The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 30, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 30, 1934
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Served by tKe United Press THE DOMINANT NKWKi'Al'RH nv Nni;'virw« „-,, .„„..„.... .^Tl «-•-m. ' '.*. ^ B .J T T k^-/. THE DOM1KANT NBWKWEIt OP NOKTIIIU BT ARKANSAS AND BOimiBABr MIDbOURl HOME EDITION VOL. XXXI—NO. 11 Blythevllle Daily News Blytlieville Courier Mississippi Volley Lender Hlylhcvlllc lleriild • ' 1 HkVil.l.IO, AUKAN'SAS, FRIDAY, MARCH 30, OIL MANY HURT SINGLE COPIRS FIVE CENTS 1 LONGVIEW FIRE . S. STEEL WILL OF Action Ex lends 10 Pel- Cent Boost to Nearly ihe Entire Industry NEW YORK, March 30 <UP) — The United States Steel corporation today announced an approximate 10 per cent wagp increase, spreading th? raise In virtually Uic entire Industry. About 350.000 employes in the industry are alfected by rises so far. The announcement, climaxing a chain uf steel pay increases this week. Is expected to cring millions of dollars In extra purchasing power to slrel workers and lo lead to a higher steel price level. United States Stnel employs mm? than IQfJ.OCn wage earners and salaried men. It represents about 40 per cent of the nation's steel production capacity. It has been estimated that 10 per cent pay increases for the entire industry would total between $35,000.000 and £40.000,000 a year. Other Companies Act ISHPEM1NG, Mich.. Mar. 30 IU P)—Approximately 1.900 employes of tlie Cleveland Cilfls and Inland Siecl companies wnl receive wage increases of 10 per cent effective April 5. company officials announced here todav. Ycunistntm Wages Up YOUNCiSTOWN. O.. Mar. 30 (U P)—Younustown Sheet and Tube company and Carnegie Steel company today announced a 10 |jer cent salary increase for approximately 2,000 "white collar" workers in Youngstown district plants. General Fire Proofing company announced a 10 per cent \vnge advance, effective Sunday. NKW YORK, Mar. 30 (UP) — The Oi-nernl Flr-ctric company announced today a 10 per cent wn Expect Decision Monday in Municipal Court Case A decision on Municipal Judge 1 C. A. Cunningham's plr-a la:- n wnl of mandamus compelling tin- Mississippi county quorum umiit lo appropriate fumls for maintenance of thu municipal COKII Is fxpectcd when Ciicuil .Ind^'- NYil K [Hough of Wynne arrivw liciv Monday to open the iwo-vi'.'i'ks term of criminal court. Judge Killougli, now jirrsiding over court at Osceola, has in- iotinally announced that his decision will be given Monday , if tin- oiK-niny day routine of tin' cot.rt does nol occupy all Ins time. Regardless of Judge Killough's di'ci.sion an apj>eal to ihe siai< supreme court is anticipated. Par- tics on both sides have cxpres the beliei that the c|Uestion will finally be decided in the highe: court. HULL IS OUT OF Withdraws After Qualifying As A Candidate for 2nd Ward Alderman With the withdrawal of J. T. (Jim) Hall from the race for second ward alderman only the name of Harold Sternberg will appear on the official ballot as a candidate for the post, at the April :t municipal election. A contest however is certain with Floyd White an avowed "write-In" candidate. Hall properly qualified as a candidate for alderman and the county election commission placed his name on the ballot, as sent to the printers. Later he appeared at the print shop, where the ballots were being prepared, and asked that his name be omitted. Hall =.i!rt. a statement as to the reason for his withdrawal would be forthcomini; later. The contest for first ward alderman provided on the official ballot with L. C. "Pete" Thompson, in- The wage increase was announced by Gerard Swope. president of the organization, after a, meeting of the board of directors in New increase is effective increase for'Its'" employes lf Mcumbcnl. nnd Marion Williams, • "• 'pnd the unofficial contest in the 'second ward appear to be creating more interest as the election approaches than the three-man race for city clerk. The clerk's race provides the only contest subject to city-wide vote with S. C. Craig, present clerk and two opponents, rtoss Beavers anti H. U McKnlght, running. Sam Manatt Ls unopposed for re-election as city attorney, the only other office open to vote of ail electors. E. H. "Rabbit" Jackson, third ward alderman, Is running for reelection in the third ward and is unopposed. By its voic Tuesday the city fill decide whether it wants or does not want a three-man public service board to control the police and fire departments. Electors will determine whether an nct . 0 ! the 1933 legislature providing for the board shall apply here, u would place control I: ally a Observations The "U-tlers to the Editor" column of the Courier News is open to anyone who has an idea to prrwni. a protest to lodge, or brick or bouquet to loss. The opinions or jjoints of view presented don't have to be ours. Correspondents may argue for anj- i3iiiig from enforcement of the Sunday blue laws to establishment of a Marxian state, just so long as they use reasonably polite language and don't put us in ;eopardy of prosecution for libel. There is just one requirement. That is that all letters submitted i for publication bear the name and) address of the writer. If you : are a modest soul and don't like: to see your name In print, or if! you think its publication might endanger your Job or otherwise hurt you. we will withhold it from publication and keep it in strict confidence. But as evidence of good faith and for our own protection against practical jokers or l>er.wns who might have malicious motives, we must have the name nnd address, of correspondents. oOo An Item from the Courier of 10 years ago ihe other day told ol a request by the commissioners of the BIytheville, Manila and Leachville road for a reduction In the speed limit on that highway, then newly built, from 35 to 25 miles per hour. That sounds a bit funny today, Perhaps, but the record of fatal ond near fatal accidents on that road for the past year seems to lurnlsh reason for belief thai special restrictions arc needed. I have not at hand a record of those accidents, but as readers of this paper will recall, they have been numerous, one reason is that the paving Is only is f cct . wWc in _ stead of 18 or 20 that Is usual on Important highways. Another reason, possibly, is that the shoulders have not been kept In uniformly good condition. Drivers on this road should realize tlic danger to themselves and others nnd exercise more than Usual care. Pedestriaas should keep off the pavement so far as possible, and should be alert to control In the board origin- puointed by the council but to be self-perpetuating thereafter of the police and fire departments'. Punished for Opposing Sale of City^Light Plant WASHINGTON, Mar. 30 (UP)- reslimony that the.Kenlucky-Ten- nsjssee LJght and Power companv a subsidiary of the Associated Gas and Electric system, took business reprisals against a Paris Term city councilman who opposed purl chase of the Paris municipal rawer plant by private interests in 1026. was placed before a fcdera trade commission Inquiry today. Chicago to New Orleans Air Route Announced WASSHINGTON, Mar. 30 (UP)_ Two additional temporary airmai routes were announced today bv tlie posloffice department, one from Chicago to New Orleans via Memphis, and the other from Cheyenne. Wyo.. to Pueblo, Colo Four other temporary routes ar under coasideratton 1TIKE IF ft MIL IN LEVEE BONDS Money Will Pay District's Share: o( Jaclwin Plan's Completion Execution yesterday by the St. Francis Levee District nf u loan •>8i-eenieni iimler which tin: Public i Works Atlniiimlralion will buy S552.W10 uf till' district's 4 per cent bonds, makes ci-rtain ike cnnying to completion of the Jadwin flood tonirol program along lliu Mississippi river from the Missouri line Helena, Harry N. Plinrr. Icvcc Ixianl engineer, lolil tlie Courier News by telephone from West Memphis this morning. The additional loan, which will bring the levee district's debt to $6.122.000. will involve no increase In the levee district tax rate, the Courier News was (old by W. O. Byler, secretary-treasurer of the levee board, who based his slule- nient upon estimated reductions In maintenance expense and in tn>: delinquencies. Will Double Levee's Ktrrgth The loan agreement, approved by the levee hoard yesterday, was drawn by the PWA and its final ratification by Hie authorities at Washington is assured. The bonds- will bo issued and the money paid over to the district, as needed during the next. 12 or 18 months for the purchase of right of way and other expense incident, to trie flood control woik. There is a good possibility thai a portion of the $552,000 may be made an outright grant, thus reducing the amount of the new Indebtedness by per-' haps as much as 30 per cent. United States engineers and private contractors are now employing several thousand men on levee construction work In the St. Francis Levee district, bringing the levees up to Jtidwhi plan grade and section, relocating them In some instances, and virtually doubling the strength of the levfc system which protects nearly 2,000,000 acres of land in seven northeast Arkansas counties from Mississippi river Hoods. The new loan will enable the district to provide rights of way and meet other expenses incidental to the completion of this work. Actnnl cost of levee construction Is paid by the federal government. Tax Suit Is Pending The financial condition of the istrlct lias suffered in recent ears. Mr. Byler said, because of e refusal of railroads to pay their axes. An appeal by the levee oard from a decision of Federal udge John E. Martincaii. holding merits assessed against railroads y the district to be unreasonably igh, will be heard by the United talcs circuit court of appeals at t. Paul, May n. if the district •ins it will be in position to col- en about $375.000 In back taxes rom the railroads. If it loses rail- oad levee taxes will be reduced. Mollier Pleads l''or Ki'turri oi' Missing (lo-IOn the danger Involved so narrow a road. In traveling Kahn's Death Mourned Throughout the World NKW YOlfK. Mm. 30 (Ul'l — Mi'ssamv of condoli'iiiT from nil furls of the world ixinrcd into the' uou>. l.'iflh avenue home wlnw Olin 11. Krdin, banker. I"" ..... of I!H' nils. m:il plilhm- lliruplr-t. luy lii d'.'alh today. They cami' fmni perrons In nil walks nl Uf,.. for this Imndsomi' vlillr haired mim, who .succumbed o 11 linirt attack in tlio office.-, )f his iiiiriiiiitlrninl banking (Inn, counli'd i ....... \ K his Intimate Itli'iiiN siaio.smcn lit Inline nnd iliroud. churclum-n <>r all fulllis. i-ndi-is In tin. sphere nid In the world of art. and in Gdety. Finn-nil "irungeiiienls wen- to be nmmmreil soiiu; tlmi' today. It was lie .Miss Kuillrc Pollock MANITOWOC. Wis., Mar. 30 it P)—The molher of ndsslng Eunici Pollock, 20-y?ar-old University ol Directors and Officers of Cnvulhersville Inst i t u- lion Chosen CAnUTHEHSVILLE, Mo.-Slock- holders of tlic new First State Rank, wliicli will open shortly, met Thursday morning to select n board of directors and officers. Tht' nlllcers clinsen ivere: n Ward, president; M. R. Kowlnnd vice-president. and comb, of Wynne. W. Lips- Ark., cashier. . Ivereon Mlchle of Cape birnnlcaii is to !K> assistant cashier. The board of directors Is: n. U Ward. Crews Reynolds. Walter B. Bernard nnd Chas. O. Ross of this Wisconsin co-ed who lied I rom n^cily M. R. Reynolds ol Nether- campus ostracism, appealed to her minis and Joe Kohn of Haytl. daughter through newspapers to- " ' ' day to return home. ^-. Mrs. Pollock, seriously 111 from the shock of her daughter's disappearance two weeks 'ago, sniil hi an open to the thai "your father and I havn bern praying day and night for your return. We v:ill IJL- v.illinc" to do anything if you will only come home. If you do not come soon. you win never sec me again because 1 cannot lost The attractive c ed from Ihe' university after being expelled from her sorority. . Llpscomb is now In charge of fie Civjss County bnnk n.t .Wyn 1 !' and before going there was" connected with a hank at Marmaduke. Ark. He was selected upon recommendation of the Reconstruction Finance Corporation. Michie. assistant, cashier, is at this time connected with a bank In Cape Cilrardeau. and Is well known here. Want, the president of the new Institution, is n member of tlic TO FIGHT PRBPOSIIL E TUXES Will 'Resisl Rooso.vell Pro- drain (or Again Balancing Budget WASHINGTON. Mnr. :lo (UP) — iiepublk-nn 0|i]M)slllon to tin: threat nf new taxation us a re- MiK of the ovfrrldhiK uf President KouweH'.s vctrriins vein been mr manifest todny with derluui- tlons that any such effort would be resisted strenuously by the minority pnrty. Minority Ix'iuler Charles L. Mc- Nnry nnd Senator Davltl A. Reed, ranking Republicans on (he senate nuance committee, said that if the budget did not balance the fault lay In reckless emergency expcnd- itiiics rather tlinn Increased veterans compensation. An lndc]Hmdcnl ncpiiblican, ienntor Robert M .LaFoltetlc of Wisconsin, snld thnt he Intended lo press for senate adoption of his tax bill amendments providing sharp Increases in income and estate luxes. 'We need the money anyway," lie said. "1 have not thought of Irylnu lo link It up with the vet- ernns benefits." Tim $330.000,000 tax bill has priority In the senate, ami will come up for debate when the senate reconvenes Monday. The total of expected revenue fixed by the senate finance, committee exceeds by $72.000.000 the amount set by tlie house. Although Chairman Pnl Harrison of the senate finance committee said he did nnt Intend to propose additional taxes to take care Byr<f Is Ready For Lonely Vigil In Polar Winter I.I'ITI.E AMKH1CA, Mnr. HO lU I 1 )- Ki'iir Admiral lilchnrd E. llyi-- Is mill/ in br'ulii u solllary :;evfn- nuinlli vfull. I'a mill's soulh of 1,11th' Amrilea, Iw rmllwi! hetvl- UUiiili-is today. Kuuei in Iji'Kln Ids winter long £b.wrvntiniis «[ ntmoriilin-lc con- dll'.cns In H line riKim shnek biir- Ird uiuliT. winter .-iianvs. Jiyrd ii'lv-lfcd |hc> ramp Hint Un : seven men who conslrucloii Ms cubln '.vi re i i-.idv to leave When tile nu'u an'! (he two Iriij'tors which bronchi tin- ei|Ulp- nient to Hit- biso move northward l!i? explorer will 1m nlmn in the' foutlierinosl hr.bltullun on I'lirtli. \Vhllc Ihe shack Ls toveird with (hllllnr; winter snows fiyrd w\'l conduct selentmc observations In sub-iicro temperatures. Crowded .ilxml his desk art- three radio rets with which the commander exirecls to communicate- lnfn> nuenlly wltli thn northward base. Supplies burled In tunnels lead- Ing into Ihe cabin arc sufficient for nine months. Tlie shack is well hctued. FLIES SHEEP- HOTEL, mm LOSS] of the Increased veterans, compen- it iniii-h" Inn?nr'"| lBlv '"'" ° r Word and lieeves. and -o ed itfcnni't-nr W ° S at onp "' 11( ' P" 1 * 1 ' 1 ™' of the .o ill (iisap|.iai- p.. s . M...-,,... ,.„,,,. Cauglit After Exchange of Shots in Which Monettc Marshal Was .Hit MANILA, Ark. — Monroe Reed, Monelle night marshal, sustained n any case, according to Mr Bv- a nra " wmlml '" "" W""'*-' of er. settlement of the case' will Ls witl1 storc robbcrs al Mo "- csttlt In the collection of at leasti eUc rarly lhis monlln S ul 't snc- substantial part of the back tas- "!!"?„„"' _ c ».1 t »!?.'W s charged against the roads. Sale of the new bonds. Mr By- cr pointed out. will bring the total f levee district debt against lands 'f the district to only about $2.85 in acre. The district embraces all if Mississippi and Crittendcn entities and large parts of Lee Craighead. Polnsclt. Cross, nnd St. Brands counties. While the dis- rict's levee extends into Phillips county, no benefits are assured against lands in that county. Aged Father of Local Man Is Dead at Obion Glenn Home Ransacked While Family Was Away The residence of w. E Gleni IK South Lake slrecl, was en tercd during absence of the famil early last night and ransacked .ne most valued of the articles missing was a ring, said to have been worth about S20. The house V,OE the 'third entered and ransacked in the vicinity during the pnst few weeks John M. Bright, 8«. father of Charles Bright of this city, died at his home in Obion, Tcnn., yesterday afternoon. He had a stroke! of paralysis Sunday. . Funeral services were held at Obion today. Charles Bright had been at the bedside of liis father several days and will return home umorrow. The deceased was prominently known In that part of Tennessee where he had resided for a number of years. He is also survived by three other sons, Frank Bright. of Memphis. Fortune Bright of Texas, ami Will Bright, of Obion. and Leo MaKlcrson. Manila youths, nt the scene of the robbery, it was reported here todny. Later this morning Garland Malloy. brother of Toots, was picked up here as a suspecb but his release was anticipated. Another suspect, whose name was not revealed, was sought here today. Malloy. Masterson nnd a ihlrd youth were surprised In the nct of carrying goods out of Gibson's store by Marshal Reed, It wns [slated. One of the alleged robbers caught by need hnd a bullet hole through lih overalls but. was uninjured. A shotgun, apparently carried into the store by the bandits, was found by officers. First National bank. The First gt a i e i :m y H .|][ opon with n capital stock of $50,000 and surplus of SIO.OOO. The bank already hns secured lus charter, ft will open as soon n.s the guaranty <!?uusii authorization certificate is received from Washington and a suitable building is secured. II was at first thought the new bank would open In the building formerly occupied by the Bank of Cariithersvllle. noitncctl it wns that hero Thursday morning building had by other intcrerls, thought, plan vo bank hern. born secured which, it is open a second Rector Man Arrested in Campbell Killing RECTOR. Ark.—Raymond Young, 26. was arrested at his home here by a posse of Missouri nnd Arkansas officers yesterday. They were seeking three men who Wed- budget be put back into balance T ffiBJJ I. S. Rcoticst Creates Delicate Situation for Government Turkish Si. Louis Reserve Bank Reports Industry and Trade Expanding ST. LOUIS, Mar. 30 (UP)—Con- gain in business In this district wns rc|x>rtetl today In the monthly review of conditioas Issued by the Federal Reserve bank In the Eighth district. "Industry nnd trade In the Eighth district expanded further during February and the first half of March In continuation of Uic upward trend which had Us commencement In December," the report paid. "The rate of progress was more rapid than during the initial stages of the upward movement and In a number of phases of both manufacturing and distribution of •rhey I commodities Increases were noted u/.,,i which were contrary to the sea- TSTANnm,, Turkey. Mar. (TIP) — The Turkish government was nnn-plnsscd todny bv n request of the United Slates for thp nrn-il of Rnmiicl Tnsiill, utilities funltlvX ntioard hlv chartered fr<-iohlcr. Mfiiotls, off Tslnnbnl. 'THe sIMintlnn a«oenrcd in be dellente. Tnsull Is nbonrd n Greek "(•ssel under Ihe Oreefc flan with ilir consent nf the Greek "ove-rn- incn' and ihr>™fnre is technically in Hreek territory. The rpfiii'il Inr -.his nrrest wni \(\K hv. notert p. Skinner. U nmlinfsnrlnr In Tuikcv. If the lavish ni |- nvnnienf rhnuld nccnde nsul] prohlink' would ly arrested moiTnw when the courts of JHS- T rcrm n 'i after the ctirrenl ii'klsh holiday. TI nnn«nred 'hat tin- nutliorlf.!" 1 "d delihernlolv billed • Tn c nlV: hln "S U rwwrt the outer '>ar. *ir. Twc'Uv nistnms nolltrt 1 cruisei rmmrt the In inntorhoats orblddinp nnvone lo nporoach. Additional Deaths Expected Among Those Critic-1 ally Injured LONOVfEW, Tex., Mar. 30 tUP) —A spectacular blaxc thai swept! the Ixninvlcw hotel here today | brought death to two guests, Injured at least 20 others, und CCULS- ed projierly damage estimated at I tllOO.OOO. D. P. Safford. 45, Dallas sales- i man. was killed when he leaped j from n third story window of a room in which he was trapped. An unidentified body, so badly I cared by flames that physicians eve unnMt! to determine whether ic victim was n man or a woman, as In a morgue. Five of the 2(1 injured were In ich critical condition it, was be- eved they would not live. Many guests suffered burns pr •ore injured when they leaped rom whitlows. Th» nlty was plunged Into dnrk- .ess for more limn an hour when l»wer cable burned. Doctors and mm>s cuve Ilrst uld. working by tie light of caudles and oil lamps. Utmost confusion prevailed hrougli the night of horror and n accurate check of Injured was mposslble. Among the seriously injured were: Elliott Weir, Longvlcw, jroken back; Mrs. Maud Rnlney <ongview, fractured hip and leg; Urs. Bob Crosby, Longview, frac- ured ncclc; Mrs. H. E. Peck, Slnevcport, burns nnd fractures' Sam Craig, formerly of Memphis, evere body burns. sonal trend." Caruthersville Bank Will Pay 5 Per Cent Dividend CARUTHERSVTLLE, Mo.—R. L. Bradley, receiver of the defunct First Notional Bank, announced Thursday that a payment of five per cent to depositors had been authorized for the bank by the comptroller of currency at Washington. Methodists Will Hold Sunrise Easter Service There will be a sunrise service nesday night shot nnd killed Clarence Green, night marshal of Campbell. Mo., In nn attempted seivlce station robbery'. Officers snld Young and two other men. whose names were withheld, were seen In Campbell ..._ „ „ oululo ,. aclyltc shortly after the shooting of|at the First Methodist church oreen. Young wns taken to;Sunday morning, beginning at 0'30 Campbell for possible Idcmiflcn- o'clock. The young people of the Search of Young's home re- caguc nre sponsoring this service Easter music and scriptures will be used and the pastor will make i ten minute lolk. Following this :he communion will be administered. Visitors are cordially Invited Communicants will be served by :he pastor until 7:30 o'clock and :hose communing will be permitted to retire after they have been served. If they so desire. The communion will not be observed nt any other time during the day. Infants will be baptie«l at the regular morning worship hour and new members will be received a the some hour. lion. vealed merchandise answering description of goods stolen in another robbery. H was in the search for Young's companions that the aid of Bly- Ihevlllc officers was enlisted yesterday. They were asked to watch highways here for the pair. Tile report that a man was killed by bandits at Bloomficld was erroneous, the killing having actually occurred at Campbell. Services for B. F. Ryals Held Thursday at Bassett Hide Youth Suspected in School Girl's Death PCTERSBURG. Ind., Mnr. 30 tU Pi—Fearing mob violence, authorities today held Ward Davis, 20. In hiding while they Liveslt- they would probably be received the latter part of this the first he said tl of next. However, who died Tuesday night In Bly- Ihcvlllc al the home ol his son. gated the killing of Miss AnmuciR was closed In office here. This will be the third dividend First National has paid since 1931. Two other France. 15. a. Junior at the Peters- dividends paid were 25 and 23 oer MllrEJ lll.^l* Cell/nil '_ i ... . ' burg high school cent, respectively. 'of the Joiner Methodist church, officiated. The deceased is also survived by three other sons. Everett. Jewell and Walter, and two daughters, Mrs. Oraflon and .lackson Jones. Election Of Negro In Nashville Held Void NASHVILLE, Tcnn.. Mar. 30 (U P)—Thursday's election In th fourteenth ward to select a clt; councilman, climaxed by the thei last night of the ballot box, afte a negro hod been counted winne over two white opponents, was de dated null and void today. W. M. Carr said that none o the candidates had filed campaig expenses as required by law. N one could be found who knew of flcblly whether nnother electlo would be held. jirl Scout Leader Injured in Accidenl fisc Tcnljelii ln?rMir\m. mem wr of the r-lrl P-miiv nnliom Mil staff, who visited here thl week, was rcrjnuslv injured Ii 'n nulr* accident near Jicksoi Miss., this inornlnq. according t vnr/l received here. Miss Incrnham wns en rout 'rom Mcmnhis to Jackson tn at end the nixie re"ionnl mrniin 'f Ihe Girl Scouts orznnizatio] 3!ie hnd been here Tiic- c dav nn Werinesdny mectinc with locnl Gl Scouts and their leaders. Details of the accident wer ackln? but Miss ln?rnhnm wa renorlrd to have sustained ches injuries ond lacerations about th face. Woman Kidnaping Gate Defendant Rearreited CLAYTON, Mo.. Mar, 30 (UP) — Wrs. Nellie Tipton Muench, wife of n well known physician, who, ie state charged, linked the un- lerworld with high society-in the Lldnaplng three years ago.of Dr. sane Dee Kcllc-y. socially prominent physician, today was ordered 1 "earrested. Although Sheriff Deuser of St. -outs county refused to reveal why the woman, recently released on »nd lo answer kidnaping charges, was ordereci arrested, he> said ''It nvolves another case which mijlu n bearing on the Kelley Third Swedish Prince Plans to Wed Commoner STOCKHOLM. Sweden, Mar 30 (UP)-Prlnce Bortll of Sweden has Joined his royal brother, Sigvard. and cousin, Lcnnart. In renounc;- s ing his status lo marry a commoner for love. It was revealed today that Bert!l, third son of the crown prince, intends to marry a young Stockholm society grrti Christiana BranV beck, daughter of an army captain. Despite Ihe distress of his grandfather, (he king, over tl« rapid desertions of his family, it is expected Berfll will be for^ven as the other two were. British Cruiser Salutes Roosevelt at Nassa: NASSAU. Bahamas. Mar. 30 (UP)—President Roosevelt, on his sea-soing vacation cruise, arrived at Nassau today aboard Vincent Aster's yacht. N'ourmahal, and was given n 21-gun salute by a British cruiser. Governor Clifford and Lady Clifford c.illcd on tlie president and paid their respects. Wirt Quotes Wallace in Telegraphic Message WASHINGTON, Mar. 30 (UP)— Secretary of Agriculture Henry A. Wallace was drawn indirectly into the "red plot" today through a telegram to Representative Foulkes (Dem., Mich.) from Dr. William A. Wirt. who has charged some of the brain trust want a new form of government. Rejects Senate Ban on U .S. Court Interference WASHINGTON, Mar. 30 (UP)— The house Judiciary committee today rejected a senate bill to prevent federal court Interference in public utility rate cases nnd voted to report favorably n modified substitute by Represcntativ (Dem., Colo.). Convicted of Larceny Ed?ar Houser was fined S10 and sentenced to a day in Jail by Municipal Judge C. A. Cunningham yesterday on a chaise of petit larceny. Houser allegedly stole farm tools on a plantation near Dell, The telegram, made public by Foulkes. quoted Wallace as hay- Ing snld In a published statement: "There can hardly be even a satisfactory tentative answer until we decide which way we want to go." Wirt denied In his telegram that he sought to Inspire a "man hunt /or a communist." The telegram was disclosed as plans were being completed for the authorized house Investigation of tlie Wirt charges nt a cost of $500. A special committee' Is lo be named Monday. WEATHER Arkansas—Cloudy, with probably rain tonight and Saturday. Colder In north und central portions. Freezing in extreme northwest portion tonight. Colder in eist ana south portions Saturday;

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