The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 29, 1939 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 29, 1939
Page 5
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SATURDAY, JULY 20, 1939 $5,520 Is Average FHA Appraised Value In 1938 The (remcuclous stimulus uffcrdcd Uic oriislruclion of small homes by me pcrtcnil Housing Administration program Is portrayed iu the Mill animal report, of Hint agency. Tlie report, shows thai niorc tlitin Iw'o-llfths of the new single-family homes which tlio Federal Housing Administration accepted for Jnsur- iintc in 1038 were valued at less than $5,000, mere than tour-fifths at. less than $1,000, and only 2 p«r cent, at {12,000 or more. In the case cf existing homes on which mortgages were accepted for Insurance, almost Ihree-flfth.s were valued at less than $5,000, but itro- porlioirately more existing than new homes were valued al more Ihnn $10,000. New licmes arc defined as those constructed under 1'HA inspection or not more than u year old at the lime of acceptance of the applicatlrn for mortgage Insurance. The average FHA appraised value or new single-family homes in 1938 was $5,530, the report revealed, and the average valuation has declined steadily since 1035, when it, was about $6,450, or $320 higher. In interpreting 'this sharp decline, (he report, pointed cut that the number of rooms also declined, that these figures represent the FHA valuation rather than the actual cost of construction, and that the FHA has encouraged construction of small homes by offering a , smaller down payment, a higher l:an-to-valuc ratio, and a longer mortgage term. For existing homes, the drop in averagp Federal Housing Administration' valuation of about 5220 was n:t so!great as that for new con- structicjn. In 1938 the average Federal Housing- Administration valuation cf existing homes was 55,069. His'Firm'Built •Exhibit Home H1AT1UOVILLE. (AUK.) COUBIBB NEWS W. Ij. (Jack) Homer, manager ol the Arkmo Lumber Company, opening ah exhibit home tomorrow',' with cooperation of the Federal Housing Administration. Corn at Its Best The sooner sweet corn Is cooked after it is gathered from the. garden, the better its flavor. But overcooking can ruin the best of corn. Five to seven minutes in boiling, unsalted .water, in a covered pan, is enough for young, lender corn. For matured ears, ten minute? should Ijc sufficient and, since matured corn is not apt to be so sweet, add a little sugar to- the boiling water. -.- ••• : '.-* < 25-Year-OW Home Is Typical In U. S. The typical Amerfcan urban fej- Idenlial faulldlng Is about 25 ycass old, according to a study made ot more than 8,000,000 dwelling mills and 5.000,000. dwelling structures. More than 50 per cent of the structures surveyed were built before 1915, and almost one-quarter of the dwellings were built In I8B4, or before, according to the survey, which was undertaken by WPA with techniques partially supplied by the Federal Housing Administration. Your Home i! In finishing Hie aide of (Me Irmc Hie owner may increase the file resistance by Installing .some form or asbestos paper bclwcon the sul>- Hocrlng and Mnish flooring. Tlirrmoslal locution' A generally salisfadorv height or (lie location of (hermosluls has " found to-be live feet above flo.Tjn a spot where it Is pro- eclcd from drafts and wlirrc It will be in coiilacl with a large volume of air. UsiifUly ll,l s ,„„„„ , hia Hie resuiBlor Is pli.mi on llie wull one of the firsl-flo:r rooms Iteent developments in (hcniio- at design have eliminated the fh i ' ' ncc !' n " ll!l11 iiwcnrancc, and her location on || lc llvl^-room « all need no lonjer nmr the scheme of rtccorollcn. Under the Mo.lcrn- taUlon Crc«ltt ['ton of the Federal Housing Administration ln, mc own . as may obtain funds to lii nntomallc iCONSTRUCTlON-EQUlPMRNT REMODI-LJNG Garage Size A garage (hat me.iswes nine feet by eighteen feet Is usimlly nmplo'U) (UTommodntc the average' car. Doers should be seven feet lilgli and not less thai) seven (eel six Inches Illlrl.. . combed. The 'money wide. Where HIP Is the type who . * \ Arcliilccliucal Styles Arc "ixaniihecl By FHA Experts 'l'»c dhirnclcr of llie iirchllec- "I'ul deMsn of a home given as jwurlly for n morlengc insured by lie VYdpi-ni Housing AdmlnUlrn- "i-'n is siveii very cnrcfnl consid- t'rnlloii. While having .no prt'fcr- c'K'c (Huong Iho various styles'of amillcctiire, the f'HA requires tlml he style raxl be well executed mill 1" griwat In confonnlly wltli Hint thr siirw.itidlng homes. Its it brief history and Untied - ~....v> 1.1 niv I^|M; UAm • -"~»Jnti i;> u [Jliei IllilOiy am like;, lo inakn repairs en Mis nm- ! wwrlutloii or tlic tvpcs of 'arclil "' ' - "'- - - Platan -.nrcn.ghU (he nl: Tiio nirly New Lliglrmii were built liy CTOftstmvi Wllo I their tnide in KtigioJKi. chine, H Is advisable to mid n few tcot, to provide working space. Uarases may be bulll on- Die Jitmo witli funds obtainable tram qimli- ,,u, m .,, fi«l lending iiistUullons inidciv tlic le:nnod Modorntation Credit Pliui of Iho I-'cricrnl Housing Admluislriitlon. nincss C'niii|i!ilnii Assailed I.OHOON (UP)-Niiclkm nncl tlic iwlioml !ltnc.M cnmimlgii iirc ru- liicreHsc In sox ,,. .. ..... t l HflciiHy in oulul»lii s nmny i- ills icsultMl In simple and rc- slmincd slylp. Mcdern Colonlul follow this early InidttUm. vicar of St. Paul's, Shiinklhi, Isleof Wight, declares In Ills parish mngn- v.lne. imimrted . Knrly sotilhein pluht- nrclitlcds from known in n Kvery (on of coal, when burned, disslpntes into (lie iilr (he equivalent, of about (58 pounds of Bul- piiuric sicld. Rail Engineer's Mileage Equals 4 Trips to Moon BELLBVUE. O. IUP) — James Furlong, dean of Nickel Plate railroad engineers, retired after nearly 51 years of service during which friends figured lie had traveled a distance crpial to four round trips lo the moon. Furlong estimates his tola! mileage at 2,000,000 miles. The mean distance to the rnoon Is 238,1157 iiiles. On this basis, he lias traveled on rails a dislarice equal lo more limn four trips to the moon and back. Son Outflshcs Father PITTSFIELD, Mass.- (UP)—The c\ay after: Policeman Louis J. Per,i- chi, Jr., gave his 12-year-old son a new fishing outfit, the lad caught a 24-inch, three-pound pickerel. The finny prize was 2 Inches longer than Pcrachi's own record catch.; - * "WIRING BY WALPOLE" Tlie sign of good wiring. Good wiring that is nimle to liisl. The Ne\v' Exhibit Home is a fine example. Sec it Sunday. CONGRATULATIONS ARK MO LUMBER CO. ON THE NEW EXHIBIT HOME An Excellent Job WALPOLE'S ELECTRIC SHOP 110 So. 2nd 1'hone 311 Congratulations ARKMO LUMBER CO. The New Exhibit homo is truly of ex- coilem construction, and it will make a wonderful hbmfe'for the future own- cr - I am proud that I was the painter "» (his project and believe that everyone participating; wilh the building of this home may feel the same way. JIM PRICE PAINTER .Ki^llsh: 'Jlie iilctui-L'squo, valiir wins type of )i:«sc first nsnrt in rural I'Vnin'O mid Idler in England In tlie Ilinr of KHunbelJi | s knoivii ns Kngllsli Tiulnr. 'n lc English hcine lias low. trnccful lines mid Interesting surface textures. Modem: Thq term "machines for living Is oftcil applied (6 llie flat- Koteil, severely plain Homes designated us "modern." Deigned chiefly for utility mid convenience,' Diey reflect tho nicdcrn siuiiide In bulldln ? , lioincs ,iiro. nopu- . . ,v ^..-ww >tvit,v.> .nil: llvini nr Ill Fi-niwe, Qeriimny, and'Hoi land as well os In uio United Slates. I'Vciicii: There is a touch of toi- ninllly hi our modern French houses, rellectliiB tlic high culttiro o( the pcrlcd from which they sprang. Noimun: A mini's homo | s ellll his castle, as modern homes In tho style of tlie aneieiil Noi'innns ESTJMATEO, NUMBER ,Qf NON-FARM bwet-LINO UNITS BUILT Nuw Cullfoniln: law . pitched roof, long )ioMa>ii|«l H|| CS , „,,(( rninbllng design, rcmlnlscctii of the early I'ancli hornet, charuclci'lue this new Cnlltonila stylo. M:nlcicy: One o! (lie most al- trncllvc of (ho cmicnl California types, warm nml filcndly in sp | r tt. H union of (he Colonial with tho early Cnllfomluii architecture, ' 'Hie iiinn who Invented the mortem plow, Jrthio Wood, wliltticd "Is first, models oul of [loUiloes CQVH[)<r» ^iil r,fg*li lull i| 19 IH < M.v«m e« «ii.t , K.T(I MitVuwii il, uV<6 » Vm« «iia ir i»i tww v ui«4,ST»,ii,ei TH »" J 't ..... t M4t n> nlk.w. ii,,... i, HW « UI5. (Hriiritl Ut T« r ( K«»L KW |.|Civt< MWI'H; IL» ^.,0, 1, t»t ItlMlll M ir«*n*ii (jiinaai «ft M »M?I( f»U» JMHVtitt E->iE v SC EXHIBIT AT 1500 CHICKASAWBA STREET OPEN SUNDAY, JULY 30th From 2'til $ P. Invited To Attend The Opening Of The New Exhibit Home Tins home will be offered for S9,]e under the Federal Housing Administration Plan.- gniall down payJmeht of not less than 10'^, .with small monthly payments, including,principal, interest,' taxes, and insurance. Interest 5'^. Unload the burden of rent'by financing a home through an F. H; A. plan. Strictly modern' throughout under government supervision, An.F. H. A. official will be present to give full information relative to this home and other plans. BUjLT BY THE LUMBER CO. W. L.'HORM5R, Mgr.

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