The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 29, 1939 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 29, 1939
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VOLUiMR XXXVr-NO. Ill THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER E COURIER NEWS EB OP NOHTHSAMT AVWJMO,,, ,..; ' ^ * ' ^-^ Japanese Enlarge Anti-British Move, Sign German Accord were Japancs e British . A mad, panicky rush of Chinese into the British sector jammed the streets with an estimated 10- OCO attempting lo carry Uieii longings beyond the reneli of anese guards. Tft'o trucklonds of British so dlers wheeled up to control II refusce crowds hut Jupmioso d lot interfere will, the Chinese an here was no threat of friction be (ween the British and troops. - f ™ e .. ac . Uo1 , 1 was taken shortl after it had been disclosed thi, American consuls in china we ™™ ""« a «»!• °f mcidents in volvmg Americans with Japancs since the .start of the China w«i It was understood the n st , was fo use of the United Stales state dc partment which recently had re asserted its nrm attitude towun such Incidents. As for the purpose of the uarri cade action today a Jnpnnea spokesman said: ° f Then Britisli froops Imd at Hie scene several not arrivec -hours aft"i tile Japanese started work and ii WHS believed British officials were doing ble. their utmost to avoid trou- Signs German Trade Tact TOKYO, July 29. (UP)—Japan suddenly initialing a trade agreement with Germany, after nearly two years of difficult negotiations struck back at the United States Icday and materially strengthened its lies with tlie Berlin-Home axis Less than 48 hours after the denunciation by (he United States of its commercial treaty with Japan the new German treaty was initialed. Its importance, politically as well as economically, was made plain by an official foreign office state- menl emphasizing thnt thc new treaty; 1. Strengthen; economic nany. rcia- _. 2.'-Strengthens the collaboration of JapaiuwiOr.Italy nnd Germany as "anti-Communist notions. 3. Provides for an exchange oi essential materials "in time ol peace ns well as war." The final paragraph of Ihe statement said: "It is a mailer fcr con?ralula- tion that ilirough the Japanese- Iiahnii-Mnncliiikuiui trade agreement and the present agreement lire nnti-Comintern (anti-Communist) axis is steadily, strengthened in economic as well as other spheres." Still discussing the effect of the American denunciation, Japanese turned tlieir Itaignts more nnd more' to tlie present negotiations with Great Britain here en the situation in north China, nnil to tlie possibility .that Britain might new, feeling that it is not radii? Japan alone, stiffen its attitude. Thc independent newspaper Nichi Nichi asserted Hint. Japanese army circles favored letting tlie negotia- Inquiry' Leads To, Suicide Of Aged Pensioner. SACRAMENTO, Cnl., July 29(UP)—By the time lie Imd reached four score years in age, George Sherbondy thought he deserved n, life of peace and plenty. Recently he had been receiving a county old age pension which permitted him (o maintain his m=dcst home and a few chickens on the outskirts of the city. Yesterday Sherbondy was called to appear before (he district attorney's o/ijce. It wanted him to, explain why he had received $887 in county aid to which he allegedly was 'not entitled. Furthermore? the county wanted the money refunded le didn't go. Sherbondy sat down at his kitchen .able and wrote n note to the jolice. Then lie set fire to his louse, freed his chickens from lieu- pens nnd fired them as well fiwe his car la an isolated road :nd attached a hose to the es- Beside his body police found his arcwoll note. It rend: "I notify, you that 1 will destroy y properly and take my life, as Id age officers have tormented me I am nearly crazy. I was 81 ast March 5. I thought the pen- on was to give thc eld a happy fe. It is hard for me to do this, it I cannot stand it any longer will enclose a .--check for the- uderlaker who will bury me atiy- Iiere around Sacramento." A check for $GG4 was enclosed Officials explained that Slier-' oudy was not entitled to pension inds because he owned. m:re than 500 worth of property—the maxi- um .permitted by law to a: pension 'Cipleiit. They said funds remain- Steamships To Ireland Crowded; Mobilize For " 'Crisis Months" I.ONDCW, July 29. (UP)-Sleam- siiiljs !o Ireland were crowded with Irish Republican Army membeis and sympathizers today as Scot-, land Yard, ucl!,i B under emergency {towers granted by parliament cracked down on terrorists A scnrcli for I.R.A. lenders was intensified us (lie yard received reports from several sources that Scan Russell, chief of (he outlawed organization, wns in England. It was believed thnt the clilef of the terrorists (or the Liverpool area fled lo Ireland Thursday Nineteen formal expulsion orders against suspected terrorists alleged now to be ready to bomb munitions factories and airports In pursuit of their campaign (o foi -c British li-oops and officials from norlliern Ireland were signed wlth- in n few hours titter the passage of the special powers bill ycsterd SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Blythevllle Courier Blythcvllle Herald Misslsslppi Valley Lender ^Blythcvillo Daily News was understood that Ihej It were the first of 100 selecled by (lie Yard for Immediate depoitu- Uon lo Ireland and (hat the rest would be sent home quietly willi- in Ihe next few days. • There were tearful farcivelLs nt London and other railroad stations and at Irish seaports as the I. n. A. exodus began. • Britain Mobilizes forces LONDON, July 29, 1930 (UP)— Fire al the U . ig.afler the funeral " expenses -were be used to reimburse rela- ; ii(l .-would ic state. Sherbondy had no knowr lives. ' .; District Attorney Otis Babcock and relief officials could: not'!w reached lor comment.. •""> ; '• ' Fifty-live thousand men ol Ihe territorial army went lo camp today as Britain began a program .of unprecedented activities, looking toward preparedness coinciding wilh World War anniversary week. Twelve thousand naval reservists cnlled to the colors for the "crisis months", will report for duty Monday to man ships of the reserve fleet, which have been put In commission to guard against n summer emergency. Halt of England will be blacked out on the nights of August 8 and MSEMIE Opponents Of Refunding Claim Victory; Bailey Still Confident 9 in since the the biggest raid lest; 'Germans' Insl bombod London May 19, 1918. King George will review" the reserve -fleet August 8 and-then the ships will go to sea lo join tlie gigantic home fleet and lute in August-lake part in the first combined (iect exercises since July, \ Aircraft barrage balloons floated! over a wide'radius about London today and nnli-alrcraft gunners manned batteries nil over Omit Britain. his lime. S. Capllol-but neither hot weather, nov healed oralory Blazmg pan of ei . casc In Senate restaurant sent smrAc •e apparatus rusliliif; to billowing from Capitol roof, eight pieces of fire Capitol inn, Eslitimled damage: $300. Fonr-Ycac-Old Boy On Tricycle 'T?...1_ Jn •: 'Eiuhn •ance Run' LAKE CITY, S. C.. July. 29 (UP) -PDiir-yenr-old Rlclinrd Nettles Had nearly recovered loday from exhaiislioii suffered when he • pert; nled three miles on » proposed K- mile trip "by bicycle "lo sec A tint, Mabel." , v-.fOi- Seizcd by desire to was the nichnnl Scattered Rains Raise Hopes But Fail To End Caruthersville Boy Dies Here Friday James R. Pierce, 19 year old son cf Frank Pierce, of Caruthersvillc, mcl "« said: """ hospllal yes-l ..j „„, Kalni , rtmif " ~ ' l be at two mint in Florence, 25 miles ; away, Richard lind no, means' of locomotion beside his trusty tricycle. So mvny lie went, followed by his pup. A neighbor saw llichnrd pedaling away with all his might on hi! atge of- town. His parents were nformed find they overlook their ;on three miles out of l,ike City rolling along Avitii (he dog . loplni; It nnd irom middle- of wns near heat and . exhaustion. His (t) _ . - 23 (UP)— Scattered rains gave new hope to- l>nnks in the British conces- The sion at Tientsin, and also agreed to 1 "•'*+. >.ik.)v/ *t^in:n i forbid the circulation cf Chinese .currency •within ihc concession thus recognizing |.) le puppet, re e| me currency which the Japanese are promoting. Foreign Minister Hachiro Arila reprrted to Emperor Hirohlto today en the American treaty situation and answered several questions The Japan University Professors' League presented a petition to the eml)assy> askill rnin It was understood that a. "citizens' committee" responsible for recent anti-British demonstrations planned Monday. another manifestntiot New York Cotton NEW YORK, July 2D. (UP)Cotton closed ? open °ct 892 Dec. Jan. Mar. May July 880 aw . 854 844' 835 high 898 883 876 858 845 low 832 877 856 852 840 835 830 close 895 631 869n 85G 842 83ln Spots closed nominal a t 955, up 7. New Orleans Cotton Cotton futures closed steady todav up two to eight points! VlJ was inndeqnte, farm officials sail), to break the long droiitli in New york. Jersey. Pennsylvania, all the England states nnd month New sport Murphy's Ruling On Hatch Bill To Be Favorable But Lull Will Last Only Over Weekend Develop- ineiits Indicate visit his : 'NEW CHILEANS. ,j!lly-3n-<(tJPJ^- Floiirishlng investlgalloiis of t'lin Loulslniia scnndals. talay were stuck in (lie beginning cf u weekend calm, but the East liaton HOUKI- parish grand Jury promised lo return more Indiclmcnl.s Monday In Its campaign for "clcnn govsirn- ment."- Tlic federal grand ji,,. y i,, New Orleans nnil tho Parish grand jury 11 Baton Rcuge were In recess Activities or the. federal rjrand Ihe day ^' ry "' elc Bimrded with (he greatest fainting - s ' ccrec i' '" »'q hlsiory of New Orleans, So strict were orders of Federal uilcc Wayne ci. Boriih, lliat i a ruling which went into ciiecl loco dny forbade use of witnesses' iinmcs 1. . prlnlcd before. i" Thlr secrecy, nccordltiff lo U S i-'d District. Attorney Rene A. Vlo'sca' i'r was necessary lo prevent Intlml- datlcn of witnesses and assure Ihe government best prosecution of the guilty. Assistant U. S. Attorney - ."P'"- 1 of iKlJciinimpnt. ., the speeJnl session before Wediies •lay mm causing speculation it con- IIHIB nil next week, the scimle Jourued yeslerdny until 1 n m M mlny, will, lldlon ,„„ ,j on aa propascd amciidmcnta lo bovt InTblll" f" 0 ' 51 ".™ refund- Qnnouenl.H () f Innt over iidcpt they said mmle (h e bin " n '" version" of proiiosed coii- Anicmlmcnl No: 28, ovcr- uhclmliujly rejected by (ho voler.s nt lliu last genera] election. Tliesc nmeiulinciits were: I To nppro|)rlnte $176.000 nnminlly fvcin Hrst roveiuio.s (\vnllablc nf- H| <!)bt service, mnlnlcriMxl niiil iilOO.OOO new constnictio! nilcfnllons to jwy mnturlllcs or ooiids of nnuilcipal paving districts orgnnlwl before January l 1039, "which form a continuation of slntc Itlghn-ayi, fliroiifi) iiumiclpallltcs nnil whlcli Imvo teen designated by (iio state hlghwny conuiilsslon.' 1 2. To pledge ftiliirc legislatures lo lo niiproprlnte $150,000 annually loc bridge imiH'ovcmon 1 ,;; dlslrlcls anil $140.000 annually for fiirm- o-iiinrkel road Improveiucnt districts (rein mi allocation of $2,(500,000 origlnnlly deslgnnlcd Ii the liill ns funds for now hlglnvnv consliiicUcn. ' 3. To mnkc tlie bridge Improvement district appropriation subject onl\ to prior charges of ur> (o $7,COO TOO aiiiiunlly for debt service and 5.i,000,oao for inalnlcnnnco, placing It before funds for ne.w rond co n struct ion. So anxious were opponents of he refunding bill for adoption of thc amendment for nld lo municipal highway extension districts dial liiey vc!«l with siipportcrii of thc 1)111 fcr Its adoption, six of lla> seven votes against the amciidmcnl were by senatorsi-. who hat( voted with (ho innjorltyvoix-nvcry other Issue.,. •. . . , y icy coult -° f can - adil Only rain can stave of! complete crop .ailure in many areas. drenching and prolonged bl « Ocneral O. John nogije already has revealed that he Is Investigating several repcrts of Inllmldnllen and Jiiry-tainpeilng. After Its Monday meeting, the East Union Kouge parish jury will recess livo weeks for vacations There was some dcubt If if could iai'-ne . tions ns the nation hns known ' mcct a saln fcr Iwo mo nstltu-J them—the leglcns ol U. S. district , a "tonstllullonal n.uirk.' of the attorneys, collectors of ports post-1 Thc consUtulion provides Baptist Leaders, Mote 1, Cafe Men Agree Bnplist Mecliiif.; Success ATLANTA, 0(1., July 20 (U!'):- .. ,„... Tlie sixth congress of the HaptlRl! man n r World Alliance today sent, lls BO,000 messengers bnck lo Mic'tiu! Strives For Passage Tonight Of Crippled Key Lending Measure 18-Moiuhs WPA R WASHINGTON, July 20—(UP) — Work Projects Commissioner p o llnrrlneton today directed slnto WPA nilmlnislrnlors lo Mispend llsmissiil of iwsons on. WI'A rolls for 18 monllis. Iiiii-rliielon Issued his order because of Ihe senate's nctlon last ilcht in approving a rider to Prcs- ilont Ilcoscveil's Icmllnn bill which vculd modify Hie compulsory'ills- nlssul iirovl.slon of tlio 1DJO jclief WPA atlacliM said tluil (ISO 000 arsons, who linve been on Wt'A oils 18 consectillvi! moiillw or loiig. r would Imvc been laid off l>y Tlie bill was cut lo $1,640,000,000 st night when (lie senate knocked out J500,C(H),OQO for highway ana mldgfj tousli ticllon and $350,000,000 for purchase of inllroad equipment. H «tnced new difficultly as Republicans mid some conservative ncinoeinU prepnie amendments tg icdiico the total ftirlhcr fiom the pie.slilent's original $3,OCO"000000 'J 'lorn- lo pass' iho bill tonight mid will do- everything :possible' to fet action," ntukley' said oi the Mimic resumed work " Sept: I had it mate nctlon. nt lieen for Ihe .illiiig Of Knoxville Couple Near Mat-Ian Still Mysterious HAHLAN, Ky,, July 20,—(UP)— licrlff II. H. Cnwccd planned to mutton. Bill Vnn Debtor, 25, tur- icr loduy in nn attempt to find a lotlvo lor tho staying of n wealthy (noxvillc, Teiin., couple who Van cblier snlcl were killed by a limn icy bail stopped lo itsk direcllons Vnn BcbbcKaiid Karl -Farley, 20-'; enr-cld Jlitrlnii ..courHy laborer, we being held In conneclljii wlllr ic- slaying of Mr.-and Mrs.-Dnvld 1 . Sulllns, wcnlhy Knoxvlllo couple, I lie couple wns killed early yes- 'l-dny nt svtttta. In Hurlon coiuilj-, ' ' If HIP Beiinle might be loiced_lo ill beyond midnight, he "It might. There is no law (ijjnliist woi king on Sunday,' DituUc cuts nnd the delny In enactment of the bill put admtnls- tiiitlaii lenders In an embarrassing position. They had picdlctcd quick nppiovnl of (he crlginnl measure. At ft cnncus of liouse Democrats Inst, night a resolution was adopted pledging, coiilmti'ed support of the piesHleiU's "great social and economic Diagram" several speeches vveie made on tile neecf'foj solidarity \vllhhi the pmly. But slBnlflcnntly ihe caucus 'refrained from specifically endorslno Ihc lending measure and lls partner, Ihc $flOO,(JOO,000 housing au- Ihorlly bill, Aclloii on the lattei hni been poilpotiecl until Tuesday. The delay over the lending t>ro- 81-nm, plus noriunl tecluiieal difficulties might delay adjournment until after Aug. 6, some len'der. said. ' ,. ' • Uaikley'.s decision to iccess las. [flit cfimo alter the senate als ' had attached n "rider" to thc'bl-" softening Hie enforced vncatlo* clause of (lie 1940 relief act and Jind defeated attempts to alii, two other "riders" thai would liavc substituted ft prevailing wage tc tlie sectnlly wage for skilled WPA v-'oikor.i and forced the govcrnmen lo cense purchases of foreign silver. ' • * • • Four CCC Enrollees? Die Fighting Blaze OROVADA, Ncv.V July 29 -'(UP)— Poifr CCC cnrollees were burned to deatli today In n brush fire which (hey were fighting to con- ey stopped beside n man who standing en a corner to ask in the route. Sulllns stepped onto c limning board niid offered Hie Jrlnk, Van Qebbcr MI id, and pistol (he 111:111 gale 8,00( wheii a suddenly Womnn 'Values Relic , As From Liberty Bell liberty. The us nnd civil ad: started shooting. Tho Suillnscs were killed inslnnl- ^-WSn^^^^-^S^ :ausc their citizens fcnr-rlddcn existence,' Ttie nnnl address to have "a on "World Pence," delivered 'last night by Dr. to tbe floor of the car. Sheriff Cnwood arrested an Evarts " shortly after Uu- slnylngs but man S. W. nuestbnlnsr. , n . la ?' CTS »™1 United States mnr- ..u.o .u m.,,iv uruiis. rrrfnmi ,n-,^ I,«M , V , . """>i>-<.-> ->"u uiiiuci aiaics mar- Fanners, who hauled water to Meve n^toident iJKHlS? ^ '',?'" whose r " nte lh « "" ls " (heir livestock, said several com- male t lafbj sgni^'a I Sii"","" P " slte!tl «' «»...unities faced water shortages but Persistent an/™<L , >„ Cn 'h" tlolc r,? es . «» d sho<:k '™»PS shortages but Persistent nnd persuasive report,' fer o er pom leal chores reserve sup- were that Murphy on July 28 To hat c"ien t the Hn * by other transmitted in some.'form u, Mr. might hiuder" second or ^ Halcli third bill -rj ., . , ,----„_ . .L., b ,,i, iiiiiia^4 u ocvUUU UL llllFCl IPlm Roosevelt h,s views en Ihe Hatch candidacy ot any president But it 'equally would bind the political reported that ample piles had been promised cities. Tlie Boston area almost wns a Mil. dust bowl but residents gained If it develops that the attorney hope by weather bureau prcdic- general has formally held the bill lions of showers. ' ' Massachusetts Agriculture Com-' missioner William Casey said the „„,„, . ... . , ..>.. ^ clre . ttl Olu ,,c 5 A jmr- pnce of milk vrould advance one %* "« ..fTftituUona! questions ley has made any such decision or (o be constitutional, the., likelihocd organizalion of a pcslmaslcr general and national committee chairman who has decided to buck his rent a quart and maybe more by 1. ". e -------- ---- "•• -•"»••""*-" >i i<\ii vmu i},\S lILClUCtl LO IJllflT Ml 5 °f» veto would diminish to almost ptlitical boss-net to suggest that ™, h »f- ™ Mr Roosevelt raised Postmaster General Jnme? A ^r- Eenrn1 . constitutional questions ley has made any such decision or the "Bblatlon at his press! that he will. But an effective y e" ce yesterday. He wondered i forced Hatch bill ^ S ?r Fa a govcniment employe Icy as well as Mr Roosevelt whether Stock U A. NEW YORK. July 29 (UP, _ Trading turned dull on the slock ' |)ate ln tlle ca nipaign meetings oE „ frien( , or contril)Ute cvm , mso _ ' Iund » l ° thal triend ' s ™™Advocates of Ihe _ ... next year or at cress purposes. Tlie political forces which would survive the bill's prohlbillons without damage ami wculd stand lo gain are these supporting Ihe anli- tliird term presidential candidacy of Vice President John N. Garner. e Oct. Dec. Jan. Mar. May July open 004 890 875 M3 840 837 Spots closed changed. liigh SOS 870 867 E54 841 quiet at low 904 875 8(51 849 836 935, ^ 167 J - 1>PCr ........ 2G1 ' 2 prohibited by the Hatch ' bl " from such activities. 'Butstliey Garner advisers fear Bocin Chrysler Coca Cola 129 1-2 General Electric the Intent of congress in "passing concerned. Tlie presidential Packard 31-2 It is understood that some of the established himself ' veto The Gongylug Manlls of India resembles a flower so much in color nnd shape that other Insi alight on it and are captured. Whatever else may develop in congressional ad- intluencc of Gnr- extended to prevent home until Mr. thc district Kurt, to which llie jury has returned 44 Indictments, "shall hold continuous sessions during two months." Attorney General David M. Ellison promised t:i hand down a decision Monday on whether thc court coutd meet ns long ns it wished, or was 'forced to take a vacation in August and September. Even if Ellison decides Judge released him after England ''' nr . lcj ' !Wtls nrrated later m thc- dny •I.*, fcr l,o months under %££ »«< -amion^ ^™^*^^ .. , nadonalLsm" | . wns ""'"ff "eld "in comifcllon wllli thta "If axis powers can unite, surely ', tllc casc '" Hie Ucmocrnclcs can find 'n way Sul "»s wn.s nn lielr of the pi-cini- of federation," Doctor Hughes salt], " fc ' U V llltrcl1 Ilimil >'' lhf( * members "Meanwhile, nol one of the Demo- of wlllch lu> ve been mayors of Inn Vcnrlck, of Columbus, believes that she tins a piece of the Libert} According to fninlly trndltion he grcnl-grnmlfalhcrs Mascnlc emblem was made from a fragment of he fnmoiw bell, ft was given to him by n fellow Mason who repaired trie bell. "In lapping llic bell with a hammer Ihe smltirncclrleiitaily knccked off n small piece, sak! Mrs. Vert- rick In relnlinj (he story. "Prcm' Iliis he had two Masonic keystones made, one for himself, one for my cracies ought lo perpetrate the , ll ?' vas ^ »» a "«" grim irony of supplying war inn- eilllcillci! "1- University of Tennessee tcrlnl with which to menace tlieir, nml Ocor 8 ) n Tech. Mrs. Sulllns, own civilization." 1 2C - was ll) c former Dixie Davis and hail been a. waitress in a Knoxville restaurant. Siie is survived by 13 '•"•"•— and sisters. Charles A. Holcombc can receive indictments any time lie wishes, seme insisted (hat the legality of such charges, in view of the constitution, might be questioned. Meanwhile, Gov. Earl K. Long warned thai some superfluous office holders would get pink slips in their pay envelopes before August 1. One mnn already has one—L C Vldrine, assistant auditor in the highway ccmmisslcn. VWrine's sister is Mrs. A. P. Tugwell. A. P. (Pat) Tugivell, running for governor against Gov. Long in 1040, has of freedom for ihr- " nugury o he' nddri. bitterest critics'. r as one of fang's Would Peg Tobacco Prices At 18 Cents ATLANTA, July 20 (UP)-A pegged minimum price of 18 cents "Tlie fcnr common declining "There is no nbidlng'sovercigiUylit scorn of man's regal freedom of thought, speech and conscience.' Or. Clifton D. Gray of Lewlston, We.. In hailing th c accomplishments of thc alliance meeting here, said the congress provided a "needed rcnfflrmation" regarding the "absolute separation of church and stale." Doctor Gray also pointed out that thc Atlanta congress was the largest gathering of Baptists in Ihc history ol thc denomination. Policemen, hotel men and restaurant operators agreed heartily. Tiic seven-clay meeting amazed AUantnns by its size. Record attendance nt. a single session wns 57.000 persons who planned Ponce (tc Leon Park, Atlanta Baseball Field, to witness a church pageant. Britain to Commemorate Trafalgar Day Oct. 19 LONDON (UP) _ Trafalgar Day will be commemorated on Get 17 19 and 20 this year. Tile Navy League will hold lls annual banquet on Oct. 17 but as yet the principal speakers 01- guests have not been decided. On Trafalgar Day itself. Oct. 19. the Nelson column. In Trafalgar Square will be decorated willi wren ths. On Oct. 20, a nag day will be Held In aid of seamen's benevolent funds. - grandfather, • .Washington lyder." Rclfsnydcr had his keystone put '~ a gold walch charm which into Mrs. Venric|c came across recently while going Ilirough personal e - fects left by her mother." The emblem bears tills Inscription: "VV. Rclfsnydcr, SchuylSdll II.R.A. Chapter No. 159, Feb. 5, 1852." Mrs. Venrick explained lhat ns somes Masonic orders.add 4W, years to the time, It Is indicated lhat tlie mednls were made In 1852. According to history the famous bell wns cast in London by a .Thomas Lister. Because of brittleness It vns recast twice and.wft hung In 1753. The crack occurred July 8, 1835 111 - bell was ( - ' \ Chicago Wheat _ . . i-4 Job holders who ochenley Dlst 11 1-4 in nnsiit-no .,i.V'i"" '"",'"' ™ ™-<«••«""«m.<; mai, congress will ue §<« :::;:: » 1«SSS ±tr^rL^i l f!?' o «t. e » u »^'??•.•«'« was proposed today by J H Meek •» i =-,»»~:';'i»t :r;,ri»'» «•« ; -- Meek suggeslcd nn early N J 37 1-2 Ii • 54 1-2 gross S1W1 '- ; 52 1-4, (Ucm., U,8 «^S^,^^ *» r=o'",nS^ 423-4 bill. H has been arsniort mm. ti,n i»» i^r^» ,\"* ..",... l .. co " e . re ^ Washington to net on the 18-ccru Dec. cpcn high low close M3-4 C57-8 645-8 05 3-4 05 3-8 C6 1-2 051-4 6B3-8 l " nt UlC ar lhc » a '» "« nrvi net on the 18-ccru peg or take oilier stops to meet; session, tile crisis brought about by low an nd- tobacco prices in the first . the Georgia mnrkcts. Chicago Corn s- IB sS «5 Truck Overturns And Driver Is Injured Winfcrd Klrncs, driver for the :cal Truck System, sustained n fractured collar bone yesterday noon when Ihe truck he'was driving turned over in a ditch between here and Armorel. Loose gravel caused Mr. Kimes K» )<:se control of the (ruck. was taken to tlie Johnson for emergency treatment and removed to his home where i resting well tojiay. - cf Chief Justice John Marshall of tlie United Stales Supreme Court, So. Africa Makes Manillons JOHANNESBURG, South Africa (UP) — Aerin! bombs are now being manufactured on a fairly large scale on the WHwatcrsrand, in the Transvaal. Commercial 'production has been started by two well-known engineering (Inns, one in Johannesburg and the other at Benonl. WEATHER Arkansas—Fair tonight and Sunday. Memphis niid vicinity—Pair tonight and Sunday, . not miich change In temperature. The maximum temperature yes terday »as BO, mlnunum 67, accord- ill? to Die'official weather observer.

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