rea son, it matters not, the conviction that has grown since the clone of last season that Jersey was due for a tremendous season In 1916 was brought home yesterday with a force of such potentiality as to cause some concern among hotelmen for the resort's ability to house the crowds of midseason. There was no mistaking the signs In Asbury Park yesterday. For once the Memorial day story cannot be overwritten for the crowds were of such proportions as to constitute a midseason throng. Many of the visitors, of course, were down for the day only and to bring them here several special trains were put on the short schedule. The motorists were here by the hundreds and New York, Pennsylvania and Maryland license tags were almost as numerous as the New Jersey tags. From a weather sense, it was not a reassuring day and when the rain fell it At Lively Hearing Judge Lawrence Declares He Has Plan In Mind For Wall Twp.but Doesn't Announce It, French Admit Retirement to Chatton-court, East of the Meuse, Thereby Imperiling Hold Upon Hills 304 and LeMort Homme. Seven persons were injured, one of them seriously, in an automobile accident at 9.15 o'clock last night at Cook- I mini iinrt Grand avenues, when a Pack ard touring car belonging X) Michael K. Sexton and containing, besides the chauffeur, five persons on their way of Ocean Grove and well from the Coleman House to the depot. cuts and contusions were taken to close a cut in Mr. Frank's scalp and Mrs. Frank's ankle was badly wrenched. Mr. Backoff was with gray chiffon. Following the ceremony the guests were entertained at a dinner, served at 7.30. Here the decorations were Several st.tchcs elaborate. Festoons of white decorated with silver stars were draped from the corners of the room to the chandelier. On the tables the center piece was a known to many residents of this city, was, perhaps, the happiest young woman in New York when "Caliban by the Yellow Sands," the Percy Mackaye Shakespeare masque, was finally presented in the City college stadium last Wednesday night. Miss Beegle is the daughter of William Beegle. For Miss Beegle is was who had directed that! four of the injured were treated. Mr and an Abbott-Detroit car belonging lo Benjamin Frank of Gil Klghth avenue, collided headon. Both cars were badly damaged. Mr. and Mrs. Frank and Joseph Beckoff were in the F'ank car, driven by the chauffeur, Krnest Brown. Tho accident occurred near tha residence of Dr. Joseph Ackerman, Ahero not injured. Neither of the chauffeurs 130-pound wedding cake, baked by the was badly hurt. 'bride herself. The table was arranged Witnesses of the accident say .the j in T fashion and was artistically deco-Frank car skidded on the wet pave- 'rated with pink roses, sweet peas and ment and crashed headon into the j asparagus ferns. Each guest was pre-Paekard, which was proceeding west ! sen ted with a small silver vase con-on C'ookman avenue. Mr. Btvkoft, Itaining pink flowers and the place great pageant which marked New Georgo Lachmann of New Y'ork re- ! York's commemoration of Shake- "General Carranza makes it plain , speare's tercentenary anniversary. Miss that he fears further invasion as l'ng : Beegle was described as the soul of as the troops remain in Mexico." I the organization which presented the Will Force Withdrawal? masque. Arredondo was at the state depart- ; "But Miss Beegle is more than the injury. A. Du Bids of he tailoring ment hut a few minutes. The note was soul." was one comment. "She is the ! firm of Wilfred and llu Hois of New in Spanish and works -of translating It: mind un,j tnp i1(.rirt. it was her ideas York, and his .son were thiown from land aided in carrying .Mrs. Lachnismn Workman of the Knights of Labor, was beeun immediately. thut made the tmismie nossible in theithn I'nekard find u-eie bad-- bruised. ! to the office of Dr. Ackerman. M rs. i having held that ollice for a longer eeived a scalp wound on the right fide of the head and her neck wtis injure'.1. She was removed to the Spring like hospital. Mr. Lachmann suffered from cuts and bruises, but escaped serious however, declared tho .Packard car struck the Frank car as tha result of the chauffeur, Robert Cecil, speeding to catch the 0.30 train. Several persons declared the Frank chauffeur said that his car skidded and he could not control it. The radiator of the Pa -kard wis smashed and the left side or tho cur damaged. The front part of the Fran!-car was badly damaged. The impact of the collision wai ter rifl iid cards also carried out the silver idea. Mrs. Hicks was the recipient of many pieces of silver.- The porch of the cot-tape was tilso decorated for the festivities, the national colors being used with good effect and being combined with white streamers and festoons. Mr. and Mrs. Hicks were married 23 years ago In Christ Episcopal church, warning. The eun blazed during the morning hours and made beach conditions Ideal for the host of bathers who crowded the strand all along the front. The boardwalk was lively all day and at night the Casino was crowded, more than 900 dancers participating in (he program. : The Monday night promenade was a notable one. Even last night, with the specials taking hundreds home and motorists already on their way, the boardwalk was astire. Today, with the sun FREEHOLD, May 31. Declaring his act did not, eventually, mean an Increase of liquor license in Wall township, Judge Lawrence on Monday granted a license for the summer months only, May SI to Oct 31, to the Frank F. Clayton Co., composed of Clayton and John A. Biggett, for their picnic and recreation grounds on the Belmar-Manasquan road, oposlte Sea Girt. Judge Lawrence said that he had a definite plan in mind in reference to Wall township; that he expected to carry that plan out, but he reserved the right to announce the program later. The granting of the license was strongly opposed by the Wall township W. C. T. V.. headed by Mrs. Marietta Allen of Manasquan. Previous conduct of the place by Mr. Clayton without a license was assailed by the remon strants, and the activities of Mre. Allen were inquired into to some extent. While not having any bearing upon the caso in court, probably the most interesting morsal of news was that brought out at the hearing was the admission made by Mrs. Allen that Harry Mich-elsohn, a Belmar liquor dealer, contributed $100 to the W. C. T. U. fund about a year ago to aid in opposing the transfer of a license from a man named Rice to Solomon Weinstein at Belmar. fWeinstein, it appeared, desired to rnange tne location or tne Kice oot-tling plant to a location nearer Mich-elsohn's place of business. The fact of the Michelson contribution was forced from Mrs. Allen by Judge Lawrence while she was on the witness stand. In an interview at the close of the hearing Mrs. Allen said that Mr. Michelsohn, without her DELIVER SURPRISE ATTACK IN FOG Austrian Troops Surrounding Italian City of Arsiero, Forcing Passage of Posina River British Shells Destroy City of Lens. ZEPPELIN LOST NEAR SAL0NICA PARIS, May 31. A ret'n innt of French troops west of the Meuse river Is admitted by the French war ollice today. Before furious German infantry attacks following a mighty cannonade with big guns, the French gave ground east of Hill 304, falling back to Cha(4f toncourt station. IChattoneourt is one and one miles south of Cumieres and the re tirement to this point further imperil the French hold upon Hills 301 end Le o Chat H'artiij ujuuiy u.C ...... ...i.K; stejn fln(, ,lmt aftp). u h(,d securpd throng on the boardwalk was a further i evWence that ne R0Ught out nnd requested her to take the money and Morte Homme. Indeed it may be said knowledge, had hired detectives to got ! Ulat uiP8s the French regains lkir lost incriminating evidence against ein I to pay the detectives when they ap- indication of the early hosts of visitors hero. , u,r , -inn J....,., m.-.r ,v.l . pam, jn cmjrt flt tnf nR. She a0 life and aeitvity and cottagers In tho .,,, thn nlminv vhe Kni,, wi, t(lB North Asbury section especially were umlpr( ng ,hnt Hhe waH not com. lively with house An excur- ,H, , r;lse wj(h M M,rh ,. S1on or two helped swell the throng. S( advisinK hlm at tn. ,imP tllat lf unw ui ine lirsi ui inw nriiMini utsjug me 400 members of the "Our Class" association of the Marcy Avenue Baptist Newark, by Rev. Dr. Potter. Mr, Hicks has been In public life m New j church of Brooklyn. Dinner was served York for a number of years, altho he j the young men who composed this out- ind a crowd soon gat here! to givo I held no public- positions. At one time ing at the Montauk hotel, the president to the injured. lr. Kdniund dei'ie was a cnmlid.ite rr tne mayoralty. j0f tjie association, U. C. Delaflelil. be- Mnnseigle gave firs I medical assistance j For six terms he was General Master Oilicials at the war and state do- , beginning and carried the plan to a partments believe the delivery of the 'successful conclusion. It was her note brings the Mexican situation to a j courage and faith in the community bead. No attempt is made to disguise i idea, as applied to this great city, that the belief that Carranza intends by a j overcame the many obstacles that show of force to make the United j amso." States answer his note immediately.1 When the idea of a Shakespeare ter-Offlcials say that the massing of so centenary celebration was first talked many troops in northern Mexico can ; 0f n this city two years ago, Miss mean only that Carranza is determined ' pjecgle was chairman of the festival that the American troops must get out. 1 committee of the New York branch of What answer will be made to Car- the Drama League of America. She ranza's demand is problematical, ollic- , na(j given much study to dancing and ials say. While it has been stated right j pageantry and was, and still is, an in-along that the American troops would structor in dancing and athletics at not he withdrawn, it was pointed out ; n(lrnnrd college and Columbia, today that the way has been paved for j As chairman of the festival commit-gradually withdrawing them. The kill-tPC.( jij88 Hccgle considered plans for ing of Cervantes, Villa's chief licutcn- a masque in connection with the ccle-nnt, and the dispersing of his band, it ; ,ratjon it was derided to make it a was declared, will make it easy to sayirlty affair. An independent commit-that the bandits have been broken up.tPe W.1S organized about a year ago and the purpose of th: expedition hasjto ralry out the ))lan wjtn thc, coopcra-been accomplished. tjon f tile pnima league. Definite WASHINGTON, May 31. Counselor fl. a community masque were Polk of the state department today an- iirAWU all( discussed in the schools, nounced that Consul Dawson at Tarn- colleges and clubs. It was first plan-pieo and Special Agent Koilgers of,lp( ,() )iave r im ,)Ct)lle taiiP ,,al.ti i,ut Mexico City would be immediately no- j (he mlnih(M. latpr wa3 .,lt t0 li500 tided to investigate the charges by American oil field operators at Tani-pk-o that prohibitory taxes were levied Hgainst them by the Carranza authorities. They also charge that the authorities refuse to permit the operators to sell or lease their property without special permission, for which high fees j were charged. i The protest was sent to President Wilson by 83 operators and today the matter was sent to the state department by the president with orders that an investigation be made if the department considers it advisable. EL PASO, May 31. General Gavira, Carranza commander In Chihuahua, left today for Casas Grandes to confer with Bridadied General Pershing, commander of tho American soldiers in Mexico, relative to the disposition of patrols on the border. More complete plans of the running down of Francisco Villa and his ban-Sits may grow out of the conference, It was said Another man in the Packard also was Frank, thrown out, but escaped s.:ious in- vived. After being treated by Dr. Ack-jury. erman Mr. and Mrs. Frank were take'. Mr. and Mrs. Frank were t.eated for home. ALLEGED PLOT 10 IPS ME 111 YS.P.C.UGEM M ROCKEFELLER1 B Vanderbilt Home Attacked by Mistake and Plan to Shoot Oil King Fails. (Continued on Page Two) IRHANRF.S MAnF AT : wail ii wi bm w i i ii i v mm m m m PUBLICITY BUREAU NEW YORK, May 31. In thc belief! SPUING LAKK. May 31. That there that he was carrying out a plot to kill lis many a slip etc., was reminded to John D. Koekefeller, Saerbes 11. l-'owd- ! certain local lovers of roast pig when leso, classed by the police as an I they found out yesterday that thvj anarchist, today hurled three bricks j greased pig contest a slippery affair into the home of W. K. Vanderbilt, sr., at best had been crossed off the Mem-at 650 Fifth avenue. lorial day program of athletic events m According to the the police Fowleso ; the Salem avenue field, declared that he and a friend had do- j Now George Darby, a Long Branch elded Koekefeller was the cause of all I justice of the peace, is opposed to the misery among the poor and had! greased pig contests. So opposed in arranged to kill him. He said he was fact that when he heard the horo fire-to throw the brick and his friend was j men were planning to include such an to appear with a revolver and shoot: event on the athletic program yester- who had fainted, was soon re- ;lelll '"-m i,n' Pi'ecemng man. lie nas now retired altho be still manifests considerable interest in public affairs. Among the guests present at the silver anniversary' celebration were: Mr. and Mrs. William Sulzer, Mr. nnd Mrs. W. H. Martin, Mr. and Mrs. J. Boaker, Mr. and Mrs. Kerwin, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Swartzler, Dr. and Mrs. W. H. Morgan, Herman Meyer, Miss Frieda won, .Miss uuiu .vieyer, mi. and iirs. Cowles, Mrs. Kose Lever, Francis Tal-mage, Mr. and Mrs. G. Brotherton, Miss Carrie Morgan, C. Dunster, Miss M. Ostermann, all of New York; Mr. and Airs. Golden Donaldson, Washington, D. C; Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Han-sun, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Steen, Dr. and Mrs. John Quell, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Gromling, Brooklyn; Mr. and (Continued on Page Two) And Spring Lake Thereby Lost an Exciting Athletic Event From Its Program. ing a brother of Mrs. Henry F. Miller of the Montauk. Following the decision of a few years ago not to provide a set program for Memorial day, yesterday was a go-as- you-please day for the visitors, most of whom spent the day in the open, on thc beaches, the lakes, In motors or strolling the bonrdwalk. An athletic meet of Jersey shore schoolboys at the Athletic grounds attracted a big gallery of spectators. Scores of fishermen were out and other sports had their quota of followers. Not alone Asbury, but Ocean Grove, Bradley Beach, Belmar and other neighboring resorts felt the first onrush of summer vacationists. Everywhere there was indication of the new pros-ierity that is coming to tho Jersey coast and the resorts were all prepared for the rush. she had the opportunity to get "anything on him" at any time that she would put him out of business also. At any rate thu detectives did their part well, Weinstein was denied the liquor license and Michelsohn did not get the opposition he feared and paid to have put out of the running. Disgusted With Circus. John A. Biggett and Frank F. Clayton, the applicants, on the witness (Continued on Page Nine) 11D OF THIRTEEN ENJOYED THE Tl GRANGERS ASK FOR 1 I Redecorated thruout, the rooms of the city Publicity bureau, in wiii..:; are contained headquarters of tho Carnival association, the information bureau and the convention department, have also been rearranged with th ilea of facilitating the bureau business. The racks containing Asbury' Park literature have been railed in and within the enclosure is the desk where inquiries are answered. The walls have been covered -Aitii new burlap and the woodwork varnished. The carnival officers have also bren redecorated and refurnished.' A General Pershing is reported to be on I tpf,,,n,1P exchange also has been in- his way from Namiqtnpa to Casas Cfrandes. but it is not positive whether l.he conference .will take place in Casas Trandes or in Colonia Dublan. It will (Continued on Page Two) Knights of Pythias. All members of Monmouth Lodge, No. 107. are requested to attend the session of Ocean Beach Lodge of Belmar, on June 1st. The rank of Knight will be conferred upon a large number nf Esquires, the work being executed by the third rank team of Monmouth Lodee. Ocean Beach will also celebrate their anniversary at this time. Nuf sed. ! waiter ranz, . nuvi.o stalled. Thru it connections are Made with the carnival and publicity departments, and the box olllccs of the Casino and Arcade. Rockefeller when he opened the door to learn the reason for the attack. Believing that Fowleso was a bomb thrower, a policeman knocked him unconscious with his night stick. Thc attack was made when Mr. and Mrs. Vanderbilt and their daughter were still asleep in rooms on the second floor of the mnsion. When thc first brick crashed thru the plate glass window and broke an $800 mirror, the family awakened nnd Mr. Vanderbilt ran downstairs to investigate. He appeared at the window just as Fowdleso was arrested. At the request of Mr. Vanderbilt the prisoner was taken into the house. He then explained the plot against Koek efeller. They had mistaken the Vanderbilt manson for the Koekefeller, Fowdleso's friend failed to appear. Whether he was waiting at another house could not be learned. Fowdleso had a stiletto in one of his pockets and the police say he declared that he Intended to use it on Rocke feller in case his friend failed to make good his part of the conspiracy. Altho Fowleso would not admit that day, he came down from Long Branch and by his prerogative as an agent of the S. P. C. A. and by due exercise of his powers as a justice of the peace, ordained that the contest should not be held. Nor was it. About, the first of fl - FREEHOLD. May 31 Representatives ot Monmouth grange appeared before the township committee at its regular monthly meeting and urged that the township authorities act to close all business places on Sunday. The committeemen appeared to favor the proposal and directed their attorney, Charles F. Dittmar, to prepare a resolution embodying the wishes of the cial Mr. Darby encountered on his trio j grangers. This resolution will be act-of authority to the boro Monday was 'ed on at a special meeting next Sat-Clark Clayton. jurday. About 25 stores will be affected His protests were useless for Agent I by the ruling, which probably will be Special Feature at Daly'a. Sheepshead Bay automobile races,' Carl Limberg the snee k ng and h Is e was an anarchist, the police suspect Lari Limoeig, the speed King, ana nis . . nfflli.,,.rt .,.,fh mecnanician were Killed. anviss - - , faction ot terroists ana are maning an Farm Manager Wanted. A man and wife to take charge of a farm. Apply at once. H. S. Kin-month. advl-Stf Preparedness! Well, I Guess. Conover's Ice Cream Garden, 902 F St., cor. Ninth Ave. Almost twice as large as it was. Every Thursday night. Conover's orchestra. Admission to dance floor. 10c. Trolley and jitney lines pass door. advU'C investigation to learn whether a plot has been checked by Fowleso's fiasco. The prisoner, who said he came from Naples two years ago, 'was held on j charges of malicious mischief and car- Fr:nch Dyeing and Dry Cleaning j rying concealed weapons. Company. All work Called for. Phone 1S08. advl2G,48tf! , Tonight. Miss Mary Lawson Leech in a great Man and Wife Wanted. patriotic spectacle, assisted by chorus A man and wife to take charge of a of young folks, at the Firemen's bene-farm. Apply at once H. S. Kinmonth. fit, Neptune High School, May 31st. nrtvl :'ktf I advl2S Darby was ready to cite certain laws that went to show that the legislature has affixed it's stamp of disapproval on this barbarous sport. When Mr. Darby returned to his home town he carried with him the assurance that this aforesaid contest was off. That's why lovers of mast pig. or pork when it's older, are' peeved. For several days they had been looking forward to this contest, and each vowed that he would win the pig and serve him up Sunday done to a turn. For those who are unfamiliar with pigs and their contests it might be said that a choice specimen of pork is thoroly greased with greasy grease and turned loose in a ring. Those who like pork go after him and the first man to hold on is given the pig for his success. But before he is finally caught, Mr. Pig usually enjoys several hearty laughs at their expense a they slip and slide about the ring and try to hold on to the tail. more drastic than that adopted by the town commission in that no exception will be made to refreshment parlors, The township committee declined to act on a suggestion by the Woman's club that an appropriation be made for cleaning up the "Texas" section. It was stated that if one section of the township were cleaned up the whole territory would have to be and at the present the funds at the command of the committee would not permit it. Last year the woman themselves undertook a cleaning up campaign, financed from their own funds. Special Feature at Daly'a. Sheepshead Bay automobile races, showing the fatal accident in which Carl Limberg. the speed king, and his mechanician were killed. advl28 Card party Friday afternoon in Elks' Home under auspices of Ladies' Auxiliary. Euchre and 500. Handsome souvenirs. advl28-9 Man and Wife Wanted. A man and wife to take charge of a farm. Apply at once H. S. Kinmonth. Broadway Stars. Frank Sherman, monologist: Dalton & Green, musical comedy; Mike Daw-lev, parodies, at the Firemen's benefit, Neptune High .School. May 31st. advl28 Farm Manager Wanted. A man and wife to take charge of a farm. Apply at once. U. S. Kinmonth. ' ad-128tf sdv12Stf rri. Packard Limousine For Hire. Phone 685, 1394 or 671 Asbury. Rea sonable rates. Thompson' Auto Ga- VETERANS HONORED IN MANASQUAN CEREMONY MA.VASQCAN, May .11. Dead and living veterans of the Civil war were honored yesterday with exercises at Atlantic View cemetery conducted by Rev, A. 11. Eberhardt, pastor of tha First M. E. church. Participating in the exercises were members of the local G. A. R. Volunteer Engine company, No. Ii and the school children. A lino was formed at H.30 yesterday morning at the high school and the march to cemetery was made by way of Union and Curtis avenues and Church street. At Atlantic View flowers were laid on the graves of the dead soldiers and a program of songs and recitations given by the school children. It remained for Rev. Dr. Thom-is Hooper, pastor of the First M. P. church, to make the address of the da v. Dr. Hooper was earnest in his praise of the G. A. R. veterans and the part they played in the preservation of the union. Their fame and heroism would live on and on, long after their deaths. Dr. Hooper said. The speaker closed with a tribute to local veterans in particular and urged the younger generation not to hesitate if called on to defend the flag. Besides those mentioned the address was heard by a large assemblage of women and men and members of lodges. Other Eleven of Press Party on Yacht Carib Pay Tribute to Neptune. Thirteen employes of The Tress, headed by Captain George liayden of the linotype brigade, sought recreation aboard the yacht Carib yesterday as the guests of the owner, Laughlin R. Hetrick. It was a delightful day 'for a sail, but all the joy of the trip was taken away by a peculiar feeling that overcame all but two if thc amateur sailors. "We're certainly having a swell time," remarked "Al" liayden soon after he had helped the two young ladies iu the party aboard. The word "swell" sounded ominously prophetic. It reminded him of something that ! heights in the southern side nf the rolls, and he began reflecting on what, j strait. Italian counter attacks were he had eaten for breakfast that didn't j repulsed. agree with him. He was not alone in n th e-st front ,np,'e "'e livelier the feeling. Others soon sought solare I artillery combats between the Bus-at the side of the ship and when the : siaim and Auetrians. especially on the Ktuunu mm couiiicr fmacKS uie noan-donrnent of these two hills is only at matter of a short time. German attacks delivered against the French position at Le Morte Homme and along the lift bank of the Meuse last night were repulsed. In Caurettes wood the Germane stormed a Flinch trench. Fighting took place in a thick tog which settled down over the V rdun front at sunsel, The German advance guards readied the Chattoncourt station iu thu fog before their presence was known. The French fun immediately unde t count i assault which rolled thu German back aloiiK the road lowan." Cumieres. Making Supreme Effort. PARIS. May 31. With heavy rein-. forcemeats of both men and gu is, the Germans ure again delivering sledgehammer blowa on the Verdun front. This was the 101st day of the battle. Without reckoning their losses the Teutons are making their supreme effort to break thru. It is believed that there are at least 1,500,000 men engaged In the battle on both shies of tlin Meuse. Day and night the big gun due), in which 6,000 pieces of artillery are engaged, rages. At least 10,000 shells fall every day amidst the ruins of Verdun und tta) neighboring villages or upou the scarred ridgea of the hills which flank the Meuse. Lena Is Destroyed. The French city of Lens, which ie held by the Germans, has been destroyed b.- British artillery. Lens has been shelled intermittently for months. It is one of the most important lailway centers on the German front. VIENNA, May 31.-Austrian froope are surrounding the Italian it y of Arsiero, is indicated by an odicial statement issued l,y the war office to day. According to this report the Austrian, to the west of Arsiero, forced a passagn of Posina river occupying Operatora Wanted. Operators to do pants joining. Experience not necessary. We pay while learning. Ideal working conditions and short hours. Girls also wanted In our Ironing department. Lunches served in restaurant for convenience of employes. Come in and talk it over. Steiner and Son. adv!28tf Tonight. Ocean .Grove's Firemen benefit, Neptune High School Building, May 31st, local and professional talents, including Miss Mary Lawson Leech, Mrs. Margaret Asay Hess, Miss Sara Voor-hees, etc. advl2S auxiliary engine had been shut off 20 miles or so off at sea and the trim little vessel began tossing lazily on the waves practically all of the party were comfortably or otherwise ensconsed at separate places along the rail. Few recovered sufficiently to enjoy the beautiful sea expanse before the voyage was over, but all were polite; enough to tell Skipper Hetrick they had a splendid time. The hanker- boatman's cynical smile attested his knowledge of the falsehoods they were uttering. The trip began from the fishing pier in the morning at 8.30 and endpd at 2.30. Foreman John Knox, who organized the party, showed keen foresight by remaining a "land lubber." Stereopticon Lecture. West Grove M. E. Church, Thursday eve., June 1st, by Rev. E. Mount. Subject. "From Hell Gate to Golden Gate." More than 100 views. 8 o'clock. Admission 10c. advU'8 ; Special Feature at Daly'a. Sheepshead Bay automobile races, showing the fatal accident In which Carl Limberg, the speed king, and his mechanician were killed. advl28 adv36tf Pianos to rent. 317 Cookman Ave. Rent allowed on purchase price. advl25tf Hortee end Mules For Sale. 10 horses. 20 mules. 10 farm wagons and 30 sets of double harness for sale, Miller White, or may apply at Kin-month's Drug Store. adveodt Notice of Removal. Ellas Applegate has moved his barber shop from 403 Prospect to 139 Man St., in Fharo's Cigar Store. advl2" Bessaraljian and Volhyniali froots. Zeppelin Destroyed. SALOriCA, May :i I .French aeroplanes have bombarded the (enr-an and Bulgarian encampments at Giev-geli. There were numeioun ca-iualtlee. At Kopiulu h Zeppelin struck a tree while making a landing, caught 'in fire and was destroyed. There are important movements of Bulgarian troops in Greek Ma edonia, but the military authorities M Uo that there has been no firther fighting in the region of Demir Hissar. BERLIN, May 31. The forests south of Cumieres, west of the Meuse. hae been completely cleared of French troops, the German war office stated todny. Strong German attacks were marii following a violent bombardment. Lively fighting between the Germans and British is in progress between Arras and La Bassee canal. Enemy torpedo boats that approached the Belgian coast were driven back by the German artillery fire. Hudson For Sale. 1913 Hudson, electric light and starter, tiew tires, used but little. Inquire North Asbury Garage. advU'S Buy your greenhouses, Tel. flowers at F. Hansen's: 18th Ave., W. Belmar. advlL'5.U'8,133,139 Bradley Beach, N. J. Real estate investments. W. X. Macdonald, opposite Boro Hall. advUTH

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