The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 14, 1949 · Page 16
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 16

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 14, 1949
Page 16
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PAGE SIXTEEN BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, APRIL 14, 1949 Roast Lamb Leg Is Easter Feast Homemakers Parade Culinary Talents With Other Finery Nothing coiild be more appro- pi late for Hie family dinner on Easter Suiiday than a tender roast leg of Ismb, cooked just right. \ Easter is one occasion on which every homemaker Is anxious lo parade her culinary talents before the company. To help her. Retaa Staggs, noted food authority, sugge-sts following a few simple, but Important, rules for roasting lamb. : In the first place, says Miss Stages, the fell, or paper-like cov- '.erlng, should not 1« removed from the !e>: of lamb. This covering helps lo keep the leg in shape, shortens the roasting time and gives a juicier roast. To prepare the roast, Miss Stag?.' goes on to say. season with salt and pepper, and plncc with the skin side down on a rack In an open roasl1ns: pan. Insert a meat thermometer that the blub reaches the center of the thick part of the leg, beiiu" careful that the bulb does not rest in fat or bone. Do not add water, and do not cover the roast. Roasi in a slow oven (300F) until the meat thermometer registers H5F. This will require about 30 minutes per |xmnd. To serve lamb at Its best always serve it hot or cold. It should never be-served lukewarm. When served hot, roast lamb rhould be served on !a warm platter. One easy way to warm the platter is to hold it under warm v-.-atcr for n few minutes. And in earring leg of lamb, always remember to carve across the grain of the meat. When It's Rainy, Let The Children Give A Blue Bonnet Cookie Party Displaced Person Of Housecleaning Aided by Tin Cans What a scurry, what a flurry! What a ballet of basins and brooms! Spring hou&ecleanlng is under way which puts the female in her glory but make .: D. P. (displaced person) of housecleanlng-haling husbands. .You can shorten the process, make it easier for you and for husband, by calling on those trusty housecleaning aids that come in cans of .tin and steel. "At your service" say these trim and shiny containers, to give you the most modern, the housecleaning helps in the kind of packaging that helps preserve the full effectiveness of the product. Light-proof and shatter-proof, cans keep solutions full-strength, rule out the ruin if the container is ^dropped as It well may be in the hurry of hoiiseclcaning. Waxes anri upholstery cleaners, moth defer- ents and all the modern, efficient paraphernalia, of house cleaning Dome safely protected -by cans today. Keep Careful Check On Tin Can Aids There's always something new in the market to help you do a quicker, more effective job of spring clean• ing. To be checked for shiny windows, mirrors and glassware is the 'wax that cleans anri polishes these surfaces and comes in handy cnns with spouts. A canned softener and cleaner for leather is a produc 'many will find helpful, and it wil store well on your hoiiseclcaning shelf in Its can container. t Have you seen the bandy cenicn that comes for filling in cracks ii true professional fashion? It hti the quality of expanding after yo fill the crack and doing a neat Job It can be colored to match an cracked tile or other cracked ma terial you have In your house. . Then there's a new plastic floo finish for linoleum, wood or til that docs remarkable things t worn surfaces. But It in a conver ient can, use some, store the re !• safely in its light-proof can con plainer. You'll want to know about crystal-like substance '.hat comes !n cans which is used for protecting precious things against humidity. The crystals are stored "xith such objects as camera film, fishing tackle, etc. that suffer from exposure to humidity and they protect against this type of damage. Folks • are using these crystals in cookie jars, too, which you might find very handy. 10 weather's stormy. It's good stiaU'py to K' vf ! l ' l ° flul- drou 11 conttiiiK project. Hahlnj; cookies is a lop favorite with lln^ school aye sot ;ui(J mahos a hani»y nC'iMsion for inviting in tritjnils. Mais aro lit llio news, for SIWLIIB co let the yoniiB <o»l;s enjoy Ui« projoa of milking nine liimnet Cookies Ttiry'll bir sure of suct't'ss with lliis easy rci'lpe. made wirh min-K.irino. wiiirh i.itr.s hifih on the store of flavor, initiilitin :ntd economy. A ihrifiy v>'»y <o tn'hleve n ft-siivo i>:nly air is to top st'ooos of li'o cn'iiin wiih rook it* lia(s utul 11 ansfoi rn I horn into funhioiKLlilR Sin-ing blue lionnctfi by dccoratlnfj \v\l\i blue sum drops, a sjiooiu Tut of srapc jelly or blue licrrtaK; use blue liorries or blue gum drops as eyes, nose and mouth for oach Ice crcatn "face". A cookie huse for Hie ire croam scoops gives the pffcct of n ruff. The cookie bonnets may be decorated with sugar, tinted blue wiih vognlable coloring, as n liigli fashion note. Die children inako Itlne lion net culonls for table decorations Cutting and naiiitini; Llielr part> ilecovutions and bakuip the cookies will make the rainy afternoon pass In a hurry and RLiaiiintce eiUhu piani plus good behavior from Ju nlor, his alytei 1 iieiuis. Dlue nonnet Cookies un* rill | unbo:iten ori vanilla Mt extract Sitl to^c-lhor flour, baking pow- r. sail ami siiKiir. Ailrl margarine. nixliifi whb foik. Athl D^RS and vanilla extract am! mix wi»ll. On lourcil board roll out 10 ',!i inch thickness. Cul in shapes. Hntto on . coolsio slieel in ninderata {•veil at ^7T» donrecs I 1 '- from 12 to 15 inimilc-s, Makes IS 5-inch cookies. Party Cookies 1 run brown 3 t^.'i*|inons rrrnm arKarln illa etill !.- ifiisimon ] , cup Mijjar V; i-llp MlH'ly clioiiiioi! nuts Ham Shortcake Takes Care of The Leftovers The family will look forward to seeing ham on the menu the week after Easier if It's served a different way each lime. Fortunately, leftover baked hniri Is one of the easiest mcaUs to plnn Into main dishes. And If the cooked ham is wrapped In waxed pnpcr and stored in the refrigerator It will sUy fresh for more than a \vcck. Ham leftovers make tasty sandwiches, tempting snacks and delicious casseroles. For a delicious dinner dish, cut thin slices of ham. Arrange Ihcm In a rectangular enameled baking pan. Place a ring canned pineapple, on each ham :e and Kprlnkle lightly with •own sugar. Heat in moderate •en until the sugar is melted. And here's a way to use the last ny scraps of ham Tor u final en- ire, it's a ham shortcake which combined with vegetables and hlte sauce nnrf served over split at biscuits, short-cake style, i Ha.rn Shortcake 3 tablespoons butler or bacon drippings 1 cup cubed ham ;3 cup celery, finely chopped ".- cup flour ',-: cups milk 2 cups cooked peas ',{• tea-spoon prepared mustard Salt, if needed MelL butter or drippings In a a-ss-on-steel enameled saucepan, .dd ham and celery and brawn lightly. Stir in flour. Add milk ami ook over direct heat, stirring ron.stantly, until the sauce boils and hickens. Add peas and mustard, ileat thoroughly. Split hot baking powder biscuits and serve the hot lam sauce between and on top of them- Makes six servings. Barbecue Sauce Sparks Sparehibs 2 ru|)5 all purpose Hour Cream mari:nrlnc; Ri-arliially odd luwvti sugar a]id lioal well- Athl CKK iiinl vanilla extract. Heal well. Slfl together (loin 1 , baking pnwder Bud salt. Mix well. Add to inarRnrlno anil sugar and mix well. Koll In Bimar and nuts. 1'laco on greased taking Blicel. 1'lnllen cnrli cookte slightly. Bake In modcralo oven at 400 degrees F. about 10 minutes. Make» 3',4 dozen cookies. Rain-Making Ban Asked JOHANNESBURG — liTl— Experiments in nrtiftdnl raiii-m:UuiiK are "another Tower of 13abcl that j will never see completion," declares i the Rev. J. J. Jonlaan. He was com- '""^c It- clear that none but Quickest of mcntiliR on the imamimous dec-1 could control rain. It was declared. iston of two communities of tl Dutch Reformed Church to petitio the South African piimc minis! to introduce legislative prohibHil such experiments. The ScrlpUlr 'nameled Storage Pans 'Jow Available in Stores Housewares buyers report that lardware and department stores inve replenished their stocks of rc- rigcrator containers in anticipation f the usual spring and summer lemand. One of tlic most [jractical types available Is made of porcelain cna- ncl. Porcelain enamclcdw&re ac- tially is sturdy steel with a fnsed- )n coating of durable glass. This nake.s enameled refrigerator containers non-porous, sanitary and easy to clean. They are available in a variety of ihapes and sines and may be pur- Suarerlhs taste even betier with barbecue sauce Professor Says Little Words Arc Big Favorites CHICAGO —(IPi— The littli words are big favorites. Dr. Ernest Horn, professor of ed ucation at the University of Iowa makes that clear in an article writ ten for Childcrafl books. He re ports that ten words turned up inos often In an analysis of 5,000,00 words written by adults. The word are—I. (he. and. to. you, of. in. w and for. Only four of the fifty words used most fregunetly have more than one syllable. They are very, letter, about and any. Read courier News Want Ada. With pork prices lower, barbecued 1 or spiced spareribs fit easily into the family budget menus. Barbecued Sparerihs (2-4 servings) T\vo pounds spnreribs, 2 teaspoons kitchen bouquet, 8-ouncc can tomnlo sauce. 1 tablespoon vin- gar, 1 clove garlic, minced. ',-.• cup Incly diced onion, 1 teaspoon salt teaspoon sugar, J * teaspoon pep- r, 1 tablespoon horseradish. Hnve meat dealer split ribs. Cut n serving sine pieces. Brush pieces on both sides with kitchen bouquet. 'lace ribs, meatside up. 0:1 shallow baking dish and bake, uncovered, in noderate oven until browned, about 30 minutes. Combine remaining ingredients and pour over ribs once Remove cover and continue baking until meat is tender, about 20 minutes longer. Serve immediately. Braised Sparcribs With Vegetables (Serves 3-4) One sheet spareribs <2 pounds o: more), \'i teaspoon onion salt, '.' teaspoon celery salt. 11 teaspooi garlic salt, '1 leaspooll pepper ',- teaspoon ground sage, \\ tea spoon marjoram, 1 cup water whole carrots, onions and potatoes Place sparcribs in baking pal lix seasonings together and sprln- le on both sides of the .spareribs 3rown in hot oven <45 degrees P.: 0 to 15 minutes. Add 1 cup watc: iid reduce heat to moderate (35i sgrecsP.) and bake on hour, will ove on pan. Arrange vegetable round meat in pan and baste \vitl tock in pan. Cover and bake 3 ninutcs longer. Remove cover and lake 30 minutes. Turn vegetable cvcra! times during baking. It may necessary to add a little more valer from time to time. Remove neat and vegetables from pan and nake gravy from liquids in the pan. chased in sets, which consi 1 1 of a large vegetable crisp .-r and two smaller containers. The small-size separate utensils are especially useful for storing leftovers. A distinct advantage of enameled refrigerator containers is that foods may be reheated In the same utensil in which they arc stored. Standardized "Double-headed" playing cards— those which may be read from either side—with indices in the corners did not become standard until about 1810. according to the Encyclopedia Britinnica. Huckleberry Finn's advenlurci took place on the Mississippi river. 700,000 Young Poles Supplied with Food WARSAW. Poland —</P)— Polish headquarters of the United Nation* children's emergency fund says supplementary foods were supplied to 700.000 Polish children during February. Paul White, of Buffalo. N. Y. director for Poland, reported UNIC EF thus far had sent supplies !nt> Poland valued at SS.'IOO.OOO. Th United Sstates, Australia, Canada and Great Britain were the chie sources of supply in February. Please Note Our New Phone Number Cecil Earls F. B. Joyner REALTORS NOBLE GILL AGENCY THE GRAMS COMPANY [\E.\LTOI\S Real Estdtc - Mortqacje Lodn<-Insurance OSCFOLX BIYTHEALttf Phone 521 Phone 3075 Procter & Gamble's new TIDE makes washday's most ING PROMISE No soap—no other "suds"-no other washing product known —will get your family wash as CLEAN as Tide! -_ World's CLEANEST wash! Actually BRIGHTENS colors! World's WHITEST wash! Tide promises you n cleaner \vnsh limit you ever hail before in your whole life. A cleaner vnsh. tlinii any soap or any other wnxhilny product Vi ill jjive you. Tide leaves even your heaviest wash free from dirt .. . aiul net u ally rt'inovra ilin^y soup film, too. There's nothing like Tide. Forgotten how bright and gay your wash prints r cully nrc under that ninsk of dulling .snap filni? I.ct Tide show you 1 . Colors pL-rk up like rnsigic as Tide removes soap film. And Tide duos it safely! \Vilh nil its untu-at- nlile cleaning, poner, Tide's truly sttjc for alt washnhtcs! Your nclghhor's cye« will pop when you hang out your first Title wash. Why, in hardest water, Tide gets shirts, sheets, towels, more dazzling white than any other washing product known. What's more,Tide —and only Tide—can make a 11 these terrific promises! - , . s TIDE You can depend on th« quality of rich, fine- grained Ever-Gocd Ham. En]oy that fragrance, that ipacral, hiclcory- imoked flavor. MaVei thrifty leftover dishei too. -Serv« Ever-Good Ham. Ask for it *t your deal£ . tr» today. MEMPHIS PACKING Cp Memphis, Term. WUCKV CITY SUPER MARKET Golden Ripe BANANAS.. . Ib. lOc GETS CLOTHES CLEANER THAN ANY OTHER WASHDAY PRODUCT YOU CAN BUY •—Ue£~TRULY SAFE W/CO& Hew miracle suds! More Mid* in liardesl water! Klml-to-hands siuls that foot ilirTcrcnl./i'i?/ ilifTercnl. Wonderful in Ilic tiislipun. loo! Trj Tlilc for tlishca —BCC Imw they sparkle, even without wiping! PET 3 tall or 6 small cans MILK 35* Red Triumph POTATOES TOO Ib. Sack Wisconsin HOOP CHEESE ib. 45c Home made SAUSAGE ib. Home-Dressed Hens & Fryers Fresh STRAWBERRIES AT A BARGAIN! Fine-flavored Tobacco PRINCE ALBERT can CITY SUPER MARKET 109 West Main Phone 2668 • WE DELIVER •

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