The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 7, 1947 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 7, 1947
Page 2
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PAGE TWO BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS MONDAY, APRIL 7, 1047 At The Hospitals pejvly-Marriad[,Cpuple ( OES Initation Rites jHojiored With Tatties' Will Be Tomorrow Night I Mrs. Florncc McKintie Wed to Manila Resident I Mr. and Mrs. Roy c. Turner,' Mrs. -W. C. Colston, Mr.s. Eci- 1U O( wide Inleiesl In Mississippi )Ji-.,| students-"Rt- University of Cook and Mrs. J. J. Cookston \vi;i County is Ihe intm-lnge of Mrs. fArtynsss, Fayettevllle, who were ibe hostesses- tomorrow night at Flm-cncc McKlnzlc of Mem- yccontly married, \yerecomplimem-- Inilalion services of the Order <;l phis formerly of Wilson ard :cd ' with several' parties 'during «w Eastern Star at the null, a known in nly'ihevllH?, to Bob 'joe ^hc-lr Easter ^ vacation here wiih. o clock navid of Manila. The w.-ddinu wai Mrs. Turner's mother, Mrs. Kalb-1 l»o Blythcvllfc Cliaptei- of O. K. f . utaim iml y.-Mcrday at (I Ken Cglesby Thomas, and her aunt s - 'S among chapti-rs iuvllcd lo a 0 - t . l(1 ,, k ln lb , honored with a sherry uany giun |uy Mrs. Edgar Borum and Mrs- \V. ID, chimiblm at the home, -1022 West. Holly. . ! Spring flowers and other dco- pralio;is in the home carried out ji yellow and white color scheiiK. 1 A bouquet of yellow and whits' flowers centered the refi-cslimiMit Jables, which were draped with ci ] cut-work cloUi. Guests lor tile nf- {air were Intimate frieiris of Mr. Jvivd Mrs. Turner and hsi- motlii-^, jrhey included Bill Chiin.blin, otudent ut Tulano Univtv.'.silv, NIAV Teacher, Treasurer Speak At AAUW Meu-t vows for the single ring ceremony while "I Love Von Truly" .sounded •only in the bm-km'ound. A mantel (Irajji'd with ivy a hum 1 basket of pink ghidoli mliwk'd wllh Jem and lall wliite tapers in .branched ci ci-ne lor Iho Miss Monla HiiSlK'S, head of the History Department at Hlythcvillc High School, and Miss Delia PIII-- I dclalim provided the tie, Mississirpi County Treasurer.! wc(tdin<< vows. £lX)kc to Blylheville "mrjnber. s ol the American Assneialion of University Women ill a meeting of the organization Saturday at llv Woman's Club. Mrs. Eiwln .lone." nnd Mrs. A. A. Mnntoy were hostesses. Mls s Hughes discussed schools el- lefole for iMrliripatlon in Ihe A. A. U, W. and Miss Purlle spoke of county Incomes and expenditures. ( ..]„.,,] Refreshments were served dun'm;,,', . a social hour. ' 'Orleans, who spent, the K^ler julidnys wilh Uis pavs'H-i. > Tlie hostesses r»-».jonle.l the couple with a gift. Another Saturday u"u",y, given hat night by cous'iis o[ ine srlde. Miss Mary Adah Robinson, Mrs. Hugh Whilstlt andJarx f!<:-b- ... ... . . nson, was K. the Dr. r. A. Rob-HVliss lvlarclihi\nks Wecl. .son home, 1031 West Walnut. JT \r\ , t\,i- j The 40 guests were relatives and 1 ,° "laiUeC, IV11SS., Intimate friends of Ihi: couple ! ;>nd Included Bill Chamblin nml I Frank Edringlon of Gsecoli. . | Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Blaylrx-k :.vere host and Thursday Ighl with a dinner pariy honor- Mr. nnd~ Mrs. Tunic.-. Thiir ime nt G30 West Ash was atlrae- .vcly decorated wilh Sal-inn llow- Thc bride wore an Adcl fc model of royal bine with black liiiUie. lashioned with quarlrt- length sleeves :m.l poplnni ill the Her hat. will) American He-mi./ had a shou'iiler Other accessories tiny llni.c- i lo:>5r black Bits of News M&ltly. Mr. and Mrs. Ucny II. Brooks and diuisiiilcr, Virginia Brooks, of Memphis, spent Ka'ster Sunday with Mrs. 'Brooks' mother, Mrs. Allen Walton. Mr. and Mrs. Hunter Sims Jr.. 01 Memphis, spent Saturday and Siinduy here with their parents, Illyllievllic llojpi'.jl Admitted: Fred nrynnl, Bragg cily. Mo. Russell Snyder, cily. Madeline Xenos, city. Mrs. wade Owen, Manila, ,f. C. Droke, Jr., city. Mrs. M. M. Iamb. Minna. i Mrs. j. c. Graham, city. J.ula Mitchell, city. Born lo Mr. and Mrs. R. i Smith, cily. a son. Dismissed: Robert L. Worth, city. M. J. Shrlle, cily. Blllic French, city. A. U. Hogan, Manila. (Vails- Hospital Dismissed: Mis. E. R. Worth, Carulhersvill" Mo. Mrs. A. C. /fanIs, Rcm'.e 3, cily.'the Mrs. G. A. Lewis and hfiny, \A//-k 4-1*M \A/M.__» b * an '""oeulalion sear on IJici YY C 1916 YV Omen ^"V.' lc> but l^i' lhh i«orning none l!y Mrs. BL>II White and Dr. Dismissed: Goff, city. IMptlst IfnspHal, and Mrs. Hiuiler Sir-is Si. Harold Hand, art director for Blllbo.n-ii Magazine In Nev/ York, arrived S.iUirday to spend Ihe Easter holidays with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Uosenlhal. I 'Mrs. A. O. Hudson arrived home ni^hl alter spending several duy.s with her dutijfhter.s. Mis Mrs. w. F.'. C. Cotkruin, Lcpan' Mi's, L Howton, Osccoin. Mclhldlsil Hospilal, Mtmplih Dismissed: Mrs. Earl" Warren. I.epinlo. Mr.s. Martin Terrell. Bui-del to. Caruthcrsville Couple Kaihryn Hudson, who"ts a student Will Wed in Late Summer U)iU in front black yell iu black. Heanly ro wen: corsage of Aincrica.-i was plnne.l -nt ; K - ( her only ornament and Mrs. Tumor retMviiCil ITis morning to the Univoislty, I trom where they will be graduated :his SlimiTier. ., [Birthday Celebrated [•With Easter Egg Hunt Carol Hubener. !Hl -MrB. Loui: birl|iday" daughter of Dr. ^Loui^-F^.HulJcncv , \vhose was'l-estefday, cele'jralefl \<-ith n-jjarty., and . ,i : '-a\'Krs were bright "colored baUocns ^i formed, . ^..^cliniidelier-" and rfC relc-nsccl to" shovTer the little .r!|; after they had- been served tce ftream and birthday cake. Shipment of .>, fces Just in ! $5.95 1 THE i | TOT SHOP 195 S. 2nd. Phone 2308 : * WE BUY i * WE SELL :USED FURNITURE Miss Alma Dean Marchbanks became the torldc of Joseph A. Pennington ol Mnntec, Mi.ts., In a ceremony Saturday night, at the home of her parents, Mr. and Airs. Marvin Mnrcl-.banks, nt 505 North Broadway. 7 ; !ie Rev. D. R. iinrinon, pastor of Full Qospcl Tabevnnclc, offi- cinled nt the doifble rini; rites. The bride wore n nnvy blue <iress wllh b'.nck- ncccssarlr's "and n corsage of pink carnations and hyacinths, she was given in jnnrriifgc by her father. Miss Adole Cherry was her maid of hoi,or. She wore a rjo'.vdor blue dress with black accessories anil a corsage of pink carnations. A .program of nuptial music WHS presented by Belly Coleman, who played "I Love You Truly and tranditiona! wedding marches. A .reception was held following the. coreiuony. * 'Mr. and make Iheir double sliand < I' pparls. "Lohent'i ill's WeddJiig Mnrcii" was playe<l \vlu'n Ihe brltli; with I'.M 1 matron nf honor, Mrs ,;. [,, Nabers ol Blvlheville. walked M Ihe nlliir. Mrs. Nabers wore a cropo char- Ireti.s-e model with binu."} accessories and a corsii|;e or yellow ro;;a buds. n. J. MeKennon (if M'anlln served Mr. David as best an. Gloria and Jack lllcks. dnufjh- lei- ntid son of Mr. an 1 Mrs. Mellon Ulcks of West Memphis, llghl- i'd Hie tapers. Gloria w«r n frock of yellow silk poplin with ]itnk braid mid H corsatjf! of pink camellias. Mr. David is connecle-1 wilh the- AIcKeiiiion Ftirnlttirc Company cf Manila. At Hie reception which followed the ceremony, an nrranijeipenl of yi'llov,' and while Spring flowers cenlered the table. The Moral ar~ i-niiKeimmt mis flanked with whito laiieis in crystal cnndolabrh. Mrs. John p. Jenkins nnd Mrs. Alfred Maddux served punch and (lie individual wlilte oiikes loppetl ;il Die University of Missouri, Col- Mo. rcses utnbl Hen I/mcashire left last nl^7u lo reUirn to OUerlin College, Ober- liu, Ohio, after .spotidiiiK J^'astci- here wilh his parents, Mr. and Mr.s. E. R. Lan'cnshire. Dr. J. A. Saiiba will i;o lo Mem- HUTH 1M1IXETT NEA Staff Writer BY HUTU MIM.K'l'T NBA Staff Writer Not long ago I wrole an article questioning whether or jiot we are doing rlghl in pushing tcen-a^ers | off into mile worlds of their own, • giving Ihem can-,, lecns, and say-' ing, "Nov.- tiu- along, children,! and don't both-] er us grown-! UPS." [ T heir lelters wrltlcn in rcplyi •to the column' were indignant.' "After all." said teenagers,' „ •the canleens " ult > Milletl give us a place where we can (,'cl off Ijy ourselves, away from grownups who aren't interested in the things we are and who don't even latk our language." "Besides."- almost every letter added, self-i-igh.cously. "(lie cnti- teens keep us olf the streets.' Such letter.,- mnke me wonder what w&'re doiny lo our youiit; people. Yes, they're off Ihe streets. We did such a fine job of tolling them Idea • tl-.i-y feel very virtuous '. s)>ri:dljr; all ilieir .spare time ,:\ r .:rtr- L Ifmn^es dancing and eal- of them hud b3en located. Hea'.'h authorities wurr.ed thai any scratch the animals inflict could give the woimricd person rabies. It was also lenrt-d that if the rabbits have been destroyed other animals may find the bodies and become infected. HOT Read Courier Nev.s Want Ads. TOO FAT? Cet SLIR this vitamin candy way I Cundy I'iuC'iri^ |'J II t till out :n.y >ou bimjjly tut lit. in <LtV<iT"ii : t-asnT when you enjoy <Ji-liciou (viiamin fortified) AYliS cam!- bctoiu mcMs Absolutely ha MER liyrU'uraLlMii lo«t U a4 to"l5 f»w we*ka v-" Candy fti-il u.-tn i. 01 l' 1 Jn,-(«i *AYl>S ,y tu.<l,' ^E;- , ' iu 'Announcement lias been made nl Lbf cnBUKcruenl of Mrs. Dorothy Petty I'lnllips to Jjoynn Micliie. both of Ca.'iitlH'i-.'iVille. Mo. Tlie \vecldinu \vill be solemiii/ed in late Summer. The bride-elect Is the daughter of Mr. and Mr.s. F. S. Petty of Ciiruthersvillc. She was gnidiiuu-d from CiiruthcrsvlUe Hlfh School and received a Master's degree in music from Vandorbill University at, rfashville. For Hie past three years, she has b'.-en a music teacher in (he Wavi-rly lielmunt IliBh Scliool in Nashville. Mr. Mlclile, son of Mr. and Mrs. Coipn.i Chrisi.l, Texas, will arrive G. E. MSihie of Cariithnt.viUc. also tomfjrrow to- be Hie quests of her \vn-s Ki-jiduutcd from Carnlhersville in^ up children? parenls. Mr. and Mrs. H. P. Kirsh- Hit'h school and^allended central ner, for 10 days. Mrs. Trisler Is College in F.iyette. Mo. Ife served Ihe. former Miss Nancy Klrshner. i in Ihe army during Ihe war. Miss Muriel Knudscn. student al spending several months in the En-1 rcptMin Theater, and since his dis-. TUESDAY charge has Ijcen iilleiidin-f tne I"Kh School Parent-Teacher School of Business Administration at, the Univer.iily of Cliicai;<i. He will receive his Master's degree In December. phis lomorro\v lo attend a ol Tennessee Academy Ophlhal- molr.fsy in Otoliiryni;oloi!y al liolcl Pcabody. He will be accompanied by Mi 1 :.. Saliba. ftlr. and Mrs. Bert Lynch Jr., of St. Loul s spcnl yesterday with his narenls, Mr. and Mrs. n. A. Lynch. They came In Ihelr plane. .- Mr. and Mrs. Guy Trisler of siioui.n i-.xi'KCr' In lliese euntecns, we thougl' 1 v;e hint Ihe answer to iir-"\iilr! delin- <|iiency.. Bill It, certainly can't he Hie wluile answer. Tho boys aren'l doins some prac- lical- work in offschool hours. Girls aren'l leorning ISO-A- lo run a home. Neither is conli-lbuling to family Yes. they are off the streets when they're In their canteen.';. Hut is lhal all we should exp-.-ct nf nigh school pupils who in a l-"\v years will face Ihe problems'- of naming living. mnkiiiR |,mnes, and brlng- Coming Events Mrs. Byrum Hostess To CBC Club Members Mixed Spring flowers were used throughout cntertainim- rooms when Mrs. paid Byruin was hostess to members of the CDC cljtb Friday al'her home. Hitih Score prize went to Mi- Mrs. PeunhiRloiV will*'' 1 " tiny white miles. Miss Snrah home in BlytheviHe. Dmilinin of Columbia. Tenn., nleco "f the bride, had churgo of Hie Biii'.st hook. Followlni; (lie rcccpU,->i tne couple left for a Ihroe-woe); wedding trip in Miami. For traveling, the bride chose a brown yabnrrlinc suit with brown accessories mid 1ml of lime' and brown. Out-of-town fjuesls incln.dc.I Mr i nnd i\ri>;. j. u Nabers. Mr. lind Mrs. Chester Nailers uid Mr «>«i Leon Scherer, second hhh to Mr;. Q. O. Etkins and rooko to Mrs. Cornelius Scherer. Refreshments of mixed cookies and cold drinks were .served the guests. Strong Egg Wins Prize- Far Jr. G-Y Sue Owens ty Diiinply might not havo Mrs. j. N. Johnson of c» [Hayward Student Winner In Pemiscot County Bee Mru-yclcll Uo.v.vortli of Hnvwni"! School will represent Peiiiiscot Coimly. Mo., in the Press-Scimitar Mid-South SpelliiiR Bee to be held April 25 in Memphis. She was named IV-.niscol County ehnnijjlon in a contest ni Canltli- MiuMurrny College for -Women. Jfifksonville. III., i.,- spending ' the Kastcr holldnyx wilh her parenls, Mr. nnd Mrs. O. E. Kniidsen, \vlio will inolor her back lo school Wednesday. Mrs. H. N. Swearemsen will mo-, lor her daughter. Miss Virginia S\vearent;en. and Miss Billic Sue Bulks, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Guy Burks, lo Memphis today. I-'rom Ihere Ihcy wl.T relurn lo Texas Stale Collene for Women, Ucnlou, alter haviiiK been guests of their parents fur the Kastcr holici'.iys. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Hubener of Little Bock were weekend guests of their sons, Dr. r,. I,. HulH'ner, and Dr. Louis P. Hubener, and family. Mrs. Louis Hubener and daughters. Carol and Bo, will accompany Ihcm home for a uvo '.V l -wccV:'s visit. I Mr. and Mrs. M. F. Day had as llieir weekend fuc-sls Mr. and Mr.s. O. L. Ili-yd..- of Jackson, Mo. •Mr. Heyde has relumed lo his home find Mr.s. Heyde v.-ill remain for several days \vilh Mr. and Mrs. D.iy and .Mr. aud Mrs. Waller Day. (Mrs. II. O, Smith of French Camp. Miss., has returned lo hor home nfler a three's visit wllh her daughters, Mrs. C. T. Shamlin and family and 1 Mrs. Tim Kites, and family. Easter Bunnies, Stolen from Lab, Very Dangerous NASHVILLE. Tcnn.. API-II 7. « — "Hciillh niithorltics here liti that nine mbbils- scheduled In ot rabic.s this aftornaon lii\vc p.ol broken when lie fell of: the wall il I c ;''svi!lc. Mo., High School. Jacqticl- hc'd been us strong a. s - Jr. C:-Y Suiv ilu> Cuker of Cni!!:in-!>;vil)c piiu-eM Owens' Easter egg. She won :i cou-j ''''-'ond. Murjr.iie Wind of Wardull. test, for Jr. G-Y strongest i-i,-i; at n. EDWARDS FURNITURE CO. rhon c 2I8T cgi; hunt, Saturday al thi-i home of Miss Ali:c Saliba. staff advisor of Ihe orguniz.ilion, on Kentucky Street. Other prizes were won by Freddie Jo MeFall and Dona am- Bumfield. Mis s Saliba told Easier stories and (he group snug following the hunt. r "«>'th. . a.:-,ii Marie .Brown of Dewing. Read Conner News want Ada. It could happen to YOU Other White. parlii-ifiants were Donnld OnipjadOL-io; O s a Fayc Id, Bush: Jimmle Cum- rniiiifs. Chapel; Clnisiinc Qnertcr- moiis. Concord; Rula Fayc MnliiTi, Cooler; M;irii- Krown, Dcerin^; Mariv-lare Adcock, Hayli; Helen Miicltn. Ilolhind; Patricia Vickers, Livestock ST. I.OUIS NATfONAl, STOCK- YARBS, April 7. <UPl — <USDAI — fjlvcstock: Hogs: H.500: salable S.SUO: uneven, weights 110-lbs. suid'up, r.l.nulv to 25c lo\ver thtin Friday. Li^hter AfcCnrly; James Ansburn. O.ik Ridge; 'Ann Ciiperton. Pasi-ola: Kola Jones. Sleele anrl Marjorie \Varcf, Warden. s tSn.v Opens Sunilny '-IK; Starts 1:15 Contlnnous Si ..*'; Sal -.nd Sim. Kargain Night i >•—• N'.ght F.sccpt Sal .r,t;o ^L '*,. ,<rs honored en ounday ftl Ihc Uoxv. I«ist Time Today Sentimental Joismey wilh Maureen O'llunx John Payne Also Sh("- ». . . Size 40 tins Spring; size M next Summer' ],oso .pounds and inches in our carefully supervised Ro- ^ducmg Salon where Treatments are indivictim'.bed , according to your particular condition and rc(Hiir<- tments. Enroll now and watch that excess weij'lu roll rOlf ... . ; I Gyroduce for Health! CAL '• BEAUTY SHOP '311 No. S*con<tSt. Phone 2592 Tuesday and Wednesday Ploy thol Snotked Broodwayl j F1CTUK Srlcelrtl Short Subject ROXY TH^ATRc IMntinoc ami Xi ,. Ajirll 11-. • » Mom and Dad Admission 50c (o Everyone Continiioii.s Showy Kvcry Day I!ox Office Opens 1:45 Show Starts 2:(10 LISTEN TO KI.C.V 8:00 a.m. 12:45 p.m. 4:30 p.n I.nsl Time Today Rage in Heaven Hrrf!ni,in ami willi In^riil Hubert Paramnnnl News Srlccleil Slinrt Subjcrls ulhmnuR ^lu>\vlnc F.verytJay Tuesday wciifJihts. 25C to TiOc lov.'ei-; now-., slo:i- dy. Bulk Komi antl choice 170 lo 250 Ibs. $2ii.75 lo 521; lo]>, $27.2ft: 3<i'J lo 300 Ibs. S2fi.25 lo $2(5.75: 130 lo 150 lbK..$2:! lo $2r>; few 160-llK. Sl'VJa: 100 lo 120-y/,. i)i|;s, $20 to $22.50: Ihin llplit ni(;s dnv^u to $13 or- bdow. GOfld 270 'to 500-11). sows S s 22.'lf) to $23.50: heivvioi- weights. S22.2i: few, $21.75: bonvs. $18.50 to $20.50. Cattle: ft.BOO; salable 5.000: calves. 1.400, nil salable: Rti-ui-.s in i^hi- lively liberal supply with nrmiml Ti5 loads oflei-ed: other classes inodei- ale '(o litsht. Appro.vfniueeJy 20 per cenl or run being cows. Market active on nil and price:,- Va-oiig lo :|5c higher. Severn! loads low to ;iv*jngc good steers. $'>3 to sa.VH): niedhini steers. $2U to $22.SO; most mid lots good heifers nud yenrliiiBs. $18 to $21; good cows around SIR to S1G.50: common :,m! inediuin beef cow.s. $13 to $1^50; IIIUTS nnd cullers, largely, Slo to $12.50. mcotint? at the high .selinc,), 3 o'clock, proceeded by ex- c;:ni.ive bDard mceling. Cbarlevoix Cbnpler of Daugh- lers of the Amef-icati Kevolulion meet ins; in pnvnle, dining room of Delia Cafe 1 p.m., wilh Mrs. Oetn-|:e D. Pollock and' Mrs. James Hill Jr., as hoslesscs. Mrs. Worlh Holder hostess lo Tri-Town Club. Club Eighl meeting with Mrs Graham Stidbury. Mr.s. I,. E. Old hostess lo Tuesday Bridge Cl.nb— ' * Mrs. Pa'u'l Mahon hostess lo Av.'iJon Bunco Club. WEDNESDAY Chapter D, P. K. O. Sisterhood, meeting at the. home of Mrs. Hcr- inon Cai'Hon, 1 THURSDAY— ii Mrs. -Richard Prichard hostess to Jolly Eiijlil Club. -Mrs. G. G. Caudill hostess lo Town and country Bridge Club. THURSDAY GNB Club meeting wilh Mrs Tiyroii Nail. Mrs. G. E. Keck entertaining Thursday Ooiuract Club. Mid-Week Club meeting will- Mrs. W. L. Homer. mixed j unlay been sold for Easter bunnies bj the thiof who took them from local laboratory. Tlie warning was broadcast Sat.- it wa s dbcovcrcd that the tull-Rrnwn white rabbits were misshiK. They had been innoculaled iwith rabies virus Wednesday and me expected to develop rabies today. The animals can be identified Now— Easier than ever! HOME PERMANENT with rnsnc mm Round ... Ribbed. Re-usab!« New Deluxe Kit wilh plastic curlers George SANDERS %.„- HASSO ore LAN DIS Scandal in 55 (•'•and Ho, Roll up your hair in half *he lime! Toni Professional 1'laslic Cnrlo have SO^c more curling surface; ami lliey're rililicd (Ireailol) all over, lo ke<-]> liair from slipping. Save money every time you re-use your Toni 1'laslic: Curl ... ^>ra refill til cofts only $l.00-cc nlains everytliing Inn cnrlc 'S. Regular Kit ifilh fil'ir cnrltrt Rrftll Kit 'tout rurlen qoo !: tnffi flut lm SelecUd Short Subject* Conlinuous Showling Everyday WOODS DRUG STORE 221 W. Main St. Pho ne 507 u[ AYDS orl^ 12. • •ill! Klrby nnig Women hi your '40V—this Kit-ac jnetU- cJjitf Is famous to relieve hot flashes. nervous tension—when tltit- to Hie lutic'.lonol 'inidcllo-use.-' pt-duci jnieu- H»r to women. Worth tryingf fiARD-TO-GET ITEMS Slccl Scissors Postal Sculcs—I.oek ttovcs SniuU rilinw Cuhiurl,; Speed OTrlut Uuplirators Sfattonory Norcross <lvectlng C'art!s SAMUEL F, NORR1S Friutlug—Otllce sunWicj m North Second A smoolli, sleek updo nesting a sw'tvi of curls nt the top. Tliis is your new spring into summer coif. Call today for jtn ap" pointnioiil . . . bring hew beauty inlc your life. Esko Cold Waves ^ Massage * Luzier Cosmetics AUTY CLINIC /ox WER11NGMVERS C^omc Jn hncl let 119 sKow yon the CorTinm Sterling (solid stiver) you so ndimre. Corhnm Sfcrling gives more lasting; pleasure Ihnii nny other purchase for your new home. Sec these iU"signs nowl Six-pircc place sellings in ihcac antl olhrr lovely Corhaiu tlc5lpns iucliulo U'n?i>oon, luncltcon knife nud fork, salad forkj creanx soup spooiij »iul bntier apreailer. "/sforf cttl tfotc GUARD'S

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