The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 29, 1934 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 29, 1934
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT BJ-YTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS (Continued from Page !) vital resources which is vaM c:n- pire must have. Tradt Leadership .Maintaining one of the world's biggest annies, 200,000 effectives, and demanding n navy second to none, Japan also is making a supreme bid for world irade leadership. This colossal program requires vast reserves, in peace or war, of steel, oil,, rubber, cot- ion, sugar, various chemicals and;. none of which Is found in sufficient quantity in hrr new domain. Without oil. modern armies and navies are practically liclnlcss. Japan occupies 12th place In oil production after the United States, and lull after Soviet Russia. The United States produces 845,000.000 Russia 160,000,000, and Japan 2,000,000 uarreLs annually. Even counting the oil she net* fio:n the northern half of ihe Island of .Sakhalin — leased from Russia and undefendable in time of war—Japan produces only a fourth of her peacetime nerds, v Manchuria has no known free . ;oll. There is plenty of shale, but ius oil content is !o-,v. Coal, Iron Quest Futilf Japan had hoped lo find a supply of iron and coking coal In the new territory, but again seems doomed to disappointment. The ore ts of poor quality and she slill Imports nine tons for every one she produces. The slory of rubber, cotton, and olher essential matcriaLs is more discouraging still. Japan's grandiose dream of empire is based iijxm her scheme \o become another Great Britain, tunihiR raw materials huo Ilnlsh- ed products and shipping them to the 'four corners of the earth In Japanese bottoms. But once more she seems to, liave arrived on Hie scene a liltlc I loo late, though for the moment her foreign trade Is booming Even Britain is regarded as having long since passed her peak in this line ol business and today is facing a reorientation of her national ecooiny. Builds Hoiist on Sand Japan, therefore, seems lo be bulldinj, at least partly, on sand. The conditions which made Ens- land are doubtless gone forever. And clouils are already darkening the Japanese, trade horizon. At this writing 27 countries arc taking steps to curtail Japanese imports. With emigration and export bolh. checked, Japan almosl cer- tauily will seek lo carve oul a slill bigger empire for'herself. Within ilj )borders she : will endeavor to find, not only, the raw materials necessary, but a subject population to absorb her surplus goods. It is either thai or return lo the status of a hungry nuie island teeming with people and racked with poverty. JAPAN'S GOAL AN ARMY SECOND TO NONE WORLD TRADE LEADERSHIP The Editor'. Letter Box TII .Mrs. JriJm A. Simpson. I Oklahiima City, Okla. j An old man, traveling a lon« Ijiah- ] Cinne at tin- evening cold und urayi To a chasm vast and deep und v.ide. Tin 1 uld man Bussed In HID :wl-, lluhl dim ' ; The Milieu .stream held no li-ais, for him ' nut when safe on the other Mil. 1 i Hi- bulll a hrlilxe lo span the mle. I •Said n fellow pilgrim standing mar,' Why wasle your .strength in i>.i.ii|. Inn here? Ynnr days will end with Ihe ,•: rl- hiK day. You never again will come this'.say, You've crossed this i|. i-ji and wide, Why hiilld Ihl.s bridge al the i-.i-n liili'V Tlie old bridge hnildci head, !•']lend; on lliis palh I've hi 1 siild. Then; followcth afu-r A youth whose feet groups. It lives up to the principles of collective bargaining, It gives promise of sound Industrial relations. In actual practice, details will be worked out on the basis of common sense and Justice. government's only duly is 10 .secure Irccdom of choice without coercion, rcstraim or Intimidation tram liny source. The Influence of the board of 3. set up lo pxss on questions arising beuwn employers and employes, will be fell all over the United u pioneering effort in human engineering, lie gives the motor industry i-redlt (or being pioneers In ihis as wi'!l as !n mechnmral en- in Mississippi county, Arkansas, l>erhai!.s ihe yreaiest cotton producing coi:niy In the «or!(l. can we arouse ihe same earnest and palrl- (j-.ic devotion lo an effort in human I'ligiiiri'Vinil in txith employers uiid ZKI'll O'BRIICN. yoiilh v;hose feet must in ,iM: Conroy'.s finger, which nearly was this way. j severed when his hov .snapped al He loo must cross in Die twilight I >ilm. dim, ' ' L- While Japan exeils every rlforl to meet the crisis which Us MfiU-s- ini'ii say the nation will face in 1935, Uncle Ham und Russia closely watch dcvelnpmenl.s in ihe Kar East. German Fair Village Will Have Winter tnc World Pair it will '""mi n ij-nicii .smp 01 rm>- winter in one pnrl ofl' : " r '" ""' clnv! ° r il nll <nl<; Isliind Is at least. snow, Ice | ! " osior ' __ White, ami not green, Is the most common color of J;ulc. Itulilxr In Itiiiistrr's Craw CRANK. Mo. (UP)—A Mury that ranks near Ihe top of odd ones re- RardliiK discoveries in slomaehs o! CHICAGO (UP)—No matter how nnll " nl -' i llll(l fwls was furnished hiRh the thcrmomeler climbs Hits I l ' lC1 ' c b 5' Mre - B - II - Bil!cr - '*' 1 "' sai( l summer at the World Pair it will I? 1 "" . fomKi " 13-Inch .slrlp of rub- alwnys be the grotmd! and low temperatures will be' the principal novelties in tin 1 German village, an nmhcnilc reprodnctlr.u of a community in the niack Brest, bJlng cre^rd at t :e Midway. The village will brar the nan-.e "SJliwarswalder I3orf and will depict the business life and enjoyments (Jf 1 a snuili Germini vlllaisr winter. There will be snow covered hills, icicles hanglni; rrmn leaves and a frnzcn mill pond where ice sknthig will be fen lured In nddllioii, air conditioning w |ll be an inipor'.anl faclor in carrying out ine illusion of ?rro wculh- er. The village will cover more j ton nil acre o! exhibition space. | Read Courier News Want, Ads. i^BBB Biliousness Sour Stomach Gas and Neadach* Ju. to Constipation me Imlav IIOK lilies Ownrr VAI.LKY FALLS, Kan. (UPj - 1 Donors are Hying to save A. N. I build this l)i-iil!:i'l —Author Unknown.; .Simon 1>. L-T. niytheville, A:k. Can We Do It Here? (To the editor:) President, Roosevelt's stale-mem on the unto accord says Section 7A of NtRA means thai employes have the right 10 organize Into group or Don't Forget CaudilPs Agency General Insurance Phone 197 GUARANTEED New and Complete Line of House Paints New ami Complete Line of Fishing Tackle. Genuine. Madden Lamp Parts . uoc BURKE "HARDWARE CO. -VEXT: America viewed ttirnu/rh Japanese tyrs as the nation which •oars Mr path of expansion l« ;i trrajfr tmplre. Among children oi the same »ge. the tallest are often In a higher class than the others according to . ah Edinburgh public health -'pfofesso:-. ••• S V« 10*-W^ &^. 7^1 i ^mr . ROXY Last Time Today Mat. 2:30, 10-2!>c Nile fiMfi. l()-25c PUR'ELY. VEGETABLE LAXATIVE O ii/^ Thursday & Friday Mat. 2:30, 10-25c Nite 6:45. 10-35c SYLVIA SIDNEY FKEDKIC MARCH . A B. P.Schulbirg prodviciion A Paramount Pictu:e Added Shorts: "Notre Dame Gl«c Club" To«M & Kelly Comedy ZASUPins HENRIETTA CROSMW CHARUS JURRHT IREN£ HERVEY JOHN MACK BROWN 0;r«(l,d b r J 3n ,, Ttnl/ng Sauit ploy by Etfward T. lo.. on* «oyr,ond Vcr. SttH.. F, or , tht nov»t ".PfomtnodtDlcVby liM.I He,,. Fox Ncvs Novelty Heel Friday & Saturday MAT. & NITE—lOc - 25c Wally Wales and Jack Perry in "TRAILS of DANGER" Novelty —"Lost Doggie' "Old Bugler" Chic Sale SUITS for Easter THURSDAY,-MARCH 29, iflSd. ' ' . Double Breasted , Sittf/l'e Breasted • Regular Models S^ort Models Suits for Easter are less prim in texture; less precise in form-defining this Spring. Rough fabrics .and more loosely /leaped mod- sis are tlie vogue. But they're mighty sightly, easy, loungey looking. It's smartness in the new tempo of 1984.. 22 50 $< 24- 50 Dobbs Hats $6 Knap Felt Hats $5 Ber§ Hats $3.50 New Ties65c$l $1.50 NUNN-BUSH Ankle Fashioned Oxfords for Spring Get in step with correct style and solid comfort in a [>air ot these Nurm-Bush Ankle Fashioned Oxfords....Many new style trends lhal uill ploase vou. SHIRTS Striking new patterns, now shartes of solid colors and of course while All guaranteed fast, colors and pre- slirunk. AH sleeve lengths. Wilson Arrow S£ Zf) VQ Cn Edgerlon *0.:)U $8.50 Sport Shoes Fortune Oxfords $4 and $5 S5 1.65 1.95 ± n p x R.D.Hughes & Co. Taffeta Bibs, White Frills, GiMy Sleeves, DRESSES $e.8s Smm new slylw lhat will }»si 'Sralk oul"! Prints that arc just a little "different" — taffeta touches in Mexican stripes or lionny plaids — dark crepes with white frills or splashy print trimmings'. The dresses you want, the dresses you'll wear^—at a low Penney price! That's the Smart Way fo Wear fhese Easter HATS $1.69 98° $ 1 Till tliein bad- lo the very edge of your pull just a softening lock or two forward-^ presto! you'll find tin-so tlit- most becoming stylos you ever *vore.i Aiigcl-fjicc luus, IIIMV Brcloti snilors, untl plenty of small! J)rims. Gt'iuiine in«]iorte(l Swiss Baliy IVdnlino' braids—: black, navy, brown, briglij colors. A. ran^e of head sizes.'

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