The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 31, 1930 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 31, 1930
Page 2
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P/,(JE TWO BLYTHEVILLE, (AUK.) COURIER NEWS Miss Jane Robinson Weds Wesley Ferry The marriage of Miss Jane Robinson, formerly of Ihls city, to Mr. Weiley Perry, of Wisconsin, will bo EslemniEed In the First Baptist church ol Bolivar, Term., nt midnight' tonight. The bride, who taught piano and violin here lor several years, liar been In Chicago for the past yen coirtiriuing her studies at Bush conservatory. Her home Is in Bolivar. Mr£ Psrry, whom she met there, rectal ly retired from the ministry of itjit Methodist church.- everal from this city' will take part.In the impresshtf .iercmony.. Vlbllors To Attend Dnrce. tcr, Mrs. Cliaile; 'Piirllw. and A numter of visitors from near- family. Mr. Ncblett, who -nine up by cities arc expected hero for for Clirlslinss. hat already return- Ihe New Year dance tonight at er. ihe new armory when Malcolm Leonard Mat'nes, of St. Louis, was Burke and his orchestra will play, a business visitor In Hie city yes- Dancing is to begin at 0:30 and terday. there will be specialty numbers lor Joe Roberts, who has been 111 Ihc midnight hour with the usli-j[rom tuberculosis since May. was erlng In of the New Year. • * » lave Bridge Dinner. Mr. and Mrs. C. 0. Smith ent^-- alned 24 of llielr friends with a dinner Tuesday evenlnj; nt heir lovely new country home way, The entertaining rooms were i where they spent Christmas with financed with attractive decora-1 relatives. Mr. Gulp came hack via Ions cf the holiday season and I St. Louis where he attended to Arip [Catherine RobinEcVi,- is to 1 be thfj maid of honor n'lid.:'. the best man j will Ix. her brother, Kepler Robinson, Chlca-jo elf's will ssrvc as bridesmaids. Harmon Hoblnson also went over for the wedding. Circles Sir-i. TSvo clrc.cs of the Woman's Missionary, union of the Fi.-st Baptist church met- Monday afternoon lor the. usual weekly meetings. Mrs. T. E. King entertained the six- member-; of circle 3 present. Mrs. ''John Buchanan read the C3rd chapter of Isaloh '-for the ilevo- tloh&l and prayer was offered Mrs. R. W. Woolen. Mrs. E. P. Blo- irmyer conducted the mission lesson: The s;ven members who attended tha meeting of circle J at the church heard Miss Cordelia Wlliilte lead the mission lesson after "Mrs C. G. Hirw had given the devotional period. , taken to the Booneville sanltonum £1 ndny by Mrs. Roberts. Mr. and Mrs. E, C. Fatten and Joe Fclsenthal are going to Memphis tortay. They will return Thursday. Mr, Wlndcrmere" on the south hl-jh- j have and Mrs. Horace T. Culp returned from I'lne fJlulf wlnlqr flowers. Afjcr the appstif'n? menu w? r . c erved bridge wni plcyccl willi n brassjlrny goinj to Mro. o. w, Me business. Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Pntton nnd two sons hui-c returned from Uc Rock where they spent Christ- Midwajf Notes Work Gives Answers lo Radio Bridge Question In the sixth radio bridge br<«-l- -Bridge live Clubs); West has bid throuijli station WMC at 3:SO : Hearts, East has passed o'clock Tuesday Mil!u:i c, Work oiisly. Weil, tricks oiie-ihreJ, leads presented the answers to t!i Ihe King, Qi:ecn and Ace of Hearts' Cootert Jobless Offered Work at Dollar Per D roo-rjrR OOOTKR, WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 31, 1930"/-' Wins Contest Prize ,•--• In a recent contest sponsor) by the Jewish Ladles Aid socletyNi JOlltll' fCl" JJ'lV' 0 ^ niythevllle ""d Osccola, W. \V.! '.y ,-,„,., 1 \ Prev.-lU, of Osecola, was winner of; ;i fVK, Mo,—bv order of Ma» p - ! . , l', V) V7.ULI Ul ,1l,lJ , ,„.:,,,, ., l,lQ,l'rnl ' '• 1 lions given at the end of each oi East follows suit. .the flve previous games. Mr. Work';;; QUESTIONS: 5. Which Mr. and Mrs. G. P. Roark of system Is so arranged that tlie play- should South p!ay on trick Blythevilie and Mr, and Mrs. J. ers may grade C. Jones of Gilclirlst Farms vvere|Woi'k said; dinner guests of Mr. and- Mrs. A. questions correctly or Able Rushing a mass meet in;; was held In the interest cf the poor and destitute of this seciion. The meeting was held, in the Cooler Bank. . . thc "" ze ' a Jones Will Broadcast j || J-ltij'd Jones, who Is well known! ',' ' :n Blythevilie and northeast M 1 -; j.-^: 1 ),,; Bv a community vote it was de- • kama;", will broadcast vocal eclcc-j j. -•; elded that <,hosc Mio were in need tlons Thursday evening, 0:40! ,'. r Station WHO, DCS!-? J. Hill Thursday. .!e ihemceh'es. Mr. 0. Which cer.^ should Declarer play C r J, J!" , ** ho wers ln neecl tlons Thuri - & >' "If you answer all from his two hands on trick fourv' ood . a ,l ld u othl " B would te eiv ' "' t!cck ' over Sla!i ' •eclly, you belong in ANSWERS: &. South shculi M U ° r l y j|-" et0 ''™ a '- 5' P?r day.: :.:aiiiEi. Iowa. •nn Vinni m.n t.., n •iviimn iw,n iKi_j *..i.i. ,. -ii. _ ... |*"l3ior ivUSntiiKi Rev. E. ( 1. Si^nhp- : •—' , j .. , Class 'A'; If you hav? 01.:, two or 'trump the third trick with a" ' Rev. E. G. Stephe-: and Rev. P. L. Prltchari v.-err ] t ' ) "" 1 as a comnll ""'-= t» be done; Mr. and Mrs. L. B. Cannaday three mistakes, consider yo-.irself hi Club, being careful t:> re-.-jln his !;•.•) and Eon are vibiting relatives in .Class 'B'; i'-.ur, flve or six mistakes Club In order to put North iii the Summervllle, Tcnn., for a few] put you In Class 'C'; and marc : lead later. 0. To trick four South I fir '"" '"""• "«"<•'" lu ">= «">": (lays. j than six mistakes In Class -D 1 . Ev- ! should lead a Diamond and win f-c ,V . cornora " 011 ' such « gradta? Judge G. E. Keck of Blylhevllle j ery question Is one of play, sa th" trick in North with the Ac-> Th» , st " ets - ™ ttln S drainage ci- huntcd with A. J. Hill in this vl-1 answer Is Ihe same tolii at Aiic- reason for tills piny 1; that l'---c i a , ~ Jcw fa - mer5 lm ' c cinlty. nticrnooii .Ucn and Contract." _ i being five Diamonds in th, siili'Sli™,* 1 ' lh L"™ m ^..«: "' c3ii«nU'.?c, | J. A. White visited. Edgar Lloyd Tlie lirst two questions are buid-hand and one In tlie South It Is,,,,,, ,, of Blythevllle Monday. on this hand: South-Spades. A, K. probable Uiat ihe adverse Diamonds I,,;, 1 Jf mpbcllc. Sa '» Fraz'tr in-J Mr. nnd Mrs. Otlii Wooldrldge Q, Hearts, K, Q. 2; Diamonds. A, , are divided 4-3. North k»eul;n l , H ' was a l" >oin[p;i l = visited Mr. and Mrs. Rustln ut J, 10; Gluts. A, K, Q, 10. West— i th'rec entries (two trumps and the O f ,v Armorel Thursday. Spades. J. 10, 8, b. 3; Hearts, A, 0, King of Spades) probably can es- s to learning the names really needed the C-IH- putqh'cn for ladles honois and IJr.; ">">s »'llh Mr. I'atton's parents. Huntsr C. Sims won HID nrai'i i Arlliur Pillion will rctuin toriaj irlze. a double deck of cards. | from Little Koc-k where ho spent, i—"' "«*«»*? M^^lrn^r'n Smiths will be their yuests this evening. * * * I Hrcakfasl Given, i Mlssrti Hlicia IlolliKid, Gladys] .cr.teiscs to 28 friends this morn-! !n~.for n brldfie breakfast especial-j !y complimenting college girls \vho arc home for the Christmas holi- •hys. Out nf town eursls Included Misses Virslnld McCall. of St. j Louis, nnd Mary Ellzubclh Lnsloy ol LHlle Eock. who formerly lived returned lo Lltlle Rock after spending Christmas with Mre. Fit/jslmmons. He Is bridge and Umber inspector for Arkansas. cfl Mr. anu MI-S. i-, o. rajwrr 10, B, 7, 6, 3; Diamonds, C, 'J; Ciub; i will trump high and lend a trunvj ' wm 8lve l " Em or oers to certain Mgwocd Ridge, Thursday. • f. D. 5, 4. Auction Ridding: South, cm North, winning trk-k ri'-:. i--ill \e r, I "'-I'chanls. w::icli will in turn let r. and Mrs. J. A. Lloyd and K O Trump, followed by three pass- another Diamond 10 U'k-k seven l tilom lmve Groceries amounting ID family visited Mr. and Mrs... Joe j cs . contract Bidding: South four ' and South will apaln tnimp'lil-u'' lhe ^ llm ' Epperson of the Gilchrlst Farms, N O Trumps. V/csl pass. North five It then will be kn'ouii v.-hether th: i Thc m£1 ' cl: Thursday. O. Handolph, Frank Liml, Wooldridge and Junior Maxwell Diamonds, East pass, South six Ko Diamonds can be establislicd. They Tru 'nps. . can be If both adversaries fr-llaw to mentioned In the order, reliant will then apply at the Cooler Bank for his money, tlie funds having been placed there. . QUESTIONS: 'l. W,:k'h foil-- the third round- and es Declarer i Tnlls tlle laD; > r e r s will receive no; were guests of A. J. Hill Monday.' cards-Bhould be played ID thc firs:, must take every trick to nnl-- camo mon ej'- William Orawley has recovered lrlck? 2 whlch card shoul[ , t , ,„., ; lU Auct i oni or fl , ]nll h | s C0 ntra<" i No provisions were made lor wi-, after being ill with pneumonia lor. to i!le secoml tr | ck? at contraet, this will avoid the r;>!i | dows with children, not uslns able; the past two weeks. I ANSWERS: 1. To the first tvick : of the Spade linesse If the Dta-' to wo '' k . bu ' 'I is assumed that Mr. nnd Mrs. Hurry Stanford. WKit stio . M tf3a [hc Jack , f momis do nol b .. eak (hc £ , ud ,,; they will be taken cave of by the visited relatives In Luxora MondHy., Sl , n(lcs North shoul[ , ^ (llc e fmcsse . can bc tricd ' Ladles' Aid committee. Gits McOoughan, Boss Wool-, E:lslr Uw Deucei and So ,, t;i s i, ouW I Questions 7 ami 8 are drldge, L. H. Cannaday and son k v|n wli|l „', ,„ , f '' hono ^ tWs dc ,. ^\ vt«n^n1..1. frnul/ T.l.irl n>:^ l~ .... _ . «..w.u. - ^.. hcie, ai'.rt Miss Fiancee Barham of Osceola. With yellow and black as the color' scheme. In mourning the passim; of the old year and yellow, signifying happiness for thc new year, the tables were attrac- ._ v _ itw ^ lively arranged for a delicious I Mrs]"cc-'thi : e:i's brother. "Roger M- O. Randolph, Frank Llnd. nr.d L. A. Maxwell were Blythavllle visitors Saturday. ATTEND FUNERAL—3li Mrs. L. A. Cothren and daughter, Miss Charllne, have returned from Sharon. Tcnn., 'where they attended funeral service With a Dinner Party. W. H. Westbrook was !;ost. to n diriner party at ills suburban hoini on-;the north highway last evening especially complimenting hls.brq ther, Oneal Weslbrook, of Binning ham,' who has been vlslllng ; h'eri £ej»ral days. Donnki Flelcher, "p Joiner, was another out of :to\vi guest. •' ' ' -V • A delicious menu was serveil t thi guests which Included sp'scla Iriifnds of the guest of honor.,' Auxiliary fa M«l. i < .The American Legion Auxiliary will .have Its first meeting of the year -Friday afternoon, 2:30 o'clock. at. the homo of Mrs. L. H. Welch . when Mrs. Robert Blaylock will al" so':j>e hoslcss. Entertains GuesU. Mr. and Mrs. George tango had as'-lhelr guesU; last evening Mr. and Mrs.'- W. C. Moore, of Champaign, IU.j- who were enrontc home from New Orleans wh;re they spent Christmas. For dinner last, evening Miss Cora-Lee Colcman was also a guest at the Lange home. Mrs. Moor c is counly home demonstration agent at'f Champaign, the Siime position held in Mississippi county by MUs Colcman. Board Has Luncheon For Out Of Town Gucsls. Mrs. M. Fitisimmou: and Mrs. W. H. Slovall enlerlnined members of thc executive board of the Woman's Missionary Society of First Christian church yesterday with an attractively appointed luncheon at the Fitzslmmons home especially complimenting Mrs. W S. : McCall and Mrs. J. E. Noel, of St; Louis. A minlaturo Christmas tree 01 a mirrored plaque was the center piece for thc luncheon table Thl; •was .flanked wilh four red tni»r in,.silver holders and red ribbon, ran 'from the place cards to th tree.! When the two former mem nipnu served In two courses. Chrysanthemums formed center pieces for thc tables. len Green. 43, of Hamilton, O.. who died Sunday. His brother. Waller Green, also of this city, re. in..the bridge panics _t|w cut[ UlI11C(1 to Hamilton for a two reluming home. NUW yenr igvceiings 1111 Thp rt cc( , nspt | , black and package. .. urizc was awarded witii llic sou-i wc ,, ks s , ay vcnlrf of Now Yenr greetings In j TUc ricccnsc( | r wllo dlccl nt tllc nd yellow having, a lucky | N[c ii 05p |tal of Hamilton from . -Miss Carolyn Haley re-] pl|( , umonln h!ltl ^ en ern p lt) y ed n n eo+ nf tddlfi ' mnrUorc . . . _. _ a- sot of table'. mnrkci-s. U)C t . st!)te ' stovc company lor 14 . Miss Mary Grace Hill won the He was n member ol the L , . . , . . . 'JV"*«. J**. >»iia 11 JUCJlJkn;! ul lilu high score, prize, a lace boudoir nMoml Frntcnil , y O f the Deaf pillow. • *. * * XJmflect- 'Tedder. ..A marriage license was issued today to Miss Oinu Lsa Tedder and Mr. Henry Umflect, both of Armorel. . . » 4 . Whltener-Galnos. GeraU'tnc Gaincs and Mr. and funeral sevvlces were conducted Sunday night in the Ohio jelly under thc auspices of this or- enllre service was In the hand language with Ihc Rev. August Stauvllz, paslor of the Methodist church ol Cincinnati, in charge and several officers of thc national order paid tribute to Mr. Green In a scries of short from Cincinnati, Delbert Wliitener, both of Blylho-| tnll .. ... iii i i n 1 llliRa. i * Ji-iu.> ii wiii vsiiinmmi.(, villc. obtained n marriage license i Dayt dSpringfield, Ohio al- y«tcrday . tcnjdcd lho scl ! vlce * Dr;ldrs his rflntivc.s here the deceased Is survived by three half brothers, a half sister., nnotlir bro- Bits of News Mostly Personal Cliicot Ridge Lcssic Bell and Jessie Mae Hughes spent Sunday with Mildred nnd Elizabeth Mitchell. Corlnne Thornc spent Saturday nntl Sunday with Knthryn and Jewell linker. 2. To trick two South should lead tlse Deuce of Hearts. The reason (DealeD-SpaUEE. Is given to the North Im-rJ -uid 5. 4; Hearts, K, J, 4, 3; Diamonds, j South will continue by leading n t!se Deuce of Hearts. The reason A, K, Q, 10, 8, 4; clubs, J. West—(Club to trick two continuing Clubs ior this play Is tliat Declarer is sure (Spades, A, K, 7, ti. 3, 2; Heart;, 10. } until adversaries plav the Ac- l"iis to win three Spade tricks, five Via- ; 7, b; Diamonds 0, 7; Club.s, A. K.! will establish (hc'chibs in thp mond tricks, and four Clubs, a total of twelve tricks. One Heart trick would give him thirteen tricks. If West holds the Ace of Hearts, he may not play It on a small lead toward Dummy's Jack; and If he North-Spades, 8; Hearts, 8, 6. 3; j North hand nnd enable South re- Diamonds, 3, '2; Clubs, Q, 10, 8, 7, 4, |p ut North in with a Diamond. He • a, 2. East^Spades, Q, J, 10, 9; I might not be able to do so witli a \ Hearts, A, Q, D; Diamonds, J, 6, 5; Clubs, D, G, 5. West is Declarer, Spades the trump (at Co.itract holds it up a Grand Slam will b= I Bridge four Spades). South ha-, bid nnde by Declarer. If the other suits Diamonds; North leads a Spade. The making of the lung; Clubs in North assures gnme. TO ALL OUR GOOD FHIENDS KVKKY- WIIBKE For 20 years we have served you good things to cat and now we pledge ourselves to give you even better service during 1931. MMIE O'BRIENS CAFE lOf. S. Second St. "m Mrs. Bessie Akers and sons, R. * vere played out first, the Acs of!South wins and continues ttc suit. D. and John Lewis, are visiting [Hearts wculd be sure 10 take lhe . relative.-; ill Alabama. Joe Oassidny of Hiilfman was R recent visitor nt the Baker home. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Thompson of Blythcvlile spent Christmas with Mr. and Mrs. Hoy Mitchell. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Burks spent Cliristmas evo Mrs. Burks' mother al Bragg CILy, Mo. last trick. Questions 3 and -1 are based on Trick three. South leads a third Diamond nnd West, ruffs with nn honor. Tricks four and five are these hands: South (Dealorj— I trumps won in r/ummy; tricks six Spndcs, Q. in, 0, 1; Hearts. K, J, 5; and seven »r e Clubs won by Wf-.t. Diamonds. A, Q, 0, 6; Gluts, A, 0. ! QUESTIONS: 7. What suit should North—Spades, A, J, 8, 5; Hearts, West lend to trick eight and wDere 9, 8; Diamonds, K, J, 10; Clubs. K, J, 10, 2. South is playing one No Trump at Auciion; three So Trump should the trick be won? 8. C;in ; Declarer make game against the j best Miss Mildred Mitchell visited! at Contract. To the first trick ] A:,'o\VERS: 7. West sr.ould h'S'.l I M^lss Inez Thompson of Blythe- West led Ihc G of Hearts; Dummy t a trump, putting East in the lead.' played the 8; EasL 'lie 10; South and to trick nine should lead a Chib ville Christmas eve. • >.. Frank Lcnry spent . Christni4s with A. J. nnd Rex Baker. won with the Jack. QUESTIONS: 3. Which Little Lavndii Darter has bein'should. South lead to trick two nnd I for West to trump. After that. suit- West should lead a Heart; nnd il sick for the past week. i In which hand should that trick b^ Cecil Virginia Mann, daughter! won? 4. Which card should bs bcl Mrs. W. 1. Dsntoi! r.nrt crs, Misses K:i;hryn and ther and his step-mother. Parent-Teacher Group j Organized at SUHmani n !>\ lh "; m , c Mrs. Dewey May has been elect- tancc. have relume:) Mc:;i-1 cd president of thc New Stilliunji an, Mits., whs-re tlicy cpcnl Ch-sil- \ P. T. A. group'which plans nil ac- nas wit'.-, M'-s. Doi'.ton's duushicr. I live program for the new year. They were accompanied home by I Mrs. M. A. Mlddleton Is vice-prcs- ...„„,.„..., ttitn Mr mllcn .„,,;, Dudley Denioij. a .luricut ut Tu- W«tt ol the group and Mrs. E. ™ k ^f elp j^ Mr . Mick move bad ar.o University of New Orleans.'Webb, secretary and treasurer. j, , ' , h a who was also In that city for | Tho Ktlllumn P. T. A. was or- to '^n mcker v-"«iT-l a «tiok Hhrlclmnc n^,l(v^H nn llni-ninhn.- t n r, ,.-l,n.J "CadlC HlCkLH S 1 I .1 .1 -l.un of Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Man. who has been very 111, is much improved, -r . -''W Mrs. Albert Burel of Atlanta; qft:,- and Mrs. Bob Orcen of Flint, : Mlclf- ican, who were called here to lie with their father at the Blythe- vllle hospital following nn accident, ! spent part of last week with MM. j Albert Burks. [ Richard and Robert Roberts ot :vlllc are spending Ihls week 1 their griuulpareiils, Mr. and ! Mrs. G. R. Nave. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Setoon spent Christmas- with .their parents In Blythevllle Herman Rltlenbury spent the ek-end wilh Mr. Hulcn Mick North plays small, take the double finesse. 8. This p!ay wil! ensure making game against the best de- to trick three and which car;! | fense ,as South, winning the iririr. . should be played from t!ie other of , musi lead another Heart up to tho j Dceltirer's^hands, supposing the in- tenace In the East band; or a Dla- ' terverilns"-adversary plays small^ hioild 1 " which West will ruff, dis- .- ANSWERS: 3. South should lead carding the losing Heart Qu^en a Diamond, winning the trick in from East's hand. the North hand. 4. To trick three. North should lead the Deuce cf Questions 9 and 10 call for this deal: South (Dealer)—Spad:s. Q- We Say Wilh All Sincerity Clubs, and South should finesse the 110, 4; Hearts, A, K, G; Diamonds, i. South has the Hearts safely j A, K. 5,.2; Clubs, K, J, 2. Wes:— topped If led by West but not if ! Spades, 9, 0, 5, 3; Hearts, Q, J, 9: cd by East. Declarer h;is won one :Diamonds, Q. 10, S, 4; Clubs, 7, 5. iearl nnd cult count upon one Spnrtc trick, tcur Diamonds nnd two Clubs witliout nny finesse. If he should fln2s;e In Spades, Eas'. might win, lead a Heart nnrl Jhrislmns. Raymond Eider from a brief illness. ganlzcd on December I9ta when! has recovered • Miss Winnie Virgil Turner of thc I county Jack Robinson Is In Memphis to- and 100 nuiuiu .iitsii 1,111.1:1 ui wil. r j i i i *., unty department of education'""™ '? ms ,d Mrs. T. E. Tate met with thc| M > r " s fa . nwy f. rs ; ol piirnlysis last week and is con- bed at the home of day for n brief visit. ladles of the SUllman community. Mrs. Clifford'otwilt has return-] Miss Turner iau B ht a very '"-",.'"^'±^,71™ weekTwlJ 1 from Late, Ark., where .ihe spent' Icresting lesson In art picture , « lle . \ 5 «pcndli>8 wo witks wit hristmns with her uarcnts. Dr. i study, after which Mrs. Talc dls- llcl laU!Cr !lcrc ' ed Cl nnd Mrs. C. A. Cpldwcll. Mls-s Jewell Bnker who is taklnj in Blylhe- Ith B. N. Wilson, of Osccoln. at-!of the P. T. A. tended to business here yesteixlay, Mrs. Claude Perrln and daughter, MUs Elucira Scmmes Duck, ot Osccola, shopi>ed here yesterday. Miss Ixmise Hudson, of Lusora. was a visitor in the city yesterday. cussed the value ol organization Robert Setoon returned to his Onenl Westbrook is leaving today bers pulled their r:b'jons they I for lib home i;\ Birm'tighr-.m. Ah'.. Hospital Notes Mrs. Hammer Sparks. C;mithers- ville. Mo., was ndmltted to the Ulythcvlllr- | work with the drug line company j at Memphis today. ' Russell Mann spent Christmas with Douglas Wilson. All In North—Spades, K, 7; Hearts. 10, Diamonds, J, 9, 7, G; Clubs, Q. II). 9. 8, 4; East—Spades. A, J.- 8, 2; Hearts, 8, 7. 5. 3, 2; Diamonds, 3: Clubs. A, t>. 3. the game; but plnyecl as above clo- QUESTIONS: !). South scribcil, the p.imc miist lie won i playing No Trump tat Contract even if the Club i'uiOEse (inls, ns in | three No Trumps) and West lead- any event trying to finesse will en- 'ing the 4 of Diamonds, which Dia- nb;« r°cl:>vcr 13 take three Chib - mends should Ncrth ar.;l South BECAUSE WE 'ANTICIPATE BETTER TIMES AHEAD. ]T IS THE SEASON WHEN' OLD PLEDGES ARE KE-NE\VED, OLD FRIENDS REMEMBERED .... THE SEASON WHEN OLD- TIME CONFIDENCE IS RESTORED- We believe in 1931 nnd we ;u-e willing here and now to predict a return of Prosperity and Public Happiness- To our friends aiid cnsloimrs we extend thanks and pledge even "snappier biTvice" for the New Year. tricks. Iplay on trick one? 10. C'.in Dcclarev Questions 5 and G are based on !make L-amc Eigninst perfect defense l-.L'in c;u;ls: South (D?,-i!er)—!by East and West? Spades, A, 10. 0; Her.rls, J, fi; Di.i- ! ANSWERS: 9. To Irlck one North moncts. 5. Clubs. A. Q. J. 10. 9, 8. should piay the G. East the Trey. 3. Ncrlh—Spades, K, J. -: Hearts. ! South the Ace. 10. Game can 9, S. -I; Club: ing a Club contract icu Contract ; played as nliovc. n Diamond entry J J -.IT^VD.?^ found gifts from the hc3ter;cs. An appetizin* two-course menu was served. A business cession of the group followed the luncheon. * * * First Baptist Church Officers, -Teachers Meei. At a meeting of tlie olficers and teachers ol the First...Baplist church last evening four alms were Eel.ected as New Year resolutions for.i -the Sunday school. These are: To attain the standard of excellence, to double the attendance ofithe Sunday school, for teachers an.8 officers to attend all meetings and sessions of the Sunday school and |or the Sunday school mcm- bere 'to have a larger attendance ati'the church services. In'-his address, U. W. MuHins, recently elected superintendent of ti»; school, stressed these objec- tivfc. The pastor. Alfred S. Harwell, also spoke, the scripture was read by Bob Barnes and Miss Althea Edwards read a poem. The 45 present were served a delicious i supper menu by members ol the adult department. after visiting J'rs. I. O. nnd family for several days. P.imnus singers always travel in [sljle. McCormauk has fcvcrnl al- Mrs. Fred Warren n.r.rt daughter, icndaiiU. Including an Italian chef, -• Margie, h.ivc returned from Halls and Gates, Tcnn., \vherc they visited relatives for several days. Mr. and Mrs. Donald Fletcher j sc crctaric arc returning to their home in Join- I infer today after visiting Mrs,. Flct-' Cher's mother. Mrs. I. O. Wc.stbrcsk. and family for a week. Mrs. Allan Walton has returned from Memphis where .she sp.>nt ' Christmas wilh her daughter. Mrs. i Berry B. Brooks jr., and Mr. Brooks. I Mr. and Mrs. C. I-'. Tucker and j daughters. Misses Frances. Ruth i Eleanor and Lynctte. reluriu'd Tuesday from Maude. Miss., where they visited relatives lor several days. I Miss N'ollie Kerr. who has b?;n at Clarendon. Ark., since Thanks-1 giving because of the rtcalh of her i father, returned yesterday lo as- I sume her work as teacher in the city high school. Mrs. Jack IS, Shaffer ot Memphis I and Little Rock has returned to I Memphis alter visllnj relatives h:rc for a week. She was accompanied by Mr. ar.d Mrs. Hugh Drijooll. of Memphis, who motored up for lie: 1 . I Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Sr.'.it' 1 . had : and always has a tank ot si»clal drinking water with him. chatiapin i-els with nn Interpreter, two anti lus own "wine eel- ! : ome sErm-, ml! !ivc 1.1 -co intense cold. Suliicicnt hc.u alcne will destroy germ; of nil ki:i:.s. Club Entertained. Mrs. J. C. Kcllcy of Detroit, Mich and her hostess Mrs. R. as th eir gucsU the tot o! the\veek i N.-Ware. Jr.. were guests of Mrs. Mr . aluibMrs . A . R . Mc _ dcck and j returned home yesterday afternoon. Cr. and Mrs. C. T. Morris, accompanied by Mrs. Morris' parents. Mr. and Mrs. I,. C. Sclser and son. Jlmmle, of Shreveport. La., arc in tract club. Hosiery went lo Mrs. M. A. Isaacs for first honors and Mrs. Kellcy received, a deck of cards. The .hostess served delicious refreshments after several games of contract-bridge. Read Courier News Want Ads. Mrs. H. E. N'cblctt wil! return tn Tupelo. Mi=s.. Friday after spending three month- iith her Why Not Start the New Year Right liy tiuving Your Coal Here- We Load Wilh Forks. I'AY CASH AND PAY LKSS Arkansas Anthracite, ton - $10.50 Purity Red Ash, pleases all -- $9,50 Sipsey, It Satisfies, per ton -- $9.00 Orent, That Clean Illinois, ton $7.00 Kentucky Lump, per ton -» $6.00 WE ALSO HANDLE KINDLING IX UUNDLKS Buchanan Coal Co. - PHONE 107 Yntir Business Appreciated TEAK WE BELIEVE IN THE FUTURE l-'lootls, Fires and CydDiies i,,",vc fuiktl lo Iiidt the progress ut' this city and \vc don'l believe Ol.l) MAN IIAKL) TUIKS can do it now. As for tun- part \v;'ve jroiujr lo dn utir bit In In-ini; I'rospcrily buck. We're going to keep our men employed by hustling fi.- business, increasing our dYk-ieney and giving our friends and patrons Hie utmost in service during the coining year. il STATION [Mione 315 liroathvay al Ash '/ m\ '/ W\ ' Sill RlJNG OUT THE OLD-'RIMG IN |$ TJIE NEW! I W, \Vc believe :tn expression ol' cotil'ulentc in t|-,e \"cw «k *Mf Year is not amiss at this time. It is nol din- in- ysf •Nt tout ion to make. ;i large number of foolish Xew 5jf Year's resolutions but il will be uur aim in r.llU IS to serve: oven better than wo IIRVO in the jiitst the ?jj neetls of this conniuiiiity. Wo make I his pIcilgc'M because we believe in this city and this county (I* that it will liiul thu New Year move prosperous • • . vv^H that it will survive every set-back

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