The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 30, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 30, 1934
Page 3
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FRIDAY, MARCH 30, 193-1 (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THREE MCDtKN HOME NEWf Conducted for !)iis nf-waj Morencc Hrohcck, Kdilur Ill ihc interest ol its women readers by recceni/ed authorities on nil phases ot homo making. Mrs. George Thurn, Associate I Va ScMs Wear Hold Colored Stripes Answers Requests of Read-j crs for Rules {or Nuin- Dishes Baked Fish With Milk T)r:u I'rit-iids in lll>lliL-\ill<-: !;,.,•,. in - Miiiit- of 111'- Vt i-i!'/-., idl- I'.tiH-'M you a-.kid One luiii'--,: v,'as ". r i"''>' J-hffUl'.l i ji:'. '.( i h?xo- laU:?" .Hi-raix- i! -.uih a r.haiy Xnili'. ml 1 ' U-.-o tui) >j{ v:ii i-ii-.i;ii.-h-u doi.ljU l)Jil(-i iiisi! li-'. i: uii-M 'j'-'i- lK,diiJ3 \vau-i'. Or .-.liuve it iiini ;L m'.ial uii LISUJ in;: ci:|> and set Ihei (:it{i in il-.t tijy.-n 'op M" th-- <t ki.-Ull- lull r;l toii'ir/ '.l-ali'". I'cimil Cake One ihlid cup >.h'/i lining; cup Mj< r 'av. or.t- ar.d OJH- lv,-lf c' Itcur: UJH- e^: <;r.o tf-a--:;j 1 . u a;d::; one <;ii|> sm;r milk; on;' ground, salted ix-nnut-i nvill) him-n .skin luills'. B' nhortcnmy ami Mi'-^lr toch add tilt- '.veil Ural tn i'S;.'. Sii! Hour iwiie i>:>!o:-i- mcn.suriiig and liicn sil; again v.ilh Hie soda. Add to th'j fit 1 ?'. mixture ai'.ei naiely v.'ilh ih: 1 .sour milk. Adci' ground pcnnut.s. and pour into an ciKlil- UK'ii n|«avc i>an lubbi'il wi-ll v.'nli shoi (tiling. Hak-. 1 !o:iy-tivr minu'.rs 11: a mcxli-ratc nvcn, SnO deHi-cy-.s. Ki-ivt 1 with wiiipj/ed c]e::m us! Grocery Own Stores Oven and Will Your Help You Vary Your Menu V.':-. t-M- O' di.' si'.,!!>ld IKi.eloiu iin-y Ihe bivad of the menu | i the tjiociT'.-. display.-, for i em vm-lnlv-s ol baker's bieiHl; I ivliok- wheai. mil, viiLsin nnd ; as well as while blends nnd I brends ait 1 In the it-ins of the modru: Kiix-fr. And laoji tlm «l iiHiTi'Sl In llu- lioiiu i'l!i-.-;. IJolLs sucli us -.nMV.woivil iMH-s uvc il bivakfiiM or liim-lirtin i'Sj>'cl- ev. Ol.lllC,. Units | -.ui [-HJ1.S Hour; lour IL-USIMUJUS I :'lu ]X)u-i1i-i'; n::v li-a.-,|)win Mill; j u-;i.sfMKni Mi^ur; mutril rind one Driuii;4>; inn 1 llilfd tjnp :U'iilnn; iJn'Ce foiii'lhs I'lip <>! !;. Alxnii din- t-iip in 1 u liutt- ir of oriinci- iiiin-iiiiilmk-. ill I In- (li-y liiRix-dli'iiti togi-lli- nn In the .slmrli-iiliiK wllli 11 Mixed Orecn Salad, Apricot Ice Coffee Tea VrgrUrhn l.mirhroii Orange and Mini, Cocktnll Drusscls Sprouts, New Peas, Daked &|iuts)i lirolli-d Hiilf Tonmto, and Fried Uiuianns on l.imclieon Plutc Cum Ktlcks Uutltr Mnrninlnde Couniic Cliccw nnd !>enr Snlnd Apple Piff Coffee Ten HuffH l.undiron Crl.sp Hot Saasnge.s Creiuiiert ac-riiinbled EBBS 'roasicii, Biillered liolls Chicken nnd Celery Salad, -avniru-l I'nrJalt Chocolate Cookie '-ii Coffoe {& !,-«>.. >- pa-try blender or two .spiiiulns; niiil Ihe ui until! rhid nnd nillk. H.iiidle us liiile an possible. )'nl ll.i- ilonuh on u ttoimd pastry bt:i:d Into u nctrciiKulnr .sheet nbuid one hull inch thick. Spi-ruil wi:h onmge. mnnnnliidc. Roll ns jtl'.y roll mid cm In three fourths !Ii!ih stiip.s. I'inee In bnklmj llns ;n:l;bcd with shortening nnd bake c.K-i ilsli lookciy l.s only nni- of llii- illsciivi-rics of imxlcrii Hnrai- Kciiiioinli-.s. Uslni; a ravcreil i-a.sscroli- In wliU-ti Ui i-oak and .M.-VVI- w-n ILKH! Milvi'.-. half tin- piolili-in. HiTl|n' for Mils clrlk-loii.s Ijukcil Ihn with milk ulvi-ii Iwl'jw. Six Menus for Luncheon Baked Fish With Milk One two-pound Iroul; one ens. well iH-nlen; one third cup dry lireud crumbs; nnd one len.spoon Mill; one cup to;) milk; iwo tnble.-' spoons butler. >pcn up the fish '" mil plnelni! Il Hist In Ihc bnk- illsh-. Inn iln not cut llirmnjh the skin. Sjnviid (he cut hide, with Iwntcn BUB and .sprinkle ' with crumbs nnc! salt. Place Hie ILsh, cm .side down, In n well greased two i]imrt ciisserole, I'our the milk over the fish nnd dot with butler. Cover nnd bake In a 400-dejjrec P. voveu for forty mlmttes. Serve with tnrtnr Knuce. Iia-xpenfivc Wiires mny lx> .smartly decorated these duys. Etiop fitont for ilu- nevvesi Chinii tea .sots for tlicsc infoi-iiiiil liospiialjlr- mrnneius wiih iniuily and lrieni!.<c. A toed layer cake adds a .sueei toticn. about |0\i-i:. In liot <l:-ss'.- li'.l ov in. -.ah r.ny desired Clinry Almond mine; one two thirds cup" cup Millar; '.vnier; one extract. I'mir lite. !i]u-inlik \vhi\u Mill oo!M iirov.'ji .sii'^ar. Tlirion it. te;nn as an open face .saiul- I I U L wich. A uiiii-r way Ix 1 added for] | Ijl ganikii. I • ' *~ H' 1..I. r,.. l.:j \Vi-lsli llnn-htt ri-npi- lia.s Sten given \vra<T: lioi Mu'.ST. o::on'.- fomth u-a- '.vo li'.iul-. c.lp :e\; This recipe has Seen given on the psige bm the;i- are nhvaj-s de- innnds for il tornim- to tin- Cook- ling School, s» il is repealed: '• -Make a Una \\hiir sauce usln^ ni;i!:e the cocktail of tomato juvo tabk-sjxwns liutier. two lablc- eiam juice called for in the Ispccns Hour, mps milk, one nu-r.".. buy tin- unseasoned i half teaspoon sal-,, one foiin'n lea- toinalo juice or tomato juice cock- ' iiepjier. tlie Innter in on cold \vniei- into I',:) 1 . 1 . 1 ! and spi iui-.U- llie. luj,; when il is sofu-jieri add lo !h-. iv;o Ihircis of a cup of hut waier and Mr unul dissolved. jtail; eitlicr may be iivjd. Use three jiiic upper parl ol -lie double boil- i |pan>; of tomalo juice to one of ! r-r and slir 'lour .-muothly in(o il j-.nce. Season '.viili! muil all lumps uiv j;one. ihen '.viili i imiil all pcpix';-. and celery suit.' s!ov.1y add Ihc m:!S: sind mix- inu.s. Slir and cook umil il .„„ one. jiu ihicken. Then add one esg v.-ell T-.r-n add the Mi^ar. .--all. let- V.T.I- (iourlh leasucou v-,ciip r -T. one foui'th ilM-iuc-n. a half lea^in-on of \Vor- and iihnonti Jliivorini; and .slir!leasijoi^n oi ci-!cry .s:ill. If plain | ce.stei-shirc sauce ar.d one le veins. Wash in cold dress with inayonnaise. Just serviny mix the cold slaw having twice as inneli cabbage n.s twenty minutes '.!!> degrees. Nut llrrad i bridge or any other cups tlom-; two can!:: one riinciion. 'I'liey may m-.i-^xjuii sail; eitjhl te:i.s]Hion.s bak- jtn^ jiowdei; one cup-chopped nnt.s; wnler. I t«o cups milk; one fourlli cup These inc-iius are obviously plnn- ncd for luncheons to lie .-.ervcil lK-fore nn iifteriioon or club or racial bi 1 .served lit. the bridge tnble.s (e.specially which Inive chnlliiu dish nnd cii.s- «-iolc iccipes included), or (it tin: all ivllh niay- a lettuce leaf cup shrini[>. nnd dre^s onnaisc. I J lte Into nnd serve. Car.imrl I'ltrfait One cup sugar; one half water: six ess yolks lit-aten; OIM- liinv cream whipped; one lable- spoon vnnllln. Carameliy.e half ol the .<i:gnr by heating 11 In a frying pan until it melts and tiiriLS golden brown. Mix ihi.s with til'. 1 ri-st of ihc sngsir and wtiler and Kid the dry hiBicdlcnt.s mid udd tin- mils. Heat. Ihe CBUS, ndd Ihc inilX and stir ihls inlo ihe dry mi.v'.uie. Put in well ^reused IhiA. Lei sinncl thirty iiiln- .s lo rise. Hake Jofty-tlvit niln- ini-. 1 . In n moderate oven, y5t) dc- gn- Makes iwo oiie-iraund lo;ives. dining room lubli-. One menu Is Small for buffel sen-Ice. For UK? hitter have the foods, silver. nlt!Hi, napkins nnd Clarnlshed with Mushrooms Stuffed wllli Crnljuieat Toasted, liiiltered Rolls A.spnraBii.s llollaiidnlsi- Willie Calie with U-mon Icing Ten Yellow Mints Colfee Humrsiuin l.unchroii Cole Slnw nnd Shrimp AplKti/x-r Ciis.serole of Drnwn llrcnd C;oltnj;e Cliei-se Apple Iliillej nrrangccl on the dining room tn- ble and buffet, and let the guests j serve tlieinselvi-s, carrying their" plates Into the living room, or lint ivach 'Iliruovi-i- and Cream Coffee n.-im.' for one Quart of the ui'e Oiie teasi:ocn of sail, \Vholi: Wlieat Fruil Krcail l-ri One cup '.vhole wheiit Hour; one cup while flour; one half cup sugar; six letispoons baking powder; IMIJ tablespoons shortening; one half cu]) primes soaked over nighi coarsely chopped; one tea- sensun- boll five [iiinuu-s. Mix wllli Hie j nnd br-aten yolks, stir in ihe whipped isjxxm sail; one nnd one clKlnh cicnin and vaniila. Freeze in the [cups milk; one egg. Slfl Ihe dry aiitomalic refrigerator according to tomalo juice has been used injof mixed ]:!nee of se:i.soned iomaio cockiail ;.sii]| boiling. Add il-,':ii .-.del a few drnjis of \vora-s- • or thinly sliced chew. •jiS]:oon J. .S'ir .smoothly, two r-.:os xraltd ':iilil dissolved. Chill and \'.-Ji(?ii 'in- mixture b-.-gins to thicken l.'.-at umil fiulfy and aiid one iiall th'rii .-.tic. a lew cirnjis oi \vurc.i:s- • or thinly sliceil chcc-s*;. btiv urownrt c:.p chopped almonds; one hsufiershirc sauce "to the final mixture. ! a little, then cover aiiil let. ihe cup maraschino cherries; Ihrrelchill on the ice for hours before melt into ilic raw-e over cgs; whiles keiifrii until Miff aimltime to -serve; |*ur inlo glasses. I ihe hot water. Slir aim- a tew dry. Pile into (icrsert ylasses. Gar-i and top 1 vviih a small sprit; ol minutes iiish...with, .whole liiirnt almnnds.Ipariloy. jop of celery or cress. Kix servinss. Stuffed Celery directions for parfaius. Serve piled high in pur fa it, glnss with a little earamel syrup over u. Make the cavaiitfcl syrup by browning the su^nr. melting . nnd water. Stir aftir a tew p. i . m -. r\ i i ai\a awiii after live min- Student Waiters Ducked thoroughly, five inches, lop should Tv.n i-ups- flour; one fait; one e:ip s:igar: one m\i',",',( "\va'.4 ""mil ' cl'li'lT err-am: two laolcsuooiis milk; f.viil- r(l[ . M , S h ou1<! 1)t . only trns|x-/,ns bakine powdei-; rmiv: nr 1( . M nll( i l]:r i ca s y i-[™ v.-hltcs; one teasi»:in vnnilln-, p K . lp n oll one fumth icasiKjuti almond e:-;-i , r . . . ,. , . tract: one cup blnekberrv jcllv. I rMake :1 n ',' x;mc of ,''" l " ! " f ^ Moist, .sweett-ned.,.ul" ' [n milm aKc ^ i"" R «' ucr " 1I|t ,r.r^r B s 1 ^'^'"^•- -~" s,,nr a,,d ^ ^^^^ ^^^£ ',1 -''.ling off each .suiootiily. Have celery 1 jcrisj) and the mixture co'.cl. Ihiekc-ns. Then .-dd Havoiini;' and' S:llmon s -""'" i( -" rest of the Mii-ai. Fo!«I in the flour. Hake in the ti'.-n ri^hr-inch sriunre pans nibbed with shoru-n-ji',' iiit-. in n moderate oven. 32;> tie-" Dili's for twe!ily-fH-e min"te>. Ccnl. Put Ihe layers to«e1h?i wiiti biricklr-rry jelly. Cul into squ.iixs,!™ cover with frostint; and sprinkle' ules more. When smoothly melted and mixed, serve on hut toast. | Tin.s makes erumblv, but noil Mi-iugy rarr-bit. OXFORD. O. (UP1—S'-veral Mi- foffee (Jt'lmiric " !1!nl University i;tinlenl waiters Two tablespoons granulated gel- Ilcrc wl>ri> reprimanded by titld beaten egg to the milk and combine the mixtures. A(!d the fruit and inched shorten- ill!;, mix thoroughly. Pour into a br^nd pan nibbed with shorten- li:-<. Baku fifty minutes, at 350 degrees, or moderate oven. Chopped dales or figs may lie used. Disliked Sophomore '_ Rea " Courier News Wma Ads. slniidlny alxiul In Ihe dining room. This form of service i.>> es)ici:liilly good for large numbers, when the dintiifi room table would nni accommodate (hem. llrlilni- Talilr l.iiiHlinui Cocktail of Toinnto mid Clam Juice wllli Stuffed Celery initl finnll Smoked salmon saiKhvleh on the plnle Itarebit on Toasl or Husk Crisp Snraloga Chips Coflcc Gelaline Dewerl wllli Cream, Cookie Coffee and Tea Jimqull l.unchnin Yellow and White Fruit Cocktni lOranfje. Clrapefruil, Cannctl Pear Scrambled Eggs Chilled 1-Yult Punch Grllkii Lamb Chops Nciv Peas Whole Wheat Itolls and lluller Flench Dressing GRADE A Raw Milk rhtne 14 Craig's Dairy Sitt tile 11,,,, add milk nnd baking powder <gg svhiles ;i nd beat with egg beal.-r iiniii the Make thin white bread nnd cut in circles, diamonds or mlier Inncy shapes. Cut Ihe ihin- smokecl saStnon 'al! bone.^ 'picked off if nny tl'.etei in !ln- isame sliaiH- and si/.r, Ilutler lite iioasi. lightly and lay the .sa'mioi i jntine: one half cup cole: water: i tlivce and one half cups hut. I.strong coffer; Iliree foilrtlis tup susiar; two tablespo&ns lemon lliick with cocoauul. Makes twcn-1 mixuirj Ihe sraldrrl milk. ly-livi . One ge.M ; l>oxes. .VAT el meats Ihe Hilnt! .^jiare.s. Satnlwicli Sug^rstifitls jetjuesl saki: "Piense sug- oriiething diflrreiil for liuicli My luisb.iud will not eai sandwiches nnd tin- fain" yet Ihi-Mnne." Trv vanin:? IlK'at.":. 1 toru'ile: dried b ed Fl:im mixed salad drc^si:!.'; juice. 1 Soak the gelatine in llie watcr for nve minutes. Add Hie hoi cof- i fee- and dissolve the gelatine ilioi-- |0-iuhly. stir and ndd sunai, stir- jrini? until this is dissolved, mid j lemon juice. lonsl! Poul '"'" moulds wot with cold jUnic-r. Let ccol. then set in (lie ! refrigi-raloi- until firm. Unmoiikl. I and serve with r-renui 1 or whipjictl • cicaiii finvoied with n fen- drop.; ol coffee. j KlufCi-il Muslii.mms • Felret Inrse fresh mushrooms ! from the grocer: peel the caps jV.-iih a .silver knife, cut off sieins.- i nnu save for soup or oilier tunk- I until it thickens, stirrini; con- Mantiy liien rcok live miimics ;crv Salltl , „„, ]juh|h . h mo,-:-, .stirrins occasionally. Add ihe- jiutl . , mllea b ,, Ucl . ul{| - w]K , n peanut Ijinler and cool. I'm in a, (I ., L . k . m]lovc fro]n ,], c h| , al nml baked cru.,t. Top with meringue. j slll(f wj . u ,, ol ^ Knmf6 crab mral |AII\IUL;I- around ihe phiiier ol :.ii.;l/icd eggs. aniliorilie.s for duekiiii; James S. Ho.?ii, Jackbon. Ky., saphouiorc, nnd rolling him in tlic s>now. Tile prank is n irilla] one. .bill niiiliorlties look actiun flnnlly. it was .said, because -,i ^ic.dent pub- licalion called il hazing, a criminal olTense in Ohio. The waiters ducked mag. they said, because he annoyed Itieiu in the dining room, (•nine lale lo meals find mnde them lardy for classes. He comrnclexl a cold nnd slight bruises from Ihe stunt. Florhide * J makes old floors new I Read Coiu-iei- N'ews ft'niit Ads. Itaki-d One cup one Voifi'latrtVs ols: one cup eel- i onions: on? clove j fi-sli: one: iSa|1C( , To rnnke the creamed crabmcat, •I: m-miiul sun*- Rarhc: two pounds fish: onej,,^, onc . tu ,, t ., mm( m \» m ^ vo v.-ith pickle siiiOUiMivlh pound b-.ilter: une teaspoon | cn( , Cll]) , liel |i|, rll v . hjl ; xrouml conu-ir :-a!t; few yiaiiH i:e]i|;i-i-: une ciip; Look ovev ,,,,, ^.^ , 0 .. , l)--,-f: gionnd coM minis nn\i.d lrnu\ crumbs: ;-,vo inljle.spnonx | £m ,,n Wi . ( ,' f s ,.' r] | g c , v.uli relishes are nil delicious.: Parmi-san Also use cheese: ini.xerl cheeses! Die;- vegetables, i'lnce them relishes: us? chrc:.e nnd! muni si?c. Cut Mirrd hard cooked cheese and olives: adfi- ^ ; n^ a !:'!lucc leaf and salad rlrcss- ing so il is not loci dry: us^ siTuike:! salmon: tuna fish; othci' canm-d l,ut javseive fish into slices. apix-arance .\\hiie sauce wilh a little celery . ,. . , Isalt as well as the salt' and pep- bii'iidrd with sn:nil riressii^ ar.i | " vveh-grcas:d casserole. t lv 'j| 1J( ,,. c aiieci Tor fold S1.1U- nml Kbriiup MaV-e cold slaw in the usual I Hnve il very cold. t^m. i ui canned shrimp of OlO the a v,1iale fish by not .slicing ck-.n- Illanllor tfiroiu'h tl'.e top skin. Then dip. ( ,]j v ^ th? fish iu lur-lk-d ' b'.ilter and ._ _.'._.^ ..plnce on top of vegetables. Spriti-! fish, se.i.-unun \vith mav-lkle with salt and pepper. To Hie mixed Avith ciiopjied vrmainiii^ melieil butiji. add tliei bread ci i;ml,s. Dt.' l(:]> of tish • ^ uith criunb^ anJ i;rared cline^e. |' Ingredients of Vickj rnvri- nnd tnke fm- 4S mimile.s j VapoRub in Gxivenient Candy Form ulivfs. or meat relish; use choii- ]:ed. nu:-:ed preen vi sviaties. Ut-i.iin! with ,-nlad (iressiiiL'. Try varying the blend too. rL-u;enib:r- iii^ raisin brend. whole whc-at.. v:.~e. nm atid dale breads aie de-i licinus and nourishing. I'llff I'a.ste '1'v.o cups Hour; one cup shovl-j cuing; one half Tablespoon salt:] '•"Id wulcr. Use o:ic- half nl li'.e sl 'crietuii!{ nnd cut it with two knives or spatulas or the pastvy blender into ihe flour. Use just enough cold water lo mix. Koll out the pastry and do! with dr.b.^ of fhorlrning. i.- 0 i ; i ,],., pasiry over and roll. I{ep,\it imlil nil the shortenini; is lolled huo the pastry. Keep very cold, using il I possible one. ot the ebss ro'liiv' pins, fillrd with cracked ire. link.-: in ;i lint- oven. 410 decrees 10 4M| degrees, usinit it as a pa'trv shell i pie shnll. tarttel shell. ' ' Peanut Hiittor I'io ' Make n puff crust as above. Tori the filling use tour tablespoons o! flour; ono and one hnlf cups I scnMed milk: three tablespoons peanut bulter: one fourlli ten- spoon suit; one cup brown sugar: Iwo egg yolks. Mix ihe sugar, salt nnd flour losofh-T then ntid the slightly eeR yolks. Pour over the .it nso dcRn-.-s R A little paprika I prinkled over Hiv loi> ncids coloi. i MRS. GEOHGE TMURN. 1 VICKS COUGH DROP A QUALITY ALL PURPOSE FLOUR A I Good Grocers Everywhere THE CRAFTON CO. niSTRIRllTOKS BI.VTIIKVII.I.K. AKIV. APRIL 2 !nslructions To Cnntcslanls: Mnll nil ihc Four Ix?af Cofloc cnii|K)iis \vith your iinn-.c nnd adtlrr.^s In the Courier Nc\vs not latc-r than Monday. April •J. The twelve Crystal Chcl Colicc and Tea Makers will bi 1 awarded April 4 lo the twelve persons sendint; in [ho most coupons. Mail Coupons To Courier News Hlytheville, Ark. JFLORHIDE ENAMEL Jl NXIC CMt I 10 modern colors I Herc'sthelow-costwayto bcau- I tify your floors! Florhide U spv- I cial floor enamel, made to resist | hardest wear. It com but little for enough to refinish the door of your porch, hall, kitchen, basement, garage, or any floor in your house. Come in today for free color i-ard. (iallon Quick-Drying WATERSPAR Makes it easy to liratiiify furnilurc nnj woodwork. Dries in 4 }»jnrs~onc cyjt usually cnougli. 2-i ricll coin's- UTILITY SCREEN ENAMEL . .. Quart... 70c PURE BOILED UNSEED OIL... Gal. . . $1.15 White Quick-drying, cl««r | WATERSPAR VARNISH oHcLLAL (CffiS l~*<r\ durable. For inlcriur ' ^^H! or exterior use. ^'iil nni oringcnii < -.60 ll3J fi~t.'/2-gallon . J2.3J 12-Quart PAIL 30c Each WALLHIDE brings One-day Painting EntlsiTays of rr.rss! Vonr curtains ami pjr- IUTCS cai\ l< hur.gthe same d^y wails anil ceilings arc v^iih \\ f atllii(]c>-One coal is uiually ci'.o'j^h. 15 wj&hahle c^ilurs. QUART LADDER Strong, S-ft. size will) shelf $1.25 DE BRUSHES Pare br!s««, set In rubber ^' Kiutn.l llnish . . 20c Wall Hrwli . . Calcimine Brush §1.50 Steel Wool Cleans pots «fe pnns easier'. 5c Pkg. Beautiful high gloss PLASCO PAINT Siiilable for mtrrinr or exterior surfaces. VWhrj evenly :haicxrcpiinn3lcQvcriiigqmlity.24^rflors. $2.50 Gallon Hubbard Hardware Co. AUTHORIZED PITTSBURGH PAINT rRORUCTS AGENCY McMULLIN'S CASH GROCERY Specials for Saturday and Monday I MAY ROSE HAMS Center Slices, I.b. - 24c| Half or Whole, f-h. - 15c HENS Knwh. Kill I I'ound 17c CHEESE \\iscana\n Full Cream I'ound 19c STEAK Itesl Itranderi Hi-t-f I,nin, I'ound BEEF ROAST K. ('. Itriskel or Kill I'oinul Tie VEAL ROAST Fiiiifv I'(mud lOc BACON Sliced I'ounil 14c PORK CHOPS Fancv Bnil Cuts I'ound l,ar K c While. Diiy Old. Fresh InlirlU-s. Do/on 20c (Inlden Knd. I'ure Creamery I'ound 25c OLEO Vnlk-v I'ark I'ound lOc Or (•rt-i'ii Onions Hunch 5c TURNIP GREENS Or Spinarh Ilomv Grown. I,h. 5c SOAP I'almnlivc 1 or Camay "liar 5c CABBAGE (Irccn Heads COFFEE' Mt-Mnllin's S|icrial. None IJctlcr I'ound 23c CHERRIES Reri riltod. N'o. 2 Can 2 Ctins WASHING POWDER (Jold Dust :! I'kfi.s. 10c SWEET POTATOES Nuncy Halls Pound MILK Hrnnd. Titll Can Sma " 3c COFFEE ,ti?,ianne Tin CLEANSER Old Dutch 2 for SNAP BEANS I'otmil lie Hunch 6c ORANGES Nice Si/.e Floridas Dozen 23c GELATINE Royal. All Flavors Sc

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