The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 1, 1946 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 1, 1946
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, MAY 1, Would Organize Southern Labor Onion Affiliation For Textile Workers j- Is Called Imperative ', WASHINGTON. May 1 iut>> — Prank Fenton. Director of Organ- izatlon for the American Federal- JOM of Labor, told textile workers Tuesday that unless the South Is thoroughly organized "we'll j;o back further than we have in a IOIIK time." Fenton, echoing arguments that APb President William Green advanced Monday, urged the Unitc'l Textile Workers of America (AFL) to fight the "Communist" CIO in organizing the southern slates. Fenton to!cl the UTW convention that there are GOO.OOo textile workers still unorganized in'the South. "The textile union will have the greatest, obligation and the grcatcsl work to do in the southern drive. Unless we organize thoroughly and recognize the problems facing us, we'll go bask further tlnin we have in a long time," Fenton asserted. "II the AFL members all over the country will participate in ihe political life of the nation, they can prevent this situation." Fenton criticized the administration's policy on wages. He said Ihe workers pf America were getting "a poor reward for their production (luring the war." "We were iusked to stabilize." he continued. "We did that, only !o get lower wages and it looks now as though we'll actually eel in- flatioin." Fenton .said that Sidney Hillninn spent $1,500,000 trying to gel the AFL textile workers into the CIO before the war. No matter what the CIO spends," Fenton proclaimed, '"The AFL will get the membership of the Southern workers." Fenton said that the aniiounce- incuts of the CIO in the southern drive indicated they "didn't knoiv what to do." He "said the AFL knows the problems of ihe South and is therefore better qualified to represent them. He said the AFL was gci^g to send "a tremendous number of organizers" lo assist the 4,000 local unions in the organization drive. "But we arc going to use -soulh- ern organizers who undersland the sccial, economic and religious baek-- pround of the southern workers," Fenton continued. He said the AFL has 1,800,000 members in the U southern states. Fenton summed np the AFL policy in the southern drive with this statement: "We are going down there because we believe it is time we meet courageously l£ic challenge of totalitarian Communist propaganda of ttie CIO. Hl.YTHKVIMiK (AUK.) COURIER NEWS Woodcock Looks The Part Of Champion Fighter But Doesn't Perform Like One PACK mi Bruce WoodCMk hammers loif with sledffe-hammerblows, (hen hammers sparring partner logy with' same kind in his first public boxing practice at B»r Mountain, N. V., training camp. By. NEI) IIIIOWN i He ran hit like blii/cs; he's mora NBA Stall Curre.siiumlent I aggressive thim any English lichter PiKAR MOUNTAIN. N. Y.. April | who ever ci\uie tu America: he's vs 30. (NEAi—"E'sa Woody good fight,- easy lo hit as an clunlmnt nt two er, don't you think?" inquired Tom Hurst, manager of Bruce Woodcock, after the British heavyweight champion concUiilcd his first sparring bout in America ill his li'niniug C£uni> here. i Mr. Hurst was right on one count Woodcock was bloody, all right. Practically t!ie first jab out of the box bloodied his snoot, nnd it kept on oozing gore throughout his two rounds with Joe Barrett, a light- heavyweight from San Francisco. When Woodcock, who is tnilnin:; for his impending battle with Tami Mauriello at Muilison Square Garden May 13, concluded his workout, consensus among the experts was: places: he's thin-skiinv'd iuul bleeds rcndily when hit on the i (aw; he's not a clever boxer: his best anil only—defense is a powerful Diffuse: he's a slugger, pure and simple— mostly simple. Wearing a heavy checkered Food Wnrks ">Venders INDIANAPOLIS (UP)—There must be something helpful about the food served n.1 an Indianapolis cafeteria. Recently a customer hobbled in on cructches. lie hung up the crutches and sat down to eat. ^ When lie finished eating he got up paicl. for his nieal, and strolled out, forgetting his crutches. They are still hanging there on a hook, airaiting his return. - : ,r*i *.^«« IS YOUR T ' '• :?4."-'-v.. •- • woolen slilrl. gray trousers held up by suspenders Hint rescinlllc'd 11 Morse's liimiess, nml n brand smile, limco "'tioilcock Iciokecl the pnrt of n heavyweight clmniplmi. When ho wns unveiled In the rints he looked oven jiiore like one—until lie began to box. Then lie resorted to a .series of plunges wllh bulli nrins inimiilnjj mid in one of these Hurries knot-Red n.irrelt tlmmijlt (lie ropes. In luldlllon lo the IwxIiiK, Wmid- «a-k puticlu-d the bag nnd did rond- work In (he monilnn. Kvery dny he wields 1111 IH-potinil i'rtBi'-liniiiiiu'r, buLtei-liie n log Into j •Anvils. Tills builds up his reslst- imee to punclirs, he clnlins, niid lii'lD.s dewlup his hlttliiB muscles 11 will Ix- reeiillcd tluil Dub Klt/.- Mniiniiiis ntli-lbiiled his treniomtoun |)uiiriiin K power to his )iiimim»rli>(j of'slioes 4 »s u bliieitsinllh. Sturdily I'onslnieled. llilck-neekpd, iiB-iniiu-d. well muscled, with the «l<i|ilni; shoulders am! \i\ K hiuuls of ii power-hitter, Woodeock Is n spit- In 1 linnifr. O f Tommy Fm-v, who eiune here from Cnnllll, Wnles, In (! K hl Joe Ixnils for the lienvy\\vli>U( I'luim- plonshlp AUK. 30, HOT. J.'nrr went the lf> -round limit but lost lo t.ouls, ami (iroeceded lo lose four more decisions In n row lo Jimmy nruddofk, Mnx liner, l^ou Novii inul even Hnl )3llMll»l|. Woinlcock won't lose, (hut immy this trip, uecmise two dnys iifle'r his dnsli with Mmirlello, Ihe Kird- limn KnlslHir. llvufc Hies Iwek lo I'oniloii l<: riiiiiiijc Freddie Mills there June 4 In u non-lUlo 10- I'otinder. In his biinl wllh Dnvretl Ihe Honi'iistcr Demon wns us wide open us ;i prnlrle ».s he nishril nt,- Bi'esslvi'ly to Ihe nltnek, Iml he is nut u swlnyer or hooker. He throws :i lerrlllc slrnl«lit lefl. follows tliroiiiili nlcelv with u Mrnluhl rlnhf. He's n stund-up fluhlcr but keeps his chin lucked In fnlrly well, Ihouuh this dm'sn'l provrnl. lilin from n most InvllliiK IniKel. Ills tliulin; is uond mid he wtisles few blows. Woodcock hns ])owerf\H le^s, but he entries his hnllds so lo\v he'll need Ihcni when he .sliirls with Mnurlello. rixiin wlmt tilt; Hrltlsli champion showed In his first workout 11 should be u pier six Ijrnwl. 5,13 4 Housing Units Allotted For Arkansas I The U, s. Velernus Hosplliii I Albuquerque, N. M..' hoilses 259 putienl.s nnd n persunni'l of 'JM , Or distincHvo Simnlsh-l'ueblo de- slcn, Hi,, hospilivl wns constructed ill a cost of $1,250,000. Knid Courier News Want Ads »f UK- civil production admlnlslra-1 shortage cotwldcrmMr-tf the ",!; , ' lotted hone* tit tmllt ' " I ho July-September quota ftlw 1 will *--'r—TT»U IM will be broken down Into rwiUl cttwdiJST'Bli « nml siilo categories, Danl«l uld. l«d" bull Danlrt laid. The KHA, director said thai the' plan "win relieve the acut« hollaing ti- 1 TITLB UOOK, Ark.. Mny 1 Ul>>~ The Federal Housing Aulh- H'Ky imuoimu'd here 'IMesilny Ihsi \ hus bei'n allotted "prior- til's for the construction of 5.IIM j xniKlDK mills bi'liveon Mny 1 iui'1 i?]>l. 30. W. K. Daniel, slate FHA director, mid lu> hud received Instructions | iom WiuihliiRton for the construe- 1 and July 1 and an addllloniil Ion of 2,001 units between May ),0(i7 between July I and Sept. :IO. Of Iho May-July quota. 25H are .o rent for VM a month or less, mil imothr-r 2BU for Mtf or more, ip lo a celling of $tm a monlh.' Daniel said that TO of Ihe dwell- IIIKK nrc lo sell for $1,200 or less mil 770 for M.IZOO or more, up t.i cctlni! of $10,000. Suit- prti'cs nelude Ihe land ami tinpixtvcments, I iuilt'l Mild. I The FHA director Mild (hat under llu> ami'mlc'd priority i>roi;i um.' null lo bi> (K'cilpled by noil-. veterans imisi nonie wllhln one »l these caliM'.<>)ies to be eligible for' priority: I fl must .be constructed lo replace 11 dwi'Hlmi dr.slro.ved by lire or other Im/.ard, provided tho c(Wl not In i.xci'ss of $10,000, or 'J II- must be a building lo provide houstni; for employes In. tin In'ihi.sliy producing source HWP.S- sary mateiliils. Hn such cases, llu' clvlllun prcducllou administration certifies that ihn Industry (nullifies before (he FHA grunU the priority.) I The building must lie a completion of H dwelling that wns stai'li'd bi'fotv Miircli '26, lC4(i. Daniel dci'lurcd Hint If the cuse drn!s not fall In any of the ubovv' cnlcgorlcs. a non-veteran can tllo for priority with (lie slulo FHA. The application will be rejected itutonuUU'ally, nnd he eiin then uppi'Hl In the appeals commltU'c A Natural Airt for Rheumatism Arthritis Neuritis Don't neglect whatnmy stem to be a trival ache or pain and allow a serious ailment to develop. Make the palatable Mountain Valley Mineral Water your "ounce of prevention" against stiffened joints, stabbing nerves or aching muscles. Phone for a case today. HOUNTAIN VAM.KY MINERAL WATER From Hat Springs, Ark. CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP Main A Division. BlytheTilfe, Ark. , Yes, \vhen you're overindulgent or ealen some- tiling thai didn't agree, you generally get that "double trouble"- 'heartburn .1ml aciilily, TJisma- iline gives you prompt relief from SlomncK Upscl. Just a (easpoonful in a glnss of walcr and thai "double trouble" bowj out. Next time you feel that stomach uptet coming ask for Biimadine. KIRBY DRUG STORES Main at Second Hroatlway—Division Radio Sales & Service ( Felix A. Carney • 1.38 East Mail? Phone 3616 i Salc» - Phillips Robinson Service - Felii Cim«j t It's smart to change your motor oil NOW and it's smart to change to PHILLIPS 66 Snri:, get that old, tirctl \vitiicr motor oil out <>ryiiur crankcasu. lull up with a fresh new change for the h;inl, hot driving ahead. Ant! brother— hurc'.s a plcct of free advice that's u-ttrtb somctliinn! \Vhcn you change, change to Phillips 66 Motor OH! It'* a rugK<-'<'> stand-iip-ancl-iakc-it oil from "tictp in the heart of Dklahotna." You couldn't make a smarter change! Get sef for Summer-wfti Ph////p66> FOR SALE 35 TONS of D & P L Planting Seed From J 944 Certified Seed LESLIE E, SPECK, Sr. Frenchman's Bayou, Ark. Office Phone 2348 Residence 2309 Now you see it... Have a Coke . .friendliness and refreshment go together When the gang gets together at their favorite meeting place you can bet things pick up and start moving. Have a Col(e sparks off the pro' ceedings. For the friendly pause with sparkling Coke is a happy bond \vith the young crowd. There's friendly magic in its refreshment. Enjoy it yourself. • OULED UNDE« AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COI* COMPANY IT COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. of BLYTHEVILLE Coke = Coca-Cola "Coca-Cola" and Us abbreviation t'Coke" are the registered trade- I marks which distinguish the prod- Juct of The Coca-Cola Company. IT'S HERE... Bill Stemoc Has It! ,THK NKW Von Schroder Rug Detergent- • I*! m,- revive lh« exqalilU brauty mid luiilrc •( yo«r rue* a»il cur|irtii. • Will not hurrn Ibc fln**t rvfc. • Original sl>ln( pmcrvnl. • Turkril ilimn orrntliif wuhed without rrmuvliv from the lltwr. • Nu MJAP usril For IH'nuim;! ration Call BILL STEMAC Fornyth (iruerrf A Market Bill lak« Street Out-of-Town Orders Invted 2137 I'hon* USED CARS WANTED We will pay you th« full OPA plus your extra equipment. If you arc s<tinj{ to keep your pretwnt car let IK give you an ostimatt <m rwondUioninu your motor, body iinrl Credit t«rms cim ho arranged. Tires, .Tubes and auto and home radios Tor Hale. Lee Motor Sales, Inc. Oldsmohilc Kast Main St. CMC Trudu Phone 519 EMERSON ATTIC FANS Are Available Again 'AT r ' PLANTER'S HARDWARE CO., I ^ C. For River-Washed SAND and GRAVEL Phone 965 We Also Sill Good Black Sandy Loam Dirt tor Fi/lft lt :,,r T ',H/;.f, Larkin Service Stqtiort 219 East Main S». K. M. Lark In HY KXE'ERT MECHANICS For All Makes of Cars Our complete service includes . „ Motor Tme-l}p,- Molor Overhauling, Brake Adjustment and re-HniBg. Kkctrical Repairing, Radiator Repairs, and Oil Change. Don't Wail! We will pay you the top cash prict for your car. Drive in today. Get the cash. We Arc Approved Blylhevilie Dealer* DESOTO — PLYMOUTH and PACKARD CARS and carry a complete stock of. GeauiiM Chrysler and Packard Part* SEYMORE MOTOR SALES H. SEYMORE—OWMT Corner Franklin & Walnut ;•• 8M«f

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