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Kentucky Advocatei
Danville, Kentucky
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TKE.STAS1DAR0.PKINTIN5.C0. WEATHF ENXU TPI ruin in west enlmil portions tirday: Rising' Oil: r7 kjxPISAtt- Danville's-Leading Newspaper Joe 73 Years. Danville, Ky-; Friday Afternoon, Dec. 3,1937. LEgtablUhed ISgSVolLXXlIINo.

135 School Iii Goimty To Build ew CAESAREAN BABY FOR Hospital Move Is Legal: When Governor Chandler and the stale estate board decided on constructing a new state "hospital for the insane near Danville, suit was filed by a Lexington taxpayer i named Burton to prevent moving die institution from Lexington, a republican attorney being employed to file the papers in Judge William A. Ard-ery's court. Judge Ardery handled down a decision Monday to the effect that the action of the governor and real estate was legal. It was claimed in the petition attacking the removal that an-act of the legislature established the hospital at Lexington and that it would require an act of the legislature to move the hospital to another site. Judge Ardery sustains ACTION WILL BE TAKEN OARD TUESDr- Structure Will Ccnjestion and So Eastern Section Cf Rcpoi LOCATION IS PICK iv-jyf rr Is, IN 1 liMt'i in? 1 I 1 a ii if' I 'n Cmintv L'u lehcve conRfsiiwi) rvxiem-- will- nv wlu-:) ii IIol'SC iK-l'C.

TlM'K'lil! 7 i 1 lit Tpi (. ho 'l i It- 1 1 I'lM 11 I 1 )l T) FIFTH TIME The latest Caesarean operali Central Press. Cloves War NATIONAL PROGRAM STILL LNCOMPLETLD 'Washington. De 3 (A')Con- rirtec vionrtarl. l-1if trA f--- ihf tblrrt Five Caesarean Barrett bullies of Chicago For the tilth time in 12 years.

Mrs. Isabel -Barrett of Chicago has 4 the state's demurrer to this claim which ends the matter unless the Lexington taxpayer and his re publican lawyer carry the-matter to the coui-t of appeals. Interior Journal. Good Meeting At Middlcburg: Rev. O.

B. Mylum, of Perry-v'lle has just closed a splendid meeting at ha Baptist church at Eiddlcburg. There were 20 conversions and a general awaken ing the entire church membership. Interior Journal. Takes Position Here: Craig McCormack, who has been with Kroger store in Cor-bin for several months, has been made manager of Kroger's 4th Street Store Income Is Up gain of six cents on the dollar over a year ago an ''relative income" of the average citizen explains why thebusmfess re cession has -sot cut seriously in given birth to a baby through a addition to the Barrett family is a boy, five and onLvhalf- pounds.

He is shown with bis two brothels and sisters. Medical science considers more than- two such Caesarean onerauons -ingrrly dan- 1 I' I I I 1L ,1 I 1 I Jul I I ii in tin i i rooms ihe ros.l -oi liii-. i ii ot cl 'I 1 1 A' t'l ii i i ho) i i i i )' it Ji 1 i i i I Grading CONFER -80S and Jtil Ii. Iy.i!IKIH-;itl i Up th' LI drew and however, is. i heve 1 1 i be idoted liiuill-.

Burley Crew rs In Danv.Ilc B.sULt V'. 96.4 Per Cenf For U- S. Free System Ic 'the mwlk 'osiiUas- i-obaL'-jo jiuipn.iS fin saiav epa en 1 i A ardnig- to an -A-sor ti'-iin-i XJart" idvoCTilu; whioa opi'iis 7th. was a. Unit i i.Tjul'LU-re.

1 1 in gtnTFTS-1 'hir L-r cent' i-i'vuaitd. hum Bui 1 ma'K "1 (IV sl i 11 had, voted- in lav; Ul lion airx si'iuny ul toio iniKjv.auun lit I 1 1)1 and a ji'Vico Dai in, il Hi lr Hii-ir-servoil, i -hivviit'' 1 1 ii Ktn i 1 liu il HHI.S rhti Cave i ipt i) II In t( i (e 'die -di I lb il 1 as i in invor suco a s-ni held, the -iboaeeu belt. aci-Minit 'l lor 1 St' ever Til asm' i I 1 to some trades, according to a the beggar is not enough. The study made public nere today Christmas basket brings cheer by Investors Syndicate. the recipient and eases the Mr.

and Mrs. Average Houses I conscience of the giver. After holder have $1.13 for every $1 they had a year ago." explained FARM BILL AUTHORS Senators Gennjc McCiiL 1 wo of the three U. S. semi tors fcill aj.e ia-tenforeace: Alabama.

The house larni bi nearly like the measure that ierice Bista wirwfin irr- KAWUllb I (P1M flClfi I) VBA! I Postal Clerk Wounded In Daring Robbery at Tocl.iy, Is Report. Loukpoil 111, Du 3 Five men carrying sawed-off. dwt-. guns and machine funs executed a-. postal robbery here, today andescr.pcdwitmrS24.000 -pay-roll after shooting a postal clerk and abducting Chief of Police Fred Lindner.

The robbery outside the post office, as plo.ves were translerr-mg cush mniled to the National Bank of Lockporl to ineot the payroll of an oil refinery company Lindner was ejected, from the rubers' -truck, one." half mile from: town. The cIlv in the leg. was woundtM T0B4CC0 PRICES ARE LOWER StoSKviIIe ftlarket Opens Willi Ilcndersonsoii anil' Oweiisboro Reporting Low Averages. (By The Associated Press) ScoltsviEe. jo.Mcd- Henderson, Owensboro and Russellville on the tobacco sales front today with 150.000 pounds of dark leaf on for (he opening.

1 Russellville's onenmi; ve.sler- i day aaaocl anollier recession from the 1936 opening average; ijiSilM leaf in i. 11 i i i i a the consumer's "and when I seek-a more constructive means they have to spend only $1.03 of heluwng. Frankly, I believe fcr every $1 they spent a year that the solution of every prob-ago, they will continue to buy and economic is South briskly, provided, of course, I Danville, waits tor the sharing GIVE PROGRAM FOR CHURCH ANNIVERSARY Lexington Avenue tisls To Observe 10 Year of Congregation's Service 378 MEMBERS Bo Elaborate plans lvuvc been made for the celebration ot the i tenth anniversary of the Lexmg- ton- Avenue Baptist church- ginning Sunday. Dec. 5 and con- tmuing through Friday, Dee.

10. At the Sunday mo-rung -service serrr'Ons fry the Dr. C. C. Wr.rrcn anrl by the Rev.

Cowan Jesse, of Louisville, a former member of the congregation will be heard. Mond'j evening the sermon will be preached by the Charles Knight, pastor of the Benton Baptist Church and Dr. J. G. Dickson, pastor ot the Lmi nonce Baptist church will give an lecture on: i-aies- tine.

Rev. J. L. Adkms, pastor of the Grove Baptist churcn, and Dr. W.

E. Hun- teiy pastor of the First Baptist of Somerset will be on trie programl Tuesday nignt. illustrated lecture on 'Lab-. rador will be given Wednesday night by Lyle Lane, of Chicago and the feature of Thursday night's program is a message by Dr. I.

V.Neprash,. director of Russian Scrvrre. Dr. I Neprash and the Rev. W.

Sctzer. moderator of the South District Assocaition, will be om 'the closing program Friday! night. The church, was in-i 1927 with a mennbershin of 120! persons and now boasts of Q7Q A total of Dr. C. C.

Warren has been nas tor since the founding of the church. December 5 Chicago Cn-ds 4s CHI-BEARS Washington Vs. NEW YORK. December 10 Miami 'U: vs. GEORGIA.

December 11 HARDIN SIMMONS Mary's (Te.J St. MRS. THOMPSON IS rAKEN BY DEATH Mother Mrs. Luther Wheeler Succumbs At Her Home On Stanford Avenue -Laura Alice Thompson, 79 years iold, died at 3 clock Thursday afternoon at home on Stanford avenue after an ill- ness of some duration. A native of Casev County.

Mrs. iThomn tson had marie her home in Dan- viUe for the past 12 years. She was a member of a Christian church in Casey County Surviving her is her husband and four chddren. Mrs. S.

M. Wilkinson, of Jake Smithers, of Lexington: Mrs-Lu- Wheeler and Miss Mary' 'Thompson, of Danville. Funeral services will be con I ducted Bt 2:30 o'clock Saturday' I i I week of the special session to- 494 have been baptized during day without completing any part the past decade and contribu-of President Roosevelt's pro- Hons by the congregation dur-gram. ing that period total $252,905.57. CITIZENS ARE URGED TO GIVE TO NEWHOME Call Issued For Donations To Neighborhood Home During the Yuletide STATEMENT ISSUED It the natural thing to con-sirlpr nnr own nnrsnnal inter- above that of less privileged group in the Jesus made Himself very clear on this point.

A lawyer, who was not sincere, but came to make trial-of Jesus asked. "Teacher, how mlay I gam The- answer, in substance was "Love God with your whole being and your neighbor sincerely LOVE HIM AS THYSELF." We fall short, do we not? Dr. E. Stanley Jones says that if we really love, sharing Jesus, His love and goodwill, Christianity will make communism look like reaction One thing is certain. If Jesus is vital in our own lives, we will share Him with others.

We ire not expected to share that which we have not. If we have Him, we must share Him or lose Him. Christmas is not a heathen festival. It is not a season to make all we can and get all we can. It is a season of giving and good-will.

Throwing a coin to a day it is gone. The basket we must give and more. Let us of Jesus and His Way of Life and in our helping individuals and famdies to help themselves. To this end we purpose to make a Neighborhood Home and there we puroose to make honest men and woman with an(ambition to! go out and work well, earning their support. A call is issued to Christians.

'Give until you feel it. Then until you don't feel it A uer community ana anappy 'Qn ger.TTA SADIE TAYLOR CHEEK, of the Neighbor-hood Home. CIIRiollAN CHURCH Madison A. Hart, Minister 9:40 Sunday School. As problems increase, there is greater need for Christ and His world-wide message.

10:40 Morning Worshin. Mrs. Jackson and Choir. Sermon: "Suopose We Had No Christr 'i- 7:30 Evenmg Worship. Mixed Quartet.

Sermon; -'The. Ultimate Christ Faith" or- Fate." 6:30 Christian Endeavors. Strangers and visitors are cordially invited to all these services. Members of 1ie church urged to be present. We cannot successfully wor ship God by proxy.

We hope all who planted them were equally successful with them. Roll Call was accomplished by those present givmg their experience during the ipast summer with whatever new plant or shrufytheyi had tried. These were most interesting and informative and mostly encouraging. TheDanville Club voted to endorse 'B'll 4128, which yull come before our local Legislature ot Vs next session. Thus Bill 4128 provides for the elimination; of (Turn to Page Four Please) r- -Fresh Home-Killed Meats T.

Alexander, Manager TROJANS, VOLS, TULSA U- PICKED IN THE FINAL TILTS OF FOOTBALL they see prospects of their income continuing." New Management: "The a place that has made a splendid name for itself, just beyond the limits of the city on the Harrodsburg road, has changed hands. The place has been renovated and now presents I a. much more modern and inviting outlook to its. patrons. The new managers are Mr.

an-r Mrs. G. iE. Boehm, who are running a high-class ptece, specializing in Country. -Ham Sandwiches, and Shoit Oiders and SERVICE ii their watchword.

Read ad in to-- day Advoctae. Former Danville Lady Makes Nice Gift: Danville friends of Finch who, by tne way is a of George A. Burke, of Us city, will read the following with interest, as both the. deceased and his widow were former residents of Boyle Pulpit furniture given (the First ALFR13 SLO TALK Slo 1 1 1 i in.t i obsta Am-erie; I tnat I I 11 Hl a i moved i 1)1 ti it en; or pi 'i i io In 1 I 1 il It i Will: I'll thoir ip( ,1 II 1 l'vpes 11 i iillv at Inc. la.

a-mt -mdu Oi eat'li-lualinn lews si- st( I in il i A.K ul i 1 M. pu I n. the L' to- iiiUn-1 In 1 1 i i i a.H fi I- itnds sii.UI.. Was 11 S-ll 1 a i thai Jud i 1 1 l'u pi I'ul I 1 1ju i' i ii wl 11 ill 1 siaaeij, a.ei, Daii llle i 1 lit Mil MOM' K': i i i I K1IK Alexander's, N. i It 1 VJUllil served 43- vein it i thai city.

He was re-electe(l os. ion in the 19U7 gerous. owaro igfBO' Teutonic Ambassador and Gen. Chiang Kh-Chek Confer at Nanking U. S- Wins Plea Nanking, Dec- 3')--RcporleS cf German efforts to negotiate in the Sino-Jan.

jconfhet were strengthened todav when it was learned, that Dr. Oskar Trnut- man, German Ambassador to the Chinese Government, had paid a whiJi jLm i vtiAevsiood that talked General Chiang Kai, Pie- imies of the Government. Japanese Troiips Shanghai. Dec. 'i1'' troops yielded today to demands by Col, Charles.

F. Price, Commander of the United States Marines (Stationed in the International "Settlement -withdrew from that section of the settlement defended by American forces. The Japanese mcroached on American-defended streets when they took over part of the settlement after a bomb had been tossed by Chinese planes at' the victory jparade Three Japs, a Chinese and Britisher were wounded. Kubale Is Speaker At Barret High Football Banquet Henderson ville, Dee. 2 Ed Kubale.

head football coach at Centre College, was the principal soeaker last night at a banquet at the Hotel Soaper honoring the Purple Flash i football team of Barret High School and I sponsored by the Junior Chamber of Commerce. Another banquet for the team will be given Monday night by the Worsham Post 40, American Legion, jind it is expected an award of $100, i offered by the Legion Post to the outstanding athlete of the school, will be awarded, Legion officials said, must be applied on a college Germany i i I11 JSlltlll XilUiVll Ul 1VJ.U111I, by Mr. Charles A. Finch mcmo'ry of her husband, who formerly jlived here, was dedicated recently. In dedicating the gift, Dr.

Everett S. Smith, pastor, said: "The beautiful fum ture I which you see upon the pulpit including the chairs at the communion table, as a gift of one of old tl 1- Collyer's News Bureau (Copyrighted) The football spotlight turns, to the- Souta and Far West where only remaining college gumes are for. this Southern Galitornia renews its. leud with UCLA in Lis Angeles and should climnx the 37 campaign with a victory. Howard Jones' Trojans are well battered and hardly can lie expected to duplicate last Saturday's steiling against Notie Dame.

However, U. S. C. figures over the Bruins by a t'juchdown. Southern California played its finest game of the season against the Irish and should develop into one of -tnc.

outstanding teams of the nation next season. Tennessee rates a(ll pemt advantage, over Mississippi in the Dixie hcadliner. Major Neyand's Vols. led by possess too much power for Ole Miss. Ronv.vmng footbuH with caps denoting probable win tiers; December 4 Arizona vs.

OREGON. Florid i vs. KENTUCKY, Louisiana Teen. vs. CENTEN- Miami U.

vs. SOUTH CAR. Miss 'faiale vi DUQUbNE. N. Mex.

State vs. SAN. BAR- BAR A. N. MEX.

MIL. vs. Wentworth Mil ROLLINS vs. Stetson. San Fran.

U. vs. TEXAS A. M. SO.


Methodists vs. RICE TENNESSEE vs. Misslssipi. TULSA U. vs.

Manhattan. IS (Turn Page Three Please) I of -di-: fair; mat-. tobaccM der -erv. mvariaolv a hi i en- pi-. lift it -i oi.

tne 1 hi murki hetorv Rl fllf ii li 'I Traders blamed lower.f. lllvli VUiJ 1 a altlfili GARDEN CLUB HED WEDNESDAY ANNUAL MEETING OF DANVILLE 85 OF BOYLE'S 95 YEARS grade ofierjngs. At Henderson the 'lark cured market today. 43.600 of leaf were sold at an average of $10.32 ocr hundred weight- At Owensboro. 38.G34 pounds of dark tobacco were sold at aft average of $8.53.

(fl he lollowing arli; ten by Robert Wisner writ- m-imber pa-l fall of. slaft -of owt op I Herald, appeared in that paper, election. this morning.) The annual meeting of the D'mville Garden Club was held on Wednesday akernoon at the Citizens Bank. Mrs.

iDiehl, the President, presided. She called for annual reports from all officers and committee chau-men. These reports showed that a great amount of work had been pianned and accomplished during the past year. A report given by each member present on the Dogwood Trees planted last spring showed most of them were alive afternoon at the First Baptist Retail Irade Improves I Members or tne. a.liiois t() tike ofrice church here, the Rev.

Harold B. New York, Dec. 3 Paced ily have held of eoun-j Ball-'- Nichols une'e Kuhnle, pastor, officiating, fol-; by expanding -demand for ty -clerk of -Boyle tountx for 8 ur t10 incumbent countv oi'i-lowed by burial in Bellevue termerchandise and Christmas of the 93 yours the. county when aniwntcd bv' icn-cemetery. gift buying, the retail trade tilt-; been in existence.

I bcrs of the fiscal court at "be The pallbearers will be Messrs upward tnis week and John Ball present 10Pj True the county' wts oz- v' W. R. Wilkinson. R. Spears.

from three t.o twelve bercenl reseiuative of tne family in the tk--, M.K1 The first member of tlie (Xurli to Page Three Please) Increase Supply i7as. Robertson, Sollie Ham mons. J. D. Erwin and Blaine Whited.

Caution. Burn REGAL and i county cpuit vul-be- gin a new term me I first of the year after having Make "Em Lay EGGS are high. Feci! BAL 1 above the average last year for the country as a whole. Dun and IBradstreet leporled today. Arkansas Traveler? ROOnXG.

Corrugated, Five V. Composition, Nails, Staples. the Iall. I EF.D BALLARD'S 24 per cent The Good Old Summer Time Burn REGAL COAL and make the home warm and happy like SUMMER. Farmers Supply Co.

Salt, Salt KANAWHA SALT. We have it for Hog Killing. Farmers Supply Co. They'll Work Faster, STRIPPING ROOM STOVES. Big Reduction.

Farmers Supply Co. DAIRY. We Have It The perfect STOKER COAL. Tots Treated. Farmers Supply Co.

LARD'S LAYING Fanners Supply Co. keep your wife happy. Farmers Supply Co. Farmers Supply Co. Farmers Supply Co..

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