The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 10, 1930 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 10, 1930
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 16,1036 BLYTIIKVlliK COURIER NEWS CLASSIFIED ADS 'ITTO «nu • word roc flrrt lu- Krllon tod cne cent « word tor wcii *ub*equtnt ln«r- tlon. No Kivertlieuient taken for leu th»n 600. Count the words tnd KQd the Phome3W WollwooA COPYRIGHT 1030 &r ERNESTJ LYNN / l-'OU SALE FOIi SALE—Nice cafe. Owner has other business. Will Bell right. I 1 . B. Hawkins, Stcelc, Mo. 8pkl2 LOOK! Bargains In Used Cars 1923 LATE J'ONTIAC COACH A-l condition, Locus and runs fine. This is an excellent bargain, Only 5395 1928 MODEL A A FORD TKUCK. Has 4 new Tires, closed cab und platform budy. Just the truck fur your heavy hauling ?29 1330 FOUU rOHOOK Sl> 1)AN. Driven only 0,000 miles. Fully Guaranteed. Only $15 Used Car Dept I'ULLLll'S MOTOR CO. Authorized ford DeaJerg PHONE 811 'i'OUAi FOH SALE—Practically new Slug er sewing machine, cheap to cash. 215 West Davis Avc. SPECIAL One 1930 New Chevrolet Couch LEE MOTOR CO. FOR. SALE—2 miles soulh at city on highway, 5!i acre lots- Houses on Kentucky, Uouaan and Bryan addition. Cheap. Mrs. George Tucker, pace, Miss. Bpkll Have two ten acre tracts on highway 01 for Quick sale at reduced prices. Good soil and well drained. Wcol for truck, dairy, chicken ranch or country home, G. G. Caudill. Phone 797. Uekla FOR KENT FOR KENT—2 or 3 light housekeeping. Phone 848. rooms for 1020 Hcarn Bpkll FOR. RENT- -Light Housekeeping rooms, furnished, 700 West Walnut. 26c-tf Furnished aparment for rent. See Jinmiie Ledbetter ai Saunder's Store. 29c-tf FOR KENT—One of Shane Apartments on West Main street. Telephone 197 and 571. 3ckl5 FOR RENT—Furnished apartment close in. 505 West Main, Phone 353. 6pkll •FOR RENT—Nice front bedroom in modern home- Call 715-W. Gckll FOR RENT—Three rooms nicely furnished for light housekeeping 500 N. Fifth street. 6ukll FOR KENT—Room 115 West Ash St., Worslcy with Mrs. board Georg ni:ci\ iir.iu: TODAY IICKlTinhLC /IK mi r.Mru, ANNR. WIVI'DIl liua i>rwrri>ril nuiUly niMl Im noiv iimliT eoulrnct li> (iriind I'lLlK-d, une uf Ibc larnt*i u( till- llulljivuuil Kludlu,. AM.IL- knif bcrti Itilng; tvllh t\\n olbk k r .-urn.. 1IO.VA .M I) II [11S 0 N HuJ i:VA IIAUI.KV. '1'hf Inllcr, In'- vnu*c ^( u miRle lin'p i'\]irrlcm-(! mill hrr (nlliirc lu ":ii!L]ir flic jfrnjp,*' ],-nvr» llull)\vooj and re- lurjix lu \rw OrlraUH. DAN UUimiKIt, tornicr New Vnrk )ir^^fii>ii|icr mail nnd llo^v n HcnnirJo tvrhcr, ta In |OVL I nlllL Aimr, but lir hiift i-uinc* In rrKTd bl* frrllnp; lirr IIH n fmiirlfkn our, rA|iri-lnlly hlnrt- liU rrlcn\u (r,,:il OiHliii-nlnl rU'liir,-, niid hi' rntber un<uccL-h»ful nllfiniilii fu ttrr* luiu-r. 1'AliI, COII.IUl!, \\lio iirllrn n tlnll)- iiiovlt i-ohiniii fi»r u MrlnK ol nr».H|inticrM, >.li:in-K l>.in'« . ii|iart- niotit ^^ll]l him. He linn Krrnt fnlEli In lum's nljilll}-, ik-»pl(c the lullk-r'K ilUi'iMirn^i'mrnt, A Jilny Ilinl be had \frlltt-n fur Ibi- ntnpc i\hlle In New York la munird In Dnn. unacfriurd, nnd Aunt- null Collier rrntl II nnil lire rntbiiKl- liiillr. 1'hfy iirm- blui In m IMP'II (or Hit muilr*. Tliln !,i- iliii-n. IJvrtuiinllr tlir l)luy !• nrri-iilrd. dm! hp U lolil fbul hr tiin>- lip nlTrrrd n i-onlrarl. linonhi^ Ibnl Anne wotilil Ilk* fu Illay n ilrnniMtlu n»lp, Hcdlnir-r Ml^RCHtH tf> sllllllll *• .\t-riltIlcH thill Mhc lie ^ivcn ji tent (nr the- Itnullii; fcn.Iiilm: fall, li.iuiiv SI.OAX l« In tllrrrl Itit* plcfurr. He flu-n h^^ n Irxl nut] Kbr \\ln^ ibr rule. Slunn u Die lileMrvl director In llnllj \\uod mid Antic nulllr.illj' Iji tinted o\vr the niiniitluuKy. She mid llutlin^r co <tuT Ihul fvtnln^ fur n drive, to -.-le- lil.lle." ]J;m lironoKrn (In-' i-vr- nlnr;, nnd kUe [H fnrreil .•> tvll lillll Ihnt Khe UnrMn't U1lU^T "Ill-lbir Kile liive.x him. S|IL- I-. ufralil lier rtuihlthin fur n enrver hn« put the lirospc-i-t nf tunrrlii{;c In the cruinfe linvltKrnuiH]. A'0\v co ON \vi - ru 'run vrouv CHAPTEIl XXXVIII VTOXA MORRISON fieiiuciilly i '- L observed, with her customary flippancy, that Anne Wiuter needed a secretary, but lo Anne letter writing \VEIS a form of recreation and bad been slnco childhood. There was a not Inconsiderable amount of fan mall these day?, which she .it- tended to personally and briefly; but the weekly letter to her mother and father was fat aud invariably required extra postage. About Horiiucr she wrote: "lie's as sweet and considerate as he can be—a wonderful friend. I feel lhat it's my own fault in a way. but I'm rather helpless to do Anything about it. If I lov.ed a man enough to want to marry him, I think I'd know it, don't you'!" It was her father whom she really appealed to In telling of Flan's proposal. Her letters always were addressed to both parents, but Judge Wiuter knew hta daughter touch better than her mother did Mrs. Winter was beset by materua doubts and misgivings; she expect c-d Hie worst lo happen. Her bus band argued Mint Anne had a mind of her own and could use it. H rarely counseled his daughter, oft ercd specific advice only when i wns asked for. His reply was aboiil what Ann had expected, and so was (he com nient of her mother. Tho judge be llcvcd she had dons exactly rigli and ho expressed his faith In her but Mrs. Wiuter waa horror-struc at the notion of Anne's even con sldcring for a minute the thought of marriage with a young man she had never seen. Anno smiled. Sho was not very busy Ibese lays. A lot had to bo dono before production started and sho was n ark In K time. Johnny Itlddlo occasionally hod her lo hiucli with lewspai'.or friends, aud sonicono in !bo (iraud United publicity department made an appointment for her wllh ouo ot tho studio photographers, so the spent several hours one day before a "still" camera. That was tho day Garry Sloan asked her to dinner. He was showing some visitors around Iho lol at tho ttiiso and he saw her and h troduccil them, explaining lo his friends that sho was to liavo tho feminine lead lu his next picture. W !IKN they had gouo Sloan coiv tinned to talk with her. Ot lato he had been qulto Iriendly. He eahl lie would Ilko to take her to (bo Embassy Club ftiat evening II Bho was not busy, and mentioned hat his vlsltlug friends wereJn Ibc I'arty. "Ill be i;]ad to BO along," Anno said. Aiona eaw ills car draw up before the bungalow and she would have run off If Anne bad not insisted on Introducing her. Don't Iw foolish," she counseled smilingly. "Make an impression bcfuro lie gels away." Monti's ever-ready wisecracks deserted her when sbo shook bauds with him. The vast area of while shirt front against a black dinner coat was overpowering. She could accomplish little moro Iban a mile. Sloan said they were to plclt up is friends at the llooscvelt, cfud on 10 drive downtown In the iuipres vely long phaeton, gleaming with lac!( and silver, bo began to tcl er of Ids plans concerning tin orlhcoinlng picture. Grand United e informed her. Intended to spent lot ol money on It; Lester M6on vould have the greatest role ot hi arcer. And lie smileil and said, "For tha nailer. It will be yours too, won' t, 1 Anne?" Ills smile faded. II- when ho left Anno at her loui 1 he said he would Ilko to KO onicwbero vvllli her ponicilinq vheu Ihoro woro "no visiting flro- nen wauling to seo^ho sights." "Hour about a. lltllo swimming parly Sunday?" And lie Bald, "I'll aak Lester Moore nnd his wlfo; you'll Ilko her." Anno went with him. 1-nlor lu tho week tho Moorcs Invited her and Sloan to dinner. Dan llorlmcr's vigils (o Ibu bungalow wero leas frequent now. Anne lid nothing about this to him; she did not urgo him; nnd ho sup- d sho felt that under the circumstances llilnts wcro belter this way. Uetwecu Iliem had conic a nllghl restraint, though Iwlh had sought to avoid anch a thing. Mona Inquired about him often and onco or twico she. had remarked lo Anno that Bho wondered whero Dan Horlmer \vas keeping himself but U did not take her long to cnso (bat something bad happened nd sfio retrained from naklu ueslions Hint might ecein pointed Paul Collier, loo, felt that thlirg rero not exactly us they should be nit Paul had a blunt way of llnd ug oul. "Wlial's Ibc mailer with you an Anne?" "Nothing. Why?" pAUL grinned and dropped dow • on tiio piano bendi. Ilia fti ;ers struck a chord. 'There's a io of satisfaction in that, I yues Come clean; what happened? 1)1 ,'bu propose to Anno and turned down?" Dan was silent, and Paul struck another chord. "Did you?" ho In- hcra around litin, GO Hint, though ,ey Finarlcd at times under bin ithlcM cx.ictlon and llio lash ot s rrltk-lsin, Ibcy responded, na ho iiiKiudi'd they rcsiiond, In wlmt nd cotuu to ho spoken of around 10 Rraiul United lol ns tho "Sloan Tlirre was no other just Ilko him, orlinei' learned. Ho was a tyrant, ordly and Impatient and dlltkiill to lease, lint bo knew what hu •anlcd. Ailil for lhat Dan respected blin. Iclwern (he two (hero hud lieen number of conferences, from each I which IJan emerged with moro hangcs for lila Bcrlpt. Gurry Sloan omhialed Hie iilclnre; It wns bin; ml liorimer did not clash wllli itm. Despite Iho, curious resent- uenl ho foil toward Iho dlrcclur-a lhat Lo had never boon nblo enllr.My to shake—Dan win forced .0 yield him hi.i adinlrallon. He E:ild lo Paul Collier; l 'I glvo lilnj credit. Ho knows wbal'll make a plcluro good, nil righl. Ho liad me write a couple of new lliifii for I.eslor Moore toilay. I'm a BOH of n gun If ho doesn't know moio about wlial Moore cau do Iban Mooro blinsclf." Collier said, "The best In llio business, my boy." guess you'ro rlRbt. llnl." stubbornly, "1 mill say Hint Martin Collins Is tbo guy to work with. Colltna nuumges to Ic.ivo a lltllo credit for (bo other fellow." Ami Paul smiled. Dotli ot Ilium, lie adinllted, bad (heir points. "And Martin Collliw |g n. rosnlar j;uy, nil light, llul you'll Icaru a lot ot stuli from Sloan; sec If yon don'l." tbouslit bo already bad learned a few thhii;!* from him, and )UR BOARDING HOUSE By Alien* Be W&EK OR I MUST BE Vd/VV f IM* EXPERIENCES 1rlA.f VdOUCP A we koof HERE wMo ' HAT- Too COMS.AFA AFRICA,, 5oLJ-rH seAs ; -^ TM A •RUBBER CGMPAr^V, Keep ME -Trie Look-our FOR POSSIBLE T?UBBCR RAISIM6 LAMP* slsted. Anil Dan tlumglit tbere was no point In biding tbo triitU from liiiu, so he admitted tlmt that was wlmt had happened. Paul Bald, "I thought tlicro wan something Ibe matter. Well . . ." Ho got up from (he piano. "Sorry It I ivns 100 curious." "Don't be silly. It's nolhiug to aid. "I'm serious, though. You're ikecp locked up in your vest, Is 112" going to do something pretty big. | know II." Anne murmured something In | and all of tiioso swell clients of Collier einilcd. "Well, you should worry. Think of Johnny Klddlo ratcful reply. Sloan talked on. He said Eomellilng nice about her Voice and his Intention, of havitig a song Titten for her. "You didn't know (bat, did you?' 1 "Why, no. That's a real surprise. I didn't know there was to be any singing whatever." "Just one song -for you. There's spot for it." At dinner be waa an attentive host. His friends were Easterners, a Now York real estate man— a classmate of Sloan's— and his wife and daughter, a girl about 16, who was getting tile thrill of her life at the sight ot screen celebrities in the flesh. Sloan too!; pleasure In pointing some of them out to her, chuckling over her rapture; and afterward ho drove them through Beverly Hills to sbow her sonic oE llio stars. tlj» lioaies of Johnny's proposals, If laid end to end, would reach all the way froni Uere to Denver. 1 think' it Johnny threw his heart out tlio window it would bounce." lie moved over to tho window, rested one Ions let' on tho Rill. "Anyway," he salil presently, "Acne's just a kid. Give her liinc my boy." "You're a great comfort," Dai (old him wltli a chuckle. "She's old enough to know what she wants, I guess." The Hide calendar on Berliner's d,esk shod ils top lilt daily, September camu to Hollywood With it cajno tlio slart of produc lion on Ills picture. He -was having his opporlunltj now to otisorvD the famous Garrj Sloan at work—aud workcil The man's vitality wits terrific am it Eomebow communicated Itself b a lot about him, during the preparation o( tho scenario; but when "Fliootlnij" started and lie saw airy Sloan beside- the camera, ho •aw a different man. Hero Bloun was king, a giant blond-headed lug In soiled white llnmieia on a. anvas throne.. And. Slonu did not cRjt here; he commanded, lie could smile when something ilereed him, aud ho could prntso vilh a brief word or two when iraise was someone's due; but moro iflen in tbo iilclure's early clagea torlmcr would seo him frown or shako his head 111 disapproval at soiiielhftiR not i|«lle rlslit, tiuil everything \™nlrl slop Instantly anil a scene would be done over. 'Cut!" Sloan would counnanil. Ariil then, heartlessly: "Thal'a lonsy; tbnt won't do sit ill." Hut lie tot things done. A dlfllculC production tchcdnlo had been mapped out, necessitating, because of Hie director's exacting demands and tho heavy dally expense, n cooil deal of work in tho evenings. Often tho caat was kept until a laic hour at night, and Dan thonght Anno Winter wna beginning to look a little tlreil. • He told l|cr EO. "FindlUK it pretty toutjh, uren't you?" Hut Anne shook her head and smiled at him. '1 b'ncss I'm too enthusiastic to bo tired, Dan." "'' (To I!o Continued) BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES iKWtog- ;i By Jfotfin TUB WAY OF A MAN WITH'A'MAID! WANTED — Family Washings. Washed and ironed by competent white woman. Mrs. Brown, 704 S- Lake St. 17ck.-tf rOH RENT—Front bedroom adjoining bath. Private home. Phone 470-W. lOcklo. FOR RENT—Bedroom convenient to batli. Phone 552-J. Mrs. U. W. Mullins, 12«(j Chickasawba. 10pkl5 FOR RENT—S room house 512 N. 10th SI., within three blocks ol Central Ward school. Phone 290 or call at 010 Holly St. 10ckl5 Biytlicville Upholstery and Repair Shop now located 117 S First t., next door to Will Carney's. J. I. Jenkins, Manager, Phone 460 •ickll WANTED WANTED—Saleslady or salesman. Have wonderful proposition ior live wire. Exclusive territory. See O .A. Thompson, 719 West Ash after 8 p. m. In evening. 9pkl2 Cotton pickers wanted. Can furn ish houses. Cotton above average Will furnish learns to mov; a reasonable dislancc. Leo Wilson Company, Armorcl. lOckl Young man with references wants job delivering groceries. Wil furnish own car and work in stor.c. Phone 75 or 325, Lake St , 8pkl V. R. WASHAM—Transfer Dally trips to Memphis. Will pick up and deliver freight and packages anywhere. Special rates on carload lots. Local Phor.e- 851 Memphis Phone 3-9315 'ANTED BOARDERS—Owing to an oversupply of milk and but- er, fryers, veal and pork from ic farm can give special rates o couples. 112 East Cherry street, hone C02. 9pkl7 PERSONAL Cotton Seed Market MEMPHIS, Tenn., Sept. 10 (UP) —Cotton seed elcsed steady on Ihe Icmphis exchange loday. Sept. Db;Oct.29b; Nov.20.25b; Dcc.29.50b 'an. 20.55b; Kca. 30b; Mar. SO.SOb; iprll, 3lb. No sales. Cottonseed meal closed strong lo- day. Sept. 31.75 io 33.75; Oct. 32 flat; Nov. 32 flat; Dec. 32.55 flat; Jan. 32.25 to 32.75; Feb. 32.50 to 33.25; Mar. 32.75 to 33.50; April 33lb. Mrs. L. M. Burdctte announces tile opening of her classes in Gregg's ihorthand, bookkeeping and typewriting. Reasonable rater. Cal 824-W. lOck-tf New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Sept. 10 (UP)— Cotton closed steady. Open High Low, Close 1107 1128 1107 112G . 1127 1145 1135 1152 1W6 1171 . 1105 118fi 1181 1205 Spots nosed steady Oct. Dec. Jan. Mar May Jnl. 1135 114G 1165 1178 1144 1152 mi 1186 1203 OLD OX SHOKK FOUNI> LYONS. Colo. (UP)--A pair o] old ox shop.s was found on the abandoned (rail between Lyons am Estes Park. The trail had no been used for many years.' MIGHT WANT TO FIRST CONVICT: Well, nov that I've i;ot this hole dug in tin wall, I'm soiii? home to my wile. SECOND CONVICT: I^cller take your, tools with you, In case yo wanUi break back in—Pathfinder. OPAL IS GOING WttH ??_ MOW vet wyzt.oocAtt Wrt. «*&• ' WERT He Makes 'Em See Royal C. Mills Public Accountant and Auditor Specializing In Income Tax, Bookkeeping Systems Phone S2 Ingram BIdg. Blyfaevttle, Ark CLOSER AND CI-OSliH! \ND HIS FRIENDS AS TU£ CURR6MT WCBEASES IT'S SPEED AMY TURNS THE TAUUKS •\ '^>t^:vi; Nl y //•// -Ml S - I. -,..•* .=--=- *•„ Closiitfi Stock Prices A. T. <fc T 219 Aviation 57-8 Chrysler 28 7-8 Cities Service 23'.I Coca Cola Fox General Electric General Motors Grigsby Grunow 1. T. and T Montgomery Ward ... Packard Radio Simmons Stc-.vart Warner 27 o-i United Gas 37 3-1 U. S. Steel 172 1-8 New York Cotton NEW YORK, Scpl. 10 (UP)—Cot- Ion closed very steady. Open High Law Close Oct. (Old) 1126 1147 112G 1145 Oct. (new) 1105 1127 1114 1127 Dec io!d) 11-14 1163 im 11CD Dec incw) 1123 1148 1122 1145 Jan (old) 11GO 1172 1155 1172 Jan (new) 1131 1156 1130 1151 Mar 1148 1175 IHO May UBS 1188 1165 Jul 1180 1203 1180 1202 SiWtA closed steady at 1150. up 30. \Vc offer tlic bc&t auto repair son-Ice In lown A. H. JENKINS Phone 279—S18 In Fick»(ck Bus lluildinj;

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