The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 10, 1930 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 10, 1930
Page 6
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t>AGE SIX 5TIUT MM Southern Leatut W. Memphis 94 New Orleans 87 Birmingham ''83 Atlanta 81 Little nook 80 Philadelphia — Washington New York Cleveland Detroit Chicago St. Lous' * Boston Heavyweights in Poo 1 ' Windup; Young and Taylor Give Action. Stanley McRae ot Luxora won the judges' decision over Dummy McKiiir.ey of Memphis in the main bout at (he Main street athletic arena last night. McRae dcserv- cd the verdict, If one hart to be awarded for such a light, as the Luxora boy did try to fight occasionally McKlnncy apparently clowned his way through tl'.e txml content to take what punishment wns offered without any extra exertion on his part. Some unknown by Ihe name of Chicago Howard LaBrier of New Orleans 31. Louis was slated to oppose McRae but La- Brooklyn Brier [ailed to show up or some- New York thing. Anyway the management Pittsburgh announced that LeBrier had tmoth- Boston er fight this week and since the Cincinnati Monday night bout was postponed Philadelphia until Tuesday night Ihe governing boxing commission of Ihe Unilcd States would not allow him to have two fights so close together. Therefore Dummy was substituting for LaBrier the anoimcer said. Wliere- upon we read in a news dispatch from Sardis. Miss., thai Dummy McKlnncy, who fought here last night to keep another man from having Iwo fights In the same week, fought at Sardis Monday night. And Dummy probably showed more action at Sardis Monday night lhan he showed here lost night as Dummy knocked out his man Monday .'night. Yes. Dummy so the ' boys In the racket say, is known as a "tough boy." Yes, Dummy 1* Touch Dummy left Blythevllle witlioul his reputation for "toimehncss" being mnrrcd ns Dummy did take few socks from McRae nnd hit Ihe floor in resounding fashion only lo bounce up and grinned anil start in at McRne head down and arms folded. And they don't usually gel off^ the floor so quick nnd start back in grinning when McRae ' socks 'em. Dummy spent the evening except for the three limes Ihnl he picked himself off the floor walk ing around the ring, leering at his opponent and sticking his chin on . _to; invite a punch. Yes, he seemed a Plough boy. McRae spent a rather futile nigh • and failed lo show anything in th •way o! fighting ability. He wa bewildered by Dummy's nwkar style and the ease wilh whicl Dummy bounced up from the canvass and came back for more, However that might enslly prove discouraging to a more able fighter than McRae. ? . Seml-Wlndup Bfst By far the best fight of the night was the seml-wlndup with Otto Young, local negro, winning via the kayo route over Gene Taylor, Nashville, Tenn., negro. Tht» ne- groes started off with some fast action and before the first round \vas half over, Taylor knocked Young to the canvass. The local negro's head struck the thinly padded canvass with a resounding thud and Young barely managed to beat the count. Young weathered the first round however and the second was about even with the boys socking hard. Taylor had a style that proved puzzling to Otto while Young did not seem to be any mystery to the Nashville negro. Young's punches began to tell on Taylor In the third round however and the Nashville negro was practically saved by the bell after going down from a series of kidney punches by Young in a clinch. Another barrage of similar punches in the fourth and Taylor went to one knee and stayed there until counted out. The negroes gave some'fast action while the bout lasted. In the opener two negro young' sters fought four rounds lo a drav lor a shower of c,olns fom the audl ence. Because of the small size of th crowd the management announce! that the other bouts scheduled hai been taken off the card. 05 07 09 Chattanooga 05 84 N.ishville 03 85 Mobile 39 108 L. PC'. 04 .035 00 .592 .5G1 .541 .531 .436 .420 .205 American League W. L. 04 40 National 80 18 15 CO 54 54 45 W. . 80 . 77 78 . 17 . 71 . 04 . 55 . 45 (ARK.) COIJKIKU NKWS cks to Start Rough House iVnclice Elaily; Veterans Sorely Missed. Game: Today Southern League Mobile at Memphis. Chattanooga at Birmingham. Litllc Hock ul New Orleans. Nashville at Allanta. FAYE'ITEVILI.R. Ark., Sept. 10. — The las I <j( Hit- 42 candidates for the 1930 University of Arkansas football u-ain straggled inlo town j last night leiuly for the oponln' ' football practice Wednesday inorn- 478 ' '"- { - Cnat-hrs Thomsen, Bn.wHl, 394 [iost ' al "' Sehnoiiover are on the ground, atul Thomsen has announced liul "loiiKh ladles" will lie the opening day's piogrnm. "We cnu't waste any lime," said Ihoniscn. "Our first earne is only two weeks olT. We're golnj; to sl.arl lialH In on blocking and tackling. If Ihf boys aicn'l In shape, that's their hard luck." Most of the players called at (he gymnasium today and Thomscn was probably aware that they are nil in .spVmlld condition. Nearly all of the men spent the .summer in hard manual labor, plpe-llnlnj, highway construction, and Ihe like, PC 1 , ,071 .028 .503 .391 .331 .584 .500 .505 .562 .522 .400 .410 .328 American League Boston at Chicago. Washington al St. Louis. Philadelphia at .Delroll. New York at Cleveland. National league Pittsburgh al Boston. Chicago at Brooklyn, SI. Louis at New York. Ciucinnali at Philadelphia. DID YOU KNOW THAT— liktn the ball players of other days gathered at Boston to play recently, one face was missing . . . Lou Crlgcr ... of the IfXtt Boston Red Sox . . . one of the greatest catchers of all time . . . fiKhliiiB for his lile now In Prcscolt, Ariz. . . . the old boys, Cy Young, Bill Din- neeh. Candy LnChancc atid the cllicrs, missed him when they lined up Jusl as they played 3ti years ago . . . Lou went to the MK leagues via Knlaumzco and Fort Wayne . .. . In 14 seasons he worked 074 games for 12 years he caught the slants of Cy Young . . . lie was In the first world scries between Pitts smrfjh and Boston . . ,• there arc plenty of people who'remem ber his throws to second . . like bullets. lie Chicago White Sox won. Re: Barnes, Chicago outfielder, led the litters with a triple and three '•ingles. hird place In the American league >tagcd a see-saw battle wilh ihe Yanks winninc, 8 to 0. Babe Ruth lurried from homers to singles If. aid the Yanks materially in their victory. 1'at Caraway gave ii le rjnston Red Sox but five hits Tuesday and" Iready started scrimmaging, 50 it Cubs Slill Alieacl But Gmls i Rcbins and Giants Snapping at Their Heels. I NEW YORK. — The National Iraijiio |K?nnaiit scramble was still very much ol a free for alt after ! Tuesday's games. The lirooklyii • liobins defeated the pace .setting Cubs to pull up within V.'- tjamcs ,o( the league leaders and In a lie •with the' St. Lout;, Cardinals who '• lost yesterday to the New York ; Giants. The Giants by virtue of ' thrlr victory rested a scant half behind the Cards and Robins. imperative lhat wc r get'down to|B amc ood hard work at once.". fp I" llle Amcrican drc>llt Ulc Macks won as Grove pitched |aiith victory of the year while (he . Senators intt stubborn oppositlor before beating the Brownies In 12 ' innings. Phelps, the youngster of the HUE pULEI Announce 26 Pairings In Country Club This Week. Tourney The tennis tournament of the Blythevllle country club is to Ret underway this week wilh 20 matches of Ihe first round stated lo Ire played by Sunday week. .-..Pairings fnv the first, round have been completed by the tournament committee 1 composed of Wilson Henry, Francis Carpenter and Bob Klrslmcr. Following Is a list of pairing for the first .round and members paired in the individual malche' are urged by the committee to arrange for their matches as quickly us possible. Jack Hoblnson vs. Clifford Cavitt. James Terry vs. Paul Rosenthal. Francis Carpenler vs. Whit Goodman, George Henry vs. Charier rigger. Everett B. Gee vs. Roland Volfort, W. F. Carter vs. Craw- ird Greene, Virgil Slsson vs. I.loyr 1 tickman, Harold Sternlierg • vs Vilson Henry. Bernard Gooch vs usscll Blair, Shelton Hall vs. Graam Sudbury, Major Jacobs vs :uster Driver. Rodney Bannister vs. Chester Babcock, C. M. Buck ys. U. 0 iranson, Dudley Dcnton vs. Nell icssell, n. F. Kirshner vs. Johnnie epn. Otto Kochitizky vs. Russell 'hlllips. B. A. Lynch vs. Charles Lemons, Byron Morse vs. Bill Pol- ird. Dr. McDantel vs, Izzle Thorns, Bruno Tanner vs. A. B. Palton amfs Carlwrlght vs. Hale Jackson. Clarence Vollmer vs. Dr. Owens G. S. Barnes jr., vs. W. J. Wun- .erlich, Joe Trleschmann vs. Floyd Aden. Nathan Weinberg vs. Jamc: Driver, E. B. Dickey vs. Marsh M Callaway. and it is niiite evident lhat Ihcr are ready fur llic bell Wednesday morning. Among the veterans who are here for llic opening practice the lii- xorbacks' quintet of fast stepping backs looks exceptionally good. Jack Dais, playing his last year at halfback, reported in fine condition and down to his playing weight. 106 IM>unds. Bernard Dptmoor, sub 1 captain and fullback, came In last night from Ills home al Port Smllh nnd announced Hint he Is ready to go. Winton Kyle and Doc Ledbctlcr, junior backfleld men, arc in shape and Oliver Holmes, who did no play Inst year but won his letter n( quarterback In lf!28, cnmc hi looking fit for a strenuous campaign. Crrlrhton In WhajM: Cnplaln Mthin Crelghton, velernn tackle, brought the best news when he came in from his Nebraska home. Crelyhlon was operated on for appeudldlis during the summer bnt has fully recovered nnd the doctors have pronounced him fit to piny. Crelghton has the re : sponslblllly ol fatherhood this year but says his baby daughter will serve us nddcd inspiration. Thc big Ncbrasknn Is popular wilh his tenm-matcs nnd should make n splendid leader lor the Razorbacks. Other members of Inst vcar'j squad who checked out uniforms today Include: Onin Hays, end; Hollls Buckelcw. center; Joe Chambers, tackle; Letloy Kellcy, center; Jack Roblson. center: Enrl Darr. end; Donald Cunning. guard; Ralph Robinson, guard; L. D. Bulls. fullback; Dolls Oenrge, Biiard; and Earl Sccrcst, guard. Tho problem faclni; llic Arkan- T: Ray 1'lielps, the youngster ot the I Urcoklyn staff, and Pal Malonc of I I | the Cubs hooked up in a pretl.v 1 ' ' pitclic-is 1 duel with the Bruins fm- piti , ally emerging victorious 3 to 0. Mu' louc allowed the Dodgers but sev- 3 op Bottle Shower and Umpire Gives Bitter Game Frederick's hitting 1 ,, i . • . contest. to Memphis. Missouri Teams Take Lid Off Grid Season en hits. A homer by Herman featured and the contc j At New York two other pitchers | hooked up I" a pitchers' duel with ATLANTA, Ga. —Thc Memphis .twu veterans. Clarence Mitchell of Clicks won the championship of thi> Giants, and Burleigh Grimes of the Southern league yesterday! the Cards opposing moundsmcn. when''Umpire Spike Shannon for- The Giants copped 2 to 1 with both foiled Ihe contest wilh New Orleans j teams scoring their runs in the Runner-ups, to the Mcmphians In I seventh inning. Both Giant runs the ninth inning at New Orleans raced across the plate on infield The chicks were lending B to 4! la P Si , , , ,. „, with the Pelicans at bat in the last; The Phillies trimmed the C in- half of the ninth when the crowd \ c »» a " llcUi j « toM ° ( , ln .^'f became Incensed at one of the urn- >^ *?™ c *""* No ""^ °. lrcu '' Hire's decisions and showered > Tilc 1>wls llatl \ tor bl * > nn " le cushions and pop bottles on the I ll " slxth whcn the * *<*>"* 4 rlms field. The Pels were leading 4 to '3 i _ when the ninth was reached. The^i";,'; 1 ;;, „'pitchers' battle Yt'°De- Chlcks scored two runs in this j , voR w | th Grove w i nni h E nn(i Inning, and with the Pels .at ball cllalk)ns up h i s 2G ' t h triumph of nntl one down. Ihe game wns for-, tne s( ,., son ; 3 lo ,_ A hon , e Mm b y ?lt ^ d - iJim Moore, recruit oulflelder, .wilh Thc Allanla Crackers beat thr mnff Mlncr ou basc 6ave ., the Birmingham Barons 2 to 1 In a! Mncks thcir mni . g i n . game nl Atlanta. The win strength-' Thc Washington senators flnnllj eiiNl the Crackers' hold on .first ; blokc lhrollgh the stubborn defense division over ihe Travelers to. a „, the SL L^ Browns for an 8 to came and a half. The Barons out- ; 4 ven \ M ln )2 innings. A brace o hit the Crackers but Blethcn man-, sinclcs an( , n doublc ln the ' 12t h aged lo keep their bingles scatter- • eavc thf> Scnators „ decisive win CARDWELL, Ma-Caidwell high school last their first football game of the season to Hornersville high school with a score of (i-0. The Kame was played Friday afternoon on the Cardwell high school field In ths third (]uarter Hornersville Intercepted a pass and made the silly touchdown of the game. Near :he close of ihe game Cardwell hat the hall within less than a yan of the goal lino, ma lost the bal on a fumble and were never able 10 recover. The game was hard fought throughout and the Card well hoys outclassed their opponents, even though they did lose the game by what all considered on accident. The Cnrdwoll team was composed of W. Whitson, QB; J. Rutherford LE; B. Bishop, LT; B. Mlze. LG; O. Mize, C; H. Gilooly. RO; b. Stewart. RT leapt.I; O. North. HE; H. Hardin, RUB; J. Ferrel. LHB; J. nichey, PB. Substitutes: r>. Ladd, RB; B, Hay. RG; J. Cunningham. LHB; O. Conrad. LE. Officials: Hornbeck, referee; Storey, umpire; Seaborn, hendlinesman. 'or atmosphere. Judge C. E. Me- slon worker during Hie cclebra- Hugh in police couvt this week lion $25 and costs for "playing to! fined Morris Vemliiie, a conecs-1 " FARMERS A T TENTION UNTIL SEPT. 30th. Osceola Ball Player Hurt in Road Accident , " I featured by O'Doul's pinch homer. of the of the Athletics and Detroit . Tigers ed. : Burke was the winning pitcher.. JUST LIKE ONE A: Why, in the office they ca me the "Busy Needle." because always get through the work i iiand. B: Yes, I know you do; but no until you've had a good push — Answers. Thc Chattanooga Lookouls losl( a ! The New York 10 Inning contest to Ihe Nnshvlllc Cleveland Indians Vols a. The loss was-chalked ; up nnainst Billy Bayne trying-'for j his 22nd victory of the season. Head nnd Zinnbro, Vol pitchers, were hit hard but the Lookouts could not bring runs across. Yankees fighting OSCEOLA. Sepl. 10.—Bill Brown llowcrton, popular baseball player on the Osceola semi-pro team, sustained, injuries to his left arm ami hind, painful gashes on his ips and face, and body bruise.'; when he ran into thp front end of n wason nnd team on ihe Osceola- Littlc River road west ol here lat; yesterday afternoon. Monroe Sunders, negro driver of the team, which belonged to Mrs. Abncr Driver, sustained cuts and bruises and one of the mules of Ihe team was killed. Ho'.verton was driving east on Ihe road and collided with the wagon and team which was headed west, when he tried to pass another car. THE FAMOUS SAHAR TOWN GOES "WILD WEST" DEADWOOD, S. D. (UP)—Roulette, Faro and other gambling games were a part of ihe recent "Days of "76" celebration here when the town's male population grew whiskers and went wild west. All gambling layouts, however, were COAL (Hums to a Clean Gray Ash—No Clinkers) Per Ton at Yard. Cash This Coal Delivered in Hlytheville During September al $8.00 per Ton Cash. LAY IN YOUR WINTER'S SUPPLY HOW SUPERIOR COAL CO. Cherry and R. R. Sts. Phone 123 sas coaches apcars lo be lhat of developing some players who can throw and receive passes to replace the Miller-Gcis-Schoonover combination of last year. A pair of offensive ends and a defensive center to lake the place ot [lie peerless Schoonover are also to be desired. Add ihe lack of a punter and you have Jusl about summed up Ihe Razorbacks' worries. Coach Thomscn announced lhat two practice sessions will be held daily _untll elapses begin on September 23. "We'll have a green line," said the coach, "and the boys will need a lol of work. College of the Ozarks, our first opponent, has the largest squad In its history, and Tulsa University, whom we play on October 4, has SLERP WALKER HURT FORT COLLINS. (Ul>)—Curtis Pcnrotl, tiding a box car down from Wyoming, walked in his sleep. Ho stepped oiiL'of the car door while the \traln was traveling 25 miles an hour. Ho .was taken to the county jail after receiving medical attention. . • . HOPING HUSBAND (reading poem): You don't seem to be hitcrostod In this. WIFE: Of course I nm. dear. Ls !•: very much longer?—Answers. inson, 22. Two policemen, hearing the squeals, were at first puzzled over the source of llic noise. SQUEALS GIVE ALARM EVANSVILLE, Ind. (UP)— The squeals of nine pigs being transported In the luggage compartment of a coupe led to the arrest of Oscar Maynard. 21. and Elmer Hutch- They stopped '.he car and Investigated. It was charged the hogs were stolen. RITZ THEATER Wednesday and Thursday HOME THEATRE Wednesday and Thursday NOT TRDK TO KORM "So there was something in your wife's speech thai sounded slrang: to you?" "Yes—a pause."--Answers. Special Announcement RITZ THEATRE MONDAY AND TUESDAY Now having the first run in Memphis and Little Rock The Four MARX BROS. "Animal Crackers" Stars of "The Cocoanuts" funnier than ever! Make vour plans, now to see this, Matinee 2 o'clock; Night 7 and 9 Admission Matinee 10e-30c; Night 15c rind <10c An unusual Drama wilh John Mack Brown, Robert Ellis. LOVE LAUGHS SONGS AND SIRENS FUNNY FRISKY FACES1 'Lets Co Native HAIHUNS JACKOAK1E JEANHIi K"M)NAU> MARY ibr/fy motorists know a little care will prolong the life of their motor car, giving them many additional thousands of miles of carefree motoring. For this reason look for the Blue BE SQUARE, it is the trade mark indicative of 70 years progress by Barnsdall, Ihe World's F/r/Z Refiner. Join the Be Square To Your Motor Club and have one of our attendants fasten to your car one of the attractive red, blue, and gold radiator emblems . . It's free and entitles you to this superior service GASOLINE MOTOR OIL Thovgblftt? ptopft used to say: Bt Kind to Dumb Animals.. now tlty aho say: Be Square to Ycur Motor. Care uill prolong the lift »/>ewr motor. Rely upon BeSyitart Oils and fabrication Stnjict vherrvrr With a Harry Langdon Com- M |y—-"The Big Kick" Also j Sound News Matinoe 10c-30c Night 10c-35c NOLI! " 191 ^ UNDERTOW B enuues you 10 uu» »u^^ *^,.~ ^ m ^ ^ SQUA ^ wherever you may drive. ^^ ^^ BE SQUARE TO YOUR MOTOR "• "• arnsdall THE VVOR ID'S Comedy ;tml Review Admission Matinee and Nis'ht i lOc and 25i: HE TIMER

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