The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 23, 1944 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 23, 1944
Page 6
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* PAGE SIX x * . . 'TIT VTllTTVlt T TP fntffttfrT? idifMtM . ., i %___»____ ,_,-_^,- t _^. J ._ L ^^ LL .-___ i-.i.,.^,.-..-,. -—_:.. ^ ^ ' . JJiJ J- L II TJ V \ j jljl'v ^>U U I* I IjJv 11 l*i \Y Q , Win I DC* ri ijj^^ K(W Dl() Tlir6<ll PapOOSes Red<*/J Peak Of Form, HowBlythevilie-RussellvilleCompare Jffito't^trStT™T«,tt «fiy««-i..'«.«*»*« nl S«l fcrnarl,, Outc/oss Mor/cerf Tree, 20 fo 0 fr £8tt t ft'? Srf* S ESS3SSH AV, NOVBMBiSit 28, J!M<1 «« <* sa; . } Of Red Tornado / -Powerful Visitors favored Over Chitki ; ih Cbriferenct Tilr L/The ill-fated Blvthcvllle Chtcka- ,|aws, restricted to lean pickings nil ^Season, cim offer extrn thanks on -•this Thanksgiving Day with a glorf- ojls Victor^ ofer Riisselhjlle tonlglit .at Halev Field >The Clucks face the powerful Crimsoli Tornado eleven under (he \\rcs of their favorite bailiwick in .senfi'finals of the fast fading Arkansas High School Conference season, starting at 8 o'clock u II is a big order for the trltyd but,they can cio it Nothing has proved Impossible, in this day ot upsets, a (imp vhen the dope ha-i 'been kicked around with iccklcss abouh<i t ( v , \ , Must Stop Retd „ If tliey are to eat tmkev with special crimson relish tonlglil depends in no small measure how v lhd phlckasavvs take care of a joung 'top" Mosley's gnllniil' yoiing mrid ol Diythcvllle Junior. High '(ipooses "reached Ihelr soSsoh scor- ng peak, ns they polinderi but n v'ell earned 20-0 victory oVef .the vfiirked' Tree Reserves here Itist night. Iti annexing victory No. 4 the 'apooscs turned in tiioli- test )icr-< oimance of the season for 1 tllelr nltlftl shutout Working with .jire-" of an °\ pll«! jnachilie (he ters exploded their 1-2 nlneli, Dickie drcenwell and Bills' triple threat back by the nnnic of Reed Novv, this fellow Reed, who dlicets team piay /or the Visiting Rlisseilville Eea'm is satd to. be "the key to the imposing Tornado '.uc- £csses He is the spearhead and n very good one, too He ft as In 1 on the important victories over Fort Smith and Hot Springs which icck- .cd the Big 15 foundations j Reed's outstanding . specialities are with his unerring (lasses Hii has the knack of spotting his receivers hi the Jumble of plays then 1 hits them »illi perfect heaVes, many °' which have gone for the pas off ~But Reed, a 1 ! good ns he is, rtoH pot hog all the spotlight concli Wallace Bailey has built a welt Inlanced team around a nucleus of experienced material it is said to be exceptionally fust and clevei, featuring the opsn stvle of attack with a 'geneious use of the aerial gatne, led by his ace, Heed Th£ Tornado Is strong at the tackles, in the center of the line and for- "tlfied with a quintet of fine rlm^ ning backs Visitors Seek Win While the Chicks aie seeking their first conference victory, the tnbal supremacy to which they •have been subjected since the ir •regular sones began seveiai jeai ago Never In history of the two , schools has n Hussellville grid rep- ,-resentattve triumphed over n Ma i roou and While standard bearer. •iThey have clashed three times and , each time the victory flag has <.jlo»n^o^€ - the battle . , '- r Afid Hits meeting promises to be J another ot_these colorfuKtootbul /sorites' 1 On~the basis of record] ; HUsseltvUle rates a big edge arit ••should _triumph by n comfortable jijnargln ,Biit Coach Arvli Grten' j-^oun^steis 'are cunnlhg foi this game not^only for their lirH cort- fertftfe victory, but atorte for'Mlie r dismal season with a brilliant fin- ,lsh" as they did last >car at For- lesj Citj. The Mustangs help bring down the curtain next week on the same field.' . Prospects of a > patch and revised lineup has not, dampened their spirits one 6it On the contrary it may serve to fire the regulars and Incoming substitutes to superior heights, which will be neceasarj 111 order to achieve their goal Regulars Art Missing .Coach Green reports the tribe Wist do without the services of J , Wiunc Mcrorland, and of j , en enough to rack up single touch - loiviis in nil but the third quarter; o bolter down the smaller, but juitic, visiting second stringers Id lie .defending Nortnensl Arkansas Conference champions. Strong Running Attack ' Orecnwell niul- McFarland, 'aided ind -abetted by some great blocks hg cspcctajly Ijj-.' j'n'ek -Elliott ; niul j Johnson rcBiUnr, jeft end, :EU-' lone Kcmpei starting, left tackle! 1 and Charles ftoy. Lutes, 'jiudgy guard «ho lins: beeii conside'rab'ls iclldn \\hilc Khiirlng thb' 'gurira berth vvlili his,piil^ Billy Koonce; Johnson has a. severely bruised shoulder .Kempcr Jias a hip ami back Injury, pi (is . alhcr-, allmcnU, while Lutes icceivcd a. blow a cross one hip that put him out, of coin"•'-'- '"'•- is n possibility thft£ .hev, (he last Wo, ;miiy -be upon 1 In extreme, emergency, : ..-''; ' me'ani ' Ural yo\iiiij •Chcslrr ifaroid trnyior^ set n Jrnfd'gulping groimd attack that n^tl«d 560 yards by tttshlfjg. aS Compared to only 104 tot tha'MArke!<i Tree out' lit. the carrot-loppfd OreefiWeil was the offeiiilVu star, averaging 12 yards each time he lugged the leather. n|j chart sh&*cd U net 1'ards In . 13 I He*. HW hard riln- nlfii! fullback rnnlc cnn'led the irtali the same number and tallied 89 No. Bljthcvliif 19 O< Cftldwell 3# ; Stone Id Kcorice 3« Blomtyer iO Ratcilff 1« 24 16 }g 31 39 Dickie scored the first and third touchdowns Ofi runs of 10 yards and H yards; respectively.' jack Elliott Sneaked over for (he mid' die score after McParlflrid'.^ silhtl' lating 10-yard rtnsh to the Marked Trie two-yard stripe. . Marked Tree made only two Bel'i- otis scoring both lii third period, bids, but. onch fri)ji.i>u)IIIJC(l:by I'u- potisc :iilerti!tss.i J, Elliott' <p6uiK<ed on a Igose.'rdinblc.'toMialt;. one' promising marcli on't)ie'Blyilit:vl'lle .14. Grccnwcll 'Bp.cared' a'vpass'bii his own 16 as.a'stopDQr'oii th'd ollP or: . . • •'_ '..••., '•••-.-' '•• •:. , \-f/:. ] -I*adjln First IJowns ':• i First downs wciit to-the;winners, 17'to 11. Eight of the Marked'.free first downs cii)nu In their, big/third qimr'ler when they.practically coini mandcd. the .ball .throiiglibnt Ihou'gli fallljig to • score. , . . Hue line- play ' on bpth ': sides sparked the \vell plnye^iindiclean' ly fought ballii-. John Hoover,'dene '' Fercusiri p. Sylvester Mood Pogile Wt 135 ID4 142 lei 162 168 162 146 153 129 175 LO. C. R. Cl. h.T. n, E. CJ.Il. U H. h. !!. P. B. Ingram Jones ->ug)i Dur/ics Reed McCutchen Hancy Darker Wt, 150 180 145 165 165 178 164 155 He 153 158 next Kiekoft ivinrked lYee'iSunlcd out to Dlliy feob Elliott ptt'the 32 wlti'rUnj it back to tlic 21, and (he ahoUic'r score. off. With u pass ftinreiMjl off iitigleton sta\ If(tcrceptl6h. , ^ n MJ left , , aiirl . Bcts'lhe'lcfl tacitlc citll. Both wcie in.tho eleven who Hook the field flgalnst the' Humbs Timers iBst week nnd did all right. Calii- well \\as on the receiving end of: an 18-yard pnss nnd liciirly . broke . foi a possible touclidovyh. Btone, «)io has shown considerable" signs of following in the stardom path of his illustrious brbther and foimcr Chick captain, Elmer Stone, more than jusllflL-d' Ills' selccttoii for the tint ttring'nnd should''do better v'lth confidence iind nddcd experience. UlomeyerHeads Line Rest of the Cliicknsaw lineup Js e\pcctcd to bt the siirric ns. h'as been opening most of the past games There is-a possibility, how" ever, (hat Sinn Hood,' left hajf- back, miiy be withheld. In event he is kept on.lho sidelines Dan Caltlwcll gets the J6b. Dnn was at miartcrback jnst week but was due to return Ihe pdst .(0 Davi ( i Si'l- vestcr, who has been directing lean; play most of the'season. Gernld Blomeyer, reduircriitlng from a siege of tolds, will be in at ceiitei and will be supported'in the line by Captain Joe Nell Rat- cllft nnd Koonce. guards; John Bruce \Vllsbn nnd SlbHt,.'lackles'i C. Caldwell ahil- JOD Pcrgiisoh',- emis. Prank NicHokdn Is the right liali- Lnck ; Jioininee, vvtth Harvey (Cotton) Poguc at tailback. CoaSh Bnlley has Indicatcri the following Rii'ssellviJio orcwirs: Minor (160) and Burnes <104), ends, Tdrncr (180) and !>ugh (178), tackles, Joes (165) (ind Ragsclnle (145), guaicji; Ingrain (165) .center, Heed (155), McCulchcon (148), •Haney (153) aiid Barker (158), back? ' ' - ; .. Officlah will Include LlCUt. Bill Adams (AikansBs State OollcBc), leferee, Ljeut. Cecil Garrison <Scuthnestcrn of Memphis), Irnic pire, Staff Sergt. Robert, Tubbs (Little Rock High School), umpire apd Lieut Allen Hurley (Iowa) Held judge. Reiignn. fllliy iirnce'y,-R, , iind Don DMharse; were Inrly oulstahdlhg. For':life P. Wufi- ackle/and. Ceiifer dcnt > .'wfcr«"- l 'eiff' rr IWTERN4TIONAL INTEHNAT IONAL INT[HNATIONAL , . . CctlVe oh dpfchse. SlnglelOii, cibaek, and A. Cooper/ ; blg' full' mek, were the chief scoring threats. (Jcf Early Start The Papooses let no grass grow mder their collective ' fctl before lumping out- In front with •thcil' 1 lOUchdowii. Taking the first kickoff Oh their own 3 yards they op- cue,) li|> win, their choicest scor- ng weapons. .McFarland . tracked eft tackle for: suveri, Grcenwcli td- thd ball; nUempting. to land It ngiilh lo McFnrland but re> covered for n'loss of five. However he Paps \vcre pehftllzed 15 yards for holding back to llielr o*h S3. Grecnwell raced around right end for 20 yards. McParland punched left tackle for six, and dittoed for first down on the Marked Tree 40 Grecmvcll skirted right-end for 27 and first down on the MT 13. Mc- Mrlantl punched tnckle' ; for scveh but the baekfieW was - in molioh niui not only lost thiit gain, b\ll I ve more. He picked up two, although he stumbled. Orecnweil nlghlalled It around, ehd for the touchdown. Mose Slmoh came iii for the cxffti try but it was wide and low, the Papoa^es-leading 6^6 On tlicj. sccbiKl piny after the -4^ .Holding dowri on their 27, ;after B..Elliott's fllmble of n punt'gave the visitors d break." the fifosley- incn engineered 'another drive that covtrell; the 13.yilrds'lii .'10'tries arepiifrell'Kjartctl It with a -J2- •yar(l6r.'."j: • Elliott yasse*!' to Hiicy (Jdwii' thc-.-mlildlf for ;]6. Mcp'aV- .lni;d ;g'ot-ei4rit at .[ncklc. . j.-* fei- llott.mailf.Tt.'first, down on!(he 33 svl^h , B ' sneak. (He tried -to'-'sneak rtrbllnd end''but slipped foY'aloss of.fiVc. drSeriwt'll':netfed 11 nl DIM! Elliott fill'il'fty'lar' : w'ith:ii la-yard pass to the iB.'.M^Parlafid'waj 'jiisl sYij/'tt a-toiiclKUflvn. -j. Elliott took two erabkK- and .went- '.oVer. -.gimon had to .have-'fiome help from the cross bar but .converted" for-the cx- tni. ; •'-... ' .. , • . ,..-; ; . • dets fiiisy. Late- •''••'. .Wlt!l,Ui6 san((s,rumiin(;' out late In the final rodna the 'Paps'took over [jri tlielr.own 37 : 'and scored With 'six cOiiSectitlVe first downs afeenwejl ilianhlng ihe final H ynrds. with a great burst Of r spcetl iind power. Simon's placement split the. crossbar..2(^0. ;•' • "Pop"'tliriled the Job over to all reserves' aild the kids not only Held (lie -reserves but forced them to kick. : : . The lineups and summary:";'' • Dlythevlllc Pos Matked Tree Huey LK • Hoover • LT firacey LG Hodge. c A B. Elliott RG Besnftrse RT ?*(Si\Vi ftE ,;">— J. BUott qn iSlflgleton Gfecnvvell LH • > Hn.Vnle Ti'a^lor • RH McRirlalid FB --A. ., Blytlievllle subslltiit«s' ^- u,,.,,u., Slliwon, friend, Coleirthn, ,,t(avis, ReA^ulii Buhch. '-." I Marked free,substitutes -^Qldnn Miller. ."•)'' First downs"— Blytheville 17. Marked Tvce.' 11. Scoring—Blylh'i!- vllle' touchdowns — Orcenwell i'uC yahl run) j. Elliott (p'limge) Gfcenwell (14 yard:run), ,"'" I Blytheville extra poihts^aiinon 2 (placement). ' '' i Pftsscs— Blytheville. attempted ; 6 2 for 27 yafds with-'.l liiterceplfd. • Marked Tree attempted 9 completed 4 for. 24 yards with one Intercepted. Pehauies—Blyllievllle 5 for 4S yards. Marked free i for 15 yards. niytheville . ..; a 7 0 7—20 .. , . _ ' ' o Marked free o : B 0 0— o • Officials: Staff Scrgt. Robert 'niljbs (Little Rock), referee: Lieut. Bill Adams (Arkansas Slate College), jheadliuesmnn; Ueut. Cecil Garrison. (Southwestern of. Memphis), umpire;. Arvil , Greeii,' field Judge. .WARNING ORDKR In the Chancery C'oiirl, Chlcka- sawba District, Mississippi County, Arkansas. J, L. 'IMrner, PlaintlfT, vs. No. 8846 Hcttle Doyle Turner, Defendant. The defendant, Kettle Doyle Tur^ ncr, is hereby warned to appear within thirty days in the court named In the caption hereof and answer the 'complaint of the plaintiff; J. U Turner. Dated this 23 day of Oct., 1944. HARVEY MORRIS, oierk. Percy A. Wright, Atty. for Plf. C. P. Cooper,-Atty. nd Lltcm. EDUCATIONAL 'Civil Service Exams Given Weekly. At civil Service examinations to establish eligibility or clerical, typist, and stenographic, positions at Bly- thevillc Army Air Field are held •ench Tuesday, at- B a. :n.,.nt;the Post Civilian Personnel .: Office, it has been announced. Application blanks may be obtained from the local United States Employment Service Office and' fhould be completed before .reporting for exam'lnalloil. , , ..-Typewriters, and all ^eqCipment needed will. be furnished. Guards EXHIBIT THEANIn, INACTION SPORTSMAN'S PmDISf ALl WEEK 9AM.TOMP.M? Visit Us In Our NEW BUILDING Located at 121 E, Main St. T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Chrysler Dealer - Faffs & Service 121 E. Main Phone 2122 LAST NOTICE ON Delinquent Date 1 PAY NOW AND SAVE PENALTIES AND COSTS Mrs• Lyn P. Gooch Collector Blytheville Brldgcr i i 'Johnson Rye j Dent i Brewer P. Wft'l.Jter J. LOUIS CHERRY '._ ' . 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