The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 14, 1949 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 14, 1949
Page 11
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PAGE ELEVEN m.YTHF.VH.l.I', (ARK.) COUUIKU NEWS U.S. Court Holds 19 Nazis Guilty Plunder, Murder Charges Affirmed , In Last War Trials NUERNBKRO, GoillKUiy. April 14 (.IV-An American court jested \ wound up the. last and tonnes! of all Cjertnnn war crimes trials. It ha.s convicted 19 of the 21 defciidants. Diplomats and Royernmcnt olli- cials were fontui guilty of atdins a c-riminal Na/i program of phmder and murder. Sentences will be pro' notinccd today. The trail dra^Rcd on for 15 monllts and produced one of the most de tailed pictures yet presented of the inner workings of the Na?.i KOV- ernnicnL and hn l v its brutal program was carried out. Nearly three years fl&o the International .military ti ibunal convicted (he top Na/is who conceived the program. The men just convicted were those who administered hie Nazi plan, and in some cases helped in (lie planning. It took the court three days, in- duding niuht .sessions, lo read an tf'Ut-page verdki, the longest in any German war cv'iics trial. In disposing of the List t v." • counts last night tite court convicted *•>•* and ' acquitted seven defendants of help- \ ing to force millions of conquered i • Europeans into slave labor. It convicted 12 and acquitted two of mem- kft.'ship In criminal Na/.i organlta- v^ tions. ( ^" Previously, the court had cnn- | victcd five and acquitted nine of plotting aggressive war; acquittal all of conspiracy to commit crimes: convicted four and acquitted three of atrocities against prisoners of war: convicted H and acquitted five of lakihR part In mass extermination of Jews, and convicted nuif and acquitted two of plunder of Invaded countries. Rejects "You, Too" Tlefenn* In tlie plunder finding, tha courl ' rejected a defense that the Allies themselves violated law with their occupation of Germany. The claim was raised by 11 German diplomats and Nazi govern- ! ment officials accused of wartime [ plunder and spoliation in countries ' conquered 'by Germany. The 11 are among 21 whose trial \ was the last in the long series of war i crimes trials held by American i courts. Two of the 21 who were • charged only with crlme-s ngainst. ! the Jews were cleared and freed. 'Hie court rejected the "you, too" defense and nine of the 11 were convicted of the plundering charge. * After disposing; of Ihis count in the • afternoon, the court, scheduled a night session in an attempt to complete reading of the IOIIR verdict. The court declared flatly: "We find no justification for the contention that the law of belligerent occupation has changed since 1045 or that the policy of the Allied government.'; during the post-war occupation of Germany contravenes the Hague convention, so as to make applicable the defense of tu quo que (you. too) here sought to be Interposed." Light Diet Oblivious lo all the commotion he caused. 2-year-old Alan David Pols shows how he ale a light bulb in his Pittsburgh. Pa., home. Doctors ^said he appeared lo be doing well despite his slrangc taste In belwcen-incal snacks. Bond Test Case is Rushed to Supreme Court I TITLE ROCK. April 14--.V; A Luvsint testim: legality of CSuvi-r- 1101- McMath's liiBhwiiy bond prn- .'.lani speeded today louiud a filial [tension by the *iki i .ni-:is Supreme Ctmt't. 'I']H' friendly suit, seeking ti> riro- liibil Mute officials from i-.smiiK bonds, was dismissed yesterday In 1 1 Pulaskl Chancellor Frank l^id^e. The .imltu' granted the iilulntift an appeal lo the supreme court. | .Indue Dodge's decree \v;is signed ; uUer Governor McMath and other' i slate officials had petitioned the; coin! lo dismiss the suit on the ' ground that there was no cause for i The suit filed by P. J. Piekens, Little Rock, fix a taxpayer. Such suits me routine in bond issues fo determine legality of the bonds before Ihi'y lire ts.sned. The stale Fiscal Control Bcjnrd has set .lune !3 for receiving bids on the first $7,000.000 of thr S2K,- (0110,1100 in bonds McMnth proposes i for the state lo Issue In [our yrnrs. r l'tie foin- annual issues \verc ap- ! proved at a special elcciton in [•Vbiiiiiry. Death Penalty Given ' ''''"'* :lU " II1 ''' ""' ro " !l1 '"' "" ! Wiiiirim, wns shot iata n f •> I- ft ' i:|> I'"' bodv o| cuie i>f Ills VKtim^ !'m»l;iy Ir. what ollicns , On Cannibalism Charge ,, M „,,,.„,,•„,„,„, „, llu . ,|,,,, u ,„ . ,,,,iay as „ family i.He.i.-ai IIHKMKN. (i •linnny April 11 l.l'i his Uimily. u-llms Ihnn It i\:i-, ' WiPlcllll died yiwlrnla -The dentil sentenre lias been itu- i poik ' l'':isv' ti'S'ille lnv.s]j[lal. ' puM-d 'in a ;iu• year-old ship'.s Me- | . Slni'ilt W. 1.. IM.^cll oi wi.rd. Hodo l-Vics. loi- II,,' nmr.lei ; . r«,,,,/« F nr ,,^ r r.,,u.iy. said Wlllielm was THURSDAY, APRIL U, 1949 is iieJ^rnlSt-i Logan County Farmer in! hy a (.ii'rmnn court ;iflcr li'Ml- tVJMK tlKll )IC Mt'\V (hi- Vt'lltlLJslt'LS in UH"> ;md IS) 17 \vluU- iio-isc-.-s.-il vvi<h "Ihe m^c u> Kit iSiwirom 1 ." Killed in Argument OH'm.KSTOM. A,-k.. A,,l'll 14 ''' j ' ^vlltu'lm'''^! 1,K wile - -A l»u.m (Jnunfy Jiuuiri, Andn'w ' i Head Courier News Wnnl Ad* Announcing The Appointment of James F, Wren as SERVICE MANAGER \\ o ftn'l .Mr. \VMMI nltly (itisiliriod lo ri'mli'r olTicienl sorvii-i' in I lio call 1 of yntii nir. Ni>l only luis he si-rM'd ut'll in tlu- i';i|>;icily of As^islanl Si-rvii-c AhiniiHLT loi 1 I In 1 piisl Iwo yi'ilis, lull In- Ims jusl rci'oived iiil(U(ioiiiil spi'ciitli/t'il ti':tiiun^ it) '(ho <ii'iK'fitl Molurs liislilulc nl' Ti'climilujfv ill I'linl, Micliinmi. You may ri'sl sissurcd Iliitl wlion you rail l.iitijisloii-\\ riiloii Co. for HtM'vict.' wurli, your car will lie in capable liiuuls. OPEN 7 A.M. to 7 P.M. Langston-Wroten Co. Watnnl al Itroaihvjtv niiil M!> for Scrvkt rultlr.s nnd the fatint'r'.s-wife wont Jroin tlicir I/Ui'iiti County home at Cauksviliu to tier fi:UiiM i '. k > home at Chuk^vHU'. I'YunkUn Oi.mity, Wlhelm ciiiiie. after her and tus- sli-d with his wife aiut her brothvi, Glut niu-h!i!>ld, Id.' tlu-n aUvaiic<M on h!.« Invalid mother-in-law. At that point, t lie, sheriff sa'.d, Die i!<t(M lilrciillcld eniercd the al- ti'u'iitlon and .S!IDI Wllhclm with a shtjtj^itn. llu.wrll .said he and olher ofllcers were cuii'iiiulnc an Investigation. Sen I! Alloy • SIGN & NEON * SERVICE • ^ • Holier Siuiis T • Heller Sn-vhe ! SOS Nil, Fniiiklhi I') ..... c Km V lu'w soli? to ytjitv worn holes ni'pL^'^ hy us tnmns Utnihlo -ur Ut-.sliU's [onlvvnir Itliil t.s , H-flLTCRS,, QUALITY SHOE SH61 111 W M « I N ST. F'Ycsli Stock Oim rant cod Best Price* Kirby Drug Stores Fresh Dressed Hens & Fryers Fresh Country Eggs For Sale at All Times Vi'e Also I'uy TOP MARKET PRICES For Live Poultry Commercial Dressing Solicited Johns Produce Pho. 4107 W. H'way 18 '-£vm /ems Jonesboro Man Heads Water, Sewage Group LITTLE ROCK, April K. W Neal B. Thayer. mnnager of the Jonesboro Light and Water Department, has been elected chairman nf the Arkansas Water and Sewage Conference, Other officers are: Fay Peer, sup- IntendenL of Water Works District No. 1 at Van Buren, re-elected vice chairman, and Dr. Harrison HMe, professor emeritus at the University of Arkansas, re-eJecLcd secretary- treasurer. Read Courier Newt Warjt Ads. 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