Asbury Park Press from Asbury Park, New Jersey on August 15, 1917 · Page 4
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Asbury Park Press from Asbury Park, New Jersey · Page 4

Asbury Park, New Jersey
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 15, 1917
Page 4
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ASBURY PARK EVENING PRESS. WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 15, 1917. wwww KEITH'S EXPRESS CO.' ATTENTION Silver Seal Dressing Cream uncial WILLIAM GRIFFIN, JR. WEST WANAMASSA DEALER IN Healthful, Strengthening and Invigorating TABLE BEVERAGES Cottage Trade Solicited. Asbury Park, N J. R. F. D. No. 1. Phone Hi We Keep Things Moving Local and long distance moving reason able rates. ' Consult u before moving oi stortog your furniture. Main office w Railroad Terrace. Telephone. 115 Asbury Park. Residence 'ohone. 770-W. Post Ulrica Boa 666. TV smile o f satisfaction beams on the face of every man we do a repair job for. It Is easy enough to please people when you have tha facilities and employ Intelligent workmen such as w- do. If you are not satisfied with the kind of work you are receiving and feel that It Is costing you too much make a change-try us. 'v!c(?'$j!i$1" y i i i gv if vi immm I : There's a better way than canning Drying Fruits and Vegetables with the ELECTRIC F f- Everything Good Come and see the most up-to-date ind complete line y. WELSHAUSEN, Done on premises on short notice, 8c per yard. Materials suitable for bathing suits. Pleating and Buttons made from your own material. Mail Orders promptly attended to. HT1 AT T7 DRESSMAKERS' AND . r AJLlV. TAILORS' SUPPLIES 629 Cookman Ave. Tel.233-R. Asbury Park, N. J. (Trade Mark) SKIN BEAUTIFIER Greaseless sure to please. Sold at all stores from 10c to $1-50 High Class SViEATS and Poultry ROTH & CO. 718-720 Cookman Ave. PHONE 361. New Jersey's Leading Butcher a a For the Table grocery store on the coast.. A full of Table Beverages. the Allenhurst Grocer THE HYDRO-EYE will automatically deliver to the motor the amount of moist air without any attention by the operator. The Hydro-Eye watches over your automobile motor and keeps away its worst enemy Carbon. FOR SALE BT Zacharias Garage Co., Inc. 525 Main St. Asbury Park Telephone 644. ONE BLOCK OFF TROLLEY ALLENHURST Belmar, N. J. THE BEAUTY OF THIS GROCERY Is that while the goods are higher in quality they are lower in price. Come and see what tempting dainties are shown here. Note how high class they surely are. Don't be afraid to order some. Your first inquiry, will prove that our prices are far below the usual for such high class delicacies. IDEAL MARKET 1121 Springwood. 'Phone 746 Formerly Myer'a Market. to jieHMTlUMm 1 j mskmM PREPARE NOTABLE BENEFIT PROGRAM An interesting program has been prepared for next Sunday night at the Savoy theatre as a benefit for the Monmouth Sailors and Soldiers Relief fund. The program will feature Seregi Zanco, celebrated tenor; Eugenie Zan-co, de Primo, late pianist to the Russian Imperial court; Valentina Crespi, violinist and the Third Regiment band. The concert wil begin at 8 o'clock, the following program to be given: Patriotic airs, Third Regiment band, N. G. N. J.; Prison aria fro m"Hero-diade," Massenet, Sergei Zanco de Primo; Etude de Concert, Liszt and Sur le Lac de Geneve, Bendel. Eugenie Zanco de Primo; Hungarian Rhapsody, Hauser, Valentina Crespi; Aria, "Cie-lo e Mar" from "Gioconda," Ponchielll, Sergei Zanco de Primo; (a) Mazurka, Moszkowsky; (b) Valse de Concert, Moszkowsky, Eugenie Zanco de Primo. (a) Ave Maria, Schubert, (b) Minuet, Mozart, (c) Zeguarnerweisen, Sar-asate, Valentina Crespi; "Agnus Dei," Bizet, Sergei Zanco de Primo, accompanied by Miss Chesppi; (a) Polichln-eiie, Rachmaninoff, (b) Au Matin, Godard , Eugenie Zanco da Primo; Rondo Capriccoso, Saint Saens, Valen tina Crespi;, "Celeste Aida", Verdi, Sergei Zanco de Prirrte; Rhapsodic No. 12. Liszt, Eugenie Zanco de Trimo; "Star Spangled Banner" and "Marseillaise," Third Regiment band. CARDIE GIBBONS VISITING III DEAL Cardinal Gibbons, ranking prelate of the Roman Catholic church In America, has ended his visit at the home of Papal Marquis Martin Ma-loney, of Spring Lake, and is being entertained at the summer home of Mrs. S. H. Fay, of Norwood avenue and Woodford road, Deal. Accompanying the cardinal on his visit to Deal, is the Right Rev. D. J. O'Connell, bishop of Richmond, and the Very Rev. S. W. Fay, a priest of the Baltimore diocese. Father Fay is a son of the cardinal's hostess. Cardinal Gibbons had retired for the night last evening when an interviewer sought to secure from him a statement concerning Pope Benedict's peace proposal. ARMY OF 60,000 JERSEY PEOPLE LAUD ITS WORK Men and Women In Every Walk of Life Acknowledge Tanlac as Greatest Tonic. The strongest endorsement any medicine can have is the recommendation of those who have proved its worth. And an army of more than 60,000 Jersey people have used and praised Tanlac. They acknowledge its superiority as a tonic and system purifier declaring it unequaled for its cleansing properties. In an interview with the Tanlac Man a few days ago, a business man said: "My friends seem more astonished than I over the change Tanlac has made in me. It's the Gosepl truth that I never felt better; I eat heartily, sleep like a log, and can fairly devour work." Yet, all Tanlac did was to cleanse this man's stomach, liver and kidneys of their impurities. You, too, may be suf-feringneedlessly. If your food causes distress, gas, belching and a tired, worn out feeling after meals, you cannot do better than take Tanlac. Like many thousands, you will no doubt note the improvement in appetite. Food will taste better, digest, properly and without disagreeable after effects. With healthy organs, liberated of poisons by Tanlac, the eye becomes brighter, the step more brisk and life itself assumes a rosier hue. Tanlac is being explained in Asbury Park by Richmond Drug Store, successor to A. J. Stackhouse, 608 Cookman Avenue; Seaside Pharmacy, Eelmar; Hills' Pharmacies, P -adley Beach and Spring Lake; William J. Brokaw, Long Branch. Adv. Palmateer & Howland Wholesale and Retail t Unexcelled service S & prompt deliveries 9 We Solicit Your Patronage TeI.166M662 Asbury and CREAM We deliver from Deal to Ocean Grove. No better milk on the shore. Pure pastuerized, highest standard. If your milk does not show a good cream line, try ours. Telephone 412-W. ALTON'S DAIRY ALLENHURST AdveiVse m The Shore Pieea. mm 1 1 PC E. J. STROUD COS Main Street. 'Phone 6S8. Automobile, House and Sign Painting. Lettering of all kinds a specialty. Interior and Exterior Decorating Pictorial Designs Ui Cookmtn Ave., Asbury Park j MILLINERY "The Store ot Sterling Value .' PANAMAS . 98c Trimmed Satin Hats Assorted colors 2.98 PERSONAL SUGGESTIONS GLADLY GIVEN. 723 .Cookman Avenue MOLONEY TAILORS fig??cr AredNn W AveHotel. 261 Fifth Ave. New York City. WE MAKE GOOD CLOTHES Silk and white goods a specialty. . French cleaning, altering, repairing and pressing. We clean; press and alter clothes. 625 Mattison Ave. 'Phone 85-R. Asbury Park WONDERFUL I VALUES It will pay every woman to visit this store now. DRESSES, SKIRTS, SWEATERS etc., priced exceedingly low. RICH SWEATERS Shetland and Silk $4.95 up Values you cannot equaL The Mar Goles Shop 584 Cookman Avenue, Asbury Park. HEADACHES in most cases are the eure results of defective eyesight. Not always when you cannot see well or your eyes are weak, but from a defect which only a specialist en locate. Let us give your eyes a Free Examination. s Philadelphia tye Specialists 222 MAIN STREET Every F.-iHay Hour 10 to 4.30 Borden's Stationery Store Moved to 719 Mattison Ave. Next to Winckler's Opp. Savoy Theatre Tel. 545 The Latest Women's African Brown Bottom, Seal Top English Walking Shoe, regular value, $8.00, special at $g.oo Best Shoe Co. 627 Cookman Avenue GEORGE PEARCE. Manager. Rad The Shore Press. vl J J: y?-.tee'k. - & -'-- Hif i l l , Old Hats Made New Panama cleaned, blocked and bleached equal to new. Blocked-Into the latest shapes. You will bo amazed at the result. N.Y, Shoe & Hat Cleaning Co, 706 Mattison Ave, 168 Main St, Asbury Park, N. J. New Jersey Central ALL-RAIL ROUTE TRAINS LEAVE For New York, Newark and Elizabeth weekdays m5.68, 6.06, 6.47, 7.19, (7.23 Newark). 7.56. 8.10, 8.41, 10.52 a, m.; 2.16. 3.55, 7.00 87.42, 8.40, slO.12 p. m. Sundays 8.25 a. m.; 4.10, 6.45, 8.30, 8.5U p. m. Sandy Hook Route Weekdays 6.27, 7.32, 10.00 a. m.; 12.45. 1.55, 4.48 p. m. Sundays 7.18, 10.28 a. m.; 12.63, 4.43. 7.06. 8.22 p. m. For Atlantic City, via Lakewood - Weekdays 6.06, 9.09 a. m.; 3.55 p. m. Sundays 9.00 a. m. For Wilkesbarre, Scranton, Reading and Harrisburg Weekdays 7.23 a. m.; 2.16 p. m. Sundays 8.25 a. m. s Saturday only; m Monday only; New York only. 'atten Line New York and Long Branch Steamboat Company. Time Table, July 18, 1917. DAILY. . Leaves New York. West 35th St., N. R., 8.45 a. m.. 2.00 p. m. Leaves New York, Battery, near South Ferry, 9.20 a. m., 2.45 p" m. Leaves Long Branch, Rockwell Avenue, 7.00 a. m., 4.00 p. m.; Pleasure Bay, 7.10 a. m., 4.10 p. m.; Seabright, 7.40 a. m.. 4.40 p. m.; Highlands, 8.00 a. m., 5.00 p. m. SUNDAYS. Leave New York, West 35th St., 7.45, S.45 a. m.; Battery. 8.20, 9.20 a. m. Leave Long Branch, Rockwell Avenue. 3.30, 4.00 p. m.; Pleasure Bay. 3.40, 4.40 p. m.; Seabright, 4.20. 5.20 p. m.; Highlands, 4.30, 5.30 p. m. No freight received at Uattery. no freight received Sundays or holidays. Last car which connects with boats for New York leaves Cookman Avenue and Main street, Asbury Park, one hour wbefore steamer time at Pleasure Bay. H. Willard Wiseman Optometrist 548 Cookman Ave. Asbury Park, N. J. Phone 317 R WAIST SHOP We carry a variety of waists for all occasions. Your wardrobe is not complete witfiout a Re-gina Waist. It appeals in price as well as beauty. Cor. Cookman and Emory ASBURY PARK, N. 3. You Need Fireproof Storage WE HAVE IT In absolutely fireproof warehouses with separate fireproof rooms. Buchanon& Smock Lumber Co. Jacob H. Doll Co. Wall Paper AND Paper Hanging Interior and Exterior Painting NOW LOCATED 731 Bangs Ave. NEAR POSTOFFICE Telephone Connection. .may. mi " ' H" j a This fits right in, exactly,, with tho present-day housewife's ideas. Never before did shs pljn s- carefully to save. Sugar is high. Jars and containers hare to get high in price. What will food cost this winter? How ii she golnt. to get fruits and vegetables so necessary to healthful, winter diet? , HERE'S THE WAY AND EVERY HOUSEWIFE , CAN HAVE IT1 Now, while the garden "sass" and farm "truck" are plentiful, pick up the bargains. Dry them with tha electric fan and store away a good supply for the whole year. The government has thoroughly tested out and endorses this method as especially better in two respects: a better color to the products and less spoilage, it being a "cool" process. The food is more wholesome and tasty and certainly clean prepared in your home, by YOU! - Atlantic Coast Electric Light Co. 726 COOKMAN AVENUE 'Phone 2000. Asbury Park, N. J. FRED E. FARRY, Funeral Director and Licensed Embalmer TEL 434. Lady Assistant OPEN DAT AND NIGHT. 806 'Main Street. Asbury Park The coolest and most comfortable Ice cream parlor In town. A trial will convince you. . 234 COOKMAN AVENUE, Asbury Park. IT'S HOT, WE KNOW IT Why not cool off with a plate of WINCKLER'S ICE CREAM Delivered to all hotels and cottage trade, on short notice. 'Phone 332 Asbury, 715-717 Mattison Ave. Exclusive Millinery for Women, Misses' and Children 639 Cookman Ave. Asbury Park Panama Hats cleaned, bleached and reblocked by men who know now. One pleasure in wearing a straw or Panama hat is knowing that it is spotless white and blocked according to fashion. Our work is guaranteed to be the best 'obtainable. 649 COOKMAN AVENUE Opposite Woolworth's . i ft rinnrij' i Trio Icirtrocf cfrLr rf Bathing Caps, Bathing Shoes and other bathers' necessities at unusually low prices. United Cigar Stores Co. 172 Main St - n , i'i I, I. ftj-J Great Clearance Sale NOW ON COATS SUITS DRESSES SKIRTS & WAISTS See our windows, or better, step in. Savings of 50 per cent, and over. The Fashion Shop 515 Cookman Ave". Asbury Park, N. J. READ THE ASBURY i PARS EVENING PRESS 499 H. R. INGALS 420 MAIN ST., ASBURY PARK Agent for -' Buick, Haynes, Cadillac and Hupmobile Cars PEERLESS CARS We are agents for Ocean and Monmouth Counties. Clayton's Garage Tel. 87 Lakewood, N. J, Hudson, Briscoe and Overland Agency O. H. NEWMAN 703 F St. Phone 513. Belmar. 1917 - STUTZ - 1917 DELIVERIES NOW Ed. Von Kaltengell Red Bank, N. J. Tel. 213. Automobile Painting E. J. STROUD 608 MAIN STREET Phone 688 Asbury Park CHANDLER AGENCY THOMAS GARAGE Bradley Beach, N. J. Tel. 720-M. Charles Van Buren, Agent. AUTO DEALERS Will find this Column a Valuable Medium of AN Imported and ALL THE BEST BRANDS Table Luxuries of Every Description DIRECTORY OF AUTO DEALERS Dealers in Automobile Accessories Also Motorcycle Dealers and Motor Supplies Automobile Repairmen and Garages Spier Avenue H. MICHELSOHN WHOLESALE DEALER IN THE LEADING BRANDS OF TABLE BEVERAGES The healthfuy satisfying kind. SIXTEENTH AVE. and H STREET Phone 574. OLDSMOBILE & STEARNS- KNIGHT AGENCY MARK GUY'S "AUTO-INN" Garage and Service Station 21-23 Main Street Asbury Park New Jersey AUTOMOBILE TOPS, CURTAINS, SUP COVERS at Factory Prices, The . ord Windshield Cap makes the Ford storm tight. Sold by dealers. Order oy mall. Made ad sold y LA00W 143 Main St., Aioury Park. Phone 40-R. VELIE, CHEVROLET, VIM and JEFFERY AGENCY PLEASURE CARS AND TRUCKS y BELMAR AUTO CO. 'Phone 518-J. 804 F Street FRANKLIN Agency for Monmouth and Ocean Counties. Brown & Letson Main St. at 4th Av, Asbury Park 'Phone 866. REO, VIM. & WHITE CARS We are distributors for these Popular makes of cars. DORMAN McFADDIN 149 Broadway Ling Branch Studebaker and Saxon Pleasure and Commercial Motor Cars. , BROCKWAY TRUCKS Sexton's Garage Co. Munroe at Cookman. Phone 219 FORD AGENCY Ford Parts and Ford Prices. Sales Rooms and Parts Cor. Lake & Main, Asbury Park .SERVICE STATION Cor. Sylvania & Main, Avon. 7 URCHASE'I HIGH GRADE MEATS FANCY POULTRY Low Prices TELEPHONE 26a 707 Bangs Avenue Asbury Park, N. J. 9

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