Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on October 7, 1934 · Page 17
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 17

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 7, 1934
Page 17
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SMALL MODEL DWELLING DPEN FOR INSPECTION Home in Piedmont Pines Declared One of Finest! Yet Shown to the Public An outstanding small home, one of the finest ever offered for general inspection in the Eastbay will be open for the first time today, according to Harold C. Austin of Mitchell k Austin, realtors in charge of the property. "The house." states Austin, "is situated in Piedmont Pines and "represents the joint effort of Frederick L. R. Confer, architect, and F. W. Confer, his father, the builder, tp create a residence pf superior beauty. It is built upon a sloping lot among the pine trees and commands a picturesque view of the bay and Golden Gate from this supurb setting. "French regency is the general type of the architecture, executed in old brick and antique wood with broad, hornzontal lines. CLASSIC SIMPLICITY. "One is impressed, first of all, with the simplicity of the exterior, a classic simplicity that is beautiful without adornment. Yet throughout the house the decorative details are a highly "'commendable feature. "The living room is finished entirely in while, a dull, sheenless white that glows softly in both artificial light and sunlight. In contrast, the dining room is of a magnificent blue, a daring color, that required skillful handling to create the pleasing picture that is presented. The kitchen is yellow and the bedrooms and baths are finished in unusual vivid colors, but pleasing to the eye. "The lot on which the house is built is sloping and steep in places, yet a broad, deep garden that is perfectly level, has been contrived. SOLD BEFORF COMPLETED. "The home will be open for a limited period only, as it was sold before it was completed. The buyer was R. F. D. LeMon. who passed through her. two weeks ago en route from his former home in New York to an undecided destination in California. He inspected this home and was so delighted with it that the purchase was made and selected Oakland for permanent residence. "Visitors to Piedmont Pines are directed to drive out Park Boulevard to Mountain Boulevard, thence following the hig arrow into Piedmont Pines. Bus service connects with thains and street cars from the tract to T.pkeslmrp- Avenue." ' c ? !v.e t" at .00 Jst y1 V. Free Information on the - -r Federal Home Modernization Plan Let us assist .you in taking advantage of these liberal loans by giving you Expert Advice. J Placing your problems in the hands of reliable contractors and builders. Furnishing accurate estimates and costs on lum ber and millwork. Number of rooms in Please send me information listed below: Roofing Additional Flooring Insulation Rooms NAME ... ADDRESS Address to SUNSET LUMBER COMPANY NATIONAL MILL Phone AN clover 1000 T I M mmmmmm Simple beauty characterizes this French regency house just completed in Piedmont Pines by F. W. Confer from the plans of Frederick L. R. Confer. It contains a liing room, dining room, kitchen, SELL C0S1 HT Land prices based on today's appraisals, careful planning and quantity building and buying economies these features combine to bring a modern fine home within the means of the average family, according to Phil Heraty, who is selling agent for the homes and home properties located north and cast of Piedmont in the oak and pine covered hills. "Residents of the E;stbay are very fortunate in having a close-in home center where modern residences may be purchased at such prices," Heraty states. "These homes are located less than 12 minutes drive from downtown Oakland and are within a few blocks of both San Francisco and local transportation. "Loans are what we call 'payout loans' with no need for re-financing. The low prices are made possible by economics brought about by large scale buying and building, plus the fact that the land is appraised at today's values. v 1 -flit 6l 5 - -4 -.v- ft tar house. on type of improvements Built-in Fixtures Plastering Clement Work Garage & LUMBER CO. 400 High St., Oakland HOMES 1 IN PIEDMONT PINES iVeu;- Beverage Announced by Rainier Firm Announcement isrnide by the Rainier Brewing Company Inc.. ttfat it has placed a new beverage, Rainier Ale, on the market. " The Rainier Company is launching an extensive advertising campaign to introduce the new product In San Francisco and Oakland. The advertising will be extended throughout the State as an additional supply "comes of age" and other markets are developed. "A chief feature ef Rainier 'Old Stock' Ale," said Joseph Goldie. general manager of the Rainier Brewery, "is the fact that we believe we have succeeded in making a real mellow ale that we feel sure will be particularly pleasing to the American taste without losing the hop flavor characteristic of earlier brews. '"This is another step in the Rainier Company's expansion program, inaugurated over a year ago and on which over ST.IO.OOO has already been expended." Only.. $6750 for a brand new 7 room house with solid brick and steel walls; double garage separate. An exceptional home from the standpoint of architecture and construction. Large finished social hall, a den and many other features. Open for inspection. 4347 Harbord Drive Just off Prnjiln'jv Trrnr Mst of flarernrtnt fmintry Club Mitchell & Austin, Sales Agents ROBERT J. BARR, BUILDER You Must The Confer in PIEDMONT PINES Altogether a new type of home' Moder,t in cost, exquisitely beautiful design. You'll admire the breath-taking view, the walled and paved garden, the beautiful wall colorings and a hundred other details. Come to Piedmont Pines today and see this house before it is closed to the public. Directions: Drive out Park Boulevard to Mountain Boulevard where an arrow directs you to PIEDMONT PINES. Mithchell & Austin Tract Office AN -3844' Frederick W. Confer Co. 976 Keeler Ave. Berkeley AShberry 6202 HOMES ... not houses 4 number of owners for whom we have recently completed hornet MR. RAYMOND S. BOWERS Vimt Avenue, Berkeley DR. PAUL KIRK RliasU (Ml, Berkeley PROF. JOHN F. LAMIMAN Hhait. lul, Berkeley MR. MORRIS C. WANTZ Keeler Avenue, Berkeley D$ GEO. S. OULTON Cretmonl Avense, Berkeley MR. TM. H. GREEN Aicot Drive. Piedmont Plnei OAKLAND TRIBUNE, SUNDAY, OCTOBER 7, 1934 three bedrooms, two baths and social hall. The front garden is partially paved in large square red tiles with a high wooden wall enclosing it. The house is on display today by Mitchell cx Austin. RSUHMCE CD, MAKES GAINS The Oakland office of the Equitable Life Assurance Society of the United States has Just eomplelrd a new business campaign under the direction or Peter N u r m a n, agency m a inner. During of Seplem-b e r the drive was and Miss Harriet Holmes proved to be the leading producer in the n u m b e r of applications for in-s ii ran c e. The run ner-up was ii wntii i hoi.mf.s. Norris Parent, followed by Frank W. Enos, S W. Combs and C. R; Donnelly. September Is always considered a poor business month in the Insur ance business, due to company con ventions and conferences, it is stated, so that the increase shown In Oakland at this time may be con sidered an indication of improving conditions. UPPER PIEDMONT ESTATES New Colonial House One of the most beautiful houses ever built in Piedmont. All new in design, in details, in construction. ,ow graceful artistic. Large living room, dining room, den, :l bedrooms, 2 baths, maid's quarters, social hall. Levl lot. Marine view. Perfect nelghborhootTin the midfll of other lovely homes. See this superb house today. Mitchell &AusHn CL-4874 S. House MRS. CHAS. MATTISON lialt Brher It. Berkeley MRS. W. G. KROPKE Arlinften Avenue, Berkeley MISS ALLEN STANLEY Y.rk Drive, Berkeley MR. MEL AUERBACH M.rmrtflo Drive. Onkltni MR. FRANK H. WHITE AH Bead. Berkeley MRS. JAS. N. BURROUGHS Crirment Avenue. Berkeley ENGLISH SI LIS The English studio home, just completed by Robert J. Barr at 4347 Harbord Drive near Broadway Terrace, will again be open for inspection today and during the coming week. During the first week that the house has been open to the public, three outstanding features have' groused particular comment, according to Barr, with each of them of about equal importance. "The idea of a solid wall of brick, reinforced with steel, giving a permanence alrriost equal to concrete, appealed to practically every visitor. The ease with which such a home can be kept at an even temperature. Winter or Summer: the minimum cost of upkeep, and the natural architectural beauty inherent to brick as a building material, are among the advantages of this style of construction. Everyone admired the large social hall, with its massive red brick fife- place, its dark oak door, and its wide steel casement windows, located on the ground floor at the rear. The general arrangement or plan of the various rooms in the home also aroused comment, and the way in which advantage was taken of the high roof gables in getting away from conventional design, was appreciated. "The living room, dining room, kitchem one bedroom and a bath, are located on the street level, with two bedrooms, boy's room or den, and a bath on the upper floor. The recreation room and the large storage and laundry room, as well as the heating plant, are located on a lower level, but due to the slope of the site appear to constitute a main story, rather than occupying the basement. Oak plank floors are used in the dining room, living room, and reception hall, with ma-hagany trim. The brick, double garage Is separate from the house. 'The exterior Is completely landscaped, the green of the foundation shrubbery contrasting sharply against the white walls, but of even shade with the many green shutters of this English studio home." Mitchell and Austin are agents for the property. Concrete Men to Aid in Rebuilding In planning for modernization about the home, it is well to give ample consideration to the caoacity of the present concrete foundations to carry any considerable increase of weight, according to officials of the Muster Concrete Contractor's Association. "This is particularly important." states .Tames E. Wentwnrth, secretary of the organization, "when rooms are to be added to the attic, or a wing Is built that may some day be Increased another story. In creasing the size of foundations is not an expensive operation In most eases, but It is a very important one. The members of this association are pledged to give sound advice in such matters, and their opinions win also be of help In repairs to walks, driveways, basement flooring, etc The new loans under the National Housing act will also take care of such things as waterproofing me basement, the construction of a concrete floored tennis court, a patio floor, and in fact any perma nent improvement to the grounds su.cn is concrete construction provides. Our members are all prepared to render assistance in obtaining these loans, and will give advisory service without obligation lo the home owner." ihe members of the Concrete Contractors' Association are: Ensnr Huel. Ed Dotv fc Son, J. H. Fllzmau-rice. P. M. Henning, J. A. Johnson. J. B. Lee, L. Lovisone. C. T. Petersen, T. A. Ryan, A. Soda ft Son, Geo. h Jas. Thomas, A. Casqueiro, Douglas Wolfe, T. J. Oarvey. Jep-sen Bros., Ous Johnson. N. J. Llnd-strom, P. M. Mortensen, Reichel A Bredhoff. Schnoor Bros., Frank A. Stead and Jas. E. Wentworth. BULBS 223 Varieties! d...rihrt In nr now Fnll BI I.B f ATALOfi . . . BUT PRRK. iliii.trnieii In rnlnA' Inrlndee OnffAdlle. Tnllpa. Nynrlnlha, nr.. anil many mlnlariiren for the IWk Harden. WNITK FOR ITOI R FIIIOK COPY TODAY. SPECIAL DAFFODIL Offer 30 PIRHT- $2-20 Rl I,B. each will prmlnee 1 flnvrera . . Flai Salet Tax Sr.. 'ft kuthn earh. M: Kim Alfrart: Olnry of l.i- Whltewel); Earlf Surprise; Lord Kitcheneri and Laurem Koater.i SPECIAL 60 Large TULIP Bulbs (10 bnlh earh. Oft tfttll Qneent) riara Halt I Drum I Mil. Mnoni Prlnee nf oranft wni.i- $3-30 fih Bait Tat r ler.) ALL BULBS NOW BEADY FOB DELIVEBY. Visit us at Nlles, telephone NILE8 134, or write, Cnllt Our LANDSCAPE- flRBVICE. Federal Aid far Medernliallon In-eladei Oardent and Sfflnkltr Syelem InsUllall. CALIFORNIA NURSERY GO. eitbiiih iMs. Ossrtt f tUediat, .it., prai. NILE8, CALIF. M THE STAMP, COLLECTOR. BY HARRY E. GRAY & Many of the younger collectors seem to be puzzled as to the location of Luxemburg, for the coun try's name does not seem to appear I on many of the smaller maps of Europe. The entire country only occupies 999 square miles, which i a pretty small size territory to make much of a showing on a small map. Little Rhode Island is nearly one fourth larger. Bel gium, which we always think of as one of the smaller European countries, is 12 times as large. Luxemburg lies between Germany on the East and North, Belgium on the West and France on the South. Much of the country is forested, rugged plateau. The north- erly part rises to an altitude of 1 1800 feet, being a portion of the Ardennes range. The southerly part is a beautiful fertile region. More than half the country is suitable and used for agricultural purposes. There are 40.000 individual farms, about one third of which are less than one and one-fourth acres and four-fifths less than 12 acre. In addition to this there are 55 iron mines working, besides mines of copper, lead' and antimony. There arc vast smellers to handle the ores, and numerous factories. e PICTURESQUE CITY The entire population of the country is only 300.000 i about the size of Oakland!. With all the farms, the mines and the manufacturing there is little wonder that the country is such a prosperous and happy place. In the bank report of 1931, it showed that there were 183.619 people who had savings accounts. That is more than half the entire population. The capital. Luxemburg, bears the same name as the country and has a population of about 20,000. It is one of the most picturesque cities in Europe. The upper city Is built on a cliff rising 200 feet from the plain, three sides of which are almost sheer precipices. This cliff was once honeycombed with gal leries and fortified much as is Gibraltar and in fact was called "the Northern Gibraltar." The upper city and the lower city are con nected by winding roads and stairs. At one time, from 1347 to 1437. the country played an important part in the politics of Europe. The rulers of Luxemburg were also the rulers of Bohemia and furnished the rulers for the Holy Roman Empire. Luxemburg since that time has been ruled by the Burgundians, Ihe Spaniards. Austrians, French and Dutch. In 1814 the grand duchy was formed and given to the King of The Netherlands. In 18.19 the greater part of the territory was given to Belgium. In 1867, at the Treaty of London, its integrity and neutrality were guaranteed. However, Luxemburg remained in the German customs union, of whirh it became a part in 1842. The country was invaded by the Gar-mans at the commencement of thfi' World War and was continuously occupied by them during that period. In 1919 a referendum was held and Ibfio, people voted to form an economic union with France, but France refused. A treaty was then made with Belgium eliminating the customs barriers and providing for the use of Belgian money in the Grand Duchy. SMALL STANDING ARMY The country is ruled by the Grand Duchess Charlotte, whose sister, Marie Adelaide, abdicated in her favor in 1919. Stamp collectors feel a real interest in its rulers and the royal family, for we have learned to know them and like them from the various stamps showing their pictures. Luxemburg probably maintains the smallest standing army in Europe, for 250 men Is all that is needed to keep the peace. Education is compulsory for all children between the ages of six and 13. With the small population of the country one would hardly expect the stamps to be as easily obtainable in a used condition as they arc, but this is due to the great number of educated people living there. A series of three stamps was Is- HEALTH andDlET ADVICE BY DR. FRANK MCOY' author of VTH PAIT WAY TO HIALTM X-Ray Pictures The other day I received a letter ued In studying bones for fractures from a man who is having a great deal of digestive distress and he wanted to know whether or not he should do as his doctor advises him and have some x-ray pictures made, to find out if the trouble is due to stomach ulcers or if the stomach is normal and the difficulty due to a gull bladder disorder. He hesitated to secure the x-ray examination, because of the expense, and said he was willing to go ahead with it, If I thought it necessary. My answer was to follow his doctor's advice and by all means to have x-ray pictures made as soon as possible. Having x-ray pictures made is a perfectly safe procedure and- no more trouble than posing for a. snapshot. I thoroughly recommend this type of examination and In fact, I believe it to be an important part of every thorough health ex- lamination. In making an x-ray examination, two different typea of equipment are used. One is the fluoroscope, which la the better for itudying organs which are moving, such as the heart, lungs and stomach. By means of this examination It is possible to find out if the stomach and intestines have dropped or prolapsed, how long it takes the stomach to empty; whether the in-testinea are in their normal place or have become kinked, pouched, stretched, or fallen. It is also possible to discover adhesions. Spastic contraction of the intestine alio show up clearly. In using the fluoroscope no x-ray pictures are made. To secure these, the second kind of x-ray equipment is used. These pictures form a record which you can keep and are of value in finding out how much improvement ha been brought about during the time between the taking of the first set of pictures and the second set In this war th patent can check up on his progress. Tail second type of machine is sued in 1852. showing the portrait of Wilhelm II. These were very finely engraved and rank very, highly in t collectors estimation. In 185,9 two designs were adopted showing the coat of arms. These continued in use until 1880. There are some 43 stamps listed in this series and they are inclined to give the novice collector some difficulty. The series first appeared imperforated, then rouletted, rouletted in eolored lines and perforated. There-were also three printings, the Frankfort printing, the Luxemburg printing and the Haarlem printing. In 1882 a series appeared showing a large figure of value, supported bv symbolic figures of commerce and agriculture. This was followed m 1891 by, a set picturing urana Duke Adolf showing a front view, which in 1895 was changed to a side view. The 1906 series shows the coat of arms on the lower values and Grand Duke Wilhelm on the higher denominations. The accession of Grand Duchess Marie Adelaide brought forth' a series bearing her portrait in 1914. The next few years, during which the country was occupied by Ger man troops and Ihe upsetting postwar conditions, caused the need for surcharging some of the stamps of the country. The first pictorial stamps were issued in 1921. three values showing scenes. That year also saw the issuance of a new set showing the Grand Duchess Charlotte. Two more large sized pictorials were issued in the next few years, and in 1&26 the portrait of the Grand Duchess was changed to a much more attractive one of her. In 1930 the 5 and 10 centime values were changed showing rather futuristic design. PROCEEDS TO CHARITY It is in the semi-postal Issues of this country that the collector has the keenest interest. These stamps all were sold at an advance over their postal value, the proceeds going to some charity. The first semi-postal set. consisting of three values showing views, was issued In 192,3 and re-Issued in 192,3 with an overprint reading May 27. 1923, and an additional value of 2? centimes. This latter amount was used to pay for a memorial to the soldiers killed during the war. From that date on a set of semi-postals has been Issued each year. The famous baby head sets commenced in 1926, in which year Prince Jean was shown. All the baby head sets are beautifully panted in two colors and of magnificent workmanship. The year 1927 saw two sets of semi-postals, one set showing the Charlotte and Prince Felix, the other set the Princess Elizabeth. Princess Marie Adelaide was shown on the 1938 issue; Princess Marie Gabrielle is honored "oh the 1929 issue. The little attractive Prince Charles appears on the 1930 issue and the baby princess Alice on the 1931 issue. They evidently ran out of royal babies with which to illustrate, for the 1932 Issue shows the Countess Ermesinde and the 1933 issue Count Henry VII. All these family stamps makes one feel acquainted with the Lux-emburgtan rulers, and Instinctively like them and the people. I doubt if there are any modern foreign issues of stamps more eagerly sought, after by the collectors of the world than these semi-postals of Luxemburg. The prices ask for them seem high compared with the catalogue quotations but even at these prices they appear to be good buys from an investment angle. Sets of these which sold as low as 20 cents two years ago. today readily sell for from 45 to 90 cents, and will probably continue lo rise as the supply diminishes and the demand Increases. The country has only issued six airpost stamps, all of the same design showing an airplane over Luxemburg. Starting In 1875 almost every stamp of the postal Issues has been overprinted for official use. These and for changes following disease, such as tha changes in the bony structure due to arthritis. It is important that x-ray be taken after automobile accidents and falls when there is a possbllity that bones may have been broken. The x-ray picture will disclose any breaks, which if not given proper treatment may heal Incorrectly and give rise to much trouble later oh. In addition to making pictures of the bones and teeth, the x-ray may be used to get a permanent record of the intestines, the gallbladder and stomach. A few of the conditions in which the x-ray helps the doctor to make a better diagnosis are: tubcrctrloals of the lungs and spine, arthritis, stomach ulcers, gall-bladder disorders, kidney stones, fractures, infected teeth, prolapsus, adhesions and Kinking of the intestines, mastoiditis, pyorrhea, rickets, and many others. START THIS WEEK IN THE BIG POSTAGE STAMP CONTEST '2,000.00 IN CASH PRIZES For Identifying Stamps! YOU CAN WIN FULL PARTICULARS IN Liberty 223 CASH AWARDS WHICH WILL YOU WINt B-5 official stamps have never proven very popular with Afnrican col lectors. Outside of the officials, the stamps of Luxemburg ire popular with collectors everywhere, owing possibly to the fine sustaified quality of the engraving! and printing. STAMB CLUB MEETINGS On Monday night, October 8, the San Leandro Stamp Club will entertain the members of the Stockton Stamp Club. The club meet at the Broadmoor Church annex at Dutton and Dowling Streets, San Leandro. The night has been designated "Dealers' Night," and the stamp dealer members Ol the club will put on the program and display their wares. The program is in charge of Milt Summers. All the Bay district stamp clubs have been invited to attend. All stamp collectors will be welcome, i The Diablo Stamp Club will meet on Monday night, October 8, at the Pittsburg Chamber of Commerce Building on Tenth Street near the. Medanos Hotel, Pittsburg. 3. William Mills of Oakland will apeak on ways of arranging a collection and will exhibit United State- end British Colonial stamps. Collectors -are invited. STAMP EXHIBITION Opening yesterday, the fourth annual stamp exhibition under the auspices of the San Diego Stamp Club started in the Fine Arts Gallery, Balboa Park. San Diego. This exhibition will be open to the public until November 1. There will be 60 or more frames of stamps shown by San Diego collestors. There are some very fine dollec-tions in San Diego and the annual , exhibition of this club is something worth while traveling a long way to see. NEW ISSUES Iceland isn't very big, yet it hai -a demand for airmail stamps. They find probably their greatest use in mail sent out of the country across the seas, to De spetjoea through the- skies after crossing. Iceland started! its airpost issues In 1928 by sur charging a regu lar postage stamp that year and the next with an out line drawing of an airplane. It was not until 1930, however, that regular air stamps were printed. This issue has been continuously in use to the present day, a new one having just made its appearance. The newt stamps, six in number ranging from 10 aur to 2 krone, have as their motif an airplane in flight. On the two higher values, 1 krone dark brown and 2 krone orange red. a monoplane is depicted soaring high above the ocean nestled country. Two of the lower values, 10 aur blue and 20 aur green, ahow a bi plane flying out to sea, while, on the 25 aur purple and the 50 aur red violet a monoplane is seen speeding over mountainous territory. Various border designs are used, including airplane propellers and eagles. The 2-krone is an additional value. The new issue also marks a slight change in the site of the stamps. Louis Bleriot. who in 1910 did some real airplane pioneering by being the first to fly the Knglish channel, is honored by a special airmail stamp by. France. Thiii year is the twenty-fifth anniversary; JFttr rom Aiiiiiiit mii is Air. of his accomplishment. Pictured on the stamp is Blerlot's monoplane, a frail looking machine compared to the modern sky giants. It is superimposed above a map of the channel, which shows the route taken by the flier. The value if 2.25 francs. U. S. NOTES The 7 cent and 10 cent National -Park stamps will be in vertical' form. The 7 cent Acadia National Park will be in black and the 10 cent Smoky Mountain in yellow. Two hundred of the Wisconsin stamps have been found imper- 1 forate. They are selling for $400 dollars for a block of four. NEWS FLASH. A telegram just received from D.-E. Dworak, manager of Weekly Philatelic Gossip, announces that the one cent Yosemite National Park issue will be printed in imperforate sheets of six in honor Of the Trans-Mississippi Philatelic Exhibition, which opens at Omaha on October 10. There will be no government first day covers froni . either Omaha or from Washington, D. C, where the stamp will be placed on sale Oetober 15. The Bice News Service from Washington announces that the Postoffice Department has decided to change the 10-cent Smoky Mountain National Park Stamp from the yellow, as announced, to slate gray, and that the 7-cent will be Issued in the horizontal form instead of vertical, as the department had announced. STAMP DEALERS DIRECTORY HARRY E. GBAT Wa hv tha tamt Mali Slar. 11 I o you waaw. elctrh . STAMP collvnlnna naat4i OHOC. tft Ovary it- thru MILT SUMMERS CO. Everything for th mamo CoUertee 8TB roartMMfc Sir. IMti 8lxaan!kKSL. BtL t.L Sa fi row TRADE YOB. ULlCATit Kntlralv ew mtho. Writ for detail. Holly woo Packst Eachaace. 1710A Norte vrmont, m Hollywood, California. All U. S. Cantauastti ilntle all other V. I 141 McAaley St., Bs. 1:1. SMh an eW . U Ttletrap 5SlSS?iffliatf3BW tt0fetSHI lemcflii iaa i 'aa a aiiilii r

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