St. Louis Post-Dispatch from St. Louis, Missouri on December 14, 2000 · Page 60
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St. Louis Post-Dispatch from St. Louis, Missouri · Page 60

St. Louis, Missouri
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 14, 2000
Page 60
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F4 ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH EVERYDAY THURSDAY, DECEMBER 14, 2000 postnet.comentertainment P Advice Dear Abby Keeping hands clean is first line of defense in lighting off colds People in the news Advice Ann Landers Wife taking verbal and drunken abuse needs counseling Dear Abby: Christmas came early last year: Our copier repairman at work gave me his cold. I spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with my cat, because I dared not inflict my cold on my elderly parents. Abby, please remind your readers to cover their mouths when coughing or sneezing. A big thank you. AAACHOO! You're welcome. (Gesundheit!) As important as covering one's mouth when coughing or sneezing may be, it is equally important for everyone to frequently wash their hands during colds season. Contrary to popular belief that colds are caught from germs flying through the air, more colds are caught because people cough and sneeze into their hands, and then touch objects that are touched by others (door handles, elevator buttons, stair rails, telephones). When their contaminated fingers touch their eyes or noses, colds can be transmitted. Frequent hand-washing (or sanitizing) is the best defense. Read on: Dear Abby: As we all know, the importance of washing our hands because illness can be transmitted by touching our eyes, nose and mouth, it amazes me that strangers have an uncontrollable desire to test a newborn infant's hand grasp. Don't they know that babies comfort themselves by putting their hands into their mouths? It's flu season, Abby, so please ask your readers to try to keep their hands to themselves when they see a baby. Only their smiles, coos and kind words are appreciated by their parents. CAUF. MOTHER OF TWO That makes good tense to me. Although tiny babies are almost irresistible, adults must bear in mind that the immune systems of infants are fragile; and make the effort to lessen their exposure to illnesses they may be ill-equipped to fight off. Dear Abby: Why is it that after a couple has dated for more than two years, everyone assumes that they are ready to get married and that the woman is anxiously holding her breath, waiting for the ring? I am 31 and have been in a relationship for three years. While we are very happy, we feel we still need time before moving on to the next step. It amazes me when family and friends chastise my boyfriend and pity me because I haven't been so "lucky" as to have gotten engaged. Abby, please tell people that it's not OK to assume that every woman is dying to get married. I find this degrading and old-fashioned. I realize that everyone has good intentions, but if one more person asks me when he's finally going to pop the question, I just might "pop" that person. HAPPILY DATING IN NJ. Before popping off, please consider that your family and friends are traditional thinkers. Your attitude is extremely contemporary. Until the last 15 or 20 years, it was most women's dream to be married and if they were in a steady relationship for more than two years without a commitment, the problem often was that the boyfriend was unwilling. Years ago, girls used to dream about a little white house with a picket fence. Now, they're likely to dream about a corporate office with a couple of windows. Jo order Abigail Van Buren's "How to Be Popular," send $3.95 and a business-size, self-addressed envelope to: Dear Abby Popularity Booklet, P.O. Box 447, Mount Morris, III. 61054-0447. re it" t - V V V V o 1 . - . j ' 1 L-.. p iiriiti-imiiif -ii FOX John Goodman (left) says goodbye-o to Ohio. He's shown here with Orson Bean, who Isn't his father but plays that on television. Compiled By Harry Levins Post-Dispatch Senior Writer The Good: In an Anglican Church magazine called Celebrate, Britney Spears is hailed as "a great ambassador for virginity." A mag spoksman says, "Britney is very sexy, but she has strong principles and religious views." Spears has made much of her pure-as-snow relationship with 'N Sync's Justin Timberlake. "Just because I look sexy on the cover of Rolling Stone doesn't mean I'm a naughty girl," she says. "I find a lot of comfort and strength in knowing I can talk to God, and He's listening." So is the Irish government, which is pushing a "Do a Britney" campaign. The drive urges girls to hang on to their virtue until age 18 at least. (For the record, Spears just hit 19.) The Babs: Bill Clinton will throw a White House bash to honor Barbra Streisand, says And well he might. After all, this summer in LA, she threw a party that raised $10 million for his presidential library down Little Rock way. The Awful: We thought this sort of thing was limited to boys in group photos for high school yearbooks. But Lily Tomlin confesses to New York's Daily News that in her phone-operator schtick on "Laugh-In," she coyly used her third finger to dial the phone and flip viewers the bird. Adios: If John Goodman wants to head home to Af-fton for Christmas, he'll have the time free. Fox TV i ' , Lili Tomlin Digitally crude has canceled "Normal, Ohio." The last episode is being taped today and will run at month's end. . . . After 6,000-plus shows over 29 years, Janice Pennington, 51, has called it a career as prize-pointer on "The Price Is Right." No women have made the cut for immortality in Cleveland. At its yearly installation ritual in March, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame will put in an all-male group. All honor, laud and glory will go to Paul Simon, Aero-smith, Queen, Steely Dan, the Flamingos, Solomon Burke, the late Ritchie Valens and pop nonesuch Michael Jackson. They were culled from a crop of nominees that included Parti Smith, who fell short. A hall-of-fame flack says, "I'm always hoping there will be some women inductees. It's unfortunate that there aren't any this year." Although Helen Reddy is Jewish, she has just released an album titled "The Best Christmas Ever." When an Internet interviewer cocked an eyebrow, Reddy said she had stuck to her religious beliefs by making sure than no song mentioned Jesus Christ. On this day: On Dec. 14, 1861, Prince Albert, the husband of Queen Victoria, died in London. Today's birthdays: Jazz artist Clark Teny 80 "60 Minutes" exec Don Hewitt 78 Actress Patty Duke 54 Actress Dee Wallace Stone 52 Rocker (ACDC) Cliff Williams 51 Model Bridget Hall 23 Comic Doonesbury OKAY, HSR&STHB PtLBMMAASISBB IT-BUSH WON TECHNICALLY, BUT 1 rl QOR(OCN I irSUKSAGWBVJITH BAP OFFICIATING, WITH TUB OUTCOMB HIN&NG ONAPISfWBPCAU..,. BUSH WINS IF WBREFS UJORP& FINAL, BUT WHAT IF AN NSTANT RBPLAY SHOOS GOfiBtUONT WHICH STANPW? pom user vr I ANY 1 XT' A 13-14 W...BXCUSB MB,PUPB, PfPNTTHB PBANBAN SPORTS ANALO&BSr NO, ONLY IN THESIS ISCWRB COURSES. Dear Ann: My husband left a copy of your column on my night table. It was the one from "Divorcing Her in Massachusetts." The writer said his wife has become a "sloppy mommy" and shows no interest in sex. Here's my response: Dear Husband: Yes, you are absolutely right. I have a negative attitude about intimacy. When we have sex, I do so grudgingly and without enthusiasm. Why would I want to be sexually intimate with a man who belittles me on a daily basis? Twenty years of your tantrums have worn me down. You have humiliated me so many times in front of family and friends that we barely have a social life. Our daughter is afraid to have you around her friends because your idea of "discipline" is verbal abuse. I am glad you have started taking medication, which now allows us to enjoy your company from time to time. But I fear the alcohol you drink negates the effect of the medicine and you refuse to stop drinking. It is becoming harder and harder to tolerate your boozy behavior. I am exhausted from doing everything at home and at work. Your criticism drains my energy. We have tried counseling. It didn't help; you rejected all the recommendations. You will not agree to a separation, and a divorce would be financially and emotionally harmful to our daughter, so I will stick around until she is grown. LEAVING EVENTUALLY, WHEN THE TIME IS RIGHT Your life with your husband sounds like a nightmare. Since you do not want to divorce him, get back into counseling with or without him and learn how to live with that man. It may be that you need to develop outside interests that do not include him. If that is the case, do it. Pronto. Dear Ann: Every year at Christmas, my brother sends me frozen steaks from a catalog company. The steaks cost him at least $60. 1 can buy those same steaks at my local grocery store for $15. How can I tell him that I do not appreciate his expensive, totally impersonal gift? I know he sends the same thing to his clients and business associates. Is he so lazy that he cannot shop for his only sister? Maybe I should keep my mouth shut, but every time I think about it, it burns me up. Any suggestions? BIG SISTER A gift is whatever someone chooses to send. These days, many people prefer to "shop" via catalog or over the Internet. Kwitcherbeefin' about the beef, and don't sweat the small stuff, Sis. At least he is thinking about you. Dear Ann: You recently printed a letter from a grocery clerk with hints for customers. May I offer a suggestion for the clerks? Please give us change in the correct manner. Most cashiers return change by putting the paper bills in your hand first, then dumping the change on top of it. Sometimes, they put the receipt on top of the change. This creates a "handling" problem. We need both hands to remove the receipt and the change before both slide off the bills and onto the floor. If cashiers would put the change in our hand first, and then the bills, we could grab it all with one hand. This would save us a lot of time and trouble, and spare the cashier a lot of frustrated customers. Please tell them, Ann. MOON TOWNSHIP, PA. I don't have to tell them. You did, and I thank you. LAST WEEK'S PUZZLE T E EPP RAD OMR A D A R B.J.N. Jl AimiAilililliii A n.1 A! IA!AD d a y III ? Alii . IHIA S I G HEZl 'IIjIR 0 S E 0S H H 0 N E In r AcTi fiIlilR.IiE n oI"!1 LEA DO hIJa" R E T E e R 1ffC 0 A ai II F E R S A V E R J Ijfs EIUP J 0 sr"plR" 0 I t E DT R 0 jl "111. AREA cTbTb E StlEif. II JBiiI b a s i CLZzji i u. c. o TB(a 1 " S f:': :im TTx i n g m e t a p h oTr si '' 1 A l pISDM 0 0 fl A G E L ' '. "f B P o To M 0 oDo a n t o jTTp 1 o i sp" Nun A ill I S S E JtjH A N G 0 Hf3 A R I n o t o ir ' ill A A d a od Ten A 5 I TtlM f Aj AiiAlTtAIIIJl I""" TAKE I ill L I " E It flE f B E AJLll 12 Ail Y C-r -i-'-rj? .A 11 ! 1 iAnl iAI 1 f" lillli i n y I i I i If II I A I A 1 All A fl ill 1 0 1 T 1 E 1 R 1 S T I S I R 1 S L SEALTcSSS Peopld to People by Susan Luberda Friend search I'm looking for old friends Lester and Vera Schierbaum Hall. Vera once worked in the personnel office of White Rodg-ers. Please call Aileen Williams, 314-351-5677, if you have information. Reunions The 1948 June class of Farragut School is holding a reunion Dec. 23. For information, call Walter Watson, 636-724-1663. Genealogy I'm searching for descendants of soldiers who served in the 6th Illinois Cavalry. Please write Tom Yockey Jr., P.O. Box 1952, St. Charles, Mo. 63302. NEW YORK TIMES MAGAZINE CROSSWORD PUZZLE NO. 1210 ACROSS 1 Doesn't just close 6 Morse bit 9 This is fun!" 13 Not run 17 It's broken at parties 19 They're often kept in 21 Spike 22 Laser alternative 23 Like some vaults 25 Service expert 26 Fairness in hiring, say 28 One-dimensional 30 River through Belgium 31 Distress call recipient Abbr. 32 Whirl 33 Fancy neckwear 34 Genetic code carrier 35 Sarcastic 38 Like cedarwood or cigar smoke 40 Coptic titles 43 Some TV's 45 Cutting tool 47 County north of the river Shannon 48 It's outstanding 49 Geometric figure For any three answers, can from a touch-tone phone: 1-900-420-5656. 85C each minute. INNER CIRCLES By Rich Norris Editeo by Will Shortz 50 Rapid growth area 99 Balkan native 52 Alternative to buy 54 Apr. addressee 55 Computer site 58 Smidgen 59 Extras 62 "Love " (Beatles song) 64 "It Walks by Night" author 65 Part of E.R.: Abbr. 66 French vineyard 67 Hush-hush grp. 69 Albanian currency 70 Award for "Rent" 71 Toxin fighters 72 Caps 74 Certain duty 76 Dozes 77 Stab 78 It may follow a dot 79 Fan's opposite 81 Some Broadway fare 83 Personally bring 85 Calls, as a game 88 Clipped 89 Obliged out of integrity 92 Actress Ward 93 Sacs 94 Kind of mass, in physics 95 Villa in Mexico 97 Treat like a dog? 98 Antiquity, in antiquity 103 Rapid transit inits. 104 P.O. employees have them 108 Anthony Kennedy's Supreme Court predecessor 110 Winter league activity 113 "Are you out?" 114 Incidental matter 116 Clef designation 117 To be, in Brest 118 Cradlesong 119 Stored, as fodder 120 Competitor of Bloomingdale's 121 Katie's "Today" co-host 122 Composer Rorem 123 Waist-length jackets DOWN lHot 2 Brits' floor coverings 3 Twist locale 4 1905 Shaw play 5 Suffix with hip 6 Contempt 7 Exiled tyrant 8 Multitude 9 Erased 10 Like the fox hunting set 11 Grandson of Eve 12" Beso"(Anka hit) 13 Family group 14 The Lizard constellation 15 Sea nymph 16 Retaining wall site 18 No longer on deck 20 Watch 24 Exchange employee 27 Scottish landowner 29 Foot in a line 33 Trite sayings 36 "Mm-hmm" 37 Gothic feature 38 Prefix with benzene 39 Singer Green and others 40 Hurting the most 41 Late 42 Usually it's not included 44 Back on the briny 45 $200 Monopoly props. 46 "Beg pardon..." 51 Medical group output 53 Selling point 55 Shakespearean title word 56 Least interesting 57 Symbols of free speech 60 Mine artery 1 j j 4 I I 7 i "9 To" il 12 - W W H it Ti 20 g 55 m "j is 1 ""a- 40 41 42 " 44 145 4f 71 f " " J I U T f " p 54 " 57 U ""'IM M II f" SI 161 64 65 M f""6 6Y"lS 70 71 72 ''II74 75 77 p n n so I ii a f--r mm In ,mj 111 M ""iJi N 07 SO 00 ST 01 93 04 I' W 90 07 " S "ff" iST wT T(a'"""j IM IW104" 105 55T 107 i0 100 flMO 111 112 TTS 114 116 ""lilt Tir tu TTb 120 121 T 122 ""1123 ' 61 Proceed without the words 63 Teacher of Samuel 64 Factory conduit 68 Lumberjacks 73 Place for a guard 75 Weirdo 78 Syndicate 80 "Go on..." 82 Emulate Dttrer 83 anglais (English horn) 84 Actor Brynner 91 Like some television 96 Flings 99mgarthe 86 How peaches may Horribles dog be served 100 Pronouncement 87 A fly-by-night? 101 Dawn-colored 89 Longhairs 102 Merchant vessel 90 New York city A) off,cef the Susquehanna 105 Ban 106 1942 Pulitzer novelist Glasgow 107 Coasters 109 "Tu" (1974 hit) 110 Concept 111 Dodge 112 Ashtabula's lake 115 Gmpany (hat grjkjrammed Deep

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