Tyrone Daily Herald from Tyrone, Pennsylvania on July 14, 1890 · Page 4
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Tyrone Daily Herald from Tyrone, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Tyrone, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, July 14, 1890
Page 4
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• H« M, UrWIWell, Of HOU $»t»trdity tfttiftii In town, ' Mm, W, », CMiwford left thin .„ i»f for ft Visit to relatives in Mlitiln ' Mr, and Mrs. «f, B. Swoops spent yes t*rd«y with frlendi in Huntingdon, titiit Jessie LaPorte, of Whea to think that Tyrofi* could get up the , is visiting friends t\nd relatives in town, Messrs. Will Scott and Percy Gums «r« visiting their friends In the Mountain City. ft«v, ,T. 0. Burr and wife, of Dills- I: I' :'> I'- • t; r-& j, York Co,, are visiting relatives in this place, ' ' Miss Susie Keys, of Philadelphia is Visitlntj her friend Miss AdaMcOmber, at tho Ward House. ftave you been to a picnic, this year? If you have not, don't delay. This sen- don Cannot always last, Miss Jennie Freeman, of Bigler, WHS in this place, the guest of her brother, K. B, Freeman, on Saturday, The corner-stone of the new United Brethren church at Belief on te will be Jaid next Sunday, July 20, by Rev. G. B. McKee of this place, Will the man who knows all about it, please step forward and explain why there are so many more cyclones nowadays than there wore a quarter of a century ago? An advertisement reads: "Pianos on Trial," This leads the Norrlstown Herald to remark 'that the pianos have been placed on trial on the charge of disturbing the peace, and if convicted, should be sentenced for a term of years. Two women of Ben's Creek, near Gallitzin, went out for a walk last evening, and had not yet returned this morning. The men at Columbia Colliery No, 4, of Ben's Creek, quit work this afternoon to search for the missing ladies. All persons who have signified their intention of organizing a gymnasium • by subscribing their names are requested to meet in the HEKALD arbitration room this evening at nine o'clock instead of eight as has been previously announced. A. S. Good left yesterday for Philadelphia to consult physicians in regard to bis health which has been poorly for some time past. He will remain in that city about a week, after which he will -„_— celebration oft th« Fdimh of July of allthe town* in Central Perm, sylvan la, When Altoona, Huntingdon, Dellefonte, Osceola, Phlllpsburg, Clear, field nnd Lock Haven were taken into consideration—well, they Wtre "not in It," that's all, Recalling the commemorations of by* gone years, a recollection of the happ? times and general hurrah that lilted the good, old town, originates a desire to tell you something about how the natal day is taken care of away out here at the extreme West end of the land ovef proudly halcydn Which the triumphal bird screams, Looking back to ,„.. days I see the long procession of different orders, visiting tire and military companies, etc,, and the usual dancing platform among the p'nes on station hill. 1 see the smiling and blushing faces of the rural maidens and their ungainly but big and honest hearted escorts. I see the city dude "dressed in his best suit of clothes," and hear him "guying" the less ornamentally adorned, but more sensible gallant from Sinking Valley, Warriorsmark and the ridges. I hear the noble efforts of the orator of the day, whose flow of words is one unbroken stream of silvery language tell majestically of the conquests of continental times, and superbly portraying the truths and beauties born with the thought of the glorious day. With a vent to the wish to spend another 4th at home with the friends and among scenes so long separated return and spend the rest of the summer at Mt. Union. The twenty-second annual meeting of the Pennsylvania State Dental Society will take place at Minnequa Springs, Tuesday, July 29. Dr. J. C. M. Hamilton, of Tyrone, is president of this society, and he will deliver an address before it at the coming session. Last Wednesday evening at the parsonage, Rev. G. B. McKee united in marriage William M. Buck and Miss Mamie Harris, both of this place. This young couple is highly esteemed by all their associates and we hope that they may move onward and upward in their from, will say something about how Los Angeles lets herself loose and whoops 'er up on the day we celebrate. Preparations commence as early as the 10th of June. Committees are formed by the Board of Trade, and immediately proceed with their work, which keeps them busy until the day is over. The principle appointment is the committee on finance, whose duty is to call upon each and every business house in the city seeking pecuniary assistance. By the 26th of the month the subscription lists foots up into the thousands, when other liberal money donations are made by the wealthy citizens, and winds up by the municipal dads voting $1,000 or $2,000 more. This year about $6,000 was raised, which was entirely consumed in decorations and pyrotechnics. Banners are stretched across the streets, five to a block, and extend for a mile or more on either ; w voyage of life. The laying of the corner stone of the new St. Mark's Catholic church, Altoona, took place yesterday afternoon, with impressive ceremonies. The various Catholic societies of that city and other places were in attendence. Very Rev. Stephen Wall, vicar general and administrator, of P ! ttsburg, had charge of the ceremonies, llev. Father Kittell, of Tyrone, was among the clergymen In attendance. Mrs. Ellen Margaret Hoover died on Friday evening at her home in Newry. the cause of her demise being principally old age. Had she lived until August 1, she would have boon eighty«ix years old. ThBdeceused is survived .-^y'one son and two daughters, A; B. Hoover, of Tyrone, Mrs, J. Campbell and Miss Mary Jane Hoover, of Nowry. "The funeral took place yesterday morn- ang at, tho latter place. Hamilton, Van Wilson, , „ Blair Reiley, William ,MoMurtrie, Scott Kinch, and Joe Davis , as,cook; left this afternoon at half-past side from the central or iniatory point. This is paid for by the city. The busi ness houses are decorated gaily, many of the more prominent ones being entirely hid from view by hundreds of yards of red, white and blue streamers and different designs. Each and every building along the main avenues is more or less decked out with bunting, and when the morning of the 4th dawns a semi-tropical sun beams down upon the city of the angeles in holiday attire, brightened and glorified with the gaudy complexion of the idolized Star Spangled Banner, and one standing at the head of Spring street or Broad »ay peers down through arched ways of bunting Miss Motile,Miifwy, misof eorw compllshed atflf- ptfwaflfe ytraiur Indies, fs ft** it resident of Belletonte, havlttg gone to the classic capilol of Cetit™ to leatn the Millinery trade itttd its btisf. ness principled. Mr*. Justice Strthn, accompanied by her two young daughters and bright little son, of Baltimore city, are the guests of her father and mother, Mr, and Mrs, James Chamberlain, of this pretty village, where they will pass away the summer months, The Warriorsmark Normal School for teachers and others wilt re-open its session of seven weeks, on Monday, August 4th, Teachers who wish to be prepared for examination this fall should attend this school. The young and inexperienced teacher will be lifted to a level with his associates under the direct instruction that will be given him to appear with them before the Superintendent. If,therefore, you.wish to procure a good certificate and want assistance in securing a winter school, come and be benefited. There will also be a night class for those who cannot attend the day school, Mrs. Martin Ininger, kind, noble, sympathetic and true-hearted, has gone from among us, but her memory is embalmed in a wealth of personal affection such as has been felt for but few women of our town. The cords of love that bind her to the people of this community were not severed when she passed within the veil, and the infinite tenderness of her nature will ever linger in the memory of those who knew hor at her home in Warriorsmark. Here her entire life seemed transparent. Through it and back of it could be seen at 'Ul times the motives which prompted her to lead a life of unselfish toil. She tried to walk in the footsteps of the Master, helping the weak, cheering the faint, and showing by her every look, word and action, the sublime gospel of love. Her illness was noticed in a former letter and we will not repeat it here. Sh«3 died on Friday at 2 o'clock p. m., and was consigned to the tomb at the Stars cemetery, Sunday at 10 o'clock a. m. Her husband and children have the sympathy of the people. She was nearing her 69th year. As the pebble dropped into the placid lake sends its influence in ever-widening wavelets to the farthest shore, so may we hope that the wavelets of her influence will go on in ever-widening circles until they are felt on the farthest shores of time. The Rev. A. J. Beau, of the Lutheran church, officiated at the funeral. Do p want Good Bread? ttioit me gome oi the teUevrtm J brarnis «f fecc(i Cdi)8(ft«tiy in slock, MLVN JOII Alt A, Spring Wh<mi latent. MOMS AN'Cltort, spring * Winter Patent, MlLLKn'9, •fNO, A, GttAWfoniVS, ISfeff'S AMBKR, MT, MOCK, f Of IrtVAtlcts wo FLot/B and genuine JlttlM GlUltAM F^Otttt, Iresh ground. Woftlsoimve KERDof nil kinds, snclt M COltK, OAfS, CHOP Jot oltlHT hovsos ofr Cows, SCItKENLVOS, MltAX titul MID- DUNGS. You know that wo keep n full Uno of Choice Groceries. i*le«ise glvo u-3 it cull. W. E. Miller & Co. Cor. Spring and Junlatn Streets, TYRONE, PA, With non-ghrinkable neckbands. Splendid Summer Neckwear for Gents f Children 1 i New shapes in Stiff and Straw Hats, The new Arlington Collar, Sweet, Orr & Co.'s Pants and Overalls, j fylultt Awirtut Light CM Suite for Mm at a Full and running over with bargains at MEMINGERS, 10 JUNIATA STREET. In order to reduce onr stock we offer you exti a inducements in Hats and Bonnets, Lace Cap-, Coachman's Capes, Bead Wraps, Children's Coats, Infants Long Coats, Infants Robo Dresses, etc. It will pay you to examine onr Velvets, Satins, Surah and China Silks which we have in every shade. Our line of Ribbon Velvet and Ribbons is complete. We invite your attention to the best line of Corsets in the city. Ask to see our Summer Corsets. Ladies' Misses' and Children's Gauze and Muslin Underwear, Hoisery, Fans, Ladies Belts, Hair Crimpers, Electric Curlers and Jewelry, such as Bracelets, Necklaces, Fob Chains, Chatealine Pins, etc. Silk Umbrellas and Parasols. If you want a nice stylish Parasol we would ask the privilege of showing you our linej as they are all new goods and the price very low. We have some elegant things in Sil T "T"__ \ 11 _ _. " j I _ j v i • * • , • •*• •• .• _ . — . _ _ .__ two for Petersburg, near which place they expect to camp for a week, The toys can certainly have a good time for they have taken everything along thut will assist them in passing away the , hours iu tlie woods. The principal sport will be bass fishing, Tho boys will have a week to think, and AS fish stories are very source ut present we - could enjoy » flrst class one when they come honie, A remarkable natural phenomenon in •• the shape of a round boulder was blown from/Me embankment opposite the dispatcher's ofliee io the'yard last Thurs. <J»y, wild landed aboutono hundred feet smiling and fluttering with the colors so dear to all American hearts. The same patriotism that is manifested here, is not checked in the least, but it seems as though it explodes with a more profound feeling here. I used to think that the noise created at Tyrone was deafening, but the old burg's tumult is but pastime compared with the ear splitting bombardment here. As early as ihe first of the month the small boy begins to slioot his little crackers, and on the third, especially after 6 p. m., the bigger boys and men commence a fusillade which is continued throughout thenightand lasts until the morning of the fifth. And what an uproar it is! Here the liliputian flee cracker is not heard to any great extent, a prevailing patriotism demanding something that will produce more racket. Even the big crackers are used sparingly, everybody giving vent to their jubilation by the free usugo of! Chinese bombs, which are of live slices, weighing three, five, ten, twelve and sixteen ounces each, Tliesmulleronescontainone-fourth and the larger three ounces of powder, and are imported from China. The former are square, tho hitter oblong, The big ones are about the size of two common bricks laid one on tlie other. Their construction is simple, being nothing more than explosives wrapped tightly with yards of split willows or rattan cane, They are very dangerous ,to handle, And when set off a roar follows Rufus Parker, formerly employed on the Tyrone division of the P. R. R.,but now on the Pittsburg division, was shaking hands with his old friends yesterday. What the Osceola Leader has to say about us : It was the pleasure of the editors of this paper to spend the 4th of July in the wide-awake town of Tyrone. While there we visited the HERALD office and found the editor, who rolls out the thunder that goes rumbling down the field of newspaperdom, busy as a bee and perspiration drops big as goose eggs standing upon hisbrow. OldSolhad a special invoice of heat laid back for Tyrone, on the Fourth,and many were the victims thereof. Laying aside all jokes, the HKHALD is one of the best little dailies in Central Pennsylvania, and is always teeming with local and other items of general interest. Umbrellas with natural sticks with oxodized mounting; also oxidized handles and some! for two years. very cheap goods with gold caps. Our best goods we guarantee not to cut SUMMER DRESS GOODS. IN NOTIONS. where the explosion occurred. Its weight is estimated at about one jj^ ton Pf possibly more. It resembles the ' p,tpnes that cupped the pillais of tho old Corinthian temples, .Dispatcher Bouse fc»4 it conveyed from its lauding place to the frorit of Jiis oflice where it now Jjes far inspection, it elicit-j feelings pf wonder as to its formation iu ' A Led gravel about tweqty-flve feet under It is quite a gu,rjosity waling a greater equal to a fort cannon. AVhea explod ed from between two anvils they shako the earth. [Continued tomorrow,] Three wen indulged in a fight in the bar room of the Arlington Hotel this morning about noon, in which one of the men had his coat torn and one had. his head pretty well bruised,, ^|, e one with a torn coat went with his chum to the tailor shop of Charley Gray to have his coat mended, to which place they were followed by the other man who tried by every means in his power to renew the fight but without avail, Then at his information a warrant was issued fqj. 1 the two men, who were arrested'by Officer Snyder, and given * bearing aqd fined tlu-ee dollars eajh aa<J posts, C4U36 of tlie flgllt Was A 1'iinkoe ShuriH' Frightened. A well known sheriff living in Maine, was giveu up to die with what his physician called Consumption, a friend advised him to try Pan-Tina Cougn and Consumption Cure, recovery followed, and the Doctor now uses it for Coughs, Colds and Consumption. Trial bottles free at W...H, Holmes, Druggist. Cholera infantum has lost its terrors since the introduction of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy, When that remedy is used and the treatment us directed with bottle is followed, a cure is certain. Mr. A. W. Walter, a prominent merchant of Waltersburg, 111., says: "It cured my baby boy of cholera infantum after several other remedies had failed. The child was so low that he Deemed almost beyond the aid of human hands or reach of! any medicine." 25 and 50 cent- bottles for sale by Nowlin Bros. J. D. Fouroe has now in his possession the books entitled, "The History of the Johnstown Flood," and "Stanley's Travels through Africa," which he will deliver this week to purchasers. JI-H2.* ... Do you suffer with Consumption Coughs or Colds? You can be cured i you take Pun-Tina Cough and Con sumption Cure, 23and 60 ce«ts, Tda tottlesfreeat W.H, Holmes,Druggist, We offer onr entire stock of Satines at about one-half their value, these are all this season's goods; nice quality and elegant designs and arc worthy your attention. Our choice selection of Dress Ginghams and Challics were highly appreciated and we arc constantly receiving new things in this line. We make a specialty of keeping at all times a choice and complete line of Black Dress Goods of every variety, quality and price. All the new and choice shades Henriettas, etc. An elegant line of skirt length embroideries at very low prices; also a complete line of Black Netting which can not fail to suit you. We ask your " spection. We arc showing a nice line of Lambrequins and Table Scarfs, Table Covers, Lace Bed Sets and Shams, Cloth Surface Gossamet's Irish Peasant Style, Silk Mitts and Gloves, the Mather Self-Lacing Gloue every pair guaranteed, Boys' Kilt Skirts, Children's Dresses and a choice line of new Goods which we have not space to mention. SHOES. We are showing us Ladies', Misses' m- nice a line of Gents', Ladies', Misses' and Children's Fine Shoes, Kid, Oxfords and Slippers, as can be found in the city. We keep nothing we can not recommend. and sec us as we can suit you quality and price. n Call style, CHOICE SUITIJMiN, PANTALOONS, FANCY VKSTINGS. C. Q. No, 1 JUKIATA -WE ARE- - STEWARTS - A carpenter, by the name of M. S Powers, full from the roof of a house iu Must Pea Moiiies, Iowa, and sustainec a painful and serious sprain of the wrist which he cured with one bottleof Chamberlain's Pain Balm, lie says it is wortli $5 a bottle, Jt cost him 50 cents, For sale by Novvjin Bros, Mr, Van Pelt, Editor of the Craig, Mo,, Meteor wejit to a drug store at, Jluisdale, Iowa, and asked the physician in attendance to give him a dose of something for cholera morbus and looseness of the bowels. He says: v >{ felt so much better the next morning that \ concluded to call on the physician and get him to fix me up a supply of the medicine, I was surprised when he handed me a bottle of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy, f{e S3i4 be prescribed it regularly in his pra.c$j|ee §i}4 fpun4 it the best he could gat OF. Prepare, I CUR testify to' its effiei. py.casfi ftt aU gyant, H~p 0 ;p WUtyD TO SU66EE Tho reason why, we will tell you. We don't believe ii carrying goods over from one season to another; we want t< be up to the times ; we believe in holding our reputation ty carrying only tho latest and finest goods, We have decided on the city plan of doing business and] we will therefore sell you anything in the way of Clothing, Hats, Caps, Etc. NEW STOCK OF WATQHES, JEWELRY, -Musical ?TO at a discount of 10 per cent, from this day on until furthei notice, Kemember a child can buy of us as all our goods are marked in plain figures and nice clean goods, no old stock in ours; all fresh from the best makes, Jf you value a dollar call early and secure the cream of the stock, JAKE COHN, THE LEADJN0 ONE-PIUQE CLOTHIER, HATTER and CENTS' FURNISHER, Old StWd, COB- MAJU AKP JTOIATA ST«B«T«. * ** « * ' * t \ f a n !• £ ',: *« -- 1 « fj. , f *• V \ ~ * * «.!£ , _v

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