The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 30, 1930 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 30, 1930
Page 6
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•;- civ m.YTIIKVII.I Oucen of \Yalcr Races NEEDED TOUT! JELE|S1EL1I Two Youngsters Have Mon- i . oply on Feminine Spirit : : .; and Swim Marks. BY CLMKE BURCKV NEA Service Sports \\Tilcr \ There ought lo be a limit to the number of records one person may fvld, but two feminine member? of. 'our youthful fast set. seem lo favor the plan of giving all the swimtni'.ii: lecords to one Individual and yser-. •mlttuig- another to own all the sprinting marks. ; No Ilmltaticns ever ' have been ; established, however, nnd a lock o! j these probably means that Hclencj • Madison and Slclla Walsh will con- ] tlnue In 1931 the record• topplmi; | practice both Ivjgnn just about a; }f&r ago. [ , As 1930 fades Into history. MISSJ -Madison, the n-ycar-old Seattle splasher, goes Into the books as the! greatest record breaker hi a year! that saw marks eclipsed nt every i turn of the road. All this good-, looking Washington girl did was lo assume ownership of 20 world's ' Iree-style swimming marks at dls- i >ce r ranging from 50 yards to one mile. The coming of another season of .'track.and field campaigns is Die 'signal for the experts to begin won- '•dertn'e what additional damage women's sprinting records will suf-1 fer at the feet of Miss Walsh, 20- year-old Cleveland girl of Polish ' ; birth. 'Unless new distances nre ' ^created, It appears that Miss Walsh may have to be content with adjusting her. own records, number- Ing six and ranging from 40 to '220 yards at the present time. - Neither Amazon has endangered man's marks—yet—but It is sale I to guess that by the time another | game hunting. j*a'r Is added to their careers, the| nm , levels of men's and women's swim- j ISleele Guardsmen : i Defeat Hlytlieville '•• \ Ouinlel, Score 30-.15 i —! The Company A quintet of St'-cle, a i Mo., soundly trounced Company M - j ' f Blvllievi le in Hie Hist official — | basketball name in the new NiHiui- I ::l Guard aitnciy here lust nivhl, reorc 20 to IT,. The tame was p;ay- ( I <'d as the final feature of the pro- • j gram marking the dedication of ! th" lV.-> new sipiflurc. . I The contest yas not only the first! - one in the iv.v: armuiy but uUoi i the TUKSUAY, DKCKM13EH .30, 1930 icr >> * **x trt *® U£LENF_ MADISON / > T^K TV T^ ~» / IT \( I/ A MM M K lj\;iir»l/?Syr>« r Vl' Ihst Barntr for tlic two agi;re-! ons this ;:ea?on. A number ol I the Steelc players had played in | hlfjh f.cho'l Kames this season amlj were In ijood form but the Dlythe-' vlllc yr.utlis 'with very little prac- ( i lice were not np 10 tin- form oi; i llic visitors. j Every pluycr' of the Steelc linc- ! up scored at le»st one field goal with A. Earls liigllpuinl man \\itli seven iKjints. Earls and Bishop, i/Mitw, lyinc fci 1 rt'iinci-up hlgli honors wllli CralR of Blytheville. All four ncored three field goals each. Pete Crais. playing a Ruard position, was llir oiitstniiillng plnycr! for Company M and was move ac-| curtvtc In hllllnu tin Iwsktt llisin i his mates. Tlie local lads- shoved i their lack of practice by the ab-t sence of team work and were "slow eettluK His liall awny on oc'caslons. Bont. Blylhevllle forward, was the best fo:il goat shot of the game | with two points to his credit. L. furls, Steele guard, turned in u fhio performance anil played his position with the skill of a veteran while his brother, A. Earls at forward was also outstanding. Th« visitors lead at the hall. 13 to 10 but Increased their advantage In the second half as the. Blythe- vlllc Hiinvdsmcn had trouble locut- Ing (he ba-^kcl." . • • Charles T. Krnmer was referee of the contest. " . Line-ups. CompnnyMUS) Pos. Coni|MnyA(30) This being a spoilliiK series, I'm going to switch tor the moment, to I still chuckle over the Incident—though I was the ming nnd sprinting just a kid when Tom Williams, millionaire sportsman, hired me Aore early alike than ever before.' to so to Stockton, Calif., to liuin Charley Turner, n great negro mlddle- The Seattle naiad's century swim I wright. In 59 seconds is considered fasti stoc [;ton then was a smnll town. I was a city kid. I went there with : "while 'the "cievcland" giri."glven'nin cock >' i<ll<!l thc townsfolk were rubes. A royal rcceptioi^wus accor.ded IB-yard handicap, ciuM run the j me nt the .sports' hangout—as due my greatness. They led me to t'alk legs off Frank. Wykoff any time he | about diet for n fighter. Someone asked me if a fighter could cat game Kmlz Wright 3 Bone 4 Wiggins 2 McHenry Baker McHenry, J Yarbro Craig C RP- LF LG A. -Earls 7 j Crawford 2 Harper i Johnson 3 Bishop (i Booker 4 Harper L. Earls G jONEbi;;>no. Ari:.—Ccrich cnr- ctice cjfis :~.iay U- hi ^'-^ cf the ^nlc:- c;i lUiiiiranc but hi' ii."." acquired a r • '.v :;D V r.; h:: ;>\;u. 'I'll? pqmlr.r Jeucsfo'.vo liisu snicoi atl'Luc dirctio:' r>:nt former f. h.'.:i;is r.'.::l ^''-' tin", rounded her? afui- the Chilsuisas holidays with the foir.uv .M:>. Ha?.?; lir.i- ••um ol HayiM-'.vil'.J, La.' as his bride. Mtmbej's cf Cov:h Ui-if. lc - l'r:;>ii <:t;iiad and fans R.-,ve the Hnrricr.i!.- mentor and hii. bride- '.i rowsius inception v.-he they airived Su'Jay iiiKhl. The newlyiveils arc no'.v at h:;n: here, What docs Or. iMciiris M;i:r-.ry '• HuiliT mean by suijBCsUr.B the fosi- • ball Bate be abolished Don't they ha\f» to hive om>. c.f those things ii: p.ive the coach? It would be u bcc! i:l<-a. however, for somebody to proiwe ihuL tht'y cut on; tile gate in bo>::::2- Scliaal Turns Back Baer felt like doinf? a "nine-two" hundred; Miss Madison happens to be fashioned almost perfectly for record birds; snipe for Inslancc. • "An occasional fowl is flue," I replied judiciously. u But ns I recall snipe hunting in IrelanU. it's a very cx]>eiislvc siwrt." swimming achievements. Her weight j They hastened lo assure me It was dllfcrent around Stockton; in the ol slightly more than ISO pounds ; marshes they could get dozens In no time. I was so enthused that they is •gracefully, distributed over her lizcd „ lumt for UnU nl M length of 5 feet 10 1-2 Inches. She , * ... tapera from broad shoulders lo'j ' The i'osl-Morbm Fcotb.ill's autopsy is well under j '..-ay. From now until niter Now) small hips and slender legs. Her| A party of-about 50 loft Stockton. They gave me a gunny sack and Year's Day, all sorts of schemes !o : muscles are long, supple and ap-jfoiir yincks o! those old-time siilptiuv mutches, t had a clrich job.' bettering the game will be heard, Of an untiring sub- Oh top of ;that, she |>os- f. energy and enjoys racing. •W£-may expect her to be something-more than a remarkable girl sfcimmVr. as soon as she and her coach •-. .remeflj a few flaws hi hev powrful stroking. - She actually "'nuts her arms to carry a trille i>hlgh and too straight in recov- ". She's working to eliminate io maybe we haven't- seen bin'yet." i'.Walih also r.tands taller, nurt : ibroader 'shoulders, than the All I- had to do was sit on (he ground.- hold open the sack: and keep • ' • : and there will be general criticism -, of this and that feature of the season's piny. Tt will be suddenly dss* I covered that a wonderful season has Jlis't been completed despite j certain rules that nre atrocious, | complex, silly, superfluous mid inadequate. also that Miss Walsh ' fair••- rate more than ordinary no- j kncv ln -C One :of the -newer successions emanates . from Niarquette Univcr- sily;' and Coach Frank Murray. Coach Murray sPv-'S the spectator wants to see more offense in football because lie likes scoring. Says Frank: "The Conch wants to see 01050 offense because he is a rotten offensive conch when his team Is I began lighting matches. There was a stiff wind, and the matches held Inside the opponents' five-yard Why is his learn held? Bethe defend ve backdeld is in the scrimmage lir.e; the tnnesifir-ampon mnlcllcs to a"™* the snipe -so they'd walk In tlio b«. The ths'fype'of exercise In whicli . otllers le(l nie, to form n circle and drive the snljic in toward me. ticipates. Under full steam stride is long and graceful like: kept going out. I almost choked from the sulphur fumes. RITZ When Joe Savoldi played his first game with the Chicago Bears, he b;oke the unwritten law of pro loatball, which is. "Don't geti t cugii." it must be hard for joe; Tuesday and Weanesdav to forget, though, the days at Notre • Dame. i Sec . I HOME THEATRE Tuesday, "Wednesday and Thursday Marlene -Dietrich—the Vagc of (wo continents- Hn buried himself ulive in the Foreign Legion to forget women like her! G i v c s a Signifi- Sll<irtonl y : noticed little white objects moving out in front. Now, I wcrc " ctlr . alx <l l worked for several hours to attract Uce'in the track realm when she: them to the pack. to gtt off her marks as the \ . . * At 2 A - M - l wndc<i ""-("'B 11 the marshes and walked back to head- ;ti,e, caur; close . backs do not have lo cover much 'passing territory' for the end zone I is but \0 ysvrdr, deep. "Now. If the end zone were 20 Important races lust season. I "" * "' "'" '""""' "••"•"" ""= ""'""« '«'" »•"<«« -" ™ "«»u- dc mM Un(1 to - tep (kserrers saw daylight between the quarters, the saloon. The bartender, the only one present, nearly had j ne deIcn5 i VD me n back and make qiereland girl and her opponents, heart failure at my first Question: . -the running bame stronger; or If the backs came up too close there would be a better chance for an offensive team to pass to a touchdown. Result: There would be The cistern invasion of Mav Baer hard-hittinu California heavy weight- title 1 threat, was effectively'repulsed -by Ernie Schaaf.of Boston in ten rounds of lurd fighting at New York's 'Madison Square Garden. Here you see Schanf. a stable-mate of Jack Sharkey. landing a left hook at Baer's head in the first rouhd. Referee Johnny McAvoy <shown in ring) and two judges unanimously awarded the decision to Schaaf. though, Miss Walsh had, " T EAN O UT OF MATCHES. WHERE CAN I GET SOME MORB?' zht idea at j 1 il in IUVR- gave me two blocks more, nnd I was starting back for the marshes «r quantities between her and her, when all the other "hunters" stepped'out of an alley and rracd me. trilling rivals. ! I've helped frame many another person on the same gag. I nnd, too,! more sc-rliig; nnd tlidt is what the i that the scattering of bits oC tissue paper was a Stockton addition to i public wants" | the sport. These, moving in the wind, -were what I took to be ap Baseball Slated For Armory Gym Tonight | pro:lc ' llns s " lp(? ' i. J r: Indoor bar-eball is on tonight': progrun at the new armory B5'"i- nasium. A four-team circuit Is to b2 organized and will start Its schedu'.-: next Tuesday night, according I? Charles Kramer. The tadoor sport which has beer. Introduced with -the opening of the new' gym has become a popular tport at the new building. The first games of the City Caps l*a$Ue are to start later this week. Krr A. Kcrr of trie linl- verfity rf Utah pe?5csscs sn artl- rl? 'wh'.cli he claims dcmonstratos there are c .iill honest cilbeus. H Is an umbrella. 31 y has lift In restaurants, dining Some Constructive Hints A-good suggestion. -But why stop nt 20 yards for the end zone Why not make each end zone 45 yards deep, with the other 10 yards tc- tO Cop Holding Bandits! ^^^uVsTmorescor- I ing? All right. In a field 10 yards NIAGARA FALLS. N. Y.. <UP> —I f ro m a goal, you either would have .. .., . Patrolman Robert Martin sucpris-] n score or you would not have one. oin, i.e eci two robbers attempting to enter'if the team should maVo a score, rooms mid hotol?, street cnrs, nuto- i mobiles nnri trains—and nobody. lias stolen it. GIRLS CHECK ARTISTS DOTES SKATTLE, (UP)—Always casting! about for new ruses, bad check, art- Uta here have introduced the idea of using little girls as innocent accomplices! One took a small girl Into a store to buy her seme candy. Trie clerk, thinking a father was being kind to his child, accepted a bftd check. Others have taken girts Into clothing stores, bought them garments, and departed with change received from larger checks. © OUKS WHO SPEND Too NUCH TIME IN MEDnflic ARE OfleM ACCUSED Op PI^IM IN- B jewelry store but was unable to; why give the team a mere six get any assistance from n crowd of j points? Why not give a team 100 "assetsby which had collected. ]>oints per touchdown? Notre Dnmc Appeals to individuals to call for would Jmve beaten U. S. C. at that a wagon and even threats of ar- ra tc. by -400 to 0. A much more de- rest failed to produce any action. C i 5 i v( . scorc than 27 lo 0. I from the crowd, which cer.couragcd; » « • i the baudlts to "run for it." A Rolmd Blll A border patrol car finally pass- DID YOU KNOW THAT— The Rajah of Hofasby has a ay ot bring old Mentis about his travels around the National League circuit, he Ukes o take with him players from the teams ne is leaving...thus, he did not thin!; the price tag of $40,000 on Flint Rhem. of he I Cards, ' was excessive... Hornsby always had a way with H:ier.i...\vhcn the Rajah was traded from the Cards to the iants. he tailed up' Viis old friends on the Card roster and told 'cm to corae on over and plav with the Ne«- York team ...It was lib/? 'hat when tie went to Ui-slon. loo...but lie forms few friendships.. .no* that, hi has a bankroll thai would choke a crocodile t< work with. It would not be surprising if he '-.xjught some o the old ftunilinr for Cu 1 ^. -r O'Gocfty want* lo know why they keep on tnlkng about paying college football players. Don't they have to have a coin to flip before! each game?" aslts Joe. The Ijoop- B o o ]> a - Dnop Girl D4NGIBO NAN i Comedy and fTraveloguc , .Matinee and Night—10-25^ ! Coming:— ''• "MONTE CARLO", lunsces. It might add to the zest to 1 SUED OVER PHEASANT MURRAY,.Utah, (UP)-Not only are pheasiinU too numerous in Utah, bit the state's to blame, according to John P. Larsen. A pn«»s»nt crashed through Larscn's window recently. He has! brought suit for damages against the state MAINE FLANS SURVEY .-'• AUGUSTA, Me., CUP)—The firs move in a campaign to revive Maine's salmon Ashing industry has bftn mtdt *lth amngeme.rts for « two-teaath sun^y by U. B. Gilroy, .flthinys eitpert, of the state's sirea'ms and dams. when you use cheap paint I B AITING you with big saving on pricc-pcr-gal- lon, the Chc.ip faint Humbug actually snves loss thin £4 on the. average hoi:se — costs f'233.53 more til .in ity paint in 5 vca-.s. Paul Whitman, "SIN TAKES A DAY", with Bennett. Comedy nnrt j Adm—Matinee—10 and 30c. Adrr..—»ight—15 and 40c. Coming—Thursday & Friday —"MIN AND, BK.I.' 1 , with HOLl- Constancc Marie Dressclcr and \ValIace I Beery. .. wcar first'bsscmen-s mitts on of- 1 There aYe now hearty 24.003 be kept running constantly, the; fcnsc nlltl | t «ould add a novel miles of railway track In the Brit- late Jesse L. Rice of Wilbrahaui! touc h' to have the defensive ends; Ish Isles, and $6.000,000.0000 has left n tru>-t fund ot Sl.500 All over', nnd backs equipped with br.r.cball been spent in their laying an;! tots. Over the fence vrould be two ] equipment, bafts- I The point after touchdown also his come up for serious discussion. Only the die-hards will claim that there is any use in keeping this, has long since' Episcopal church of this town may and above that needed tc keep the | clocks in good condition will be; available for other church expends. COLLEGE NAMES TRUSTEES GENEVA, N. Y., (UP)-Chesleis Morton Briscoc, Ph B.. and Rutgcrj oMl^A its'"serv'ice. Biit how about B cccto Jcwelt, LI.D.. ot New York \ m nU crrative to add snap and go City have been elected to Cic board' (0 lhc ^^j Lot tne quarterback of trustees of Hobsrt Collece. Gen-! o! u , e lcam vHt ^ has just sc^cd uvc. f.-r a term ot tour years. j a touchdown bat throe fungws' : with the ncwer-smnller-roiinder: A machine which :a'<cj your ^H Th c teams should be made I money, counts It. discards bal i , f scramble for these fungoes, TlK : coins, and gives a ticket n-iis cor-; scoring team, in order to complete j rect change, has been install! at! the count, adding 75 points lo Its Victoria Station on London's underground railway. for touchdown, would Jiave to catch two out ot three of these The quality painc armor ngainit dcc.iy and repair bills—at low five-year cost! Sec Cost Chart « this i'.oro Ii prove (he figures. This store is hc.-nlqnarlcrs for COLOR — anything in pjint — varnldi — Ijcqucr — enable! — brujhcsl The Arkmo Lumber v ards Kentucky Small Egg 83.75 Kentucky Lump S6.25 Zciglei* - - -ST.oO Eknpire - - 89.75 Montavaillo Genuine 12,00 BftOWNE & BILLINGS Phone 76 New Blytheville Feed & Goal Co. Phone 196

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