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The Pittsburgh Press from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania • Page 5
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The Pittsburgh Press from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania • Page 5

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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Pittsburgh Press, May 24, 1 980 michael j's Banksvlile Rd. Banksville Plata Tonite SIDEWINDER Changeling' Beats Most Ghostly Movies See MAXWELL SMART as AGENT 86 in his first motion picture. iuum.1. lin mm mi. in in inn i i if lJi By ED BLANK Press Drama Editor "The Changeling" is almost what "The Haunting" was and what "The Amityville Horror" should have been: a good haunted house movie. It's unlikely you can accept all of "The Changeling," no DRIVE-IN THEATRES ASS'N. ABC Hifhwoy Mat Boom COAL MINER'S DAUGHTER (PG) BUCK ROGERS (PG) Sl'NDAY Dl'SK TO PAWN SHOW 0k matter how strong your resolve to suspend disbelief, be BLUE DELL LADY AND THE TRAMP Gl Child Adm. 50c i. 30. UNIDENTIFIED FLYING ODDBALL (U 13-1111 SI NOAY DI'SR TO PAWN SHOW NO RF'PKATS BROOKSIDE LADY I THE TRAMP (Gl UNIDENTIFIED FLYING ODDBALL (G) DISNEY MOVIE CHILD ADM tee OH Ml Mlwoy Wit dt SawidiUy, 935-1401 cause it pinches plausibility. You can buy the part about the ghost and even its powers over the CAMP HORNE LADY AND THE TRAMP IG) UNIDENTIFIED FLYING ODDBALL (G) PISNEY MOVIE HIl.P APM 5r mwmk Ii 19 4 Oh tiWd 364-4117 COLONIAL MAD MAX (Rj MEAT BALLS (PG) UP IN SMOKE (R) Sl.Swlh uouse, out n- -i, rally you might ftffhj, ho forced to iwi be forced to challenge its in HOT LEGS IX) MOONSHINE GIRLS (X) THE AMPII1E (R) DEPENDABLE 5 Mm. from Gtr Pgh. Apl. 164-7011 l- "'-al ECHO LADY AND THE TRAMP (G) Child Adm. 50c UNIDENTIFIED FLYING ODDBALL (G) Sl'NOAY Dl'SK TO DAWN SHOW NO REPMTS fit 51 at large I I r. il J. i JW' KU ij, 314-7510 Bat a fact of life with which filmmakers and moviegoers must contend is that stories in the haunted houseghost genre simply do cot work as well on screen as they do on a printed Page. Imagination is a delicate instrument. Somehow it absorbs more fully the details of ghost stories in print. Truth can become almost anything the author wants it to be. Film works differently on the mind, which tends to be more selective about the way visuals are perceived. It's like magic shows, which are great on stage but usually deadly on screen. Most viewers are instinctively (if often unconsciously) aware of film technique and can't help dismissing as cameraediting trickery a lot of what they see. An author could tell you Scott sees a ghost, and you'd accept your own concept of ghost as part of the story. But when you see a specific child actor -your mind fixes on his particulars and he's not so much a ghost as a co-star you know darn well Scott can reach out and touch. SELF-PROPELLED inanimate objects, such as closing doors, are useless devices on screen. Movie tricks, that's all. That much understood, we can appreciate "The Changeling" for what it is: an unexceptional but diverting horror story with better-than-average performers, including Madeleine Thornton-Sherwood in a bit part, with interesting direction by Peter Medak Ruling that keeps us looking around comers and down ominous corridors. The screenplay contains comparatively few contradictions for a film of this kind. The picture is 11 minutes shorter than it was when reviewed in West Coast trade papers earlier this year. Oh, and the Fiesta has one reel with faulty sound about 17 minutes at the beginning of the second hour just as the largest hunk of exposition is going on. Wouldn't you know? A 94 hour nightmare of terror. ELRANCHO InlirwctiOft 50 A 79. ndtfvita, 11M790 MEL GIBSON IN MAD MAX IRI DEFIANCE (PG) FAIR GROUND A HOT ROOCl.l'B! HOLLYWOOD KNIGHTS (R) SKATETOWN USA (R) anwnivi. Nt Sa. PorkFagravidi.l3l-4iaS NOW SHOWING! GATEWAY Ugonl fenr-GfnYg Id. Nw KHiwgm, 335-11 11 MEL GIBSON IN MAD MAX (Rl DEFIANCE (PG) CREATES PSH. 01 IN It. 30. E. NORTH NIUS North His SHOWCASE EAST Uonroeye SHOWCASE WEST lotoson Twp. Downtown Pgh. imu. mm few pa CINEMA WOSLO Century III Ual C1XEMETTE SOUTH Ii DON ADAMS is MAXWELL SMART in i A rfac-f, IA lil.i':lMi "i'O8: ClSD ILJPTT-TV22 Pfll NOW SHOWING MAO MAX IRI DEFIANCE (PG) HOLLERBALLlRl II 30, Mil. toil ot Wl- iitghwMtndga. 114-5590 fluence on out- SCOTT side tragedies and in moving an object into the house. "The Changeling" is at the Cheswick and at Showcase Cinemas North, East and West, as well as at the Fiesta, where the gum-crackers were out in full force yesterday. George C. Scott portrays a New York composer whose wife (Jean Marsh) and child are killed during the opening credits. He accepts a teaching job in Seattle, moving alone into a house that may have been occupied once by rich, crusty ex-senator Melvyn Douglas. Scott's real-life wife, Trish Van Devere, plays a historical society employee who helps rent him the house before experiencing some of its peculiar habits with him. AS IS CUSTOMARY in films of this kind, something in the house intends to be noticed. Noises, self-starting faucets and self-opening doors command Scott's attention, soon making him obsessive to learn its secret. We've had so many rotten movies in the past couple of years that my inclination is to respond benignly to "The Changeling's" deficiencies. GREATER PGH. 1 I. 30. MiU toll of llidga, 134-5111 SIX PA ANNIE 1R1 HOLLYWOOD KNIGHTS (R) GATOR (R) Burt Reynolds GREENTREE NoblMtewn latwtan SISSV SPACER IN COAL MINER'S DAUGHTER (PG) SAME TIME NEXT YEAR (PG) Ctoftan A CarnagM, 93 1 -1049 II -V MAD MAX IRI DEFIANCE (PG) TOWN THAT DREADED SUNDOWN iRl KANE ROAD 8avr Voavy liprt Em IJI4. 37H970 FILM CLASSICS! DOUIU FEATURE 1KB lawn MS lib iS Hi iii numrnnci duvnhi in CASABLANCA 3 30 7 30 11 ll I 1 00. 00. 1 94 I imo VrtlMKUD MAD MAX I I rsCnrrmllR peeiame II 51, irwi MeKaM CORVETTE SUMMER (PCI ladn.Ctmak.77l4S77 APTAIN KRON'IS A THE VAMI'IIIE HI VTERS iRl MALTESE FALCON 1 30 so jo CHAPTER 3 "ZORRO" Bil l. Ml KRA IN MEATBALLS(PG) UP IN SMOKE (R) MAPLE II 10 NcitMNorwin ShaPtMtgO 164-0344 Hi $1 50 TIU 5 45 FRIDAY THE 13TH 7:4) 9:33 (R) MIRACLE MILE laM IN 311 SU. II A II SO laai II 111 Mi 15 Mill 15 MEL GIBSON IN MAD MAX IRI DEFIANCE (PG) Ea.1 at Mawarviltt II. 21, 327-5557 $1 50 Till 4 45 BEING THERE 1:10 4:45 7:20 9:45 (PG) Stlltn MONBOEVILLE LAOY AND THE TRAMP (Gj Child Adm. 50c 1 32 fa. 4. soon, THE WACKY WOULD OF MOTHER GOOSE (G) ii 4340 NtU.n Ma 373-9951 CNIIIENTIEIED FLYING ODDBALL Mil MATINEE TIU 2 30 ADULTS SI 50 CHILD 11 00 MT. LEBANON fl II. 19. DanaMaMM LADY AND THE TRAMP G) UNIDENTIFIED FLYING ODDBALL (G) DISNEY MOVIE CHILD ADM 50c Bares Faces The Music On Contrasting Styles 745-7543 (OAl MINU DAUCHTEB 2:30 5:05 7 35 9 55 (PG THE CHANCELINC 1 30 3 30 5 35 7 45 9 55 (R) HOLLYWOOD I UMTS 2:30 4 20 6:05 8:05 9:55 (R) TNE 10NC BIDEBS 2 00 3:55 5 55 7 55 9 55 (R) MT. LEBANON 1 II. 19, OaneldMnt MAD MAX IRl DEFIANCE (PG) Sl'NDAY Dl'SK TO DAWN SHOW A NO REPEATS 745-7541 TONIGHT AT MIDNIGHT wiKio. 682-2334 NORTH SIDE INSIDE DE5I8EE COUSTEAU (X) 1 o-d. THE ITALIAN STALLION (X) Sylvester Stallone Id 311-1103 FHANKESTEIN NIGHTMARE IRl ALL THAT JAZZ 7:30 9 35 IR) 9-NOMINATIONS fBestBoy i M-s4 MAD MAX LADY AND THE TRAMP G) UNIDENTIFIED FLYING ODDBALL DISNEY MOVIE CHILD ADM i PENN LINCOLN II 11. 30 Wait at ltanal 695-7111 By JERRY SHARPE Bobby Bare, the Ironton, Ohio, native who bad a hit with "Drop Kick Me, Jesus, Through the Goalposts of Life," has seesawed between traditional country music and T7 5 -7T 7 30 i 9:15 IRI ACADEMY MUD WINNER GEORGE SCOTT IN THE CHANGELING (R) KILLER FISH R) ROUTE 19 lautt 19 Saurii 115-4110 Mf'' JUFI BARGAIN 1ST SHOW SI.50 C'fTTrlWlTl MEATBALLS VSTCrnt" 1 AT 2:00, 4:00, 6:00, 8:00 10:00 P.M. MAD MAX (Rl DEFIANCE (PG) ROLLERBALL IRI SOUTH HILLS II. 51 PlaaMfll Nil 466-7 H3 124 Hnm) MAD MX 1:00 9-45 (R) K. a 3 J.M.Mi.Ji.u BILL MURRAY IN MEATBALLS (PG) UP IN SMOKE (R) SOUTH PARK II la-lathaltoi 35-7717 THE EMPIRE STRIKES lACli ALL THAT JAZZ 7:00 4 9:15 (R) All SEATS $1.50 utinui llffi 5 500 7 10 lOflOl liOOlK, 336 HITH AVt. 471 400 i n5SJs ACCCfTED MEL GIBSON IN MAD MAX (Rl DEFIANCE (PG) SUPER 71 Ii SIS. nil. 301 Sa. 939-7040 kookery for years. Some people love him as the sad, deep-voiced balladeer who lamented how his farm-girl wife left him to walk "The Streets of Baltimore." Others laugh with him as he sings of how the witch THE LONG RIDERS 400 400 eoo io oop MEATBALLS 2 )5 7:309 30 IPGI fQIBtS WOOD MJjjQIU THE HOLLYWOOD KNIGHTS 412 4 15.615 8 15 10 15PM ill All TWIN Ht-WAY 60. 1 Milai WW al CyatMa, 717-1141 HOLLYWOOD KNIGHTS R) FRATERNITY ROW (R) SIX-PACK ANNIE iRl KJIbES WOOD ST. Jii-Uiua SEATS $1 50 TIU 5 45 THAT JAZZ 5 45 8 00 10 00 iB I ALL LL THE GONG SHOW MOVIE it 7 00 4 00 OO 8 00 4 10 00 111 ill a- a-jji WEXFORD STARLITE laula 19,1 Mat. flam WMlViaw. 935-2731 MEL GIBSON IN MAD MAX (Rl DEFIANCE (PG) gMBM ALL THAT JAZZ BARE' THE CHANGELING 4I2004O06O08O01I0O0PMIII ItUliJiLL'ii WOODLAND HamanaaaM)uqwaM Id. Na Oid Awpmh. 462-4334 fx COAL MINER'S DAUGHTER IPG) SAME TIME NEXT YEAR (R) SUNDAY DUSK TO DAWN SHO MAY 24, HID MAO MAX ME prBgjij (OAL WINER'S DAUGHTER 7-30 i 9 40 IX?) Sm, 1 00 J. JO i OO, 30 8 OO i 45 III 101 SIHIH ST 281-4356 THE NUDE BOMB 41200,400.600 8 00 4 10 00 M. (PC) I 101 SKIH ST 261-4356 "HIGHFrr HATING!" FRIDAY THE 13TH 4l2O0 4O0.600.B0Ot 10 OOPM II) dumb about country music that he never even knew who Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson were. He thought they were one guy called Waylon Willie." And, he explained, his reason for dropping West Coast rock mogul Bill Graham as a manager in favor of Nashville's Sound Seventy was simply for convenience in communications. Bare lives in Music City with his wife and three children. We got on the subject of one of Bare's hits, "Margie's at the Lincoln Park Inn" and out came that humor he is noted for. The words go like: my hands are dirty from fixin' my little girl's bike. "The preacher came by, and I chatted a moment with him. "My wife's in the kitchen and Margie's (his girlfriend) at the Lincoln Parklim." "You know, Jerry, that damn thing like to got me into trouble. Tom T. Hall wrote it. Well, one day my wife got into one of them thoughtful moods and said she wondered how I could just make up a song like that unless it was true. "I TOLD HER all I did was sing it, that it was Tom T. who made it up. "Well, it turned out his wife asked him the same kinda question, and he told her, 'It was Bobby Bare who thought that up. Not Did his record sales dip for a while during several experiments with various sounds? "Yeah, but they're doin' just great now. My new album, 'Down and is selling." What kind of songs will you do in the Pittsburgh area? Serious, kooky, part-rock or what? "I'll be myself. I'll do "Detroit City" and other serious ones like that and I'll so some stuff from my new album. I'll mix the serious with the light stuff. If I'm doin' songs I really like, as I said before, then entertain' is fun. When it isn't fun, I'll get the hell out of it." 1 1 19 SIXTH St 281-951 I VV tj ii SQUEEZE PLAY 41 7 00 4 00, 6 00 8 00 9 45 II) IOCIY K01I0I PKIUII ia)OV IDailOIT 3807 FOIBES AVt 682 2334 MEATBALLS 1700 40O 600 8 0C lO'OPW 'PG' 729 MU' 8A AVt 42I-I63J BEING THERE 1729 MUSCAT Vt 42I-I63J BEST BOY -4444 liMlaaill Proposals i824 K)VD itVjl''SJ W20O 4 00 6 00 S'Kli I00OPM "Marie Leveau" did away with a two-bit philanderer in the bayou country. Then, too, Bare has turned out a few songs that you won't hear on the radio because of the "vivid" language. Asked to explain the flipping back and forth between seriousness and kookery, he said, "Everybody is a little crazy at times. Our moods aren't always the same. And so, that's the way those songs are." Bare, 45, will bring his Tennessee 1 Pulleybone five-piece band from shows at New York City's Lone Star Cafe to entertain tomorrow at Country Paradise Park near Kittanning. He'll also perform Tuesday at 9 and 11 p.m. in Mancini's Lounge, 826 Island McKees Rocks. IN A PHONE INTERVIEW from New York, Bare, who has been a country music hit-maker since the 1950s, gave his viewpoint on entertaining. "I never analyze a song as to whether it will be country, serious, funny, crossover or what. I just ask myself whether I like a new song. If I do, I do the song." Why did he switch from RCA records, after years of success, to Columbia back in 1977? "Problems with the management," be said. "One guy who took charge was so NOTICE TO BIDDERS UPPER ST. CLAIR TOWNSHIP SCHOOL DISTRICT ALLEGHENY COUNTY, PENNSYLVANIA Sealed proposals will b9 received the office of the Secretary of the Board of Education (t 1870 McLaughlin Run Road. Upper St. Clair Township Pennsylvania 15241 until 10:00 a.m. prevailing time, June 9, 1980 for the following: Science Equipment, School Buses, Printing. Specifications and bid forms will be furnished upon applied, tion to the office of the Secretary of the Board of Education, 1870 McLaughlin Run Road, Upper St. Cair, Pennsylvania 15241 on or after Mav 27, 1980. The Upper St. Clair Township Board of Education reserves the right to reiect any or all proposals and to accept or re-lecf any part of any proposal. GEORGE 6. BETCHER, Secretary Board of School Directors i i l- i A fl Tf ill I V1 A i-' 0 i fiVVm -ii-1 over 14 mummwiiAQmmi "A TOn OF -Oene Shalit HBC-TV "A TOTAL -Rex Reed Syndicated Columnist "Coal Miner's Daughter positively shines with freshness and power" -Lynn Minion HcCall Magazine MEATBALLS MAD MAX 41700 4'JO 6 00 i'Oi IOU0PM IPGI A 1 45 3 4S 5 HI THE LADY AND THE TRAMP FRIDAY THE 13TH Al I 00 3.00 5 00 7 OC i 00 PG. tf At fj 00 6 00 8 Of 4 10 00 't. MEATBALLS MEATBALLS 00 4 00 6 00 8 JC 9 45 IPO) A13 00 4 00 6 00 B004IOXPM (PG nrarai thenude bomb 417 00. 4 00 6 00 004 10 00 PM HI At 1 45. 3 45, 5,45, 7 45 9 45 fPGl THE HOLLYWOOD KNIGHTS MAD MAX At 7 00. 4 00, 6 00 8 00 4 10 00 ,8) At I 45 3 45 5 45 7 45 I 9 45 III FRIDAY THE 13TH THE HOLLYWOOD KNIGHTS At I 30. 3 30 5 30 7 4 5 4 10 OOP il: Ac 7 'JO 4 00 6 00 8 'JO 4 1000 THE NODE BOMB KRAMER VS KRAMER All 45 3 45 5 45 7 45 4 10 OC M. IPG' Al 2 OO 4 00 6 00 I 00 4 10 00 PG) THE HTO 00D ks BEING Se 41200,4 00,600 8 00 4 1000 PM Hi At 1 00 3 15,5 30 7 45 4 10 OOPM IPGI THE HOLLYWOOD KNIGHTS LADY AND THE TRAMP At 00. 4 00 6 00. 8 OO i 10 00 i a 3 00 5 00 7 00 4 9 GO iGl iDMAX MAD MAX At I 45 343 545 7454945PM II. At 7 00, 400 6 CO, 8 00 4 )O00 II) LADY AND THE TRAMP FRIDAY THE 13TH At 1 00 3fl0 5 00 7 OQ4 9 00PM 'Gl A' 7 00 4 00 6 00 8 00 4 10 00 (I) THE HOLLYWOOD KNIGHTS flSI' At 2,00, 4 00 600, OO 4 ICmX) ill All.45 3 45,5 45, 7 454945PM III ira A. 1 50 3 V) 5 0 7 504 9 MP LADY AND THE TRAMP SQUEEZE PLAY II 00 300 500 7O04 9OCPM 'G' At? 00 40C' tor 8 004 tpOQPM -K mail i i ti "HI liiViMmi 1 i I narrnii' iiiiiiiiiiiiiim imiWii iwm'awiairtrjtuUMn MARK HAMILL HARRISON FORD CARRIE FISHER BILLY DEE WILLIAMS ANTHONY DANIELS DAVID PROWSE KENNY BAKER PETER MAYHEW FRANK OZ DIRVIN KERSHNER KURTZ scww LEIGH BRACKETT oLAWRENCE KASDAN LUCAS LUCAS JOHN WILLIAMS DavldCu-ndln KaethCarnutim Robcri Cundln JajiwaKMch StcjrLch DanniaQuaid RuidyOuald OirmilnrOo nUaOcal HaknnMalnTuk! Ry Coodar lviucl Tim aravminn DbMi kr WJter Hill VHhm BOI Bndan.BW Phillip Smith. Stacy (a Jamae Kaach KmcuarmunnJunttwm Stacy Kath Vduiitar HHP or Fs Bf mtM'w 70 MM 1 1 II rjOLBY STEREO 3 ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK ON RSO RECORDS A nd tn A to. PG mxmm gudakc suGGtsno A UNIVERSAL PICTURE 'iCS Ai.t AAj" i CaIJC at tan NO PASSES ACCf PTfD cttto LNivERSALcrrv motot. inc rights reserved DOWNTOWN WW mum rjji Jdi i.iaiiiiLiiii MM'. mil 1 ihh 4N in. m. iiiiii; aMaaWatt aWMaaa' GANTfiCD.I. CBUNTBEE SHOUJCASCCinCMfl tlOOTH HcCAIDLISS laaiy II Ml IM, MO, 5:00, 7:30, 10:00 i 1IHJ0 latgaii 2.00 lit Uhw Oal Thr It 1:45, 4:20, 7:10, 12:00 UJOODLRNDD.I. WIST MIFFLIN mmmuL BIHTWOOD iw aaaaji 1 1 I in IMillliM. 00. tH I lOOt RfllNSOUJ CinCMfl SUNSTVIIUD.I. NATRONA HEIGHTS CHCSlLilCKCnST (HESWKI NOW SHOWING Ml II 4:00. 190. I.N. l( mttm IN. 10:11 1 Taaty at 1:41, 4:20, 7:10, 1 12.00 Tafcv 1:45, 4:20, 7:10, f40 12:00 miir on ioo too, ra nis

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