The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 1, 1946 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 1, 1946
Page 3
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_WEDNESDAY. MAY 1, 194G Russians Taken For Questioning Suspected O* Helping Chinese Communists In Changchun Battle l!y REYS'Ol'.DS I'ACKAlm Untied I'ress ,Sla/T fonesponddil.' CHANGCHUN. April 20 IU1>>— I Nationalist troops Itclore the fall i "f Changchun captured at len^t I six Russian soldiers whom thev suspected of helping Chinese Communists-direct artillery fire nytiiii'-i Nationalist IXMftioiis. I saw four O f the Russians, three en isted men and an officer helmed single file in! 0 Nationalist' headquarters for questioning while lighting raged i n (i lc . s i,. cc i s A i) wore rcenlar Red Army uniforms Gen. Utt Teh-l'ii, N'ationahs. Field Commander, told correspondents that he iwrsonally had seen Knssiuu dead among Chinese Coin- miniisU corpses on the battlefield "In on c of the skirmishes in the southern part of the city we came upon a pile of enemy dead " Gen Lin said. "With my own' eyes I saw oyer 10 Russians In mixed imifor;ns, h.-ilf Soviet, and Imlf Chinese. They lay dead alonnslrte Ilic corpses of Chinese Communist soldiers killed by our mortar fire," Another Nationalist field officer BLYTHRVILLE (ARK.) COURfER NEWS Bikini Protection Bits of News Mostly Personal Members of Navy siilv.'ijie groups which will board "gniti<?:i pifj" ships after the atom bomb is dropped in liikinl Atoll liigoon will wciir (he lightweight plastic - v.>. vjniti.-. , helmets and Navy-type. • rescue American correspondents'! breathing ;ip|>:irn(ns pictured a tommy (51111 bearing Russian writ i"K :ii!tl the Hoc! star, which In- exhibited as a Soviet weapon. It was impossible to bear the Russian prisoners' stories di:e to the battle tension at the time Because Of the Nationalist defeat, it is likely thai the results of their questioning will remain unknown. Communist spoils of victory included nearly 100 American "lend- lease jeeps and weapons carriers captured from the Nationalists. It- was a rare prize, for the Communists liave little motorized transixjrt. Most Communlsi (roops in Man- clniria hiked ihore than 1,000 miles from Shantung in six months to "•each here for the battle. I Inspected 'a down of the American vehicles .today and found them nil in good condition exceui for some'flat tires and n few bullet lioles.Ui (lie windshields. Tho*Com- imimste have begun repairing them. Two of the vehicles \verc lend leased to the .Russians, who In- turn gave them to the Chinese .Nnllonalikt Economic Mission in Cltahgchnn. others were lend- Jeasi'd to the Chinese, Who brought, tlieiu. here by mil months ago. P,jT, A. Congress •Holds State Meet in Hpt,Springs, HOT SPRINGS. Ark.. May IU.P.)—The twenty-first amina convention of tlic Arkansas Congress of Parents and Teachers got ; under way in Hot Springs today, with Mrs. Albert L. Gardner as the •principal speaker. . Mrs. Gardner is vice president of the National Congress of parents and Teachers. Tlie planned program included a report, bv Mrs. 'Elston s. Leonard, state president, and a symposium led by Miss jean 'Greene of Aikadelphia. T. M. Stinnett, secretary of I he Arkfsnsas Education Association, was scheduled to address the group Thursday. Highlighting the convention will be the election of officers Thursday. above. Salvage workers will have many instruments to read ;or rescue, possible lires to ex- li;i.".'.iish. other danjcrou.- duties. React Courier News Want Ads. HUM^O _THE 2>ainiy COOKING FAT Sis Wonderful! The-Reality Nook 111 Nn. First I'honc 89! Helen t.aslrr Isjhcl Pur bus Kerr Invites Development Of Southwest NEW YORK, May 1 (UP)— Gov Robert g: icerr of Oklnhonm called Tuesday for ••indiislrwl Pioneers" to make use o f the tremendous resources of the American Southwest and thereby develop "Additional markets for m ore American industrial production, than China .ind Europe combined will ev?r provide." Ken, in a speech before the sales executives' club of New York. f>nd in a press conference |iie- ccdlng the spL-rch. iminlcd out that his own stale liar, an abundance of raw materials, skilled workers and 'investment, capital, but that gross cash income for farm fumilti'S before the war averaged less than $200 per year. "The industrialization of the South and West, with the inevitable rise in the per capita income would be the greatest boon that, could come to (he industrial econ- cniy of .your state," -he tokP'Ihe New York business men... Ken- said he believed the nation's pioneer spirit uns "more vigorous Ihiiii it lias ever been and oppnr timttips are more general and belter than they've ever been." , Kerr said that the worst bnrric: to industrial development of the Southwest had been discriminatory freight rates but thai "this liandi- Mi's. John H. McU6nnld arid children, shnron slid Jolinnv have arrived here from Tacomii Wash., to be with he,- mother Mrs. Ivy W. Crawford. f 01 . some lime, They were accompanied by Mrs. McDonald's mini, Mrs C! s jPutcher of Tnconu, with whom ' Ihey siwiit the ivintcc. M rs. Md- cher will lomaln here for a brief visit. Mrs. Mns usiey Jr. |,us Uvn called to liirniiiiBhuin. Aln because of the illness of her brother Hurry Curtis. He was to have tin- ikTKOHC an operation toduy or to- inonow. Oiicsis of Mr. and Mrs. John WaldPii (oclav were their daughter. Mrs. Duff aailhcr. Mr Clnllh- er nncl daiiBhter, Harriett Marie of Memphis. Mrs. Galthpr Is the former MJs s Marie WnUlen Mrs. joe Strickland and chil- drpn, Sara and Jerry, spent the weekend In Jonesboro, «liere Kiicsts or Mrs. Strickland's mother. Mrs. Ida Anderson, i.nd niece Miss Polly Davis. Mrs. Victor Slllwell plans lo accompany her brother. Copl W L. Phillips, Mrs. rhlllips, of Llltlc H<ick,jiud sister. Miss Wilsfe Phil- cap will soon be entirely removed. He said that enualimtjoii of fre ''•dcs as ordered by the inters commerce commission was currently held up by a temporary Injunction against tin- order granted b.v a federal district court in upper' New York state. "New York slate and New York week- EXTENNALCAUSE *, a(nc j>imj]lps, KimpJcrijigivorm teller, 8:iltrlipum, luimiui (blnr.kho.ida) und ugly Inotcii-oiit skin. Millions re- lievo itching, limning, and soreness of Ihcsc miseries willillnsaiinplchonicticat- inent. lilaelt and Wliilc Ointinunt goes to work at onec. Aids hulling, works tlm iintisoptic: way. 25 ye:ira success. lOo. 2oc, 5l)c sizes. Pnrrliasp price refumKvl if you're not satislictl. Use only u di- rertc-cl. Vital in elenTisinj; i.i good Boa[). linjoy Black and \Vliilc Hkiu Koap daily. IJA15Y CHICKS 3 to S days old—W (o fiz ftr Several breeds — Feeds, Founts ._ Feeders. ELEVATOR FEED STORE Broadway a I R. K. ATTENTION LADIES Cash Paid for Men's, Women's and Children's Used Clothing and Shoes. 415 W. Ash St. NEED A SPRING TONIC? •EW PE-BO-IA T«rtc Qfc Woken i new pepl U-oz. . V I FATHER JOHN'S Health aid. 5M-oun»M . . OVO-FEMIN, 11-w. QOt As old-tim* lavoiite . . , . WV Gtt PINT YEAST AND IRON Coopcumf KIRBY DRUG STORES Main at Second — Ilroadway — Division H|* of Newbern, T*un;, eurt to Nev/bvrn. Tliey will gitesls tlniiv or Mrs. stllwell, Cup- tain I>hllllp 5 «n<t Mi» Phillips' ))iin>nls, MV, »nil Mis. B. W. FJill- Hps. capltiln I'lililips Is now on terminal leave following his reli\m to die Slrtte.s from Bi'uzll and ro- leusc from active duty In Hie Army. Here for several wfclu us gliesl of licr (langhtor. Mfs John Wul- deit, and Mr. WulUen, Is Mrs. M A, 1'ilce or Kust Pnilrle, Mo. ' Adele Dudley Bride Of Leachville Man Mr. nnd 'MIS. William Alllc nml- j le.v of TruiiinDii' uiinounre the en- BUgfincni ol tholr da»ghl*r, MI« Huzel Adele Dudley, to Wuyne Tay- 1 iloi, SHII of Mr. mill Mrs. Allen O. | Taylor of Leiichvllle. The w«ldlil(i Ifi to Ix; solemnly^! in Kurlv Sum- incr. Miss Dudley iitlended University of Aiknnsiis. F»yc|tcvllle, und was Eracluiiled from Aikmu»ajs Slate College, jonesboio. where iJi« be- cuinc 9. inpnibp)' of Alplm TflU Zr'la Social sorority. sin«> (tradiiullon, slie 1ms been u coinin«rcUl teacher In 6t<?e)e and MarkwJ Tree high schools. " ( Mr. Taylor attended Arkansas State College, where he was a niehi- 1 Iwi of Kapi>u s'lKinn. Nu und the j Engineering .club. , H* recently wgs discharged uf- lor 'JO months overseas. t *here tliey will nuike llieli- home. 1 hey hiwe ij^,,, („ Qsccolii 114 «»esl of his fnlher. Won Snlllvun. Mnx Slewuit Ji-.. u a-c, has re- tiimecl to I'lillndeliihln ufie,. spend- Inn n week wllji Ills iiurents, Mr. mid Mrs. Max Stcwnrt. Mrs. L. L. Moatv of Nvvndii, Mo., is visiting her .son, u. K. Muoiv and I'liiiilly. - • Mr.s. i>hll p. iiurk and son, John nnd J'hllli]), of Hertford, Vui, luivo iinlved for a months, visit with her mirenls. Dr. and Mrs. O. K. lliirivell. Mr. Hurt will joii) them lien 1 In two West than will these arens themselves," Kerr said. Kerr said dial he believed the Democratic parly was "making headway" in the Southwest and Uial "Mr. Titmiim Ls as strong today in Oklahoma as he hus ever been, nncl Dial's pretty stronii." Kerr, who was keynote speaker at the Democratic National convention in 1044, said he believed the President's uhanees ot reelection were "excellent." Osceola Society—Personal Lieut, and Mrs/ Yott E. Whltmov have arrived in Osct'ola followiUB i Ills from native duty • lu the Army. He w»s met In St. I^ouls by Mrs. Whllmore. Mr. and Mrs. Hobert Sullivan and children, Hubert Jr.. »nd Phyllis, nuve gonu to PhlUdelphin, i>:i., At The Hospital. Wall* H«spU»l Admlltcd: Mrs. Mary Southard, city. Juuultu IX'Prlest, Horni'i'svllle, Mo. Ann sanford, Holland. Mo. Mrs. J. H. McDonald, ucorlng, Mo. Mrs. II. B. Snillli, city, Mrs. ixKin Burns, city. Mrs. W. A. O'Ni'nl. ManlU, Dismissed; Alvln CJnillitr. Hnytl. Mo. Mrs. Cecil Hayes, city. Thomas I.ynn clmpman, city. HI) Ihrvilk- ilosplUI Admitted: Mrs. J. H. Mauley, city. Mrs. Sam Allison, city. Wayne Wallace, Manila. Jlnimie Iff M«Uln, city. Mrs. C. H. Whistle, Manila. Dismissed: Mrs. 1'ftul Holland, city. • Mrs. Roy r-Yi'hch, elty,. WHAT C iuiiS 7 IPILEPSY? A baotM containing Hit Mlnlonl «f ft? WOM dodo, i en Hilt .tnlHMIIn* iub|wt hill b. unl FME.'whll* tfc*r loll, It any- r«<Mt«r writing to rht taxational DMilon,' MJ ray, AM., N.wYcrk, N.Y* Dtp)." Mrs. George Vonderbllt Divorces Wealthy Mate MIAMI, PU,, Muy ). (ui,,_ A divorce was mauled Mrs, Lucille I'ursotts V«iul«-rt>H(, from cit-unic- Vandrrblll, scUm o; th e prominent ruiuily, in half tin hour [,iie yesk'r- Tlie final decree was signed only i duy alter Mrs. V»)ul«rbllt. u resident of Halm Bench, (n«| , s uii rur divorce on ground* or desertion . the wuitinnit were not revealed, but H resiled |lmt Mrs. V»;id«-r(jllt gnlned nislcxly 01 I heir flshl-yeur-o),! uniuhlcr. Mnr- giuvt Uicllle, Mrs. Vuildfrbllt tcsflflcd l)it«.f)v HEADACHE, C.p.ilnr i 4 w i(] Uauid CAPUDINE YOU sfffr MOUTH OKU* i WA«H >*a« S«e OKATON TOOTH rauMi Mcvalw*. f «MI • OKLU MOUTH WASH C« Pl-EAi AKT. REJUCSHiMCI • ORATON BRU3H IS , £. WATER RtSUTANTT 1 Kirby Drug Stores Main a( 2nd, Hroadwa.v, Division Approved DDT Residual Spraying BlythevJIle insecticide Co. Harold Wri B h(, M K r. Plume r>58 >I07 K. Cherrv FOR SALE Concrete Culvert Til« Si«es 12 in. to 36 in. A. H Webb ii-at State J,(ne' 'hone: Hlytheville 714 With Elastic Tops No need 10 In'Jf your anl;!es under a bushel-or even under your cliair—\vlicn you dec!: diem out in Wilson Brothers Socks. They're neat »nd trim as skillful knitting on make tlictn. Hasy on the budget because tlicy wear and wear! Easy on the eyes because they're handsomely patterned . . . or solidly dyed in excellent taste. R. D. Hughes & Co. PKone 2721 310 Wett MoinSt. UNTIL YOU HEAR THE DIAL TONE Waiting for the dial tone before you dlol it leorJ builneit. It «ov«« Hmt] And lot calti] Until you hear Hi* dial ten*, your ttril won't go tfirovgfc no mutter how carefully you «H«I your number, *OUTMWtSTe«H»flt MM. P;.E Admitted: **"• to- 8. Blmmunx, ' M«>rU;Ryulv Wilson. (lint her h'u»l>und. t »orld trawler mill Ba'nt-Kieul-jjrimdsoi) o[ Cam- nimVor* Comenlus Vitnderbllt, ou•!• J:i Murcli of )i,t year, am) hud since refused to »ruwer lit' PAGE- THKEU Men In Service Mr. and Mis. Wilbur Wmlil have ii'd-IVL'tl u nu'iisaee llml tlielr son, Pfc. Theodore Wulil. HBW urrlved »t (111X11, Private Wahl K with the 20th Air Pore* stationed nt Hunnoii Field on Ciinvtn. _R»«d Ooortar He«« for ite bod ««*d 40, . dark brown hair. WM wear. inr khaki Notify , , ' , , - , ; ; Sheriff's Of f ice BlylhevUle or Mien* 3823 for LUZIERS Fine Coimetici Cull"' Miss KrunviK Jone.s NOTICE Effective Wednesday, May 1, the following prices wilt be in force: . Haircut 60c Shave 40c HAttlTV FIRST HAKHKK SHOP KKI) MALI, BAKHHK SHOP ». K BAHMKK SHOP 1MPKR1AI, HAKBKK .SHOP KI'KCK'K HAKHKK SHOP \i< HOI.S HAHIU-:K SHOP ' SlIlM KAKHK.K'S HAKHKK SHOP WKHSTKR'S HAKBKK SHOP IF iT'S INSURANCE Dial 2311 For Complete Protection" • ACCIDENT fr rJEALTH • HOSPITAUZ.'iTIOM '," • PIRE • AUTOMOBILE • LIABILITY • BURGLARY ,',' • PLATE GLASS •TORNADO • SURETY BONDS' " • AVIATION FliRST NATIONAL INSURAMCE AGENCY 108 N! 2nd Ch*«. BHincr—I^M CT»W«>T AtHubbard's - After 4 Years of Waiting The Famous "A-B" Porcelain ELECTRIC RANGES $ 95 75 KASY .TERMS • Bungalow Size . . . • Ideal for Small Kitchens in Homes or Apartments Ready for Immediate Delivery, Too! Note These Features: • Three Standard Cooking Units. With Three-Way Stitch! • Separate Broiler Compartment... and Thermostatically Controlled Fully Insulated Oven! • Beautiful White Porcelain Finish? • Approved by Underwriters Laboratories Hci-p they arc again—tiftcr four years of waiting—the .famous "A-B" Electric Hanifcti—the kintl that were so much in demand just before •Pearl Harbor/the very popular bungalow ty, K -, ideal for small kitchens in small homes or apartments, giving maximum cooking capacity in little space. Stands 28>/, inches hijfh, !8'/j' inches wide and 24 inches deep. The.iilwtl .sixe Kloctric Kiiujvc for modern kitchens. Pre-war quality, cx- n*rHy made and in a beautiful white enamel porcelain finish. ." HUBBARD FURNITURE CO. Phone 409 401 West Main Street 100% When your trxior WM ntw, i< hfci 100% fenuJne IH r«n» ihroujchoui. And ihii'i a mlnkry food way to keep it. Don'i r*pl«« your IH m*«n<to jutt bccuut )< n<cd. • linle wotk dont on k. Bring It In Mv4 lM «• *cl)u« It foe too. " ' A,nJ ut« pnuine IH purulMon to kwp your »r»«or ' '" You know, wt CM tupply you whK »hy [H ptrti for your cnctur Hid impicmcnu, U you jw> f*»« •• « link kdvanc* norict. MOM pan, we keep r%hi here in Kock. McCOIMICK-BEEIING MACHINES PARTS AND SERVICE DELTA IMPLEMENT COMPANY Btytfwrill*, Ark. McCOiMICK-OEEiiNS MACilNES, PAtTS Mil SEIIItt

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