The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 5, 1947 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 5, 1947
Page 7
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II SATURDAY, APRIL 5, 1947 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION "mfulf" »*' ««,'« eonHcutlT. in- Mlluliuuui Cliiri. 1 lluio Slr li u< , _ — »0« f tluoi V er Uuo p.r dii'i: -------- J5J • limes tor Hoe p«r fli, ----- ' ~ £ ?,','{"" »« «•• re* aij ::: — ?« " 1 " t . NO rOsp&uaibilHy will bn So/e r koniB. Jl. o. — 2030. Offico ""•i'm )""" r ,'" r li^Hgiilh .S°" B^lionsM — ra || 2 , los ^ 3113.,,^. For Fine Portraits ft-s O'STEEN'S STUDIO - .... CHICKS ~ ^Tr'z/'Vor.f 1 " 5 "» """"^ •''"> , J a! ft-C It-li For Sale I KOUtlI used wjuilllllK UKCllIlM «I,J I ron . er Illylbvvlllo il.clilN. Slioi. ' Raby Chicks—Custom hatching. High grade Fultorum Controlled Chicks that arc hatched her.e - Started Custom hatching 53.50 per hundred eggs set. IJlaylock Hatchery, North <51, phone 3172. 3-4-ek-U O'STEKN'B STUDIO 3|ll ck -I'l! New Riitanc gas tanks, holds •170 gallons. Will si-H at reduced price. JJMIu'ville Motor Co. I'honc -122, 2ir, South Second. 4-3-ck-10 :»!19 I'lk-lhll liv,- s,,iiH.n,i,i k - vnn ,ln.ri in.,.,1 l'~Traa^ I.Lui! HO!) " Nl '""- -"! l ,/ : - Xl!li ,"- nr.» n-nf.vri' hi riitrs Fnam. J>*Tih I'liii)! 1 mii| K(,f|, • Kvrni'lf <lifri K Wiilliiiiprr . 'V* Aljraham's Poultry House, rear Abraham's Cafe, next to American pj 0 ],i O1I g n , vy -j- t- ~ •v.Ti,w.yn-inMVA^HKZ9B^Q2ll^H I a « . OUAL1TY BABY CHICKS »" I -• -Our quolily chlelu a,, t,^ •? ' foi ll.ahilitr and fo.t s ,owlh. ^ PIACE YOUR ORDIR L. K. ASHCNAFT CO 1-J Block Sonlh O t ~ 1 »HnnS':i!Si : IM.n-ir' im^l^us. ''i'" 1 .'!',',!,",', H,"!",?' A yli cnlnvniiir nml lmM,., s . i A12: ; 3il1:',l?!b?'^ : ' ! ' ! f ?ij^ Sb'^KiJr"^ '• -li:i i.k.jn "ii?!:: rtl ii,.. rii '&3^ ;r s r;!i; Jj^vj-v^BI.J-lH,,.., ; 17 .SI. "••.^",,'iV..; '2n arrra I;,,,,]. BlTnrr,., ,.J,. ; , r ,,,| "Tv^T I'll in n-nvpn wire (:„„,! . i,,,|,-|, r J „ "li'il -1 inilrR imnhw..,! ,,f '.,. ,' i, .'»' -M».. on 11,,-y. 5.-I. Alifc'o J.' • " "' 1 «« |,iiOi 1,-iir, i,ii,!,l[,. Lronkor, for,' JJ,«^- sn -^ B ™%«;;^' F-JO Tr.-,;.|,,r n-illi "l>nwor"iirTmTfaV" r«K- ills,: l.ri'.iti, lk . i.lnw: 1 -J.r.u,- l'|:inli'r. ,-,„•„ „,„, „,,„„. , 7 . fno| .'riii, „' '•"," iv: "'"- : 1 l»a«n: «.«,) f .rniliir,.- lyin.M ritrr hi -\-l nmili. ;;.«;«- ^'"1" l.;u, f ;, s |,, r . 11,'ix K! -Jl". '• ».« ii _r . ill. "" "" j . ;j:>, .»]iKi> I 1 rir>il iivui 3-38-ck-tf - , -' 7--7.rr^rf 3 "• !',;**» Ki '"="'"'»' ^»- '•''-"^^ "".''i'luilirl ""ili-'"""" Jlr '- ;V' s ". f ^' : "i 1 "-r- rif.iu' aim. :ii-i,k-'nV " :ii:u.]'ik-i!t; ".1 VlniM li:irr^T~)I^ 'i"l>. forim-rly I),m S!,,,,'! r.MsMs— ' n 'n',ir fi lh',,,.''! : "°. '""" "" UiL-hwny (II il V'""irVis I'lKHir. 212 ; ft. '••]«. .>li>. Rcslniirnnt. Mnilcru ef|iii|imcnl. Well established trade. Extra good locn- lion, $ii500.00 All Cash. -1-4-pk-S Rome Rush & Hoir disc "liar- row. G. A. Hale, TlnrdeUe, Ark. Ph. 702. l-ck-S I-.,-!,!,,;,,, S.™l,. r . .(1I..I1 U, 1S l,i^~Tli V_MMU__Sli-i^.. ^ -ilt-vk-S ''""'i^ I!','' '|i(; I 11 ",'"'' .»»">•. ••"«I~Oivi- L _i^!;N ; u';:; i %;;;;,: v '- M niia " i ^: 1 , ki ^ .-l-lit-7 »«•• "I iiin-». |.'ui-nislii'.l nr iln- .Ill-il hnuso or nparlnu'rit f«ir 120 acres fine cypress land IS miles north of Rlyllic- ville. Good house and Jmrn, on gravel road and RE A line. It' bought now purchaser will get Ifl.17 rent. Sec or call i\lax Logan, Ri'itftor, plume 203 •!. Lyncli _ Wanted to Buy Cash for wrecked nr junk automobiles. Wade \ut< Salvage,- North Hiway fi? I'lionc 37S5. .'J-27-i>k--t-27 nnil cameras for part: Help Wanted .11 :-'•].).•;> -c.l DI'I. ,, Wla-ck-lt Dii|>!cx located in high class '.Aeigliborliood. Low tax and li>sur;iiK-c r.ilc. Will net R^'. Small down payment wilffSlhuiidle. Can finance liafance a( !';,' intoivsf. See or call Max L<ignn, Healtnr ifiione 2031, I,yncli Bldg. ' Wanted: Youn^ man wilb mechanical background to work in pails department Must have hiu;h school cd- ucafion or Iietiev. Tel! al 1 in first letter, Rox 9t;o e, Ark. 3-3!-ck-4-7 For Rent ni'ilrnoiu. 31.| N vt ,, K( ,,,, Slain, rhnnc »-,2, Mrs. Ciiimn lit'ilrnom, clo.-f: in. 310 WnlnHlT 111:1!.-. 1 i:ilt Imii nlmnl 2 1i,, n ,] rr .,l i i'N r^rii. rn\\ :(7r,7. ,i;r, Geoiogisls read "the record °'i%° rocks • r °construcl Iho ife-slory ol a mountain. Consumers read "the rec-^ 3rd" of products from their 5rand names. Tho brand tame of a responsible man- ifachirer stands lor good quality and value, backed by experience and research . PLANTERS HARDWARE CO., Inc 126 W. Main I-honc 515 ^f^^^mmttm^mm nidtntial FARM LOANS / Prompt AvrU* RAY WORTH1NGTON Tnne In Prndenlial rrosram Sonday at 4 p.m. ov»r WKEC Scrying This Section tor 21 Year* 115 So. 3rd BlTlheville, Ark. FELIX A. CARNEY O Dominion Automatic Electric Irons 1 Yr. Guarantee • Complete IJnc of TCk'clrictrl anil Uattery Radios • Expert Radio Itcpaira • We Pick Up and Deliver 334 E. Main Phone 2W Nljht 3518 BLYTHEVIIvLE (ARK.)' CQUIUHR NEWS WHY NOT have a really • T good-looking body? ' complete, inexpensive body and fender repair! Treat your car to a beauty treatment—k'l us lake out (hut dent where the truck, backed into y,,ti; fix (hat door so it'll close, quiet (hose rattles now! P H ILL I MOTOR COMPANY FORD and MERCURY DEALER Walnut at Fifth—Rlytheville, Ark.—Tel, '153—3715 List your koinr v '"!' '" '»» «"<! " IIS. l-limnc ,,-. '!!] K!V'U;SMAN a 1 . i i-i.k.i:n Y TO IX)AN o you nee,! a i onn t o re or remodel? No 1 'down nicnl, no uiorlffa^, no rod "<Pe. HI A (ipproved rat* •>•'. A.s!< for details. M«i I.<'«KU, K«allor, phone 2034. '..viirh Hld({., Ulythetllte. 9-23-ck-tl w ^;? : ;i' ' We Sell Comfort to Sore Feet • New Soles • New Heels for old shoes HALTERS QUALITY SHOE SHOP 121 VV. Main St. IN THI-: 1'iitm.viK COUKT run Till: CllrCKASAWHA lUSTIMUT OF MISSl.SHIl'I'l UOUXTY, AVt- KANSAS NO. ner> • In llir Hlntlcr of (ho r.s(:lt(- or G. C. \V:ullry, Di'cciisi'tl Notiic is Iicrcliy (;lvi:n Iliiit Lot- lei's of Administration w:;.; Rmntod lo the iiiHIeisi-^ncd i:|K>n ilio cst.:iU- of G. C. Wijcllcy, dcvra.secl. on UK; 21sl rt.iy ol Miiroh, l£.n, by tin.- Probate Court for ihf Cliicka'iiLi'.-ja District of Mi™is5ip;)i Cuinuy, Arkansas, All persons linvinij diilm.s or (Icinniuls against said cstali- must present \ thorn :nn JiiMita-aHMl lo the luulcrslKued for nllawaiicrt beforo t])0 end of one 1 yfar ffoin till! llatc of tin; i;ranl|iin of paid liillc'ri. If not so pivspnl'cd within such lime they will bn forcvn- CAMERAS FOR RENT Tree 5x7 Enlargement with Kich Knll at Him developed. ' Home ot Bonnee Buttered Steak Sandwich 25c 25c BARNEY'S DRUG STORE 200fi W. Main St. phone 36' fiee us for «n estimate before you have your tractor overhauled. We speclali/u in .slram rli'iiniiiK and paiuliusr. Kleelrie and acet- Philliiis 'frntlnr Co. Hi way I>1 Soiitli. 1'hnne 2171. ^-I-ck-tf \VorU 1,'iianiiiiced. i{ i 11 Davis, plioiie 'Kl'.l. 3 7-pk-1-7 mil,' \V. '",','[ '(!n>n',!ll." >V Aj^."'7i'l,,lv!i ._!"""'• _ :il:<i-iili-H7 l.itiliiliyin:: :., 1 | r, \;' nl „„„. ~ t.el us sharpen and repair ynur lawn niowor, rcKavd- tess or kind o r siy.o. (!el .voiirs ready now, and avoid the rush. We pick up and deliver. HlythcviHe iMai-hine .Shop, 21! ,S. 2nd St., phone 2S2S. '1-3-i-k-tf Rr-ntl Courier News Wnnt Ads. ban-rd; and thosn cliiiin:; prsscnlort -.vlthiii :,ix iiionllis from ( Wtu of said liuici-s win •„;„,„ pviorlly over liii!S(, i.-rc'si'iilrd u[(cr six n'loiithsl '••(;iu suit! d;Ue, . -- G. W. ,HA!M11AM, Adiuliiiiitmtor [or I he K-s^ Mule of O. C. Wndlcy. 3 *.j-2D-'l f) // Your Car Is Old ... It cerlainly ru' KmA ti'adc for a new Chevrolet. ymt ran If Your Car Is New ... II deserves every attention OLD OR NEW Wo Offer you o "Complete" Service Old Cars Completely Rebuilt and 1 Guaranteed to Last New Cars Kept looking and running like • hew by careful periodic inspections and proper lubrication VROLETCO. We Never Close 30! W . WALNUT ST. . Sale, Department Open Until 8 p.m. I.nral .t f.oni! Ilbinncr MoTlni Ouiaprtonl Holp »nrl M nlj> I iiii(. A«». rjutM, Injurnd Onntricl Hsnllin «n.l VH,c. Bttvlcn. Help Wanted <'ini|,l,' In liv,- In ,„,. li,, m ,. „„,] ,. nr ., r ,,r lwi> rhlMrrn. ll,,i,'l. |li-|i|, nati'r In-,-. .V« iihj.'.li.iii („ ,, m . ,.||||,| „[ ,„,.„ ,,|., PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Hlotlt (Iiiarantei'd lii'Kt I'ricca jCai'by Drug Stores DON EDWARDS "The Tyiirwrllcr Man" ItOVAL, SMITH, CORONA and REMINGTON I'OKTAIU.i: 110 N. SECOND ST. PffONE 33(13 (Every Trnnsactlon MUST BE BATISKACTOKY) RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY (All rjpes Kxcopl cincer) DRS. NIES & HIES Clinic Ml Mai,,, Hljll^vllle, Ark., i. h , ne m , C ° n actua " y sivo y° u magnificent ncw-Buick engine performance right in your '37, '33, '39 '40, '41, or'42 Buick. Wa'll inslnll a new fccfory-built Buick engine "Power Package"—in one simple operation. It's easier and cheaper in fho long run than pnU-by- part replacement, and it makes your Buick as good as nev/ as far os engine performance is concerned. The cost is a lot less than you might think—come on in and ask us about it. And if you like, we'll arrur. so for easy paymenls to suit your budget. LANGSTON-WROTEIi Walnut & Broadway BUICK U. S. ROYAL Flowers - - For Every Occasion FLOWER SHO ATTENTION VETERANS! It you sm-pil iivpr.seaM, yon should Jiiin thn V.K.W. now! iVrcllnrrs every \Vi;<lnc l sil;iy ntffht, 7:M nt i(!c Wulenliump Ciilton l»Hre. Hrlitfr a VKturnn with you. VETERANS OF , FOREIGN WARS I'lirrK lla, <rniilm:intlnr Radio Clinic 430 W. ASh St. , J'hone 855 or 2294 WE PICK UP and DELIVER KRECKLES ANDJilS FRIENDS ~ "" TODAY - - . IMPORTANT! ! Have your present car ' lixiicrl' Mccliinilrn) Kitrvlce' Ali-nllln Oil jiiul l.ul:rl<.iiils • Yes. we wmili iiml j;rcci« cars too! Miilnrs? We linvn nrw moto™ • Overluilil or rclnilhl Ilit-m Tires nnii 'I'nlics , Oh. Yen, We ii.-iint O.irs Ton! Itepafr anil Kuflnisll all Iincllcd Cli;ir|;c lotteries T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Phone 2122 GATEWOOD GROCERY Phone 975 A rk.-Mo. Stale Line on the. left at lite Arch 1 r v - ru / Crown 1.35 Kinscy -1^35 Schenlcy - ] 35 Philndcfphra .'. I 35 Three Feathers 1 35 HM! & Hill ... ^40 Old Tnyfor " ' Four Roses pt 2.65 2.65 2.65 2.65 2.65 2.75 4.35 2.85 5th 4.15 4.15 4.15 4.15 4.15 4.40 6.90. 4.50 Bccr -••- per c«e $3.35 GAS - rc 9 17.9; Ethyl 19.9 Ci9arc " cs per carton $1.55 l'i'4t rl-AtHLOA HAS JUST Tbl.O A V'.'AC. tCOllWCIU Of- SHADYSIDf ' THAI THE AVENT I'.\VIM& Auy r\M£S IS Dun ;6 THE RR/lVAL OF WOMAM- NOT wo.'AiM-| I TiicxV.uT WE: J1MJMC- vvfEK- /OjRF-H) BY MERRTI I. RT.OSSRF •N How DoWeY THIWK ^ IN& IDEAS? 1 JUST BET FRECKLES -, STARTED it.' lH S ^- '

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