The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 10, 1930 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 10, 1930
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, KKPTKMBKR 10, 1930 BLYTHEV1LLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THREf H. M. Denglcr, Prohibition School Supervisor, Long An Expert Investigator. Train Prohibition Agents from Second Samuel. 19:10. John I!. Lane, wtncallonnl HY RODNEY DUTC1IKK NKA Service Writer WASHINGTON. — You can yo 6l:cnd and laugh at Uncle Sam's ni'W school for prohibition a«ems i! yoii want to, but lo one who sits In and watches it looks like Just irore 'trouble for the bootleggers. Tliq 30 ov more pupils in ihe tchco) arc by no means merely a bunclt of dumb prohibition agents, i ic r are their teachers anything other than ihe best experts ihe government can provide in their res- ]:?cl!vp fields. Besides being a good puWicllj stunt!for an administration whicl rtcesn T t want people to believe lha At isn[l trying to enforce prohibl f lien, the schcol is (jiving ils stu- d'Jn's-an exact idea of just what j prohibition Director Amos W. Woodcock, shown above, left, with H. the new enforcement regime wants M. Denser, supervisor of Uncle S im's i:uw prohibition school. Is redone nnd Ihe way to do It. I ported to have ordered deleted from the course of Instruction any Oppose Biggest Offenders Briefly, the lawyers and officers jAnnorel and Huffman Con; gregations Organized Fol; lowing Revival Meetings. OSCEOLA. Ark.—Tlic orgnnh.a- 1 lion of'new Baptist churches at jAtinorc-1 nnd Hulfman following revival meetings conducted this j.summer, announced by llcv. |l'. 13. Langlcy, Mississippi Coiuily : Millenary, at a meeting of (lie [workers council of Ihe county luaptlst Association here Saturday The Annorel church has 45 members and the church al Hulfnian .M inernliers, wlln an average al- 'lendance of 100 In Sunday school .at each place and n junior choir .of sixly voices al ihe Huffman 'cluireh. according lo Rev. jwlio reporied the co-opcrallon o: |l,yman Sheddan of Osceola In l'.ie .holding of summer meetings, 10' igelhcr will) thai of sludenl ministers from th» liaplist College a :Jonesboro, the latter resulting h I the pulpll al the Kclser cliurcl .being filled each Sunday by Re 1 jL-unsford of the Jonesboro College ! l«eprescntattv.°s from the church ies al Lcachville, Armorel, Hulfman 112 sour green apples, 2 sweet green dl- peppers, -t sinnll onions, 2 cups rcclor of she First Baptist clnirch I seedless raising '1 cups brown sugnr. of Hlylhi'vlllc addressed Hie council.4 c-ups elder vinegar,,.2 laulespoom on 'Tile 1). y. 1'. U. ns a fnclor i salt, 'i onp mixed pickling spices i Assui-luilonal Missions." wlili'li •* tablespoons llnely chopped mint as followed hy a. lound table dl<- • leaves 'optional!, ission of Hi-.- subject. Noon tiny \ Chop loiuatoes without unvlne inches served by members ot ihcjProl and chup onions. Remove seeds add prepaid! Ingredients. Simmer! hot, sterilized Jors and seal>'Trio while paring, coring nnd coarsely chopping apples. Continue to cook slowly until UK- apples are sofi and the mixture looks thick find clear. The rn!:it [•; added with the sauce Is Improved If allowed to ripen several weeks before using. The next lomalo sauce uses rip; tomatoes. This sauce Is particularly good to serve with baked tipples If mint i.s liked. Turn Into | beans or macaroni nnd cheese. iuman's Missionary Union of tin 1 'and piih Hum peppers and chop sccula church. j \\ts\\. t'!i[<i> uilsins. Tie spices In The n.'xi meeting of the County ! «'.ieesn.-luih bag. UrliiK s>war, splu- -oimcll will IK- held ut Manila on, 1 * nnd vineiiar lo boning point nnd :ic first Monday In November. Ihi-l— --- ------- ~ Odor.."!- ini'i'llntf Itfins? dls]x j n^i-'l vllh osi account of the annual icctln;: of ilie Mississippi County JnptLsl Association. which will bo eld In I.cac'ivllli' on Oct 14. SISTER MARY'S KITCHEN BLACK-DRAUGHT BROUGHT RELIEF Siivi-d Needless Stiffovini;, S:iys l.itdv Wlio Used To lliivo Severe CHRYSLER further suggi-stlon limt children bo employed as dry spies or In shad- iiiiytiievllle. Luxora and Wilson at- --- . - - , „ --•!'.. „ .._..._ ..... n.i,. the basis for many of these sauces. nciRiiuois. of . bootleggers. The specially s elected agents a.t Ihe school In the national enforcement sys-| Washington are belli;; trained as teachers for the iniidancc of other tern who are learning their lessons and will pass them on lo Iheir var ious forces when ihcy go back home-al the end of September arc c0 ,, , .„ .. . .. belng-'told the" best means of gel- Hc ls « >' enrs °'?' ™ a ting Icvldence against large scale <»}<\ ™ r * wrtoisc-shcll Rla liquor, conspirators and the Host | n '3'« '"> '^ds deeply into the ret- way to avoid themselves bolh obnoxious and futile by treading on tlic ICES of the American citizen I and wasting time with a lot of, petty -bootleggers. ilended Saturday's meellng. The I Inspirational address was delivered agents in , ..e livid. by Dr. A. S. Harwell, pastor of (he First Baptist church of Uly- cn tl'.e Pe.scnwha he found a vaguely I tl'ovllle from the lexl. "Now there, stocky, , worded note containing the name I fore, why sj>enk yc nou a word 01 :asscs. At: of what turned oul to be another 'bringing Ihe Kins bacit? lanen Vftsel. Intensive investigation' re- '.vurks on criminal in vesti- j vealed Hie nil-shore gang , with Columbli!. H. c.—"I have lakcn Di.ick-Urauiihl for thirty or more years iml cuiv-ldercd It « famllj medicine." writes Mrs. l.nlliei Sena, 815 Klchtli Slv..'cl, this ells' "I KO.W U lo my children for colds and ciilhlmi's iilhnenls. It ,ls very helpful. I took It myself lly MAK^ - lm cous ti]uiiioii and indlgc'sllon XKA Service Writer j "I used lo have very severe head- Piquant .sauces are excellent .itches that would leave me w-?ak to have on hand during Hie winter jam! trembly. 1 found that Black- months. They make ll iw&slble to Draught relieves this, so I do not change siand-by dishes ai small I let myself get wllhout 11. nlack- cosl and introduce variety lo win- i Draught has saved me n lot of ler meals. : needless sulferlng. I am glad to ~ Tomatoes, green or ripe, form I recommend 11 lo my titauls anil Even if the vegetables must be | Thr-dford's Black-Draught Is a purchased Ihe sauces can be made ) purely vegetable cathartic or laxa- \c'-* pupils are supposed to b,c more ot less the cream of the pro- hibitigji service and anyone who is acquainted • with the ordinary run ention nnd of actual experiences of the world's real life detectives. But lie never reads any fictional delec- tive stories. He keeps in touch with August Vollmer, Calvin Goddard and other exerts in the general Held, in this country and Europe. Dc-nsler had twelve years of in- which Ihe I'escawha was doing business and. thanks to Denglcr's v.-hcn an experl should be called In." Wehsler Spates, who assists Den- glcr and lectiirc-s the prohibition quite economically and they ore not difficult to make. There is little danger of this type of canning "spoiling." for the spices and vinegar act as preservatives. The novice need have no fear of students ihe law— using Snp- leme Court decisions largely, found- of prohibition agents would real fee . uensler had twelve years 01 in- I methods of investigation to enable that '• lliis ' wide-nwake, snappy- ivesttgation work for the Bureau of Ihem to trace crimes from Ihe evi- Icoking crew was chosen with some . internal Revenue and the pro- ca>e. As they sit al their desks taking extensive notes during lectures they are learning not the rudiments but the line points of the business. Between lectures Ihey gel together in groups and exchange notes on their own experiences in enforcement work. hibiticn service. He was born in Pennsylvania but comes from Mis- scula, Mont., near which he tanghi in a high school for five years. He took a civil service examination, came to Washington and naturally diiftcd into investigation work with the Internal Itevemie bu.-eau. Ho application of meager clews, the II- legitimnte errand of the vessel was proved and a ring of 14 men round- | c d the first prohibition school here cd up nn laml. hii 1!)27 under Genera! Lincoln C. "The men here are learning' Andrews. That was confined lo thorough, up-to date. scientific j agents in the division ot alcohol methods of investigation to enable j and brewery control. Spates was seven years in Hie attorney general's office and six years In private practice before lie became legal advisor for alcohol and brewery con- Harry M. Dengler. who supervises llas written monographs on investi- the school and teaches all about S^t' 0 " "'"> report-writing which Investigation work, is one of pvohibition bureau's star men. Au Experirnetd Agent observations, as well as his know- the > hr ' ve Dcc " published by the govcrn- "icnt, including the manual 10,prohibition agents. These were For years he has been a trou- I biliea ° n llis own experiences and ble-shcoter and an ace investigator tor the service. When a prohibi- ! Icd 6c of laws and tin administrator became dis- j Itoondcil Up Gang couraged, or enforcement seemed'. He has turned up big rum op- iu a particularly bad way in a cer- tvatcrs in several conspiracies. For tain section. Dengler has been sent .-instance) when the Coast' Guard in to take hold of things. He has | seized' the British ship Pescawha had temporary charge ot offices in off tha Oregon coast i; found 100! deuce left behind." Dcngler explains They arc being told to be fair, hnncsl- and truthful, and to ace Hie facts at all times even if hey don't Til with their theories." Their Qualifications He was asked what qualities make J gco<l prohibition investigator. "There Is no special background I r quality or nn investigator," he, replied. "The British lake coun-1 try boys from the plow for their marvelous organization al Scotland I Yard. The Germans get their of- , ficial detectives from among ex- I service men. The Austrians use on-1 ly iiniveisity graduates. The Ital-1 ian carablnierl Is part of the army "Bui a good invesligator needs lo know a liltle ol everything and lo [ be able lo recognize evidence when he sees it. He musl be a good observer. Hc doesn't have to be an Irol. live medicine, composed of selected medicinal herbs and lools. Black-Draught is finely powd.;rcil. which enables the Juices of (he s:oniach lo extract Us medlciiial properties In an easy, natural way. good materials If she undertakes to I 'nils medicine has been in use make her own sauces. I 5 | ncc 1835 w m, constantly Increas- GriTii liunato chutney Is a de-,ir.g popularity becnuri of the gootl Melons substitute for the expen- H has done to the men, women ami sive imported variety that one feels justified' In using only lor .special occasions. The home-miide sauce is neither costly nor Iroublo- some lo make and will glorify many a ste\v and left-over meal dish. U is Ihe Iradlllonal accompaniment for a curry. I Clrecn Tomato Chulncy i Twelve small gicen lomaloes. children w!io have taken Indigestion.BHiouincH COMPLETE LINE outstanding performance r. in hve price ranges price C'lryslcr Hew Six, "66" ami "70" 795 CI.ry.lcr Kisht 1495 . $ 2495 to to 1665 Cliryilcr imperial All utiecl f. O. \>. f«4 Fowler Motor Co. Blytheville, Ark. SKI; VIM n i;jin\sun IIKAICII ion IUTMI.S IHIRTY Chicago, Forl Worth and Albany. ! cases ot whisky bui no evidence of i expert on fingerprints, bullets, fire- for instance, and served ably at ' illegality. This was embarrassing arms, handwriting or any such r,pe- Portland, Ore., in the war on the j and Dcngler was put on Hie job. i urn-runners off the northwest' Down behind Ihe captain's bunk rial field, but. tie ought to know what can be dor.e by an export and j •welcoming shouts as lie steps to bat '. . . the idol of them all. Ball one! Bill iwo!...and cr-r-ack! lie's done it again. Popularity to be lasting must be deserved. Power and plenty of it- speed, more than you have ever known you could get out of your car --- and smoothness of operation that will amaze you. These things come with the regular use of Esso, the giant- power fuel, which starts quicker, runs smoother, and pulls harder than plain gasoline. It adds cylinders to any car, cannot possibly hurt any part of any car, and actually saves you money through lessened repair bills. Give it a three-or- four tankful try-out and see for yourself. ONE ROAV MAPS AND INFORMATION FRGK — \Vliin "SlandaTj" T Oiarln A>c.. N« I-irk |J,C tfil T0« Tot.Tini Service, la to- Mapi and Fault rodj In/on i^U b< xnl XM flit a STANDARD Ofl. COMPANY Of LOUISIANA will always standout! HOME RUNS ate made at the plate — not on the bench! Likewise what counts in a cigarette is what a smoker gets from it — not what is said about it. Chesterfield has a policy—give smokers what they want: MILDNESS— the wholly natural mildness of tobaccos that are without harshness or bitterness. BETTER TASTE— such as only a cigarette of wholesome purity and better tobaccos can have. ChtsttrfitM Cigarettes are manufactured by LIGGETT & MYURS TOBACCO Co.

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