The Pittsburgh Press from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on October 29, 1982 · Page 25
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The Pittsburgh Press from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · Page 25

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, October 29, 1982
Page 25
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1 Pittsburgh Press, Fri., Oct. 29. 1982 B-5l This 'Class Reunion' Is Worth Skipping By ED BLANK Iris (Marya Small) and Milt the The rub is the film's determination to be the rude and outrageous comedy advertised. Rude is easy. Boring, but easy. Outrageousncss became harder after "(National Lampoon's) Animal House" and its imitations battered taste into oblivion. You have to draw a line before you can go beyond one. None exists in movies like "Class Reunion," so its attempts to be provocative look silly. That's where poor proportioning applies. All comedy, from Ben Blue and Mae West to Woody Allen and Mel Brooks, must maintain a handshaking relationship with reality. Comedy is an exaggeration, an extension, an out-of-sync expression of a known quantity, a sudden left turn from the right lane. It stretches reality but must reestablish what it snaps. Even in his unsubtle "Blazing Saddles" and "Young Frankenstein," Brooks dives from his bedrock but never swims far from it. Because his handshake is firm, his peculiar perception is comical. A custard pie isn't funny unless it smacks a clean face; a banana peel must be unexpected. "Class Reunion" is all ' banana peels after awhile. It heaps impossibilities onto incongruities until it stops making sense. The characters are down, but the banana peels pile up beside them. Pockets of characters wander around a filthy basement and darkened rooms looking for the killer long after we guess who he is and where he isn't. Characters with a1 single attribute haven't anything to do but express themselves in the same mode, but bigger, thereafter. Michael Miller directed from John Hughes's script. What they have is a "Saturday Night Live" sketch that doesn't know when to stop and has to keep going to justify distribution as a feature film. (Rated R (or language, crude behavior and allusions to incest.) ; Press Drama Editor Most of the comedies directed squarely at teen-agers are crude, rude and dumb. Like "Midnight Madness," "Hollywood Knights" and "Fast Times at Ridgerhont High," they're too poorly conceived and developed to work at any level. Even making allowances for their finding and satisfying an .audience, they fail in a consistent way even their admirers might notice. "(National Lampoon's) Class Reunion," opening today on six screens, typifies their failings. Although its first half is moderately amusing, a comparative plus, "Class Reunion" consistently loses its sense of proportion. The class of 72 of Lizzie Borden High School ("a cut above the rest") is having its 10-year reunion. Hosted by pompous class officers Bob Spinnaker (Gerrit Graham) and Bunny (Miriam Flynn), the group includes gross Hubert (Stephen Furst, playing to type again), blind raoonie (aieve Tracy). The evening unfolds, or tears up, as a "Halloween"-style spoof. A lunatic, breathing heavily through the bag over his head, scampers around with thin, hairy legs and saddle shoes picking off (or trying to) the frolicking airheads. It could be funny, and it is for awhile if you can get past its dubious taste: Iris's seeing-eye dog hides from her; an alumnus named Gary Nash (Fred McCarrcn) is recognized by no one he verbally embraces; food is treated as mush; as a cigarette dangles from the lips of a cafeteria-line hag obviously modeled on "Archie's" Miss Haggley, ashes fall on the entrees. "Are you a religious man?" says one alumnus. "Certainly not. I'm an Episcopalian." A Iess-than-eager scductee tells her suitor, "Stop breathing on me. I think we ought to go back and die with the others." Al Pt cvJV.: : H thill, : i .i-..,..'- "(Notional Lampoon's) Class Reunion" is "Halloween"-style spoof. 3TC BETTE MIDLER Hiuntint Htlloween Hippeninft ibatri the WJT 14th SMASH WEEK ISN'T IT TIME TO SEE WHAT 22 MILLION PEOPLE HAVE BEEN RAVING ABOUT? 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Mr AdoW andevpryone rlv in th Urge catl are eicrllent Uneipecttdly nth ..'Lola' thould be enjoyed for tht sKeer. joyous efrooiry o it"-v.ri cir T-r W3 r i - Fiji tUs ps Imi'iU iff A 'LOLA' MUST BE SEEN! I More intuitive and more pragma tic than much of V v- AiV -OFFICEJR AJYDA GEiYTLEMAiV Futbmder't previous work I was somewhat surprised by the film, and yet it helped me understand more clearly the distinctive qualities of his art. ,N.r tH MlAUlUMN i, . in JiUMiKMlllimll ifs (,SS II IK f- flMilin.i- M'ih tn HlhMI,' HI W i ti in .! SD sTIWVKI rnal.-xM MNIIN II fAM Hint tnt h I Al I H M K r ' H R FOR A GREAT SELECTION OF COSTUMES AT GREAT PRICES Costume Rentals nd Sales - Thousands m stoi Accessories - Hits. Wigs, etc t Theatrical Makeup Masks Galore E T . Slar WarsCrwactr-rs Rparjn Leotards. Tights CINEMA WORLD RT. 5 1 Century III Mall MANOR Squirr.l Hill SHOWCASE EAST MonroevilU NORTH HILLS MtKnight Rd. 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NEWSWEEK IT CAME FROM HOLLYWOOD 7 30 9 30P(il "BETTER THAN ROCKY... DONT MISS THIS MOVIE!" Gary Franklin. CBS-TV FIRST BLOOD 2 00 4 00 6 00 8 00 10 00IBI HAllOWllN III 2 00. 4 00 6 00 8 00. IO 0O(R) NOT A iovi sioar i 15, 4 15, 6 15, 8 15.9 45 FANTASIA In Dolby Sree 7 15. 9 30IQI IQCKT HOtQ WtTUtl SHOW MIONIflHT AN OMICf ANO A GiNTLIMAN 2 30 4 45 7 30. 9 45(H) THf CHOSIN 9 00. 10 OOIPGI MONSICNOI 7 40. 9 501H) ICHA 7 45 10 0OIB) POLTERGEIST 2 00 4 00 6 00, 8 00. tOOO'PGI -5!'M"'rf'w1l"i.' All soals S 1 50 al all times PINK riOYD IHI WAIL 7 30, 9 30(R) POITUOIIST 7 JO 10lOI I ,nf fin ItflMi V 1 li" FANTASIA k4.,. 7 30 9 45(01 3 I' r- ,r.a.- . -- : . . ; vsXVsv7v'" MONSIONCX 7 .10 40 (HI left Midler In JINXID 7 40 9 40H HIST 91OO0 8 00 10 O0(RI IT CAM! HOW HOlirwoOO 7 50 9 50PQI Jk s NATIONAL LAMPOON' S CLASS IIUNION 7 30. 9 30IRI HAllOWllN m 7 45. 9 45RI I.T. 7 10 9 20IPQI AN OfflCH AND A OINTIIMAN 7 20 8 40IRI a.' . ? I .itirr y III U.tH h'l 1 il, 0 r;g&VZ NATIONAL LAMPOON'S CLASS If UNION 1 45. 45 (R ln Midler In JINXID 8 00. 10 00IR) M 7AVOKIT! VIA. 7 40, 9 40'lPQI II CAMI P.OM HOLLYWOOD 8 10 10 10IPOI ii PINK FLOYD THE WALL 1 7-30 9 30 IRI All Semi J1 50 Ht I', SmiiIIi '14 hfti 1 1 MONSIONOt 7 30 9 45 IR HIST HOOD 8 00. '0 00(H) I T. 7 15.9 30IPOI JINXID 7 45. 10 00(H) 4rtJ jffiaijtjrie. t.- Wttv irWVPmWtrH; 4' - .i&r'&l V iiit.irii i limn " " Mfcu'-ft IU' 1 1IJ iM'J Mill ( i Jt3i I I 111) Jl II iIJi i! V I Ml I n.u.nri' '4 1 i Hi iTfTlTTl HAllOWllN IH r ft Vi CHIICH 1 CHONO NICI DIIAMS 7 JO It) THINGS All TOUCH All OVII 1HIS H4TUI QNIl All SOTS SI SOi ri ii, : i' .' 1 1 it ii in i i i fc" i ip i .. i i i . i iirii ' 1 i ii in' '" I I M tll'fi 7 'I'l' I fll 8 NwlH4fl'.44'l3 I AH Seals 1 1 50 at all limes PINK FIOTD THI WALL Z.30 9 30R POITUOIIST 7 15 9 30 IPG) im(ut utim ClfSI Oonikhai UioiMUfc Htupton HHA . Illlfcmhrt . tm. ;;is (lOlil PCH Dl IH II 30 SOUTH HI11S 01 IN II SI U "V1'''l"H i. ' eWuA f " '!' Ii i-1 - ii i Ti II - - J - IT CAME FROM HOLLYWOOD 7 30 9 30IPfil . . I H fTIf JH I 1- Krhh TSTODAY THI SINOII 7 45 9 45(R) MONSIONOI 7 30. 9 45 (HI CIIGOIT'IGIIL 7 50 9 50 (PO) M KntfJM 11(1 ' 1l4 4M M Buying or selling? Make sure people "Hear Ye" With a PressPG want ad, Call 263-1201 AN OFFICER AND A GENTLEMAN 7 15 9 10 IRI 1T)-Iv4 4 iiii ri- I isjJLLMMha -linn ii 1 .iii lii.iiiiil.mii. (WftfS j 2:00. 4:00. 6.00, 1:00. 10.00 ailtit Mil rp p J 3 I .15. 7.40. 9.40 a 11:30 1.1). f:4U. U 4Ui 11: JU ! 8 00 S 10 00 1:)VI 4U. 9 401 11:30 PINK FLOYD THE WALL 7 45 3 MIR) All Sum 1 50 UiiiaiilAj Mi Hi! ''111 di

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