The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 7, 1938 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 7, 1938
Page 10
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PAGE TEN BLYTIIEVlLLE' (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Pleases Eye And Mouth Mushroom Bonnets NVill Make Eggs • More Delightful For Many . BV' MIIS. GAYNOlf'MADDOX NEA Service' Slaff Writer A mushroom bonnet' will delight an egg,-, nnd a new white dro.w will fluK II un in tho most approved i manner. Just n word o! advice. "Egtis arc like- some people— ntsli th^tn and tlioy gel tough." I have said that before' but it cannot be repealed too often. Cook eggs slowly. Eggs iir Bonnets (Serces 6) Three ripe tbmaloes, 8 eggs, a tablesjMjons "chopped chives, 2 cups| medium white sauce, t-2 cup grated sharp cheese, .0 broiled mushroom caps. Cfrlll arid season wc;i 6 halves to tomatoes. Scramble cetjs with chopped c'.iivcs. Make a regular cheese sauce (1-2 cup urated sharp cheese to 2 cups of medium or heavy white sauce) and pour this into the botlom of a largo plaltcr. Arrange tho tomato halves (grilled) on the cheese sauce: Next mold or heap the scrambled cugs on top | of each tomato half. Top eucli mound with 11 broiled . mushroom cap. Garnish the platter with pars- lc > Eggi in New THcsse.i Six fresh tegs, C rounds toast, v prepared 'fish paste, 1-2 leaspooii finch minced chives, 1 teaspoon finely miiiccd parsley. Prepare G rounds toast. Spread each lightly with a prepared fish paste, such as anchovy paste or 11 All (iiosscd up In mushroom konncts, these broiled '.omatocri In cliccsc :auce \vllh topphiB of creamy scrambled CUKB make a delightfully different dish. TllURSDAY, APRIL 7; 1938 Mid-Winter Pie 4 cups crnnberrles 3-J cup oraugo julco I teaspoon graled orant'ij rind 1 Ica.sjion salt 1 Inblcsubn InitWr, melted 2 1-2 tablcsiiDonb qulckicook- ng tapioca Grind or chop cr,inburr!e.v, n'.lil ho juice and ring of ramgc, EII- Bar, melted butter, tapioca and alt. Mix well; pour Into pitlry 'liifd |ilc pliite and bake nlwul W uiimU's in hot oven (450 degrees P.). GRAND DADS Pcaberry Always Fresh Buy a Package Today bloater paste. Break 1 ' 1 ' separ- Mustard Caster Among the attractive and unusual table accessories seen In the shops this season is an oddly carved brown wooden caster en which . rests three bright-colored niustard pots. Each pot contains a _ gbn, white mustard and green herb mustard), and on tlic outside of each' jar is written the menls that particular condiment accompanies best. ating whites from yolks. Keep the six yolks, unbroken by slipping, each into a separate cup. Beat wliilcs until stiff,' nddihg seasoning, pays- ley, chives, with' whites, milking «mall ncsls-aiound- the egs of each lound of '(oast. Pile the • CBB on carefully, llien slide Hie unbroken yolk into the center of each nest. Arrange-' refunds oil flat baking sheet Put In hot oven • (400 degrees P) until" the yolks are set and cookbd • (Ihlntily; Dot' with butter and serve piping ' hot: It's a pretty dish! Here's a standard rccips you may need : Scrambled Egfs One-half tablespoon butter,. 3-'! cup milk, i teaspoon salt, few grains pepper, 0 eggs. Melt • butter- over. very low flniiw. Immediately remove, skillet from flame, add milk. salt, pepper— nnd the eggs last of • all; Beat sltijlHIy with n fork. Return to fire and - conk- '.slowly over a very loiv (lame. Continue to cook creamy. until soft and Both Scaring Mclhocl and Constant Temperature Are Highly Successful BY MRS, flAVN'Oli MADDOX NBA' .Service Slaff Wfilcr You don'l invest a loi'tuno carelessly, noi- should you cook n gilt- edged ronst without thouyht to Its returns In taste nnd value. Over the two highly snUsfnclory ways of ronstini! meat — the seuriiig mclliDil nml the constant leriipcra- tm-a niclhotl — there Is n minor contfovcrsv. Wipe meal :»S Melhoil with dump Never Immerse or allow to ii doth'. si nnd water. Thai draws out the jtilcM. You paid big money for the juices, better use them yourself: Scnson ronst with snlt nnd pepper. Have oven heated to .very iiot (500 degrees- F.) Plnce rousi in open pn,i \vllh fat side up. Run ronst into very hot own nnd scnr for 20 minutes. Then reduce oven hcftl to slow (3(jO degrees F.) nnd continue roasting nt'flint tempcrn- lure until done. Tnnjtpniturc Mctliud Wipe meat with' dump clotlu Senten with sail'and pepper. Plncc-fnt side up In open pan. pre-hciit oven to slow CioOiciegrces P.). Place lon-st in oven ana,' continue roasting' nt Ihis smut; temperature until done. For fresh pork, increase the con- Maul temperature to 325 degrees P. Mcnt cooking researchers prefer the constant temperature method.! About small ronsts [hey linvc- tills to «'.y: "A small piece of meat dans nol mnkc so snUsfnclory n ronst ns lempcraturc for the ercnlcr pnrl of the-cooking Is lulvlsnhlc, Pulling (he ronr,t under (lie l;rmlcr flame nl (he cml of Hie cr> )'-;'.i)i; period is one !(jood way of accomplish!!!); Ihc tle- jthed In-owning. A-.small ronst vc- tjiiii'es shorter totul cooking time than :i lai-gc one, but more miti- inos per pound. A moderate lem- ncraturc with (iiiiok browning' nl llic end rather thun -a high lem- IKi-iiturc; seems more desirable." Ronst licef always reminds me of a took published In San . Frim- clsco in 1914 and'now out of print. It contains this mijjget. of-wisdom: "Fllid for roust ticef is this Del- inonteo nnisln Sauce. Brown butler in n skillet nnd stir hi n ten- spoon of Hour, forming a .smooth pnfile. Add 1 cup of hot somy slock; slhriui! constantly. While boillus, put. into this n handful of rnlsinB, n luiiidfiil of bluncht'd almonds, pounded, linlrn lemon, sliced lliln, n lew cloves, a pinch 1 of dimnmon, aiui u : liltlo horseradish." 1 Tangerine Cocktail 1 3-4 cups tniiRcriiur Juice pltfr. lemon golntlne I cup Innaerine sections Finely chopped - mint Heat tangerine juice almost to liolling; pour over gelatine; add lemon juice. Set in pan of ice Water, and whan thick; add la gei'inc sections; pour into oblong linn; chill thoroughly. To serve cut-Into 1-2 inch sriuares, pile til-' to cocktail glasses nud sprinkle! chopped mint, blended with tan- Bcriiic juice, on top. Read Courier' News AV.'iut Ads. BAKERY SPECIALS Frkliiy-Salurday- Sumliiy All Day CiK'iiawit Layer Cakes each 19 12 2 OiitiiK'a) Cookies |f|< l)(ii».en IW fihociilalfc Crwim- M< Horns,- widi' ^ Cinnnnioiv Rolls Almond liullur Horns, eiich .. For (hose parly- cake's, rolls and' mints; call MIS. I'fumc 11(1 BLYTHEVILLE BAKING CO. Phone 110 different kind of mustard (Tnrni- n large one. The fact remains, however, Hint many ouc and two- rib roasls of beef arc used. A one- rib roast -would be called n thin roast. Hearing may improve (lie appearance of the meat, but a low CRYSTOL f Hf|pkF« s >mi * 1 2£ VALUE OHROIHIUIH RLATED MONOGR^II TRAY FOR ONLY AND 5 WRAPPERS f BE THE FIRST , TO OWN THJS TRAY See how Crystal White washes clothes Crystal Clean , ...dishes Crystal Clear H OUSF.W1V«! Diwi't mi« Oils op- portuniiy to get a beautiful monogram tuy—handy for scrvinj; bread, cookies, canapes, etc.—at iin a/naziogly low cost. CrystaJ While is the hig creamy- white family bar soap ihat gives richer, longer-lasting "hillion-buh- blc" suds—«vcn in ban! water, because it is made wiih the same costlf trcfiicaloilmed in making'expensive toilet soaps.' These thicker, longcr- SIZEOFTRAY7 3 /, INCHES SQUARE WITH YOUR OWN INITIAL EMBOSSED IH THE CENTER bating; hnnlcr-wotking siiilj dissolve grease and grime like ma.i(ic... gel clolhcs trjsi;il clean . . . dishes crystal clear. Yet Crystal White Soap i tosts only half as much as soap in fancy packages.' (ici a supply White Soap from your dealer today. Send 25^ '. and 5 wrappers to Crystal White, P.O. Box .f 19,Kans3s (:ity, Mo. Vimr tr,iyn-ill he shipped postage prep aid. Offrr expire! April ,?0, lyitt GooJ in U. S. only SAVE AT THE SAFEE-W&Y GROCERY AND MARKETS I'lihir 2-,'5 Itll W. Main Vfiu (.'an Save; So Can Ynnr Fricmls; •Yuiir- Kncmics IHJKU LAH1) Jlriiiij your bii'ckcf, ll>. LXRI) SAUSAfiK I'ouncl PIG I.IVKU, Fresh' and Tender, IA> COUNTRY 1'OUK SAUSAGK,.],!) BACON; SuRiir Cured, Sliced, U>. 1'OHK HUOUl.DKK HOAKT, l.lj 10 5 W 17' 2 ift I* K. C. STIOAIC; U. S. Top, l.oin or Rimwllb a 1'OHK CHOPS, Swull iircl Center Cuts, Hi. SniOKUl) JOWLS Pound ............. MEBT If It HI is Hcail.|iiiirlcfs fnv That Now I'anums Oixiy Rose Hour CORN. I'ritle of Illi- uois, No. 'i Csii t'KAS, I'elil I'Ois No. '<> C;m HOMINY. No. 2\> 2 Can (JK.Al'H JUICK I'int Quart LIMA BKANS No, 2 Can COUNKI) BKKF. Armour's Uerl Scai, C;in TAHI.M I*KACHKS No, 2'/ 2 (,'ait MIXED VB(;K- TAHI.KH, No. 2 Oin CHISCO, ) II). ran ... ^i 11). con ... W e Mll.K, Any Brand (i Small. ,'{ Large .... 1 c|coi'i''i';i'; & ciiic- JOKY, 1 l,b. Can .... cj 1-1 1,1). TUA & (ilass Both !'or . .Slk'tl'lHd) COFK13K . ..'i!lc| 2 l,l,s. :{5i:; 2 l,bs. . . I c SI CAR, I'tire Cane in i.iis 1 r INSTANT I'OSTli.M 2 . >m;i)| Si/.c 25c; J/fje. S; 1 ,c-OI,(VKS K', ()/.. Jar i- SOAP row i) KK, ^K- Ilr>x0xydol, I'ruil Unwl & • 2h- OATS • r >7t- .'i II). H(ix SPINACH, Ttir«i|> (irt'ons. Tmnatoes, (.'recit licaus,' Coru, KiYuil, NIL •> C.-IM. TOMATO I'ASTK. MACARONI. POTTftl MKAT. Kadv ... Quo (iallon We Carry^J^uouj..,!^ of freely i'Vuitti ,& 'y'egeta'lto Before You liny Anything Get Our ['rice & SATURDAY 'ncu, (Jiiiilily, Oiiaiilily :il (lie City's Foremost Komi Siore Calif. HIM! liiilt, Do/.. KKdIT, J'ink I.iirije. Hach Home Grown, Lb. r 2'Z!?£Kt-'Eaif5r32»?.SE5S3aK2S?Siii3, C'anuiiioii or Pot 2 Lge. or 4 Small Cans IMisH Liborfv 1 Lb. Pkk A09NSKIN CHUCK ....... I;b. ICc CHUCK TtHCK RIBS I.I,. Kic KHOlH,I)KR.CL01)' Lb LSc Thick llibs ....Lli. 1«c Shoulder Clod . . Lb. 2 Liliby's M O/,. H«U It- Kvap. Fancy Cling, I,b. Pelor Pan K«-(! Pilled tNo. 2 Can .ll.'ICIO, I'hil- n lilts ^0 o/. Can Navy Beans ............ Lb. 4c Great North. ..Lb. 4V 2 c Baby Limas ............ Lb.'Sc Biack-Eyed Pess , ............ ...Lb. Pinto Beans ........... Lb. 6c Rice : ............. Lb. 3c DKK.SSINC! tnc I ()(. .kn 1 Ib i-rL Ik•I Hi crl. Klc 8 Ib crl. Sic Ilinise or Ci I l.b, Can SLb,Can99c SAM', Square liox For MOI'S, Aliss l.ibcrlv Jv;ifh CI.O'IMKS IMN'S Can 1'UUNKS Mod. S)7C, ],b . K1IWUY HKANS, ('an SCULIi UUUSHKS Kath II Finals !)f> -11. I'nic Siiclion Mfilium, 2 for Large,- Mcd. '2 for L/<. ^ for 18c FRSSMgg: i Gtauli Bars ISc riibtu- 2,11' 5(11 S: I'viiliklhi ]>OK1(, Ll> 11 2 CUKKU HAM «A5 Center Cuts, Lb TrU CHKtCSK, American Full Cvcam, Lb. ... Pound atoes, (.'recit licaus,' 7 \ .................. 1 f

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