The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 15, 1949 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 15, 1949
Page 9
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, TOLY IB, 1949 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEW! I PAGE NI-NB OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams IS IT' y TH- BOLL OH, J MEV6R LOOK* 60OD \ LIKE MOEMIM; \FEELS GOOD HAMPTON.' ) MORMIM'S- f He MUSTA I HAD SOME / DEEP AM' ISN'T IT 'A bEAOTIIHJC. fiORGBOUS. MORNING? HIM FOR A EAISE. NEVER COT OVER MILtCIM' TIME '„„,„., Our Boarding House with Moj. Hoople SGAD, FATHER ? VJ£ Meeo A sonsoofc* AS ..., MOCH Jk*A,(i£S*IMO ygj VJOBO? isuoo hieeos *. ^? is HIS .. MllOD — AREki'T vooA*JABeiwsis\\ this? « -rue Meev PRIME OP/ V^. t j? , AMOS vJe'LL TACK A. suijfjoow oi -We CX.O LEWi- SCOVJL Off YOUR FACE OtJ MY 8A.Ck. BALE HOOK/ lT-TIKlG Trie CAMEL Wr v OF Read courier News Want Ail* NOW! Beautiful Floors In Your Home Whether you'd like your present doors beautifully reflnLshed. or if you wish new hardwood, asphalt or rubber llle, or inlaid linoleum floors . . . Charles Wood can do Ihe work expertly and at a reasonable cost. Call 2212. FREE ESTIMATES Charles Wood Arkansas Paint Co. Phone 2272 CLIPPED ANGEL Copyright, IW, NEA SERVICE, INC By Give Grierson Cornish l'H>; JTOHYi Mlk« Mr I a I Service — That's Our Motto.' W« tpare no eUart IB pruviding an EHXTKA everyday prescription service which means extra convenience to you Peel [ree to call on us at any time Prompt delivery service Pbon* 507 WOODS DRUG STORE why tk« l>«rh *•by hrauiir«l. M«h- Par Bell. I* »•< *r+- vrari* «r* »**-r*t » *i which wa» tmt*~ cltf rup B hrr >a >. The »B PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Slock . Guaranteed Best 1'rices Kirby Drug Stores »e« l» Ir* «»r cr way t» ••!« hllkt, to kc« how ih* BM lt* It h»> ¥*e MBij mine «« daoiliiB uf lk •! t« ••« i XI r GOT stuck once and nearly went over a couple ot soil shoulders before I had found the first mine It was a pick-and-sfeove] proposition, run by two old boys who -hould have been drawing down old-age pensions. Instead they were wheeling a barrow back and sorth between a tunnel and a crude -.vooden hopper Bits ot rork wilh galena ant -phalerite lay around, and tha wasn't what 1 was looking for. wished them luck and went oh my way. I visited two more place* arx drew blanks and then, a little afte 4 o'clock, 1 struck something mor< promising, I crossed the P.M. railroad' oranch line tracks and stopped t look at some Loading bunkers on \ aiding. A broad ramp for truck ran up behind them, and at th bottom of the bunkers I could see loose ore—high-grade, like th paystreak at Dark Angel. Unfortunately rt didn't meai much, because this was copper country, and chalcopyrite oorni.p are two of the commonest opp«i minerals- Still, it was Deter than galena, which is A lead r*. 1 put the car in low and started p the road beyond the tracks, ast a sign that read: PRIVATE NO TRESPASSING ARGUS MINES, INC. I'd gone about hall a mile further when the road leveled off into mudd? clearing with several hack; sitting around the edge I stopped the car got out and tarted to walk toward the mine iump, a heap of weathered, bro<en rock on the side of the hill. with an iron loading chute stinking out beyond it over a smooth muddy plain, • • • f HADNT gone 10 steps before someone shouted at me. I looked over my shoulder and saw a man coming out of one of the shacks rle carried a gvin, so I stayed put "Didn't you see that sign?" he yelled. I waited until he came a little closer "Sure, birt I'm here on ausiness." "What d'you want?" "I'd like to see the owner.' "He's not here." This fellow's notions o( hospitality s«emed distinctly Jimitcd, so I tossed out a tittle bait, "I'm taking a look around thi; part ot the country to see if I can find a likely gamble in a golc prospect." He eyed Cory's blue convertible behind me. It was a pretty fancy job and even beneath an inch a mud it still loked like Money. "Sorry," he said gruffly, "but wi have a valuable propitty here am we have to be careful about slran gers." "Mind If 1 lake a look around? He shook his head. "My orders are not to allow anybody on th con. m» «y »i> H«»ICI. int. r. M. mo. u. i F»T. err FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY A1ERKILL JBLOSSEH Price* 1'erfecl lace If you want lo see anything ou gotta have permission from ne owner." "Okay." 1 said, "if you'U give ie his name and address .** "He moves around quite a bit couldn't tell you.*' Anybody can Look up details ot lie title to a mining property in be District Mining Recorder'i Iliec. but I let thai pass. "You're not operating now. eh? 1 " "Nope Closed down a week ago •Jaw look, f'm afraid Til have to isk you to check out- This Is a /ery valuable propitty we have here . .* * • • • f DROVE away feeling peeved hut not altogether surprised. An armed guard wasn't out ot he way. Some of the big outfits ake elaborate precautions when hey're checking up on a prospect they have under option. They're afraid that if good news got out there'd be a rush to stake half the country around them, for sale later at hotd-up prices. Still, there'd be no harm in finding out who owned the place and I resolved to phone Effie when 1 got bark to Dark Angel. sloshed through more mud and managed to find two more copper prospect holes before it got too dark to see anything. They'd both been shipping copper ore. about a carload a week, and by (he lime I headed back for the townsite. my idea didn't seem so bright. 1 could visit every outfit in the valley and any one of them might be the fence tor Cory'« ore. and 1 wouldn't know it. The gang wouldn't be trucking ore around the country while was on the loose Wilh a stranger popping in and out of the workings at unexpected times, they wouldn't even dare move It out of th* mine. They'd sit tight. (T* Be Continued) 'Why not put off your haircut on* more day, Judge? Schultz the butcher wi)l be in tomorrow, and I'd like to hear how you come out with him in that argument about the national debt!" CdUITABLF TARIFF, >MSTER; LARD f Hur ELEEMOSYNARY INSTITUTION' COVER CXAftSe SOFT ORJUKS — MO DAYTIME COVER. NO CHARGE Foe GAME PRISCILLA'S PO [ BUT, POP/ ALL I'D HAVE TO DO ft \ RUN ERRANDS ;AND SWEEP THE ; DRUG STORF >AND HE PAYS" ^6" A WEEK/ BY AL VERMEER I APPLAUD WUR ^ EAGERME55 TO WORK BUT HOT FOR A ' PALTRY WHY, AMY IliUE-VEAP, OLD BOY IS WORTH MORE. THAM THAT' I JUST MADE OUT .. WEEK'S BUDGET, DEAR HE.RE'S YOUR -$• POCKET MOKEV c^;=f? VIC FLINT PWHAT VIC SAYS SOUNDS LOGICAL, INSPECTOR. SERGEANT DANIELS REPORTED HE SEARCHED A MAN WEARING A CARWATION JUST .BEFORE ME COUNO FUNT. One More Chance BY MICHAEL O'MALLEY and RALPH LANE - GOOD FOOD - DRIVE TO SIMPSON'S CAFE \rk-Mn State Line A Coo! Place to Eat Sunday Special from 1 to a • Crappie Fish • Fried Chicken Dinner 75c • We Never Close • THF GR\\FS COMPANY I\L MT(>r\S Real E't Phon. 52T [-an-- In*urd BH THFMI Phon* 30751 ' CKAIN STORAGE BINS Insure Yourself of .support prices on .vour Soybeans, Corn, Wheat and other Grains. Our Bins are Government Approved, Gov- ernment Financed, 5 years lo pay For Kull Particulars—Call or Come In. BIYTHEVILLE SOYBEAN CORP. Blyrheyill e/ Ark. Phones 856-857 Dine & Dance at THE SUPPER CLUB In South Osceola ORCHKSTKA Every Friditv Night O. C. St Clalr SHEET METAL WORK Custom work for gins, allalfa mills, oil mills. Custom Shearing up lo 1/4 inch thickness Frank Simmons Tin Shop 117 Soiilh Broadway I'hone 2B51 .STUDEBAKER J'hone 888 RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY DRS. NIES & NIES IAD ITpe» Except Camxr) CHntt .sit Main HMhrTllh *rk Phonf mi DID YOU KNOW THAT CHAMBLIN SALES CO. OFFERS YOU THE ONLY AIR-CONDITIONED SHOWROOM IN ALL OF ARKANSAS? Your Studeboker Dealer Offers You More! 391!) Ford 2-Door Sedan 1!> IS Sludebakcr Land Cruiser 1917 SludebHker 5-I'assenger Champion 19,'l7 Chevrolet 2-door, has new rings. 50 OTHKRS TO CHOOSK KHOM in Sales Co. "Yum Kriendry Slnriehaket Dealer" Railroad & Ash p hon€ ggs •STUDEBAKER fsURE.lNSPlc,^* v CROWL,WE REPORTED I KIM. BUT THE NAME AND ADDRESS HE GAVE US TURNED OUT TO BE COMPLETE PHOWIE5. f NO CLUE WHO HE IS? WELL, I SAW HIM CIEARIY. CAN I GO THROUGH YOUR BERTILLON PICTURES IN THE MOBNINS? &ET DANIELS ON THE PHONE FOR ME.'THAT MANMX5KT8E JOSE'S 1WJR- WASH TUBES IJY LESLIE TURNER IF I CAM DART THB.U A VACANT StCOif, ftMD LOSE THAT AMAZON IT B MEAU ft LOT TO CATHV *,MD MEl WEIL. WE'LL SOOM THAT BANK. MOWEY 8ELOW5S TO THE ESTAT& YOU INHEKITEC) GIGL IF IT l& UMDEK THE CORNERSJOUE- (5UITCKIW5 THE BOX THAT COULD MEAN HIS KUIHJ, WR. KftSlOf LOOKS WILDLY FOE A WAY OFF THE ROOF! BUGS BUNNY Call nil for I'rivale I'arlies ...TWSV'LL BE SAVING , POLKS'UL COME IN HERE IT TOMORROW/ IJY V. T. I1AMLIN I AM INTERESTED/ SOEBY ~fO DO N TELEVI5INS ATRIP / THAT ' ~0 THE MCON. BUT HOW \ TC> HAVE AN . _ ,* PREVIEW f LET\ ACTIVATED ME SEE A CLOSE-UP i. SUBJECT [IP OF THE MOON'. .-^5 .THERE' OH. TSBE... MILLION DOLLABS EM? THATS'A LOT or BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES iMinnv Business BY KDGAR MARTIN OF ALL KINDS Phone 888

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