The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 29, 1939 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 29, 1939
Page 3
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LY 29, 1939 Say They "Make More Than A Secretary" Al Their Tasks By RUTH MILI.F.TT Thousands of girls, mostly Southerners, arc finding Uial cho- >'»s girl qualifications needn't, be illuminated L-y a spotlight to pay dividends—cnr lights do just ns well. They arc the young ladies who fire making the not-impressive joo n! "car- hop" so impressive tiiat cities like Houston, Te:*., have contests to nnd the most popular nnd prettiest "car hop." A "car-hop"—Southern beauty variety—works In n drive-in restaurant, taking orders and serving them on a tray that elainiis onto the side of an automobile.' Seme curb-service restaurants lifive their girls dressed in brief shorts, some in well-tailored slacks and satin shirts. Others go in for a South Sea Island atmosphere, with fhe "car iioi>" Brass-skirted CI.OTHUS CAUSE PROTIiST.S The brief costumes, although they bring ii> the. cars nnd Ihe lips, sometimes bring trouble. In Houston, the vtiler's union recently voiced Its protest again-,'file girls' scanty garb. Looking pretty and smiling "big" —a? well as being able to keep orders straight, balance a tray gracefully and make a customer want to Up—avo a "car hop's" stock in Irade. Just as they MI the chief assets, of any waitress. Bu: youlh is nio:e important lo llie "car hop" ihai: to Ihe average waitress. 'Not only do the managements want youiiR girls, but it takes a young girl lo get n round fast enough lo make money hopping cars, iieim'sti usually the "cur hops'- don't take turns. i>r have any special territory. With Uicm it is "First see—first serve." Car hopping is most popular with the type of young girl who - - „ ..„ hates thc thought of being 'coop- ail( ' service of a king whose benev- ed up in an office or store. And "lent reign \v,is founded In trust— \vllh girls like Die prelly Miami '» trust of God and of his people, "car hop", who says, "I'd rather Asa was the son c-f an unworthy have my job than be secretary io father who,had made so sericus n the president of a railroad or ~ r '-' NEWS Girls Take Over 'Car Hopping' Jobs •IVSSMMMMMMey »•-»•*.*»-^ <- <-* -£*• _ .r*.,*:**** ..,'.,» TV, -.. -- jki lEPBBE BELL RINGS UP HIS SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON New York Man Cashes In On Novel Idea ' Ross Finds BY (ii-ouoi: ROSS NEW YORK, July iM.-Mmiir cm- 0 tiered S0 ui s monn llmt D, C Mf . phone i s (.idllaitlon's bane, but o .SliMmnn Amsden, plcklnu up the receiver niiil nn.wcrliiK (he Phone tuts meant n slum Wo per- somil fortune, KOI- Amsden Is the creator of n utility known ns Telephone Answering Service which answers nbout a million calls a >eflr. ( He Vlnlms ilmt Riiiong ht.s clients, every in (own Is -cprcsetiled. He answers calls lifter business hours mid when clients are out for lunch or any other purpose iiml dcmnnds their presence elsewhere. Doctors yield his grOBlcst p:itronagc, for he takes their cults- before und after visiting hours. He also answers the. culls for various omerfcncles. Owners of nlUny refrigerators for example, usually w i Mm wh( , u they put tlirotigli an SOS and lit! sends the repair man over. And similarly, should the building elevator eel stuck between floors after ordinary hours, a call to Mr. Auisilcn's Service brings n repair mail riKlit over to bring the slrnmt- ed passengers up or down, as the case may be. A million culls n. yenr Is not, "hay," as they put It nrotimt the Rlnilo, and Mr. Amsden lias thi-lved by merely deciding thnl the telephone Is .a useful Instrument, to answer ivlien It rlniis FA'QE THBEB been thought nnd snld on the suu- jecl, of atmospheric conditions In this rental leads to tltu conclusion ttmL it Isn't going io ruin lodiiy. In fact, It Is expccli'd to be <|tilU> clear. So It may bo taken for granted tlmt It Isn't nolng Io ruin continuously for forty days." E. C. Robinson Lumber, .Co.. To Open Model s Cottage' , o * Our national men ol honor have ii-cuNTw tlffi' '^"^^^..^.^ C^^KT^ JelmshapJiat: A Life of Obedienct WILLIAM K. GILIIOY, I). D. cur modern demccracv where so [•.tutor cf Advance In Asa we have studied Ihe life bank. Why? Because more money." make Careful Driver Honored, ,,, Gets "SAFE": License mess of his o\vn life and kingship that the kingdom had been disrupted early in his reign. But Asa (ras more fortunate in the' son who succeeded him. for he fcllowed in his footsteps in every vespect. Like his mtlier i( . _ _ ,. Asa. Jehoshaphat had to face n HARTTORB/'Conn (DP)— As ''•' a '" raj ° 1 ' I»'°Wem in the worship nnd ' reward foiy3Q' yeara-.orvmptbv.driv-'•: accident, Ge:rge w"~* Hobbs has been Eiveiv special registration plates bearing Ihe word "SAFE". The presentation was made by state molor vehicle commissioner Michael A. Connor. -.!? Cnls c[ - thc " c °" lc - The vigor of ' ' thnl he imliratcs ' to sup- hold Niagara Falls Quiets Cupid -..~ that false worship-hud taken upon the people. Fnlsc worship means false ideals and practices; am).this | was particularly true where the worship <:! Baal, into which the j unfaithful were lapsing,-was mixed up with licenticus and debasing 4i*a£.ii.i 1'illis VIUIPIS UUI1H1 -I i ° NIAGARA FALLS N Y UP)_I rlles ' (lml lnc molal Practices that Catering to newlyweds'is n major! 'l' ere c « tltfl "Y lo tlle |nlrity of fnm industry in this'scenic cilv bull y """ 50clal " fc "' !o " >vllicl1 the authorities ivant to keen local w»-l- sll P remc tenchin? of the tochers authorities want to keep local 'weddings quiet. City Manager William D. Robbins hns ordered police io prohibit noisy wedding receptions. Tlie population of rOealei Toronto, Ontario, has been estimated , , nt 855,235. The city proper ! has ,. 12 suburban inunicipnlities. and prophets cf Israel laid such emphasis. people mny ue more nearly Ihe voice of God thnn llie \-oice of srine corrupt or 'self-seeking ruler or of some self-seekiiiK ruling class. But there are times when waves cf popular debasement seem to sweep over a people. We have In fact slressed something of Ibis in our recent-American life. The lm j mense increase ol drinking and drunkenness, the widespread nnd deeply rooted development of all forms of gambling, the great Increase ' of inarilnl infidelity nnd divorce, with a general lowering of standards- in relations between the sexes—these and many other things have been very acute problems in recent years. ' * * + Thc fitness of leaders is lo be judged not by the extent to which they yield lo popular clamor and _. •. demand, but by (lie firmness tvilli There are limes when ihc true [which even at considerable sncrl- Ins or slatcsnum must show his ficc Ihcy stand out for integrity and strength of character and his ca- ' decency. In the lon» run it is this pncity for service as much In op-i type of leader who mcst ' truly posing Ihe popular trend as in ex- represents the people and who be- llVnecmw Mi n ii'lll i-if i l, „ .. i_ -T.. _ - .. _ much stress te'teid'^on'm'^.rit; ^ p^whSt'thw"'^!.'^^''? ^"""^ vogufhS wonfoff lie, we arc upl lo forget that, was Ills diilv m»i»r i w« tor °"e reason or another here are great moral and social: l on i B Io" ?,'l » ' r g , , ° The °"^ Mn »^ Wncc tlml issues that arc never settled by ?, °' ™' * h ™» was best and keeps up the spirit of "lie blue 3 ; p£r,: A * i «:;»S= maiontv rule is betiw thnn ,,,i,,rv. . M »J°" l y >"le <lccs not uller: lho .wall try lo revive flic scene at the beach on Knlklki nnd liny Kln- liey's orchestra plays all Ihe island's music and winds up with tlie Inevitable "Aloha" cvcry evening. And cocoannt, shells tire used regularly In place of ylasswnrc for the nuiJorHy of thli-st-nuencliliiK drinks. •Moreover, Ihe trio of young Indies-In grass skirls, who dance llie. majority rule is better than inln-r- . Ma ' olit J; ""a <lccs not uller: lho H*ru.c, and that the voice of'u'e ^^'3^ « '$"«™** - a wo c- l^ssmgjhe will of the people, in crmes established In popular regard truth nnd justice. A (ask o[ dcnicc- rncy is so to educate and train a people Hint these fundamental things beccinc Die basis of thought and life. all Energetic Burglar Toils , For Half Ton of Coal AMSTERDAM, N. Y. (UP)—Police nre searching for 'a champiol —Hie "most Industrious burglar.' The ambitious fellow broke !m< the,.Salvation Army building Ir steal; a" half-ton of-, coal, carrying it 'in small" quantities 'through narrow cellar window. ""' Greyhounds Arc Nosc-1'rliilefl LONDON. (UPK ^~: Racing greyhounds in England me now hnvlni; their nose prints-taken by veterinary' surgeons. The object:of lliesc experiments is to devise n system oi identification for. greyhounds. Prom April, 1917, Io 'April, 1919, Ihe World War cost Ihe uiilled Stales nbout a million nnd a hnlf dollars an hour. Japan Puts Heat On "Foreign Devils" •."•?. •" &>"« ftrvui^,-wiiO'nance LII« iteps of Ihe tropical dances, still Is around. More than a year ago. they came here lo remain n month.' They have stayed fourteen. Ami from their current rule of popularity, it doesn't, look us If they ever nre going back. IT'S INCOGNITO •FROM NOW ON 'Charley McCarthy was under "wraps" on his recent visit to Mnn- Imtlan. This wns to prolccl. him from what befell him llie last time he visited New York under tnc guardianship of his mentor, Edgar Bergen. Namely, "dummyntip- Plng.", Erignr, nfter nil, hns been using Charlie for n 14-coiirse mcnltlckel for some time. Last time Chiirlle Press 0! Pan's Indorses Decree-Law !•] n d j n j. Spectacles PARTS (OP)-AftO' ISOyenrs the I'i'onch leiinl theory that hold lho slBhl of an exccullcii would deter other possible imirdL'rors 1ms been dlscnrded, The cnblnel bus taken lie view Hint the sight of a man being behcnded merely rxcttc's thu baser Instincts Intent )„ ,,,,y CI . nW( , Tlie result Is t),nt ji>a>ii«)i for-' el«n newspaiwr men nnd the "elite" of Paris society no Icnuer will wait on tin: cobblestones imtll the gray French dmvn to sec the guillotine blade fall on a mmi's neck The deeree-lniv was fm-orably received llircughout the country. i Thc Dalndler cabinet nbollshed' public executions with a decree- law, ullcrlng Article 211 o( the Penal Code which provides that con-1 dcmned men be guillotined "in a t public plsco." i For years groups of Prciicli lawyers have tried to nbolbli the grue- i some spectacle. They could no!, butt R photographer hns done it for' Uiem. On June 17, nl 4:^2 am when Kiigciic Weldmnnn, Oermnn- Uorn stranylcr of Jcnn de Koven of Biooklj-n, died on thc Versailles ijnilloiliie, mi nnoiiymotis •'cnincrn man, hidden behind chimney, pots of a neighboring cnfc, got n clear shol or thc slill-llvlng mnn on th,« machine. Vlclurrs Ainiejir hi MajKuim; The picture wns published in "Mutch," Franco's picture magazine. That—and the carnival ixm- i duel of the crowd—brought revulsion, nnd the new decree. The new Icclmlquc 01 private guillotining came amid the Prnncc- wldc celebration of the ICOlh anniversary of the French Revolution, whlcli prompted the Invention of the swift machine, ft wus in 1780 Dint Dr. Oiilllotln prop.-scd In the Constituent Assembly that, use of the sword ho abolished and Unit n machine lliereafler lop oil Ihe thousands of heads that .were due lo roll. Dr. Anlolne Louis designed Ihe .machine,, culled for a time Ihe "Ixmliellu," and Its construction . lias not been iilloml much since then. The new decrce-lmv hns been received with priilse from the Paris : press, nnd Wcidmnnu's chief nt- , torney, Ihe Inmnm Corslcan, vln- cenlc de Moro - Gnitferl, declurcd lliat Hie law Is the first slep toward complete nbollllon of capital punishment In Prance. H'L'Idmunn Hriinl C'rowil Tlie fiery little orator, -who also defended and last/ (he head of thc 'niucbcnrd" Lamlrn at Versnlllcs A live-room model collngo of wlilte Milnijli! exlorlor hns recently been completed at 1015 Ileurn Mrcel by the E. o. Robinson Lumber couijmny. The attractive model house will be open to (he pirullc from Iliree to six o'clock tomorrow. Opening oif from Ihe front )X>rcl) is mi entrance hull with an ample spaced wrap closol. The hall Ls papered wllli a yellow enlln stripe ns Is the living room nnd central linll. The 12 by 18 feet living room has mi Indirect overhead light stemlna lo relied an amber color, 'llie llxlure la of bronze and cream. Weidnmnn wns writing a letter to the parents ol jctiu dc Koven, solemnly sweiirhig to their dniigli- ler's virtue. This delayed atrnlrs, so Unit It was brand duy when ho emerged, giving the Jilddeii pholoi- rapliers Ihcir elwnce. It wns their Insl dinner, pcrliAjH, h, ;i>vciic)>' hlslory. llcienllcr only n few. Inside ihn prison comi, will see lho slcel wcdae full, These will he lho presiding Judge of the vwtl, n» officer dcslg- imlcd by (lie piwculor, the defense lawyers, the clerk of court, Ihe prison director, police commissioner, the prison dotlor nnd a priest or pastor. Furthermore, 1m- Ucr tlicat of line, the press cnn publish nothing concerning an execution SUIT the cryptic olllclal notice. Union Suggests Colleges Issue Barber Degree CAPETOWN, Soulll Africa (UP) —"Just Ihe usual opcratlcn, doc- Ur," mny become Ihe standard translation of "Shave, plenso," If n bill which lins been drafted by Cnpelown barbers becomes law. They wnnt to miike hulrdrcsslng a learned profession by inlrciluc- ItiK degrees In the subject, In South African universities. ISnrliers' np- prejillcc.'i 'woiild be kncwn 11.1 -students, nnd "A bit tliln on lop, sir," would come under Ihe head of "prcfcsslonal advice." ' A number of prominent M.p.'n are reported lo to.In favor of the idea, ' II. Fleet, secretary of (he Tmnsvnnl Hnlrdrcsser.'i'. Employes' Union, said Hint "Die raising of the hairdressers' xlalm ta thai of n profession would mean vnsU Im- provcmcnls In Hie trade ns n whclc. "A university cjiirst! for Ihpse In senior positions would 1 result In more scientific treatment, a greater imderslnndliiK of the various tils- cases of llic liulr and skin, and n wide knowledge of mnssngo, cleclrl- cnl Ircatments nnd elcctro-chonils- try." .-•-.. Wllllnm Circcn, secretary of Ihe Cape Hairdressers' Employers' As- soelntlnn, ugreed with Fleet. He re- enllcd Ihe iinini) ojd dn>w nhen b.'H'- bers were bnrber-surgecns (hence that rcd-and-whlle pole, originally wrapped round-with bloodstained bandages). Similar lighting nxlurrn blending with llie color of the paper are * used Ihrouijlioiil tlie house. Off the living loom I 5 a'dinette where tho .small oil heater whirti lu-nls Ihe house Is located. Heat la distributed by tv;o circulating . fnns which by changing u, e switch will throw air m whichever part, of the howe llie family Jiappins to be in. Very little heat Is necessary for (his house bccnuie of thc well Insulated walls and tlie melal wcn- (lierslrlpiilng which is used. Metal Innes for . the windows prevent slicking nud also instiie tightness. A fnlnt design of vegelables, Hikes, Wttteiing cnn nnd other figures Indicative of a garden appears In tlie. green paper used for the dinette. An Indistinct floral design Is used In Ijoth bedrooms, The guest room which Is on Die nortn Is. clone in a wnrm shade of pltik, while Ihe south bedioom Is papered with blue in which a smn)'. peach trim _ Is discernible. Itotli bedrooms nre connected with lho bath uy means of the central liiill A rllsnpjicnrlng stolr- wny Iciidini; to Ihe nltlc, which hns H u i en I denl ol stoinge spnco, nnd n linen closet are also features' of this tinll. Uncd enamel wainscoting give's tt llie effect lo the bath which is tiwio entirely in white with die exception of llie pnle blue Inlaid linoleum. A mirrored medicine cabinet over the lavntory Is lighted by long nniiow fixtures on ellU- <?r side. The tiled effect Is also'used in the white kitchen which hns an Inlaid linoleum . In which tlig, yellow shnde predominates. Complete kllchen cabinets in lho center of which Is arranged n non-meclinril- cai dlsh-wiislilng sink nnd an dec-. trio water heater arc conveniences of this- modern kitchen. Floors of this model home nio of red oak while .oilier woodwork throughout the house is In white. Doors nre of the six pnne-1 colonial design. In bolh bedrooms are ample slued closets, nnd llieic' :ue. radio connection's In lioth (he bedrooms nnd living room. Limits In the gnrnge work on the same switch ns docs the light over the back sloop, it Ls manipulated, from the kitchen. Concrete sidewalks have been laid about, the grounds. f— HOTEL PEABODY—j Air Condi(ionci) For Your C'omtort Lowest Rates HI I!. Main St. — UlythcvillB came to Gotham, n playful Journalist who occupies the desk just opposite ours, decided to take Charlie out, for n good lime. Ber;en lincl gone forth to survey the 'light life nnd Charlie had been left cold in n dnnk nnd dim luggage case nt home. So this newspaperman colleague —his name is Prank Pnrrcll, il •on insist upon all the details- went up to Charlie's hotel room nnd rescued him from Ills padded cell. Then he took Charlie around to the major night clubs where Edgcr caught up with him. That wns some lime ago. This time Charlie was heavily safeguarded. A mnn stood around the hotel room to see that'no humorous dummymippers sawed through the window bars and embezzled thc sawdust star. Charlie vvns encased In a canopied bed thnl was perfectly/ transparent and any furtive move In his dlrcclion could easily i be delected. 'THE WHACKY I WEATHER MAN I Everybody talks nbout the weather, Mark Twain commented, but. nobody did anything nbout it r until two breezy gentlemen named _ . " - " ' [Allen Smith nnd Floyd Taylor Foreigners m China are reported fearful that JajHihese-sponsoied • stnrt «l Uv kid the .shirt off the me a s,,r« w», develop into another -Boxer Rebellion" in ™3Ti n . | Z"w^ £*%%,?**' ""«* ° f (minted Chinese tried to cast out alb "foreign devils" Pictured above V Bcr ° rc cvcry weckend exodus 7^ tlc . tn collaboration with are Japanese sentries in TfenWn forcing foreigners out of a car to be searched, while Chinese look on. Left an ' nnli-Br!Ush demon ! Cation in Tsinglao. "Workers of the Toyoda Cotton Mi,,"', aided by ! VO thc White Russians in Ihe foregroimr) carry n banner urging Ch'ncsc days by thcir cockeyed forecast)!. A to "knock rlnwn RHMm" falr sam P'c of their handiwork Is: to knock down Britain . "A gleaning of the best that has in 192a,isnld Hint the iijjly cries of the waiting crowd In' the street could be. clearly heard by Weltl- mnnn ns lie knelt In the. prison chapel, arms bound and neck Blnived, Never hits Prnncc .icon such n tarsc nnd morbid criwd (lucliid- iiiK women nnd children) us turned out to sec Weldmnnn die. The "public execution" Is renlly public only for officials and newspaper reporters, who slnnd In n semi-circle clcse to Ihe machine.: Cordons of police block off the curious, Hsiinlly nbout, 50 yards awny, j nnd while they mny see the victim ' come cut the prison door, they cnn-. not sec him on the guillotine. ' As dawn nrrlved on June 17 The Scythians, S nomadic tribe Hint roamed the country north of undent Clrcccc, lived In ox-drawn house trailers before 200 1J. C. WHY PAY MORE? Keep Summer Clolhr.v Cuol, & Fresh al Less Coal tn Yourself. Drosses Cleuned (ioc Sails Cleaned fl!k I'HONE Ki2 PEERLESS CLEANERS Cherry & Franklin Tires, batterlej, radlot, hcucn •nd other products for your cir can be bouglu on the Firestone Ijuugct I'lan for surprising Jt'tilc cash outl-jy and terms so jfflall you'll bjr«ly notice them. Notice Farmers We Are Now Contracting Fall Green Bean Acreage. BLYTHEVILLE CANNING CO. t*l<« >• Iti Volet el Flniifnt, MenJ,, o»«»ii HirNtlmirUi N, B. C KtJ N.latrJ T<incinlbcfiic5lonlVotc<ofth<r>nii R.dio Pro«r»to, wici ncb.wttlc tlutiof ooon hour PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. 5th ft Walnut Phone 81* WIM FOR HEALTH and PLEASURE! AT THE BLYTHEVILLE MUNICIPAL POOL NEW PRICES- CHILDREN UNDER M lOc SCHOOL CHILDREN ANY AGE OVER H 15c ADULTS 25c

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