The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 7, 1938 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 7, 1938
Page 11
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TIlUliSDAY, Al'lUL 7, 1938 SulsF ULYTIIIWILLI! (ARK.) COUKlBli NJ-JWS Dessert Tray For Sunday Supper Parly $& When Combined For Sun- dayG Dessert They Form Zeslful Duo ll.v MUS. CAYNOJt MA1)1>OX NKA- Service SliilT Writer Fruit for dessert is not on'y !;ocrt food, it Is silso now "lilglily f.-isliioiiablc." Es|)ccliil!j' wlii'ii .served with checjie, sin-ji us Llcrtrr- kriinz, Roquefort ur CcunomtxTt. If you are not in Hie haliit <>[ J-crvhiK :\ cheese and fruit (lesson. );cj;iii tills iileaKinl, custom at your next Sunday ni[;|)i .sii)>|n>r. Preserved fruits as well as frssii fiiiits make tasty nlliiuicr;; -.vlth cheese. ['reserved tigs drained and stuffed with ;t mixture at' cream cheese and a dasli of .s.ilt cnycniiQ arc tnsly novelties. Licdcrkraiiy. makes !i yirniant stiifriiiB for large- rmini's. Lar.rc Wiick Kraiw.s chilled, and needed, , nrc delicious stulTcd will) pimento cheese. Hakcd Uluilml> :uni Kaininus Two an>.s rhubarb. ;i hummus, 3-1 cii|) .supnr, 1-2 lenmmm lemon juice, 1 1-2 tablespoons butler. \Vnsh rhubarb and cut into onn- incli pieces. Peel and slice liuuu- nas, arrange in Iialtini; disli in ultcriialc layers, add supar, le'.non juice ami butter, li-tka in ;, moderate oven (350 degrees F.I two hours. I>C l.llxc t'OI!l)lci(c '4 lo 0 servings) Six red apples, 0 eatiii? jjcnri, 1 1-2 ciipK sugar. 1 1-2 cup water, juice and rind of 1 lemon', juice. and rind of 1 small orange. Peel pears and apples and cut inlo thin lengthwise strips. Malji- a syrup of sugar, water and orange and lemon juice. Cut rhrl of lemon and orange into verv small pieces and cool: in symii. Add apples and pears to ,svn»> • mul cook until soft, place in individual glasses and chill in rcfri.;- ciator. Top \\-\u\ whi]ii)ed cream ami n little candled pee! or gin<<er or a cherry to make a richer dessert. I •SBSH • *&y-\ ^m 'stmsy--.?:; *. mi ! < ^•et^f ' H*^S 1 STORES ¥«$ *•?:•¥* > :: fe;' &*m m «V.: .3 it&fji [ A fruit um! dietsc trny for your Sunday snpiicr p:ir!y Is its own expianaiion lor the steadily IKiimlaiity in Ameiica of (Ins ContiueiUal type di r dessert. try. old-fashioned buckwheat cake-; fvt stand over ni'.;ht in a warm make a W^ liit. yl :tiV . j n mim iii r r add soda ami i'urk-.vhi'at Cakes } well. JJuip by spuonlii!., on rvin;.;s» V|'' ! °l iji'iJdlf. Ketve v, itli honey or ' (•1 !„• 0 :;orvin;.;s» V . Out- an-.' upc-liislf '.'up:; bmlins \vatei-. ;!-! tvaspoun :,.dl. 'i tablespoons inul'issfs, ;!-.j ye.ibt cake. ti tal.'le.siJoons liikt'.i-ai'jn v;aiej'. 1 l-a cup.-, Safin 1'hyrlutlics Tlicse «-ilh a yen for saliu should buckwheat, fluiir. ti j be happy to learn tlsjit this shiny iJbk'.iliO-HS while Hour, Li-! tea- material is being used' lor bench spoon Md.i. j nnd play clothes tills year. A Mix ix)ilin!! water, rait ;iml: blue satin butliliv> suit would cer- molri.'ist's. Dissolve yt.'U.',l i)) hike- j laiiily look smart on the Miami v.urm ivator and add to nbove 1 shores. Black Kilin i.s featured in mixture when it l:i coul. Add j cilots, u .shorts jind shin outlil, gradually and heat \vell. \ fitted ccal and a piny 'suit. Tiansluinmi" Dress To wear wltli your itinn.'i' Mill fixiiu tcntiinc tiiroii;;li to (lie uoe .'.ilia' hours, ;i .•.-IIDI-), ntii'd Ijloiisfr of liuri/onlal rows of slun-t silk fvliiiic in Jet blu-k or shiniin: while ,-ilu;t wllli i;uld lends a toima] air: The neckline Is lifeh, the sleeves nhovo- (.'Ibon- lensth, a row of liny billions I'loac Ilic blouse from \valslllnc lo Ilirout. TJic avcrngc .siieed of MX Army "Hying forlrcssc.s" Hint. Hew lo South America and back \v;\.s U10 miles an hour. Hunger Goes Like Mot! •Cakes- Wild "Stack ofj < Wheats" •Around _ KV J1KS. OAVXOK JI,M>I)OX''- NBA SfCTii'c Slair Writer It's easy to get «p in n lc morning when the griddle is hot. The vising Iwll will sound like music if breakfast is to consist of a -'stack of wheats" with a .sweet river of syrup. Kice Griddle C'akcs (-1 lo f! servings) • One unc! one-halt cups cooked rice. 2 eggs, l l-.j c ,,,, s m j; k ( ,_<> cups Hour, 3 teaspoons baking powder, 1 1-2 tablespoons sugar. 3-4 teaspoon salt, a pinch ct mit- ziicg if desired. Beat eggs thoroughly, a:!d to rice and mix will) a fork, add milk and dry ingredients which have been sifted tc;clhw. brat, well, am! drop by small spoonfuls on a vnry hot well gje.ifed griddle. S-CITC : .vith butter and maple syrup. Ciirnnirnl Griddle Calies (4 to G scrvinirs) One and one-half cup:; rorn- nieal, J-2 cup flour. .] tcHS|r);in,s baking powder, ;j-.j IMIKJIOOH salt. 1 tablespoon, l O^L:. 1 ciu> milk 1-3 cup water, 1 tablespoon moiled Initlor. Mix all dry Ingredienls well together. Beat eg;;, add mr1:issc.<. milk and water. Add all lo dry iiigiwlicnis. Beat well. Lastly :t dcl niellcd biitlrr. Drop by .•.-[israiifiil.s- on hot pritldlc. serve with ni;p bacon and syrup. On a very cold day in (lie coun- 1'hoiic 211 !il K. i\5iiiii SiroolT. II. V.'inliililicr, \>ntn. \Vc JJcliver SPECIALS FOR FRIDAY AND SATURDAY Solid Meat Lean and Tender Small Mealy Fresh., and'Tender ";PK'a'JJ'?*l8 Cured Sonnri'S. IJi.l B3^^% S^'vV ^ifSS-^T^^jKSJ^ ^ b'" 7- "tKZVfmfH tf>* IIV J-'ulj Drrsscd, L!). Wisconsin • \j\v- , Kull Cream, r,l). I a 2 EEBsszaa^BsszzsiesssaasGSKaaasKas^s! EssjashEEsssssESBEssss^KsswaiEsffijsa imp! PEPPEi ''r"* IT' \ llIIFi c , rt ' :u ." ui '- v Wf Juas8ia;^K Ol l!ns C I NIITFE'E' J5lllk 11 C N O . 2 Can ill WfTLfe Pound El uuu^ g^? B • ,g,Qj<b ? ?3S5SEJ^5a5Se635E5!331BES33BS^SSa!BSr;SEEEa ^'TdflnsaK*ffi3SBSffi^lia5®rfiR^13BESS£ai2SKfflCa!^^ £} &fl~' -9 " tW T* ^Tjfi P^WW I'OV/DICK Kc can • fi fSknilFlw Can S agag5rt^^ ^ lOvapoiv.U'tl f?aS3SaXaMt'ii*fflWBB£®i2tlriiS SSKKSSHSASaiSJ] Twenty Fours jSEBISaTi^J s c i FEtyR! *y wmsmwM '^«B^fc-dvaM.S^E5i-vs,Vi£»'kfc 0 ^t^^ ftSH^BiiffSliia&SSSS^SI^SS SP1 STL' Kviijioi-alod ^fc j Rp)D68.aR"ffii I-ancv Kruit EC Fancy Red Triumphs H H/n Ten Pounds Jl^!,? •sb&Mh&'AtHttiija&amm yss^mm^naaaaBKfSfiiss Eight Pounds . ...; 87c One Pound Four Pounds ......... 43c - Carton ^ CLOSED ALL DAY SUNDAY For Friday and Saturday 1 I.I»IK l.iwf KroKW'.s Clock Hrriio" Cuff willi |itir- I'; of cadi Dmdjh' Dip Cai'iimi'l l-ayci 1 Cake IMKV 2 Layer 1 ' Aviimlnli' H;ilvi'.s in Heavy >Syni|i, No, 2!', '(.'ails Jiinn of Aic or ("Irv Club Peas I'olil I'ois No, 2 Can 2 for !7c Juices oWiti'V C'hib Tomato or (inipvirliit. 3for25c Country Clnli Tall (it- (i Small 20c ASl'AUAtHlS, DoLMonlc iCc l.ilihy.'s, I'ii'iiic si/. 15 CHKKKIHS 25 l'Cl-; No. 2 (-'an, 2 Km- Pink Salmon Tuna Fish Flakes 6ove Oysters Pineapple Juioe CS| ;is n/, ,|;ir ice Iw DOG FOOD J'\ir Hull,, U. GINGER ALE -f,»u, aw. „ „ g^jR lligH, 3 !k. SSc 23c p.ji S V 8 M)n D GRAPE JUICE Rocky River Pints 15c Quarts 25c Fresh Ginger Snaps and Fig Bars 2 Ibs. for ISc Di'sscrl, 6for25c 2) Ox. I.UUVCH C'nd-y Clnli ISc. Aruo No. a^ CilllH C. Club Nn. 1 can Hi: No. 2, 3 for ur Jtipcnvil Do/on ! ( 'l;t. Alcrf.' Don. Ibs. 52c ** : ' ftn l\ Country Cluli-4.4| _ Corn Flakes s r.j g lie Salad Dressing Qimrt Slnlli Tomatoes Kri'Slt', 't'lrirt' g!* 1 /^ ;intl Solid, Mi. | ofj Spinach Home' O II Uw. Mustard or Turnip Greens Home (ifow Ib. 2c 1,1). 7!/ 2 e WINKSAI' .»ox. lOc HUUHY! Only u short link- Icfl lo i^ul your Majestic \TOi!rroM{ C(ii>lov»re. OIlW Kxpirts Ainii 2:U'cl. iliced Bacon •Very (i(nnt duality l^tirc' ()uar(t'f V'ittc for Uarbctno " L ""• nr'i i i ii in iii ni nnHii iiin^iiiiniinHii For HamhurK'vr or Men I Loaf Center Slices r li River Catfish ib. 30c | Red Snapper ill. l§c Ib, Our fresh .shipments of SMKI/l'S are arriving' daily, I,I; CHEES! Parafine Kansas Cjty C. ()., Thick Ilih, I,b.

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