The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 31, 1930 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 31, 1930
Page 1
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i • Sc.rve.d by the . United ;R NEWS VOL- XXV1I—NO. 245 Dlythevllle Courier, BIythcvllle Dally News, ntvthtville Herald, - - • • • IHE DOMINANT NKWSPAPEIl OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI m.YTHEVII.UC. AUKANSAS, WKONKSDAY, DKOKMHKK Al, 10!!0 HOME EDITION. SINGLE COPIES FIVE GBNTft ill Two Doesn't Want to Invite TToovei _ PDLIffi: Three Masked Men Open Five as They K n t c r Branch Bank This A. M. NEW ORLEANS, Dee. 31 (UP) — Clyde Cesalu. notorious police character, was held this afternoon for Investigation In connection with Hie killing of Iv.o urn and serious injury of two others in robbery today ol a branch of the Whitney 1 . — Bank and Trust company. I Cesalu was arrested at his home, alter a portion of Lie Ion: | found near there. A second su-; rr.-ct.Owrn Couih. also u police character, escaped from a patrol '. wason. • Police said they believed Cesalu , was one o! ihree musked bandits; who killed Gilbert Dietrich, a customer, and Pierre Re/.an. a watch- j !i:au when (hey entered the bank j shortly after II o'clock. i The seriously noiinclrd man was! A. W. nrownson. cashier of the tank, physician'! were opevatinu this afternoon. Charles Dietrich, farmer ol Gilbert. La., olio a customer, was fV.o'. in the hand. One of th" Robert ]s His Mother's Srother, Nephew to Sell CHICAGO, Dec. 31. lUP)-- t'he new nephew of Robert Klr- choff Feslcr is Hobsrt Kirchotf Fooler himself. Hobjrl b three and is the son of Norman F." 1 .^- ler and Clurlotle Kircliolf Fes- Icr. divorced. His genealogy became somewhat, (angled yesterday when his grandparents. Mr. and Mrs. Au&usl KircholY, adopted him. Unrt«r the new arrangement. Robert not only became his BrniJparciits' son and his own ncpliciv, bill his own uncle as well. To entangle the situation even more, las muther becomes liis sister. BETIEB f mil 'P nnncnrpT 14,1 T rniinrriil I UUl U I MUui LU I om Bedroom (llosrl. V,^.!^'-' ^^_ --- ' '- -- • — --- ' ' --- ' — • ' — - ) C *""»• "•*•• ^ ^ twn -\ r Women who IMP mm chn'.rs IH! L , h , \, M mm »r !, >uo«™ win; symp-.UW«> with a MUuul 1 _ ____ . . ! ! it i 11 r> i pi'.ati'on who lr:>i<llrr.lly telephoned /-, 11"' \Y/'II Q ,,• i Agricultural Pvoeram tor Norllicast Arkansas oolons <.?<• POIIC? capui,, v! n. Mnthis Usceolu LniMiiccr Will Otic' ta » her i>'?<ireoin icia •••• — — - — ri — i Next Yeii- to Stress Food! Solid for and Feed Production. mcnt Proposal An --o,,.look"^.m- sponsored P.naior n. iT^hon", bill for ! ^^u ^vo^'mnn "open >>w chanycs In ^ pcr^jnel n« rni'iiliMtion of rcpretent.'.tion In ; .- .,„„,, ,,.„.. ...... ,,,,,,,,,-,1 ,, , the county machinery «ill 11.1 K die Cautiously tiiR ollims advanced • , . . | by county agents, In which produc- rnralbntion o( rcpretent.'.tio I lion of foods for home cotiMimp- t"'U ]:ou>-<": of ih" Arkansas F.-w clmnyes in the personnel nf white! comity administration, head ' ?,al n. Harrison, new county i Couple Who Obtained Lodging (ovNightaiDoc- lor's House-Soucht.""'• i MOSCOW. TEN'N., Ofc. 31 (UP) !—Tnklne, mlvanl>i°e of the frlentl- ;liiu;.!i cl nr. nKCd wom.ui, two ba«- irllts, a well lireacil youns man and I his Bhl rnmpaniun. were, sought today a.s the robbers who stole- • |vovernmcnl bonds valued at between SM.OOO and $:IO,000 from the - ihomr 1 of Dr. and Mis. John M. .-. jstevcrfnn here Inst night. ":;.'. : .. ! Tl-c coniilc was given lodging 'in the home lost niuht by Mrs. E. -s Tills Is H-.-ke Donlllicn. Marlon (O.I j stevmon. .stepmother v! (ho •-. ,0. i ttltorncy and secretary of the CM- 1 ^,;,.. ll|)()ll Die couple's plui lYl'pV umiltee of the Harding' ro m M e 10 nnd sleeplnR qua'r- .Association, who l'aslj MS here ' • u .ikcncd be the major objective, r«remhly on n ixtpulntlon h.i- j fupplemenieci by noiw that several;" : and other officials who nssunn.- l!'.e ] riilhe eommil • hundred unemployed in Mississippi \ <l<irs?mcnt nf norllieoM^ Arkaitfas ,' As tUe iwwcrful oilor of skunk i county will be put to work by car-' sl ati held nt (he cnll of I flooded the bi'iiruoin : Iv renewal of the government'.'! re- ivlsWiii; in Nnshvlllo allan of poilhenst Arkansas citl- of in 1931. Cases ! While no definite plans for ;work in the county diirlne the from which tlie. sku"Va nest lill and Johnson Held Over; Wolfe Gets Jail Sentence. It IS lUlUVUblAJUU HiiiL ii suijai.iii- ; . •- . With the trial of the two mur- (j,,, nmffl ,,,i O f the county budBCt : lam its. cnsclinom ( arranged. it is understood _. the county budget | l! "" " will be spent for that. pnrr>-.!e. in-. 1 "" 5 " 11 '"! , . , - cidentally furnishing further em- ^< :n '" .? ls!rirl f;. r ^. or Probably the most Important appointive position, in which n chniu-.e will he made Is llmt of countv road , engineer. Frc:l Crockett, will sue-' ceed B. N. Wilson, who has occu- ! pled the pusl for a innnbrr o! years. Both men live In Osceolii. , Formrrly on Stnie j Mr. Crockett, who has lived lu Ihe Osc.cola district of the countv, i - - „, . •„., for innny years, Is * fully nuill-! 17- - t x, ,; |- ,\nnlirn'ior cl '°.1 i," 1 "™' U °" hll . IUtl11 " 5 vvers ned eiiGhieer, UavlnR been cmoloy- I ' llst N=UIOtirtl S ALtlllcnjOl nl . Un ,iy i ed as a member of the old Pride ! ! nnd Ffilrley Engineering companv i | Blast Destroys Picture Theatre at New Orleans NEW ORLEANS, Dec. 31, (UP) —More thnu a score of persons suf- ry. fifteen buildings were .... .. .... .. . .-- -. niiiuij wnfckcd, and a theatre in Oi A c t I o n Next '- as llMtr °J' e<l °v llrc lllj - 1 i(lllow i" i« .1 «t, i- u n IICM 0(] (h| . cc myslerlous explosions here Wfck; Hinl C.- r -..iion.itixit>y- , , , The Valentino tliontre, o small Prtnch- ts, was de;e shirp i-'" "tag and. d tenement :o ' iry this morning. CA^fPBELL. Mo., Dec. 23.—At r ] rh! , . S ^A with grand larceny, banquet held in the Pol-Ma Hotn!; q p special grand Jury, which last night, officers of the Campbell I 0 _ er ; cd | ls srssion this morninj Lions Club International w e i'e ,^..^ pj ov ^ \yhite as foreman, re- e'.ected for the ensuing year. W. P |i u »,j ei |" "-,; : .\ictnicnts against fix five held in'jail. William King and Henry, local business man, w:lilnrn elected to the office of presiden;.[' _' succeeding Rev. F. F. Peters of' ' Gleniionvlllc who had been actins : ^^ in presidential capacity since th • •-''*' death of Bland Rice several months ,=^'. rcwui.j, . ^"y- w -' r ;"- c ;'.ud entered pleas or L ' They were senter.ced to , lAPSWCl'S ich in tlie state prison. ; ...-...'c Senator local chamber of commerce, wlio n«.telrrt Rrnalnr Nelson in- Iprepfrine the reapportlonment.b'll.- I'r Alexander presided at the .conference, with Mr. Brooks as Vrncrelary. The principal result of \-il\f inertinp. aside from the as- l^urance which it produced of un- L1TTLE ROCK, Dec. 31 (DP)—. to abolish the Arkansas tux. ...mission and shift its dutlc;- the state railroad commission'." 1 at the next Lai lield Icr the women lolk c: . n i this term of court.- It was de- the Lion im-mberEhip. The . c idcd to continue (he trial to an- Laflle? Ni3ht is being held Joiiu'.y C lter term because of the absence | wit:-, ihe Installation oc:ajon , c f :i pro=cciiting witness. • Tom Hill, charted v.iih tlie mur- I ( 'er of Dcwcy Wood, was also deduced from the fact thr.t Sena- in? ll;c prt-plc of the more rapidly tor Caraway received one." r.iov.-iiv 'ccticnr, of the r. a:; The cards. Hyde said, were to aj- equal voice in state affairs w;tn liculture colleges, farm papers nnd those of older, 'out less rapidly similar destinations. srawins sfCtlons. Cralil-.eail, Cnt- tn calling attention to the Christ-, trndnii. Miller. Pillar. St. Frf n-, mas cards, Caraway snid: -This is.c'.s, Union and Mississippi county s _ of ? _ w( . ):£s _ ca]m To Tight New Bread ia^, toth „,„ st! ,tc and defense. 0 ' . . ca - .. . ,'er of Dewey Wood, was also mns cards , caraway said: "This is. ris, Union and Mississippi county s cranttU a ccntinuance due to :he i,, tcrcst i ng when it, is recalled t!ia. nre given lncrra.=eil reprrscntniion. ^_ of ? _ wl( . ):£s _ cla . ]med by ^ * ^ ^^ ^ ^ u _ . wll , lc ^ ll)c t l-.M ave defense. TCMT. ver slowly in he past llnr- funds to s;i;cor ITCMT. very slowly In he past llilr- i ty years will lose. | ?cn^tc Chan^fs Made JONE3BORO, Ark.—Tl'.e new cii. needed about S18 in'fin n l f° rm filed in chai'.cevy court mwl in rn^*i>t*orv rouil acaiil^t L:K 111 ^ ...,r\ ..,.., ..--— - - >.i,,i,t. ,.,.T^ ..-^...— ortoincc »S\S tar the M L-; «rc»r-nall partdn and vanity has ^^ hnd , he frank of oui-of-tnwn bread imlcfs trs! nothing to do with it. S25 fee was p:d was marie by Dud- ,\ "deterl!- ?" panicanst in- ley and Barret, who have bjen r;- sixrcts tho girls' hands each morn- tallied as counsel by a iiumbc:- o," • i., T and tho.-,c hsvinc lo" 1 hi-h v local n-.erchaMs po'isliod nalis. or ras-geo ones must The merchants will contend th.i. -iiV.nlt to a triimning. the city council exceeded its au-I "Furious dar.-.^e mi»ht be done- t _ u> (horlty in levying the tax. The sui 1 . to silk yam in the lacing process .._._,.,.,, will probably be tried at the Jan-: if we (Udn'l watch this detail nary term o {court. ' closely," an official explained. used. -.,„ SI. francl= coimlies hi one <:••••;-:. :i:-.:5ri of Criitenden and as orisinalh- planned. Crors t-in-' jclncd ;o Woodruff county. : while L:e oountv. orisiiially placed 'i**'("' 1 / ij'tflO V***miU *• M iu:c u->- iv.-...- -j - . "'.',, ... , i [i vith St. Francis. Is assigned to • in Cot'cfihon o! Jolne McmWi arc the srnators and Sam Lee Succumbs at _ Makes Plane Flight Churcliville, Virginia to Escap Sam Lee. 18-> : car-~old son ol Mrs. - SEATTLE, WASH. (Wi-Assls!.- fi' u u' [da Lee cf this city, died Deccm-'ant United Slates AHorncy J«irre> . T^KTS, Ucc. 31 (UP)—'i'he fol- icvjreren'.a'.ives who attended the ..v.i'i; bulletin en the condition Wains'. Charles Fleming, St. .^ cf Mnrjhril JofTrc wns issued at 3 Francis county: Robert F. Eber- , 'P M to;".;\y: marshals con- V.r.'.t. Critt'iidrn- H.' 3. Thorn. | ("ilio:i Is stationary, although a Poinsctt: J. H. Myers. ; :-i-'il I-.3.V of consolouonsss this Ef.rl Dr.y. Clay; J. Ed ThomDEim. , ! -i-o -, -i ' f< r ; r.c htur lelt his 'Greene: Archer Wheatley, Craig- • ,v^,u ,= .^...^ calm. S. A. Gocc.i. Cross: WaHer B.M.p. no-.irl5hment is dif- Woodruff: E. E. Alexander, M-s- sissippi. and Senators R. A. Nel- ^ had no public com- "a! tu-prrvision cf all tax assess ...... to make- today on reports mtn s and reaching officers of the. bunk of :«=Ws ol public county treasurer's olTlce will b? ,. oss i b | e O p)xisition to its applica- as nt present, handled through the Bank of O«- jj on j or (mthorlty to reopen other ' ceola. Mr. Hollipetcr states, with t | inn to say tii^t h c had full con- Miss F.nima Cox in charge. Miss n;j crlcc any new- obstacles to IV-.c of (.^v^l^, l>ll. »m*n^ii.i ^n»^.., .-*»,. {J)fin tO Slly Llllll III. lluu 1UM vv" Miss F.nima Cox in charge. Miss fidcncc any new- obstacles to IV-.c Cox wlli succeed J. A. Pise, present. b an i(- s program for resumption of Osceola deputy. bxifiness would be overcome. i Removved as Fire Threatens Home W. W. Shaver, sheriff of Mississippi county, who begins his sec- end term tomorrow, slated tills nf- -. terncon that no Immediate changes ;v.-ere In prospect al either the Os! ceola or Blytheville ofTiccs of the 'sheriff nnd collector. C,,: r U p SUICIQC NEW ORLEANS. D:c. 31 .<UP) -Firemen moved forty Infants , froin the Protestant. Home for Ba- iii HoOVer Aide S Death btes here early tnday .r.-lXn lire destroyed a dwelling adjacent U WASHINGTON". Dec. at iUP>— 'the orphanage.' Siiiuillancoiis wifi teliable but un- For more than an hour firem:r SlIIHIJianCOU.S WJl i IL'lJ.iivit; utti u.. - Mrs. John Lou? will- begin her O fji c | a t word (hat evidence of su- battled the names to prevent then ?eccnd term In the oltlcc o( county ic [f, c |, ar i teni found In the CUSD from spreading to the orphsnag; court clerk with her force intact. cf Lt Brnc" fiettic. a naval aide befcrr the building was out of daiv Adrtifon Smith, drp'.ny in the Ely- lo president Hoover, who died mys- gcr. Polirc Sergeant \Villiarns Iss thevillc onics, and Mrs. Uraxloii | C ;j ous iy Monday, the district at- a squad of police who allied i: Bragg, deputy in charge ot '.he O- tcr nry today notified !•: navy tie- " clresEir.g and moving the bablss. ceola orace. will remain with Mrs. p ar tment II could r.ot remove Sot- Long. uc's body from Washington mull NEW YORR D .. C 3J (Up) _ : Three new county ollicers who an autopsy by civil authorities had g . cc k,, 0 | c - rr ,. (,,' ,,.,; BEnl; oj tlll will assume their duties lom^rrox been performed 0 j ^ sw j d rcccnll> . b , ' are Joe S. Dlllahuniy, equity as-: Police claimed they had addl- » v • . . .....'.- '•fCKor; W. M. Overton, county sur- 'tlonal evidence Settle may have , r ' rillle , !(Icnt o: b:in!ts . . , Settle m» . hR e fl ^ i5CiC<JO-000 ^mw sui veyor. and W. H. Stovall. coroner, .bcjn the driver of an nu omobHc ^ Mim; . ^ dlrcc , ors Ch2 o " P"' 0 " 8 ln » rg ed the office to Mr. Overton follo-.v- "ing defeat in the primary." Distinguished daughter of a dis- Mr. StovaH. maiwcor of the Cobb - ,nother ouesuou was'brou g ht be- tingnlshed family M.« Natalie ^ ^^^^ "^ ^ ! •fore the meeting by Representative Hammond, inventor and artist. Mr. Dlllahuniy will succeed Jim which m ' llrc V°' ravpCr ',°l\ '" ! In? them vih reckless ar.d Incom • Fowler of this city, whom he de- -«'«!' ron ' v , Su " < llt 1 .,r !M P ctcn ' management. 'feated In the primary last sum-.«" cnt cn ™ oat eivi.'b.aia. mer. J. P. Klncannon is the pres- ' ent conr.ty surveyor and relintiulsh-> pj reman Q verco me When ; WEATHER ert thp nfflrA tn \Tr Overton tollo'.v- _ ~ ^ . « , ARKANSAS—Generally t< night and Thursday. Somewhi Teav Gas Bomb Burst DANBURY, CONN.. Dec. 31 (UP) | cc f der 'Anight and 'probably 55rC 0 ^^^ ^^« M ^*i«^fi--wai Not ' .^X&e^ S5SS K-^S ™£^ ^^XK3?»U - * « j**™* «-™ I'M Wa^ch Services ^£- ^S^^a^ %&"& «« S W TC™- HJ*** « ™, U^ ^^^ t <™ ^^^^«-^«^ s^«s: B »^^Hv£S'rS,S ^^^^^^^^?^ s^vw^ ^~^B^ , degrees; cloudy.

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