The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 7, 1938 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 7, 1938
Page 9
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THURSDAY, APRIL 7, 1938 NEWS PAGE NINE 1 ' Spring Laml) Is Just Tlic Dish For Menu Master Day BY MUS GAYNOll MAD11OX NKA Korvioc Stair Writer Spring lamb f or Easier, of course. Then bank its ilavor \yith greens iuul yellows and every tiling deli- falv lo out. This menu was designed to make you and all your E-.ister bunnies hniipy. Kiml l.i-t; of Spring I-imli Select n leg of spring iamb Weighing 4 to . r j pounds. Wash leg of bun!) and wipe with dump cheesecloth. Sprinkle will) si>lt, pepper nml dredge with now. If desired, garlic may be nibbed on the roasting pan. put the )aml> in n very hot oven (480 degrees p.) for half an hour. Then reduce the heal to .150 degrees P.. a moderate oven, adding a little water to tin- pan to keep roast from sticking. Basle tlic roast every ten minutes until i|. is done. To estimate time required for roasting allow approximately 3D minutes per pound. This varies, however, with age and quality of lamb. ^l Unas! Sliced Potatoes W!\ .Slice generous sized potatoes J / crosswise. Arrange them in layers slightly overlapping, in a shallow baking ( ij s j>. sprinkle with sail and pepper and dot generously with butter. Basic them with Von taste Hie lamb. Easier S.iuee One cup mayonnaise, i cup Hol- lanclaise sauce. Fold the cold Hollandaise sauce into the mayonnaise and serve on t!ie broccoli. Easter I_-\yer Cake One-third cup butter, 1 cup sugar. 2 eggs, well beaten. 1-2 cup milk, 1 2-3 Clips sifted pastry flour, 3 teaspoons baking- powder. 1-8 teaspoon salt, i teaspoon vanilla. Crenm sugar and butter well Add eggs one at a time, continue creaming until mixture is very light. Sift flour with baking pow- Easter Dinner Finale der and salt several times and add to mixture alternately with milk Then add vanilla, spread batter .in_ three "guttered layer' cake tins and bake ir? moderately hot oveiT (375 degrees P.). When baked, and layers have cooled, spread with :'.. currant jelly and place together {. ) !ce on top ,-IZKI sides. » - Currant Mint Jelly One glass of currant jelly, c la- blespocns finely chopix-d mint Jcavcs, 2 tablespoons finely grated orange rind. Break jelly into small pieces with a fork, being careful not, lo bent it. /utd the mint leaves and carefully. A beautiful finale for the Easier dinner—Jelly layer cake, thick creamy icing and yellow baby chicks that arc sweet enough to eat, A Meat Cookery Lesson for the Young Bride orange rind, blendin Serve with lamb. Two cups granulated sugar. 1-2 toaspocn cream of tartar !--> cup boiling water. 2 egg whites. Mix sugar and cream of tartar and cook in tailing water ijeat. csgs siirr, being careful not to beat them too dry. Pour the syrup into Hie whites, a little at a time beating constantly, until mixture >s light, and creamy. Add vanilla. Spread. Decorate, with liny yellow chicks made of decorative icing, serve with orange sherbet or your favor- •.•".tc llavor of ice crcnm. v lluhberlcss Raincoat A new lightweight material fashioned in a single-breasted raglan style, is the latest news about men's raincoats. The material is rubuer- less, but thoroughly shower-proof will remain soft and pliable nnd is »ol harmed by weather conditions or salt, water, it comes in green, in three black or brown nnd lengths. Armed with a little knowledge about foods, the young bride can avoid miuiy a disastrous pit-fall In her matrimonial venture, for it is n fact that welt-balanced, well- prepared and nicely served meals ran do wonders in keephvr dispositions amiable, nnd in making the wheels ot tiie household run. Since meat is so important in making meals enjoyable, a few words to simplify its selection and preparation are given by Inez S. Wlllson. home economist. Methods of Cooking Meat The methods of cooking meat nre six in number: Roasling. broiling, paubroiling, braising, stewing and siniinering in water. U the young biklB. Uas,aJl»pj-ou(!ii ,lawn-;j' _edse_pt these cooking methods and knows The cuts which are best cooked by each method, meat cookery will be easy. In general, the selection of a method ol cooking for the particular cut depends largely upon Ihc tenderness of the cut. Tender cuts of meat are cooked by dry heat as in roasting, broiling or panbroil- :ng. while tlie less tender ones need long cooking in order to make them lender. This means that the latter should be cooked by braising, stewing; or cooking in "water. For roasting, tlilck chunks- cuts of meal are chosen. For broiling or pnn- broillng, the steaks'and chops are used. Large or small less-tender pieces of meat may be braised, wilii the larger pieces" requiring longer cooking time than Ihc smaller ones. For stews, Ihc meal is cut into small pieces. Large less-tender meat cuts are simmered in water. Cuts tor Each Cooking Method Roasting: Beef ribs and tenderloin; [xirk loin, shoulder, ami fresh ham; lamb leg and .shoulder; veal leg and shoulder. Cured ham and shoulder are cooked by this method alEO. but It fa called "baking." Broiling and paubroiling: Porterhouse, sirloin, club, and rib steaks; beef tenderloin; lamb rib. loin and shoulder chops; cured ham nnd bacon slices; and ground meal. Braising: Beef rump, round, or chuck, cut thick for pot-roasts or thinner for Swiss steaks, jlnnk steak and beef short, ribs; pork- chops and steaks; lamb breast and neck; veal choix> and steaks. shank, neck, plate, and brisket; and shoulder, neck and breast of lamb and veal. Simmering in water: Beef plate. brisket, shank, short ribs and corned beef; lamb shoulder and leg; and eured ham and shoulder. Directions for Cooking; The directions for cooking by each method have been simplified greatly during the lust low years. Roasting: Season the meat with salt and pepper, plare it fat side up on a rack in an open roasting l»n. Do not add water. Do not cover. Put in a moderately slow oven (300-350 degrees P.) and roast until done. Allow 18 to 20 minutes per pound for rare beef, 22 to 25 minutes-, !»i; Jipund for mediuin- doue roast'beef.' aiiOflo if minutes per pound for well-done beef Fresh pork requires 30 to 35 minutes per pound for cooking; allow 25 to 30 minutes per pound for cured pork. Lamb requires 30 to 35 minutes per pound for rousting, veal requires 2fl to 30 mimiles per pound at a moderately low temperature Broiling: Thoroughly pre-hcat broiling oven with oven regulator turned "high." place steak or chops mi rack so^lhat there is a distance of about tliree inches between top of meat and the name or heating element. If this distance must be less, reduce the temperature accordingly. When one side is nicely browned, season with salt and pepper, turn and finish cooking on tl second side. Pnnbroiling: Hrat Heavy skillet sizzling hot. Brown steak or chops on both sides, then reduce heal and let cook more slowly until done, turning occasionally to prevent burning. Pour off the fat ns it accumulates in the pan. Braising: Dredge meat in flour, if desired. Broivji on all sides in hot lard. Add a small amount of liquid, cover lightly and cook slowly until ctcue. Stewing: Dredge In flour arid brown in hoi lar<l. If clesinxi. Cover wllh water and cook slowly until done. Simmering In «-.itcr: Cover meat with hoi water and simmer until •Joiic. Cook at a simmering temperature, no not allow to boil. Its Ciilory Famine That Should Follow Heavy Dinners nv MKK. KAVNOft MAD1IOX NKA Sen-ire Stall' U'iKer Aitei' a feust, then u funiliw that used lo be Hi,- siiviiiR, Hut wise moderns avoid (he famine by wvli)',- saliuls imlnid of heavy incut courses after (lie (, of Christinas. Attractively mixed In bowls, these niixlcrn salmis contain mi ns.','oi Intent of neci-ssuiy fond clemcnls. ycl. iln not IjeuY down too heavily on llu- ovrr- Iiimti-ned holiday lummy. LrlliK-K Howl (4 lo 0 ervln^s) One timwriiH-. a c-ups chopm-d »ppli'. I cup si-odlexs iinim-s. Iceberg lettuce to suit, 2 '(abU'simtms salnd dressing, crrnm. cundlnl ginger, 10 mnraschlno cherries. Mix the apples and grapes wllh n little mayonnaise ililunt-d with crenm. Place n larre spoonful on •ctluce leaves on salud plates. Arrange sec-lions of tangerine cut in half lengthwise at the base of each moimd. Top with n sixwiiftil of the salad dressing thiuned wllh cream, Sprinkle nencrouslv wllh chopped camlled ginger und 'clier- l'les. Turkey Drcsslue LeUtiee Unii'l (•t to C serving!*) One cup slurring, 2 cups tin-key. 2 red apples cut In tiimrlcrs, one head crisp lettuce. 2 slices pineapple, candied fruit, and cranberry jelly. Shred one hend of It-ttuce and mrangc In bottom of salad bowl. Quarter the other head, to lie placed on lop. Arrange turkey ami dressing in strips or chunks with fruits and jelly. Serve wllh sour-cream dressing made by adding 12 cup thick sour crenm to 1 cup cooked salad dressing. Remember, Ihough. dressing Has Crust To He Perfect m^m^m^ PIE IS NEW mm] Fine Spring Tonic aticl ! Mouth-Watering Dessert ! As Well i UY MRS. GAYNOR MADDOX NKA Service Staff Writer ninibiub may be grand as n spring ionic, But. wbnl Ims thnt lo do wllh dessert? Lot's IK realistic; 111 n mouth-wuterlnu wny. So come along nnd try your luck. Rhubarb 1'crfccllwi 1'io (One 9-lnch pic oi' about, (i servings) Three tablespoons qulck-cooklug tapioca. 1 cup sugar, 1-3 cup cur- ~- ;' - —•; .^v.. n .,. The United States imports three _ £_Stewmg: Cuts from beet flank, billion pounds of bananas annually. JUST THE WHOLE WHEAT CEREAL YOU'VE ALWAYS WANTED Here's a rcady-to-eat cereal with a brand-new, delicious flavor made by a new, exclusive patented process. Add Shredded Ralston to your shopping list and watch your family ask (or more. ,oft =sm ay not always in- Bay After lettuce Bowl (Serving for G) TAvo heads letluce. 1-2 small liead red cabbage. 1 rutabaga cooked. 1-2 pound asparagus, onion rings olives, stiiffe'd' aiifl ' ripe. '."' —" Shred one hend of lettuce to arrange in bottom cf salad bowl. Quarler the remaining head oi let- ttice to arrange in salad, cut red eabbag c in six piecej. (if fresh asparagus is used, drop into boiling water (or five minutes to brin" out color.) To mate onion rings take 1-4 Inch sllcei from Inrge Spanish onion, cut a small circle from center of the slice ami into (his place a slice o:' stuffed olive Use us n garnish leather with rljx- olives. TOSS together with a sou- cream salad dressing. '•^ •« •* B «B«^M^ V ^_ WM Meats and Groceries At A Savings Shop and Save Here We pay Highest Prices on Poultry at all Times, GAMES MKT. 118 IV. Blain St. I'lione S3 ;l-2 teaspoon cream, ! teaspoon 'sugar. Mix together Hie quick-cooking tapioca, sugar, currant jelly mid salt. Add rhubarb, finely cut; Allow .lojiland 15 minutes wWlc ll/e in.-;Iry is being niade. a heat resistant gluss pie plate, 9-Inch size, with paid-y rolled 1-8 inch thick. Fill p(e shell wllh (lie rluibnrb mixture Dot with butter. Adjust (he top crust over (fie rhubarb. Brush Ihc top .crust, wllb cream nnd sprinkle with about 1 teaspoon sugar. Bake for iibout 55 minutes in n moderately hoi oven <4f)0 rtc- Bi'ces P. for 15 minutes nnd then icc.uce (he temperature l o 359 defaces P. for 40 minutes more) uii- (iOOl) COOKS buke t CAKES witli The Dainty CooWnr/ Fat "It's Wonderful" &X&£g&3ff» SHERBET GLASSES Attractive Crystal Footed Sherfet Glasses. Regular 5c 'Values SPECIAL EIGHT For SHOUSE-HENRY HARDWARE CO. "THE PROGRESSIVE STORE" J. W. Shouse Phone 35 Wilson Henry 111 ciust Is nicely browned und vhuliuib is lendei'. lie sur.; lo -•Tin' hot. However, iillow the pii> lo cool slightly be/ore cuttln,; .so filling will nol ho loo Juicy. Hlmliarb <:mun Sherbet Mbout 8 servings) Two cups rhiibinb, ctil hi small 1 cup walcr, 1 cup BI-IUI- suKar, 1 Icaspoon lemon ''HI? whlti', 1 tablespoon cream. Simmer the rhubarb wllh Ihc water and suuar in a snuccpnn I 1-2 quart si™. When rhubarb Ls tcmlci 1 , chill nnd add lemon Juice Pour Into freezing tray of 1111 mjl loumlle refrlgei'iilor und free/e for ono hour. Heat (ho egg W lillc sllif; ndd sugar nud beat until very sllll again, NDJ,| the beaten egg while into the rluibnrb mix ture, Next fold In the cream, which Ims been whipped. Hcturn to the freezing irny until frozen to n mushy consistency—between one and two hours. Tills Is fine to use when carrying out ii pink color scheme. Scrubbing Kmtiosswl CHIni In wnshtng china tlmi, im ., raised border, use u soft brush for Belling In the tiny crevices Fiincy glass also should be washed with n soft brush, April Si rawherry Fie Ms Ddichl For \'.v- HV ,^11IM. f.'AVNOtt. .MAIlflOX NliA Scrvliv Slulf Wl'lli'l- Hl-lV's III! A[lrll ph. Ill |ol)l you I( tii.sies i'v,'ii iK-tivr tliun n. looks. l-Vi-.vli AfUjll SIl-.mljt-iTy |'||. iScn-i's lii One i|imrl fivsh slrawben'le.-i. 1 l '(i|> •SIIBUI-, !, luhli'siHHins vdi-n I'lll-I'M', I-'J <>up H-||l|>|llll); , 1 liiblt'spuun powiii-n-il su- :ar. 1-2 li:iis]inmi vinilllu exli'iu-t, 1 bilked pti- -,iu-ll, u hiiMin In ilia- lu-ti'r. St-lecl iibiml 1 nn> ,,f I lie cimle- fst berrU-s iniil si-t ihi-m nsliU' (or Mix Inxelhcr (lie tiUiiur nnd toni siari-h; uiht lo cleaned crushed bwrlos und iviiler Mncc mixture in lop (1 [ hunt .resistant Blnss double boiler, 1 ciimvl sla> nntl cook until cleur nud thick— "bout ir. lo W inliuiles. set aside lo cool, Hpi-cud cruiun clicoso In (hi- bottom ot pie shell nlronely In a n-luc-h pip plute, Tiuui half the IjnrrJra wliloli were set nsldB to- gnrnlsh. Pour the conleil slrawtii'iry mixture into the pit- Mii-11, nrnuigc llu- rcmalmlcr of tin; berries on the top and chill -hist brlort! serving, R ariilsh with whlpiiL'd cream flavored with nuil vanilla. And here's nnuthpr April i«wt. it i«»ks like a Mutch snov/ will ma It's rwilly a heavenly merlnj'.ue, Slruwlicrry Snow Kfcilutpir (Serves a to 10) <ilx I'Kn willies, i a-^ tups sugar JO drops sli-oiiif vinueiir, 2 cups heavy liivnin, -j preseratl figs I ((imrt fiesl'i strawberries. Heat whiles nnin stiff and dry Ural In sugar u liut c Bl/ a tilne nud (hen beat hv-vinegar drop by (Iroji. Turn Inio u uee]) round pan with reiuoviible sides. Bake in llu- lowest possible oven for 1 l-i I io urs. Cool gradually nnd remove sides ol pun. ciil. up ill-Mined /i es i nto liny cubes. Deal cream to medium (hick, stir In cubed llgs. clean nnd cm stwwterdcs In luilf. Diisl lightly svllli sugnr, Cover lop of merln- - wllh berries. Cover with cream. ici) u few whole berries on top Then call April r<ool to a grouchy Dried, candied or fresh fruits may be used [or making glace /et«. if you use fa-sh fruit, be '<! thnt, (he skin is unbroken I (hnl Ihc fruit Is perfectly. <tiy before dipping In the sugar syrup, •' ^P^B ^ H ^m ^ ^ K^ H^& ^^^ !•• ^••v^^k !~ _ Splendid Breakfast" says Ruth Harkness, Great American Explorer,* who captured Su-Lin^only Giant Panda in captivity! \ • What a bargain in brcakfistj! Q>iak«r Oats, mainstay of milliooj costs only V4 cent pec serving— yet it's exceedingly rich in food energy, and in flavorl Every serving contains abun- dnnt Vitamin II—the precious vie- nmin you need every day to combat nervousness, constipation andpoor nppetite!...Order tne one and only Quaker Oau nc today's < special prices, 1 which many grocers feature. TV Tvvrn. before ecu"" ~ fe::?s"- wilh otic-piccc porcelain inieriors. 12 beautiful, superbly styled models. M oi Ibcit C-E lt.,l,,rt, are found in moil G-f. models and tome in nil • Stainless Steel Supcr- Frcezcr. • Kisicr Frcivinj;, instant releasing Quick Trays. • 12-speed Temperature and Defrosting Control. • Automatic Interior Lighi, • Thcrmom- cicr. • Sliding Shelves. • Adjustable Storage Space. • Vegetable Drawer. • Tip Top Shelf. T. Thrifty in PRICE! 2. Thrifty in CURRENT! 3. Thrifty En UPKEEP! The multiple sarings of the i^S General Electric include, of course, savings in food, in ice, in lime, etc. NIW FAST FREJZfNG QUICK TRAYS for ice cubej and desserts. An abun- il.incc of ire— and in a hurry. Two cubes or a trayful rclKued in seconds! In six- tray models « Ibs. of ice—ttO cuhci— can he froicn in 24 hours—and average current cost is lew than the price of ice.

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