The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 30, 1934 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 30, 1934
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR THE BLYTHEVILLE COUIUER NEWS THE COURIER NEWS' CO., PUBLISHERS C. R. BABCOCK, Editor H. W. HAINES, Advertising Manager Sole National Advertising Representatives: Arkansas Dailies, lJ)c., Keiv York, Chicago, D«!:\It, St. Louis, Dallas, Kavtus City, Memphis. Published Every Afternoon Exctj;t Sunday. Entered as second elsss mailer nl the ixjst olTice nt Biythevllle, Arkansas, under net or Congress, October 9, 1917. v Served ay the United Press SUBSCRIPTION HATES By carrier in the city ol Bivinei'llle, 15c per week or 50,50 per year in advance. By mall within a radius of 50 miles, $3.00 per year. S!.5i) lor six months, 85o for O.ree months; by mail In iiostal zones two to six, inclusive, $<i.50 per year, In zones seven am 1 eight, $10.00 per year, payable in advance. Penalty and Poverty One roads with a certain sardonic hiturust thai Martm Insnll, onc-timu Chicago tiliiilics niascimli.', will on a •hunger jU'ike shortly after lie IIHI! been locked in .Kit at Toronto, win-re he WHS lit'lng held for extradition to the United States. The ftsucl, it .seems, wasn't i|iiite up lo a utilities magnate'.-; slundiirds. For breakfast there was porridj-e, IniUer- less bread and sugarless tea; for dinner there was stew and cold water: for supper, rice, bread and tea. All this is rather plain fare, especially for a man used to the best food Ilia! money can buy. It is hard to blame a man for refusing to eat it; and doubtless it is only human perversity that reminds one that it ruin-Ill ju'cm like a feast to .-'ottie luckless old person who invested, and lost, all his life's savings in Insull .securities. BLYTHEVILUC, (AKK.) COURIEK NKWS Let Us Talk Peace If we would do less talking about war with Japan we would be a whole lot less likely to get into such a war. So said the Rev. Ignatius \V". (.'ox of Koi'tlham University, in a speech at a recent Lenten conference in New York. "It i.s time," says Kather Cox, "to develop an irresistible will for peace and to make this will so evident now that our statesmen and diplomats will unmistakably understand that the American people demand a solution of international misunderstandings not by the barbaric weapons of war, but by measures dictated by right reasons by natural and international law and arbitration." There is a K"<H| d wi | of sound sunsc; in that. Wi> have iliseii>-.<c;l tin's war with Japan so long that we are about ready to accept it as inevitable. It might be helpful if we .-tarled discussing our opposition to it. Jobs> For Youth Some way must be found to furnish jobs for some 6,000,000 younjf men and women in the United States, if they are not to drift into i-lmmic malcontent which would make them bad citizens. This is the warning issued by the New York Committee- on .Mental Hygiene, which finds in extended job- OUT OUR WAY le.SMies.s a jjrave menace lo the mental balance of young people. Young people who want to work and cannot, the committee asserts, ten,1 lo discover in themselves "a growing sense of guilt, discouragement, and even chronic nuilcontcnt- ment"; and once tlii.s feeling has laken rout, it is Very difficult; for them to adjust themsclve.s to the society in which they live. Slating a problem, nf course, i-; vastly i-iisk'i' than finding a remedy. That the depression has put a great strain on young people is undeniable. Finding job- for all o] Ilium, however, is a Ihing (hat can't he done OU.T- m'jrhl. Nevertheless, (lie warning of this committee i.s a thing well worth keeping in mind. KRIDAY, Presidential Approval Tile president's letter to Senator Fletcher indorsing (he pending .slock exchange cmitrol bill at least the uncertainly ab:nit the administration's attitude toward On., measure. Tlmt unceriainly has become a large and a rather difficult factor in the situation. There wen- rumors that the president's ollicial family was divided as to wisdom of the measure. Its friends in Congress seemed loath to make a determined light lot- it nnlil they knew whether there was any truth in (be repor- lhal Mr. Hiuisevell would be content with a greatly weakeneii bill. Now they know. The president wauls leelh in (lie bill, and plenty of them. \Vliether or not he gets what he wants, at least the cloud of uncertainly has been dispelled. If Congress Kills SIDE GLANCES By George CJark I/ Conuiv:,:; v.un't lake a lirm ;>Unal now «l:en il has Urinocriilic inajoritsc.', in l;v>tli brandi.-s :m:l the nation u .slandiui; uettmd the ix-ii:ucriilw prisidenl.. «heir are its popular appropiiations-and its pojujiariiy ajjiinimi.-i- lious— ^0:113 to ciuiV livery Mictt'iisrul drive lor iueii.-iised [ii'iisinns hrin;:.s aiioliier lor still «reiiter incroarcs. If (his Coiii-n-ss won't support Franklin D. Hcw.sovell uii a prusicm Issue, can ii futtne Ci)!igrc-ss ly_- ex|k-cl:d to stand nguirs! ;he t!e,iiaiul- sure a.s laic to com.- for 11 general world war service peiniimiV And that, Mr. House-veil wauicd. ivoiild ii- (inn' ad<i move 5SOO.ODO.WJO a yeiir tu all I'xi.M- int; veteran outlny.s and TuUire hosiiilall/.iuton ii'imbliL- will p\ IT lie ovrrtlirovMi by npnsiim and rob. limit nRninst its la«s and m.Miiutums. Tile tlnni-ei 1 is lhal the republic may be undermined and .subvntc'd by jwliticnl c-oKmclice and txpadivncy 0:1 tho ]xnt of thuM> in iv- .sixjusiblc pluce.s-by j,i>nators and cuiujresniiiMi who laek con: age. lack vision anil lack iliar hinh iiiiil nili^hleiieo patriot Urn v.h;..-ii unilnitn- hiKiy supiwrus ti-.e sound and >.nir. i:i .stronj enough (o lollosv the ht.rd a::d heroic i'0'.ii-se a-jiiinsi |h-rnnn:il or |X)!i::,-i.l cnnsiilcni- linjis (hat nice Ihe c;iiicr «ny not o: :he future, — WKiCKLY SUNDAY SCHOOL UiSSON The Rise ol : Christ Tr.vl: .folni ,:il:l-lfi 'I fir |n(crn;itlCTKil Uniform Sui> i!;t> Si liuul Lesson [«r April 1. » * * IIV WJI. I.'. (, 1>. I), l.'dllur 1.1 '1'lce t'uiigrcciiliou.iltel The story of thu ro.suiTS'etion ot JUMIS is told l:y diirerem wrii- ei:> ;md jn dilli'ient v.'ays. Some .i 1 si-en in tlu'S-j dillerciU nar- rativ:.s {'Oljiiii'Lin^ evidence, and lliey have made the difference;) a ol doubt. CHURCH EXCUSES f.j Gto. W. Barliim .Sister mid Junior now feel that buy ate old enough to join our Saturday Night Club, hill ! think Sister should take rlnncui< n ' nt least mother lerjn. They iiave yivei: ne an idea. I think I svili .su^?e,s'. to our members Hint we orynnii'.e Junioi Club. We could* have them early in Ihe evening and by die imc the regulars begin to gather n we could .send them home. We night have trouble sending tliem home :is Uiey grow older. Of :omsc we would have n milder •elreslnnent for the Jimiois and hat would be. an added expend. ! iiin expectiu!; more or less t.-o!t- 'ble as SpihiB comes on lor I keep licariut' - of diflerent churches' Is i; ncl Hindi mo'e ivasotiable Ic .--ny that it is lltese ',t-ry difler- :iK-es that destroy all idi-a ot eo!- i'i«i.ii. f.U nulion that the (i:-ci- |il>'.. \.\iv niukiiiK ii|> "unmingiy o'[-\i i -t(i fah-les," and v.'i-ie rtgrt-ed a'jo'.d 'ci:.iu: ll:e w.r- lliiny? w» have in il'.e.-i' resur- What lection lalives lolbd away from iJirc, Instead of ivai came running to Simon Peter lo Ihe "other disciple whom Jesus loved." probably John himself uiiikins known lo them her aniaz- his! discovery. Peter and John immediately .siork-s is tin' .simple 11:11-- ; nm ( U ti, e sepulchre, but L . V en t.:i'.v L.nue out ol ti.e I zealoni Peter wa.s outdistanced bv t;:ix.Tlc!Kc.s »f tin i'-> Ihey d'-vc!up:'ti 'Itie iv.y.J::.., ':on not be a mij-ade pH:.n it, ,ij;:i jl we kii-'w al! i'. Tlic c:ic erci'.t clear fact that do?.s siiuid oul J- thai. !iL ilie \ - eiy jio;ir ol Hie disciples' deepest gloom, when with eriM rel'.ic;- nnce tiify iu-ie u.rnins fcarl: '.n tttcir poni-.s a;::J to Ihei'/ old liv-s, "Hntipslly. I'm etuharra-sed fur can [ lf|| a joke right." lie simply r iJ With ih.:i coi:v:uio.!i. l!;.:r:- was ihv n-vival in their faiih lliiit (|inci;.jiei! lii'.m into nev. :•.'-ss oi livins.- 11:11) ;-em ihcjn lorth wit-i a lk-w ;;jwer ..o establish t!-.o Christum ciiuj-ch and to buiio i;|j'.]i the ercj,t fouv:lat:'on ol :-i : lf tlic [jov, (••; ami .,,- Cliraiiiiiilly. it reads thrse nurui- livis. am: thai considers ail ttul these (.xiKrii-nces had to do with ilie founding of Ihe Chrislian ic- "isio:i. c.m I'.oubt thn reiility diM-ipi-.'s and . the loving John, \vho arriveiffirs't i:i Ihe early ; Joim looked in, Ijul did not enter | ihe tcnil). Impulsive Peter went 01 Jesus would! all the way, and diseovered tint if we could ex-, UK. L-udy ol Jesus wn.s gone. The diH-iplc.i wcni to their homes, w- wonder with W liai llioiiiOus in their lisarts. lint, Mary, .still . mystified. still M -ji|, her love and loyalty, rather timn wilh any r.ear hope, stood outside of (he sepulchre weepm;;. It was then that she hud the vision o! the two angeh and. turning from the tomb, saw Jivsus .standing there, though she knew not that it '.vns Jesus. Why did she not know him? Was it still (lark, and because of the darkness that site ":d i-.nt recojjnii'e hiui? she .siip- pi-sed that he was the gardener, thai perhaps he fe ncw W ], c ,. 0 body -had licen taken, was then Dial Jesus ,s|x>ke .v name, anil al the E onnd of i' voi..c she understood, and s'u 1 . .iri, "Jlasttr." What more can any of m it... that? : ;i- thai th.'v wen 1 ;•••• r-n'c uj). there :. • clear a^suraui-L' tin; not ih'iid. but v, us liv- niood is on it makes it hard on j">'' the Social side of our comimmiiv : """ especially up to date clubs sueii we have. I believe that if \vu |,. could make these mellows see and ' v understand that the nicnilx'j-6 of : our club an.- n);.o member.-; uf [he i chureh they would nol be so hard I in condemning our social affairs. ' Some one should make them *ec- | lhal I iove my church bul us 1 I am regarded as a real soi-ial !eadi-r j look after the social s;de | Jl our community life, | •:s:'ii Loj'ti. Th' beautiful oi all ihe i>"< is thill concern i p. s Masdaleiie. comini; carh- in Ihe !!ioi-|l::i,;. ivlnli- i! v.-as" ypt liark. to Hi? .'cpi.'ichre • | Jri.:is was Ijuriril. and fiucim;; t!ie l.'tcr.c :olleii away. Mary liad I cciu... n]i]iun-:itly. rath«v Ml | ovc and in loyr.ity ilian with any eleai 1 faith that she \\ou\A finil Ihir^s changed. When she round Ihe j,lui:e i! sa / i' : ' False Alarmists Had Their Wish Come True CH1COPEB, Mass. (Ut'j—Thrice within a week, firemen responded to fab,? alarms from a ta box OM Whcatland Avenue. Tiie j.->5i tuns :!iey found in the alarn: Lax a note expressing the /xpe that the nre trucks would liiviik tlr-ir springs and then lljc- city would do something toward repairing the streets, creased with mnd:ly ruts. '1'he tit;- di<j scniethin». all risjhl. Detectives sent to ir.c ncigli- liurl-.ocd ai-re.slcd Thaddeus P:e- tras. Alfred Kajjan and Waller Btachowicz as the alarm sounders. . • "' Put/AWAY ^>= -- vi'' '!••>!• >.s* SK*:I a w;-.j' to snme rid ivckon Caxc'.lc. 1 inn opp'~-id lo any oa. ^.>-.vinn-.i-:i: al- ItlniJtllK t<) iluuil;.: the cllMi:;;-.. and cultliril «[ ;,nolher. altiwiu;!! ] \vill aiimu that somN South Ammeaii roiuuric., have l:. r..-:tt.-d u'^an-e ol nsuskle iu!h:enc-.-. —Dr. l-rank I'. Cotritan. new u. S. imsiiMu- ;r> ICi S:dMit!"i ^- - WHERE SELDOM 15 HEARD A DISCOURAGING WOPJD, AM' TH' SKlfiS ARE MOT CLOUDV ALL DA-A-AY. n v* / l.>v \\ iliiain: K4^f^m-' ^tmm^ * !»,»»»«*Mitp^:c.ftC HARMOKlY !^ ^'^-^& • --••'^ ® ^k^ •"••'— ^"il In i-ertiiin parl.^ of Kuaianii. print ipally :ioul-.. one of tiu- unrld's fiiiainii-^'. Kas In: ceiitnricii. On Eistir Sunday ii:i. :i: "lifling" any vonicn Uiey meet. Soine'.ni .-11 Hi? clasiwd hands ul thi' men. "vittii ii:ti must (hen buy :ia-ir iu-odoin Kith a On the lollowing liay the women lift )>.iy the same rait-ui::. &,-. M &- ~" T ol rii!.d aieas :in:. iaiic the Ii."Hi;cge oi itmii • 1:1 a el in ir. .-(ur.elimci clim- i-r? iiftixi tiii'ce lime, a i:.. s In c:,!-!: of Hit lifters lilL- men. v.ho ijtiiti; v. iliinyj sill fnv 'I'llKAItlVAT '> liuiocrnl nut • l.r I^IU IhU. in.-i I'nMIro trlfji <JU , a bit (oc l '' aut / .•"SIT „,,, ,-ar.mcc surpiis nai, „«« take, on l-ah a.l, ,, IM p nit n.\ IVITIJ CIlAI'TliH Mown noiv n3 Jtianfto. barder liotli In muscle and in viewpoint, leaner and slightly taller. Ho had le.-irnert in tile 1,1^ tl:rc« years that enlennlaing va , ,,,. c.'iilonln!; m'illionalres was n Job!,.". 1 never ended. Once Jio had Jel j'""'.' lihnsel! qe; n little soft and bad' neon Knocked out. Tlio memory of ' „! t! lucid-Mi; stayed with lilm. De-. T ,' cause ol it lie rljcrously avoided ' '!.'.' wine, women. Inlc hour.-) and o'.het '. <HF5ipntloas-bQth rnild and other-1 y ' I eyel.rou'c were [:lur;;rd n, i jihat attereO lier exrrepsi'm. ! l:lo hail ehnnL-od. cnn. nnvfu? ' ^lown taller ami more slender. Tlit sear on his choeli r.lpo uavc him ;a differcni look. lie was. more- lover, knmvn to all H^rana as n i favorite n-itli H:P !-!<•!, touri.'is «| la , the m , ahl Wa next lurn of ihe road is tbal tlicy miEscil Un; i.'aport.iiii sign post- E'ablllo had offered a lar^e reward for liodlnc Hit? whnsc name llicy did not Unoiv hut n-liore doserlptlon tlu>? could hare narrated In ilieir deep, rieiuriiiug afior Hie search each niessc/itcr cockered his c-iriense uioney and remuneration, concludes thai the one he Bought was nt !iis man." "Yon keep in s . t , lor- -is hcVnnrv" = knocK - | liut Piililito ..vould not believe j Noycs was dead. He lived only tor | Ills dre.lm of some lincfln" tils ;arncd|old friend. It was U ie only bope . to rv,v t-,, c - al! -'',° ila "' LoMe aml Rcau wcr e not . 10 I'.i. nir i t , t |, 0 Eor[ of CDln , nnfOM , [h , n w'^ld Tnie - 10 K ° in ' °' U i' ; ° C °" 1<! b ° COillc " L "C«« 'o R lu-, M W0rr ' e "'" " c fclt ' OTr!> Io5t to -o. Rut. jii.-i tlu- same, you and a lire ;h your sten." 'ahead., in LO:HS it!" Patililo answered I jaded. of meager Joys He bad become a rather llio memory wn= rhnrtcrl lo ot * -, divnled their earni cro hri;0 Ourille lho ANNOUNCEMENTS The Courier Xe*s !;-:.= bcr.ii ,111- thori/.ed to annomict th,- following a< candidates for p:,blic ollit". subject to the Democratic pnnmry next August: Tor IMcmbcr of Unn^rr^^ CLINTON L. CALmViCLL I'nr Sheriff CLAREiXCE Re-election and Cnllro U. WJI KO for Secnr.d For County Treasurer JOB S. DILLAHONTY ROLAND GREEN' Tor Cirnill Court ( Irrk HUGH CRAIG ADDlSON SMITH tlie Ccmstitulicn. l%l^=John Ti skc (E«lniu.nd FisteS'rfen) American, author, born. 1852-pwfc/^ Cafoj} First issued la .booR fornv AS thotisanqli uoep. I'nr Cniinty Court Clerk t'ilFD l-'LKEMAN I r or Ht-Elcction for 2nd Term I'nr As.sijsnr R. L. ,J!1LLY- GAIKES O. C. (IKE) HUDSON' Inr Cnlis:ih C'hii k.mii !'fne ar.d echoins tlic slant ot iii; Be.-iB .inci PaMito h".cl opened n:i Cj:otilishn:cnt of tlicir own on t^:.j c.nskins of Havana beyond ikr CriMoiial Colon Cemetery when, j.i'lcd men cnald como for escr- cise nml uailis to tiriir; back at lf».-i a nlni or youthful vi-^.-ir. sound lioadf, cave pro-Jically lo t!i? j o.-plianares of rub.i c,-:d garnbicJ i 01; crrv OITICES Eiec:;ou 'rtiesdny. April l'(ir City Clerk S. C. CHAtti R. I.. McKN'IOHT ROSS BK-iVERS Tor Cily SAM Read Cft'arit' The road tiie roof > could le;i.T over Across tke liard-bcalen road wiic-rc c?.;'.i <!,<- piotlded oxen w;th car;.- Elood a suburban '-Tocery store ^i-.l In the nr.ann-.ent wliirb \v.-is nbc..-» Lntiie, railj;o an:l Rcau lived. l!:r!r frunt yard >,~:cj.^n. flca'i wli Hie rail of tlic fear s'.alr lo cjll "Claco batlll-o 'lo Irtsorl" was satisfied since tjte few things necessary for li[= per.ce PaMUo didn't care wliero HK-V lived. I.otrie niurn:ured a gncii 'I'M! about dwcliini; m ".i swe:i , tn:;:c" nt f..i riay.i de '•'•'•"• f.i.-lt ion able OTtl.i;m beach whcro i!;e ll.ivjm Yacht' Ci'ib |.= loca:rd. "Yon can n.l\va\? FC-O ^orr.etlun' soin' on Ibcre." s!ir r3in:e.l o'M but she- r.effr per S'r.dod Ihe otlicrs In move. P.-.MUo read avidly rjetwefn EOmawlial cynical young JJ.N llio grip ot a mood which ' i.ess aud sharp di = ~ust. Pablito turned toward Itar.ina one raw. 1 cbruary muriiins. The \vartuth of | the previous day nid hccn wiprd ' frcm Ihe air by a norlli wind and the sky u-.-is lo-.v. The apartment Iiad hccn tree? in:;ly cold and duriri;; brcaJifiu Lottie bad been bluer and shtrp of tonsuc. makins Pauilto. aa Ehe "^len did. a target for her ancar. Her back lain "liko hell!" i*|i» eald. Then she losscd her hcr.aT ftiiffcil aud Rloxvcred at Pablito. "H was liflin' you while yog 'lart that fever ihat done It." she «~enl on. "I had to do evcrythlai: for you. Vou just laid there like Karl; r.i;e He-iu "kepi 'cm movin'." Lot'ac- scrvcil Ihem bouillon nnd dr? |:;.<- cii!i.=. ni.'.f a "riibter" did uls w.-rk atirr tliey t-ad heen bathed. saU-ji! r .n.i hnil r^lt the force ot a jci of ics w.iirr nn iheir flesh. TJili'b:;.-!- i: :.-.-].*' Ii \va= a smart vei.lure la a where tourist? nre ofivii uvfr-ii-.;!i!i;.;col and later rccr^i it. The £>r:'.Lasl!:ia was tioiJ^od tti a -'iTinciy while ti-ii'dlns ihat 1:1-1 r.'.'ti aliercd tc nnlw It Fiiltrbio l"!.. i*^ rheumy-eyed moa or ti.i^'j ' '. ii wtu-e^.cd loudly ns. with r\--- :".:rr,t arid checks puffed out. t!-.ry i--:r:.::ir:ed ons auotlior. irir.rr.r '•"','. a~d cscctitcd foot^'erU ilij-. ::'.-..:e even Pabllio smile. LSI-;: -'..:•• v. aid lie down. pan'.ln~. cn:y i° t-e ori!<rrd lo Ihck bat a- iiy . • v : i:'*" 1 n uhip. 'I l-.c -:.!:!« v.-i-ne aura thr.l t-,'.- : r: - :i a^.iy fro!ii suave, 1 '• •'•':• *o a groxvMin^. tml!>: -.: !:~€l§i^ssHS£s;F?» ; »"r=*'S •^srsAsrss^^ •«• - - -'$£=f£j£~z wiiat tlier wcro and were rot to • • • 1 wi« tod u with U e whole binnes* 'lo. l.itcr they would craerfie. , ;lji k p.\r,!.lTO had sent more lh. 1a one ! ami sick of It! Just » soon 3S n. * ssln. rcfresliea aud resolved to. •*• rxncnser Ic, K,y West to ! could he was going to E ei »>» <=' «! >e m jie tcnipc^rale. ^ j fe.ivrn !^r Niyes nn oae i! j Then, shamed by tnls milbieak t -i, j ' llllln "'" ) fnunil any trace ol blm ; n-hlch surprised him ereo mnrs JJAK-. .0 fcugiit occ.isionn.lly atirt ..\ i^i-.c old woman lived In the I than It surprised Loitle and Ikau. ^.i,v\.r,« [or a rtcod pur^o. H. ^l-i.-ii rn the island, tin learned . oc loft tbem, spcccliless and ^azr i wme d<r t.adlDC NoytS aud Of £0-• ;,;...;F ::i.|,ir«.. ^.,, n;,; ;^ E iaqul:etf i "• (To lifContlllllfll) ',« n ,. ,, . , i , n . , T.iHito had licard Ibis before. . He couid silcuro her at3d t'^n her ; tumii with a casual kiss, he kr.e^. tjtit lliis morning be could col !'r;n^ hinifclf tr- offc: s"di an o!l« branch, lie s.iid tns'ead glumly t!:ai she should tare let him (tie. "Hell, this Is a merry pan?!" BC.IH put in. lookius al Lottl? ; 3:u:irt kid. he lelt. yet she always <tun..hled in lier loo appa.-ein and , nvcr-ca^er apprr.ach of Pyhllto. Or ^ : S ?^5,rr |!r-r^r h t l; ii.-t \\ j.• n f !;O nrt"'--r.-rr ttfi n-ni. ; . . &

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