The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 23, 1944 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 23, 1944
Page 8
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EIGHT BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS Widow Of Hero * *"" < > .-4 •»•.•* i iV.|| i 1 :eives Medal , . ;'VSilv«r Stbr Awarded T:for:You>h Who Died , ffo Save His Patrol ^7 By FRANCES TUCKER •>;5VnM«a>i\M3 Sfetf Wrtttr 1$E^ yORK, 'Nov. 2^-Tbf name ol -{Angela 1 Caslelli «as called at Governor's Island In New York the othjr day, The name echoed o\cr lhe;^lnd-s»ept parade ground but the., righting New Yorker did not answer. - - , He »asn't at retreat parade to receive the Silver Star because the actfon which won him the medal «ls<S took his life So the colonel pinned the medal on his widow, the glrl^who »as hU childhood swept - heeft and schoolmate, the girl he married just ifto <)ajs before lie lector the PacLtlc • Angelo quit high school and Jib- bedihU way into the army when he was Ifi years old It wasn't thnt he didn't like school, Angelo thought schjoj » as all right And he dldiit w»nt to fool his draft board But twojjears was too long to watt, the war might be over before lie got In It. He didn't want his two brothers to do all the fighting for the. family. ^ It was soon after Pearl Harboi when' Angelo went In the army (lie first time And In less than a year he,»as a sergeant Then somebody begin checking up records, and they discovered Angelo's true age. He, J was broken, discharged from the i army, and shipped home to go back to high school .,J v Inducted As Prlxate > 'Angelo went back to high school and studied English and math, but hMheart wasnt In ft Last jcar when he BBS 18 Angelo Bas InduSt- ed %s a private , ' lA December he went overseas And It was on April 2? that his acUpns on a Pacific island won Jiiirf $he Sliver Star. , Angelo was a Browning automatic .jlfleman. He was sent forward to place automatic fire In an enemy pillbox •'The Jap fire was heavj , but An- gelq, moved up quickly. But when he 'moved forward he discovered he couldn't see the target In order to, aim he was forced to fire hts rl/le from a standing position, wllh- f, out, cover But Angelo stood his ground and the next 20 minutes he blazed away. 'Bjit .Angelo and his patrol tlld- n't knock out the, pillbox The Japs In the pillbox were covering an en- em^ advance, and the Yanks realized they yere" going to h&ve to withdraw from their" exposed po$l tiro, , . , , , ' Angela Covers Retreat VlYfe had Better be getting back to 'the rest of the company," one of/the soldiers said | « < tYes, j get going," Angelo ans- • BBON IN WASHINGTON Peace Plan Administration BY PETER EDSON' Courier News Washington •\Coritespondcnl Wlille' Ilio United Nations organization proposed at Dumbarton Oaks would not have any clilcf ex-' ccutfvc, It would have a Sccretajc^ General who would be Us chief Administrative officer and Its most Important official. He would be nominated by the Security Council, but lie would be elected by the General Assembly. If the General Assembly didn't like anyone nominated by the Council, he could be voted against by n majority of the Assembly and II would then be up to the council to keep nominating others null] It found n satisfactory candidate. The Secretary" General would serve as secretary of the Security Council, ihc Genera) Assembly, the Economic and Social Counclj, but he would have no vote. Bui his powers would be considerable. He could ••cull lo (lie attention of the Security Council any situation threatening the pence of the world. This Is a new power not enjoyed by the societal> of the League of Nations. He would be director of Hie organization's permanent staff, , the "International civil service" which would develop, just as It did In the League, to do (lie housekeeping and :ho chief clerking for the various departments of the orgiinlaitioii. Once a year he would have to •eporl lo the Assembly on the work of .the organization nnd this aii- nual message- would likely become wered as. he kept on blazing nwny! "Aren't jou coming?" one of them nskcd. "Ill be along shortly. I'm going lo keep this file going so llicy won't realize wo/ie giving ground and come rushing forward," Angelo'nns- wercd ... •> With his rifle In his hands, Angelo stood there nnd covered (lie withdrawal of the patrol, covered the men while, they walked more than a mile back to the company. Angelo fired the rifle as fast as it would fire, and it grew hot In hh hands He stayed. there until he saw his buddies '.were going to make It back to'the lines. Then Angelo • turned to follow them. He looked'back to where Hie rest of the company wore dug In, nnd It seemed a lot farther thnn a mile now. _ . There was nobody to cover his retreat. And he had gone only a "few yards when one of the'ad- vancing Japs got him. Ahgelo CaslclH had stayed until lie was sine his buddies would make It—then it was too late for him to escape. The lad who had been so proud of'his sergeant's rank died ns ft private. He gave his life for his patrol. ,' r. its official history. THE ciiAitTEii coian BE AMENDED That, (he fjnol chnrlcr lo ho drawn \ip by tlie United' Nations In their mccling next year will not be a complete or unalterable doc- micnt Is Indicated by Chauter XI of the Dumbarton Oaks proposals, which outlines provision for amend- nents. Three stcjis aie Indicated by wlilcli the charter may be changed. First the Assembly must pa'fi on amendment by two-thirds voK'- Then It must lie ratified by the WcrnmciiU of all five nations having permanent, scats on the Security Council anil by a majority of the nations Inn-Ing seats In the Assembly. Failure to ratify by any one of Ihe big five nations would veto an amendment, under this proposal, Provision Is also innde for a transitional Arrangement? to maintain, peace and security, pending Hie time when the United Nations organization'can be set up, which may take n ycnr or possibly more. In this Interim period, the four nations represented at Dumbarton Oaks — the United States, Great Drllain, Soviet Russia and China— would ngcce lo consult with each other and with olhcr nations under provisions of the Declaration of Moscow signed In 1043. It also provides that nothing cs- InblLslied by the charter shall he In conflict, w lth the terms of peace Imposed on the defeated nations of Germany and Japan. TIIEIIE IS MUCH I.KKT UNSETTLED It becomes apparent from the foregoing attempt to analyze the proposnis for a United Nations organization in detail, that the representatives of Hie four nations meeting at Dumbarton .Oaks tried to foresee every important question that might arise. Nevertheless there were a number of questions on which these technicians In their seven weeks of deliberation could not agree. . One of these unsettled points was the question of voting and the veto !)OH-crof one of (he five permanent members of the Security Council as previously discussed; exact status of the new International Court ol Justice as a continuation or the old World Court al The Hague; manner of liquidating the old League of Nations functions and properties; the whole question of mandates established by the Treaty of Versailles; ft definition of "peace- loving slates,' and an act. of aggression; there was no discussion of military quotas to be made available to the Security Council for enforcing peace. What It needs now Is much discussion, In and out of Congress, to clarify public sentiment, determine public interest, dlclate' what national policy should be an^ what Auxiliary Group Backs Plan For Bible Reading That people of this section participate In the iiatloriwide daily Bible reading plan from now' until Christmas, along with members of the armed forces, is being asked-by' Die Woman's Auxiliary, First Presbyterian Church. Proposed by the American Bible Society, the "campaign" is sweep- Ing the country with religious groups everywhere asking the pyb- Jlc to cooperate. •' Both laymen and larger denominations in America arc sponsoring the movement lo create "a splr- Kgal'lluk" between those at home and hy members of the armed forces In camps and on battle fronts, ij) 1 addition.lo Hie natural ties of klnsliip and personal affection. The 33 chapters selected for the 33-day period were chosen by some JM.OOO ministers and alxmt eooo chaplains as the Bible passages "most helpful in these days." Passages selected and days to bo read are as rollows:, ; • ' Nov. 23, Psalm 103. Friday, John 14. ;. • , ; '.'.' Saturday, Psalm' 23. Sunday, Nov. 20, Psalm i. Monday, Matthew 5. Tuesday, Romans 8. .Wednesday, I Corinthians 13. Thursday, Psalm 91. Friday, Matthew'8. Saturday, John 3. . Sunday, Dec. 3, Isaiah 40. -Monday, Psalm 46. Tuesday, Romans 12. Wednesday, Hebrews'11, ' Thursday, Matthew 7. Friday, John 15. Saturday, Psalm 27. , Sunday, Dec. 10, Isaiah 55.- .-' i Monday, Psalm 121. ' '' Tuesday, Phlllpptans 4. Wednesday, Revelation 2i; ' .THURSDAY, NOVEftJUBR 23 Two Overseas Veterans Now Enroiite fo Homes Two Blythcvllle families were liappy 'today after receiving a message, this morning telling of the arrival In the United States of their sons. Staff Scrgt. Nat Carson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ebb Carson, • and Staff Sergt. Glenn Harrington, son of Mrs, C. W. Harrington, both of whom have served 34 months In Hie Chlno-Burma-India theater of war, TOW are at Camp Anza, Calif., ownltlng their furlough orders when they will return home for their long-awaited visit with relatives. Bolli are with (ho;> Army ;. Air Forces and both have been in Ch.lirn for the past year, having served . In India ,'for almost two jeara prior to that lime. ON ITS WAY A.-* - <, ~ J To Bring You Rich New Pleasures in Highway Travel Greyhound's promise of new luxury and enjoyment in highway travel is already taking shape in a revolutionary postwar highway coach. Experimental models of Greyhound's 51-passenger Compartment Super Coach are now under construction. The basic plans, conceived by a world-famous designer, give first consideration to your comfort and safety. You'll relax graciously in seats that are roomier, deeper and more restful. Recently-developed construction methods will give riding ease not experienced heretofore You'll enjoy ideal temperature whether you look out upon wintry snow or sun-baked sand—thanks to ultra modern air-conditromng methods. The new compartment-type construction achieves msximum visibility —for scenery has always been a prime source ot enjoyment to Greyhound travelers. Numerous other new facilities far passenger convenience will make your highway travel in peacetime years a truly thrilling way to visit the great cities, scenic wonders and historic shrines which lie all along Greyhound's nationwide routes. Greyhound Lines 109 N. 5th. Phone 111 GREYHOUND bllgnllons ihls nation is ready to ssiiinc In promoting its own gon- rnl. welfare through international obpcnUion nnd In preventing fu- ire wars. ' •-,.••• Thursday, Luke 15.i.^ Friday, Epheslnns 6. Saturday, John 17. . . . . Sunday, Dec. 17, Isaiah 53. Monday, I Corinthians 15. • Tuesday, John 10. Wednesday, Psalm 51. Thursday, Psnlm 37. Frldny, John I. Saturdny, Revelation 22. Sunday, Dec. 24, Psalm 90. Christmas, Dec. 25, Luke 2. Blytheyille Seaman Wounded In Pacific Randolph "Red" Parks, seaman l-c In the Navy, lies been seriously wounded In action In lh(j Southwest Paclfle according • to a message received Wednesday by his mother, Mrs. C. E. Parks. Mr. Parks has bceii in service aboard an aircraft carrier in that war theater for the past 12 months. A former student.. at Blythcvillc High School, he was employed In Memphis at the lime of his 'enlistment In the Navy more than a year ago. No further details of his condition were given. CARD OF THANKS We wish to' thank the many Iiiends who were so kind to us during the illness and death of our Mother, Sallle VanWinkle; and for tlie beautiful floral offerings and especially thank Dr. Johnson for his services rendered. VanWinkle and Blackarfl Family. Recapping Vulcanizing •*, * ADD LIFE TO YOUR, TIKES MODINGER-POETZ TIRE CO. Highway Fatalities Decline In Arkansas LITTLE ROCK, Nov. 23 (UP) Superintendent A. G. Albright of the Arkansas Slate Police says scarcity of liquor lias sharply reduced the number of Arkansas highway fatalities. In Ills report covering operations of i, the' state police from 1942 through June of this year, Albright says war restrictions on traffic and the new speed limits have also coi)- Irlbuted to tho decline in .traffic fatalities. The report shows 253 traffic deaths during the 1943-19H fiscal year as compared to 294 durliiB 1042-1043. The Sargasso Sea contains flsli with fins formed like gripping hands. These are us'jd to cling to the seaweed. R1TZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. WEEK-DAY NIGHTS Boi Office Opens 7:15-Show Starts at 7:30. SATURDAYS & SUNDAYS Box Office Opens 1 Show Blute 1:15 Helps You Overcome FALSE TEETH Looseness and Worry No longer be annoyed or fed ill at ase because ot loose, wabbly false celli. FASTEETH. an Improved al- alljie (non-acid) powder, sprinkled 11 your plates holds them firmer so icy feel more comfortable. Sooth- ng nnd cooling to gums made sore y excessive acid mouth, Avoid eni- arrassmeiit caused >>y loose plates Get FASTEETH today at any drug tore. Thursday and Friday "ARE THESE OUR PARENTS?" with Helen Vinsoii, I.yle Talbol, Ivan LebedelT & Noel Neill * Paramount News Comedy *' •':*,' Holiday giatnouY for every ' Christma s Eve! Delightfully fragrant toiletries, gleam ing compacts. Smartly fitted make-up and beauty kits, too! These are the soul-satisfying gifts she really w a n t s f o r Christmas — a n d we have a wonderful collection at super-sensible prices. : ' • BOURJOIS "Evening In Paris' ' Gift Kits In A'Unictive Cases 4.50 to 17.50 Lucite Dresser Sets $5 _ 6.95 - $10 MANON FRERES "Spice" Cologne and Perfume Set 1.50 LUXOR Cologne and Powder Set $1 MAX FACTOR Make-up Kit An Outstanding Value 4.55 A Wide Choice of Compacts ISO and up to $10 "CHERAMY "Frolic" Cologne fliul Perfume Set > 3.75 Complete lines of toiletries by COTY, MAX FACTOR, LUXOR, ELMO and other famous makers! MEM Toiletries For Men! Famous For Over CO Year, p r j ce(| 7 —Wo also hare complete selections of shaving kits, billfolds, and leather goods for his Christmas. TRICKS IX THIS AD DO NOT INCLUDE FEDKUAL TAXES Wood's Drug Store 221 W. Main Phone 507 1 CHICKASAW We:t Main Near Zlst St. Sat. lUrta 12:15; Boa sUrU 1:M Night allows 5:45 I fl Except Monday, opens S:U ' Continuum shows Bat. and San. Wednesday & Thursday Double Feature "TWO YANKS IN TRINIDAD" with Pal O'Brien & lirian Doiilcvy anil "GILDERSLEEVE ON BROADWAY" with : ":', Harold Tcary Friday and Saturday Double Feature "STARDUST ON THE SAGE" with Gene Autry anil 'THE SMILING GHOST' with Wayne Morris Serial: "G-Mcir vs. the Black Dragon" Hisncy comctly New Theatre Manila's Finest Shows Nightly 8:00 P. M. Matinees Saturday & Sunday Bast Washed Air Cooling System Last Time Today CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY' vilh Dcaiina Durbin & Gens; Kelly Fox News & Short Friday THIS IS THE LIFE with Donalrt O'Connor Serial & Slmrl Open 7:00 Show Starts 7:15 Wednesday & Thursday THE MAN NO WOMAN COULD TAME — haunted v by fear and f error! ., H/ . Scree.iPJjybyV/drYcn OuH ' Produced bv Robed Fellow! ^Ouccled by Rictaid Wallace News of the Day Short Friday and Saturday 'Lost Canyon' wilH t Scriiil: "Adventures ot the Flying Cadets." Short

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