The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 14, 1949 · Page 17
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 17

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 14, 1949
Page 17
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TTftTKSDAT, APRTT, 14, (ARK.y COUTHER NEWS PAGT5 BalfimoreYWCA Feeds 70 for $12 Dishwashing Oatmeal Pomdge J-* Shortcut Found As Time Saver Buffet Supper for Co-ed Crowd Proves : Cupid Territory Old brother Cupid himself hovers over (he YWCA of Baltimore where an enterprising group of girts (The Saturday-Sunday Club) have found ways to fix a whole buff el supper for a co-ed crowd of for only $12—and do every Sunday niKhl, Main dishes range from ham Hers cooked in different ways to macaroni and cheese souffles. There is always a salad and often cookic.s --other desserts, too, if the budget permits .The coffee, sugar and cream are "on the house"—that is the Y\V CA pays for them. Everything else, though, comes from the club dues. Here's one menu that the $12 covered (remember, for 70 people]) Menu: Baked '-"'ntoc.s with meat pauie.s on top, tossed sallarf, crackers and jelly, sliced oranges and coconut dessert, cookies < coffee was extrai. The time required /.or washing dishes can be cut almost In Uvo If ;•!! 'he known shortcuts are used. Many precious minutes can be saved, for example. If the dishes art.' .serapod, rinsed and stacked ne;itly at iJie sink as they are brought trotn the amiiig table. Another time-and-step-saver is to have all equipment and sDpplic.s need i>cl for washing dishes stored within CHSV reach of the sink. This includes dtsUpan, dish drainer, For the main dish, buy If) pounds of potatoes (about 35 to 40V Bake ihe potatoes. When they arc nearly done, cut them in half and scoop Mii; potato out of the shell. Mix the pouiio with .salt, black pepper and 1'j pounds of butter. Put back in .shell, leaving a small depression oil top for the meat pat tie. ^ Mix R or 7 pounds of ground meat—beef or fresh sausage—with 2 pounds of chopped onions, '2 pounds of chopped green pcpers | and salt mid popper to taste, From ! these make patties. Place on pat-: tie on top of each potato, put back in oven and bake until meat is done. The gravy drops through the buttered potato to add to its flavor. For n tossed salad—9 medium heads of lettuce, I bunch of celery, 4 dozen tomatoes. Use salt to taste and cover with about 3 V>ottles of French dressing ( do not use too much—there should be no dressing left in the bottom of the bmvjt. To go with the salad buy two 2-pound boxes of rackers. 1 pint of apricot Jelly, and 1 pint ol grnpelnde. For dessert—6 dozen oranges, 10 boxes coconut, four 1 -pound boxes of wafer cookies. Sumertime calls for easier menus, of course, like assorted sandwiches, light salads, cold potato salad and frankfurters, and sometimes chicken salad. The actvial dishwashing Is simple foil tine and when the dishes are properly prepared takes little time. Rinse the washed dishes with hot water and allow them to drain dry in the dish drainer. Only the plas.s- warc ami .silver need be dried witi a to\\ol. There are .shortcuts to cleanin-: pol.s and nans, too. First ol all whr-n new utensils arc selected, i'hoow- tliose which can be cleaned with ease Porcelain enatneledware for eximple. has a durable coating of gl-.tss as its outer surface. This smooth, sleek finish makes enameled ]x*^ and pan.s ospecifllly easy to clean Pill the pans with water .soon after they are emptied and allow them lo soak white the meal Ls eate'i. Then scrape away the locs- eiincl food parliele-s with a rubber phtp scraper find wasii in wu*m soapy water. Like ehiiut, enameled xiten-ils mny be rinsed with hot water ana allowed to drain dry. Source of Protein For Robust Meols Here's a Wiiy to cut down meal cosus \\ilhout cutting down protein values. Oatmeal porridge, so often left over from breakfast, Ls a pur- licularly good source of protein and can do a robust Job In u meat loaf. The Uuiicd States Department o 1 . XI'ii uHui e recommends this recipe: Oatmeal Meal l.ouf (Strvra 6) Two cups cooked oatmeal, 1 'if pounds ground beef, ] i pound ground pork, 13 ttiblo.spoon.s chopped onion, '2\it teaspooius salt, 1-8 teaspoon pepper, 'a U'lusinwm celery -serd. it desired. Mix Ihe inyicdient.s. Kuim into A icat and bake like any incut loal-- ' alxMi, I'.j hour.s In a moderate oven (350 aegrci'.s I'M An oxecHciil loaf also may Vk 1 made with liver find oatmeal To make: brown I or I 1 - pounds Hvei on bo-]) .sides and Riuul or chop very Hue. Cool; sliced onion and chopped ct'li-n in drippiti^.s and mix with UT chopped liver »nd with 1 qnan ol cooked oatmeal iiiul sMi and pep] er. It [K'5iri'd for added color and flavor, add .some or canned toimUvius, catMip or chili sauce. Bake about an hour in a moder- cly hot oven (315 degrees F*.). PINNEK. England -(.VI— A bat flew into Mrs. Thome linker's bath- rooin window and settled down on the bathtub IcdRe to watch her taking H bath. Mitnl, the linker's cnl. Hod. Mrs, linker studied the problem n \vhllf, then picked up the animal and tossed It through the open window. "H made squeaky noises at me," .she Raid. or cheese, the same can come forth many tmcs without fear of repetition. Ingredients I 1 ,if cups cooked rice li cup milk 1 tablespoon flour •1 eggs 1 tablespoon butter or margarine 'i te;i:,poon .salt 1 cup cooked fruit, meat, fish 01 R ca d Con r iei N e ws W:s U t Ads CVT FOOD COSTS When colonial Virginia started o tobncco, ihe. leaf \vap placed n hn^heads \vhirh were rolled U rliurfsidf: warehouses along old ndian trails converted into "rolling oacis." WHEN MINUTES COUNT The prompt and cltU-ictit service ot Owens Pharmacists st)ive.v tlu 1 prohU'in ^vory prescription (tiled with metirulcMts CULT E-'iCf di'llv- f:i'v service Phone '^U^-l OWENS DRUG STORE Fluffy Rice Omelets Have Venerable Career The omelet lias had a long and j venerable career. In fact, the ability it> make a tender, fluffy omelet j is a badge of honor in the field of I culinary art. Some cooks think the omelet is so temperamental it Is best to ignore it entirely. But by starting ' ihe making procedure with a white ' sauce, the path is a very easy one. [ Also by using rice in the omelet a ; more appetite-satisfying dish will j be turned out. Til ere are so many . kind* of omelets—fruit, meat, fish ' WUTTER/VMLK' o-SKIAA MILK AT A6OUT i CLOVERLEAF MO^AT DHV IVIILK. SOLIDS easy way to carve your i. Cut 3 or 4 slices off the thin Bid* of the ham. Push the fork firmly into the large cud and grasp the shank to turn ham so it rests firmly on the cut surface. Make a straight cut down to the bone. Cutout a wedge-shaped piece. Starting at the wedge, cut slices of desired thick ness down to the bone. Continue slicing toward large end. ._ FOR HAM THAI 5 GRAND CHOOSt MAYROSE BRAND Insert the knife at the wedge-shaped cut and, with knife parallel to platter, cut along bone to free the slices. NOTE: Th«r»'i no n««c( lo BQT» lh»R« Inilructioni. You'll !lnd ih»m itffhl on lh« wrapptr ol 9Y*ry MaYloi* Hem. B« sure to ask for Mayrose Ham. Your choice of Mayrose tender, smoked Ham ... for you to bake . .. or Mayrose Ready-to-Eat Ham . . . the ham that's fully cooked. Both kinds have that "Center-Slice" flavor from end-to-end—the flavor that makes Mayrose the preferred quality ham. St. Louis Independent Packing (Company v PACKERS OF HIGHEST QUALITY MAYROSE MEAT PRODUCTS STAR, PREMIUM, ABROS or EVERGOOD The Kroner-Cut |!VM JTM ^ l) A D K full hnlvf.v ND crikler AfloM *" I O I I IV •ft nil off hrluro you liny, Mayrose EASTER^f 55 Ib. Butt Half or Whole, Ib62c VITH ANY PURCHASE )f HAM AT KROGER. *,H VOVRS WMtf JNEV iASTf SAUSAGE "sr^r 1 CHUCK ROAST BRISKET 0 BEEF US J£L I £ 32° OYSTERS DUCKLINGS rxr c " t 73< SALMON SLI BACON President Brand. Ib. 49< FRESH T4 -t CftAMI/C ARMOUR STAR 5U FRANKS ^less !r rt 'yw'--*™i^r4 'J?-is*«™ «*-~'O PRIDE CORN Cream Slvle PORK & BEANS Slandanl A No. .'tlC! dint « Ki-ox. nn U Cans t3 MACKEREL Staniliird ORANGE JUICE KROGER FLOUR Plain or Self-Rising. 1 '" HUMKQ Tnll IQc The Dainty Cooking Fat. Can Iw _..^_..^_ •IIt-ox. OOt Cuti Oi, PURE LARD Firm White Pure Hog. PDIIIT fWKTftll N«>2w.qe« MAKUAKInt ™ Um/MAiL C M KROGER EATMORE KROGER MILK ScS'S? CHEESE FOOD / 4-lb. Ctn. 8-lb. $, Ctn. 2-lb. Loaf I'urc lOvi SALAD DRESSING Ivinlm.ssy CORN MEAL Honeysuckle KROGER BREAD 2,,!,;;' Wisconsin Windsor Club. 39= EASTER CANDIES Jelly Bird eggs. Duck eggs. Cream eggs. 2. r )-lh. -115 liiif I Ql ,!ar ,iii'K<' O | c • IKIYL'S « I ;,*• PAAS EGG DYE All Purpose egg Dye. PEACHES Avondale Sliced or Halves. PINEAPPLE AVONDALE Sliced. .„„„„ ., t GRAPEFRUIT JUICE LA I til vARt i;adi TTiJ KROGER Tangy. <-—— ENGLISH PEAS i.Oill Vu Twisted White Di COFFEE Kroner Spi>llij;lit CRACKERS Kxlni Thin cons CHEESE FOOD Krafl Volvecl* No. 2 cans Standard. GREEN CORN - - tray 29c Husked, trimmed, washed, Ready to Cook CELERY Toq Quality, Washed, Trimmed. Pascal APPLES - - 5 Ib. mesh bag 49C All Purpose Yellow Newtowns STRAWBERRIES - P im35c • - • Ib. 15C Fresh Red Ripe Louisiana. Top Quality Kroger Ripened. KARO SYRUP Red Label. Sml. Size SWAN SOAP £f 19* CAMAY SOAP Both Bar SOAP POWDER Duz, Oxydol, or Ivory Flakes. •A

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