The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 24, 1944 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 24, 1944
Page 3
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iY, NOVKMiiKR 24,'l'JM House Divided Against Laney Some Representatives Reported Resentful Over House Speaker By PAT WALSH .United i-ress Staff Correspondent LITTLE .ROCK, Nov. 24.> (UP)— With the date of Ills inauguration less than two months away Gover- nor.elec.t- Ben Laney, according to rumors; 1ms already stirred "up some opposition to his administration In flic House of Representatives. Tlic base of this opposition comes from his selection of Horace North- cult, Fulton county, as Speaker and that official's manner in filling committee memberships by' ignoring members who.have served from two to thfee terms for olti timers wh have been in the lower leglslattv body for eight or more years. The, rumored selection of Dr. W H. Ablnglon, White county Icgis later, . James Campbell, -barton county and Merle Smith,'' Jefferso county, ns members of'the pre-ses sion budget committee did not, hel the feeling between the two group: '•The anti-administration groii feels that the Governor-elect is in directly .responsible for- the placin of'these two veteran legislators Ii a ruling position, by his forma statement. favoring, Northcu'tt a Speaker.and they can-be expectei to: make, trouble for 'the • (n'coinln order to reach'-them . This group- feels- that Caiiipbe amKAblngton will only, serve ape cial ••Interests; -mainly '.Hie'-'ra'ciri crowd of Hot Springs and the sma colleges, to the . detriment of th rest .of the state. , . . . .-:; those opposing the new' adminis tratlon are known to be plannin legislation to kill horse .racing In Hot Splines thus strike back- a Campbell and to fight for budget re ductions • for' the state "school a Beebe which would affect Abingtcn Well informed sources ' mid-wee indicated -thai a major effort woulc be ! made during the 55th Genera Assembly to place the state in th wholesale whiskey business on grounds that much needed revenu could- be' obtained this way v ' Two- legislators-' living"in differ ent sections of-the stnte while her cif! business announced' tricrf iii tonti6ns".of"introducing such' mea sures while a third is intent upoi rutting across, a slate! operated re measure, that \vould se COUHIICH• NJW8 EPSON IN WASHINGTON Got An Extra Smoke/ Bud? THEAJRE Manila-Ark, .,;. .WEEK-BAY iwjnTB 1 Box Office Opens 7:15—Show Start at 7:30. SATURDAYS & SUNDAYS Box Office Opens 1 Show Starts 1-15 East' Time Today "ARE THESE OUR PARENTS?" •'•''• '"•'• with' ;••'•' • ; Helen Vlrison, Lyle Tallxit.Mvhn •, • . Lebedefl * Npel Nejll - Faramonnt News 1 • 'Comedy , Saturday "PRAIRIE LAW" with George O'Brien .&• Leon Errol 1th Chapter: "The Iron Claw" Comedy Saturday """ OWL SHOW "MAD* DOCTOR" ' with Basil Kathbone, Ellen Drew John Howard & Vera Vague Also Comedy Sunday and flfonday , -...-. V^BJ'.,> • I- £UlEClEb BY RICHARD WAUACr^ jj ! icifift rrir by ^»ttt tii Htnry epiiioafjffij RKO N'tws & Comedy'"" BY S. UUUTON HEATH NKA Staff Correspondent By this time, unless you are as completely disinterested as Vice President-Elect' Harry Truman, who doesn't smoke—you must have read tens of thousands of words about the clgnret shortage. You know about It, don't you? . That's' fine, because after canvassing just about everybody . who ought to know why' tobacconists' clgarel bins nre empty, I'm in n daze, n dither, and something of a dudgeon.''" The War Poods Administration snys tlmt more cignrcls nre being manufactured this year than ever before-^hnlf again' as ninny ns In 1S11 nml 20 billion 'clgnrcts more than last year; Lend-lease and export trade are relatively negligible. They account for less than one pack for each of us for the entire year. Our soldiers sailors, marines and other uniformed men overseas arc Betting aliriosl three and a half billion packs this year, which is equivalent to about 26 packs for-each American. ' Nevertheless, after this, the WFA' says that more dgarets will be nvall- "'*'" for' civilian Americans this . than ever before except-In 1943, niid more than nine-tenths as many as in that record-smokinV year. 77 PACKS I'EU IN 1941 : In 1941 nn average of 11 packs of cigarets was available for every -American. We got along fine. \Ve could step into any corner cigar or Jrug store and buy all we wanted. Iii 1314, if government figures are correct, the available packs will total more than 91 per person—91 packs fi- every man, woman and able venr Golds, Chesterfields and.Pall Mnlls. Meanwhile the smaller mtmutaclur- crs, who had a lol of excess capacity uinised when llic shortage developed, have stopped up production and virtually all of.lhclr increased output Is kept at' home for civilians. . ' ' • So the WPA's overall figurc-of 02 per cent as m'any civilian clgnrets tills year ns last Includes the nn- ktiown bi'nhds-the brands you either leave on the dealer's counter or Wiy occasionally mtlic-f' (linn KO smokeless. .'. '•; ' • "'''., o f '' I ho bran i s you' want 1 ': . . ar'brands, there still h'rffL,,- poscd to be seven packs,' for you for every carton you usett'last'year. Arc you getting them? If yon arc, don't tell-inc. I'm-'miserable enough as It is. : . ling infant who Isn't supposed 16 be an a clgnret diet yet. One would -imagine, therefore that it should be a simple matter lo walk into almost any store and •?et at least one pack a day of Luck- ies. Old Golds, Camels, Chesterfields or Pall Malls. . But if you -smoke, or even if you try to keep a small- assortment on hand to suit the varying tastes of your guests, you;don't-have-to be told Hint you can't buy nine packs of Luckies-or Canieis or Old Golds or Chesterflelds^this year 1 for every carton you bought in 1943. • One of the biggest manufacturers is giving- distributors- seven packs this year for every carton the distributor handled in • 1943.: That is well under the nine packs that WFA figures would suggest but there is an explanation: OVERSEAS FIGURES ARE SECRET ' Government figures on clgarets sent overseas to our fighting men are a closely guarded secret Manufacturer figures on production, sales and government purchases are equally secret. But it is understood that the Army, the'Navy and the "ed Cross ship the different brtiVids overseas, in the same proportion that the brands were smoked" at home. -This means that.almost all'.the service men's cigarets are coming out of our Luckies, Camels, Old ill-.: a; large political machine anil force hundreds of establishments now engaged in that line of business into other channels.- The Houss members suggesting tbc.state operated retail stores measure pointed to the success of'-other states in such operations and the profits obtained being put into 'the genera! revenue fund. Despite pleas 'of war plants for more manpower, there are still some men in Arkansas who want statehouse jobs, as was shown midweek when Governor-elect Ben Laney took 20 minutes to elbow his way from the fronlvdobr of the •Marion hotel' to, a; private dining room on the second floor where he. attended a meeting of the executive board of the Arkansas Livestock Association. Forecasters who said the new 'governor would have trouble ' fillihE jobs at the statchouse must have teen wroni?,- as one observer put it after watching Laney take a few steps at a time and always being stopped by n job h.unter-or a legislator who wanted to discuss patronage in his own county -.The usual duck dinner for mem- :ei-s of the Senate will be held this year; here in Little Rock on Sunday December nth, we ll informed sour- es disclosed this week. However *e cliahees are that the senators h t '\°, eal (luck cllle to "ie fad hat the sources which in the past supplied the fowls this year are in hD. armed services" 6wever ' , u ? As sai <i' 'h'nf the bers of the upper house can expect a good "steak", which in Boys Receive War Trophies From Germany •• Playing with German .helmets', bells and cartridge cases has been the chief diversion for Drane and Wesley Adams, young sons of Mr. nnd Mrs. J. w. Adains, since these soitvciilrs arrived from Germany. .They were : sent by (heir uncle, Mnj. Francis W. Adams, only n short time, before lie-was killed Nov. 5, with his death announced Inte Wednesday by the War Department. Major Adams, battalion com- niander for the 26th Infantry Renl- ment of the First Infantry, is believed to have obtained these vchtrs" ™ "' , " ud loo[1 "»« " s ."' c " plm et had been nicked frohi the nallle field arid immediately sent . here. "Flense fumigate 1 ' were instructions sent by Major Adams. There nre two cnch of the articles called "military trophies" in Ihe official certificate which from the compnnied the gifts L1 European theater of operations ' Buckles of tiie belts are of interest with one made of steel arid of •" in.-i-.umu irossessiom Inc oilier of aluminum. One was COI|I(I nct "s Hi*s with his u rL > manufactured by n. Ourlch, Dies- confinement past Hence llic fhs . , - «cn, ID35, and the other is stamped " Invasion In I'UANCKS 1 1'nws Sla.ff.-Coi'r&jiomieiit I-CS ANOEt,E6 (Ul 1 ).—.Many AnicrlL-hn prisoners of' war will be freed by operation. 1 ! 1 now taking plnce in this- Philippines, predicts Dr. Durlus A; Davis, ns^dclule gen- criu secretary:of the World's ConiJ u-.lltce of the YMCA, In charge of war prisoners' nld. • '. ' ,-. '•Some of the remaining- prlsoheis cf war will, be' moved-' lo bflier i-ni»|is. perhaps In Hbiia tfons/For-'- mesa or Japan." the -penolOijisl nddcil. -'k»u • **•>." •.-,! Now that the Phlliflliilies Is n battle arcn; -jjreclilrtmg 1 . further prlsoncr aid,' the' YMCA will shift Us operations to^ relieving: 100,000 United Nations inen held'In other Japanese camps, ami thousands more In. Europe; he said." 2 Comnilllffi of Neutrals Tlic supply line, from the YMCA to Japnwsc-hekl prisoners Operates through . two committees,' 'one' In TWO and Hie olhef in ilic Piilllji- pfncs. •• ' , -.' ;..:. ."Composed, of Swedish"ami Swiss tiemi'flls, the committees 'sillily the needs of the men In "prison- camps and then purchase, the' liialerlnl warned In that urea', if possible" navls said, "in addlllbn to what cwn be purchased locally, the Gi jps- nolm made two trip's . currying u total of 225 case.? of equipment,,' of K'hlch 105 cnsc.?-, were 'delivered lo the Philippines-and'-the-balance'to Japan." . :.'..:•. A typical. unit of-supply, ,'ncc'pm- inndatlug 200 'nicii,-cpiislsls of'1050 books';-. incluciin B ; C50, f|6ll6n 7 ; '150 le.xlbooks, and J the- bnliin'co' oiv-'vo cntlonal nn'tl- crafl'siibje'cts. Ther are- baseball and football <tqulp mcnt, n phonogrnplr'wiih 150'rcc ords, school room suppfiei . so Urn classes may be held, and stni equipment;•• -';'-'. ;. ; : -•-. . j - Prior lo United S'tAtes'ciitry : ii the war, Dr. Davis visited Oermni prison camps, a prlvlic'ge 'now.rc strlctcd .to neutrals. :• ".- • t: .lews Karb"(hb'' Sairti- ' "Amcrlcnh-Jbwlslr prfcioners ! ai treated., identically 'with . blhe Amciicn-ns riie Gerninn-i allow u to <ciul Jettlih icllgions books niv hold Jewbh icllgioiib scivices ' ~.ew arrl\ al at 6ami/ Is strip'pti peisonai |>ossesslOm «hlel ^ 1 he gets addressed to him Ij , , an e oer is stamped e ges adressed to him Ij "B. Schneider, Ludcnschried, 1940'" | lla " l(! b "lipreclalcd more than nn> Tlic sleel btickle bears the iii- ' tnln S else because It re-nssurc scriptibn "Got Mil Uiii-", meaning I lllm lle iKnl forgotten Thli Is til •'God Be With Us" and. the aluin- ' Amdricnn wartime log a 160 ilium buckle bears swastika. . ain- eagle mid UI " nk book ln »1'1* a. man Asks Bond Forfeiture JCNESBORO, Ark., flay. Circuit . «'lte the stoijj of hh s t a> in oil use for \\tikrcolor sketches o loi phototnph'; i 7'; c mc " mir-e nicdel alrplahc p by Prosecuting Ally. Marcus Fielr The> have lenrned lo i^e mart, Monday askimj for fdrfellurc of -a rlne for non « Si f, e P fiOOO cash bond in the case of Luke All kinds of cour cs art offered of court. Holder- is'oiit on bond on two charges of '.-allegedly .pbf.iining moil ey from, 'the two -Jonesboro :aii!fs, giving mortgages on • cattle , ce llmt:he allegedly did not own. Tlic boredom The cist thiown up t by,thc earlh worm conlains the richest and s lutiitlous crop growing- soil avail able. How To Relieve 'Bronchitis' ' ttnd ' tender ' in mucous mem- lon with the un" GREOMULSION or Coughs, .Chest ColJs, Bronchitis Dr. J. L. Guard Optometrist at Guard's Jewelry 209 W. Main fim THANKSGIVING ... was ar, expression of gratitude for a few simple comforts in.a free knd. Today let's join in giving thanks to those • who are working and fighting to' -preserve our freedom We car, ijcver-rtpay them for (he job they are doing, but we can show our sincere appreciation. Let's do if. « bank will not be open on Thanksgiving Day. The First National Bank The Only National Bank in Mississippi County Planters Hdw. Co., Inc. home of SHERWIN-WILLIAMS PAI^T DE LAVAL MILKERS and SEPARATORS GOULD'S ELECTRIC WATER PUMPS , U. S. BELTING and PACKING CANDLEWICK CRYSTALWARE COMPLETE LINES OF HARDWARE^ Phone 515, BlytheviJfe, Ark, SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON KV Wli.MAM'K. (ill.KOV, I). 1) iniies and condllloHs cliangu, bull ""slu fuels HIH| piobleins of hii- »imi life remain much ihe sniilo blnckcrs 'and \vaslcrs, who refuse lo bear (heir Mir- .slinrc of (he worlds work' mm responsibility, are ns much a ptoblrm and n mcimcu lo society as they \vcn> In il»* rinvi 01 Puul.: J " tM ""^ Iliis is trnp In our modern x soHety, In spile;of Ihe'fncl ... ... ont economic an,| iiidusll-lal oiaer many can _M« without work»6, and In'-rDtpm years maiiy AV!IO Wo \vbhed lo work have bpon dc- inwl Die opiiorlltntty. Wlml Is ciu- I'linslzcd bj" thcso facia Is -tlitil Ihej'o Is sohielhliie amiss in soolfe' ">ni In Mino way. wc'nnist eonHly In iv truly Christian soulelyf.'av- fty capable pertoii would bo muk- Ing Ills conti-Hmtlon to 1 Hie coin- mon uodo. it ho did not nce,| 'to work for hls^own living, h c 0 ,nji u o be .engaged in .sjmie sorl of work, ml necessarily phvSlcul inOor, for Hie wolfiu-c of others Ti'iifc dc- inorrncy demands this. qu tic ! «s much as Chrlsdan tdcnlLsm. In an Weal democracy no one would uo exempt from BOfliil ilutii-.s, - or lie n,?, 1 ", ', C " l " "™-for.lilm.SL.lf alone; "»d .this could, be offei.'teir in dp- iiioeriulc ways, without (he ilan- BPi- oi fnsclstn or dlctntorshlp.- . it:Is mllii>r'nmiwlng ! lo find that n Hie; early ohi-Lstlan conuiuiiil- 'Ws, whcre^onc would have cspeil- M Id find the hlghcsl sort or rti>- vntioii to MIC common' good, |lici- c were'stackers sn Hngrnnl IliiU Piuu md to rebuke them, anu lo warn the church-that If these poltroons would not work nt-Kh'er should (hb'y eat. .Only a serious .situation could imvc called forth siich slrons words and sinjh.cxli-cmc n\cnsui'cs"' ' The principle |]ml Paul 'l n y s iloivii Is-n fiomici one, even for mwlcrii complex soeiclJes. Welfare depends upon work-.' an,) the full clfiire or society depends upon the provision of usehil work for all and jie.AlHtngnpMof allto do It.'And U Is is true, desiHlo the recuircncn, or periods of unemployment, anil the failure thus far of ovcry motl- ern nation to rind n solution 'for (he problem of unemployment. War .is'obviously no 'solution liiouuli It keeps all who want, to ^ork ciiiplojed while the wai lasts 01 In PDItoils of \\aillkc piopniallon us in Oeinmnjs -jiippo^crt solufion of the pioblem in Ihe \cais pic- ctdlnu Hie um Hclicf (h c rfolj sistciu ns it ^as callttl in Billaln ami simllai pio\Kion In lliL-! conn m nccessaij nnd Inimane 01 the measures of relief weir is no solution In the much cr|ti c |/cd WPA and PWA millions or people who weit denied icaular jol)s weic en ablcd to mainliiln Uiclr sclf-respcot-, "n,| nmii\ or tliem gave very ud imblc \soik to Ihc nation foi c\ery dollar thcj iccclved But such icllct as an emeinencv measure i, no lenl solution to tlic problem or \iiiemploimcnt. llioueh a treat deal that was doi'e under rUlef in the deep depression ought to have been done In the course of Two tilings, it seems to me, nro needful; we mvist establish' inona useful work for thu common good, so that If labor Is hot, absorbed In IK-e cnlerprlso it cnn be Uini«l to otner socially oi'Dnnlzea uml socially pi'Ofilable cnlerprise; and free I'literpitid must hccdme IncronsliiK- lytoililiwted by (he Wear or service rnllier- than the motlyo of pcrsonnl BIUII, wltlrdlsfrlliutloii of (jotids : for Uicj coinmon welfare made Ihc uonl. "ilnln Us highest efficiency.'° This SOMIW to me thii Inevllnble path toward the Chrlstlanhntion ol Induslry,;. -. . Stitt Attends Meeting Of State Hotel Group ,, J ,' > , S5eo ^ tl11 ' "ixuniser of liotcl _~£i_i' c !!LJii'.* 1 '' ln y'" UMK BRONCHIAL COUGHS! or DUD to CoM» Buckloy'i'Fomouj "CANADIOL" Mixture Acti Like i Fbiti i^r'lh 1 ;,,/^,^ 1 ",,!? 11 ^;.";,,', 1 ^ M I liyklcy'u- UANAIMOIi .Mlx!,','S tii'ifin IIC-UHK),. 'l^nlto it ouiih)4i of «l|'» nl M'llllmo. , J.'col ltd iiiHiiiut .liCMVnrfiil i>rrrcllvn nuiluii Hlirrnd tlirti ln| 'int. lioAil innl .bruiiulilul liiljcs. |r jilGrlH-nl tnit'O ti] ! lfl(im\n up t]il c l^ vliulifiL^.]iji|c|;in, Hj)ulho itlu' nu'in^ uniiK'ft nn<l Miulto In'LinlhliiK cunlur Buf(ori>iii fi-uiil lliosil lii)is]«lf.|i,' nisty liTlliilloir RoiiKhiror i.i-ui I'i'iiiitiniiu ii,u< lo'.rolilil .mm i,,,,, v '«>.» J'r.lrtltii inilck an.I cfri'i'llvn ro- Uor, ..Ooti'i wiill—not niU'li)o>-«cnS. nrttol lodiij-. r V"ii |toi relict Inaiiiuiij- .HOKUM'S I»H10S ifock wliejc he intended nn exccu- Irt bonrd tiKotlnu of Arkansas HO* lei Ai .icliiljoji and axecutive board , "MX* f c ' et '""y of the former nnd ° f Ul ° lrtl! « u "8> weie'lield at Hotel - * ICE CBEAM We Hickory l LOUIS CHERRY NEW YORK LlFfiSsURANCE Co! Ait.- - - BUYfftoVV FOR THANKSGIVING DANCE Thursday — Friday And Saturday Nighti 9:30 to 1 O'Clock In the Beautiful Blue Room of the HOTEL NOBLE \ Admission Gflc IncJ, Tax. •***.!?* '«« '^' e ^»c,,r ' nt> "l h " s "* Cn , ^ e ::,""'"„ >«w THE OVERnnoOK CO, Int -' w3> ^, Baltimore, MarjUnd •> •> >»"'«7f 1 s f't * ->.*,* •,"• tf PJan (he home of your dreams bond by bond. Every War Bond you buy wll pay for some part of it and as your plans mature} your bonds will grow in value. You will want a modern kitchen - one, or more bathrooms-^ powder room-effortless heating and other features. Ear-mark your bonds, dedicating each- purchase to a specific purpose and watch their value increase. ' The bonds you buy now will build your home by and by. AMERICAN ADIATOR CORPORATION R flUMBIKO FIXTURES AMERICAN -f'm-NIHINt; laUIPMENT arc currently'available under Government ' regulations, when war restrictions ate removed and civilian production is resumed pur products will be available through Heat- ' ing and Plumbing Contractors, as heretofore^ m,lc out facilmes »re prewntly engaged („ ' war psoduction much thought Is being given to Rescatch and Design, to the end (hat out •> post-war products will teptewht every, pos- ,^ »fbleadvance, ' •-••.., ..'. _ ' • SUNBEAM will be a <M Dtp (bit for Henlit Mil Huabtaf udn rtti^- tlotii prescribed b, «•

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