The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 17, 1966 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 17, 1966
Page 3
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Mythevflle (Ark.) Courier News - Tuesday, May 17, 19M - Pig» Three Story of Blytheville Is Story of Churches (Editor's Note: Following is, "The great thing is that the the sermon delivered by Rev. | life of God may be the habit oi Martin Wilkinson, pastor of memorial services which marked the 75th anniversary of the city of Blytheville,I Seventy-five years ago, a email band of resident of the community of Blytheville journeyed to Osceola, the county seat of Mississippi County, and 28 citiezns, calling upon t h e county court to grant a charter creating the town of Blytheville. Today, as we gather to ele- brate that event; on every hand we are surrounded by visible and tangible evidences of God's good favor. For even though it would not take a long book to span the years of Blytheville's history, it would take a great volume to record al God's mercies since those days of beginning. ,0n this occasion my subject Is: "The Chur hes and the City." ; Two things have brought the subject into my mine! within the past few days: one is the close parallel of the growth of Blytheville and the growth of t h e Churches. The very first record of our town begins with Rev. Henry T. Blythe buying a plot of land and laying off a small Village in 1880. i As late as the early 1900's, early church records speak of Blytheville as a "wide place in the road." In contrast, today We are the largest city in the northeast portion of the state; So the churches and the city have grown up together. In the second place, I have noticed many times ir. the Bible the church is spoken of as "The City of God." The church is a city within a city. And the life of one is vitally affected by the life of the other. Therefore, I would have you consider with me this afternoon what contribution the churches have made and will make to the life o£ the my soul." To all who wish to make the life of God the habit of their soul these 49 churches open a door of holy privilege, and offer a wide variety oE spiritual experiences. These churches also provide a place of vision in the midst of the city's need. Nothing is truer than the proverb: "Where there Is no vision, the people perish." Those of us who live in the flat lands should lose no oppor. (unity to climb a mountain peak where our eyes may look upon distant horizons. * * » We must get into some place where eternal things are brought adult years find their lives are far from satisfactory! Distorted or broken with passions, filled with bitterness, and failures. These too, plead for relief from mental suffering. They do not often ask: "What must I do to be saved?" But they do ask in equally urgent terms: world. So It remains the conviction of the churches that the solution of the problems of people 'tural lands will become the wilderness Rev. Henry T. Blythe settled. Moreover such people as I have described as the city's may be found in the teachings j best hope for the future. of Jesus and that we ought to be more diligent in the study of his message to us. "What in the world is going | So the church within the life on?" jof the city provides a training Yes, the churches above all; school for Christian charater, are well suited to answer this question for they hold forth the word of life and the sacraments of rebirth and sustenance in the household of. faith. Leaders in every walk of life find their most difficult problem is influencing human behavior; providing competent leadership At time the churches are distraught in their efforts to people. But let us say that when, ever these churches have recognized and done a proper work in th city, the Lord Jesus Christ has transformed men and worn- conciliation. * * * Right here our city, those who and all of us should participate in it. Our mission is not finished Can Blytheville afford not to strengthen both our homes and our churches? For the development of the city depends upon the behavior of the people. In conclusion, I would remind you that these 49 churches need your good will. The present state of these churches was not reached by men and women who when men and women are re- were contented to hold a float leased from bondage of sin; for!'"8 membership unattached to any definite program. * * * Blytheville only moves forward and progress in the churches also exist to assist mature Christians to go from strength to strength in the practice of Godliness. achieve some changes in their Christian piety when their men Those 49 churches have best I churches comes onty_when^men succeeded in the development of J stand surest and firmest for i " ne - and women are willing to register their good will on the dotted the principles of righteousness in the city's life. And the city has benefited when the churches are strong, for none can face their responsibilities and be more steadfast in their hopes than those who know the cit y' s life have seen;do their duties having, first into"our"viewreise°5Ie tadivid-' man y » heart - breaking spec-! looked into the fae of a right- ual life shall lose its song. lacle of. lives w r e c k e d and : eous God. Standing on the mountain ruined by sin. And those of us These 49 churches have best '-'-- '— —•---• .- , - . __-.„ succeec i e ti m doing their part in God's holy habitation interning-1 who have worked to lead ling with the things of God can be such a refreshing experience as those of you who love the Lord can testify! But let the light of God be shut off from human affairs, there is nothing but darkness and despair, "wailing and the gnashing of teeth." Many of our friends seem never to have caught the vision of God and eternal things. Many today confess, "Life at its best is a dreary thing." Our papers are full of re- weight of a chaotic world and a confused people who recognize neither the authority of the com- of these people to the knowledge the life of the city when their of saving grace, have seen the | women have measured up to L. ability of Jesus Christ to trans- P. Bowen's tribute: "Worth without vanity, self sacrifice form men and women through forgiveness and reconciliation, without self righteousness, zeal- There are many who will say - : : ' u —' : •""'"'" that in the real life of the city, the churches' hopes of restoration are idealistic and impossible of fulfilment. There are those In our power structure who see these evils of ous service without immediately, strong conviction without effrontery, human loveliness heightened and sweetened by heavenly- mindness." * * » These 49 churches have best passion, fear, anger, hate and succeded in doing their part greed as simply part of human | j n the life of the city whose nature, and say, "Human nature cannot be changed." children and whose young people have been trained in the munity nor the fatherhood of .others who remember the dirt * * * knowledge of Christ and whose On the other hand, there are feet have been set in the way city. In the midst of the city's busy and distracting life, burdened men and women may come to one of our places of worship and cast their cares on God. There is those houses of God, men and women who are faint- Ing and ready to give up the fight to live the good life, may renew their strength. In these places of player, all of us may prove to ourselves the proof of those great lines: "Call on Him for He hears Spirit with spirit can meet; Closer is He than breathing Nearer than hands and feet." Forty • nine churches representing the major denominations are in the service of God in our city; great and small churches standing both on the city's main thoroughfare and on the quiet residential strees; are stilent but eloquent reminders to all who pass this way that there is an eternal God over all, a living God with whom we have to do, and whose dwelling among men. Adjoining the city's business section, dotting the major thoroughfares and touching the city's residential sec- ing parable to all who work and Dwell here, that God is concerned alike in the city's business life and the city's domestic life. And the spires and towers of our great churches pointing God. But how different is the outlook upon life of those who have seen God and eternal things. Do you see ou'r attitude to- of vision? If this is a fact of our God, do we not need places in experience in the worship of God, do we not need places in life when it is consecrated to God? Shall we not continue to satisfy youth's craving for action, adventure, achievement and happiness by showing them how great our God is and how wide is His mission? These churches also provide places where God's Holy and healing light falls upon the clouds of human sorrow. Each of these 49 churches place and their is such witness is combined and employed in a meaningful way by the Mississippi County Union Mission. But if there are "down and outers," there are also "up and outers," too. Shall not the church continue to provide a place of pardon and restoration with God in the midst of the city's sin and defeat? Where can a person go in the bitterness of black defeat e- cept to church? In the bewildering complexity of modern life, parents are looking eagerly for help in bringing up their chil- ful. Has the city and the churches the adequate resources for these seeking parents? Can we give our children the opportunity to make the most of their lives, to be strong, healthy, characters? To be respected and influential in their community? Can we prevent some of the tragedies of modern youth? But that our best effort for youth heavenly solemnly r e m i n d us j b e g i n s in the conversion of His holy will should rule both adults to Christ and nurture of the home and the market place. Gladstone said: parents in Christian faith. Some men and women of STEEL EARNINGS FIGURES IN MILLIONS 1956 1957 sou I960 vo W/////////////////M//M//////// 1964 II/BU "ll^WJ Net earnings during the past decade chart the up and down nature of the nation's basic industry, steel. Earnings for 18« topped ft; Pm*"?*" «£ •»» the bJebest etaes tbe tftttae record ate in MSZ, mt still narked i drop to percentage of total stles-S.M per cent of »18.5 billion In 1964, the profit ratio was e.12 per cent and in 1957 7.29 per cent of sale*. roads in Mississippi County and now ride on the impossibility of Interstate 55. Who remember the impossibility of the radio, T.V., space vehicles and a lot of other things — and these people wonder if there may not be potential m i r a c I e s in the fields of mental and spiritual life as well as in the physical of goodness and service. For seventy-five years such Christian people as I have described have been the salt of Blytheville. Let such men and women leave this city and real estate would be worth what it was in Sodom, the city in iniquity. Let such people abandon their leadership and the rich agricul If we are to face the tasks ahead and negotiate the progress expected of us, it must be with like devotion. Those whoj have bone before us have! wrought well. The eternal God who was their strength, shall be our strength .also. In His name and in His strength let us face the task of present and the prospects of the future unafraid, holding before use the inspiring hope that God may remember the sons and daughters of Blyth'eville so it may be said of the churches and the city what the Pslamist said about the natives of Zion: "His foundation is in the Holy 1 mountains. The Lord loveth the gates of Zion more than all the, dwellings of Jacob. Glorious I things are spoken o£ thee, 0 city of God." IN THE CHANCERY COURT FOR THE CHICKASWBA DISTRICT OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. ISAAC BYU0 PLAINTIFF VS. No. 16733 ROBERT AND LAURA LOVE AND Lot 28 in Larry's 4th Addition to the City of Blytheville, Arkansas DEFENDANTS NOTICE Notice is hereby given that Isaac Byrd has filed in the office of the Clerk of the Chancery Court for the Chickasawba District of Mississippi County, Arkansas, his petition No. 16733 to confirm and quiet title to Lot 28 in Larry's 4th Addition to the City of Blytheville, Arkansas in the plaintiff in this cause. All persons claiming said lands or any interest therein are hereby notified and warned to appear before the said Chancery Court of said State, District and County on the 27th day of May, 1966, at 9:30 in the morning, to show cause, if any they have, their rights or interest, if any, why said lands should not be confirmed and quieted according to the decree of this Court in this cause. On failure of any party or person, plaintiff or defendant, or Chileans are called the Yankees of South America because of their enterprize and ready humor. Pound for pound, the sun actually produces less heat than the human body. Only because the sun is so huge is its total production of energy so enor- ] mous. Beginning Friday Open 24 Hours A Day M& R BRAG KIN CAFE 3RD & RAILROAD alleged heirs or next of kin to appear in said Court to answer plaintiffs petition and set up their claims will be forever barred. Witness my hand and seal of my office on this 8th day of April, 1966. GERALD1NE L1STON, Clerk By Geraldine Listen Ed B. Cook Atty. for petitioner 4-19, 26, 5-3, 10, 17, 24 IN THE CHANCERY COURT FOR THE CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT OF MISSISSIPPI, COUNTY, ARKANSAS DORRIS M. RAMAGE, PLAINTIFF VS. . NO. 16768 CLEO H. RAMAGE DEFENDANT WARNING ORDER The defendant, Cleo H. Ramage, is hereby warned to appear is this Court within thirty (30) days and answer the Complaint of the Plaintiff(s) herein and upon his failure so to do, said Complaint will be taken as confessed. ",, WITNESS my hand as Clerk of the Chancery Court for the Chickasawha District of Mis- sisippi County, Arkansas, and the Seal of said Court on this the 9th day of May, 1966. GERALDINE LISTON, Clerk Graham Sudbuty 115 N. Second Street Blytheville, Arkansas Attorney for Plaintiff . Marcus Evrard 126 W. Walnut Street Blytheville, Arkansas j Attorney-Ad-Litem | 5-10, IT, 24, 31 The mosf fobu/ous 17-/ewel iT 'iamond ELGIN of only JUST $J A WEEK So dainty, because it's the tiny petite Elgin movement —small as the most luxurious Elgin made. Bright with the dazzling beauty of diamonds. USE YOUR CREDIT AN ACCOUNT OPEN Mr. Cecil Lowe (Call him at 763-4597) Your Blue Cross-Blue Shield Service Representative in Blytheville is Mr. Cecil Lowe. He will welcome a personal visit with you in the Blytheville Subscriber Service Office at 532 No. 6th" Street. Or if it is more convenient , call him at 763-4597. Mr. Lowe is here to help you get the best help available for paying hospital and doctor bills through membership in Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield. Call on him. He'll be glad to help you! Arkansas Blue Cross & Blue Shield 532 N. 6th Street — Ph. PO 3-4597 — Blytheville Under New Management! LOGAN'S TEXACO SERVICE and the RED ROOSTER INN Serving a Complete Menu with the Finest Chair-Broiled Steaks Between Memphis and St. Louis "Trust Your Car to the Man with th* Star" R. E. JAQUES, STATION MGR. KATIE JAQUES, INNKEEPER No. 9 Road and Interstate 55 4 Miles No. of Blytheville i/: Mile East of Yarbro School PO 3-9715 — "We Never Close" Too Crow You ...if an ad in The Courier News had just brought you an extra volume of business,

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