The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 7, 1938 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 7, 1938
Page 7
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THURSDAY, APIUL 7, 1938 BLYTHEVH.LE (AUK.) COURIER WHIRE BUYER AND CLASSIFIED ! ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily rale per line lov consecutive Insertions: One time per line lOc Two limes per line per iliiy ...08e Three times per line per clay ..OOc Six limes per lino per (lay 05u MonlJi rate per liiio liOc Cards of Thanks 50c & 'l^c Minimum charge 50c Ads ordered for three or six limes and slopped before expiration will be charged fov Hie number of times (lie add appeared and .adjustment of tell made. JE ,A!1 Classified Advertising ropy "submitted by persons residing oiit- tfdc of tii ccily must be accompanied by cash. Kates imiy he easily computed from above table. Advertising ordered for irrcfiiilai 1 insertions takes llic one lime rate. •No responsibility will be taken for in,orc than one incorrect insertion of any classified ad. Business Directory llufrv Huilev's CURVE IN CAFE Good Food al Good riia>s FKESH RKEUWi' Crappie EXI'EUT AUTO RKl'AIKS Garage operated by Floyd Hnrgcll Cigarettes 2 for 25c HARRY BAILEY'S ^ Holland, Mo. riioitcs 5-l'-4 & t>7<j Piano Tuning Notice Pianos tuned and repaired. Call Kreeman Brothers. Painters George Ford at Warto I'mullwe rajiciliimgcrs. Phono 321 Co. Phone 155. and Hatchery Baby Chicks PUBLIC HATCHING. Marilyn Halcliery. UlyllicviUc, Ark., H.W. 01 North, Phone 7«. For Sale Living trailer, electric ramie, iwrla- ble steel gunge. Box 21-1, Osccola. white stucco house. 512 No. '1st. Call Quality Choc Shop, 21-ck-l-Sl The Zrlliu-r slijiper Shop sells Paris Cushion Shoes, by Wnhl Shoe Co. Beans . . . Sceif 509 liiulifls of l»ircd« Beans. Delta Iniflcnieulsi, Inc. fall KOJ. lil-ck-4-19 Room and Board Sleain heated room wish bo:ird 803 W. Ash, phone 151. lL'cM-12 11. IS. Canmliell. 5-ek '•*'>. I Nicely furnished rooms, isonrd If -If deslicil. PlioiB GIB. 112 K. Clicr- EASY TERMS on liscd frigirt- aire.s, Maytag Washers, Deito light plants & radios. E. I). Gee Sales Co. House uptown. 6 rooms mid batli. '1 room servants house on rear of lot. Easy terms. Write Box "A" Courier NCR'S. 21-ck-l-ai To Settle An i;sMle Two nice houses, now renting for per month. $500.00 down, balance like rent, u, c, Campbell, Administrator, ll(i So. Frnnklin. 10-ck-4-n 40 or 80 acres ol laud. D. n, Gar- Tin Work SNYDER'S TIN SHOP Metal Work lor 20 Years Valves, ijloivpipcs,. good Bins ALL AVOflK GUARANTEED Bloncy Back Guaranteed STOP-A-LEAK - Hoof Coating Also Plastic Cement Phone 498-J Genuine Southern Loreclo Soybeans. Threshed cnrlv. necleancd. S. 0. Dobbs Ark. Dox 4 ll-pk-4-U foil HALE—12 good yauiif mules, cash or lenns, c. II. Whiillc, 6 miles south of Roseland. 8-pk-4-8 Coal My Coal Is Black But 1 'Ircat Von Whlfo, LOCAL UAUUNG Jolui Buchanan I*. Ark. rhone J07 '. '••--.'. ner, Annorel. 12-pk-l-12 MULES FOR SALE DELTA IMPLEMENT CO. Hay—Soybeans—Oats Seed Corn—Milch Cows .And Tractor Work. Bee W. L. Tnte, Armorcl, Ark. Complete 10 volume set ol Standard Reference Books wllli loost leal binder. Call 230 or 792. 15-fa-Ia For Rent Lost Lost—Pair rlrnless jjlassos In Dr. Weil case. Liberal rcmnd. He- turn to Courier Mews. 5 )>k 8 Personal Kirby'» Active Liver Pills Arouse Sluggish Livers limi biuoDBBMi, con«tipar.oh i linr.l'illi 1 lh» rea rnuBe ol jniir tfugKlehn'tta trio niU you fed liku « new p« r «on. Bid «ar fj-eiem of lurplu.i , coiaoBf Liver r'lll*. Bnwlcii, gjral«. >r»f Sl(irc» Position Wanted White, girl WHiils job a-. nurse maul l!ox "1111", Conrii;r News. -1-iik-i) Men of Hour Confuse Cubs In Journalism tvlicn ifcn miller a nitcron.'oiii'. Is n'otchr.1 lite a s,i«. Wool, knivuM und In-ill i'n. is licUl toiclluM- by tin Klrbr Neb. iUP) -.. Kiinnnc Bimoii Is 'clmncellor of I lie m- ien.u<T In Great nrltuhi. At least, that Is the way a ; ,m- rtcnl Mi'iuinrd the Kronrii ivrren actress in I'rof. (iayle <.',. Wallier'ii Ihsi year jonraallMii claw ul. the University of NelmisXa, Cue ulil student was miahli: iu ttic <]im to Identify the olmneollor uf her mm rehonl. She Mild Chancellor E. A. Hurnetl Is u "public relations i-oiinscl ,and |m.s bcroiiu- noted fur his remarkably MICCCSS- Anollicr brylmier drsirlbod Ur. Cilcnn 1'Vauk as the "cuBani/n- ( ,i iht> nepiibllcau iinrly and Is hulled by sonic as (he srciind Lincoln." Anolhor tlioiiKht Or. rrank w;is i\ "world famuiis pacifist," I'oslniaster General .lanuv. A. Parley in oiu' instance was iik'nli- (ifil as secretary uf aririniUurc, When iiske<l lo hlcntil'y Chhni; Kal-shi'k. one sludenl wrole Dm I "he Is the. man with the beautiful and active wile who unuhutc:! from Vassal-," and another student, insisli'd ho was in command of Hie Japanese air force. Inlcrlnckni" ul tlie nutclus. and fell is the result . Mdil Kcods. All Varieties, Alialfa! Any' Qiwntlty. ' Wlmlrwile ,V. Itclnll W. 0. IJKKVKS tio. IMi, !,t. m.vthoville, Ark. Salesmen Wauled MAN WANTED to supply ,Kaw- cieli's Household Products to ccnsumcrs. We train nnd help you. riocil nrclUs for liustlcrs. No cs- Dcricticc necessary. Plcasnnl, pro- ntablc, dignified \york. Write R;iw- leigh'.'i. Dept, AlCD-av-MC, Memphis. Tcnn., or see A. Calc, Join- •r. Ark. A cable perfected by Brili.'.h postal engineers is capable of carrying 250 diltercnt conversations al the same time. 'llic Palo ilc I.cche is the cow tree of llic tropics. U- yields palatable milk vylu'ii (be bark is nil open. A sinjlc of sheep's \vont. !S Vru Xnn'f t.ikc lite ' (1& ft E) VOU rt ' ^y ;\\ pjj (iicvriN \\liy Nn: Call I'BW' 4 &MJD<V1'i«li I'lioiH' 700 Ton:; of SEED We luu'e. cm Innid for wlu or trade, for other iirodiH'ls, Deuns l.iuwlii. Dels I it, Mammoth llrtnvn, Wilson uml Virgin)* \!I-«\MI. Tea;;- -Whips nnd New Km. l.o.'.lK'dena — Kotcm Cot- Inn Kiw-1). 1'. [,. li./v mid Slonci'llle ^I-A. Will fell foe cnxli or I null" with yuu for ollior l;lncl:; u( bums or cotton need. L. R, Mallhews Gin Co. Tfl. ll-r-J, V.ulno, iM tm, Cotton jji'i'il Ai Coal HAV»:NMA, o. HJPI-AII kuli'rs In Uils vlclntly urc harply scuillnlail by jiollcc. S«n\o l|i»vw rcixHtlly stole I25 sets of skate wheel* Irom Die FmilelJ Ci)}<lwln Hlnk Skate. Wheel Com- FOWLKK DRUG CO YOUR PRKSCR1PTION DRUGGIST Milu HI The Mile oJT^tiitloii'cf tiio ylaiiet Uranus Is ca fysf. nt\d jlicTitle (if revolution about the <rurt is 'no sloiv; thiH l|io planet actually turns; on Its-axis GS.OOD limes while matins •cue trip around the umi. : WELDING AT DEBT PIUCK8 PROMPT BKHVICE Barksdale Mfg. Co, C(ini{ildc I itnc Of l''ixturcs it Applututio.s 1C s iu 1 . r I WiritiK "'I'lie Cumiilde lilcclrlcal More" 111) KD. 2nd I'hunc HI'I Now Located n< 101 Ninth Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU ,I>ON EDWAHUB, IVoprlclt* Caioolators—Kcpalrlns—1'arls— Ull) liuiij All makes ol Kebuilt 'iypcvvt'ters, Adding Madilnci itnl t'alciilalora—Iteiialrlni;—I'ails—Itlubons Crescent Oafe IUNK * KAN'Cli KVKUY NKiltr Hot I'll liiirljeeiio & Klcctrie. Cooked steaks All Ix.'adhiK Dnuicls lif llccr, Whiski'yu. Wines >t Gin CI;;in elk's, 2 l'ui'k,)|icii 1 J 5( Phillips, Clns fc Oil a-l HOUR SKUVICK I'hone I'l Holland, Mo. THUS!*; I'lUCKS INDICATE Y()ll|{ (JAIN BUY HOW - - - AKO SAVE 1933 Ford V-8 Fordor.. . $126 in, oxrelU'iil (ires ;uu| mi)( 0 i' f ctilur This (,'ac very i Itrovvii. 1934 Chevrolet Sedan ~'. L ills of n mill's for M "liccls, ,\ su-al at t|,| s Jlr i rr> 1934 Ford V-8 Pickup tlooil lli-fs nnil iiuitor. Co|,ir K Hliii-k A u'liuilrrt'in ,...$166.00 ivllh led wire .$89.00 P H 11 t r II I 4i LI ALLEY OOP FurniElicd home. Eicctrk: rcfrig- rration. nnd oil heat. 5 looms. K. L. Wctb, 130 E. Davis. 1-ck-ll •1" roonr Finn. Anartiiicnt, Private tath. Cull 1018-Sv. Mrs. Raymond KCihiiiucli. ,... i , 7-ck-U t Radio Service tv K\pfr( K.utio Service ' TAKIS, TUBES, BATTERIES Hardaway Appliance Co. Henry Werner Wain & 5lh Pl )0 ne 233 Batteries BATTERY SERVICE J. Ben Clune Plious 8 at Tom Jackson's Sporting Goods Complete Stock Goldsmith's Baseball Goods Just Arrived! SHOUSB-HBNRY HARDWARE CO. Cotton Seed D. p, L.NO. 11 --- COTTON SEED \, ! Cicrminzlion Test 88 per ecu! S6» 1'er Toi> at 1'ccan Point, Ark. JOHN E. UZZKL1, 2t-ck-4-21 Several Iliindrcil ISuslicls LAREDO SOYBEANS 100 ISuslicls DELSTA BEANS also a liit (if D.P. L.NO. II COTTON SEED '1 ht-jn cotton seed were ghuicd <w «nr own ptiiralc gin. Not :\ bate «r anj- oflicr cotlon cnuicri on this fin bat Ihis tnc \aricly. C. f. TUCKER Used Funiiluic 1 WK BUY & SKIJ, (JSKO IDKMTIJUK BUY NOW - - - 1'AY NEXT I'AH. - uiTPPAon H.ind Furniture t lo CofT Holrl Tailors Let us motli-prool your clothes closct-s ,t livlii;; room suites. Guaranteed protection 1 ycnr. Mo- nitc process. Band Box Cleaners. Phone 171. 30-eh-4-30 2f you need a Tailor, sec George Mnir, "BlvlhcviUc's Only Tailor." Main & S. K. R. Shoe Repairing Quality Shoe Shop NEW 'SAMPLE SHOES Kyerylhiug For Vour Shoes 1'honc 120 Two room unfurnished 8(H So. Lake ti-pk-11 Small house on Bis( Cherry St. C. E. Parks, phone 283. 0 pk 11 rcom tuniished aparlinent. Mrs. O. H. Wheeler, 809 Heani. 5pkl2 Apartment Ingram Building. Inquire Parkhurst Co. 4-ck-tf 2 or 3 furnished rooms. 2 upstairs. 316 Hcarn. H-pk-5-2 Unfurnislieci apartment. 5 rooms and bath. Possession April 15th. 222 E. Davis. Call 468-J. Mrs. Matt Monaghan. •J-cfc-tf FOR RENT—Modern two room 1111- luniislieil aijartincnt, 1500 West Main. 2-ck-9 / OH.Wt.'lF IT HAOM'T / 6EEW FOR. THAT RAT OV- VOUES.WE MIGHT \ HAVE GOT AWAV - - OUT \ OUC. GOOSE 15 V) COOKED wow; \ ''I HERE HE \s>, G'RLS.'QOSn HIM.' ^ >.Jf w^ O*-':-.. •_ LOOK AT 1HAT.' TH WHOLE IIY V. T. 1IAML1N NOW, CGP, &VGUM,V'6O'nA ADyWIt-IF 17 WARKl'f FOR. iO, WE'D BE BACK. IN TH' PIT.' HE'S SAVED OUR HIDF.S AM' OUR / LIBERTY TOO -AM' HE MAV EVJEW ^ HAVE A HAKiO IKJ SAV1M 1 MOO /' BOOTS AND HER JiUDRIES A Mind of His Own Mwlern 3 rcom apartment. Newly decorated. Unfurnished. Comer Main & 2nd. F. Billion, phone 164. a-ck-5-2 Store and resilience combined cointjmcd. Modern conveniences. Hear factory. L. Fowler, BlytUe- rillc Motor Co. Call 888. 30-ck-(f For Rent: Main. Bedroom at, 622 W. :3-ck-tf 3 room {nruisticd apattmcut. newly decorated, phone 185-.) alter (i P.JI. Mrs. Belle.Wooft. 2fl-cfc-t£ 120 acres land. lour nouses and tarn, in Half Moon community. II acres of alfalfa. Sec Ear! Mageis. Dell. Arkansas. 2'I-pfc-i-24 'Comfortable bedroom, phone 277-,f. . Call at G25 W. Main.. Comfortalile be;Ucoiii, • nut, Call 102. 1017 Wat- 19-ck-tf Found Leather folder with 2 keys. Own er can have same by paylug cost of tills art. Black leather key holder ing one key. Owner can have same by pnylitg cost of this ad. Courier News. Metal key ring with 13 keys. Found near HisU School. Owner cnn have same by paying cost ol this WauteQ Sflcs person, man or woman, 2f,-50. Arlvnnceraenl for luisUcr. Wrilc Wiltcnc sales Agency. Jciusboro. Ark., 115 Baker St. 7-iik-l'i 1!Y lilXJAK MAUTIN WASH TUKBS auuq-,woTTA, i CARE? VJE'LL GO TO cwu\ AW "' JOIM W A(R CORPS —I'LL 3ESHOT POWM IM BE SOSR.V THEM,I BETCHA V 'I'licy Have l^vei.vfliiiijr iSTUXJK ATTflAT FLASHY CAR. BEHOLD THE PROUD TILT OF THE CHAUFTEUE5 HEAP. TO SEE YOU'D NR'ER DREAWTHAT WASHIE WAS BROKE, VWQOLD VOO? HY HOY CRANK WWOOT, W5TATO&BS.'( I STILL OESE Oil T1CE5 WONT NEWA /GOT $11.30, LAST TO CALIFORKllA, KIW BUY bOME SECOWD- HAWO OME5. FRIICKLKS AND II1S FHIKNDiS FERRIS INHEEL HOT 000 STrSV THEV HAVi? THBILLERS, (/^HEY. FRECK.' M / VI In Tliis Comer—. To Buy S3500 Worlh of USED FL'RNITURK AH JIakcs /(adios Kcpiitrcd WADE FUKN1TUUE CO. 112 W. Alain m«nc 155 U;«l Uinctto Suite. Pay cash or T , TN ,. trade Breakfast suite for it. I'rec Delivery phone 521 i-pk-n KRECKLES, REMEMBER! YOUR. ARGUMEMTS IN THE DEBATE UPHELD^.* PEACE AT YOU TIM HORN fv\KF:R ! I'M ( COMMA \ YOU CM THE NOSE ' PLEASg.BOY RE5TRAIM i HAT GUV DiDM'r I SPcAK A LINE > OF HIS DEBATE ) SPEECH ! IT WAS A / PHONOGRWM / RECORD' -•> OH, DEAR, THIS IS TERRlBLli.' BY MERRILL BLOSSEK THAT WAS THEORY, MR. DEAN--- THIS IS PRACTISE.'

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