The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 5, 1947 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 5, 1947
Page 6
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PACK SIX Speakers Rated Above Costly Food at Jefferson Day Dinners COURIER NEWS Admits Slaying BY MERR1MAN SMITH | reports ihat lie might be replaced Unittrt Press .While House Reporter as chairman, but retain his |«KI as N poslmastci' general. I Another absentee \\as Corclcll WASHINGTON, April 5. (HI 1 ) At: Jefferson Day dinners around the country tonight, Democrats will eat lavish food, valse money for the parly and hear President Truman expound the administration principles which are taking rough treatjnent' from the controlled congress. RcpuMlcnn- Mr: Truman, the titular iierul of tha party, will spoak at 9:30 p'.in. (CST) at a plush SlOO-a-plaie (linnet at the Mayflower hotel here. His Jspeech, expected to run between 15 and 20 mtuutcs, will be carried by ail networks. Thjp dinner at the Mayflower will -be the party's show-window. Henry A, Wallace, former secretary 'pi commerce who was fired by Mr; /Truman for publicly bucking administration foreign policy,- will be among the guesis. Wallace will not be seated at the star-spangled head-table, but down on the main floorfto the President's left. Party leaders sn!d Wallace would have^been at the head table except : for tjje fact that when Ills S100 was received, the word was Ihat he would be In England at .Ihe time of the dinner. They said that when they-heard he would be ou bund, IhB head table already had been completed. So Wallace goes to the Iloorf There wer e several prominent absentees. One was Robert E. Han- negap, national chairman ol the Hull, former secretary of stale. Hull sent In his money but longstanding Illness prevented his attendance. The 1,800 guests expected at the dinrie'r here tonight will cat some of the plushlest banquet food seen ] In Washington since the end of the Arkansas Lenders I'arllelpiiic LITTLE ROCK. Ark., API-II 5. (UP)—Efcmocrats from aAl ovc- Arkansas gathered here today for the annual Jefferson Day dinner, to be held tonight at 7:JO. The guest speaker, Samuel D. Jackson of Ft. Wnyite, Inil., arrived yesterday by plum;. Jackson Is >* former u. s. senator nucl was permanent chairman Of the 19-M Dem- I ocrajlc national ooiU'cnllon Hint [ nominated the late Pres. Roosevelt, lor n four))] luria. Anils Guthridgc, i,lttle Rock furniture denier nnri chairman of the event, said yeslorOav that ticket sale.s had exceeded all expectations. Army Morale /mproves FRANKFORT, April 5. <UP> — Anson C. Goodyear, personal representative of (he secretary of war who Is surveying U'opp morale In _ _ Europe, Raid today lie had found party,' who was recuperating from' morale improving find better than a serious operation in Florida His he had expected. lie attributed the long''absence from the control posl- Improvement to the increasing pro- tlon in party affairs has prompted portion of regular army men In the 1 occupation forces, i I 4 |U' Edward Carson Jones, 28-year-old ex-convicl, Is being held by the FBI in Springfield, 111., where he is said to have; signed u statement saying that ho killed Jesse V. Larson, Denver salesman, near Halon, New Mexico, last March. INEA Telcphoto.) Fewer Couples Enter Divorce Courts Here The .seven divorces granted during the last chancery court, session here was n record low lor recent months. Cases In which decrees were cn- Icn-d Include: Walter Wayne Lewis vs Mary Lena Lewis; Paul E. Hoffner vs Lois lloffncr; Etobic Ophelia Boyd vs Melvin Bur] Boyd; Marie J/omar rs Aj'rhjp li^; Patsy Jean LOIHC vs Janins Curtis Lons Jr., Clarence Kin.sjn^er vs Hicljard F. Klnslngcr; Hoy Didwcll vs Audrey J. Biclwcll. Suits for divorces filed durlne the past two w<>eks were: Ben- jainln James Alien jr. vs Joan Hoyce Allfii; Glmiys Thomas vs Ix'toy Tlioiiias; Mary Ixirenc llal- l;ir<l vs James A. Dullard; Gladys linker vs Leon linker. Francis Elixaljetli Crocker vs Charles E. Crockci'; Bcrnell W. Wltlsiiant vs Harold Dean Wliis- imnt; Marie Harper vs John Harper; Virginia Anderson vs Roljert Andcrsmi; Romona Foreman vs Marvin Foreman and 'W. F. Walker vs Dorothy Walker. Sloths cut so slowly tlint they finish ont> meal only in time to begin-on the ne.xt one. Head Courier News Want Ads. CrashesI in Germany FRANKFURT, April 5. (UP) —• I The Army announced today that, 1st Lt. Billy K. Jones of Mtllcn, G:i., was killed lust Wednesday when his Thunderbolt fighter plane crashed at the Wicslraden Army Ait 1 Base. SATURDAY, APRIL 5, 3D<17 A 1-Stop Service LOANS - REAL ESTATE INSURANCE s « We Will Bond Vou W. M. BURNS Agency Phone 3361 W, J. Pollard INSURANCE G/encoe Hotel Bldg. Phone 3545 lawnmowers .. '/•f corn. IM; CY M:< SEMCC. IMC . T. n. nto. n. s, TAT, air. "Your father'* a judge, so you ought to be a good umpire ! —besides you're always dropping iliesl" iakelhe Copyright by Korea DeV/olf by Karen DeWolf Distributed by NEA SERVICE, INC. . XXVII 'CHEHUY got her car and drove •^ slowly home. 1 Tiiarcia was stretched out on the Ih'ing room davenport. I She said, "IK, toots. Good o£ you to come." ! Sherry said, "I'm much gladder to see you than you deserve. Did you close your deal?" "He made his mark on the dotted lmc,".Mavcia told her. "I don't know it it's business acumen or sex 4 appeal." She yawned. "How's the new story?" Sherry''said, ."Sticky. The girl told hvm~ she loved him too soon. Now I haven't anything to build to." | • She wont into the bedroom to take off. her hat. Marcia got up and followed lazily. ' : "Why not give it a twist?" she wanted to know. "End it willi her decidmg\Ehc r wouldn't have him if lie were the last riian on earth," 1 She lay down on Sherry's bed. "That expression's idiotic," Mar' cia went on. "It should be 'unless ' he were the last -man on earth. 1 Sherry said, "Thai's an idea nnd a Kalt, pet. Maybe I'll use it and '• take all- the credit." She sat down and took oil her shoes. "It's stuck to piy stocking, of course." \ Marcia ' said, "Doesn't make sense," and yawned again. i Sherry said, "My blisler." ' Marcia made an eltort to lurn her head, i **That's what comes of wearing che'ap, $12.50 shoes," she told her : Sherry said, "Sever fccn-fifly •you piker." i She eased off her stockings' and wriggled her hot toes, and sighed Then she hung liar i'oat over Ihe back of a chair ar.u lay down on the'chaise longue. I ^he said, "Scyuntecn-filly for pair of shoes and I've got a blister Everything's-lilte that, Marcia. could have bought a hunrirei things on the boulevard, but ther wasn't any 'reason lo buy them Vhb'd T wear a new dross for?" Marcia said, "Wake me up when ou're finished, baby. Your in- •ospections lull me." * * * - pHEY both lay quiet for n while and watched the dusk deepen. Sherry was thinking it would be tin not to have any principles at ,11. Just to lake what you wanted ind never think about it. She decided she would have a lozen men on the string, each for ust one thing she liked about him. At least Ihcve would be telephones •inging.and llowers coming: and you'd have lo think about how you ooked every minute. You'd wear •ed for Tom, and yellow for Dick, ind blue for Harry. And they'd latter you and fight with you and "ove you. She sighe^l and said, "Oh, why can't I really be like that?" under icr. breath. Then she thought, Well, that's a. silly question, and got up and turned on the light. Marcia said, "Nice to sec y< again. Have you got the world straightened out yet?" Slieiry said, "Go to tho devil. 1 might as well dress, might as Hn'l I?" and the telephone rang. *t was Elsie Hilary. She was, sobbing. She said, "Oh, my God, Sherry Isn't it terrible?" Sherry said, "What?" and her heart moved horridly. "Jack and Peter and Stein and the others!" Elsie sobbed. "Haven 1 ! they told you?" Sherry said, "No. Tell me," bui she knew already. Marcia was sitting up now Elsie's hysterical voice could b heard across the room. She wcp wildly as she talked. Sherry sa still and listened. Peter had been shooting a para chute jump from a plane iiHo th ocean, and he and liis assistant am Stein and Hilary were flying clos behind the jumper's ship. Anolhe camera-plane had been besid their own, and somehow the tw art crashed into each other. They had burst into llamcs in the air .d blazed the hundreds of. feet ito the ocean. * * • UIF.Y'nE searching for the bodies now," Elsie sobbed, and Jack ami I had quarreled orribly." Sherry said things somehow, ml after a while she hung up. \ Marcia was silent. Sherry dialed :ic studio. She silid, "This is Mrs. Peier Barton," very quietly. "From vhom can I get the information bout the accident?" The girl did not answer right iway. Then she said, "Just a minute, ilcase," Sherry thought she wailed a onii time. Then another &u'l spoke o her. She said, "Hello? Bfrs. Barlon? Vlr. Felt wants to speak to you." Sherry wailed again. She could icar people whispering. The girl came back. She said, "Are you at home, Mrs. Barton? Mr. Felt is coming out o see you." So it was true then. There was no doubt nbout it. .• - . Sherry said, "Please thank Mr. Pelt, but tell him not to come—I ow," aud hung up. Mnrcln said, "You'd rallicr I went, wouldn't you?" *. Sherry nodded. "Yes—please." "I'll bo home whenever you call," Marcia told her, and gol her hat; and after a while Sherry heard the hall dooi- close. She simply sat. Pctev was gone. She did not want to cry. Her stomach felt queer instead. There were long spaces of time when she did ("tot seem to think at all. Tier brain was numb and 1 she felt a little sick. She- said, "This is worse than if you were madly in love with him. Then you could sob and cry flnd feel very sorry for yourself." And then she knew that she had never forgiven him. "You've got tp," Sherry toU herself. She- folded heu hands and sat very still, and aftc,? a long wliile her bitterness was jinne. 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WE'Ll PICK HIM UP IN AN HOUR; ONE PACKAGE OF ASPIRIN-- IARGE SIZE ^' ^_yjg/ T.A^QPR. WT BY NtA SERVICE. IH HY MICHAKf. O'MAT.UCY and KAl.l'H I.ANK Qut it was a. lonf, lonf hour before we picked up Parrot. NA.POLEON AND HIS SOLDIER GONHA eer A JOLT WHEN THEV CHECK YOUR LABORIWORV AN' HIND THEY'VE BEEN WATCHIMQ A DUOJHV ALL NIGHTI By V. T. I DUNNO'S IT MAKES MUCH DIFFERENCE,OSCRR, AS LONG AS WE CAN STA.LU UNTIL DOC COMES TO OUR RESCUE WITH TH' TJMe-MACHINE.' OUT THAT'S VDRVftHT TO i SOME TIME VET! - — OOOUft.I'M WORRIED ABOUT OOP AND OSCAR! BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Talent Abounds BY EDGAR MARTl> C\< I VOVW, ,Y-

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